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All I Want for Christmas

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True love wasn't on their holiday wish list.

When Sadie and Max are selected as contestants on the famed reality singing show Starmaker, each thinks they've finally gotten their big Nashville break. But then they're paired up for duet week and stun the world with their romantic onstage chemistry. With fans going wild for #Saxie the network demands that they remain a duo on and offstage, or exit the competition. Faking a relationship until their final performance in the Starmaker holiday special shouldn't be too hard, except for one small problem--Sadie and Max can't stand each other.

But with their dreams just within reach, they agree to the ruse. Will their fake relationship be exposed before they can win? Or will an unexpected trip to Banff spark real feelings by the Christmas finale?

352 pages, Paperback

First published October 4, 2022

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About the author

Maggie Knox

2 books519 followers
Maggie Knox is the pen name for writing duo Karma Brown and Marissa Stapley.

Brown is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author of five novels, including the #1 national bestseller Recipe for a Perfect Wife, as well as the nonfiction bestseller The 4% Fix: How One Hour Can Change Your Life. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Self, Redbook, Today's Parent, and Chatelaine. She lives just outside Toronto with her family and a labradoodle named Fred.

Stapley is a former magazine editor and the internationally bestselling author of four novels: Mating For Life, Things to Do When It's Raining, The Last Resort, and Lucky. Marissa's journalism has appeared in magazines and newspapers across North America, including The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Elle, Today's Parent, and Reader's Digest. She lives in Toronto with her family and a precocious black cat named Oscar.

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407 reviews116k followers
January 12, 2023
I lost track of how many times the main guy ran away after an unnecessary misunderstanding but I know in my heart this couple will not last after the book ends
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Author 22 books162k followers
November 10, 2022
Sadie and Max are each ready to get their big breaks on a TV singing competition. When they’re paired up for a duet, fans go wild for their chemistry. Wanting to capitalize on the buzz, the show demands they stay a duo both on and offstage. There’s just one problem, Sadie and Max can’t stand each other. An adorable holiday romance.
March 20, 2023
Rounded up from roughly 3.5 stars ⭐️

All I want for Christmas follows Sadie and Max, both contestants on a reality singing show. However, they are quickly paired together and fans go wild for their chemistry. But can they keep their fake relationship afloat?

This was such a wonderfully fun and unique read. I’ve never read a book based around a reality TV show before, and although I wasn’t completely sold on it as a setting for a Christmas book, I loved how incredibly authentic and vivid it felt. I absolutely loved the scenes set in Canada. They were exactly the kind of cosy, wintery feel that I absolutely love in a Christmas novel! I did have to put the book down for a short while, as one particular plot line hit a bit of a soft spot for me in my personal life. I ended up in tears, but mainly because it was handled so beautifully.

Although the storyline didn’t really surprise me, it made for a nice easy read. I do love the fake dating trope so I really enjoyed that aspect of the romance! However, I did want to jump into the book and force the characters into a room together when they stopped communicating properly! The book flips between Sadie and Max’s points of view. I loved getting into both of their heads but didn’t feel completely connected to either of them. This is exactly the kind of book I love to read in December, a nice and easy to read festive romcom.

I would recommend this to fans of Christmassy romcoms and the fake dating trope! I want to thank Netgalley, Hodder & Stoughton, Karma Brown and Marissa Stapley for sending me a copy of this book so I can give my personal thoughts.
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2,314 reviews44.1k followers
December 24, 2022
Well, this is lovely Christmas love story with so many heartwarming and sweet chapters and great execution of my three favorite tropes: enemies to lovers , fake relationship and sunshine meets the grump!

The palpable and sizzling chemistry between Sadie and Max makes you enjoy every moment of their evolving relationship. But this sweet, adorable story also include extreme angsty, tear jerking and heartbreaking moments, too.

