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Chaos #1

Organized Chaos

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***The Chaos Series is a dark taboo romance and contains sensitive subjects. For optimal enjoyment, dive in blind. If you're an open-minded reader, skip the warnings. Please do not read or post spoilers.***

She waited all her life for the right guy.
Too bad she met the wrong guy first.

Brandon Cooper meets a mysterious woman, Maya Mathews, during a critical point in his life. What ensues next is a whirlwind romance between the two lost souls.

However, Maya’s reservations spark Brandon’s suspicions, indicating that a web of lies stands between them. As the situation intensifies, Brandon races against an invisible ticking clock in a desperate attempt to dig deeper into her life.

Brandon’s only clue is Maya’s connection to a little girl from his past.

This series can be enjoyed on its own or following The Quarantine Series.

240 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 14, 2022

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About the author

Drethi Anis

11 books645 followers
Drethi Anis lives close to DC with her husband, where she runs her own wedding planning business. When she’s not busy planning a special day, she can be found planning out ways to put her characters through hell. She is all about angst and dark themes in her books, with a side of psychology.

Drethi loves to turn negatives into positives, which is how she became an author. When COVID hit worldwide she decided to use her spare time creatively and wrote her very first series. Drethi is drawn to flawed and disturbed characters, whom she loves to put through the wringer before she gives them the Happily Ever After that suits their flaws and personalities.

She also loves to travel and tries to visit multiple countries per year.

You can find Drethi both on Facebook and Instagram. She loves talking with her readers, so don’t be shy.

✒️❤️ Find me online:
Facebook: http://bit.ly/3aggdLI
Readers Group: http://bit.ly/3j7Ejw7
Instagram: http://bit.ly/3tjVJKO
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/drethi
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2MHR0So

Website ➜ www.drethianis.com

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787 reviews617 followers
February 12, 2022
I freaking love the Sinclair’s. I always have and always will—each one with a dark part. Dysfunctional can be selfish, yet they love each other and are fiercely protective. Let’s not even get started on their parents. I could go on and on about them.

On that note. I was never a fan of the younger sister Mia in The Quarantine Series. And God knows I loved Brandon. After reading Moa’s POV, I have a whole new perspective of Mia. As much as her family was protective of her, they didn’t see her. She had me cracking up a time or two.

Brandon is commitment-phobic until one day, he is memorized by a beautiful woman and spends a weekend with her. Only for her to disappear with no trace. Until he sees her again, and man, does it get good from there.

The author hooked me in from the beginning. I sat and read this book In one sitting. The words just flowed off the pages. I love everything about this book. Now to sit and wait patiently for the next book.

On my dark scale, it’s light grey. But please read the triggers warnings and go in with an open mind.
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873 reviews634 followers
January 18, 2023
4.5 I-need-book-2 stars

Good thing it comes out at the end of the month!

Brandon’s dad just passed away and he’s in Nice, Italy, so he can spread his ashes. He’s at the bar, sad, contemplative, and out of it when he notices a woman across from him. She’s stunning and she reminds him of his best friend’s little sister Mia, the one he used to help out when she was little (on her school work or just as a source of distraction). He’s enthralled by her and he feels close to her, even though she’s a stranger. And he has to have her 👀😅.

Maya doesn’t wanna spend too much time with Brandon. At first, she thinks he’s playing a game with her, but then she realizes he’s serious and really wants her company. She’s dedicated to her studies and tries to leave Brandon, but he won’t let her. Let the nonconnie or dubconnie begin 😅.

What I liked/loved:
—how sweet with his non Connie Brandon is. Is there a sweet way to do it? I didn’t think so. But he sure gives it the good ol’ try 😅. I’d say it’s more dubbie than Connie, but I’ll take either one 💅. It helps lessen the severity of it because we see his POV when it happens. It’s all because he gets jealous and hulks out 🤷🏻‍♀️. I get it lol 💁🏻‍♀️

—the few steamy times🔥. We don’t get many, but my gosh they’re good 🥵. He’s so dedicated to her pleasure. Plus. She’s a v. She doesn’t know what to do or what’s happening. And Brandon’s gonna make sure she feels it all 🙃😉

—how jp Brandon gets. I mean. This guy is ALONE with Maya and he’s getting jealous 😂😂😂😂. Maya doesn’t know what’s going on in his head but she sure feels the wrath of his jealousy 🤣😅. It’s more like 😳 and then 🫣 and then 🥵🔥 💦

—the twist. I feel not-so-smart for not figuring it out sooner 🤣. I basically went in blind 🙃. So I was like 🤯😱 when the second part of the book happened

—I loved seeing characters from the Quarantined series. I mean, this IS a spin-off from it 😊

—the character development and angst. We get a lot of internal monologue during many pivotal scenes. I actually appreciate it but some might find it repetitive or boring

What I wanted more of:
—steamy times. Duh lol 😅

—I almost felt like maybe this could’ve been made into one long book, but I understand why it was cut off where it was. I felt like there was gonna be a “dun dun dun” at the end. It doesn’t bother me much, especially cause this is KU and not an expensive book.

—I noticed a couple of grammar mistakes. Normally I overlook these, but there was one or two that had me scratching my head lol.

Overall, I really enjoyed it.

