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Girls Without Tears

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A missing child, a distraught mother, and a killer on the loose set the stage for a brutal bloodbath in the Florida Everglades in this thrilling read, perfect for fans of Wendy Walker and Megan Goldin.

When six-year-old Skye disappears from Everglades City, Noa is hesitant to return to her hometown to help with the search effort. Skye is the daughter of Noa’s ex, Zack, and Taylor, the girl he dumped her for. Going home also means facing the townspeople who have always misunderstood Noa’s medical condition, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain, and dealing with more of their ignorant comments.

But returning home is just the beginning of Noa's painful journey. When her childhood friend, Jamie, is assaulted by a vagrant, Noa intervenes in a violent counterattack—and the man’s fingerprints are found near Skye’s DNA. As Noa gets closer to the truth of who kidnapped Skye, she starts to uncover secrets about her hometown that she didn’t expect.

Nothing and no one are what they seem in this small Florida backwater—and any good friend can quickly become a deadly enemy.

333 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 9, 2022

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T.L. Finlay

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2,309 reviews44.1k followers
September 20, 2022
Semi-disappointed review is coming up after the strong and promising start and slow, bumpy progression which made me think leaving in the middle and skip to another book and rushed, a little haphazard conclusion left me unsatisfied!

The book’s plot truly intrigued me! The main character: a woman suffers from Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis (CIPA) returns back her shitty hometown to dig out the mystery about missing girl whose daughter of her ex who cheated on her was interesting
enough to lure me!

I wish Noa’s illness may fit into the entire story’s progression but sometimes seeing her testing her pain tolerance made me scream! Entire execution was truly painful. And I also wanted to hold from her shoulders, shaking for hours and screaming to her face to gather her senses. Why she let the same guy kidnap her twice! Why is she so naive!

Well, at least she doesn’t have imaginary boyfriend which is a big relief!

Overall: the subject choice and promising beginning were the strengths but entire execution failed and conclusion was semi satisfying which earned my three solid: there’s wasted potential but I still love to read another works of the author stars!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts.
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813 reviews139 followers
July 29, 2022
Noa lives in Miami, having left her stifling small town of Everglades City behind after high school. But when the daughter of her high school sweetheart is kidnapped, she is urged by her parents to come back and help with the search. The return home is difficult as she once again must deal with misconceptions and ignorance surrounding a medical condition she’s always had – the inability to feel pain. But this is soon the least of her problems when the search for the missing girl turns violent, while tensions and secrets begin to surface amongst her old friends.

I really enjoyed the premise of this work, but the overall execution left me wanting more. I liked that the protagonist had a little-known medical condition, which added to her character and the interactions she had with other characters. I enjoyed the narrator and felt that she did a good job with the different voices and bringing everyone to life.

There were a few areas where I felt the author could have done better. The descriptions of the setting were lacking. I’ve worked outside near the Everglades, and it’s a vibrant, spooky, unique place full of life and mystery, but this didn’t come across in the sparse descriptions of the setting. This could have been an amazing atmospheric work but unfortunately it was lacking in that department.

The pacing also felt a little off. The work started with a relatively fast pace that maintained my interest but then shifted into a much slower exploration of Noa’s interactions with people she used to know and a slow uncovering of some of the mystery, during which point it became a little bit of a drag to get through. I also felt that the characters were lacking in development overall – they felt like caricatures/stereotypes rather than fully developed characters. I didn’t find the villain to be that relatable or engaging, and unfortunately, the reveal of the motives and the confrontations didn’t feel realistic to me, which left me disappointed with the ending.

Overall, this was an okay read but it just wasn’t what I wanted. I think readers who enjoy drama, thrillers, and small-town mysteries would like this work.

Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for providing a review copy of this work, which will be published on August 9th, 2022. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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1,332 reviews2,015 followers
July 26, 2022
Genre: Thriller
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person - Female

Noa Romwell chose to stay disconnected from her small-minded hometown for the last ten years. But when an innocent child went missing, she returned to offer help, unknowingly dredging out the past and uncovering deadly secrets.

This was an entertaining read with s plot that kept me intrigued. I wasn’t surprised by the ending, but I liked the story along the way.

