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Georgina Kincaid #4

Succubus Heat

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Georgina Kincaid has been a bad, bad succubus...

...which should be a good thing. But lately, thanks to her foul mood over breaking up with bestselling writer Seth Mortensen, she's been so wicked that Seattle's über-demon Jerome, decides to "outsource" Georgina to a rival-and have her spy for him in the process.

Being exiled to the frozen north-okay, Vancouver-and leaving Seth in the cozy clutches of his new girlfriend is unpleasant enough. Then Jerome is kidnapped, and all immortals under his control mysteriously lose their powers. One bright spot: with her life-sucking ability gone, there's nothing to keep Georgina from getting down and dirty with Seth-nothing apart from his girlfriend that is. Now, as the supernatural population starts turning on itself, a newly mortal Georgina must rescue her boss and figure out who's been playing them-or all hell will break loose...

320 pages, Paperback

First published June 1, 2009

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About the author

Richelle Mead

139 books67.2k followers
Scorpio Richelle Mead is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens. Originally from Michigan, Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington where she works on her three series full-time: Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan, and Vampire Academy.

A life-long reader, Richelle has always loved mythology and folklore. When she can actually tear herself away from books (either reading or writing them), she enjoys bad reality TV, traveling, trying interesting cocktails, and shopping for dresses. She's a self-professed coffee addict and has a passion for all things wacky and humorous.

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January 31, 2023
4.5 stars
“I don't care," said Seth. "I would have done it. I would have sold my soul for you. You and me...I told you. Something's always going to keep us near each other...even if we aren't together.”
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April 24, 2015
There was a lot of screaming at Georgina through the audiobook at the end of this for me. I NEED THE NEXT ONE NOW
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May 12, 2011
I think I've finally figured out why I'm not that into this series. I'm a fan of both Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy and Dark Swan series, but for some reason I've had a hard time connecting with this one, and it wasn't until Book 4 that I realized what was bothering me. (Yeah, I'm a little slow on the uptake.) It's simply this: I believe in fidelity. Both emotionally and sexually.

The thing is, I'm pretty live and let live, so it doesn't really faze me if people want to live their lives in open relationships or want to frolic with stuffed animals or whatever, just so long as it's all above board and no one's getting hurt. But that's precisely the problem I've been having here--Georgina is hurt by the need-to-sleep-with-random-guys/no-consummation-with-human Seth scenario, and so is he. So the whole set-up is engineered in a way that just isn't going to make me very comfortable.

I'm also not as invested in the mythology of this particular world or in any of the other characters. And since I usually like men who are a little more alpha male than Seth is (don't get me wrong, I like sensitive men, too, but Seth is overall a little too passive for my taste), it all adds up to a conflicted reading experience for me, since I do like Georgie a lot. I thought this book was particularly good in the way it stripped her of her powers and showed that she is still a strong, alluring person even when she doesn't have her succubus abilities to fall back on.

Anyway...I will obviously still read the next installments to see where the story goes. But it won't be with the same degree of pleasure that I usually approach one of this author's books.

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August 30, 2022
Genre: contemporary fantasy, Paranormal, NA
Tropes: angels and demons, impossible love, succubus, multiple mythologies
Trigger Warnings: attempted rape, death, abuse, cheating
Series: Georgina Kincaid #4
Cliffhanger: No
Spice: 2/5 🌶
Rating: 4 ⭐

“Most would say us damned souls don’t deserve anything.”
“We’re like anyone else, deserving both good and bad. I’m not sure being damned has anything to do with it.”

OK, I know I said after the last book that I'm not sure I'll be able to forgive certain characters, but I take that back now. Seth is fully forgiven. This book started in such a low point that I was very unsure what to expect, but I am kind of satisfied with the outcome somehow. And I'm definitely looking forward to what's to come, especially when taking into account the return of some old characters I hoping to see again.

》》The Plot《《

“Canadian Satanists? You’re sending me to a group of Canadian Satanists?”
His only answer was a shrug.

Heartbroken and bitchy, Georgia gets sent to Canada to help Cedric, the archdemon in charge there, with an embarrassing group of wannabe satanists. But when Jerome dissappears and, with him, all the abilities of those under his command, Georgina is set on bringing him back. To complicate things more, without her abilities, she is now perfectly capable of being with Seth, if you leave Maddie (Seth's girlfriend and Georgina's friend) and Dante (very powerful human psychic and Georgina's current boyfriend) aside.

“I hope you had an entertaining time following me around.” I took my keys out.
“You should be a reality show,” he said. “It’s that good. And you know, I might be a totally unstable former assassin, but man. You manage to shock even me.”

With supernatural and romantic turmoil, this book was entertaining and catchy and I specially enjoyed the reappearance of a certain someone and the introduction of some new characters. The ending is a combination of both hope and hopelessness (weird mix, I know), but you just get the general idea that things aren't yet over.

》》Characters and Relationships《《

Again, unsurprisingly, Georgina is caught in a love triangle, between Seth and Dante and, again, unsurprisingly, she can't help but cheat. I'd love to say she has evolved, but seriously, can't she stop cheating?

"You are his ideal, his first choice.”
“That’s not flattering to Maddie.”
“It doesn’t make her less. It just means he loves her differently. And when you decide you have to move on, that’s how it is. Just because things don’t work out, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other people you can’t love. Love is too big a thing for you to go without it in life.”

