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Broken Reign

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I have one goal—take down the man responsible for my parents' deaths.
Until I lock eyes with a stranger across the courtroom.

Tobias Kosta.
Notorious billionaire. Rumored criminal.
And the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

Once I leave this courtroom, I hope to never see him again.
But then he hires me to be his lawyer. And I’m forced deeper into his world.

He’s enigmatic.
Ignites a passion I can’t ignore.

The closer I get to him, the more secrets unravel.

Is he my past?
My future?
Or my downfall?

352 pages, Kindle Edition

Published March 5, 2022

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About the author

Ava Harrison

31 books2,997 followers
Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.
When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.

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2,196 reviews640 followers
March 11, 2022
It dragged a bit...the pacing was mellowed down, and there was no actual build up...
But the characters were fine...there was chemistry, and the expectations, even though the real reason for the "anger" leashed out from the H, didn't really have the right reasoning...LOL, and for me, it felt a bit childish, at the least!

Ah, I guess, with everything that was ever written, there isn't much "new" to write about, but the approach in sounding "fresh", well, that can be a challenge...and a goal for each writer to achieve if they want!
Profile Image for LianaReads blog.
2,161 reviews172 followers
March 7, 2022
I loved it so much! Star crossed enemies to lovers and so suspenseful!
I’ve read almost all of the author’s books and this one might be my favourite so far. Same interesting characters, great banter and some unexpected suspenseful moments that I’ve come to love so much in this darker romance story.

And can I say just how much the guy on the cover fits Tobias? Perfection

4.5 stars
Arc team review
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1,603 reviews1,238 followers
March 20, 2022
This one wasn’t for me. It didn’t hold my attention, as this wasn’t really an enemies to lovers.

Profile Image for Stephanie.
926 reviews104 followers
March 6, 2022
Unfortunately this wasn’t a favorite. I just don’t think Harrison is an author for me anymore, which is a shame because I really loved her older works. I think the problem for me is that all of her new books revolve around uber rich anti-heroes, and that’s fine but it’s been every single release in a row.. They all just start to blend in together.
Profile Image for Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog).
4,967 reviews161 followers
March 6, 2022


Tobias has been looking for Skye for decades. Now that he's found her, he's not letting her go. He's hired her to be his legal counsel, never letting on that she's more than just his lawyer. But she's looking for the same thing - to find who is responsible for her parents' deaths, just as he's looking for the same thing. Together they can take on anything.

This world full of damaged billionaires is a dark one with secrets and things best left unrevealed. I've loved all the couples - the anti-heroes and the fierce women who bring them to their knees. Skye is tough, strong and smart and loves her family fiercely. Tobias is the perfect match for her, looking for answers, looking for the girl from all those years ago who's now the fierce woman he's fallen in love with. Now I can't wait for more this intriguing, suspenseful world the author has created.

ARC provided by author for an honest review.

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555 reviews51 followers
March 9, 2022
Broken Reign / Ava Harrison
Twenty years ago, a terrible massacre had happened – two children survived:
one was a criminal's son – the other was a local girl – both celebrating their birthday, both lost everything and everyone….
When Tobias meets sky again, he cannot believe she is a lawyer who represents his sworn enemy. He also cannot believe she does not remember him
But he needs her for information so he makes her work for him
except that from means to an end she becomes life itself…
Sky knows there is much she does not remember; she knows her father is hiding things and she needs to know!
She also knows Tobias has shady business, that there is much more to him then meets the eye and that he makes her blood boil!
I love them both! Tobias is hot! And sky proves she is equal to him or to any other mafia man who comes in her way – I laughed so much at her encounters with them!!!
"she's the type of woman that wars are started for. Men would kill to protect"
Only when Sky is that woman – she is the one that saves the man – literally!
And Tobias – he is not a good man but you fall for him anyways!
"an invisible thread tethers us, a bond no one will ever understand"
This book is a standalone in the CURRUPT EMPIRE world #mafia
Together with: corrupt kingdom, Tarnished empire, Ruthless monarch and Shattered dynasty. For those who have read the books – I love the visits of other characters, the friendship and supporting each other.
For those who haven't – it is not necessary for the plot and AH gives all the background you might need.
Profile Image for Nicki.
3,553 reviews151 followers
February 22, 2022
It takes only a minute for Tobias' past to come back to haunt him, but when he is on a mission to bring down the man who killed his family, will the resurrection of the little girl who saved him be too much to deal with? Sky is now all grown up and although she feels a connection to Tobias, she also come into the story with revenge on her mind. Can the two work through the bad to get to the good? Or will their love affair be too good to be real? With emotions running high and pages that cannot seem to go fast enough this was a great read. Redemption and Revenge intertwine and make this another story from Ava Harrison that should not be missed.
Profile Image for Steffi De Ceuster  ♥.
1,212 reviews119 followers
May 2, 2022
It was a very slow build and then near the end it was explosive of all the information and action at ones.