It’s not just the Everglades that are dangerous, it’s the tongues of those who dwell here— those tiny members that deliver pain even I can feel.

What I loved the most about the book was Noa’s medical condition. It was fascinating seeing how she handled it and also made me cringe at some parts. Jamie was my favorite character, and I was drawn to him right from the beginning.

Girls without Tears is a story of obsession and deception. It would appeal to fans of a psychological thriller.

♦️🔪♦️. . . (F)BR With Twinsie CC . . .♦️🔪♦️

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2,206 reviews3,226 followers
December 3, 2022
3.5 stars
The inclusion of CIPA was interesting although I have no idea if there is any legitimacy to the representation. I was frustrated that the story focused more on the interpersonal relationships than the missing girl. Yet admittedly I got very hooked into the climax and enjoyed some of the twist and turns. A very imperfect book, but also a good pageturner.
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633 reviews108 followers
July 21, 2022
WOW! I am giving this 4 outrageous stars! You have to suspend a lot of disbelief and roll your eyes occasionally but this whacky story is worth it!

Noa has that condition where she feels no pain, which as someone with fibromyalgia, gives me some envy. It’s no walk in the park, however. Things you don’t even think about like needing to pee. She has to set an alarm. Very strange stuff.

Noa was passed up for a promotion because of this. They saw her as a liability. At the same time, a disappearance happened in her small hometown. Her parents want her to come help search, they need all hands on deck, so she drives there from Miami even though it’s the kid of the guy who broke her heart.. and the woman he dumped her for.

The town wasn’t always kind to her because of her condition which seems odd because who cares?? but anyway, she’s falling back in with her old friends and enjoying their company despite the sad circumstances. Old feelings are surfacing. Will that get in the way of the search for Skye? Is Skye closer than we think or long gone?

I don’t want to even attempt to describe this search because it was twisty and the shock value is part of the fun so no spoilers! I was shrieking until the very end! It straddled the line of getting too out there at times but it was definitely original and I didn’t see the twists coming! Things would get out of hand very quickly and sometimes I would wonder if it was a dream or really happening. Obviously I’d figure it out.

Thanks to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for the chance to listen and review. The audio narration was great!
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1,518 reviews818 followers
April 26, 2022
This book shifts perceptions and redefines cliché of No Pain, No Gain
The unnerving pain, the excruciating agony we want to escape from, keeps us alive and safe. I've never read a story like this before and come to think of it, ALL of Traci's stories Are harrowingly unique. I always await her books with bated breath and excited heart.

"You shouldn't get to experience pleasure if you are not acquainted with its opposite. Pain is the thorn to your rose colored glasses, and without it you are a simple minded,entitled child."


Another great, Highly addictive story about a woman on a mission, a man with an agenda and a small town that's a swamp of lies from the mighty pen of Traci Finlay that will leave your breathless at the end.
It sucked me in from the first chapter itself. A pulse racing thriller with plenty of jaw dropping moments make it an adrenaline rush read. Traci writes twisted psychological books that leave you wondering about the real villains till the last page. Quite adept at inserting hairpin curves and turns, this book will not disappoint those who love a good mystery of whodunit and whydunit.
The everglades city is already a mangrove ridden swamp where all kinds of predators hide just beneath the twisted roots, but the people are worse who inhabit this town.

"It's not just the Everglades that are dangerous. It's the tongues of those who dwell here---Those tiny members that deliver pain, even I can feel".


They drove a girl away a decade ago simply because she had a condition. On top of that her heart got broken so there was nothing to hold her back.
Noa Romwell is a girl with a painful past that has her shedding tears a lot.
She's insensitive to physical pain but emotional injustices have debilitated her soul. Still her compassion outshines her own misery when she returns to join the search party for Little Skye, daughter of her ex Zack & nemesis Taylor.


The plot itself offers plethora of nooks and crannies where venomous sentiments hide in plain sight. The exes have morphed into unrecognizable humans, a serial killer vagrant is on the loose and she ends up getting kidnapped and tortured again and again.
You'd think the town would have SOME sympathy for her, but heartless town is still dispassionate and prejudiced.
I loved the fight in Noa, against her condition and the repercussions she has to face as a result in her professional and personal life. Her superhumanness is both poignant and commendable. She has no choice but to be a hero.