The situation with Maddie, Seth and Georgina is rather cliché, but what brings originality are the characters themselves, especially when they make surprising decisions. I'm really curious about the way this will turn out and, even though I personally like Maddie and Seth togheter and I still feel that he and Georgina aren't a good match, I know they are soulmates and will eventually end up togheter.

“Why does everyone hate Dante? You guys should be embracing him as a brother.”
Jerome considered, dark eyes thoughtful. “He annoys me. You can do better.”

Something I found totally funny was how nobody liked Georgina and Dante togheter, not even the demons. The 'You can do better." might be true, since I think Roman would have been the best fit for her out of all her romantic prospects, but, well, let's just say I actually liked Dante.


“How come we can only get the things we want by being bad? Why can’t we get them by being good?”
“I’ll ask Carter the next time I see him,” I said dryly. “But I have a feeling he’d say goodness is its own reward.”

With the apparition of that old character and the deals&arrangements that have been made, I have high expectations from the next book, so I'm really hoping I'll get some of my wishes. I'm intrigued but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up. And that ending: it was a weird way of giving some hope to our favorite succubus.

"We’ll get some ice cream. Maybe that’ll cheer you up.”
“I’m not really sure ice cream can fix my failed hopes and dreams or an impending demonic takeover.”
“Probably not. But it’ll help.”
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February 3, 2014

Have to admit, this was the book I was looking forward to the most in this re-read. And I know I could just easily go back to that scene anytime but that would mean missing out on Carter and Kayla and cheesecakes and that tortie. Oh and Hugh. I always seem to neglect to give Hugh some lovin'. I like that I got to experience this book again without the need to know what happens to Seth and Georgie IMMEDIATELY, though I have to admit the lead up to dragged for me this time around. And all the distractions and diversions and plotting lost my interest for a stretch but I'm not in the habit of changing ratings so 5 and still a definite fave it is.


"How come we can only get things we want by being bad? Why can't we get them being good?"

This review is brought to you by Dr. TinyCat:

Previously on Days of Our Lives Damnation

Georgina Kincaid's milkshake still brings all the boys in the yard, except Seth Mortensen who has switched to vegan milkshake because he's an adorable fidiot and because he wants to protect Georgina from the additional, eternal heartache if he dies out of complications of diabetes because of… well, Kincaid Milkshake.

Next to writing a review about alternate POV, writing about the middle books in a series always gives me some grief. You're smack dab in the series, unhealthily invested in the characters and you need to let off some steam or it will literally burn a hole in your stomach. But its a literal, physical pain to sit down and compose thoughts.

Georgie starts off a little darker, a bit more goth in this one and as a punishment got sent off to spy on the neighboring demon's territory in behalf of Jerome. She got caught in some shenanigans with a Canadian Satanist cult called "The Army of Darkness" and a lot of Tim Horton time that eventually came to head with Jerome disappearing along with every demon in his care losing their powabilities.

So for a period, Georgina Kincaid was succubus no more.

Hah! Take that eternal damnation!

Perfect timing too, for Georgina and Seth who must have broken a hundred mirrors between them to have this shittiest kind of luck. What's the opposite of Irish? Yeah these two have the luck of THOSE people.

My eyes are burning from devouring the pages too fast and breathing is still a conscious effort for me after the stress of reading this insane emotional rollercoaster that makes my head ache because I couldn't hate the characters as freely as I full-on want to because even THEY are likable. Even Dante. Even, God help me, that annoying paragon of innocent, unselfish kindness Maddie.

Do you know how stressful it is to watch the terrible injustice and agony Seth and Georgina seem hell bent on getting the full 3D-IMAX experience out of in life and NOT have anyone to place the blame? Can't I just blame someone, ANYONE in this mother-effin' angst fest anymore?!

God, my poor little Georgie! I kept thinking of another creature of supposed evil, Madrigal from Daughter of Smoke and Bone and how much her benevolent kindness rubbed me the wrong way. Like it was an elitist, snobby kind of good. Unlike Georgina whose kindness seem like the kind of good you can touch, the kind that draws you to feel for her when .

I can't remember anymore how many times this book series broke my heart, put it together only to get broken again.

I'm just grateful for the smallest mercy in that this wasn't told in alternating POVs because I don't think I can handle the early and latter chapters without flinging myself against the walls. Repeatedly.

I've been taken hostage by this series, I can't seem to find an escape from its clutches, and I don't think I want it to let me go anymore.
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741 reviews209 followers
October 16, 2018
I loooove this series.

This is one of my favorite UF series, ever. Admittedly, the first book is the weakest of them all, while book 4 is my favorite. The plot, characters and romance get better and better with each installment.
The love story has an incredible arc and it is absolutely beautiful. You'll need to go all the way to book 6 to find out how it ends, and it is utterly worth it.

Georgina Kincaid is a great strong female character with all her faults. Her insecurities and weaknesses make her a better character, she is not perfect, but she is good. She is flawed and that makes her more real.
Seth, although completely outside of the guys I would normally found attractive, is also great; sweet and kind, he is a character that grows in each book, he is loyal, authentic and loves with his all being. He is mundane and so real that he is the perfect juxtaposition to Georgina.

These books are full of adventure and fun characters, but to me, what really makes them so special is that the love story here is not just your typical romance. What we have here is a TRUE LOVE kind of EPIC love story to the likes of The Princess Bride.

This is the kind story that stays with you, no matter how many books you read or how many years have passed since you first read it , you don’t forget this one.

I completely recommend this series. READ IT!

