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Silent Depths

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What is your freedom worth?

Callie’s mind holds the key to weapons of mass destruction, both nuclear and biological. Kidnapped as a child by an obscure branch of the military, she escapes the bowels of a Think Tank and risks everything for freedom.

Nate Crofton left his black-ops unit seeking a quieter existence as a private investigator. When an ex-teammate draws him into a web of tangled lies and betrayal, he can’t resist the young prodigy in need of protection.

Little does he know the blue-eyed enigma holds incredible secrets and can take care of herself, along with the team sworn to protect her.

Together, they must rely on each other’s strengths to stay one step ahead of agents, both foreign and domestic, while navigating their growing attraction.

A must-read for fans of for fans of CM Sutter, Dale Mayer, Dean Koontz, LT Ryan, and Fiona Quinn.

217 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 31, 2021

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About the author

Reily Garrett

49 books773 followers

Reily Garrett is a writer, mother, and companion to three long coat German shepherds. When not working with her dogs, she’s sitting at her desk with her furkids by her side.
Author of chilling suspense and snarky romance, her stories include romantic thrillers and paranormal romance, . Regardless of genre, each book delves into a dark and twisted imagination yet is tempered with romance and a touch of humor.
Reviews by Kirkus Reviews, San Francisco Bay Review, and BestThrillers.com best describe her work:
"This could be James Patterson, Lee Child, and Tess Gerritsen rolled into one, but the dark, twisted methods used by the serial killer could surprise even those readers…” - San Francisco Bay Review
“…steamy, seductive police procedural…” - BestThrillers.com
“…well-researched thriller that remains romantically genuine throughout.” - Kirkus Review

Prior experience in the Military Police, private investigations, and as an ICU nurse gives her fiction a real-world flavor.

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1,820 reviews266 followers
February 2, 2022
Unlike many other readers, I found this story difficult to enjoy. From the start, I thought I was dropped into the middle of something important. I felt I was missing key pertinent points that would help me understand why things were happening the way they did. It was disconcerting and it took me a while before I settled in.

On one hand, the storyline scored points with a child prodigy-now-adult saved by a group of well-meaning soldiers, but overall I was left unsatisfied. The special young woman was suppose to be guarded and kept safe and yet was encouraged to sing in a bar-like setting...with rollerblades. I also had a hard time relating to men with the names of Whisper, Nerd, Virus and Spirit.

Silent Depths included some action, romance, villains and a nasty business about breeding. I wanted to enjoy this story, but as another reviewer wrote, there is a good tale buried in here, I just had a difficult time finding it.

This was an arc and I would like to thank Net Galley, Reily Garrett and Garrett Publishing for a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.
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199 reviews26 followers
November 29, 2022
So much happened in this book that nothing also happened at the same time. The pacing was off and there was little to no character descriptions. I felt no connection to them. Also, the POV switched mid chapter, without warning, and it was fairly confusing. I did however enjoy the idea of the story.