I did enjoy them, but I am one that enjoys the chase and not easily give in. So it was up my ally and slow is sometimes a very good thing.
I did love how they knew each other and what things they have to remember them.
Profile Image for Kat.
193 reviews3 followers
March 9, 2022
DNF at 76%

I didn’t mind parts of the book, I liked the characters, but it just dragged on. It was more than half way through before their was any romance between the two and it felt like their relationship wasn’t the main plot of the book. Beyond this, I didn’t really feel a growth in their relationship and their love for each other did feel present, like they had a connection 20 years ago and that is what they are basing their love on.

Overall I just got bored of the book.
Profile Image for Michele McMullen .
2,172 reviews60 followers
March 10, 2022
Wow what an amazing enemies to lovers ride filled with suspense, mystery and so many twists.
Tobias Kosta is a powerful man attempting to right the wrongs of his childhood. He has made many enemies and his choices have been questionable, but he is attempting the leave the underworld behind.
Skye Matthews is a lawyer on a mission to give justice to the innocent and take down crime one criminal at a time. The moment they meet in the courtroom the sizzle is palpable. Tobias needs a new attorney and he always gets who and what he wants. He waltzes into Skye's boss and demands she become his.
Skye soon finds herself working for this enigma of a man and he is the most arrogant, demanding client she has ever encountered. They soon realize they their lives are somehow intertwined, with secrets, tragedy, heartbreak and also so much deceit.
I loved the sassy, smart, sexually charged banter between this couple! What a crazy and unexpected journey !
~~Michele McMullen ~~
Profile Image for Madalina.
294 reviews9 followers
March 5, 2022
Broken Reign is the story of Skye Matthews and Tobias Kosta, a lawyer and a mafia man.

Skye and Tobias fight for the same goal avenge their parents death, each of them having their own agenda of how to do it.

This is a slow burn romance, a lot of things happen, with a complex plot. Skye and Tobias are two strong characters, I liked the Skye was fierce, stood up for herself and didn't let Tobias so easy into her life, even though the chemistry and pull between them was strong.

It was an enjoyable read. Maybe the ending was kind of rushed, I would have liked maybe a longer ending, where Skye and Tobias showed off their HEA.
Profile Image for Tori - Novel Life.
1,249 reviews1,062 followers
March 10, 2022
4 Stars

The beginning of this book, when the characters meet, is one of my favorite meetings! A lawyer sees a criminal across the courtroom and WINKS.

That’s when I knew I was hooked. I really enjoy Tobias story and how Skye tries to push him away. Their pasts come back to unwind their lives that they know now.
Profile Image for cloudy.
294 reviews26 followers
March 12, 2022
this book was not what i was expecting; i was afraid of the trauma bonding trope, but it never fully played out, at least not in a negative way. this gave right person wrong time, soulmates, it's always been you. the sky metaphor and the paper airplane tattoo reminded me of alaric and phoenix's love story, with the astronomy aesthetic to that book and i loved the symbolism.
Profile Image for Laura.
2,240 reviews106 followers
March 7, 2022
***ARC Provided by the Author***

I always look forward to titles by this author as I know I am going to enjoy them and I know she is going to be able to make me really like a character I am probably not supposed to like at all. You know the ones I mean, the killers, the hitmen, the drug dealers...the ones that you are told to (and for good reason) avoid in real life.