P.S.: By now, I have lost count of how many times I have read/listen to the audiobooks of this series. The first time, I did actually read them, but soon I knew I would want to come to them again and I got the audiobooks. They are great.

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December 23, 2020
4 ☆
Sometimes it takes more courage to know when to retreat than to keep fighting.
In Succubus Heat #4, the new year begins badly, sinking Georgina into her own personal hell. She enters a rebound relationship with Dante, someone she had despised earlier for his dark magic ability. Her demon boss won't tolerate Georgina's morose attitude and sends her off on a temporary espionage assignment in Vancouver.
I stared. "Canadian Satanists? You're sending me to a group of Canadian Satanists?”
Intrigue and political machinations wait for no one. Archdemon Jerome suddenly disappears, as do the supernatural abilities of those under him in Seattle. Now more physically vulnerable than in the past millennium, Georgina resumes her Nancy Drew ways and realizes that Jerome's absence required multiple actors.
"I hope you had an entertaining time following me around,” I took my keys out.

“You should be a reality show,” he said. “It’s that good. And you know, I might be a totally unstable former assassin, but man. You manage to shock even me.”
Even some mortals feel the repercussions of Jerome's departure.
"How come when mortals want things, their only option is to make a deal with Hell and sell their soul? Why can’t they make deals with God in exchange for good behavior?"

It was another of those rare moments when I’d surprised Carter. I waited for the glib answer I’d mentioned to Seth, something along the lines of goodness being its own reward. The angel considered for several seconds.

"Humans make those deals all the time," he said finally. "They just don’t make them with God."

"Then who are they making them with?" I exclaimed.

One of the things I like about this series is that Georgina and many characters reflect the complexities of reality. People's decisions and behaviors aren't always entirely angelic or demonic but a combination of both.

#1 Succubus Blues 3.5 ☆
#2 Succubus on Top 3 ☆
#3 Succubus Dreams 4 ☆
#5 Succubus Shadows 4 ☆
#6 Succubus Revealed 4 ☆
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1,045 reviews3,954 followers
August 30, 2012
*Revision August 2012*

I'm awarding an extra half star to this book because dammit, I'm still talking about that office scene! I've read content from the mild to the taboo extreme in terms of steam level and this scene still remains one of my all time favorites of any book, any series. Why? Because it was unexpected from a character who I thought I had figured out. Man, I really loved the office scene.

Never mind that it's a Mead series, so of course I'm going to love the characters and plot. In this case, it really was all about that one scene. It's still in my head. I want to go back and re-read it again.

*Original review Feb. 2011* - mild spoilers for those who haven't read up through book 4

After all of my bitching about slow starts for the past 3 books, I finally hit book Nirvana again! Thank you Richelle for finally showing me what I already know you are capable of - making me care enough about the characters to find passion in what does or does not happen to them.

The books that get the highest ratings from me tend to be the ones that can make me feel a range of emotions. Whether it be fear, compassion, wistfulness, pain, hope, etc. it doesn't matter. I just want my stories to give me more than one note. Succubus Heat delivered on this and then some. One moment I was thrilled with Georgina finally getting to see the sunshine, only to be crushed when it was snatched away from her.

Seth was especially heartbreaking in this one. I almost feel like he's the Rose character in Vampire Academy (one of Mead's other series) - always wanting what he knows he shouldn't have, and putting himself at risk to try and get it. Georgie this time is the Dimitri. She puts her own happiness aside for the sake of those she loves. Albeit, this couple has a lot more heat on their side in this particular episode.

I'm so tempted to go a full 5 stars on this just because I really enjoyed the complexity of this particular read, with much less side character action, but I'm going with a 4 rating because the whole Vancouver plotline sort of stalled me for a minute. Even with that, I thoroughly enjoyed Succubus Heat and was excited to see the return of Roman too!
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1,401 reviews11.7k followers
August 5, 2011
Well, it's been much less agonizing to re-read this installment than the one before. Why? Because why worry about rotten people and their love troubles? It is a bold move on the author's part to create a couple as flawed as Georgina and Seth and expect readers to continue rooting for them. Now I only enjoy this rompy series for its cast of characters, killer dialog and smut. And when I hear Seth and Georgina praising each other's virtues or proclaiming their super-special soul mate love while I laugh and roll my eyes and keep reading.

Why is Richelle Mead so resolved to make all her characters so irredeemably bad? And what is with her leniency towards cheating? Every heroine of hers is a cheater, emotional or physical. There are many things I forgive in my UF, but betrayal of this sort kills my respect and affection for characters every time. I have abandoned VA and Storm Born series because of this, but I am resolved to see Georgina and Seth through this torturous affair. In reality though, what kind of HEA do they truly deserve? They certainly haven't done anything to redeem themselves. Unless you count angsting and whining about their problems redeeming.
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673 reviews603 followers
August 21, 2017
“Are you crying, succubus?”
“It’s this book,” I said.

That is my favourite quote in this book,its so damn relatable cause I get so emotional and start crying when reading.I love everything about this book, I think this is my favourite in the series so far, everything was fast paced but not rushed and all my predictions about it were wrong which is a major good thing.

The writing is amazing as always, simple and easy words, no unnecessary figures of speech.
Character development is okay, I really thought Georgina could do better, but Roman made up for her lame decisions and made the book more fun, because he's my favourite character in this series.