The book’s beginning at the Starmaker country star singers contest, introducing sweet, insecure but exciting Sadie and brooding, handsome Max who wants to step out of his father’s stardom hooked me up. I loved their hot-cold relationship, their undeniable chemistry and the producer’s efforts to force them fake relationship for better ratings.

Of course it’s obvious faking will turn into something real. They probably win the contest and the book will end with a big HEA. But no! I couldn’t get so wrong!

I was expecting to read something sweet-swoon- soft but at the first third book’s direction dramatically changed. It turned into little heavier and emotional turmoil that approached sensitive issues like grief, mansplaining, alcoholism, abandonment of parent.

The main characters truly pissed me off. I just want to yell at both of them. Because they have serious communication problems!

Misunderstandings and unsaid words affected their chance for HEA! Especially Max acted like a jerk, hiding behind his family baggage, grief, problematic relationship with his charismatic country star father. Sadie was too forgiving, not sharing her own family drama, bottling everything inside.

Their push-pull relationship made me a little exhausted and I still feel like Max should grovel more at the end after things he’s made and said to Sadie! He honestly made me irritated!

Overall: it was still heartwarming, angsty and emotional read! There are so many chapters made me swoon even though the characters tested my patience with their immature behaviors.

I’m rounding up 3.5 stars to 4 all I want for Christmas is shoes sorry you stars!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts.
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59 reviews5 followers
June 25, 2022
Have you ever seen those tennis match gifs, where the audience looks left, right, left, right in rapid succession? I’ve discovered the book form of that experience. It’s called All I Want for Christmas, by Maggie Knox. In case you aren’t familiar with Maggie Knox, they are the writing team of Karma Brown and Marissa Stapley.

Writing duos aren’t uncommon but well-written novels by writing duos are. It’s tough to meld two different writing styles into a cohesive story. Even books with each author writing a different POV need to align tone and story arc.

This book suffers mightily from tone and story misalignments. Occasionally, the writing duo hits the right note (pun intended) but mostly they don’t. This should have been caught during the beta read but the authors don’t get a pass for a possible lack of good feedback. Anyone reading this book should be able to see that it doesn’t flow effectively from scene to scene.

Moving on from the writing duo problem, let’s talk about communication…never mind. I’m so mad or sad or confused that I need to just storm off, maybe leave the city, end the relationship, cry on someone’s shoulder, or get really drunk. For the third or fourth time.

I wish that were tongue-in-cheek but communication failures are the entire basis of the relationship between the two protagonists of All I Want for Christmas. At some point, the writers had to have realized that there isn’t much of a story here. The two protagonists (Max and Sadie) just keep breaking up and then getting back together again randomly. Are they teenagers? I think they might be teenagers.

Honestly, I’m not sure how anyone could believe that these two characters can have a successful relationship. They never talk to each other. They either sing, pout, or have sex. Sometimes all in one scene.

But neither character grows. Repeatedly, Max is told to “get his crap together” but he never does. He continually says he should but then he misunderstands his love interest or jumps to conclusions that only 16-year-olds would jump to or otherwise gets his feelings hurt enough that he has to walk out, sometimes with a wave, sometimes without speaking. Oh, and sometimes it’s more of a sneak out than a walk out.

Sadie endures a lot of heavy lifting to carry this story. Max is supposed to be kind of quirky. He’s crafty – though they don’t delve into WHY he’s crafty in enough detail to make it meaningful. He has a cute dog – but we aren’t given enough time to understand how the dog came to be a big part of his life. He has a very special guitar but the reveal of the guitar’s prior owner is so underwhelming you might actually miss it.

Yes, Max has parental issues that aren’t effectively addressed in the story – they’re discussed weirdly at the end when the authors try to wrap this hot mess up in a bow – but there’s no good resolution, no closure, no growth.

Sadie … well, let’s just say the authors gave her abandonment issues, death of a loved one, potential loss of her career, lack of support by a parent, objectification by the media and the audience, AND sexual harassment by her employer.

