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Ice Planet Rendu #3

Cold Seduction

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She escaped Earth and ran across galaxies…into his arms.

Hanne won’t return to Earth. Ever. No matter that the rest of the human delegation is flying back from Rendu and she is one of the few humans to remain on this strange, frozen planet. What awaits her back home is way worse than any ice storm…or the brooding alien general she can’t stop thinking about.

Lhett knows he’s far from being anyone’s idea of a happy ending. His scars are enough to send people running, and his moods scare away the rest. But he can at least make sure that the stubborn human scientist doesn’t die on his watch, even if she drives him crazy with her visits to the planet’s steamiest appliance store.

When the heat between them rises to battle even the brutally cold nights, Hanne and Lhett discover that some scars don’t show up on skin. And opening old wounds is more painful than they ever imagined. Can love between a human woman and a hulking alien male beat the odds?

251 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 19, 2020

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About the author

Zoe Ashwood

32 books532 followers
Zoe Ashwood writes sexy paranormal romance for women who believe in magic and true love.

She's in love with the art of making up stories - and making her characters fall in love.

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Profile Image for Angie.
1,100 reviews155 followers
January 13, 2022
The words came out harsher than intended, and he stifled a sigh. This was always his problem. He never meant to sound like a grump, but somehow, he always did.

4.5 stars!

I am so happy to have finally read the conclusion to Zoe's Ice Planet Rendu series!! I fell in love with this series through Taron and Adriana's story three years ago, and I was so stoked when Zoe finally announced the publication of Lhett and Hanne's story. Their relationship in book one seemed heated and tumultuous, and I was so anxious and excited to glimpse behind the curtain into their pasts and see how their relationship would develop. Their book was so steamy that they had my kindle fogging up! I wish there would have been a little more action to the story, but overall I loved this finale and series ♡

*ARC provided by the author, and I voluntarily reviewed it*
3,532 reviews7 followers
January 14, 2022
This very interesting Alien Sci-fi Romance was a well-written story with well-constructed characters. I liked this book and the unique characters. This will keep you engaged throughout the story. A must read
Profile Image for Kathleen Bradbury (Bulfon).
16.4k reviews165 followers
February 7, 2022
I just loved this book. It was so well-written that it captured my mind, and I was dragged along for the ride. Once I started reading, I could not put it down until I read the last page.
Profile Image for Raquel.
312 reviews13 followers
December 31, 2021
Okay, Zoe Ashwood always hits it out of the park for me!! I was sooo excited to receive an ARC of the 3rd book and conclusion of Ice Planet Rendu. This story of Hanne, a Danish scientist from Earth and Lhett, an Ice Planet General was EVERYTHING. I really enjoyed both of their perspectives. It was such a fun conclusion. The spice was 🔥 🔥 🔥
I live in Canada and on the prairies where it's -31 C right now so it definitely felt like I was on Rendu - the image of Lhett burrowing into snow and ice was 👌
You could read this is a standalone but it would make more sense if you read Cold Attraction and Cold Temptation first! They will also not disappoint as they follow two other human/Ice alien couples! If you want steammm amidst the ice, here ya go!
525 reviews4 followers
January 18, 2022
I loved reading this book and it’s got a perfect happy ever after ending. The characters and storyline are well written and fantastic. It’s definitely a must read if you like tall, hot and blue aliens that are…adequately proportionate and their human female mates. There’s a lot of passion and steamy scenes in this book aswell as a threat, danger and action.

The human delegation is returning home bar the ones that have applied to stay. Lhett rushes back in time to see the ship off hoping to say goodbye to Hanne but by the time he gets there she isn’t there so he assumes she’s on the ship. When the three brothers and their mates return home it’s to find Hanne sitting there. They are all shocked but incredibly happy. Hanne asks for their help in finding a place to stay as she can’t stay in the palace forever. She moves in to their hunting lodge and when Lhett finds out he’s worried she won’t be safe. He takes provisions and thinks about staying there to keep her safe. As time goes on Hanne and Lhett get closer but tell the other they only want something casual, they are lying to themselves. When Hanne receives a message from her abusive cheating ex from home the only thing she can think of doing is leaving the city and her friends and going into hiding. When Lhett finds out he goes after her. When he finds her hover car crashed and a blood soaked jacket he thinks the worst until he realises the body parts are animals. He realises then what she was trying to do and rushes after her. It’s a good job he does because an unusual storm arrives and they nearly don’t make it back to the lodge. Even then Lhett’s injuries are really bad and Hanne has to patch him up. They need to find a way to keep them warm or they won’t survive the night. Luckily Hanne has a few tricks up her sleev to make sure they nice lovely and warm.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Kelly.
5,000 reviews171 followers
June 25, 2023
It's Lhett's turn to catch some feels and this is one dude who DOES NOT know what to do with feelings. At all. Like, he's a frown machine set to perpetual grump and he doesn't even see that about himself. Until, you know, he does.