⚠️safety squad⚠️
-no cheating/sharing/owd
-h is a virgin/H is experienced but not currently a manwhore
-h goes on a date ish with OM. OM kisses her but OM’s gay
-aftermath of the death of a parent
-no condoms
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276 reviews164 followers
June 9, 2022
Not sure i understand the point of this book. Structurally it was a mess and I'm wondering if it's because it was split into a duet?
It should have been one book. Nothing is happening besides a few days getaway told from both povs (the same things rehashed from both povs) and then some random family stuff I didn't care for since I don't like Milo and Raven.

I understand what Anis wanted to get across with Brandon, but for me he failed to be hot. He was creepy and lascivious without any of the hotness you would expect from an anti hero who rapes the heroine. (Yes, it means I've read better rapes).
Instead of hot and possessive and obsessed with Maya he came across like an insecure incel and that's not what I like to read about.

Most probably won't pick up the next book.
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219 reviews14 followers
March 11, 2022
Guilty of reading only : MIA and BRANDON'S story= skimmed

Apologies for thinking this was a completely different book and getting confused with references with Milo ..thank you

I said once and I'll say it twice... Milo is my bae!!!

Sure, I didn't wanted to read the same story from different perspective as most of the book still contributes to the first one and I ended up comparing Milo with Brandon 10 times +more, hoping he would live upto to him somehow.
Yes he was deliciously possessive but THERE IS NO COMPARISON
Maybe bs most of the time they weren't even together(Mia and Brandon) and were busy singing a completely familiar song.

Or the fact that I normally don't read the part 2 dedicated for the side characters..either way 3s it is!

Sorry Anis, my expectations with you lies with Milo and his love for Raven..

Won't let that stop me from reading Discord
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633 reviews335 followers
January 19, 2023
YESSS!!! oh my!!! What a great book! I love that the hero is soooo over the top possessive protective millionaire alpha male😍😍😍 Another great author who writes OTT POSSESSIVE HERO YAY😍😍 I immediately read this after i read and liked a review about this book! (Thanks sonia)☺️ Damn it was the best decision ever cause this book made my night so much fun🥺😍 Like I can’t stop saying “aww” 🥺🥺🥺 I said it many times when i was reading this book🤩🤩


The mystery, the plot twist and the whole romance from the couple is so freakin romantic! A fun one to read! I was so curious and keep on going!

Especially the book (first book) starts with the hero getting all jealous because he saw some guy flirting with the heroine🤣 Damn when I read that, i just keep on going 😍 cause i love when the book starts like that, that it shows the hero is already jealous and turns out he is that over the top possessive 😝

Okay moving on…


“As it turned out, I didn’t need salvation; I required absolution—delivered by her. I came to Europe for closure. Instead, I found something far more valuable. I found her and finally, I wasn’t so alone anymore.”

The story starts with the hero is at a business trip in french. He was sitting at the hotel bar alone and before he notices the heroine, two girls was flirting with him but he ignores them and tell them to go away. And suddenly he see the heroine walking into the hotel bar and he sets his eyes for her… He said he was drawn to her… And then when the heroine sits, some random guy just come up and say hi to her and offer her a drink. The heroine politely say no but the guy insists to buy her a drink. When the heroine said she was waiting on someone, the hero comes up and say to the guy that he was that someone she was waiting on… The guy say okay and go away. And that’s when they meet and starts this lovely crazy hot journey together 🥺❤️❤️❤️

“I knew it... when we met. You were meant to be mine. It wouldn’t have been this good with anyone else.”

‼️‼️‼️TRIGGERS: Age gap, death and violence.





And no the hero is not a manwhor3. The hero couple times likes to manipulate the heroine to be with him, spend time with and never leaving him🥺❤️ I’m not even mad because his intentions of manipulating the heroine is because he loves her too much and are good ones. Not a bad one…

The hero is mean to everybody else but soft and loving to the heroine only 🥺
I love that the hero never ever invited other girls in the past back to his place! 👍🏼



‼️‼️‼️THE HEROINE is a smart girl that was known to the family to be a genius. The heroine is a beautiful girl but not too sassy. I wish the heroine can be a bit sassy😅 i love that the heroine is sometimes naive 😝

“Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. In fact, running through a mental inventory, I couldn’t recollect meeting anyone in my lifetime to surpass the attraction I felt toward her. Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder, and in my eyes, there was no one prettier.”


Well the heroine’s ex boyfriend did show up couple of times but unfortunately I can’t be mad about that cause the ex boyfriend from the heroine is gay. They never even have s3x or do other things lol. He only shows up as a friend to the heroine when they broke up and they dated not that long as well…

‼️‼️‼️DUAL POV

‼️‼️‼️VERY HOT SMUT SCENES🔥🔥👍🏼👍🏼 Like oh my goodness…
The way the hero worship the heroine’s body and how he always like to make sure she feels good first than him wow! I love the hero much more tbh😏 Like for many freakin times it really shows how he love the heroine’s body so much and he always say that as well🥺


When the heroine was being distant because of her personal family issue, the hero felt it and immediately go to her and ask her. Like wow🥺 Like literally the hero will sacrifice and do everything to be with the heroine!