I loved the characters that were created with painstaking detail, filled with all the human frailities and then some. The tenderness with which skye was crafted was the only respite in this dismal town.
The thrills, the chills you get as every lie unfolds, every secret is revealed, kept my heart thumping.
Fantastically written, fast paced and well researched, it's A delight for mystery & suspense romance lovers that thrive on danger and excitement filled stories.
5 stars for Logistics & Dynamics
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1,570 reviews508 followers
February 25, 2023
While Girls Without Tears is the first book this author has written under the pen name T.L. Finlay, she does have 2 other novels written under her full name which is Traci Finlay. I'm not really sure why she moved to the new pen name for this book, but whatever the reason I am not complaining, and I will definitely be reading her other 2 novels as well. Noa was an interesting character and her disease (which I will not mention here) was what really set the tone for the book. There are some truly brutal moments in the story, and I was cringing quite a bit as we get into the meat of the story and what happened to Skye. I am not sure if I can even compare this to any other author, but I want to make sure you are aware going into it that there are moments that won't be for the faint of heart.

I loved the audiobook for Girls Without Tears and I was extremely happy it was narrated by Tara Sands. Sands is one of my favorites and I thought her narration for Noa was absolutely perfect. The pacing is a little on the slower side, but not so slow that you will lose interest, and for me, it was just right. I think the only thing that kept this from being a full 5 for me was my frustration with Noa at a couple of things that happen. I wanted to ask her what the heck she was thinking and was disappointed that despite her strength through most of the story, she was lacking a bit near the end. Although I do think it was probably more realistic than anything else Finlay would have done, and I'm sure a lot of readers won't feel the way I do. All that being said, this was a very solid thriller for me and had a uniqueness that I think a lot of readers will enjoy. Definitely keeping this one on my shelf and I can’t see what Finlay has coming next!
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503 reviews73 followers
May 24, 2022
Girls Without Tears | T.L. Finlay
Genre: Psychological suspense, mystery, thriller
Pub Date: 09/08/22
Rating: 4.5 stars

Girls Without Tears is a standalone suspense by author, T.L. Finlay (also known as Traci Finlay).
The story follows Noa, who has not been back to her small hometown in over a decade when she finds herself drawn back following the abduction of a small child in the community. The child is the daughter of her ex-boyfriend and the woman he left her for. As Noa becomes pulled back into small town life and the hunt for a kidnapper, she finds that her own life might also be at stake.

The thing that made this book more than just another mystery thriller was Noa’s Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. I’m both horrified and fascinated by this disorder and it made me want to read more to learn about what it is like for someone living with this and how it impacts their life.
The book itself was well written, suspenseful and had some good twists and turns. I enjoyed the fast pace and it kept my interest the whole time. I read it across two sittings. The small town Florida setting and small community is not something I have experienced so was interesting to read about.

This was my first book by this author, but will definitely be keeping my eye out for further thrillers by her. Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for a copy of this book.
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1,086 reviews648 followers
July 26, 2022
4 ★

Ten years ago, Noa Romwell left the small-town gossip and heartache of Everglades City for Miami. However, now that six-year-old Skye Flynn has been kidnapped, Noa feels an obligation to return home and help the search party efforts.

“It’s not just the Everglades that are dangerous, it’s the tongues of those who dwell here- those tiny members that deliver pain even I can feel.”

Narrated in third person, the flavor of south Florida is well established from the beginning. With a contrast between the cities, this carries over into Noa’s past and present. Given her rare condition, Noa has to take certain precautions, but with her choices and what occurs, her physical and emotional limits are tested.

Even though I knew pretty early who is to blame, it didn’t detract from conjuring other theories or liking/disliking certain characters. Noa is a sympathetic character due to her circumstance and also because of the heartbreak by her high school boyfriend. Though her tenacity is admirable, it also made for cringeworthy moments. With a cast of colorful secondary characters, the story pivots and builds tension until it all comes together in a smashing crescendo.

