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Sycamore Mountain

Snowbody But You

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A Man of the Month Club Novella: A small-town military second-chance romance

When a New Year’s Eve blizzard is forecasted for Sycamore Mountain, I anticipate snow, and lots of it. As former Army Special Ops, I’m not panicked. I’ve got this.

But a sunshiney blast from the past blowing through the door of my ski lodge? No amount of training could prepare me to face Jamison Adler, resident ecology professor and my gorgeous AF ex-girlfriend.

Ten years ago, I broke her heart to protect her. Now she’s back and we’re trapped together in the lodge. With no vacant rooms, I’m forced to share a bed with the only woman I’ve ever loved. I need to keep her away from the dark deeds in my past. But my resolve is more slippery than black ice. Will she somehow manage the impossible and thaw my frozen heart?

90 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2022

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Kara Kendrick

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Profile Image for Michaella Dieter.
Author 6 books191 followers
January 1, 2022
Second chance Christmas romance

Snowbody But You is a super quick, sweet winter romance. It may be a quick read, but the author doesn't skimp on feelings.

A dangerous blizzard, a car crash, and a resort error leads Jamison to have to share a room with a blast from her past.

A nice read about second chances and the power of love.
Profile Image for Erin Lewis.
4,448 reviews141 followers
December 24, 2021
4.5 star Review Snowbody But You by Kara Kendrick

Having read several books by Kara Kendrick I couldn’t wait to read Snowbody But You. This was a well written, entertaining second chance at love story that ticked the boxes for me. The chemistry between Jamison Adler and former Army Special Ops Gage Johnson is just as intense as it once was.

Ten years ago, Gage broke Jami’s heart, what she didn’t know was that it was to protect her. Now they are forced together in the middle of a blizzard in Sycamore Mountain. However thanks to meddling people who are determined that these two should be together fate will work in mysterious ways.

This story was witty, a little spicy and romantic. If they can come to terms with the past then they may have a second chance at love. Gage still loves Jami but is it enough?
Profile Image for Jackie Wright.
4,531 reviews88 followers
January 5, 2022
4.5 Stars for Snowbody But You (Sycamore Mountain #1)
Kara Kendrick is a fairly new author to me but I have really enjoyed every book I have picked up by her. If you love well written, second chance romances look no further than Gage and Jami’s story.
Jamison Adler and Gage Johnson have a history, ten years ago he broke her heart so she is not happy when she finds herself sharing a room with him while trying to sit out a blizzard on Sycamore Mountain. It’s seems fate and meddling relatives are determined to force this couple together so will second time around work any better for them and will Gage convince Jami he never stopped loving her. Fate works in mysterious ways so let’s hope it can work it’s magic for this couple
A steamy, entertaining read that will appeal to a wide range of audiences and a great start to a new series.
Profile Image for Nikki Bogard.
103 reviews24 followers
October 10, 2022
Thank God for snowstorms, tea leaves and Fate! This was a second chance romance novella. Second chance romance is a favorite of mine. This is the kind of love you know is meant to be.

Gage and Jamison were college sweethearts. When Gage joins the military he makes a decision for both of them that ends them before they begin. Ten years later as luck would have it Jamison gets stranded in a snow storm that takes her to the lodge where Gage is staying.

It begs the question, Can Gage and Jamison get their happy ever after?

When date intervenes you must listen. This novella was sweet and steamy. Don’t let the shortness fool you because Kara wrote an amazing storyline with all the feels!

This was the perfect start to the man of the month series.
Profile Image for Karrie Lynn.
295 reviews2 followers
December 15, 2021
This was such a fun holiday read. You have Jamison who is headed up to the cabin to spend a semester doing work project but she unfortunate arrives too early. After being stranded in the snow she is picked up and brought to the lodge whete she learns that she has a reservation that doesn't start until after the new year, cue panic! After telling her she can stay in their nephews room for the night she finally gives in because what choice does she have? Who should stroll in but Gage the man who broke her heart in college over a decade ago. In a funny twist of fate these two are brought together on new years eve and forced to deal with the last decade of hurt. This was a sweet second chance romance that is sure to get you in your feels! Hoping these 2 make a cameo in Peachtree Grove next year!
Profile Image for Kirstie Barr.
95 reviews4 followers
December 10, 2021
Wow 🤩 I wish I had a way with words like Kara does. If only I could articulate just how much her books go straight in the feels.. how they can make you all warm & fuzzy even when there’s a blizzard going on outside!