This title was yet another success. I loved both Skye and Tobias, even though Tobias is a drug lord and definitely not the person I should see as a romantic hero in a story.

This one had some of the predicted twists and turns and also one, that I will not spoil here, that felt a little unique for titles in this trope, and it was a difference that I found I really enjoyed a lot. I also liked their relationship and the way it developed from him not being able to trust her to the realization that he actually could. Their chemistry was excellent, and it was believable, which definitely matters as if an attorney is going to get involved with a criminal, it needs to be because there is a connection that is too strong to ignore...and I believed there was in this one.

This book is a standalone, but does have some appearances by characters from previous books and it added an element of fun to a lot of the scenes by including those memorable characters from previous stories.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.
Profile Image for Read What I Like Blog.
341 reviews28 followers
February 28, 2022
Broken Reign
Kindle Unlimited: [X]YES [ ]NO
Stand-alone: [X]YES [ ]NO
Author: Ava Harrison
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Spiciness rating: 🌶🌶🌶/5
POV: Dual, first person
Main Couple: Skye & Tobias
Favorite Character: Tobias
Tropes: Contemporary romance; enemies to lovers; wounded hero; anti-hero


Firstly I’d like to say I loved the plot in this book. This was the highlight of it. I’m usually more concerned with the characters, than with the plot itself. Here, I’m judging the book more for the story. It was interesting how things were related and I liked to see how everything evolved and all the secrets and mysteries were solved. I didn’t care much about the main characters interactions. Their love story was beautiful, but their interactions… I felt something was missing. Another point, Skye was just over the top most of the book. She couldn’t hold her tongue to save her life. I love strong female characters, but when you just say whatever you want without thinking the consequences, I’ll be led to believe you are not that smart.

Finally, I’d like to thank Ava and Grey’s Promotions for the ARC
3,255 reviews28 followers
March 6, 2022
I could not put this book down! Skye is a lawyer hoping to unravel the past and avenge her parents’ deaths. However, she meet Tobias, a rumored criminal and is forced to work for him. There is so much chemistry between then, and neither can break free of it. When danger lurks from Tobias’ present, and Skye’s past, they will need to band together to conquer through this. I found this story to be so full of suspense, and intrigue, and a couple of unexpected twists. I had to admit that there were tears and gasps, and loved how it ended.

I received a free advanced review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving my fair and honest opinion.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
7 reviews
March 15, 2022
The pacing of this book really fell off course at the end. Could not connect to the characters and the overall plot seemed to dim down and do it’s own thing. The development between the relationship was weird and hurried. I felt we didn’t actually see them fall in love. One minute she hated him and could barely have a decent conversation without complaining about being independent, the next he was the love of her life as soon as she found out who he was? Also, for a lawyer she had absolutely no input in actual laws and needed help from her love interest ??
Profile Image for Karin.
2,086 reviews
March 8, 2022
Tobias and Skyes story was great! These two were more like each other on many levels especially with a common denominator but the road ahead of them will be just as difficult as the road they left behind
Profile Image for Kristi.
979 reviews
March 6, 2022
I loved the multiple layers to this enemies to lovers storyline. It was dark with lots of unexpected twists and turns and just the right amount of drama and steaminess.
Profile Image for Laura.
46 reviews
July 28, 2022
This book had all the makings of a good dark romance— unsavory characters, revenge plots, an anti-hero MMC, shared trauma, and the all-important enemies-to-lovers trope. However, the elements didn’t come together as seamlessly as they could have, which left me feeling underwhelmed.

Parts of the story dragged and the ‘twists’ were pretty obvious, undercutting the suspense. Some of the details weren’t completely flushed out, but I also wasn’t 100% invested in the story to care.

I really liked the FMC. Despite childhood trauma and the loss of her parents, she grows up to be fierce, whip-smart, and a successful attorney for a high-powered law firm.

I always love a good anti-hero who doesn’t understand his attraction to the FMC and Tobias filled that role well. I also appreciated his specific brand of morality.

Even though part of the MC’s connection wasn’t the big reveal I suspect it was supposed to be, it was still super heartwarming and added depth to their relationship.