“I hope you had an entertaining time following me around.” I took my keys out.
“You should be a reality show,” he said. “It’s that good. And you know, I might be a totally unstable former assassin, but man. You manage to shock even me.”
“Oh, be quiet,” I snapped. I unlocked the car doors and slid into the driver’s side. “Your snarky commentary is neither wanted nor appreciated.”
“It’s not commentary. It’s me thinking aloud. It has nothing to do with you, really, nor does it require any response on your part.”
“This is it, isn’t it?” I asked, pulling out of the parking spot. “This is why you aren’t going to kill me. You’re going to just torture me for the rest of eternity. Long suffering, right?”

The plot blew my mind, even though the synopsis said they lost their powers, never would I have thought that it happened the way it did, and the politics,romance and team work( won't call Roman and Georgina friends yet) made the reading of this book more enjoyable.
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475 reviews16.2k followers
April 20, 2010
This book is well written and heart breakingly sad. I don't like Georgina Kincaid's choices and decisions in a lot of instances. She clearly lacks some serious impulse control.

On the otherhand, after reading seventeen books of Anita Blake being "forced" to be a whore by magic and other such things, and after all the other fiction I've read where women are "forced" to do the exact same things that Georgina does, I kind of really respect Richelle Mead. She doesn't take the easy way out.

If she wants Georgina to shack it up with a hot mystery man then she does. Fate, circumstances and magic doesn't MAKE it happen so that Georgina can walk away with a guiltless conscience. It's amazingly refreshing in so many ways.

Now if she could just stop cheating on her boyfriends...
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2,005 reviews370 followers
January 22, 2011
If you are Canadian, you will most likely enjoy some of the cultural references in this book. We Canadians are very proud of some of our institutions: Hockey Night in Canada, our politeness, and Tim Horton’s. What is Tim Horton’s? It’s a place to go and get your double double early in the morning on the way to take your kids to hockey practice. What’s a double double? A coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars. No venti lattes there. And they do make yummy Timbits. That’s donut holes to the rest of the world.

So what does Tim Horton’s have to do with Richelle Mead’s Succubus Heat? That’s where The Army of Darkness, a group of Canadian Satanists (yes, Canadian Satanists) went to plot their next nefarious move. I’m sorry, I was having way too much fun giggling during these parts. Wait a minute, I was being Canadian, apologizing.

This is another great book in the series. I really like the company that Georgina keeps – well most of the time. I love the interaction of the lesser immortals, the demons, the vampires, the angels, and the human world. In this book Georgina’s gets assigned to helping Cedric, Jerome’s counterpart in Vancouver, keep track of The Army of Darkness and keep them from embarrassing the real demon presence in the city. Of course nothing is what it seems and Georgina is thrown into a turf war, with some time off her succubus duties.

The cast of characters makes this book enjoyable. Carter, the angel is one of my favorites although his non-involvement policy was beginning to wear thin in this book. I loved how the vampires relished their new found freedom. Cedric, the Vancouver demon was especially funny. His idea of causing chaos was playing with Wikipedia entries on the internet. Seth – well, I haven’t decided if I like him or not yet.

I enjoyed this book immensely. I felt a closer connection to Georgina’s character. Her break from her succubus duties turned her into a sleuth. It also allowed her a taste of humanity. A taste of a future that was foretold by Nyx. I am running to the library now to pick up the next book in the series.
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857 reviews131 followers
November 23, 2019

Absolutely amazing AGAIN!!!


I did not think that this series could be any more compelling than what it is - then Succubus Heat comes along...

What a rollercoaster of emotions!!! At one point, I thought I was going to dislike Seth, but I was wrong - so bloody wrong.... I have never once faultered from Georgina, I believe that she is my favourite lead female, I simply adore her.

The storyline, as usual, was/is fabulous and all the other bits and pieces are just as yummy... but this book has left me open to wonder, I wonder what the hell is going to happen.... those little snippets have somehow grew to something that I need to sink my teeth into and grab the answers!!!

This book, so far, is my favourite, don't get me wrong, I've loved every one of them so far, but this book kept me emotionally attached and has now left me dangling... I truly love the way this story has played out and I can't wait to see how it is finally going to end... so, I now need to open the next chapter!!!!
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842 reviews567 followers
December 11, 2015

Ugh. Yup, Richelle Mead is trying to kill me with what she puts Georgina through. Even though my logical self says to calm the hell down, that Georgina will get her HEA, my freaked out emotional self wants to burn shit down. But I swear, I’m loving every minute of it!

I adore Georgina so much. She not only continues to be a great heroine, she keeps getting better and better. Even when she gets in her bitchy funks, she stays true with the wit and sarcasm she does so well.

The mystery is fantastic. I love figuring out what’s going on and who the culprits are. Even though I would feel I knew who did what, I’d stay open to other possibilities because Mead is really good at casting doubt and making me second guess myself. She really knows how to pull a story together, while throwing in advances for the overall arc.

Speaking of the overall series arc, it’s driving me crazy. I could tell what was going on since the end of the first book, so experiencing everything Georgina goes through gets extra frustrating. In the best way, though. The author is really setting everything up wonderfully, and I can’t wait to see how it will eventually plays out.
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1,010 reviews338 followers
May 5, 2017
Thank you GOD, Seth and Georgina finally had sex! Despite the fact that Seth cheated on Maddie to do it (Is this going to be a pattern, Seth?), I was utterly overjoyed that they could finally do it. More than once. I came into Succubus Heat wanting to hate Seth, but alas, I could not. He's just so adorable and sweet and he really loves Georgina and cares about her. And when he gave her the ARC of his book? I "aww"ed and giggled at the same time. I'm so glad they were able to finally be together. I was not happy, though, that 1.) this put a shadow on his soul, 2.) that he went got engaged to Maddie (Do you want to hurt Georgina even more, Seth?!), and 3.) that they couldn't be together! Grr. So upsetting. But, at least they had that time together.