There’s always a connection felt between the reader and the main characters (for me anyway) I thoroughly enjoyed Snowbody But You and I’m excited to see what more this series brings! 🥰
2,883 reviews8 followers
January 1, 2022
Second chance at love with the one he pushed away. Great storyline with intriguing characters, loved the connection between the main characters as they automatically fell for each other again, or did they ever really fall out of love. I enjoyed how much was worked out and answers given to long ago questions. A HEA that was well deserved.

I am voluntarily leaving a review for this book that I received free.
Profile Image for Sarah Elyse | Retro Girl Reads.
1,083 reviews54 followers
January 1, 2022
Jamison Adler was hoping for a better New Year’s than to be snowed in with Gage Johnson, the man who broke her heart in college, but fate had other plans. Can these two work out their issues and find their way back to each other?

I adored this short and spicy novella by Kara Kendrick. Jami and Gage were obviously meant to be, and I loved watching them dance around each other. This romance was both deliciously steamy and super fun to read. I would definitely recommend!!!
Profile Image for Katherine Evans.
Author 34 books296 followers
January 20, 2022
This was a super sweet-and-spicy kick off to the Sycamore Mountain Series! Kara Kendrick made Gage and Jami absolute sizzle and melt ALL the snow in this steamy, second-chance, veteran romance. My favorite part was the tea leaves! I devoured this book in only a couple of hours and couldn't stop reading once. The absolutely PERFECT start to all the sexy goodness in Sycamore Mountain! I can't wait to read the rest. This is going to be a great year! Now onto Whiskey Throttle!
Profile Image for Brandy.
970 reviews40 followers
June 8, 2022
A fun novella, I had to read it all at once because I needed to know how it ended! I liked Jamison (and I love that she is a professor of ecology), and brooding Gage…yummy but also, I hope in the next installment, he gets some therapy. The one thing I struggled with was Jamison giggling. Every time she giggled it threw me and I immediately pictured her younger lol.
Profile Image for Cynthia Khan.
1,455 reviews5 followers
December 9, 2021
This is a Man of The Month Sycamore Mountain love story for Jamison Adler and Former Army Special Ops Gage Johnson. This is a second chance at love so hold in there readers Yes Jamison is a frosty woman that needs her heart melted by Gage.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
December 16, 2021
Snowbody But You

ARC review 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

This was a beautifully written short and full of passion novel where the ex lovers find themselves sharing same cabin over New Years. After ten years the chemistry and desire for each other is still there however Gage is still stuck in the past with strong beliefs that he’s no good for Jamison.

This was a perfect quick read and would absolutely recommend it

Profile Image for Darcy.
12.7k reviews447 followers
May 12, 2023
This one was ok. I wished there would have been more about how Jamison and Gage knew each other in the past and why they broke up. Hard to do that and have them end up together in the short space there was.
Profile Image for Debbie Walker.
8 reviews2 followers
December 9, 2021
This was a cute, funny, charming read. I loved the chemistry between Jamison and Gabe - they’re great together! I was really involved with the story and couldn’t put it down until I finished the book. Definitely recommend!!
Profile Image for Alisha Nolan.
25 reviews2 followers
December 16, 2021
Snowbody but you is a fun and easy read. Set on New Years two old flames find each other again, but the struggle of one makes the spark harder than it should. It's hard not to fall for Gage and want to comfort him in this story. Kara Kendrick does a wonderful job adding romance and drama throughout the story to make you want to keep reading.
Profile Image for booklover.9.4.
93 reviews3 followers
January 2, 2022

The storyline is great
Perfect way to start a new series
Old lovers vs fate
Can’t wait for the rest
Profile Image for Lisa.
341 reviews6 followers
December 10, 2021
Jami and Gage were college sweethearts that went separate ways. Years later, they are stuck in the mountains during a blizzard and have the learn to get along. Jami is still heart broken because Gage left her behind. Gage is just broken. He feels like he is unworthy because of his internal scars his time in the military left him with. Now, forced to spend time together their feelings have resurfaced. Will they be able to find their way together again?

Good short story of second chances and dealing with scars of war. The story has some great characters with depth and a fun plot line. Getting to know the folks at Sycamore Mountain Ski Lodge is delightful.

I received a free review copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Fran B.
905 reviews4 followers
January 1, 2022
This is a nice holiday romance about two ex lovers, Gage and Jamison, who meet again after 10 years. The fact that Gage broke Jami's heart 10 years ago puts quite a damper on their first meeting after 10 years but there are people at Sycamore Mountain who want to see them get a HEA. Problem is Gage does not think he can give Jami what she needs even tho he still loves her with all his heart. This is a excellent story about two people who you want to get together but it seems they are their worst enemies in this little gem of a love story. Once I started I could not put it down. It is steamy and with an excellent story line and fun to read. I received a ARC copy and am leaving this review voluntarily.
2,347 reviews32 followers
January 2, 2022
Jamison is an ecology professor who's set out to do a project on a remote mountain. She happens to get there in the middle of a blizzard and her cabin isn't available yet. So she's got to share a room with Gage, an old flame of hers. Ten years ago, he walked away from their relationship. Now that they meet again, their attraction is as hot as ever. Gage says he cannot commit to anything more than a one night stand because he's been traumatized in the military and doesn't think he's capable or worthy of having a relationship: But he's her one true love and she's his so it takes just a couple of nights and some tealeaves to bring them together.