The hero, every time he comes to the heroine’s room and he saw the dirty laundry or things that aren’t organized, he cleaned it up for her. When he have the time, after the heroine shower he cleaned her hair and blow dry her hair. The hero likes to cook for the heroine and make sure to get her favorite food and even drink. The hero even buy a big coffee machine and told the heroine not to study about the machine but just let him to make the coffee for her🥺🥺 When the hero invites and drive the heroine to his apartment for the first time, she was sleeping in the seat so the hero carry her to his apartment parking spot to the lobby and lets her go when they arrived inside his apartment 🥺 OMG. When the hero drive the heroine to her house, he make sure the heroine is on her room with her turning the lights on and then he goes… When the heroine was away for college and they have to do a long distance relationship, the hero make sure he visit her on the weekends. Like every single freakin weekend! Never missed a weekend…

The hero always say to the heroine and to everyone else and to himself many times: YOU ARE MINE. MINE. MINE.


“She was so gorgeous that it was near impossible to breathe. I couldn’t stand it or be near her anymore without fighting the maddening urge to kidnap her.”

“Sixty seconds around this girl had chased away logic. A dark, desperate type of hunger took root instead. The kind that could eat for hours without being satiated. It thrummed through my blood, demanding to feed on every inch of her body. I wanted her with every fiber of my being. Wanted to feel her insanely beating heart. Wanted to feel the effect I had on her, too.”

“At this point, I was positive she had developed a technology to infiltrate my mind, seeing that she had taken up residence in every square inch of it. She also lived outside of it, too, embedded deep into every facet.”

“Once more, my mind screamed in its pursuit to comfort her. Only I could erase her pain because she was mine to console. Mine. Mine. Mine.”

“It’s a forty-hour drive, Where did you sleep?”
“Spent a night in a hotel along the way.”
“That’s super dangerous. Why would you drive like such a maniac?”
“To see you.”


‼️‼️‼️NO DRAMA WITH OW. ONLY WITH OM but not too annoying… Other drama is about themselves and about the past and about their family!



The heroine did have a boyfriend but the boyfriend is gay and they never do anything sexual so for me that doesn’t even count😂 THE HERO NEVER EVER GO TO ANYONE ELSE…


Even when the heroine just say a word about some dude, he got so very angry 😂🤣

“It was preposterous to envy an imaginary man, yet that’s how it was. Jealousy sank its ugly claws into my soul at the thought of Maya searching for a man who’d fit the bill. The idea of her looking at him, letting him touch her... touch what’s mine... oh hell!

“She had referred to another man. If she had completed that sentence... The fury had me seeing the world in various shades of red.”

“A busboy I had seen before greeted me with a courteous smile when I passed, making me turn in his direction to return the favor. When I circled back to Brandon, I found him studying the busboy closely. Brandon’s glare suddenly moved in my direction. Before I could utter a word, he roughly grabbed my hand, charging toward an unspoken destination.”

“By the time I returned to the office, fire was burning through my blood. Tiny red dots distorted my vision at the idea of another man’s hands on her.”