None of this is managed well either. In order to draw out the story, she doesn’t tell Max ANYTHING, which (shocker) leads to more miscommunication. Then, because she’s completely irrational as a character, she gets mad at Max for not figuring out that she has something going on. You know the old trope: the woman is waiting for the man to realize she wants flowers and gets mad because he’s not a mind reader.

Miscommunication may be the core of this story but lest you accuse me of miscommunication, I will tell you clearly that there are other books – better books – more worth your hard-earned money. If you do read this book, let me know if you figure out:

Why Max smokes -- once -- in the story
Why the grocery store has fresh strawberries but dusty boxes of pasta
What happens to the rental car
Where the letter came from
Who contacted Max on his cellphone
Why the famous and successful producer creates bad music
Why the famous producer has a catfish restaurant that poisons its customers
Why the mom follows Sadie around

Should I go on? No? I can go on if you’d like. Still no? Fine.

I received a digital ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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2,129 reviews13.8k followers
November 26, 2022
2.5 stars

Eh this was just okay. The pacing was really weird since this book has a time jump, so it was hard to really feel the connection and development of the romance. They are both musicians and this had some cliche miscommunication moments that were more annoying than anything. One of them jumped to conclusions and the other one kept some pretty important secrets that really needed to be out in the open. I just don't love plots that rely on miscommunication and I didn't care at all for the romance or these two characters being together. A really forgettable book that didn't really feel that Christmasy.
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3,230 reviews1,549 followers
January 18, 2023
All I Want for Christmas by Maggie Knox is a contemporary romance that does carry over to the Christmas season. The story in All I Want for Christmas is a standalone romance that falls in the enemies to lovers trope along with fake dating. This one is one that is told by alternating the point of view in the book between the two main characters.

Sadie and Max are both musicians who have been waiting for their big break. When both are cast on the television reality show, Starmaker, they both think that this will be their big shot at stardom. Unfortunately for Sadie and Max what the audience wants the most is for the pair to team up and perform together so for the sake of their careers Sadie and Max agree to a fake relationship for the cameras that in turn becomes not so fake for the duo.

All I Want for Christmas by Maggie Knox certainly caught my interest as I love a good reality show, a fake dating trope and a cozy Christmas contemporary. I certainly was glad to take a chance on this one and quickly settled into the story as the unfriendly partnership slid into a more romantic relationship along the way. For the most part the story had a lighthearted nature but it does have some more emotional moments too and was a nice addition to my holiday reading.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.com/
December 17, 2022
Let me start by saying that I did enjoy The Holiday Swap last year, so I was excited to read this one. But no, just no. Absolutely not.

This book was just one miscommunication after another - two almost-30 year olds who couldn’t have an honest and productive conversation to save their lives. Sadie was so unbearably self absorbed, immature and honestly just insufferable. The reason she held a grudge against Max in the beginning was absolutely ridiculous as he owed her nothing, but then plot twist - she turns around and does the SAME EXACT THING to him! Except in her case it was after they had already gotten to know each other which made it much, much worse.

I couldn’t understand the connection between the two of them because they barely knew each other, rarely got along and only had an inkling of chemistry when they were on stage singing. I’m also convinced Sadie is a pathological liar - the girl couldn’t speak the truth if her life depended on it. There is one point where Sadie blatantly lies to Max about something to do with her grandmother and it was honestly mind boggling - there was no reason for the lie! And it just sent them spiraling towards destruction yet again. Is it possible to despise a fictional character? Sadie made me think it is.

Max was not perfect and definitely had his share of issues, but he was a saint compared to Sadie. Except for when he ghosted her for an entire year, even knowing her career depended on him to an extent. I wouldn’t have wanted to speak to her either but come on, grow up Max. Also stop jumping to conclusions and just let her finish a sentence before you storm off for the umpteenth time, BUT, to his defense, finishing sentences wasn’t exactly Sadie’s strong suit.