Girls Without Tears is about obsession. This book would appeal to those seeking a crime thriller.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for a review.*

*This was a (F)BR with Twinsie Hawkey*

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1,606 reviews639 followers
August 6, 2022
This was a pretty delicious read.
The MC was easy to get along with and highly interesting.
I feel like the author crushed the research on Congenital Insensitivity to Pain, and I highly enjoyed learning more about this condition.
Great pacing throughout, fabulous cast of characters, cool Floridian scenery along the way, and the narrator was top notch!
I cannot wait to see more from this author!
Much love to NetGalley & Dreamscape Media for my DRC.
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1,116 reviews41 followers
August 1, 2022
This psychological thriller is set in the wild and isolated Everglades, FL. A woman reluctantly returns to her hometown when her ex’s young daughter goes missing. Secrets from her past come back to haunt her and make her wish that she had never returned. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I loved the setting and the fact that the protagonist had an unusual medical condition that caused her not to feel pain or hunger. It threw an interesting and unique challenge into the mix. The very twisty conclusion was both unexpected and satisfying. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Many thanks to Netgalley, Edelweiss, Crooked Lane Books and T. L. Finlay for my complimentary e-copy ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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1,373 reviews104 followers
July 15, 2022
Ooooof. This one kept me on my toes. I had more theories than I care to admit. Noa goes back to her hometown, the one she ran away from so long ago, to help her ex boyfriend and his new wife look for their daughter that has gone missing. (I'm not sure I would be so nice, but Noa is a better woman than I) In going back, she has to face her family and friends that she left behind. Some are forgiving and some aren't as much. Jamie is Zack's best friend and was Noa's best friend as well, he is thrilled to have her back and has always wondered why she left him too. The truth was it was to hard to stay connected to the town at all. She has CIPA and cannot feel pain. That stigma has lived with her and people in the town either didn't understand her or pitied her.
I thought this medical condition was very well done and researched. I have read another book where the character had this condition and I feel like I understand it better now.
I didn't trust anyone in this book. At one point, I thought it could be literally anyone. I did figure out a few of the twists early, but it didn't take away from the overall feel of the book because there were twists and turns galore.
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357 reviews41 followers
July 21, 2022
The premise looked amazing, I just couldn’t get into this book.
DNF @43%
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522 reviews25 followers
July 31, 2022
This is a fast paced, return to small home town mystery with a very unique main character. Noa has a medical condition that prevents her from feeling pain. This sounds like a great thing, but it’s actually dangerous. She returns to her hometown to help find a missing child. I had a little trouble connecting with this story fully, but still a fun read.

Thank you Netgalley, Crooked Lane Books and the author for this eARC in exchange for my honest review. This book is available for purchase on August 9, 2022.
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68 reviews2 followers
July 21, 2022
What a thriller!! I received an ARC Audiobook and, not only is the narrator awesome, but Finlay does it again!!! She had me second guessing every single character. I thought I knew what was going on and then I realized I really did NOT understand what was going on LOL... And then when I thought I figured it out again, there were more twists. This is a mystery upon mystery that you absolutely do not want to miss out on!
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342 reviews44 followers
August 28, 2022
ARC audiobook provided in exchange for an honest review.

I’ll start by saying that Tara Sands does an excellent job with the narration of this story! Her character voices were spot on and while I sometime miss hearing multiple people doing the characters, she covered everyone flawlessly! I would give this story 4.5 stars as I really liked the plot and the twists and turns that made me questioning everyone and guessing what was going to happen. I also really liked how the entire saga of Sky missing came to a close and it didn’t end like how I predicted at all which I also appreciate! I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes psychological thrillers with deceptive characters!
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1,394 reviews54 followers
August 8, 2022
This was a fast-paced thriller that started big and didn't let up the whole time. No one is to be trusted in the small Everglades town in Florida.

Noa is a woman living a very detailed/scheduled life in Miami. She has CIPA (a rare condition in which one cannot feel pain, heat, hunger, etc). She has learned to live with it and has enjoyed her life away from the small town she grew up in. But when her hometown comes calling, Noa returns to help the people that were a big part of her childhood.

Ok, first of all, I wasn't sure why Noa was returning to her hometown to a place where people gossip and had really never accepted Noa and her CIPA. But I understood it. It was her ex-boyfriend Zack that needed her help, or rather his daughter since she had gone missing. And if you are from a small town, you know that everyone comes together in a time of need. When Noa returns, she is reunited with her family, her ex and her BFF Jamie from high school. Just like old times, right? Not so fast. Noa may be helping to search for a missing child, but it soon appears that someone has their sites set on her.