And many more😏



‼️‼️‼️HAPPY ENDING. Married and so in love☺️☺️

👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽Thank you so much for reading my review❤️❤️ For you who loves my review and follow it, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I did not get paid or be told to do a review on a book. I’m here just to write review about a book so i can remember it. Its my honest opinion😚 I didn’t know at first people will find me and follow me and trust me to be honest, I was surprised myself to look at the notifications from people who reach out to me😆 So everything i write down here on a review is based on my personal opinion and based on my true writing. I DID NOT COPY SOMEONE’S REVIEW OR WRITING SKILL because at first when i was using this app for one year i didn’t know how to scroll down on a book and see the reviews from others😂😅🤣 I know, silly me but hey I finally learned my lesson 😛😛😛 Thats why when people assume i copy someone’s review i was like what? Because at first i didn’t know how to use this app properly and i didn’t know how to open someone’s review because for a year i never follow someone or add friends or someone😂😂😂🤣 (I’m laughing so hard) 🤪 AND I NEVER COPY SOMEONE’S REVIEW EVER. IF I WRITE SOMETHING WRONG OR DOESN’T MAKE SENSE PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND BE NICE OKAY. 👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽✋🏽✋🏽 IF YOU'RE BEING MEAN AND NEGATIVE ALREADY WITH A WARNING AND NOT BEING WISE TO ME, I WILL NOT ENTIRELY READ YOUR COMMENT AND REMOVE YOU EASILY AND FAST. I DO NOT TOLERATE NEGATIVE COMMENT SO KNOW YOUR PLACE, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I’m writing my disclaimer again here cause many negative people still don't get it or still be stupid enough not to understand my POV when I already write it so many times before. So here I am writing it again to you beautifuls human being😁😁 WHEN YOU READ MY LONG OR SHORT REVIEW, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT WHAT I LIKE ABOUT A STORY AND CHARACTERS RIGHT... IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEN HERE IT IS: I LIKE A BOOK WITH VERY POSSESSIVE PROTECTIVE ALPHA MALE, NO CHEATING, AND PLEASE NO MANWHOR3, NO MANY PUSHING AWAY, NO DOORMAT HEROINES, NO MANY OW DRAMA, NO S3X SCENE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. AND SAFE ALL THE WAY AND A HAPPY ENDING. Something that I don't like it very much if the hero or heroine have a crazy fvcked up personality and likes. Example: killing someone and let the heroine watch it all and push the heroine to lick all the blood of his victim and made her have to eat the meat of humans. and fvcks many woman in front of the heroine while telling her he loves her. I DON'T LIKE THAT TYPE OF SH*T AT ALL. That's just who I am, that's what I like and I don't like on a book. Maybe you love that, but I don't. We humans are different, we think very differently from one another. You have your likes and I have mine, you have your opinions and I have mine of my own. You think it's stupid of me to love such a book or to not love a book or to hate it whatever lol, I think it's bad you think that way cause I respect people's opinions cause I know for a fact we have our differences. YOU AND ME ARE DIFFERENT FOR PETE'S SAKE. I even have my own friends or people I follow here that shows how much they don't like the book I like, I never even give them a long comment or short Comment. Cause I respect their opinions. I don't like to give people I hard time here cause life itself is already hard enough. I do respect your opinion if you say my review is bad or whatever negative things about it, but in the end of the day I will not changed my mind about what book I dislike and how my thoughts about it. You can't tell me what to do. You can give me advice but it's me who decided to know what's right for me, this is my life and not yours. Read that again. Don’t assume things about me that is not even real, just don’t. cause when you do you’re more small minded for sure. You're thinking why I'm telling you all of this when you already know? Is because you still hating on my opinions and don't understand my POV and don't respect my POV. You think i like writing this disclaimer when obviously you're an adult already? no i personally think this is unnecessary... but because there are people out there who still don't get it *rolling my eyes*. Hopefully they or the people who read this disclaimer can use a beautiful thing called a brain:) AND WHEN YOU READ MY REVIEW, READ IT VERY CLEARLY TO SEE IF I FINISHED THE BOOK OR NOT. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. AND YES ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE. BUT IF YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M WRITING, THEN IT MEANS YOU UNDERSTAND IT ENOUGH. I DO NOT TOLERATE BULLYING, NEGATIVE COMMENTS AND MEAN WORDS. PLEASE USE A WISE WORDS SO WE DON'T ATTACK EACH OTHER. SIMPLY, I DON’T LIKE TO HAVE AN ARGUMENT WITH STRANGERS LIKE YOU CAUSE I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO😚 BUT IF YOU STILL WANT TO BE AMBER HEARD KARENS THAT DON'T UNDERSTAND MY DISCLAIMER AFTER I JUST WRITE IT DOWN, THEN GO ENJOY YOUR DAY AND GO AWAY. IT'S VERY EASY FOR A HUMAN COULD DO YA KNOW. IF YOU STILL HERE HATING ME OR ANNOYED WITH ME, THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM. NOT ME PROBLEM. HASHTAGS BURN😂😂 DON'T TAKE THINGS TOO PERSONALLY ON ONLINE CAUSE WE ALL A STRANGERS, WE NEVER EVER MEET. WE'RE ADULTS HERE SO LETS BE WISER. LAST, I BLOCK NEGATIVE PEOPLE! SO GET WELL SOON TO THE HATERS. HOPEFULLY YOUR HEART AND MIND WILL BE MORE POSITIVE 🙏🙏🙏 AND THIS DISCLAIMER MAY SEEMS LIKE TOO HARSH ON YOU BUT HEY I DON'T LIKE TO SUGAR COATED THINGS. I LIKE TO SAY TO THE POINT WITH MY UNDERSTANDING AND MY OWN THOUGHTS, CAUSE THAT'S HOW HUMANS ARE. WE ARE DIFFERENT REMEMBER👍 HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!
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548 reviews672 followers
July 20, 2022
Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Note 2: This is a duet. Organized Chaos is the first. Discord is the next and final book in this duet. Please read in order.

Trigger Warnings: infidelity (not by MCs), grief, mental health issues, drug use, age gap, dubcon, narcissist alert, stalking

Oye...this novel...idk how to even put into words how I truly feel about it. But I'll try, anyway.

I should talk about the good things first.

1. The steam - was pretty wowza despite the context.
2. Writing - was mostly straightforward.
3. Side characters - were definitely interesting, supportive (not all but most).
4. The many warnings - were displayed well - although maybe a bit too hardcore for my taste - but oh well - now I appreciate them I guess than before.

And that's pretty much it for the good list.

Now onto the bad:
1. The narcissism - I get the dark disturbing warnings - despite me still being a little uncomfortable with them - but the narcissist I don't understand - I mean at least some care about others from his angle would've made me liked the story at least. Shouldn't the narcissist be a trigger warning?
3. The endless back and forth - it's the same thing happening but only from both ends. I might as well have played Ping Pong.

I honestly don't know if Discord might be better than this. I mean think about it...my complaints list is more hardcore than the good things. And the narcissist hero?

Mm, this might indeed be one of those strange days where I continued reading a story like this.

Until the next read,

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109 reviews
February 8, 2022

I loved this story. I read it in one sitting. I stayed up too late reading it but felt like I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it even though I had to get up early for work the next morning.

Jealous, possessive, and protective heroes are my kryptonite. I love Milo from the Quarantine series, also written by this author, because he is uber jealous and possessive. Milo is totally gone and obsessed about Raven, the heroine in that series. Milo feels like she is his and doesn’t take kindly to OM paying attention to her. It upsets him, a lot. I find that type of hero so yummy.