I listened to this one on audio and while it was ok at first, the story kind of ruined it for me. The female narrator was okay as Sadie but I hated when she did Max’s voice in Sadie’s chapters - it was actually cringeworthy. The male narrator talked so painfully slow - I had the audio on 2x which is the fastest the app would allow and it was still painful.

The only good part of this book was Max knitting sweaters for dogs at the animal shelter. Do yourself a favor and skippity skip skip this one.
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1,907 reviews76 followers
December 25, 2022
This is the follow up to last years, The Holiday Swap and this year the authors have another holiday hit on their hands. A quick paced hard to put down fun and festive read that will have you grabbing the holiday cookies and hot chocolate while settling in for a great read.
When Nashville country singers Sadie and Max are paired together for a competition on the famed reality singing show Starmaker, they really don't like each other. Sadie's producer say's they must fake-date since they are a singing duo and it'll skyrocket their career. They only have to do this until their last televised show, it shouldn't be that hard to do, right?
If you like the fake dating trope/ enemies to lover's trope this one is for you.
Their first televised fake kiss feels so awkward so why is Sadie all of the sudden feeling so complete being in his arms? Why can't Max keep his mind on his music and not Sadie?
You've got to hand it to Max, he's a guy who knits dog sweaters in his spare time and has an adorable little dog that he totally pampers.
When Max catches Sadie in the arms of her slimy producer, there must be more to the story, but he storms off. I really disliked the producer's character, he's totally unprofessional and wants more from Sadie than a great song.
Max is trying so hard to prove he's not like his father who is a famous singer, made a lot of mistakes in his personal life and also a drinker. He tries to distance himself from him but does admit they need to have an important talk. I have to give his father credit for trying with Max.
After many starts and stops will Sadie and Max be able to stay together and make beautiful music together? With a few bumps along the way I enjoyed seeing how Sadie and Max's relationship progresses.

Pub Date 04 Oct 2022
I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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1,571 reviews507 followers
December 30, 2022
I sat around thinking about All I Want for Christmas by Maggie Knox for a long time, and unfortunately the longer I thought about it the less I ended up liking the story. I loved their previous novel The Holiday Swap, so I went into this book expecting it to be a fairly fluffy romcom with enough substance to make it more than just fluff. There were plenty of things I loved about it like the country music aspect, the singing competition, Sadie‘s gran, the Nashville setting, and the banter/chemistry between Sadie and Max, but there were a couple of things that killed my love of the book. I really disliked that it turned into a #MeToo story because I really just didn’t think it fit with the romcom vibes (there had to have been another way they could have gone?). And while I don’t normally mind a miscommunication theme, the one in All I Want for Christmas made me want to throw my book at the wall. #sorrynotsorry

If you are a lover of music like I am, I think that will be the real standout of the storyline for you. I also read the discussion with the authors at the back of the book, and it really helped me see where they were trying to go with this story. I am terrible at it, but I love to sing, and that is something that really drew me to All I Want for Christmas. Also, I thought they had a lot of good points about how celebrities and people in the spotlight are treated just because of the thing they chose to do as their vocation. And they did a wonderful job of setting that scene and the stress of it in this book.

I listened to the audiobook and while I REALLY wish there had been some music included with it, I still loved it very much. Sophie Amoss and Sean Patrick Hopkins are terrific narrators and I thought they were great choices to voice Sadie and Max. They were also incredible at getting the emotions of the characters across and I loved them for it. While this wasn’t what I was expecting and I wish I had loved it, I would still recommend All I Want for Christmas to the right person, and there are plenty of people out there who DID enjoy it so please take my thoughts with a grain of salt. I will still be reading future novels from these authors individually and as a pair as well, and it has in no way made me love them any less.
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2,289 reviews1,832 followers
November 7, 2022
This one just didn't work for me. It was all miscommunication and the writing felt like we were jumping scene to scene. One moment an event happens and we think okay they will definitely explore this characters emotions but nope. They jump to another less important event.
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14 reviews42 followers
September 1, 2022
📚 BOOKSTAGRAM: niki_reading_books

