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The Rogues #1

Rogues of Regalia

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It’s a new semester at Regalia University, and by the end of it, five men will die.

My sister was good, kind, loving, and the Royals of Regalia bullied her till she killed herself.

I set foot on campus ready to right some wrongs when the most handsome bunch of stone-cold weirdos asked if I needed a little help…

Don’t get me started on Lucien. He fancies himself a vampire—complete with sharpened canines, cape, and a coffin, but if anyone knows how to make a man bleed, it’s him.

Wilder’s on another level, and you’re not allowed. He’s out to expose every conspiracy from Area 51’s alien relocation program to the trackers implanted in our brains. The man doesn’t kiss a woman without patting her down twice, but if you need to get your hands on an arsenal, his is unmatched.

My growling, snapping Cato escaped his last mental institution. Now he has a new obsession: ripping out the throat of anyone who looks at me sideways. Don’t worry, he can’t bite you through the muzzle.

Then, of course, there’s their leader, Rafael. The son of a hitman dances his way around campus, and only takes his headphones off to hear the obscene amount you’ll pay him to take care of your problems. Otherwise, stay out of his blissful world, or he’ll blow it up with you inside.

These four are as determined to make up for not protecting my sister as they are to protect… and keep… me.
They’re freaks. Weirdos. Psychos. But damned if they’re not taking my heart like they do everything else—without mercy or permission.

It’s the five of us against the most powerful and untouchable of Regalia. No one thinks we can win, but I like my chances.
To take down a Royal, you need a Rogue.
And I have four.

The Rogues of Regalia is a dark contemporary reverse harem romance and book one of the series. It gets wild in these pages, if you can handle that, dive in!

485 pages, Kindle Edition

Published March 3, 2022

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About the author

Ruby Vincent

43 books954 followers
Ruby Vincent is a published author with many novels under her belt but now she's taking a fun foray into contemporary romance. She loves saucy heroines, bold alpha males, and weaving a tale where both get their happy ever after.

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53 reviews8 followers
March 27, 2023
3.5 ⭐️

I really liked the story, but as I got to the end of the book, it was dragging on, and I wanted it to be over.

Luna, the FMC was gold. She was a total baddie. I loved her. The rogues took some time to get used to because they were fucking weird in the beginning. However, I loved them by the end too.

This book had my favourite tropes like arranged marriage and teacher x student. I am totally rooting for Victor and Adonis.

Overall, it was excellent but bland at times.

My favourite boys in order as of book #1 (I see potential in all):
1) Cato (the 'mine' did it for me)
2) Rafael (he's so sweet)
3) Wilder
4) Victor (could have been #3, but he's a hoe that fucks anything that moves. I wanted to get in his head)
5) Lucien (cute but kind of too weird)
6) Adonis (only because we didn't get to see him much and he's so grumpy)

Winter threatened to spill that her and Luna were Burkhardts.
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446 reviews45 followers
March 22, 2022
!CLIFFHANGER WARNING! I liked this book, but it was definitely dark and heavy, so pay attention to the ⚠️trigger warnings⚠️ for suicide, rape, sexual assault, and bullying. Rest assured that none of the bullying or sexual violence comes from any of the MC's love interests. Later books may include the MC in a romantic relationship with one of her professors (27 years old), but I can't tell for sure whether that's where their relationship is heading. That relationship wasn't focused on in this book, and so far all they've done together is kiss (a tiny peck) before they knew they were going to be student and teacher (in a college setting, so the MC isn't underage).

I ultimately took off a star from my rating because, although I was interested in the story, I was still ready for the book to end, and the cliffhanger was a good one but still not enough for me to wish the book was longer. I actually found myself relieved the next book wouldn't be out soon (not for nearly a year btw) so that I didn't have to decide whether to start book 2 now. I think maybe it was because the story content was so heavy. It may have been too much to binge-read, which is my default reading style.

Now that the content warnings are out of the way, let me just say that I really like the love interests, even (most of) the ones I'm not even sure are end-game love interests. This is some of the highest praise I can give tbh, because an RH book is only as strong as its harem, and strong characters in a harem can even save an RH book with a weak plot or MC for me.

Love Interests - Rogues

Cato is a former psych-ward patient who doesn't really respect others' boundaries and has a unique way of looking at things. For some reason, his behavior was endearing rather than creepy, and I ADORED the way he just casually said he loved the MC, slipped a ring on her finger, and claimed they were a "couple" (with ambiguous intent behind his use of the word, lol). He had some really sweet and funny moments.