This is a quickly read novelette that leaves some plot threads open ended. It's not clear why Gage and Jamison broke up the first time, and at the end of this book it's more of a happy-for-now, as they have agreed to try and work things out together and help him deal with his baggage but it's not explicitly stated how they succeed in this project. I am choosing to believe in happy ends for all but it could be a bumpy ride. Overall, a pleasant read, well edited, can be read in an hour or so.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Julia Andersson.
34 reviews1 follower
January 29, 2023

3 out of 5 stars

Title: Snowbody But You
Series: Sycamore Mountain #1 (standalone)
Author: Kara Kendrick
POV: 1st person, dual

Spice? On a panty melting level.
Spice level 3

Angst? Zero, zip, zilch, nada.
Angst level 0

This was a short, quick and sweet read. I’d say it’s slightly spicier than New Year’s Renovations, book 1 in 2021’s edition of the Man of the Month series, also written by Kara.

If you’re looking for a short read about a slightly broken and messed up (according to himself) ex-military hero who gets his second chance with the love of his life, then this is definitely what you want to read.

Cover rating: 4/5
Hero rating: 3/5
Heroine rating: 3/5
Plot rating: 3/5
Dialogue rating: 3/5
Sexual tension rating: 3/5
Sex scenes rating: 4/5
Story ending: 3/5
OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 stars

Don't forget to read the super short and super cute bonus epilogue, too. Just click here and join Kara's email list and you'll get it for free!

Do I recommend this book? Yeah.
Would I ever re-read this book? I might. It’s a super quick read.
Am I going to read future books by this author? Yup!

Until next time (aka next review).
xoxo, Julia
Profile Image for Rachel (Rrbookreviews).
430 reviews5 followers
December 14, 2021
Review: 4.5/5⭐️
Steam: 3/5 🔥

#snowbodybutyou is a New Years novella by @authorkarakendrick

Gage is helping his aunt and uncle at their inn for the holidays. He’s newly retired from the military and needs time to decompress. Staying busy and not having to deal with people often is the perfect combo. Until New Years when theirs a mixup with rooms and he has to share it. It’s like a ghost has appeared when seeing the woman standing in front of him. The first love he had, the one he broke up with to protect her. Now he needs to fight his feelings to not get sucked back into their old habits. Easier said than done when his heart knows exactly who it wants.

Jamison (jami) has been down on her luck. To top off the end of the year she’s stuck in a snow bank in the middle of nowhere. Chancing her luck, she gets in the truck of a stranger who’s going to the same destination. Arriving earlier than she thought, there’s no place to stay. Until the owners offer up their nephew’s room. Only this isn’t just any guy. This is her first love, the one she never forgot. The one who still makes her heart skip a beat. Can she resist him for good or is their pull to each other too strong to stay away?

I love a second chance romance. Gage is a typical guy where he thinks that he’s doing the right thing by protecting Jami and himself even though he wants her more than he ever had. She’s smart and strong and fights him along the way. This is a quick and steamy novella is totally recommend!
Profile Image for casvec.
6,327 reviews69 followers
January 2, 2022
Snowbody But You is a heartwarming second chance story that makes you smile. Jamison is headed to Sycamore Mountain where she is will be a working the semester at the university. When she gets caught in a snowdrift, a kind stranger pulls over to help and takes to the cabin, only to find out that her reservation is for a couple of day from them. With no rooms available, the owners work some magic to find a place for her, but it happens to be with someone she knew from the past.

Gage has returned to town after spending years in Special Ops, the last person he ever expected to see again was the one woman that stole his heart. Thrown together with Jamison after all this time, only brought back the feelings he buried long ago. Gage and Jamison have a strong chemistry with a push and pull of not wanting to give up their heart only to fall hard and fast.