The twists and turns that Ms Finlay takes us on will leave you with your heart in your throat and trying to figure out who the real villain in the story is. There are jaw dropping moments and one scene that left me covering my eyes, but also flipping the pages to see what was going to happen next. I honestly could feel the blood whooshing through my brain. You'll know the scene once you read it. Trust me.

Overall, Girls Without Tears is an addictive story with a great cast of characters. Whether they are villains or heroes, they all balanced out the story wonderfully. I really appreciated the fact that the author gave Noa CIPA. It added a "superhero" element to her part of the story, plus I learned something new.

If you're ready for a page-turning, heart-poundingly good story full of danger, twists, mystery and suspense, look no further. This will take you on an epic journey to finding the truth and weeding through the evil and lies. It's not always easy, but it will definitely keep your attention all through out.
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4,953 reviews306 followers
October 16, 2022

This book has been on my list and radar to read for a while now, as I first read her book The Falling of Stars liked it, especially the ending which had me having actual tears rolling down my cheeks which is rare in books. Girls Without Tears introduces us to Noa who has CIPA which means that she can't feel pain or sweat. Because she can't feel, she lives her life on a timer with restroom and food breaks timed in her day. She loves her life in Miami and keeps her head down and moving forward. That is until her Dad calls and she learns that a child has gone missing from her small hometown and not just anyone's child but Zack Flynn's. Zack was Noa's first love until Taylor came along and the pair ended up breaking up Zack went on to marry Taylor and have Skye. Skye though reminds the town of Noa in her ways as she even looks like a mini-Noa. Noa hasn't been around her old school friends in ten years as once she left, she never looked back. What will happen though when old feelings for Zack start to resurface? Noa despite knowing she should leave, knows there is more than meets the eye and continues to dig for the truth. Will she like what she finds though as she uncovers a dead body, people thought was alive and well, an affair that has been going on for at least four years, and a kidnapper/killer that will leave the town reeling when the identity is revealed? Find out in Girls without Tears by T.L Finlay today.
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1,456 reviews
August 14, 2022
Wow! This book was fabulous!! I had high expectations going in after reading the blurb and it was even better than I imagined.

It was so exciting and disturbing, scary and entertaining. It was unputdownable right from the start and with so many twists & turns there was never a dull moment. With each new twist I was having to rethink what I thought was going to happen next. It had me white knuckling my kindle right up to the very end.

I'm looking forward to this authors next book!!
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287 reviews14 followers
March 19, 2022
Girls Without Tears by T.L. Finlay is gripping mystery I devoured in one day with an unique main character, Noa, that literally cannot feel pain. Noa has Congenial Insensitivity to Pain & Anhydrosis (CIPA) & it obviously affects her entire life. When her ex childhood best friend & first love’s child goes missing, she returns to her small hometown that she usually avoids because of heartbreak from said first love.
Thanks to the interesting condition & twisted mystery, I was immediately hooked into this story. There were quite a few shocking twists. I was able to figure some out, but I still enjoyed how everything came together.
This was a very fast paced & quick thriller in which I felt the author cleverly taunted its’ readers with this devious cat & mouse game. I enjoyed the author’s writing style & appreciated the flow of the novel. This is. 4 star book for me!
If anyone is looking for a disturbing mystery with an extremely unique main character, I would check out Girls Without Tears by T.L. Finlay! It comes out August 9, 2022!

Massive thanks to NetGalley & Crooked Lane Books for allowing me the opportunity to read an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Extra things:
I had heard of Congenial Insensitivity to Pain & Anhydrosis (CIPA) thanks to an early episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Abigail Breslin’s character has it. I also have neuropathy & lost sensation in my back so I can imagine a tiny fraction of what someone with this goes through. There were so many things I’ve never considered about the dangers of the world when you can’t feel pain. It’s mind-boggling & the conversation with her Uber driver really hit home with me. Thank you to the author for writing this book with this main character. I live in a body that doesn’t work like “regular” bodies do, so I’m always glad & grateful when there’s people like me represented in main character.