I was pleasantly surprised with myself to realize that I actually liked having Roman show up in Succubus Heat. For one thing, it was nice that he was there to help her when she needed it (i.e. stop her from getting raped, after she was beaten by a demon, the notes on the picture, etc.). Also, I found him amusing in this book. Maybe I didn't like him before because he was dating Georgina, not Seth, but now that she and Seth have been together I like Roman. And, while I don't like the idea of Roman voyeuristically watching Georgina, I'm glad he was there.

What I didn't like, however, was that Carter wasn't in Succubus Heat very much. I realize that this book was about Hellish affairs and he can't interfere with that, but I was sad that he wasn't in here more often.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
152 reviews
November 30, 2010
Oh shut up about seth already. Would have been a good book, except for the pages and pages of "woe is me".
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290 reviews319 followers
January 4, 2015
*unavoidable spoilers from previous books and a lot of random thoughts*

"The unfortunate part about being a good liar, however, was that while I could get other people to believe my words, I didn’t believe them myself."

The third book in this series broke my heart. I think Seth's purpose was to really saved Georgina that time though it wasn't really good for the feelings of the readers.

Well, the fourth book was another thing. It was heartbreakingly sad and thoroughly disappointing.

I totally believed that Georgina and Seth was meant for each other. If soulmates are real, they would be the perfect example of it. BUT. They shouldn't have done what they did here. I felt uncomfortable. I believe people make their own choices. They can do what they want in their lives but they have limits right? I do think some things are inevitable but consenting to cheating? Like really facing it head-on knowing you'll hurt somebody else that's too good? No. It wasn't acceptable to me. I really admire Seth and Georgina's relationship. They seem to understand each other, be each other's own source of strength. I was rooting for them even aftet everything! But I think it went too far. I am SO disappointed with both of them. Somebody would be affected by their stupid decisions! *calms down a little bit* And then he freaking propose??? Asdfghjkl. I don't know. I was really let down.

Agh. All these complications! I wish Georgina will be with Carter instead haha. I wouldn't want Carter to fall though so ahhhhh. WHAT NOW?

These are my hopes for the next books:
1. Georgina will be pregnant and have a cute daughter and just be HAPPY at last!
2. Georgina has a reward from Jerome right?? Can it be something like having her life back? Or being able to conceive?
3. Ugh. I don't know how to solve the issue with Seth. I wish Georgina will just meet another awesome guy though I think it will still be Seth at the end.

I have to rest though from reading further from this series. Mostly it was because our classes will resume soon and I'll be freaking busy but some part of me wanted to stay away. I don't know. I really don't tolerate cheating. I still look forward in reading the rest of the books though because I'd like to know where it would lead. I wish Mead gave this series a satisfying and believable conclusion.
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1,569 reviews1,040 followers
June 26, 2011
Succubus Heat was hot! This one is by far the best book in the whole series.

This is how I imagine Seth and Georgina. I know they should be older but I don't care.

[image error]
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568 reviews102 followers
April 17, 2017
Don't read this book if you are in a bad mood... Richelle Mead's so live description, will make you cry for Georgina, her wishes, her dreams, her life, all vanished, like a feather in the wind (is that expression valid in english? - Never mind... a book that will bring you tears......
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3,038 reviews647 followers
December 22, 2015
The feels I got while listening to Succubus Heat

Hopeless:  Georgina is angry, filled with self-loathing and trying to lose herself and escape the pain. In fact, she has pissed off Jerome (her Demon ruler) with all her antics. I feel for her and its breaking my heart. She is heartbroken and lashing out with a “never care” attitude. I know Seth loves her, but I am so angry. Seeing Seth and working at the bookstore with his super nice, chipper girlfriend Maddie would suck the life out of anyone.
Road Trip Woot! Jerome sources Georgina out to Cedric, the Vancouver Demon. He needs help with a Demon Worshiping Cult that is stirring up trouble. It was fun getting out of Seattle, and a busy Georgina cannot be caught up in her sorrows.
Immortals in Stasis: The mystery in Succubus Heat was fantastic and created an opportunity for all the immortal creatures in Seattle to lose some of their abilities. For the first time Vampiress can walk in daylight. Georgina is still immortal but very much human. Mead exposes a very vulnerable side of our kick-ass heroine. You know what is going to happen right? I also cannot stop thinking about those dreams she had. Gads!
Seth and Georgina: I need truffles. My emotions are all over the place. This aspect of the story ripped out my guts, made me happy and then left me bitchy. I had a problem with one aspect of this storyline.  However, it was bittersweet, beautiful and yet cruel. Is it better to know or better to wonder?
An exceptional storyline: Mead blew me away with Succubus Heat. Sure she had my emotions all over the place but the concept and execution were amazing, We have politics, betrayals, human emotions and a mystery to solve. She balanced these threads beautifully all while pulling my heart along on a string. Surprisingly she still made me laugh and there were even snarky moments
Hail, Hail the Gang's All Here: We didn’t see a lot of the motley crew of supernaturals and I missed them. I have mixed feelings about Dante, but he is good to Georgina. Carter and his rules. Loosen up Carter! We did meet new characters and players in the supernatural world. It was fun seeing Georgina interact with them.
Listening Rocks! Elisabeth Rodgers the narrator for this series is exceptional. She captures the tone and emotions of the characters and story creating an enhanced experience.
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February 6, 2012
What is it about the way Richelle Mead writes, that she is able to perfectly capture the pain of a romantic break-up? She somehow is able to make me relive the pain of feeling cut-off from a loved one, abandoned and dejected – it ain’t good! Thank goodness there is an interesting story woven in through this pain. Fans of Mead and Georgina, if you have stuck through this series for the first three books, you will want to read Succubus Heat. There is a payoff to the series and it is done quite well – readers have to pay for the little reward dishes out, but it is worth it. Readers are also additionally rewarded -- without spoiling too much, I will say that characters from previous books return.

