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Darkly Ever After

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The men of organized crime aren’t white knights.
With quick trigger fingers and ruthless souls, they’re tall, dark, and deadly.
Taking what they want and decimating anything that stands in their way.
These men rule from their bloody thrones.
Only a woman’s touch can tame the beasts lurking inside.
Bringing light to the darkness.
Love in the ruin.
It may not be hearts and flowers…
But it is darkly ever after…

Darkly Ever After Anthology features eighteen Dark Romance novellas in the sinister underworld of Organized Crime.


First published May 10, 2022

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About the author

Silla Webb

13 books522 followers
Silla Webb is a Kentucky native, raised in the heart of the Eastern Kentucky coal fields. A coal truck driver's daughter, and a railroader's wife, the coal fields own a special place in her heart.
She is a work at home, Super Momma to three rowdy boys, who keep her on her feet from daylight to sunset. As a pass time from her everyday life, Silla started a blog-Momma's Secret Book Obsession, for reviewing romance novels. From there, she realized that not only did she have a natural love for reading and reviewing, but she found that lost love of writing that she once had as a young girl.
When she isn't conquering the world as a wife, momma and Super Woman, Silla loves to lay on the front porch swing and read while sipping sweet tea, just passin' the day away.

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595 reviews787 followers
July 30, 2022
Out Now!!!
What a fabulous collection of dark romances about the dark and dangerous men who are part of the many syndicates, cartels, mafia and mobs where anything goes and the power of life and death are always present. The difference between the lead men in these stories is though they live in a world full of monsters and although their hands are not clean and each has done what they had to do to survive they still have a soul no matter how blackened. Every story was awesome but their was a few standouts for me!

Lexxi James
Sins of the Syndicate ( The debt) is Tia & Smoke's beginning and I can't wait for more from this couple! Smoke is so fucking hot!! With just a innocent kiss Tia has this bad boy's attention. Smoke is feared by many but with Tia you see so much more then the head of one of the most powerful mob families.

Beck Knight
Twisted Prince This is Nikolaj and edith's story. Just a few pages and I had it for this dark dude! He's so intense and hot! I loved the chemistry between this age gap forbidden romance. Nikolaj maybe deadly but his brother is the real monster and keeping him away from edith isn't gonna be easy.

Indie Hayes
In this short Eden has be kidnapped and being held but with two hot sexy dark anti hero's like Gabriel and Raze this three some is worth it! I'm new to this writer but she definitely got my attention. Can't wait to see were this is going to go with this triangle.

Silla Webb
Shattering Justice
Is about a woman who has had enough of her drug trafficking husband who is a brutal monster and she's decided to be a confidential informant but not only does she put her life on the line but her heart too.

Sienna Snow
Heiress Mastered
So fucking hot!!!! Eric and Briana story was sexy and their chemistry amazing. I love when a story not only has a strong male lead but a strong confident female lead is priceless. And the sex hot!!!

S R Jones
Traded to Him
When Sofia is traded to Vadim he sets out to not just take her innocence but instead of using force he sets out to seduce it from her and it promises to be quite a steamy interaction.

Like I said all these stories are full of steamy scenes with the hot men of organized crime. This is a amazing anthology with some really awesome writers and interesting characters.
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501 reviews113 followers
May 10, 2022
This review is for Mogul by Cole Denton

I have to say what a tease!! I’m dying for more on Michael Alatorre and his best friend and business partner Sawyer Lombardi. Together they run a criminal empire through their legitimate Black Diamond Resorts. All inclusive parties are a commonality at the Veil resort. And when Bishop Layton Smith’s fiancé, a twenty year old snow bunny, catches Michael’s eye things heat up quickly. This insta-love romance may have hit end game with a ring but there is much left to explore and uncover.

Plus that little but about Vin, The Dragon, and TCF has me anxiously awaiting the release of book one in that series too.

🖤 single father – 2yo daughter & 14yo son 🖤 gambling, girls, and drugs 🖤 billionaire club 🖤 instalove 🖤 start to a series – mild cliffhanger 🖤

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫…
☠️ Bratva/Mafia/Cartel/Mob
☠️Arranged Marriage
☠️Captive Romance
☠️Age gap
☠️Forbidden Romance
☠️Political Corruption
☠️Drug Trafficking

𝐅𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐬:
Cole Denton, Skye Jones, Cora Kenborn, Catherine Wiltcher, Faith Summers, Silla Webb, Gwyn McNamee, Abbi Cook, Aidee Jaimes, Beck Knight, Christy Anderson,m, Indie Hayes, Jagger Cole, Jennifer Rebecca, Khardine Gray, Lee Savino, KT Strange, Lexxi James, Sapphire Knight, Sienna Snow

Get your copy here: https://geni.us/DarklyEverAfter

individual cover reveals for the Darkly Ever After anthology

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2,044 reviews298 followers
May 8, 2022
Do you like your romance to be dark, captivating and seductive? Do you like your book boyfriends to be sinister, edgy, ruthless and deliciously alpha? Do you love the twisted emotions and dirty passion? Then you absolutely cannot miss Darkly Ever After. This organized crime Anthology brings the best of the best for you.