That said, Lhett does have a good reason for his grumpiness. His time with Hanne was cut short and then she didn't give any indication she might be planning on staying behind when the human delegation heads back to earth. So, yeah. Lhett's a big tangle of unwanted emotions and things DO NOT get better when Hanne ends up surprising everyone by staying.

Which brings us around to Hanne and her decisions. Hanne didn't know if she'd have the courage to go through with staying on Rendu until it actually happened. So she didn't say anything which caused a few people to be a little sad. Then she did the unthinkable (to her, at least) and decided to live her life the way she wanted to. Which meant being independent and NOT returning to earth. She doesn't want to lean too heavily on her friends or Lhett because she's terrified she'll get trapped in the same loop she'd been in on earth - forced to do things she didn't want to do because she saw no way out.

It takes time, a lot of soul-baring, a dangerous trip that nearly kills Hanne and makes both of them realize they didn't want to be parted from the other, and both Hanne and Lhett figuring out they don't have to do things on their own before these two can be together. Yeah, there's a little baggage here on both ends and that baggage needs to be dealt with before Hanne and Lhett can settle into their happily ever after.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
Profile Image for Toni Glitz.
262 reviews3 followers
January 27, 2022
Spicy alien space romp on a frozen planet!

This is the third and final book in the Ice Planet Rendu trilogy, an Alien Sci-Fi Romance from Zoe Ashwood. The book is set on the mostly inhospitable frozen planet of Rendu and features both human and sentient alien beings. There are several descriptive scenes of consenting inter-species sexual activity between an alien male and a human female.

I have really enjoyed reading this fun alien space romp. Smart human females and hot alien guys. What’s not to love? I enjoy the world building, the characters, the story and the spicy scenes.

This story tells the tale of the last remaining unmated ad Naals brother, Lhett. He’s rough, rugged, covered in battle scars and he can’t see how any female would want to be with him, let alone the tall blonde human he was assigned to guard for a while.

Hanne has her own battle scars though. She’s escaped an abusive relationship with a powerful man on Earth and has no intention of returning there. She likes Lhett but experience has told her that powerful men aren’t always the best choice, so she will stay on Rendu, regardless of whether or not he is interested in her.

What follows is the story of two damaged people coming to terms with their pasts and finding each other in the process. Like the previous two books, this has a happy ever after, plenty of action and no cliffhangers.

The reading order for this series is as follows:
Book 1: Cold Attraction
Book 2: Cold Temptation
Book 3: Cold Seduction
129 reviews2 followers
January 18, 2022
I know that many people feel differently, but I quite enjoy picking up a book mid-series and although this one is the current last of 3, I do hope (quite very desperately) that there will be at least 3 more!
When you read a book in a book in a series that’s already 2 books deep, it’s a great litmus test of an author’s ability to bring readers up to speed and introduce the characters without retelling previous stories. I read this third book and I was quite happily settled, ensconced as it were, in the delights of the alien tundra (I’m a happy winter person!)
What an amazing story! I loved this world and I loved all the characters because they were all fantastic in their own right, even when they were secondary characters.
One of the many things that I consistently love about any Zoe Ashwood book is the fact that she creates these incredible “sets” for her stories to play out and I’m always left feeling like I can smell every forest tree and, in this case, feel the freezing bite of ice on the tip of my nose.
I am thrilled to now be starting the first two books while I wait for the next 3. Seriously, I’m sending my order for the next 3 books to the author.
1,717 reviews19 followers
January 14, 2022
Hanne, the female human lead, used the expedition to alien lands to escape an abusive fiancé and family. Lhett, the male alien lead, has been hiding grief and trauma from an illegal mission he was forced to lead by his king years ago.