I don’t remember Vampire Academy being this funny, maybe I didn’t get the humor in that series but the Georgina Kincaid series is damn funny. I started marking quotes, but there were just too many of them. I think one of the appeals of this series is that because of Georgina’s role as a succubus, readers are able to suspend their judgment of her sexual activity – after all, Georgina has to fulfill certain requirements or she will suffer in Hell. Rarely in mainstream urban fantasy books are female characters having so much sex with so many different men in such an unabashed way –this suspension of judgment is appealing. But of course it only exists within the confines of this series. And I guess there is judgment in the end, Georgina judges herself. But I find myself wondering -- can we accept her judgment? After all, she isn't just messing around, people's lives are shortened due to their interaction with her.

Questions continue to be not answered. Who is the guy in the dream? Will the dream come true? Does Georgina deserve better? Why the heck does Carter care so much? How can someone who is working for demons and hell be so good? How can she be good if in the end she is shortening thousands of mens lives? Why is Georgina reliving the same romance over and over again throughout the ages? Why is she attracted to the good ones? And what I am dying to know – when will she reveal her true form to Seth and what will he think?

At the close of Heat, Georgina makes several changes in her life. This book is a worthwhile read. The narration continues to be fabulous, I highly recommend listening to this series.
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September 26, 2010
As much as I adore these characters, there not ones that I can say I'm very proud of. They lie, they cheat and nine out of ten they are selfish and are out for there own gain. And yet, I wouldn't have any of them any other way.
That, is really saying something.

In short, I loved this book, and I was so happy to see Roman again and so happy things worked out.
But on to the main focus of this book. Seth. Georgina. Hell Yeah!!
I loved every single moment there were together. I want so much for these two that it's just ridiculous, I hope that some how they can find there HEA.
Oh, and kudos to Mead for mentioning Canada's great love of coffee- Tim Horton, that was absolutely hilarious not to mention precious.
I adore this series and now I'm on to the last and must wait the long, Long, LONG year till we get the final book ~sigh~
So worth it though.
Read these books, they rock!
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September 27, 2010
These books only get better, how is this even possible? I want to give it 6 stars.

You wouldn't believe how many somersaults and plunges my stomach made while I was reading this, so many highs and lows, I can only compare it to a roller coaster. Please give me more Richelle.

I'm too caught up in my thoughts because of what happened to come up with a decent review, I have a lot on my mind right now.

I think I'll leave you with two things:

If you haven't heard the cover Placebo made of Running Up That Hill yet, then I suggest you hit the iTunes store immediately. Because what Seth said is absolutely true. It's been one of my all-time favorite songs for years now and it still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

It will physically hurt if Georgina and Seth don't end up together. Yes, I can't believe I'm saying this either. But I'm dead serious.
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February 1, 2015
I started this one right after Succubus Dreams because I just had to know how things were going to turn out with Georgina and Seth. Some time has passed and Seth is still with Maddie and it hurts my heart every time I see them together. You can tell the Georgina is in just the state of depression and anger and she's really started to make Jerome pretty mad. She is sent to Canada to look into this group and also to spy on another demon for Jerome because he wants her out of his hair because he even tried to get her help and for her to see a therapist but she ended up sleeping with him so that didn't work.

Georgina is thinking about a lot of things maybe even moving when she is back in Seattle. its so hard to see her back and forth between the anger and depression and you can tell that she is so uncomfortable almost every time she even goes into the store. She's having to face Seth because he's there all the time and since him and Maddie are officially a couple and everyone knows about it. To make it worse, no one even really knows that they were in love with one another.

There are times where wheres Seth and Georgina get a few moments alone with each other and Seth will still show concern for her and that makes her even more upset. She gets a few pretty harsh lines in on him but I can totally understand why she's angry and he is the one that wanted out so he has no right to say anything about how she's living her life. She is dating Dante now and she is finding a lot of moral men to to take down. Her friends totally don't approve of Dante and I can totally see why she's upset about that because they gave her such a hard time about Seth and now they're saying that she is better than Dante and that she is she is good even though that she is a demon. She used to be such an optimist and seeemed to bring out the best in others and this is really hit her hard. I know that her and Seth are just one element to it because we saw even in her human life how she made the mistakes with her husband and she regretted it so badly and that she would sell her soul that he wouldn't be in pain. We've also learned some about her and a priest that she became friends with and then cared about and that didn't have a good ending. So hard just to see how life has handed her so much bad hand after bad hand pain on top of pain.

We do get to meet a lot of new characters since she has been sent to Canada. I'm unsure when she's up there because I miss Carter and Hugh and her other friends. there is of course more going on behind the scenes then she even knows about. the whole thing with Niphon in the last book is still in the back of her mind-- just wondering if there's something up with her contract because he came after her so hard. And now there's even more for her to worry about because she's right in the middle of another supernatural issue because she always seems to have trouble around her and she is always looking for a solution because that's the kind of person that she is.