I’ve read Harrison’s books before, some from this same series, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Was it her best? No. But I needed a palate cleanser from all the rom-coms I’ve been reading and it got the job done. If you want a dark romance/romantic suspense story that’s easy to read and isn’t over-the-top dark like some books in this genre, this is a decent choice.
Profile Image for J. Grayland.
Author 6 books128 followers
May 31, 2022
I have one goal—take down the man responsible for my parents' deaths. Until I lock eyes with a stranger across the courtroom.Tobias Kosta. Notorious billionaire. Rumored criminal. And the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. This was a really interesting read, the story line was engrossing and addictive, the characters were lovable and had a really wonderful chemistry and these two things kept me going with this book although it went from two really tough characters with complicated histories and a burning lust for each other and around half way through their relationship became a little immature and cheesy with very lackluster sex, but all over it was a good read.
Profile Image for Deanna .
526 reviews
March 14, 2022
DNF - stopped at chapter 47

So this book has sort of a love at first sight, mafia, orphan, cop, drug dealer, rich older man, soul Mate trope. The story was a little slow, and lots of down time in between other happenings. And the romance time was very fast and a little basic. Basically jab it in and ahhhh. Just a little less description of, well everything for me.
Profile Image for Jodi - JodiReadsnListens.
627 reviews22 followers
March 7, 2022
Broken Reign by Ava Harrison was one thrilling, captivating, and steamy romance! I was absolutely hooked from start to finish with Tobias and Skye's enemies to lovers romance that had so many hidden secrets and layers to uncover! With each and every chapter I found myself saying, "just one more chapter" until I realized I had finished the book! I love the deep, dark underground world that Ava has created full of super sexy alpha males who take no prisoners and go after what they want! Tobias Kostra appears at the beginning to have a rough exterior, however as the story progresses, you will find he also has various redeeming, swoon-worthy qualities which Skye can't help but fall head over heels in love with. Skye Matthews, however, was not a damsel in distress. Her fierce, go-getter, lawyer attitude made me admire her character. Plus, her devotion to her job and her family show just how passionate she is about the things and people she loves. Tobias and Skye have a history which as fate would have it, led them back to each other. Plus, their chemistry is off the charts, HOT!

Overall, I loved this book! If you are a fan of a enemies to lovers romance with a hot hunky alpha hero, brave determined lawyer, deception, secrets, murder, elegant galas, trips to Miami on a private jet, tree houses, slow burn steamy times, poker night with some of our favorite anti-heroes, gripping action scenes that will leave you guessing, and finally a HEA that will leave your heart simply satisfied, then you will love Tobias and Skye's story. I always look forward to more from Ava Harrison!
Profile Image for Hanan (Bookstagramer).
1,328 reviews10 followers
March 4, 2022
Ms. Harrison just keeps getting better and better.
And this book just proves it.
The writing is seamless and flows smoothly.
There is no lull nor lack of excitement.
I absolutely loved the plot and the characters.
The romance revolves around a main point, which I will not reveal, that is heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once.
Skye is such a kick@$& heroine.
She’s filled with courage, strength and smarts.
That girl is fulled with sass and feistiness.
I adored her.
Tobias omg my still my heart.
I freaking loved him.
Yeah I don’t care that he walks on the wrong side of the law.
I still loved him.
He is so much more than meets the eye and so much more than what he shows the world.
I loved the aura that surrounds him.
And his confidence and persona are so appealing and sexy.
Tobias and Skye as individuals are both tough and don’t take things lying down.
As a couple they are a force to be reckoned with!
Their chemistry is hot and sizzling.
The bond they have is intense and something that will never be breakable.
The story is exciting and gripping.
It had me biting my nails and on the edge of my seat.
While reading this book so many of my emotions and feelings were swirling.
My heart broke and my spirit was crushed.
I was sad and teary eyed.
Then my heart and soul were revived.
I was filled with happiness and joy.
It was like the universe righted the wrongs that were done.
And handed out the justice and outcome that everyone deserved.
I found peace when Tobias and Skye found their calm.
There was nothing I didn’t love about this book.
Outstanding from start to finish!
Oh and can I just say how much I love this authors covers, wow 😍
Profile Image for Daisy Knox.
Author 4 books24 followers
March 4, 2022

All reviews posted at Tales of Love, Life, and Murder

Every aspect of Tobias and Skye’s relationship is fated. There’s a synchronicity to them finding one another that transcends even their lifelong goals. They’re so taken with each other, that they’re willing to sacrifice aspects of their plans but their lives are intersected in ways they could never imagine. There’s just something magical about the way it all happens, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be simple. Skye sees Tobias as an obstacle at first but an irresistible one. She doesn’t want to want him but he’s too perfect to dismiss.