When they first met in earlier stories, they rubbed each other the wrong way but now they start to find common ground and a mutual attraction.

This story is dual POV, well written and edited, and a great ending to a story arc that I’ve waited literal years for. I enjoyed it immensely and found it emotionally satisfying, and steamy, and full of interesting moments. This story is best enjoyed after the others in the series because the basis of the relationship has been established. But I think it probably does stand alone as well.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
1,402 reviews6 followers
January 13, 2022
This is the final book in this series which is about Hanne and Lhett. Lhett and his brothers with their mates are saying goodbye to the delegates who are boarding the ship to leave Rendu. As Lhett is watching he's thinking that Hanne didn't say goodbye. Full of angst Lhett's family drags him along for lunch. Arriving home his housekeeper Olin said they're needed in the parlor. When he opens the parlor door Lhett sees Hanne. What happens next in this enjoyable romantic story of two people who are drawn together began to explore their budding relationship. Will Lhett win Hanne's heart? Loved the characters and the storyline was engaging in this ARC that I received via booksprout and I volunteer to review.
Profile Image for Cassandra.
137 reviews1 follower
January 12, 2022
This is the third and last book in the Ice Planet Rendu series. As far as conclusions go, this was a very good one! Hanne's story is very relatable. She had an unhappy life on Earth and did everything she could to change that. I thought she was the most "real" of all three FMCs, not that the others weren't, it's just Hanne that felt special (to me anyway). Her story with Letth was also very cute and surprisingly steamy. There are some tough revelations on both sides, but that just made their relationship stronger. And that epilogue! I mean, it just made everything so much sweeter and everyone gets their HEA! :) It was a great series, I recommend it!
Profile Image for Emily Pennington.
17.5k reviews243 followers
January 13, 2022
Hanne and Lhett's Story . . .

Hanne was an Earth scientist given the opportunity of studying the Ice Planet Rendu. General Lhett certainly has her attention, but she is hesitant to get into a relationship. Lhett feels his scars would scare away most people and makes him feel unworthy, but he is protective and will work to keep Hanne safe. Will the two of them be drawn together to the point that they will be willing to take a chance on each other? They really do make the perfect couple if they can put their issues aside and let themselves fall in love. Grab your copy and see if either will make the move that brings them together.
Profile Image for Sue Harbers.
913 reviews8 followers
January 7, 2022
This series of standalones has been my first Alien/Sci Fi love stories and they are all amazing but especially cold seduction! Lhett ended up being such a sweet MC, he was closed off and slightly out of touch with people and emotions but he also went through some really traumatizing things that ended up making him feel broken and unworthy. Hanne is really sweet and also closed off but mainly because of toxic situation back on earth. The tension between these two is out of this world (literally)! I loved their steamy scenes and their emotional ones as well. This is a feel good sweet romance!
Profile Image for Erin Figueiredo.
2,737 reviews43 followers
January 15, 2022
I absolutely loved Lhett and Hanne's story. It was a highly entertaining, thrilling and utterly exciting story from start to finish. It was definitely a story that I could not put down and when it was over I wanted and needed more of these fantastic characters and this magical world!

Lhett and Hanne have some tumultuous moments but also some very sweet and loving moments. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride that kept a smile on my face and my heart soaring.