When she loses her powers, I got to see a vulnerable side of Georgina, because she is suddenly afraid. She can't shape shift and she believes for a while that she can even die. In her depression, she was thinking that immortality was too long. That the all consuming pain she felt after losing Seth and realizing what she was missing being in a relationship. Being with Dante does make her more cynical and dark. But she feels that he understands, and in some ways, he does. But in others you can tell that she isn't as happy with him as she was with Seth.

There's a lot to put into words for this one and of course and I can't wait for the next one. I felt like there was a lot of character growth but Georgina of course is still really really struggling but not having sex in her life and having to watch him with Maddie.

I was pretty surprised that one of the characters who came on the scene in order to help solve the whole issue with Jerome as well as the Immortals in kind of a stasis not having their powers. It definitely adds a new dynamic to Georgina's living situation as well as adding more depth to the plot

In some ways I got to see a few ways the story line with Georgina and Seth might end up playing out. I got some scenes that I've been hoping for four blocks but it also brought around as much negative as positive in ways that Georgina really never even imagined. Of course I kept in mind the visions that Nick gave her in the last book and I kept my fingers crossed because I knew some of the things that she have longed for in her very long immortal life.

I kept getting more reinforcement in this one that Georgina is really a problem solver and a go getter. Where a bunch of people will tell her not to get involved or tells her they can't help. if she sees a problem in front of her she is going to want to do everything she can to solve it. This is one of the things that help make these books so fast paced. one of the ways I can describe it is she is like a house from the TV program house where if there was medical puzzle he would do anything and everything to get the answer and she's the same way.

This one ended much like the other ones in the series where the big plot lines from this one are tied up pretty well. and then we are given a new problem to work over in our minds as to how in the world everything is going to be handled in the next book and how miss mead is going to get us there.

I am lucky in that I am reading this after all the books in the series are released and I have a nice little hole in my reading schedule where I can binge on these and I'm going to start the next one as we speak

Bottom Line: Great book in this addictive series.
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September 16, 2017
Acest volum m-a enervat destul de mult. Din cauza Georginei. Dar și Seth are partea lui de vină, pentru că a consimțit la ce s-a întâmplat.

Arhidemonul local, Jerome, care este totodată și șeful ei nemuritor, dispare fără urmă, iar toți cei de rang inferior din subordinea lui își pierd capacitățile primite de când și-au vândut sufletul iadului, printre care și fata noastră. Fiecare intră într-un fel de stază. Încă sunt nemuritori, dar acum pot face lucrurile de pe vremea în care erau doar simpli muritori: vampirii pot ieși la lumina soarelui, iar sucubii pot fi intimi cu oamenii, fără să le mai fure energia pentru a supraviețui. Cel puțin până când va fi ales un alt șef și-și pot relua statutul înapoi.

Acest aspect îi oferă șansa Georginei de a putea fi împreună cu Seth, fără să se mai simtă vinovată că ar putea să-i răpească ani din viață, doar pentru câteva clipe petrecute împreună. Însă, ea este acum cu Dante, iar scriitorul e cu Maddie, buna ei prietenă, care n-are cunoștință de faptul că iubitul său a fost cândva al Georginei. Deși știe că totul ar putea degenera în cel mai rău lucru cu putință, asta n-o împiedică pe GK să scape informația asta în prezența lui Seth.

Dragostea dintre cei doi se observă clar cu ochiul liber și aerul din jurul lor pare să trosnească ori de câte ori se privesc. Iar faptul că ar putea să se atingă, fără să se întâmple nimic rău, pare să le amplifice simțămintele și să-i facă orbi la restul lumii, chiar dacă cineva ar putea ieși rănit din toată treaba asta. Georgina încă are în minte acele vise profetice ale lui Nyx, vise ce-i trezesc speranțele pentru un posibil viitor în care să fie alături de bărbatul iubit, de o fetiță numai a lor și două pisici care să le țină companie: Aubrey, pisica ei actuală, și încă una micuță și tărcată.

Aceasta ar putea fi șansa pe care o aștepta? Sau totul e doar o iluzie ce se va spulbera odată ce totul va reveni la normal, la normalul ei sucubic?

"- Nu e menirea ta să fii cu un tip rău."

"- Seth nu te-a părăsit și nu s-a dus la Maddie pentru că nu te mai iubește. Dacă nu ar exista complicațiile astea, pe tine te-ar alege. Tu ești idealul lui, prima lui alegere.
- Nu e deloc măgulitor pentru Maddie.
- Asta nu îi scade ei din valoare. Înseamnă doar că pe ea o iubește altfel. Și când hotărăști că trebuie să-ți vezi de viață, așa merg treburile. Dacă nu iese, nu înseamnă că nu mai există și alte persoane pe care să le iubești. E prea importantă pentru tine iubirea să poți trăi fără ea."

"- Cred că întotdeauna o să fie o legătură între noi, indiferent unde am merge sau ce am face."

"Tu ești viața mea, am gândit și mi-am ferit imediat privirea, de parcă ar fi putut să mă audă."

"- Nu-mi pasă, a spus Seth. Aș fi făcut-o. Mi-aș fi vândut sufletul pentru tine. Ca să fim împreună..., ți-am spus."
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August 18, 2014
Words cannot express my love for Richelle Mead. What an amazing author. I have read all of her books but 1, and love every single one of them. She is without a doubt my favourite author.