Prior to reading Organized Chaos I believed that there was no way that other heroes in these series could come close to how obsessed and jealous Milo is. Thankfully I was wrong as Brandon does come close. Very close because once Brandon and Maya meet as adults, he definitely is. He doesn’t want to let her go and it drives him crazy to think of her being with OM which she wasn’t. This series is a duo and so hopefully there will be more of those types of scenes. I am greedy, I know…..

I was very happy that there was no cheating in this story, but I didn’t expect there to be based on reading the author’s other books. The heroine was a virgin until being with Brandon, which usually is not my preference if the hero is sexual experienced. If the hero is a virgin, then it would be great if the heroine was as well. However I understood why the heroine was a virgin in this case.

I love that Brandon was not a manhoe and was celibate during their separations. Brandon is known as being very selective about his partners and it would bother him if people believed otherwise. Also there were no sex scenes with OW. I get so sick of manhoe heroes and that is my only complaint against Milo. Milo was a manhoe before having a sexual relationship with Raven. At least though Milo didn’t have sex with OW after being with Raven including during their separations.

I like how the story was told from a dual point of view, which is always my preference. It helps me get to know the heroes and the heroines better if I know what the both of them are thinking and feelings.

There are a few sexy times in this book. Like with the jealousy scenes I wanted more but again, I am also greedy that way…

This is not a PC story. If forced seduction scenes bother you then I suggest skipping that scene in this book. Also the heroine, while legal, is still in high school when she hooks up with Brandon who is about 10 years older than her. I know that some readers will find that objectionable, and so be aware that element is included in this book. I don’t know if it will matter to those readers who find it objectionable, but Brandon believed that Maya was 21 years old when they hooked up because she lied to him about her age. It was made clear that he would not have touched her had he known the truth.

There is what I would define as a twist in the story, and I am not talking about the identity of the heroine. More like the twist had to do with the heroine’s actions. I will not elaborate as to avoid giving too many spoilers. What I will say is that Maya’s behavior is not want I want to read about my heroines doing but I could handle it. It is just a preference. My guess would be that I am rare in feeling this way and it would not bother 99% of readers. The heroes can act that way all they want though as it can go hand in hand with them being jealous and possessive. It is double standard I know but we like what we like.

I am very much looking forward to reading the second book.

I was given an advanced reader copy of this story.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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464 reviews
May 20, 2023
So this is a spinoff of the quarantine series which I read years ago and kinda forgot all the stuff that happened until this book brought the memories back a bit. This review has major spoilers so be aware!

h is a 16 year old girl infatuated with her brothers friend who is....28? And he has issues being with underage women because his dad married and had a kid with a friend of his when she was young.

Mia (h-heroine) sees Brandon (H-hero) at a bar and thinks they're reenacting a scene from a script they wrote when she was young....er. 😂 like when she was 8? She thinks he would remember that she called herself Maya but....he doesn't 😂

They drive out to house that he owned to scatter his dads ashes and she helps him during this time.and he kinda....non cons her to give up her v? Dub con? Hes like, I'm not gonna do it bit whoopsie daisy! In it goes 😂😂🤷 he's making it his duty to make sure she stays with him so lies about how his car won't work and how she can't get a train ride back to town. But she realizes that he doesn't recognize her at all and how he would never forgive her for not telling him her age and who she is that she leaves. Loved that 😈😈😏loved that he went crazy looking for her and when they meet up again.....😍😍😁

I guess my only thing that squeeked me out a but was that she was so young 😳 its noted I'm the book before you read and legal so not statutory rape in France.....and I know many many women/girls have sax at that age or younger but.......yeah. I prefer them to be legal in books 🤔

Anyhoo, this author always has a great twist or something new that I never expect from books and I love it. Brandon is !y type of jealous penis 😏
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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284 reviews59 followers
February 16, 2022
I have to admit, I didn't go into this expecting to love Brandon, I had ASSUMED he was going to be a manwhore, so my feelings were kinda lukewarm at the start. BOY WAS I WRONG. Even though I love Raven and Milo, I never did like that Milo was a manwhore in the past, so I'm glad the author decided to changed up her recipe for Brandon's book.
AND OH MY LORD, it might have started off as Mia pinning after Brandon, but by the end of it, it was clear it was no longer going to stay one-sided.

I love seeing how Brandon's playful personality disappears and u see this uglier side of him when it concerned Mia. I think the author did a good job showing it, for example lying to Mia about the car being broken down because he wanted her to stay longer with him, and how just the mention of another man from Mia could spark this irrational side.

I am sure in the next book we would get to see more of how far Brandon would go with this side that Mia uncovered.

I have a strong feeling that this couple might even surpass my love for Milo and Raven

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1,879 reviews2 followers
Shelved as 'avoid'
March 21, 2022
Self note:
Not interested in reading about a side characters from another series.
The h is secretly in love with her bros bff.
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47 reviews1 follower
February 9, 2022
Five stars

reading this book was not enough, i need to be the female lead and have Brandon obsess over me.

All I need in my life are a glass of wine and my favourite dose of morphine which is Brandon Cooper. He’s the ultimate jealous,possessive,dominating alpha male. He was hot and turned me on massively. The writer did an amazing job at portraying Brandon in all his imperfection—what made him completely irresistible to me was his vulnerability. I am not going to go deep into that last part because it would give away one of important parts of the book.