Lucien claims to be a vampire. Even now, I'm not entirely clear on whether he's actually a vampire, whether he's a human who genuinely believes he's a vampire, or whether he's a human who KNOWS he isn't a vampire but also knows that he can't be made to testify against his criminal family if everyone thinks he's insane. If he's playing a role, he's hella committed, and it was interesting trying to parse through his dialogue with the MC to try to decode his words and find the bits of truth.

Rafael is my favorite. He is so funny, sweet, charming, and deceptively smart, showing people what they want to see while he pursues his own goals. He seems to be the ringleader of the Rogues, and he's the first to offer to help the MC with her revenge. Most of the dialogue I highlighted and gave a heart or laugh emoji was from him.

Wilder is a conspiracy-theorist hacker and weapons nut, so he had some entertaining moments as well, but they weren't as heartwarming or mentally stimulating for me, so he's probably my least favorite Rogue even though I still like him (1. Rafael, 2. Cato, 3. Lucien, 4. Wilder).

Love Interests - Not Rogues

I honestly have no idea if these 2 will be end-game love interests or not. I'm not into student-teacher relationships, and I prefer when all harem members are part of a tight-knit group (like the Rogues), so I won't be sad if these 2 aren't end-game, even if I like them as characters.

Victor is the MC's Royal fiance through an arranged marriage that was set up for mysterious reasons on the side of his family. Neither he nor the MC like each other at the beginning of the book, but he grew on the MC and me, and I respected the way he tried to give them a chance. He also had moments that made me smile.

Adonis (lol) is the MC's professor. He's the flattest "love interest" so far and the one I'd be most willing to see left out of the harem. He basically disappeared from the last third of the book.

Beyond the characters, I was decently engaged with the story, and I honestly prefer morally gray characters like the MC over Mary Sues who face long internal dilemmas over doing what needs to be done to move the story along (lol).
Profile Image for Katelyn Taylor.
Author 9 books149 followers
March 5, 2022
This. Book. Is. Everything. Oh, man. I binged this book in a little over a day. I was completely consumed and cared about nothing else except for reading the next page. The men are so weird and so delicious, it is the strangest yet best combination ever! Is there something wrong with me that Cato is my favorite? Probably but I am sure I am not the only one! There is so much depth to this book that I know I will have one nasty book hangover as I try to process everything. To sum it up, this book is phenomenal, which coming from Ruby is not surprising in the least. But did you really have to hit me with a cliff hanger like THAT, Ruby?! Is it February 27th yet? Because I need the next book NOW!
Profile Image for CeCe.
3,372 reviews109 followers
March 21, 2022
It was okay. Book 2 comes out February 2023 but who knows.

Until 50% I could not stop reading. Then it got a little bland. I hope we see more of “Don” the professor.
Profile Image for Kaira はな.
19 reviews
April 21, 2022
Omg? INCREDIBLE but I have notes!

Love love LOVE this story! I haven’t been able to put it down for several days, and it sucks because I’m so busy, but Jesus this was captivating! Loved the FMC, although sometimes her “fierceness” was bordering on stupidity (but that’s okay I love a little hard headedness!), and I like her banning together with the Rogues to exact her sisters revenge. I do have to say I personally didn’t feel any “romantic” connection toward any of the outlined harem, they all would have been more platonic if I were in the FMC’s shoes. Victor was perfect, they had a beautiful budding little romance that almost mimicked a couple that was already married, and I was a bit confused as to why the author decided to build such a pretty romance with them just for him to not be in the harem? And then to squash things so quickly…heartbreak lol. I would have liked to see the older brother in it as well, both are preferred romantically over the odd yet entertaining characters of the actual harem. That said, I cannot WAIT for the next book! This is my first series by the author and I already love how she keeps you on your toes and immersed in the story, definitely have to check out more ❤️❤️
Profile Image for Jessica Michelle.
248 reviews4 followers
April 12, 2022
I started this book late in the evening, and regret how late I stayed up hoping shit would happen.

First thing first. The heroine is a dumb bitch. Seriously. I understand wanting to avenge her sister, but how is stalking and then trying to slit a a dudes throat the smartest way to do that? Also, I’d prefer Victor over all of the others, or at least Cato can be part of that too. The rest? Meh. The heroine just annoyed the shit out of me. She has a fiancé who is trying to make their relationship work even though it’s not something either of them really wanted and what does she do? Throws it in the fucking drain and is a bitch the entire time. Fuck her. There was no smut until the last 20% of the book, and you wanna know why I read romance novels? For the smut. Which wasn’t even that great in my opinion. Am I curious about the big mystery, sure. Did it go anywhere for 500 fucking pages? No. So why the fuck would I read another book to probably be disappointed again and let it drag on going nowhere?