Book 4 in the series continues to follow the story of Georgina Kincaid, resident succubus of Seattle. Weird things start happening in Canada, beginning with the misbehavings of a satanic cult. A demonic turf war ensures and the archdemon of Seattle, Jerome, then suddenly disappears. As a consequence of having no boss, there are MASSIVE implications for all of Seattle's immortal beings. Vampires can go out into the sun and imps lose their ability to see auras.

And yep, you guessed it- Georgina finally loses her succubus life-sucking powers. I squealed with delight when she was finally given her opportunity to be with Seth. Unfortunately there was the issue of Seth and Maddie standing in their way.

I'm sorry, Maddie is a lovely character and all, but for the entire book I was wanting her to get killed off somehow (I felt horrible, but it's true!). It's just not FAIR that Seth is with her!!! He doesn't love her as much as Georgina and it is so frustrating to see him 'settling' for her as an alternative.

This brings me to one of my favourite (and simultaneously most hated) things about Richelle Mead's writing. Her ability to build suspense and tension is almost unrivalled. I could simply not do anything today until I finished this book.

I can't believe I have to wait until March 2010 for the next instalment! I know Georgina and Seth have to end up together somehow... and the ending of this book seems to hint that the parts of her 'dream' are slowly falling into place :) :)

Thank god Blood Promise and Thorn Queen are being released at the end of this year so I can get my Richelle Mead fix again before 2010!
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September 3, 2017
Despite how much I like this book, am going to admit that Georgina really annoyed me very very much, I felt like punching her almost throughout the book cause of the poor decisions she made I mean for someone who has lived for like a millennia I was expecting her to be wiser

I don't even know who annoyed me more Seth or Georgina I think both of them acted pretty immature

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I really enjoyed this book, I think it's my favourite in the series so far I totally loved the mystery.

This book takes off after the events of the third book. Georgina was heart broken and depressed and was a complete bitch for like the first half of the book cause of the breakup with Seth. So due to her bad bitchy behaviour, she was sent to Vancouver to spy for Jerome on another arch demon, also to help disband a satanic cult known as the army of darkness not only is their name ridiculous, but am also convinced they don't truly known the meaning of evil and their “evil” antics were not evil but ridiculous like leaving the ice cream for a church function out to melt

Soon after, Georgina and the other lesser immortals under Jerome lost their abilities and Jerome also vanished which leaves her on a search for him.

Not gonna lie, what I enjoyed the most was Roman showing up, I freaking love him and he made me momentarily forget about Georgie’s idiocy. I wish he showed up earlier in the book though.

The characters I still love, but I do wish I got to see more of Peter, Cody and Hugh but not more of Seth it's a wonder I didn't show up in the book to kick him

Can't wait to join Georgina on her next adventure and she better make up for her terrible decisions.
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440 reviews
February 1, 2012
YAY - Seth finally channeled his inner O'Neill, at last! But at what cost? Oh man...

Succubus Heat is another fast page turner with a big dose of immortal intrigue, and best of all...lots of heat! Mead is so good at showing all the shades of gray, muddying up morals, ethics - there's no clear-cut right and wrong, good and bad. Her evil characters have touches of good in them, some more than others while the good characters (angels and humans with glowing souls) have flaws, some fall from grace - nobody's perfect - it's real. I love that about this series.

The other thing I love about this series is that it takes place in Seattle and surrounding areas. Since I live in Washington state, I'm familiar with the sites and know where the stories take place and can visualize them much better. There was a funny mention of Wenatchee that really cracked me up though. While Georgina is looking for beaches along the Puget Sound and then mentions that she may have to resort to the Olympic Peninsula and Wenatchee. HUH??? Wenatchee is on the east side of the Cascades and no where near an ocean or salt water. There's the Columbia river but that's fresh water, not salt water, which is what Georgina was focusing on. Pretty funny.

A character from Succubus Blues returns in this installment that I was so happy about - just to see how things shake up or out...oh goodie!
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June 9, 2009
Ah, more delicious Richelle Mead writing. I freaking love this series. We pick up a few months after the end of Succubus Dreams, with Georgina still pretty damn pissed off and depressed about Seth’s asshole behavior. But luckily (or unluckily), she gets embroiled in a hellish political showdown between her boss, Jerome (or He-Who-Looks-Strangely-Like-John-Cusack), and the archdemon of Vancouver. When Jerome goes missing–and when Georgina and her fellow Seattlite supernatural beings find themselves depowered–Georgie realizes that she’s the only one who really wants to find the boss man.

The mystery here is fantastic. I was guessing up until the end, and I actually gasped aloud at the big reveal. Fabulous. And once more, Mead wrings every drop of character development out of poor Georgie. I won’t spoil anything about Seth, but I was kind of irritated to find myself empathizing with him. Gah! That’s a sign of good writing, that I can start to feel for a character who so thoroughly pissed me off in the last book.

This is another great entry in the succubus series, and if you’re a fan already, definitely pick this one up. If you haven’t started reading this series yet… why the hell not?
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February 21, 2016
There's definitely a lot of personal development coming from our characters - I personally love how Georgina has grown, and how she makes bad decisions, again and again, and you shouldn't judge her for it. She is her own being and a flawed character. Not many can write that way.
This wasn't a 5 star review as usual for Mead's books, for the sole reason that the fantasy elements are turning out to be awfully confusing. I am in love with this series for the characters themselves, so I can handle it.
Nevertheless, I cannot possibly wait to know what will happen to the romance and the characters at the end.
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