However, I never want to read "globes of her derriere" again for as long as I live.
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108 reviews1 follower
January 5, 2022
The buildup of answers to my questions as I read the book was incredible. I figured out who the first traitor was, but the identity of the second one blew me away. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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2,433 reviews40 followers
September 16, 2022
2,188 reviews29 followers
January 10, 2022
This is book one of the Mind Stalkers series and the main character is a young woman called Callie, who has lived in a secret Institute, a Think Tank, for the majority of her life and known nothing different, being constantly under guard and isolated from normal human interactions, whilst being tested and prodded by numerous scientists, as they learn her full capabilities. She is extremely intelligent, a genius with a computer and has secrets even she isn’t willing to divulge to those who keep her prisoner. Ray, the administrator of the Institute, has her working on some very destructive ideas, such as a weapon of mass destruction that would be completely undetectable by normal means. She doesn’t want to work on projects that are meant to kill or destroy and she has finally managed to find some people on the inside who are willing to help her escape. The assistance of someone very similar to her, has helped a team of four to plan her escape, but it doesn’t go without some deadly hiccups. One of the team, Franklin is shot dead during the escape and she has only Jake to keep her safe. He links up with his old team from his military days and they run across the country, trying to keep her safe. Jake arranges a meeting with a woman he only knows as Penny, who helped with finding and releasing Callie, but who he knows little about. He also arranges for his team and Callie to stay with an old friend and also former teammate, Nate Crofton, at his and his brothers club Ambrosia, having asked Nate to take Callie and run if he doesn’t return within two hours.
It seems that not only Ray, the administrator wants her back into his fold, but a group of foreign agents are looking to capture her and there may well be a traitor within Jake’s team. Jake’s team consists of Virus – electronics expert, Whisper – can fly or drive anything mechanical, Blade – weapons expert, Nerd – gator hunter and keyboard expert and Spirit – a Native American, and a recent addition Sebastian, who Jake knew and trusted. Callie only really knows Jake and Sebastian, but Nate refuses to let her stay with Sebastian, only trusting those he knows from his former team. Nate and his brothers Connor, Julien and Marc are co-owners of the nightclub Ambrosia, but their main business is as private investigator, after leaving the military. They are close knit brothers, who stuck together even after losing their parents at a young age and followed similar paths. An attempt to take Callie from the club doesn’t go well enough and Nate decides to take Callie and her team of protectors to his safe haven and doesn’t tell Sebastian where they are going. All he knows is that Callie is some sort of prodigy and sought after by their own government as well as overseas interests and he will do anything he can to keep her safe. She is completely innocent of the world around her and is living new experiences every day. He needs to know all her secrets before he can trust her completely, but won’t fail in his duty to protect her in the meantime. She has a huge secret to reveal and it may be more than he or the team can handle. That’s as well as all her intelligence and ability with code and computers.
The story starts with explosive action and never seems to stop, as danger is coming for Callie and all those who try to keep her safe, from all sides. Whoever it is that wants her, either foreign or domestic, have deep pockets and seem to be able to worm their ways into the lives of the most trusted members of units and sway them to their side, with promises of retirement worthy sums of money. Promises that won’t be kept if any of the men protecting Callie and the mysterious Penny have their way. Betrayal by those you trust is always a bitter pill to swallow and even Colonel Kenson, Nate and Jake’s former CO, is not trusted by them, as they have yet to discover who is behind the threats to Callie’s life and who wants her. Jake seemed to love Callie, but she has no idea of what love or infatuation even are, and has much to learn about men as she finds out to her cost at one stage. Jake bought her a puppy, called Faith, who will become a huge sense of comfort to Callie as her world implodes around her at times. She wants revenge and justice for the lives of the men lost so far, all in aid of her and her life and even wants to take part in that revenge personally. When she finally tells her biggest secret to Nate, he devises a series of training scenarios to help her train in this ability and push her to her limits, helping her to use it even when distracted and expanding her range of effectiveness. She wants to be a full member of his team, not just the asset they have to protect and have the skills to protect herself if needed. A great read with an intriguing and complicated female lead who has abilities far beyond others and was used and is now hunted, for them. I would recommend this book to all who love a good thriller with some psychic abilities and romance thrown in, as well as a well-trained team of ex-military friends acting as protectors for an unknown asset. I can’t wait to read the next book and the rest of the books in this series. I received an ARC copy of this book from BookSprout and I have freely given my own opinion of the book above.
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Author 51 books1,889 followers
December 12, 2021
‘Something felt – off.’ - A fine new mystery

Bicoastal author Reily Garrett has been employed as an ICU nurse, a private investigator, and in the military police – all of which supplies her with the intricate and detailed knowledge from which she forges her books. She addresses issues such as man's cruelty and ingenuity for torment and torture, having witnessed the after-effects of a teenager mugged at knife point for a pair of tennis shoes, or an elderly woman stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver for no apparent reason- all leaving an indelible impression that will forever haunt her subconscious. On the other side other spectrum of experiences she has observed a woman stopping her vehicle in severe, snowy weather to offer her own winter coat to a stranger, a teenager wearing a threadbare hoodie - life's diversities observed by Reily are endless. Her newest contribution, Book One of her new Mind Stalker series, is SILENT DEPTHS.

Establishing a fine sense of character in a few opening lines is a talent Reily owns, as the opening chapter introduces her primary character: ‘Life made sense when reduced to numbers. Equations followed rules and remained constant. Mathematics didn’t shoot bullets or tear through flesh like the sharp edge of a blade. It also didn’t confuse her like the savage metaphors spewed by her adviser. Callie’s world dissolved into chaos with the turn of a key. A mind for facts and logic hampered her ability to balance the pandemonium in her head as snow-laden whirlwinds hindered her view of freedom on the other side of a chain-linked fence…’ Eloquently phrased, the story that follows is one of Reily’s finest.