Maya Mathews was the perfect combination of beauty with brains. I could understand what possessed Brandon to practically keep her from leaving him. She had an aura surrounding her which kept me fascinated throughout the book. I wanted to know who she really was— and damn, my jaw dropped when her real identity was revealed.

The heat in this book was top notch. Oh, my God. There was a particular scene where Brandon takes her virginity without any protection(his excuse being that he had no condoms) only for Maya to find a stash of condoms in his drawers later. I got weird fetishes, I know.

All over, this book contains a torrid affair and also got me out of my book slump.

I want to know how everything will unfold in the second book.
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August 20, 2022

Young Mia has had a crush on her older brothers best friend Brandon since she was a little girl. When she is sixteen she bumps into him at a bar but he does not recognize her since it had been over four years the last time they saw each other. She pretends to be a character in a story he helped her write… Maya. Thinking he is just playing along with her she pretends to be Maya.
Brandon is in Nice to spread his fathers ashes and when he meets “Maya” he thinks it’s fate and is a full on clinger. He invites Maya to travel with him for a few days. She naively agrees still thinking he knew who she was. She promptly realizes that he doesn’t know who she is when he manipulates her out of her virginity. He surely wouldn’t betray her brother like that.
She disappears and Brandon is beside himself for six months until he sees Mia hugging her brother outside the very hotel they met at six months before.
He is angry and for good reason. He thinks she tricked him and has made him be like his father.

I loved the drama, angst and the characters. Brandon was full on clinger and was very manipulative during that weekend. If Mia hadn’t left when he was in town she would have been stuck there for lord knows how long.

This ends with Brandon tracking Mia down and more or less dropping into her life unexpectedly with a possessive agenda. I can’t wait to read the next book in this duet!
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Want to read
May 17, 2023
🎁 FREE on Amazon today (3/17/2022)! 🎁
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August 24, 2022
Please read the warnings, before starting this book.

This is the first time I have read something from this author and I enjoyed it!

Brandon is trying to have a peaceful night but life has other plans. Instead, he finds himself drawn to a mysterious girl. He can't help but want her and find peace with being around her.

Mia/Maya just wants to be seen and noticed. She feels like no one ever asks or considers what she wants. I loved Mia, she was strong and still growing. Mia felt different from other characters, her personality and struggles made her seem real. Despite her "quirky" behaviour or "introverted" and "nerdy" behaviour, I felt like I could connect with her.

I don't want to give too much away, but the characters were well written, and truly GREY. Both of them are not perfect and somehow they are perfect.
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738 reviews12 followers
December 2, 2022
i’m gonna be honest and say i had no motivations for reading so i really thought this book was a quick, mindless, insta-love read but oh my gosh i realllllyyy loved it. like wow, it’s the book that brought out many emotions in me that i haven’t felt in awhile.

i really loved the entire storyline and how OBSESSED Brandon was when he first met her. she ghosted him and this man spent monthsss flying back to Paris to find her and was literally in love with her after the three days they’ve met. i loved when he found out that Maya was really Mia and went crazy but still extremely possessive and controlling 🫶 ugh my type of Hero.

changed my 4 star rating to 5 stars bc of the amount of times i’ve already reread this book. loved it so much!
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1,129 reviews
Shelved as 'dnf'
September 7, 2022
The premise is silly. How does he not recognize her? I don’t like that he thinks she’s homely. I don’t like him at all. He comes off as an entitled prick… and she’s not much better. 🤷🏼‍♀️
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 22, 2022
1st person/dual pov
Spice: 3/5

So heads up, this story will not be for everyone and that is ok. However, I don't think it should be judged before being read based off the fact there is a big age gap and how/when their relationship started. Make sure you read through the list of TW at the beginning of the book. There are some things in the content that some readers may want to pass on.

After reading all the way through the duet I realized that their beginning was so different from when and where I thought it was. They developed a connection early on in their lives but not a romantic one, at least not for the MMC, Brandon. While Mia definitely had a typical crush on this older friend of her brothers, Brandon didn't see her that way. He listened to what she had to say where the rest of her family ignored her opinions and wants. But inappropriate? No.. it never came close to that in my eyes. After a disagreement with her older brother Brandon was never around anymore and they were no longer in each others lives.
Several years later Brandon's life is on a downward spiral after meeting a woman following the death of his father, only to never see her again. An unexpected run in with Mia and her brother reveals a connection Mia has to the woman he has been looking for. Their reunion is full of anger, hurt, and betrayal yet they cannot seem to stay away from each other even knowing that they should.
I love Mia so much! She's brilliant, loves her family with all of her heart, is super sweet, and socially awkward in the most adorable way. Brandon is a total narcissist but he knows it and he owns it. He's direct and confident with zero apologies. He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want with no hesitation to make both very clear regardless of other peoples feelings. He's a bad boy in fine clothing and has the personality to match. However, with Mia there is a side of him that comes out no one else gets to see. There is a light in him that shines through their easy conversations and this need to make her smile that he can't quite understand. In return he sees something that everyone around them seem to overlook or ignore... he sees her. Mia is all about pleasing her family, especially her oldest brother Milo, who pretty much runs their household thanks to their parents basically checking out of their roles as parents when most all of them were kids. Every single thing she does is controlled by one of her siblings and she really doesn't seem to have a voice of her own when it comes to them. In fact a lot of the times she sort of fades into the background. One weekend she decides to take a chance on doing something for herself, to make all the decisions on her own and enjoy it, only to have the consequences of those decisions blow up in her face months down the road.
Brandon discovers things about himself that he doesn't know how to feel about. Some of them he hates and makes him feel to much like his father. As he's battling with himself on what to do in the aftermath of Mia's choices he becomes obsessed with getting the truth out of Mia and punishing her in the process. But things do not always go as planned.
This story ends on a tad bit of a cliffhanger going into the next and final book, but the good news is both books are out now so you can jump right into the next one!
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July 28, 2022
have to agree with some of the other reviews: the dual POV felt very repetitive and then I got bored by the family drama that had nothing to do with H/h. Felt like H/h barely spent time together. I’ll still read the second book though.