Ps. The reason I gave this book a-go was because of all the good reviews on Amazon… maybe I’m just old.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,323 reviews59 followers
June 12, 2022

If I had known the second book wasn't coming out until 2023, I would have saved all of this time slogging through this mess, trying to get to the end of it. The story is preposterous anyway.
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530 reviews39 followers
May 8, 2022
This is definitely a bully romance, although all the bullying comes from outside the harem. Well, what I assume is going to be her harem... because her harem isn't actually formed by the end of this book. But you can see who's on her side and who she's physically attracted to, so... yes, I'm pretty sure I know who's going to be in her harem.

Since I don't normally read bully romance, I don't have a scale to compare with to tell you how bad the bullying is, but to me, it's pretty darn bad. It's both physical and psychological.

This book requires a heavy suspension of disbelief, more so than some other high school / university / academy books that I've read, like The Sainthood by Siobhan Davis (which I already thought was over the top and highly unbelievable). I'm supposed to believe that everyone knows that the father of two students is a 'fixer' or hitman. The thing is, with that kind of profession, it's supposed to be secret because nobody goes around advertising that they're a hitman, and also, it's a good way to invite retaliation from enemies you've crossed.

More than that, I'm also supposed to believe that there's a student who belongs in a mental asylum, but was broken out of the asylum by his brother and allowed to remain at the school... because his father is a hitman (yes, same father) who twisted some arms or threw around some threats to make it possible. And this student really doesn't seem 'normal' in any sense of the word -- he walks around campus wearing a muzzle because he is known to bite people! Plus, another student has stockpiled all kinds of different weapons in his room on campus? Really?

The story is based around the separation of students into different classes -- the "Royals" and the "dregs", the Royals being the founders of the town and the ones with money & influence; the dregs are all the others. It's not a particularly creative or unique take on school. Obviously, the Royals would lord it over the student body and bully the dregs.

What makes it different is Luna's mission to take revenge on specific Royals who made her elder sister's life such a misery that her sister committed suicide. Her sister left her a letter in which she named the culprits and explained what they had done to her. Well, then. Luna's idea of revenge is to unalive all the guys named in the letter, but she had not thought beyond that to how she would be able to do it undetected and stay out of jail.

Cue the hitman's two sons and their best friends, one of whom is a paranoid conspiracy theorist (the guy with the stockpile of weapons) and the other totally convinced he's a vampire who's lived since the 17th century. The four guys don't fit in the school's hierarchy, so they're a law unto themselves -- The Rogues. They decide to step in and help Luna because they know how to be sneaky and not leave a trail, plus they were friends of her sister and want to avenge her sister, too.

The four guys are clearly going to be in the harem, and by the end of the book Luna has fooled around with or slept with three of them. I don't know how to feel about them; they aren't your typical heroes, and are a tad too weird or "too much" for me. They aren't the kind of guy you 'like'... and again, I've said this before, I feel that RH authors are now purposely writing in so-called "psycho men" into the harem ever since Den of Vipers made it big. It's a trend and a trope that I'm seeing in current RH. Most recently, I saw this in The Cleanup by Mila Sin and Manuela Rouget. Personally, I don't see the attraction because the fictional guys I like tend to be the same sort of guys I'd like in real life. I find it hard to root for mentally unstable people or bloodthirsty people who delight in torture and killing.

Anyway. If you ask me, Luna is not too smart -- did you see the part where I said she hadn't thought beyond killing the guys? She doesn't have the resources to go against all the Royals, and obviously they'd stick together. There's the typical 'mean girl posse' and then the sicko guys who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. I was not super impressed with Luna because I felt she was mostly acting on emotion and impulse, and she let emotion blind her. Also, she's so happy to watch each guy on her sister's list suffer that I felt she was lowering herself down to their level and becoming just as bad as they were.

I wasn't sure what role Luna's fiancé, Victor, is meant to play. Theirs is an arranged marriage. For some reason, Luna's stepfather wants her to marry Victor, and he agrees to cover her tuition fees on the condition that she will agree to the marriage (obviously, he and her mom don't want her to attend this school which had caused her sister to kill herself). Luna can't understand why he wants the marriage so badly, and why Victor's parents want it. Their family are Royals and they don't gain anything by having Victor marry her. I'm unsure if Victor will be part of the harem. He is protective of her to an extent, but not caring - it's hard to describe. And Luna also has some attraction to his older brother, who is their English literature professor. I have a feeling that the older brother may somehow become a part of Luna's harem, but not so sure about Victor.