This novel focuses on Sadie and Max, both country music singers competing on the TV talent show Starmakers. Sadie is a gifted crooner who has been trying to make it big in Nashville, is out of funds, and will have to return home to Wisconsin if she doesn’t win the grand prize. Max, the son of infamous singer Holden Brady, has already released one failed album and is trying to step out of his father’s shadow by proving that he has what it takes to be a hit artist.
Max and Sadie instantly dislike each other. She resents that he’s a contestant when he’s already had his shot at fame, and he doesn’t want to be distracted by her good looks and beautiful voice while he’s trying to reach his goals. When the two of them are paired up by the producers of Starmakers as a fake couple, they’re the only ones who don’t see their undeniable chemistry.

👏🏻 Things I liked:
- I will always love a good Kenny and Dolly themed duet.
- The Christmas theming/backdrop gave the book a great festive feel
- We get the double-whammy of enemies to lovers AND fake relationship tropes, two of my faves

❌ Things I didn’t like:
- The TV talent show setting felt dated
- For whatever reason, I didn’t become that invested in Max and Sadie’s characters nor feel that I knew them very well.
- To me, the witty banter between Max and Sadie was severely lacking. Maybe that was why I never really felt the heat when it came to their connection.

With that said, this is a cute story and a nice way to get that Hallmark Christmas movie cozy feeling.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for an advance readers copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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824 reviews392 followers
October 6, 2022
This was so close to being a perfect holiday read for me. Following two country musicians competing in a televised competition, Sadie and Max are coerced into a fake relationship to boost ratings. I loved this setup, especially with the story being so much more than that. Also touching on grief and industry toxicity, it was surprisingly emotional. I really enjoyed the combination with the otherwise cheerful mood holiday romances bring.

Sadie and Max definitely start off on the wrong foot, continually flipping back and forth between bickering and not. And at first, the tension was understandable. Both in different stages in their careers, they each NEED this competition win—Sadie desperate for her big break, and Max wanting an escape from his famous last name.

I so badly wanted to cheer for these two. Spanning across multiple Christmases, I loved the slight jumps in time to explore their relationship. The chemistry was great! But while there were sweet moments between them, including a dreamy time in Banff, there wasn't enough to balance out the constant arguing and miscommunication. I truly enjoyed the concept of this story, but unfortunately more time was spent with these characters at odds with each other.

(heat level: fade to black / closed door)

I voluntarily read and reviewed a finished copy from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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884 reviews83 followers
August 16, 2022
I always love books that have the fake dating/enemies to lovers trope and I did end up loving the story until the 35% mark. Sadie & Max are musicians who are roped in to participate in a singing show called Starmaker and it increase their popularity and the chances of winning, they are asked to perform together and start fake dating to keep the fans interested. I loved the tropes and the setting of the book but I couldn't connect with Max and Sadie at all tbh. Because I feel like I didn't know much about them at all. Sadie had so much going on with her like losing her grandmother and being sexually harrassed by a slimy producer through which she wanted Max to be by her side but he always disappeared when she needed him the most and that made me feel so angry. He was just so childish and immature and Sadie also made some irrational decisions which was so annoying. This book tried to deal with the issue of grief after losing a loved one but fell flat on it. So regardless of the writing and some cute moments, I couldn't enjoy the story as much as I thought I would. The miscommunication between Sadie & Max was really exasperating due to which I couldn't even sympathize with both of them. And Max didn't even grovel in the end, Sadie just accepted him and said that it was her mistake too when he constantly misunderstood her, ghosted her and barely apologized. The plot had a lot of potential but NGL, this book didn't work for me.

The ARC provided to me by Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.
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716 reviews9 followers
October 14, 2022
Oh, hey Grumpy Sunshine!