Tobias has spent his entire life plotting his exit from the business but he’s determined to get vengeance for his father before he leaves the life. Skye is a means to an end in his carefully crafted plan. Once he puts things in motions, she turns out to be more of a wild card than he anticipated but he’s increasingly drawn to this woman, despite the way her existence shakes his world.

There’s suspense from different angles, danger and threats but this is one steamy slow burn where nothing overshadows the romance. I love these characters and couldn’t get enough of their story.
Profile Image for Trish- Late Knight Luna Reads.
1,229 reviews5 followers
February 28, 2022
Another action packed and spicy story from Ava Harrison in the Mafia world that she has created.

Tobias is on a mission. To take down the people that killed his parents and that ultimately thrusted him into this dark world. But when on his path to take down the people and leave this world behind, he finds the woman he has been looking for the last twenty years, Skye. Skye is an upcoming lawyer and Tobias hires the firm and her to be his personal counsel. The two instantly clash and we get to witness the two work through his world and the feelings that they start to develop.

The story was action packed and intriguing from the beginning. We get to see the past of these two and exactly how intertwined they are. It’s a great plot twist and added so much to the story. Skye is a certified baddie and I loved how smart, brave, and independent she is. Her backbone is made of steel and even Tobias couldn’t get it waver. Tobias is sinfully delicious and one of my favorites from Ava’s world. When these two get together, it's dynamite and absolutely works. It never felt forced or fake. It was fate bringing them together. I always look forward to any books by Ava Harrison and this is another great addition to her action packed Mafia world.
Profile Image for Aidasbookshelf .
72 reviews4 followers
March 7, 2022
Tobias is a hot billionaire boss of his own corrupt kingdom but he is ready to rid himself of that life. However, he has some unfinished business before he can retire!

Skye has worked hard to be a lawyer, to be at the top of her game, to get to a place where she can get answers to secrets that have hunted her for decades.

Skye can't understand their deep pull to each other however when Tobias hires her to be his lawyer to help with his future plans.  How for some reason it feels like they have a deeper connection.

Slowly as secrets start coming to light their world is flipped upside down because nothing was as they thought it to be.

This book was filled with so many secrets and you would catch yourself holding your breath because you really couldn't guess what would happen next! I loved all the twist and turn and how everything turned out at the end!

I also really enjoyed getting glimpses of the other men from Corrupt Empire series in this book! They all brought their skills to the table when it came to helping Tobias and Skye!

I would just like to say Cyrus is still my favorite from the Corrupt Empire but Tobias is definitely my second favorite 😍

Thank you Ava Harrison and Grey Promotions for sending me the ARC!
Profile Image for Misty (Reds Romance Reviews).
2,930 reviews6 followers
March 3, 2022
Tobias Kostra is the kind of man that she should stay away from, he has dangerous written all over him... but that plan goes by the wayside when he decides to hire her to defend him. Now she finds herself spending time with him, and wanting to be doing anything but that. He is surly, closed-off, demanding, and comes from a world she wants nothing to do with... but if that is the case why does her heart skip a beat when he is around? It's a relationship that is bound to end in disaster... or will it?

Broken Reign is an intense little page-turner that will have you dangling helplessly on the edge of your seat the whole way through! Every page comes brimming with drama, secrets, lies, emotional turmoil, and undeniable passion... it is impossible to read this one without feeling something. These two were utterly captivating, every fight, stolen moment, heated glance, rare sweet moment, it was all so intense. I couldn't take my eyes off of them!! Highly recommend this one, it's words are bound to steal your attention at first glance!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher and I am voluntarily leaving my honest and unbiased opinion.
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