Haven’t read Milo/Raven story, who are mentioned a lot in this book. I did read Drethi Anis’s “Lust” which I absolutely loved which is why I was looking into more books by her.
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May 2, 2023
Maya, an innocent young girl, is our heroine of this story. She is young, naïve, but intelligent beyond belief. Her siblings tolerate her idiosyncrasies, but also push her to achieve more, excel at everything she puts her mind to.
Brandon, an egotistical, abrasive, self-centered man, who sets his sites on Maya and will not take no for an answer. She blindly follows him to his cottage to help him through a difficult time, but things take a turn, and she sees Brandon in a whole different light.
This story was awesome, although complicated in the different facets of these characters, but I enjoyed it immensely.
Drethi Anis is an author who writes spectacular stories and seems to grow and blossom with each book that is written.
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February 8, 2023
✨Review for Duet✨

❤️I LOVE this and I love this author!❤️
Drethi is my new favorite author and I wish she had more stuff I could binge. All in good time 🥰.

Ok so I’m glad I read The Quarantine Series first 💗Milo💗 cause not my only did I absolutely LOVE that series so much but I also liked having the inside track to what was happening in the background. BUT You definitely DO NOT need to read it first to enjoy this.

⭐️This starts out with Branden meeting a woman at a bar and having a spark with her that he’s never had before and making brake his rules. This leads to a long weekend together where he falls in love with her. And then she disappears.

⭐️Fast forward 6 months of endless searching and he finally finds her but discovers her true identity which is a HIGE problem for many reasons.

⭐️I don’t want to spoil the twists and turns that happen but Brandon is not happy with this turn of events.

⭐️Mia is smart and loves her family more than anything even though they are complicated…….💕Milo💕.

⭐️Brandon is a complex man and has lots of issues that would keep Him from Mia. But he just can’t help himself. Brandon is explosive❤️‍🔥, sometimes conflicted in his feelings, faithful, loyal and NEVER giving Mia up❤️ He will do ANYTHING and go to the ends of the earth to have and keep Mia. And this is exactly why I love this Author.
😍She writes complicated men that are so obsessed with their woman they will do what it takes to have them.

🤩You have to read this going in without spoilers! It’s the only way but just know that it’s gonna be a twisty toxic hot as hell ride.

⚠️No OW sex, drama, fluids or DNA exchanges
⚠️Mild OMD- Mia has a friend who she is a beard for and Branden doesn’t like that.
⚠️some dubcon
⚠️Mild forced proximity
⚠️lots of manipulation
⚠️Age Gap Mia is 17/18 and Branden is is his mid 30s

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August 10, 2022
DNF 50%

I found something that I hate more than manwhores: men who think they are gods and we women are mere mortals, how dare a woman not want him? lol

"In what parallel universe was I not good enough for her. She would be so damn lucky. Was she blind to have missed the women eye-fucking me when we were out together?
I had every resource at my disposal, more money than she could ever dream of, I could have anyone I wanted. Yet, she’d rather save it for a fantasy man than give it up to me?"

It was torture to be in this man's head, it was like being in the head of the guys we have in real life these days, you know those who sit in a podcast to talk shit about women lol

"After catering to her this whole damn weekend, this girl was still adamant it would never work outside of these perimeters. For God’s sake, I took her on a picnic.
Why in the hell did I put myself through the torture of acting like her goddamn boyfriend?"

wow you did the bare minimum congratulations
I did not pick up a romance book for this lol, is the author a man?

don't even get me started on how he called her plain, "not that pretty" several times and then suddenly changed his mind, pretty sure he only wanted her because he didn't want to be alone after losing his father or something like that and not because he was feeling something for her wow very romantic "if today were my last day on earth, would it really affect anyone?" did I mention that he was dramatic?

books that have dub con cannot have an incel as the "hero" it just doesn't work, instead of wanting her to fall for him i wanted to save her, it was all creepy vibes instead of guilty pleasure.
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Want to read
February 18, 2022
→ Just released! Grab your copy now! ←


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She waited all her life for the right guy.
Too bad she met the wrong guy first.

Brandon Cooper meets a mysterious woman, Maya Mathews, during a critical point in his life. What ensues next is a whirlwind romance between the two lost souls.

However, Maya’s reservations spark Brandon’s suspicions, indicating that a web of lies stands between them. As the situation intensifies, Brandon races against an invisible ticking clock in a desperate attempt to dig deeper into her life.

Brandon’s only clue is Maya’s connection to a little girl from his past.