The book ends on a cliffhanger, of course. I didn't feel that it was a very bad cliffy, but then again I wasn't that invested in the story that I was reading. I give it four stars because it was interesting, but the bullying was hard to read, I didn't totally identify with Luna's character (but at least she wasn't TSTL or annoying) and I didn't fall in love for the harem or want them for myself. I don't know if I'll read the next book.
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450 reviews2 followers
May 5, 2022
Holy moly... I don't give 5 stars out very often anymore... But this was amazing. It was dark, gritty and completely sucked you in!
I cannot wait for the next one which is out next year 😬
238 reviews21 followers
September 21, 2022
I don't know how to rate this one.

The good: The writing was smooth, the premise was interesting, and I didn't feel like any of the guys were cardboard cutouts. It was a gloriously soapy bit of melodrama, and while I was reading it, I ate it up with a spoon. I appreciated that Luna, our heroine, was a stone-cold, bad-ass bitch without losing some of her vulnerability.

I do have to knock off a star for the fact that literally every other woman in the book is insufferable, including Luna's supposed friend. If you can't sell me on every man wanting to be with the heroine without knocking other women in the process, you have not written an effective why-choose book, in my opinion.

There were parts of the book that didn't pass the sniff test. I realize the point of these academy books is not to tell a story about a character actually learning stuff in college or whatever, but given how much the book talks about how the education at Regalia University is top-notch, all the professors (except the one who's going to end up as one of her men, natch, who has this whole Robin Williams in Dead Poet's Society thing going on, except sexier) seem very ineffective at actually doing their jobs. I just don't believe that an administration would be so corrupt that they would ignore the kind of ridiculous nonsense Luna is subjected to from her fellow students without someone suing the crap out of them.

As for Luna, I did think her characterization was somewhat inconsistent, too. It kept me from loving her the way I wanted to, because I felt like she was a bad-ass or a damsel in distress according to whatever criteria the author needed at the time.

As for the men, Cato and Wilder were my favorites. I'm also holding out hope that Victor will either turn out to be part of her stable or the secret big bad the whole time. I did think the Rogues craziness was a little too over the top to be believable. I kind of wanted Luna to... not be sure of them at first, since she takes everything they say to her at face value and never seems to question any of it. But I didn't hate any of them, which is always nice.

The book was also a shade too long. The last couple of chapters dragged a bit and I kept wanting to wander off and do something else.

Like I said, it's a mixed bag. The book isn't without its flaws, but that isn't going to stop me from reading the next one when it comes out!
Profile Image for Jackie.
2,307 reviews
August 3, 2022
DNF - quit at 15 % (page 75)
I normally avoid the heavy bullying type of stories, cause I hate that trope. But the revenge for her sister angle caught my interest in the blurb. I don't know, but this book is seriously a betty-downer & slow moving story with no real sense of plot. It's so slow moving, I just got bored & depressed 75 pages in, & just didn't want to continue & thinking I needed to find a Rom-Com book next to lift my mood. All the characters all lack substance (very flat & hateful for the most part) to make me care about them. The FMC seems so focused on her revenge, but seems to not have really planned it out too well. I just really couldn't get into the unplanned revenge or the depressing way the story was meandering along. She needed to be smarter in planning out her revenge before even getting to the school, I'm all for an eye for an eye revenge plot & the whole royal crowd needed to be knocked on their asses, but just showing up & hoping to "plot it out as you go" doesn't really work in real life. In the end when I quit the book, she just seemed like an idiot. I also wanted to see her develop some friendships to counter balance all that revenge angst she was carrying, but all the other characters seemed superficial at the point I quit, with no idea of it changing anytime soon. No this was definitely not my cup of tea, and I don't understand the high ratings it received. Yes mystery & angst can work in a RH type of story, but this just wasn't working at all in order to keep this reader interested & hoping that the FMC achieves her goals & also accidentally finds happiness in the end with her RH.

At my age (60), life is way too short & my time is too important to force myself to read a book I'm not enjoying, especially when there are so many other books out there waiting to be read.

38 reviews
June 6, 2022
words hold a thousand meanings

Like wow, I can’t even begin to tell you how much this book drew me in. I couldn’t put it down and I swear you’ll not regret owning this book. I think the only down side is I have to wait for the next book to come out.