Trigger warnings: This book mentions &/or contains gore, violence, kidnapping of child & adult, abuse, murder, ableism & graphic, detailed medical descriptions & trauma.

I will post my review on my Instagram (titaniumtammyreads) & TikTok (titaniumtammy) about a month before publication. & I will post my review on Amazon & Barnes & Noble on the day of publication.
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567 reviews35 followers
May 18, 2022
Girls Without Tears
Genre: Thriller
Format: Kindle eBook
Date Published: 8/9/22
Author: T. L. Finlay
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Pages: 336
Goodreads Rating: 3.47

Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for providing a copy of the book for me to read in exchange for my honest opinion.

Synopsis: When six-year-old Skye disappears from Everglades City, Noa is hesitant to return to her hometown to help with the search effort. Skye is the daughter of Noa’s ex, Zack, and Taylor, the girl he dumped her for. Going home also means facing the townspeople who have always misunderstood Noa’s medical condition, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain, and dealing with more of their ignorant comments. As Noa gets closer to the truth of who kidnapped Skye, she starts to uncover secrets about her hometown that she didn’t expect. Nothing and no one are what they seem in this small Florida backwater—and any good friend can quickly become a deadly enemy.

My Thoughts: With Florida being my home state, I was very excited to dive into this book. Unfortunately, the descriptions of the area was not detailed as you usually see, it fell a little flat for me. However, Noa’s condition intrigued me. This starts out face-paced and then turns into a slow burn for me throughout the book. It did have some twists but still slow moving. The character development was okay, I understood who everyone was and their role, but was left with wanting more. There were twists in the book, however,some were predictable. I believe the concept the author wanted to achieve was amazing, it just fell a little flat for me.
Profile Image for Courtney (caffeinereadrepeat).
417 reviews123 followers
May 17, 2022
Listen Up, Buttercup!! 😳😯🤯😳😯

Well heebeegeebeeies! Yank my dog leash! This was definitely a crazy, interesting premise I jumped into and loved the quick pace it expended. It was like a cat & mouse game I was here for and I went back and forth constantly between who I thought could be behind it! Some of these twists were unreal and made me question Noa quite a few times!

Noa lives in Miami, part of a big construction company. She also suffers from a condition called CIPA, which means she can't feel any pain or injury, and also can't produce sweat or tears. Noa hasn't been home to the Everglades in years but she gets frantic calls from her Dad alerting her to Skye, a six year old, who has gone missing in the town, who happens to be the daughter of Zach - her first love; & Taylor, the woman who took him away from Noa. When she comes back home to try and help with finding Skye, an already bad idea turns worse when horrible things happen to Noa and those around her and then she becomes a suspect in Skye's disappearance. As Noa starts to piece things together, it may not be just Skye's life at risk.

I will say just after the middle section seemed a bit of a halt but it picked up 3/4 of the way through and boy did that get entertaining & compelling. The ending was a major treat and even intense. Totally scrumptious like a banana split with extra chocolate sauce!

Thank you to NetGalley & Crooked Lane Books for this ARC.
Release Date: August 9, 2022

I give this 4 / 5 Lily's! 🪷
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813 reviews25 followers
April 13, 2022
Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for an advanced electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Noa is living in Miami when she hears about a missing child in her hometown. The girl, six year old Skye, is the daughter of Noa's high school ex boyfriend, who broke her heart all those years ago. Hesitant to return because of the judgement she received growing up there with Congenital Insensitivity to Pain, she eventually decides to do what she can to assist. After all, this is a child's life. But the closer they seem to the truth, the more dangerous everything seems to become...

I can't truly recall why I requested this, but I can say for sure that Noa's medical condition and how it was portrayed intrigued me from the start. I had only ever seen this portrayed as a borderline superpower, and having it described in a way that outlines the dangers of it made it more interesting to me.

The story was interesting to follow, and I found myself becoming more invested in Noa's part in everything. I did not truly expect the twists, and I would definitely recommend this book to those who don't mind darkness in their mysteries.