Did not want to put this book down.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Shayay.
2,409 reviews42 followers
January 13, 2022
Cute, sweet second chance romance that takes place during Christmas time. Jamison is driving in a snow storm that she didn’t plan well for, so she gets stranded when her car can’t handle the weather. Luckily, a good samaritan helps her out; she ends up at a lodge that turns out to be owned by her ex-boyfriend’s family. The ex, Gage, just so happens to be there helping his family, so things are going to get interesting for Jamison and Gage. These two still have lots of feelings and attraction for each other, but Gage kind of stands in his own way. I liked Gage and Jamison; good passion and chemistry between them. I enjoy the whole forced proximity scenario too. Wasn’t a fan of Jamison when she was flirting with some rando and intended to do more with him, and then went right into being with Gage; yuck. I would’ve liked more depth to the story; more about them talking through past hurts would’ve been good, and an epilogue, but I enjoyed the read.
482 reviews4 followers
January 5, 2022
4.5-stars for Snowbody But You

This is a quick, steamy second chance novella length read. It took my by surprise and I was hooked. It was the first book I've read from this author.... and what an amazing story. Jami and Gage's long time connection can be felt through the pages and will have you wanting them to find their HEA. But can they, with all Gage is dealing with from his time in the Army, he pushes Jami away to shield her. But what if it's not what she wants? Find out by one-clicking because I definitely recommend reading Snowbody But You. You won't be disappointed! .... and there's even a bonus epilogue which makes the ending even that much sweeter.
Even though I did receive an advanced review copy of this book, I also purchased the book/read with Kindle Unlimited and am voluntarily leaving my own unsolicited opinion with my voluntary review.
Profile Image for Bethany.
506 reviews
January 17, 2022
This is the first book in the Sycamore Mountain series and is about Jamison and Gage. Jami arrives at an inn after her car gets stuck in the snow while on her way to the start of her college semester. Unfortunately, there is a blizzard on the way and as she is in a small town where all the rooms are full with no other places available she has to share a room with the owners nephew, not realising that the nephew is her ex Gage. Gage is helping his aunt and uncle at their inn for the holidays. He’s newly retired from the military and needs time to decompress. When his uncle asks if he can share his room Gage has no problem with this request until he realizes who his new roommate is. Ten years ago Gage broke Jami's heart but what she didn't know was it was to protect her. A second chance romance that is quick, steamy and can be read as a standalone.
816 reviews3 followers
December 22, 2021
Very cute little second chance romance.

I loves how Jamison went after what she wanted and stood her ground and wasn't a pushover. Reading/Hearing (It's all the same to me) her talk to Gage and seeing her inner thoughts was heart warming. The heart wants what the heart wants lady. Sorry to say that lol.

Gage, my darling Gage. You and your battle worn heart still trying to protect her after so many years and I commend you for that to a certain extent. There is only so much until you are just plain stubborn. And my pawpaw always says stubbornness isn't a virtue we want to tend and grow. We want to nip that in the bud.

Overall I'm glad they were able to reconnect and have their HEA they deserve it. I'd love to see how they end up in the future 👀.
1,578 reviews8 followers
January 2, 2022
Gage needed to decompress after his life of military service comes to an end with his retirement so he goes to help his aunt and uncle at their inn for the holidays. He's been keeping busy and he hasn't had to deal with people very often until New Years when there's a problem with some rooms. He ends up having to share his room and he can't believe the irony of who's standing in front of him his first love the girl he broke up with to protect. Now he's going to have to not fall back into their old patterns and he's got to fight his feelings for her. You really need to read this cute story to see what happens. I would recommend reading this book.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Shae.
792 reviews23 followers
January 6, 2022
Get ready for a sweet, short and entertaining read!

Rating: 4.5 stars

I enjoyed reading Snowbody But You. If you are looking for a quick sweet, second chance read, this is the story for you.

Jami arrives at an inn a few days before the start of the college semester. Unfortunately, it appears the college only booked her stay for the beginning of the semester, and her cabin is not ready. Since she is in a small town in the mountains, there are no other rooms and no other inns or hotels available.

The owner of the inn asked her nephew if he would mind sharing his room since a blizzard is on the way. Gage has no problem with this request. Then he realized who his roommate is...his ex-girlfriend Jami.

Will these two still have a connection? Can they resolve any issues they had with each other to be civil?

Snowbody But You will you have you feeling all warm and cozy about these two.

Reasons I enjoyed this book:

Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Page-turner, Wonderful characters

Profile Image for Trish.
1,485 reviews6 followers
January 3, 2022
This is the first book in the Sycamore Mountain series. It's a multi author series where each month there are two books released by different authors. You can read one or ten or all twenty-four they're connected by Sycamore Mountain but can be read independently. I for one am going to enjoy this year of mountain man yumminess! Jamison and Gage's story is a short and steamy second chance romance. Gage is convinced that he's all wrong for Jamison, the same feeling he had when he walked away from her 10 years ago. Will Jamison be able to change Gage's mind or will she be picking up the pieces of her broken heart again?

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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