A quality synopsis is provided – ‘Callie’s mind holds the key to weapons of mass destruction, both nuclear and biological. As a child, she drew the attention of an obscure military branch who kidnapped and held her in the bowels of a Think Tank. Following a daring escape, death and destruction dog her steps yet can’t diminish her determination in seeking justice. Nate Crofton left his black-ops unit seeking a quieter existence as a private investigator. When an ex-teammate draws him into a web of tangled lies and betrayal, he can’t resist the young prodigy in need of protection. Little does he know the blue-eyed enigma holds incredible secrets and can take care of herself, along with the team sworn to protect her. Together, they rely on each other’s strengths to stay one step ahead of agents, both foreign and domestic, while navigating their growing attraction’

Once again Reily proves her position on the platform of excellent mystery novels is assured. Very highly recommended.
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book
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1,864 reviews49 followers
January 4, 2022
Reily Garrett – Mind Stalkers Bk 1 – Silent Depths – Reviewed 1/4/22 – Read 1/2/22

Callie is making her break from the Think Tank that she has held her prisoner; now, what is next?

Callie is a genius that has been held prisoner all of her life; it has been nothing but equations, rules, and NEVER anything different, until now! She understands that there is a world outside of the one that she has been forced to live in, and she wants to try for it with the help of her friends, Jake, and his partners. The one thing that she did not count on was that her numbers never shot back with real bullets. As the four of them make their break, Franklin takes a bullet and tells Jake to keep going and get Callie to safety; if that happens, then it was all worth it.

Reaching the car, they take off for the West Coast. All the way, Callie is learning about things that she never dreamed about before, such as driving a car and knowing that Jake wanted her to experience all that she has never known existed. Jake had some worries, and he knew that he needed to set up a backup safety net in case anything happened to him, and that was why he was heading to the area where his friend Nate Crafton lived, and the story begins.

Join Callie and Jake as they run from the killers that want Callie back, heading to the NEW future that Jake wants Callie to have, FREEDOM…

What did I like? I am a big fan of Reily’s books, as you have probably already guessed. I find them fascinating, exciting, well-written and researched. She fills them with relatable and remarkable storylines. Of course, she also includes dogs we all fall in love with that have their own personalities.

What will you like? As I said above, Reily’s book will take you by storm; the unique storyline in this story feels so authentic and intriguing. I always want to help the characters get out of their impossible situations, but of course, Reily has everything in hand! Mind Stalkers series begins here, but heck, I am already waiting for the next one. Don’t miss this incredible read that will have you burning the midnight oil! Reily Garrett’s “Silent Depths” is available NOW!!!

• ASIN: B09MKZM296
• Publisher: Reily Garrett
• Publication Date: 12/31/2021
• File Size: 8534 KB
• Print Length: 222 pages
• Genre: Psychic Suspense, Kidnapping Crime Fiction, Domestic Thrillers
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2,809 reviews51 followers
January 15, 2022
Silent Depths, A Psychic Suspense Thriller with a Romantic Twist ,(Mind Stalkers Book 1), Reily Garrett

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Mystery and Thrillers, Romance

I know already I enjoy Reily's writing style, for me she has a good balance of romance, story and suspense. I don't mind intense, detailed thrillers, but sometimes I want a mystery to relax with rather than one where I have to keep checking back to see who fits where and how. Over the last two years I've found it difficult to get lost in a book the way I used to so one like Silent Depths is perfect, enough action and romance to keep me interested, but not so much detail I get bogged down and give up.
I really enjoyed the story, even if it was a bit love at first sight ;-) I don't often find that believable, but it worked here. I loved the team Nate has, close knit family and his old crew from working together. They almost seemed to know what the other was thinking, and Callie's talents were a good fit.
What scares me about books like this is they are sadly believable, in that anyone with a stroke of intelligence that borders on genius, who could be useful to the military I could see ending up like this. Oh it would be dressed up in “protection, national security, in his/her best interests” but ultimately its the chance of another weapon enemies don't have, even if it comes in the form of a sentient, living, breathing person. That was at the back of my mind as I was reading, that I could see much of this playing out that way if Callie were real. That's awful isn't it? But sadly, reality.
I did find the free prequel and read that first, which gave me an overview of events. Its not necessary, but its a quick story and I think its well worth reading.