I don't know if I've ever read a Christmas book in the Fall. I was surrounded by spooky decorations and Halloween candy, and it worked for me, ha ha!

All I Want For Christmas serves us #Saxie aka Sadie and Max. Contestants on a singing competition show called Starmaker. Competitors turned duo who would much rather be competing solo.

The story has fake dating, enemies to lovers, dual POVs, aspiring music artists, and a cozy holiday vibe!

Big thanks to Penguin Random House Canada for my gifted copy!

Content Warnings: Death of a loved one/grief/sexual harrassment/mention of cancer
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126 reviews38 followers
November 21, 2022
2 stars

In the latest edition of Erratic Ruins Christmas we have this book wherein two dramatique withholding dingdongs fall in love I guess?

The first half of the book is taken up by a country music singing competition where we learn all about how everything is fake and rigged and For The TV Ratings. Our two main characters, Sadie and Max, are forced to come together to sing a duet and because of their "chemistry" or "musical talent" or because "the author learned about viral Twitter posts from 4 to 10 years ago" and they "break the internet" and become a "ship" named "Saxie". Excuse me while I roll my eyes and barf. And now the romance starts because they're forced to spend way more time together and pretend they are a couple for TV ratings! Except Sadie, for dramatique dingdong reasons probably, decided she really hates Max because he didn't give her 100% of his attention 6 years prior and didn't remember who she was now and it's all very annoying and exhausting. Max is absolutely no better because he becomes a lovestruck (or horny, whichever) dingdong in Sadie's presence and falls victim to the assumptions about another person without having all the information trope. A tale as old as time.

So anyway, Christmas is ruined because Sadie learns her Grandmother dies and instead of saying this out loud to literally anyone including Max she runs away crying and makes Max think it's his fault for some reason I don't even remember. Why am I telling you all this? Because one entire year later Sadie STILL hasn't told Max her fucking Grandma died and Max still assumes a bunch of crap about Sadie and they keep dramatique running away from each other and we are supposed to be rooting for "Saxie" (ew) to get together? No thank you. You can write songs about how in love you are all damn day it doesn't make you able to functionally participate in a relationship.

So! Points to the author for making the big secret keeping a couple apart a dead grandma that sure was unexpected. But now Christmas is ruined forever and not even the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Christmas album can save me.

I received an ARC copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
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452 reviews176 followers
November 15, 2022
3.5 stars
All I Want For Christmas—The second book by writing duo Maggie Knox is just as festive and hallmark worthy as the first, which sees country singers Sadie and Max—both contestants on reality singing show STARMAKER—fake an onscreen relationship in order to win hearts (and a coveted music contract) which will skyrocket both their careers.

I absolutely loved The Holiday Swap last year so was really excited to get accepted for an e-arc of Maggie Knox’s newest holiday romance, but unfortunately it didn’t quite meet my (admittedly, really high) expectations and though I did enjoy it, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t love it as much as their previous book.

It started off really strong with the love/hate, enemies to lovers-style rivalry between Sadie and Max which I absolutely loved. The character development we see— with Max and his upbringing as the son of a country music legend, and Sadie navigating fame whilst dealing with the grief of losing a loved one—was also really well done.

But the plot relies heavily on miscommunication which got really frustrating for me pretty quickly. There are a few really sweet moments between the pair but the arguments and misunderstandings just got in the way too often for me to really enjoy #saxie as a real couple for a good chunk of the book. It’s a shame because when they were together (and not arguing/self-sabotaging) their chemistry was off the charts good!

I absolutely loved Max’s dog Patsy (named after Patsy Cline) who was just fabulous in her adorable, hand knit (and very stylish) jumpers. And aside from the really slimy Cruz (who I massively disliked for reasons that become quickly apparent) I absolutely adored the cast of supporting characters that we meet.