CW: murder, kidnapping, violence, infidelity, torture, gaslighting
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628 reviews44 followers
February 17, 2022
This book was like if the stupidest character in a bad horror movie doesn't actually die at the beginning... You would spend the whole movie yelling at the character to stop being so stupid right? That's this book. The main character was completely unrelatable. Nothing she did made any sense. The CIPA element was intriguing to me because I appreciate representation in books. Unfortunately, even there it didn't quite feel real. I understand that she doesn't feel pain but she was able to endure more than seems humanly possible.
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2,875 reviews20 followers
August 9, 2022
Loved everything about this story!
Unique, suspenseful and gut wrenching, this psychological thriller was brimming with plenty of unexpected twists that pulled me in from page 1 until the very end.
This author has a very unique way of creating mysterious and exciting stories that keep me guessing whodunnit until the very end.
Well paced, with well developed characters, the imagery alone of the haunting Everglades had me hooked.
There are many ways you can describe the main theme of this story. For me it was discovering the answer to our heroine Noa’s journey of “What are you willing to do to fit in!”
Noa our heroine was born with a rare medical condition that prevents her from feeling pain, hunger, and even the sensation to need using the bathroom.

To escape the anguish of “being different” she left her home town 10 years prior and never returned for so many heartbreaking reasons. She successfully created a new life in Miami leaving behind her small town of Everglades City.

An “adorable” small town full of secrets and described by Noa as “If Everglades City were a person, it would be a sociopath. And its dwellers—the enablers.” That statement set the tone for what lies ahead for Noa.

However, a child is missing and her family tells her she return to help rescuing said missing child.
The sacrifice she makes to return to a town that nearly pushed her out, to reconnect with people she left behind because of how they treated her was heart wrenching to read .
Who the parents are of said missing child, added another layer of suspense to this complex story.

The feelings Noa puts aside to help for a greater good…gut wrenching.
Upon arriving, what she does to prove her loyalty to her friends…What she says to fit in with her town folk... Gold!
There were some dark wacky scenes that added comic relief to this mysterious story.

Haunting, soulful and full of twists, what she begins to suspect and discover as the rescue mission evolves knocked me sideways. This town is holding on to so many dark secrets and Noa begins to realize she’s smack in the center of very dangerous territory.

Things are not what they appear and it seems the town has almost won in getting Noa second guessing her own sanity, and ability to do what she has to do to help on this rescue…even those she thought she could trust!

Except Noa has an ally in one Hector who helped her see things more objectively. Hector Morales that is, and he is the unexpected hero who pushes her to look at what’s going on around her more objectively. Who also pushes her to see herself in a different light!
He’s the savior of Noa’s living nightmare.

She begins to let go of her own self doubts, and things begin to happen she never imagined.
You need to read this book and find out what happens!

We all need a Hector Morales and this story is a must read!
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August 12, 2022
Six-year-old Skye disappears in Everglades City, Florida, and it makes national news as the days add up and she remains missing. After receiving a bunch of missed texts and calls from her parents, Noa finally clues in that Skye is her ex-Zack’s daughter with Taylor, the women he left her for. Despite their rough parting, Noa decides to temporarily leave her cush life in Miami to help in the search for Skye.

When Noa returns to the tiny town of Everglades City, she is quickly reminded why she left. Diagnosed with congenital insensitivity to pain as a child, she had an awkward childhood. Unlike other kids, Noa had to be reminded to go to the bathroom well past elementary school. She couldn’t tell when she was hungry or if she injured herself, which meant most sports were off the table. Zack, who was very popular, helped her fit in in a small-minded community, but memories are long and she returns to the ignorant comments she left behind ten years before.

As the days drag on and Skye is still missing, Noa quickly becomes increasingly becomes involved in the search for her and it turns violent as the cops find a vagrant suspected of holding Skye hostage. The more she gets involved, the more ugly secrets are revealed and Noa is left wondering who to trust.

Overall the storyline was interesting, especially Noah’s condition and how it impacted her life; however, the characters all fell a little flat for me. If you need a fast paced read this will do it, but I wish the author would have digged a little deeper into the characters. I read the story, but didn’t really connect to it, and found parts a little far-fetched.

Thank you to Netgalley, Dreamscape Media, and T.L. Finlay for the advanced audiobook. Girls Without Tears is out now. All opinions are my own.