Stars: four, an easy read, just what I needed, but still kept me engrossed. Great characters, and a vivid story-line. I look forward to reading more of this series.

ARC supplied by author
159 reviews1 follower
January 12, 2022
~Heavy on the mystery…Heavy on the action
~First, I’ll state that I received this book as a gift from the author to read and review.
~This new series is a step in a little bit of a different direction from the authors other books. This makes of good reading; it is something a little different. There are a number of other books available with ‘macho’ retired special ops men as the main characters in the story. The two main characters Callie and Nate are very strong, powerful, focused characters…without being written as the stereotypical harsh black ops types.
~This story offers some interesting twists. I’ll not share any spoilers…enough to say that there is more to Callie than first appearances allow the reader to see. Also, there are bad guys…and the author, Reily Garrett…leads us on a mighty trail of deception and disloyalty before we uncover the truth. Perhaps, not all the truth has yet to be discovered!
~There is romance in this book, though it is a long, slow burn. None of the characters are rushing into anything…their true feelings grow and mature over a number of chapters.
~There are a lot of main satellite characters…Nate’s brothers, his ex-military team, and some active members of the military…I will admit that at one point I did get confused about who was who. It did not really distract from the book, it simply caused me to pause and think about all the people, and put them back in order.
~I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an action-packed plot. It is well written and enjoyable reading.

~Oh, and Yes, there was a dog, Faith…a puppy really…who we can expect to read more about in future stories, I’m quite sure.
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1,580 reviews37 followers
January 4, 2022
I enjoy reading romantic suspense. I always have, and it is an automatic yes when I get review requests. I love reading about two people falling in love while there is suspense going on. So, when Reily emailed me and asked if I would like to review her book, I jumped on it. I am glad that I did because I enjoyed Silent Depths.

The plotline of Silent Depths is interesting. Callie has been broken free from the Think Tank, where she has lived since she was a child. When her protector is killed, she is left under the care of Nate, an ex-Black-Ops, and his team. But Callie isn’t what Nate thinks. There is more to her than he thinks. Can Nate keep Callie safe?

Silent Depths had a fast-moving plotline. It started fast and kept the pace up throughout the book. The flow of the book went well with the pacing. I enjoyed it!!

I loved Callie in Silent Depths. Her character growth in Silent Depths was terrific. She went from innocent to almost wordly in an entire book.

I wasn’t sure of Nate during the first few chapters. But as the book went on, and the more he fell in love with Callie, my opinion of him changed. He was the right person to keep Callie safe. He was also the right person to discover her telekinesis and help grow it. By the end of the book, he had morphed into one of my favorite characters.

The romance angle of Silent Depths was so sweet. Nate felt an instant attraction to Callie from the beginning, but he held off on doing anything about it because she was innocent and under his protection. But once everything was resolved (well, somewhat), Nate made his move. I loved everything about it!!! It was refreshing to read about a hero willing to wait for the heroine.

The suspense angle of the book was well written too. I was kept on the edge of well, my bed (I read the book in bed). My heart was racing during parts of the book, and I couldn’t put it down.

The paranormal angle of Silent Depths was terrific. The author didn’t come right out and say what Callie’s power was until Callie met Nate. Then the focus was on strengthening her powers and keeping her safe.

There was a mystery angle in Silent Depths. I couldn’t figure out who the mole was on the team. The author did a great job of keeping that under wraps. She threw out red herrings and misdirection. I was shocked by who the mole was. I wasn’t surprised by why that person wanted to sell Callie. It was sad, to be honest.

The end of Silent Depths was excellent. The author wrapped up the storylines in a way that I enjoyed. I also liked that she led into book two at the end of Silent Depths.