You will love these boys just like they are meant to be. I feel like there was slowly going to be more added at least it seems like it would be leading that way, but nope not happening. I like the four main guys but I’m secretly hoping attests 1 more joins the ranks. I’m still on the rocks about the other guy I feel like with the ending events I’m seeing him in a whole new light.

The ending though a part of me thinks that the mystery style of this book just reach epic suspense motives. Spoiler alert it’s all about names and how much power they truly hold. A royal isn’t just a title it’s the legacy of name.

Can it be next year already please! I’m looking forward to this series and I’ll wait patiently for the next book to come out.
Profile Image for Serena Holt.
112 reviews1 follower
February 7, 2023
Good read

*Triggers: know yours, read the warnings and stop shaming those who enjoy & authors who write them.
*Personal pet peeve if mine reviews that vash a book for being book 1 or for the timeframe of the next release. Most authors give an ETA for additional books, but life happens. Sometimes that next book may arrive quicker or be delayed. You're not perfect, so don't expect the rest of us to be.

I enjoyed this book. It is a slow burn, teenage RH. The feelings and angst are there, but the sp!cy scenes are so far tame given the characters high school setting. Luna is a strong FMC, but I'm not always happy with her choices. I'm wondering just how big her har€m will be and who be her final choices. Victor and Adonis are both in a position to challenge the Rouges for her. Rafael, Cato, Wilder and Lucien have their own unique issues and Luna compliments them well. Cato is my personal favorite from this book. I'm hoping her future choices don't hurt him.
Profile Image for Tabby Newcomb.
Author 2 books8 followers
March 7, 2022

This book...what can I say? There are no words that I feel I can say that does it justice. I'm an avid reader, reading well over 400 books a year and can say with certainty that this is my top favorite book in a long, long while. I usually blow through books but with this little gem I found myself finding excuses to stop for a few minutes just to prolong the ending from coming. When I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it. This book made me laugh, made me cry and hit me right in the heart. I loved Luna, Cato, Lucien, Raphael and Wilder. Although the guys were quirky, I love their commitment to protecting Luna. Plus, them being sexy didn't hurt either. I have to say though, Cato stole my heart. The characters were so well fleshed out and I feel as if I really know them. If you like Murder mystery, college life, secrets, revenge, sercret clubs this book is definately for you. I highly recommend you give this beautiful book a try. You won't be sorry.
Profile Image for Cynthia Mejia.
251 reviews53 followers
March 30, 2022

Loved this book! It was so different from what I was expecting. I’m a big Ruby Vincent fan and love the unique spins she gives her stories. I really like Luna and empathize with why she feels she needs to avenge her sister. The guys are great! It’s hard to pick a favorite. Lucien and his sensual creature of the night mystique. Wilder and his brilliant, germaphobe, conspiracy-loving mind. Raphael and his gorgeous, protective ways. And then Cato and his straight-forward, primal self. (I must say I may love Cato a bit too much!) And of course, there are the outliers that I may be rooting for to be added to Luna’s harem - a certain fiancé and his brother, wink-wink. The Royals are true villains. They’ve done horrible things. They’ve said hateful things. And they deserve nothing but whatever vengeance the Rogues help Luna exact. I can’t wait for the next book!
Profile Image for Kim Fauver.
8 reviews
May 11, 2022
Lots of twists and turns

The story has a lot of twists and turns and the moment you think you have it all figured out, something new comes into play keeping you guessing and second guessing and third guessing yourself. The guys are quirky but manage to still be hot and I am not positive if this is a strictly contemporary RH or if there is actually, in fact, a vampire in the story lol. Lucien has me nearly convinced. Nothing is resolved by the end of this book, but I had a lot of fun anyway. I'm not sure what that says about me, I'm not going to look too closely at the fact I enjoyed the vigilante justice dished out thus far.
Profile Image for Heidi Corley.
54 reviews3 followers
January 17, 2023
OMG!!! This book had me not wanting to sleep to finish it. I usually have things figured out in books like this but by the end of this first book I have more suspects than answers. And the Rogues they are so different but so loveable. I just hope they don't do something in book two to change my views of them. Though Cato, something about him had me zoning in on him out of the group as my favorite. Rafael was hot in his heels though. Wilder and Lucien are just behind them. Honestly with all their different personalities they truly make the perfect one person. February can't come soon enough so I can read the second book.
Profile Image for shades (HIATUS).
107 reviews
March 23, 2022
Cato was my fav out of all of them. his brother comes second and wilder is 3rd, while our gentleman Lucien takes fourth.
sorry Lucien.