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August 7, 2022
Noa’s life has always been impacted by her condition, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (or CIPA). In a small town like Everglades City, CIPA was never truly understood, so, with that and a broken heart, she decided to leave it and put her past behind. At least until Skye, the six-year-old daughter of her ex, Zack, disappears, and she decides it is time to go back. But nothing is what it seems.
The novel starts with a bang, the characters are quickly presented, the board is set and then… it kind of loses its pace, repeating situations, dragging conversations that could have been finished after two sentences. I was really intrigued by CIPA. I had never seen it depicted in written-form before. The descriptions of its influence over day-to-day’s life were really interesting and well put, and even if sometimes it felt like maybe Noa was enduring more than humanly possible, I believed it and thought it made sense in the world presented by the author. Sadly, there was other choices that did not enjoy as much, the naivety of the main character being one of them. It felt really plot-driven and nothing else.
In general, this is an easily-read thriller for those who just want to evade from real life and enter someone else’s. It has its twists and turns (some more obvious than others) and a couple of scenes that some readers could find difficult to stomach, but made for a solid, fast reading.
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August 11, 2022
There was a lot of goodness in the pages of Girls Without Tears, with the originality of our heroine, Noa, having a condition that doesn't have much of a voice in day to day life. See, she suffers from CIPA (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis) which doesn't make life easy whatsoever. It sure as hell didn't help that everyone who knows that fact doesn't treat her very well, including her first love Zach so she left them all in her rear view mirror. Out of the blue, she's getting a ton of calls from her parents, and it turns out, they're begging for her help as that ex's daughter (with the girl he dumped Noa for) has gone missing, and she actually dropped everything to go home. I have to say it felt weird for me, because honestly?! I would have believed it more if she had a connection to the missing child (not that I wouldn't have helped for any missing child because I would have) in this context that no one really treated her well at home which kept her away for so long, but that's just me. I'm always down for a good suspense filled thriller, and this story did have that element with twists coming in hot as I tried to guess who dun it, but it did lag in places that had my mind wandering more than once. All in all, this was a good story that I enjoyed so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 
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July 31, 2022
Girls Without Tears by T.L. Finlay

A six your old girl name Skye is missing from the Florida Everglades. Noa is hesitant to want to come back home she is currently living her life in Miami and happy that she moved away from Everglade City. Her parents beg her to come home and help search for the little girl. The little girl belonged to Noa's high school sweetheart and he broke her heart when they split.

The story took off from there Noa returns home to help with the search. I forgot to mention Noa suffers from Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis (CIPA which she was teased about when she was younger. This is one of the main reasons why she did not want to return.

Anyways the story started off strong then it fell off a bit in the middle of the story. The plot of the book started strong but sort of fell flat near the end. The book started so fast and then moved like a snail pace for me. Some of the people Noa knew as a kid seemed not to be given much character development. I think the idea of the book was great just the execution of it just did not work for me as I wish it would have.

The strengthen of the book was the main character Noa her illness and how she came across was good just build from there. The person responsible for taking Skye and how the ending worked out did not feel believable to me. The way the character acted just did not fit right.

Tara Sands did a good job giving each character a voice. I am giving this one 3 stars and I still recommend this book it is worth the read just keep your expectations to mediocre. If you like mystery thrillers this will be for you. I would still read from the author for any future works. There is so much potential if executed correctly.
October 7, 2022

Noa has a condition called CIPA, which causes her to not feel pain. One day she receives a phone call from her parents that a six year old girl, Skye, has gone missing in her hometown. It just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend’s daughter. She chooses to come back to her hometown, which she hasn’t visited in 10 years due to her horrible break up, and help in the search for Skye.

This was filled with a lot of action, and was a really fast paced read!

I really enjoyed the involvement of Noa’s condition, the story definitely wouldn’t have been as interesting without it.

I tend to dislike novels where the main character’s goal is to solve a kidnapping or murder because I usually find them very silly and unrealistic, but I actually didn’t mind this one. There were definitely parts that I thought were a little far fetched but it was still entertaining.

I predicted the ending quite early on in the book, but there were little twists that made me question if I had it right. Turns out I still did. I still think it’s worth the read!

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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