This series can be enjoyed on its own or following The Quarantine Series.
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349 reviews12 followers
May 4, 2022
Amazing book!

This was one incredible age gap,brother best friends romance that I enjoy very much and im so happy that I find Drethi Anis and her books.

Mia Sinclair is obsessed with hеr brother best friend Brandon for a long time,but unfortunately Brandon disappear and left without looking back.

One night Brandon meet one woman,who captived him immediately and is draw to her like a crazy.
After one incredible weekend together she disappear without being able to be found anywhere.

Mia Sinclair is one unique girl I can admit and I really like her character very much. As the most little in her family she is feeling always like the outsider and no one ever listens to her for anything, literally she feel like a shadow and all the fault is one her siblings,and they behavior toward her.

Brandon is likable character that is completely over heels possessive over her. Anyone who loves forbidden romance with age gap will love the book,but The trigger warning ⚠️ for sure need to be readen,because some things is not for anyone .😉

The end get me completely crazy with the cliffhanger and my goodness Drethi,when book 2 will be released??🙈
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1,412 reviews48 followers
February 16, 2022
Mia has been obsessed with Brandon for as long as she's known him. Brandon left hef years ago, and never looked back. When he meets a girl named Maya at a bar, he begins to lose his mind and heart over here. Until she's disappears without a trace.

I am extremely conflicted about this book. Ad far as steam, it was great. The trigger warnings are there for a reason, and there is some dub con, and younger than appropriate scenes that take place, but those are in the warnings.

Overall the story was decent, but severely lacked in structure. We begin with Brandon's side of things, and then switch to Mia's without any mention of the POV switching. There are also flashbacks to certain events and it's hard to decipher at times what is current and what isn't.

The author spent some time building up to events where Brandon and Mia meet, and then the ending (which is a cliffhanger). But the majority of the last half of the book was more focused on Mia's family, and honestly didn't really add much to the overall story. It gave the audience some insight into the family dynamic, but not enough to warrant so much page space.
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91 reviews4 followers
August 26, 2022
The goal might not have been to make me hate Brandon…but If it was, consider that a win. Normally I’m all for the brooding, tall, cocky/overly confident man. Brandon just hit that mark but then took a hard left. I’m rooting for Mia to get her shit together and drop him completely, or make sure he knows to get it together. Mia slowly growing into herself is great to see, but I just want to see more of her standing up for herself faster. His possessiveness makes me worried she’ll take a step down for him, and I just want her to be stronger!
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29 reviews2 followers
February 15, 2022
If you’ve read the Quarantine series, then you already know a little bit about Brandon and Mia. If you haven’t read the Quarantine series, then allow me to introduce you to Brandon and Mia… and Maya.

The book starts with what Brandon meeting Maya. Brandon suddenly falling in love with Maya over an emotion filled weekend. Brandon losing Maya as if she had never existed.

Then there’s Mia, Mia who Brandon has known since she was a small child. Mia who Brandon hasn’t seen in a years. Mia who has a secret and a special book.

I was angry when I got to the end because I wanted more. More Brandon. More Mia. More Maya. Quarantine will always be one of my favorite series— that being said, Organized Chaos is Dethri’s best work to date.
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144 reviews4 followers
February 12, 2022
Oʀɢᴀɴɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴄʜᴀᴏs ʙʏ ᴅʀᴇᴛʜɪ ᴀɴɪs


Drethi Anis has been on my radar since i got into reading dark romance and i’m totally beating myself up for not picking up something by them sooner.

let’s start off by saying this book is for DARK romance readers. both the H and the h do questionable things and there are some dub-con(ish) situations going on. there is also an age gap that involves a minor and an adult - so full stop right here if that bothers you.

which brings me to my next point - BRANDON COOPER 😮‍💨🥵 don’t go into Organized Chaos expecting our H to be some upstanding sensible hero. he is possessive, alpha, and kind of crazy at times. he does some things that would have regular romance readers up in arms, but i loved every moment of him. i honestly wished more of the book was in his POV because i loved being in his head so much.

i also enjoyed our h, Mia, but will admit she annoyed me a tad. which is to be expected - she is a teenager and teenagers are quite annoying lol. but i am really looking forward to book 2 and hopefully seeing her character develop. she is very sheltered by her siblings and i want to see her break away from them a little - rebel a little, come into herself more.

this was such a spicy, angsty read that i could not put down. my dreams will be filled with Brandon Cooper tonight and i will be impatiently waiting for the next installment after that freaking ending.
January 21, 2023
This book kept me intrigued throughout! I kept thinking the secret and lies were going to be exposed, but it took a while to happen. Not sure of Brandon’s motivation at this point…he seems all possessive, but very cold and distant at the same time. Im hoping we get more of his POV in the second book. Off to read it right away! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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25 reviews1 follower
October 8, 2022
Dnf. It became boring for me after reading the third book of Quarantine series. Milo and Raven’s story was very interesting at the beginning but then the drama (which came after the first book) felt really forced, just to have longer books. I became annoyed. Also the back and forth of timeline gave me whiplash. Normally i like backstories but this was just too much.
The beginning of this book was okay but i found it hard to believe that the hero was soooooo taken away by this mystery woman soooooo quickly. I didn’t appreciate the cut in the middle story line.
Maybe this book was just not right for me at this moment, could be a good fit for other readers. I will not finish this book…
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