I loved every second of this story and can’t wait to see what this amazing author comes up with next.
77 reviews1 follower
January 7, 2022
Started this series at book three, and that’s okay. Characters from previous stories make appearances but don’t overwhelm the story being told. Plot points from past stories are referenced, but it blends with the current story so it works. The mains grow through, something that takes them out of their comfort area but they do it. Well told story, with humor, action and a good story arc.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Nan.
1,083 reviews1 follower
January 19, 2022
Hanne chooses to stay on Rendu for herself; for a chance to be independent for the first time in her life. Lhett is terribly confused by his feelings about Hanne but is very glad she remained. Their growing relationship is hampered by insecurities and painful pasts but they learn to grow together. The interactions between the brothers and their mates and the three human friends adds a lot to the story. I received an advance copy of this book and voluntarily left a review.
747 reviews1 follower
March 4, 2023
I liked Lhett.
Hanne annoyed me with how she would think one thing but say another and get all butt hurt over it when Lhett did as she asked. It was stupid and idiotic.
And her grand plan to disappear was stupider. You’re on a hostile planet with ice storms and wild animals you don’t know, but you’re going to go it alone in that wilderness because of course you are. Stupid.
I’m glad it ended well for Lhett.
1,003 reviews12 followers
December 30, 2021
Wow! Cold Seduction is an incredible sci-fi romance book. It is exciting and engaging. I could not put the book down. The characters are interesting and well developed. The book is well written with great descriptive details. The story is full of romance and suspense. I loved this book. It is a wonderful, satisfyingly end to the trilogy. I highly recommend this series.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
1,194 reviews7 followers
December 31, 2021
Hanne was one of the earth scientists chosen to study the planet Rendu. General Lhett ad Naals is fascinating to her, but she has finally escaped one horrible relationship and is scared to get into another. He has many scars himself and the pair battle with their emotions throughout the book. Overall, a good read. I volunteered to read this book.
Profile Image for Shauni.
463 reviews
January 12, 2022
I've found my new thing... Aliens!

So I didn't expect to enjoy these books as much as I have but Cold Seduction was everything! I absolutely loved Lhett and how he is with Hanne... Still can't believe how swoon worthy he is! If you're a fan of Alien romances, then definitely give this book a go!
Profile Image for Molly.
292 reviews3 followers
January 12, 2022
This was my favorite book of this series!! It was hot, well as hot as an Alien ice planet can be, spicy and oh so good. I loved Hanne and Lhett’s dynamic and growth during this book, he truly cared for Hanne so much. And I really liked that Hanne learned independence does not always mean you have to be alone or do things alone.

Loved this book!
Profile Image for Barbara.
17.2k reviews8 followers
January 13, 2022
The third book in the Ice Planet Rendu series and I should not have started this at bedtime, as once I started I was not putting it down until I was finished. Human Hanne is keeping secrets, Lhett also is keeping secrets. I enjoyed finding out what they where and seeing these two get a happy ending. I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
5,857 reviews48 followers
January 13, 2022
This was an amazing series. Love the relationship between Hanne and Lhett. They have an amazing emotional and steamy relationship. Most of the action was between the characters as they battled their emotions. The storyline grabbed me at the beginning and kept me glued to the pages until the end.

I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Chloe.
117 reviews4 followers
January 14, 2022


Wow, this was a great conclusion to the trilogy! I loved Lhett and Hanne, they are perfect for each other! I’m sad to be leaving this amazing world but also happy that it ended on such a sweet and happy note!!

Now, she had a mate and a family of friends who would stand by her side every step of the way

Highly recommend this book!
Profile Image for Marianne.
5,026 reviews56 followers
January 1, 2022
This is an excellent sci-fi romance! I really enjoyed it! Addictive and super steamy... It has a scientist who wants to start fresh and a very sexy, intense general.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Nina Diab.
2,523 reviews19 followers
January 13, 2022
I enjoyed this story. Good world building. I liked the characters. Scientist Hanne and General Lhett both have their own demons and insecurities to face stemming from things that happened in their respective pasts. You can just feel the energy between them. Great book. I recommend it. 5 stars.
Profile Image for Jemma Newby.
1,255 reviews6 followers
January 13, 2022

The first book I've read in this series and i loved it. I will definitely be going back and reading the other two books in this series. Highly recommend this book if you like alpha man who takes care of his woman.
Profile Image for Shylee .
315 reviews6 followers
January 17, 2022
I loved the way this series ended and im so happy with the way it ended. This series was very long in my opinion and I felt like it could have been shorter. I do love the characters and the world building in this series. Zoe is on of my favorite authors and i will continue to read her stories.
179 reviews
January 19, 2022
I've not read an alien romance before and I am definitely a fan. I really enjoyed this book and the writing style.
I'll be looking the other books in this series. Loved the HEA plenty of steamy scenes. Definitely recommend
February 25, 2022
Ice planet Rendu

This series had action and adventure and love. I read read the series in record time. I loved this sentient telepathic cat that is one of the aliens visiting Rendu.

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