I also really enjoyed how things wrapped up, with an ending that was genuinely heartfelt and incredibly satisfying.

Overall, a wonderfully festive Hallmark meets Nashville style contemporary romance. I did enjoy for the most part, but (as a mood reader) I don’t think I was in the right mood (or mindset) to fully enjoy this one right now. If you’re partial to a good miscommunication trope then you’re probably gonna LOVE this!

Also, thanks to Hodder & Stoughton and Netgalley for the e-arc.
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310 reviews331 followers
December 31, 2022
"You can love someone who isn't perfect, and be deeply loved despite your own imperfections.
You and Sadie may not always go together like peas and carrots, but that doesn't mean y'all don't have something worth fighting for."

I wanted to like this so much because it had everything I could want in a holiday romance but this just didn’t click for me.

I was prepared for the miscommunication trope, but this felt like an unhealthy cycle of minimal to no communication between our two MC’s. It would get better and than worse at such regular intervals that it felt like there wasn’t enough story to allow readers to root for Sadie and Max at all.

There also were a few too many unnecessary subplot moments that didn’t add to the story…

That and some other factors I won’t get into because I don’t want to spoil anything ultimately made this a 2/5 ⭐️ read for me.
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130 reviews19 followers
November 26, 2022
This is the perfect book for when you're in the mood for a cheesy feel good holiday love story!

Max and Sadie are contestants of the hit reality show Starmaker. After getting paired in the duet week and the viewers go crazy for their on stage chemistry! This makes them start a fake dating relationship to help their chance at winning the show! They soon see their true selves and realize there might be a reason for their immediate chemistry.

I needed this book for this time of year! I love picking up easy holiday reads in November and December that help me get through my busy schedule and in the mood for festive everything! Grab a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea, light a festive candel and treat yourself with All I Want for Christmas!

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an eARC of this title in exchange for my honest thoughts!
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45 reviews3 followers
November 16, 2022
I lost brain cells reading this!! The whole story is revolved around miscommunication between characters and I am not for constant conflict. I did not connect with Max or Sadie on any level and was just hoping they’d figure their shit out lmao. Definitely a cheesy and predictable Christmas story!
Profile Image for Shelby Fowler.
157 reviews
December 2, 2022
Was it good? No. Would I recommend it? Also no. But sometimes you just need a Christmas romance novel.
Profile Image for Emma Jarvis.
201 reviews
December 3, 2022
The title of this book should have just been Miscommunication. This might be the first romance book I've read where I didn't root for the main characters to get together. Seriously, all of Sadie and Max's problems could have been solved if they just waited for the other person to FINISH THEIR SENTENCE before storming off. And its not just miscommunication between the main characters. It seems like every pair of characters has some form of miscommunication at some point.

Also the plot was all over the place. First there's the singing competition, then a year goes by and then there's the part in Banff and then back to Nashville. It all goes by really fast but it also feels too slow and boring?? I was super excited about the scenes in Banff and then that only lasted for 50 pages. This book would have been so much better if the whole plot just took place during the singing competition in the first year.

Anyways I'm still giving this book 2 stars because it's a Christmas book and I love Christmas. Also Max knits sweaters for dogs in his free time and I think that's very hot.
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4,555 reviews226 followers
October 2, 2022
3.5 rounded up.

This was a feel-good, dual POV, fake dating, enemies to lovers holiday romance between two aspiring country music singers who are competing on a reality television singing competition.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between the leads, Max's father is a famous country music singer and dealing with living in his shadow, while Sadie is a newcomer trying to crack into the business without any of the connections that Max enjoys.

While these two have electric chemistry on stage, in real life past misunderstandings and miscommunication keeps them from getting along well. I didn't love how often their relationship kept going back and forth from almost finding happiness and enjoying one another's company to being at odds with each other over and over.
Overall though this closed door romance was full of heart and would make a perfect Hallmark movie!