but, cato!
good,cato! ur so freaking awesome and sweet and adorable and crazy.

and I'm pretty sure if i search up "freaking amazing" in dictionary, Luna Sinclair would be the definition.
I love her and her guys and this book

I still don't know if I like Katie or not.lol

aaannnd what's the deal with Victor and Adonis?
Adonis isn't a male lead. Then why is he acting (a little) like one?
and victor, if the rogues didn't exist maybe he would've ad a chance with Luna. but the rogues do exist so, you're out of the potential lover's list, Vicky boy.
Profile Image for Galina Sulaiman.
1,845 reviews4 followers
May 5, 2022

What a refreshingly good book, filled with some unique characters. A good twist on mean girls, over privileged people who do bad things and treat others horribly and get away with it. Luna is set to get vengeance for those that helped push her older sister to suicide. She has to become engaged to go to that university to one of the most privileged. At least him and his brother aren’t douches. The Rogues are interesting and definitely intriguing. The cliffhanger was brutal. Cannot wait!
Profile Image for Erika.
413 reviews9 followers
March 13, 2022
I often wonder if Ruby’s books start as dares. Like someone in her writing group gives her an absolutely outlandish character (or, in this case, 4), and she has to turn them into romantic leads.

This series was a whole lot of OMG WTF OMFG WTAF, with gorgeous guys, power plays, and a big town mystery. It had the tone of the Saints and Sinners series but brought us back to an Evergreen Academy style setting.

I am so curious to see how this plays out.
149 reviews
April 7, 2022

The writing was good, the story was good, however I didn't realise it would be a YEAR for the next book to come out. If you're gonna put out a series of books there should be a month between them at the longest.

The characters are interesting, but there are so many and everything feels rushed.

The book is not a bad one, and maybe in a year's time I'll pick up the next one, probably not though and that's a shame.
Profile Image for Deborah.
361 reviews1 follower
June 21, 2022
Brilliant, confusing, so many secrets and lies!

Such a fantastic read, there are so many things going on here. So many secrets and lies! Love the Rogues, but also Vincent and Adonis! I'm emotionally confused. There are so many bad guys and the whole thing is just totally brilliant. I can't give a cohesive review because my mind is just completely blown by it all.
You just need to read it and experience the story!
Profile Image for Kristin.
61 reviews2 followers
September 23, 2022
So I saw a quote from this book and thought “hey why not?” The cover was meh (mostly bc of the vampire) so I went in thinking it might be a fun read. Well hot damn I did not count on being sucked in, super enjoying it and then left dangling on a cliff! I always think I won’t be upset over a cliffhanger. And then there’s a cliffhanger and now I’m like “there is only one book so far?!?!?!?!”
So anyway, read it.
April 5, 2022
my goodness

This book, oh my! I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I laughed, cried, and was shaken to my core! I couldn’t recommend this book more. From the rouges to Katie to Luna, you’ll be hanging on to every sentence. Can’t believe I have to wait until 2023 for the next instalment.
May 14, 2022
Mystery and Drama galore!

It takes a lot for me to give 5 stars to a book with such little spice but this is one of those rare examples! The characters were so unique and interesting that I couldn’t help but love them. The drama behind what happened to Winter had me hooked and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
109 reviews
July 10, 2022
Must read!!!

Rogues is an amazing book! It's so full of dark and twisted deliciousness! The bullying in this book is brutal, both on the MFC and on others. And the payback is blood thirsty as f*uck!!! And that ending! Just when you think you are going to figure out what is going on, a curve ball from nowhere smacks you in the head!
Profile Image for Mikayla.
65 reviews167 followers
September 27, 2022
This book shocked me. I really didn't know what to expect with this book, but for WHATEVER reason it has a chokehold on me. I was soooo engrossed in the uniqueness of each character and their development throughout the book. I still cant put into words why exactly i am obsessed, because truly this is not the usual type of book I read, but I really really really need the second book to come out.
January 29, 2023

I picked this up not expecting to really like it, but I had to find out why there was a comment about a guy wearing a muzzle. Let me tell you I stayed up half the night to finish this book and I almost broke my phone when I found out book 2 wasn't released yet. Will def be on the lookout on release day.
February 17, 2023
The start of this book gets you into the story right away. It describes a young girl who is looking for revenge for her sister. Unfortunately a few mishaps get in the way but 4 men are there to save her. The description, the detail, everything about this book made me excited to keep reading. 9/10 worth the read.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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