I would recommend Silent Depths to anyone over 21. There is sex (not graphic), language, and mild violence.
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1,334 reviews1 follower
June 5, 2023
Callow and nate

First book in this series, I have read Another series of this author and that to was mind magic not sure if it's set in the same world just different place but so far I haven't notice cameos from the other series.This series the storyline is very interesting but sadly we get know answers at the end just more questions.
There is a slow burn romance but apart from nate thinking she is beautiful but to innocent for him not his type, nothing happens there until the last 20 pages it's very the women needs help hes focused on that. There is no push and pull, misunderstanding,ex's getting in the way of pages of sex (don't want to give spoilers so sex =classy)
This book focus on her getting away from day meeting the team learning what she knows about her (she is 22)
My problem was she is running from Ray really, yes other men was buying her, 2 was chasing after her plus the buyer but Ray is a danger had her for possibly 22 years.
Is Jake really dead? Who is penny?
1,676 reviews14 followers
February 9, 2022
This is the 1st book in the Mind Stalkers series and is a terrific/suspenseful start to this series. This is Callie, Jake and Nate's story.
The subject matter of Callie’s gifts was fascinating and the camaraderie of the group was wonderful to see. Callie’s reactions to things and phrases she doesn’t know is like seeing the world through anothers eyes. Callie was taken at a young age to the Think Tank due to her abilities she was solated from the outside world, had no friends and virtually held prisoner. All she ever wanted was to be free. Jake and Sebastian took her under their wing and helped her escape when she got older. This is where she meets Nate (ex military and PI) and a friend to Jake. When Callie meets Nate the chemistry ignites!.But as Callie and Nate get close so do her enemies who want her back so now they are on the run. What happens next, well you will have to read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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2,193 reviews22 followers
December 29, 2021
At a young age Callie was taken to the Think Tank due to her abilities. A genius who needed to be trained. Isolated from the outside world and no socialization with anyone except Ray. All she ever wanted was to be free. As she got older Jake and Sebastian took her under their wing and helped her escape.
Nate is ex military and a friend to Jake. When Jake and Callie show up to meet Nate there is a chemistry. Callie is an enigma to Nate.
Evil lurks in the shadows waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike putting everyone in danger.
A romantic suspenseful story that will keep you on your toes with action packed drama and mystery.

Can't wait for next installment Shadow Guard as Callie takes a journey with the Crofton Brothers to unravel the mystery of the other women who might!
4,958 reviews23 followers
January 3, 2022
Both our hero and heroine have hidden skills and secrets of their own. Can they form a bond to work together against their common foe?

This is book one of the series, so a fine place to start.

This is a romantic suspense story with some paranormal elements. The story is well written, and easy to read with well developed characters and an intriguing setting. There is a long of action and intrigue in this one, so the story moves at a good pace. I also like both of our lead characters which is always a plus. Overall, a fast moving story that draws you in at the beginning and doesn't let go. Where is the next book?

Highly recommended

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout for review purposes
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71 reviews
August 11, 2022
Needs help

Likes: story line/plot, ish world-building
Dislikes: choppy, incoherent, poor flow, lack of punctuation, lack of quotation marks, lack of character development, lack of natural dialog between main characters, too rushed & not fleshed out.

I'm at 67%. Not sure if I'm going to finish this one or not.
I'd like to see this author get an editor, proofreader, round of alpha readers, round of beta readers who will point out mistakes/continuity errors (which character said/did what, now?, she knew/didn't know the *important information*, character A's name was used when it was character B earlier in the paragraph or sentence - that kind of thing).

Needs work. Will continue reading to see if any of the issues resolve themselves.
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491 reviews2 followers
May 11, 2023
2 of the team helping free Callie were killed, the other two were different as day and night. .

2 of the team helping Callie escape the institution were killed. Those left were very different. The leader was old military with strong ties he called on. The other was fringe and his vibes were wrong. Callie was taken to Nate so he would know her if something went wrong with her continued escape. No one knew that would be called on the first night they met. Nate and his team stepped up to the plate and took over watching and training Callie and her gifts. In his team she found the freedom to be herself. The special Callie everybody was hunting for. The one with unusual gifts that the team accepted and enjoyed. To bad the enemy wasn’t giving up.
1,492 reviews14 followers
December 29, 2021
Callie is part of a military unit she was recruited into when she was very young. She escaped and is helped by Nate, a PI but ex military. Their attraction grows as they are on the run.
Wow this certainly was a non stop ride. Very very good. The characters and dialogue were exceptional and just made the story for me. I really enjoyed the connection between Callie and Nate and how they were with each other.
Fantastic book!!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
4 reviews1 follower
January 1, 2022
A great start to a new series.