Much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early digital copy and @PRHAudio for a complimentary audio copy in exchange for my honest review. While I didn't love this one quite as much as Canadian writing duo Maggie Knox's first book, it was still an enjoyable holiday story and I loved the cover!
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March 16, 2022
An unbelievably fun book! I read this book in ONE SITTING, during the midst of a really tough week personally, and it is everything I could ask for in a holiday rom-com. It lifted my spirits, took me out of my head, made me laugh, and brought me to some very cool and fabulous locations. Some of the things I especially loved about this book:

*It takes place over a reality TV-style country-music competition. I've read a lot of books about reality TV dating as of late, but never one with so much Nashville! As country music is one of the most popular genres of music in America, I think folks are really going to adore this twist.

*Great characters! Including the two romantic leads! Sadie is a hard-working musician who knows what she wants and doesn't apologize for it. As the son of a country music star, Max is still trying to find himself, and develop his own path. Aside from some great banter, and the push-and-pull of their love story, there are some really interesting discussions here about privilege, access, and gratitude.

*One of the reasons I love, love, love romance is the fantasy elements. (As I always say, "I'm here for the billionaire who does laundry!") Well, thankfully, Knox is ALL about giving me romantic fantasy. Not only was this book a best-of beloved tropes moving seamlessly from enemies-to-lover, fake-dating, to falling in love -- but I got to feel like a country music star alongside Sadie. I got to go sledding in a snowy village in Banff. I got to have my big and swoony happy ending!

*Even though a ton happens throughout this book, and there are loads of awesome characters (like Sadie's grandmother) it's a super-fast read! As I said, I read it in one sitting... and a good part of that was because I couldn't put it down!

This book is PERFECT for people who love country music, reality television, having fun, romantic fantasy, and big endings. I had so much fun reading it, will definitely be picking it up once again and closer to the holidays, and I hope you will, too!
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November 29, 2022
These authors have never been to Banff and also just like… didn’t google Banff when they were writing this book??
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October 5, 2022
Sadie and Max have interacted with each other for just over one month total and have 'broken up' 3 times already. Honestly, that summarizes the majority of the book. I have never read something with more unfinished sentences (from being cut off) and interrupted confessions and lack of communication. Just one of those is bad enough, and this had all three MULTIPLE TIMES. And then they just get back together and 24 hours later there's something else SUPER DRAMATIC that happens, but heaven forbid they talk about it like the adults they are. It felt like I was reading about high schoolers. I'm just gonna say it, Max sucks. Whiplash from his moods and so inconsiderate of others when he's being all broody and woe is me. And the book starts out with him being all, 'wow I want and need this so bad' about the competition and when he gets it he is a total spoiled brat and refuses to fulfill his contract until the last minute. AND HAS THE NERVE TO GET MAD AT SADIE WHEN HE WOULDN'T ANSWER HER CALLS OR TEXTS FOR 11 GD MONTHS. Sadie basically just rolls over and ends up being the one to apologize to him and forgives him immediately. That is of course, until their next being blowout about xyz 24 hours later. FRUSTRATTTTTING. Not great, Bob.

Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Right to Jail.

*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my (too?) honest review.
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November 11, 2022

All I want for Christmas is a holiday rom-com. It is my second book by this duo.

The book features both the male and female 3rd person POVs (Max and Sadie).

Max and Sadie are both singers. His father is a beloved icon. And she is hard working and waiting for a break. They are both cast on a new reality show.

I loved the premise of two country singers going on a reality show. This was so much fun!

This book features a few extremely popular romance tropes. It is a super cute Christmas read. However there is too much fighting between the main characters!

Sadie's gran was one of my favorite characters. And this part of the story brought up a lot of memories. Also the Banff, Alberta stuff was so good!

Overall by the end I was really cheering for this couple! If you are looking for a holiday romance that isn't super sexy All I Want for Christmas is a fun read.

Thanks to edelweiss and Putnam Books for allowing me to read this book.
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