Disclaimer: I received a free (ARC) copy of this book through Booksprout in exchange for my honest review.

Reily Garrett quickly grabs your attention with visual images, details and action. She does an excellent job of introducing and building her main characters so they come across as real and people you want to get to know better. The story is well written and while I won't give away the story line or any spoilers, I will say I enjoyed the book and will be picking up the second book in the series as well as other books by this author.
1,399 reviews
December 10, 2021
I thought I had read this book before and some scenes were familiar but it was so different to the first none it was like a brand new book. It was really interesting and a real page turner to find out who was good and who was not. The subject matter of Callie’s gifts was fascinating and the camaraderie of the group was wonderful to see. Callie’s reactions to things and phrases she doesn’t know made me laugh at times. I am really looking forward to Penny’s story.
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607 reviews2 followers
December 31, 2021
I loved the prequel Bending Fate and this continuation did not disappoint. Callie has been freed from the research facility but at a terrible cost. No one even Callie knows the full extent of her abilities. Nate and his team become her protection team but her enemies are always only half a step behind and no one knows who to trust. A fast paced action packed book I could not put down.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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8,951 reviews38 followers
December 31, 2021
As a child Callie was taken by a military think tank due to her abilities, now years later she has escaped with the help of friends. Jake takes her to his friend Nate and sparks fly between him and Callie. With everything she knows, she is in danger. Will Nate be able to keep her safe? Great start to a new series with loads of drama, suspense and twists and turns. Action-packed, fast-paced and entertaining. Can’t wait for more. I really liked it.
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352 reviews4 followers
January 2, 2022
OMG, I couldn't put this book down. A tremendously entertaining read filled with great characters and an amazing storyline that kept me "glued" to needing to finish it as quickly as possible.
Great balance of character development, mystery, suspense and action and through Callie's character a sense of awe in seeing things in a truly enlightening manner.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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2,244 reviews45 followers
December 9, 2021
Another exciting romantic suspense by this talented and imaginative author. It will keep you turning the pages. Fast paced and intriguing. Lack of fifth star is due to my own disbelief in one of Callie's capabilities. It was entertaining though. Thanks to the author and Booksprout for providing a copy. My review is completely voluntary.
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385 reviews3 followers
December 29, 2021
I had a difficult time getting into this book as I found it rather verbose for my tastes. I like a straight forward simple way of writing that gets the point across without the tangents into overdone descriptions. There is a good tale buried in here, I just had a difficult time finding it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book and this is my honest and unbiased opinion
2 reviews
January 4, 2022
I was tied to the book to the point that I didn't want to stop reading it. I'd tell myself just one more chapter, then would read two. The story just keeps pulling and pulling you further into it. By all means, take some time to read this one.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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3,983 reviews26 followers
January 4, 2022
Silent Depths is the first book in the Mind Stalkers series and is a great start to this series. This book kept me engaged from start to finish with strong characters, psychic abilities, danger, suspense, and romance. I am looking forward to reading more books in this series.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
106 reviews
January 22, 2022
Never know what can happen

I haven't read any books by this author until now. I wasn't too excited about this book at first. It seemed to concentrate on the military side instead of the story of Callie. As the story progressed, it became more engaging. I kept reading because I wanted to know what would happen next. Looking forward to the next part of the story
November 22, 2022

Why is she in rollerblades at a nightclub and singing during her escape? Why does it take two special op teams 30 minutes to get out of the bar once they “figure out” they are compromised? Totally unbelievable. And i’m not talking about the psychic stuff. Maybe do a little more research on special ops missions please.
Profile Image for Annette Hallett.
37 reviews
May 3, 2023
I really wanted the like this book, but just didn’t measure up for me. As others have said, the story was there, but the telling of it confused me at times, was difficult to follow as story lines jumped around, and felt more like a YA read at times. The writing style, while interesting in spots, felt like the author searched for every other word in a thesaurus.
Profile Image for Lori.
263 reviews3 followers
September 19, 2023

The story kept me riveted from first to last! The characters, dialogue, along with a few well placed twists and turns made me keep “clicking” pages all night.
I’m off to download the next book in the series.
If you enjoy character driven suspense and a main heroine who is a little “extra”, you will no doubt enjoy this book.
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