Shattering Justice by Silla Webb is a twisted and suspenseful beginning of what I feel will be an epic story. Justice got involved with FBI agent Dylan while helping him to take down her abusive drug peddling husband Harlan. Heartbreaking. Nail biting. Depraved. So many twists and I cannot wait to see where it goes.

Illicit Acts : Bratva's Mark duet book one by Cora Kenborn is everything I can expect from the master of mafia romance. Mikhail Drozdov checks all the boxes of alpha antihero. Zasha Gaheris is the perfect sassy and fierce match for him. This age gap taboo story of a cold assassin and a mafia princess who is the assassin's best friends daughter is all kinds of dirty, explosive and sinful.

Viper a prequel novella by Catherine Wiltcher was just absolutely amazing. Danny Razon rules his school though he is supposed to rule his father's empire soon. He is dark and broken and cruel but Annie Carter has created a special space for herself in his heart unexpectedly. She is in a messy place herself but she is strong and resilient. This is just the beginning of their starcrossed lovers story. Angsty. Heartaching. Steamy. And it left me screaming for more!

Mogul by Cole Denton is a billionaire antihero romance. Michael Alatorre didn't think he can love again after being brutally betrayed. But it all changes with Aria. The sweet innocent woman in clutch of a vile man. I expected a lot more emotional connection and chemistry but overall it was a good read.

Dangerous Reign by Jagger Cole is probably my top favourite from this collection. The Author captured the angst of Starcrossed lovers so perfectly. Adrian and Celeste were childhood best friends and soulmates. But they were from two sides of the society and the powerful and rich side intervened and separated them. Years later, they meet again. Only their role is reversed. Adrian Cross is on the top of London's criminal world along with his friends known as The Kings and The Villains. And Celeste is in danger. I am in complete unconditional love with Adrian. Alpha. Possessive. Dominating. And Celeste has a beautiful heart. My heart breaks for her pain. Their chemistry is dangerous and intense and so is their bond.

Tainted Beginnings by Khardine Gray and Faith Summers was a spicy action packed romantic suspense. Nick Bellotto, senior enforcer of D Agostino family meets Tennessee while on a mission in Vegas. They have a sizzling hot night but it put Tennessee in danger. It was fast paced and an entertaining read.

Heiress Mastered by Sienna Snow is a nuclear hot novella about society princess aka secret special agent Briana Amici and her would be husband Eric Donovan. It was so sexy and just uber hot and definitely made me curious about their full story coming soon!

I reviewed an early copy voluntarily
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Author 0 books32 followers
May 10, 2022

*I'm marking this as read so I can update my reviews as I read along; I also started out of order of contents*

Seeing as this is the first prequel in this Anthology, I had high expectations that we're not met at all. I have no idea what this one is supposed to be about, in general. I was so close to DNFing it too before I got to chapter 5. I cannot, cannot, cannot deal with love triangle and this one served it to me on a silver platter.... And that's not even the worst part. Justice is married to Harlen, a criminal who's been to jail one too many times. Harlen is back from his most recent time in jail... But Ms. Justice here is having an affair with the FBI agent who's working the case. He's also married and has a child with said wife.

Tbh there should also be s trigger warning for this one. There's freaking s3ggsual assault scene that I'm sure people will dislike. I am well aware that Harlen is abusive AF but I found myself hating Justice more.

The only thing that made me want to continue reading this particular story was Harlen's interaction with little Zeke. They saved this prequel for me. I don't even want to know about Justice and Dylan but this girl, omg. I swear I was about to pull my eyes out. Justice told him to his face, after seeing his sweet and attentive interaction with Zeke, that he would been a bad father and that she kept their child safe from him.

I'm honestly thinking about DNFing this one. After reading the first story in this Anthology (which was a love triangle), I am - once again - being served a triangle-ish. This girl is arranged to marry some other guy but - I'm guessing - is gonna fall in love with the brother instead. I can see why. The guy she's supposed to marry is an a-hole but so was the last girl's husband.... So idk. Maybe I'll DNF and come back to it.

4 ⭐
This one seems to be the first 4 chapters of what will be the Twisted Prince story. It is about Nikolaj and Edith who unexpected bump into each other whilst on the school field after a football - something that Nikolaj's brother, Vlad, is a part of.

Nikolaj is intrigued by Edith, as she is with him. They have potential to become the greatest Mafia couple, of done right. But as Nikolaj isn't the "Mafia prince," per say - his brother would have more power in making her his, if he so wanted. And he does, in fact, have his eyes own her but probably not for the best.

This story was one that caught my eye when this Anthology and all of the individual covers were announced. I'm excited to see what dark and wicked story can bloom from them.

4 ⭐
In this short introduced of The Hunted by Christy Anderson, we meet Knox, his many conquests, and his love interest, Raven. Know is introduced to us as a playboy who like to sleep around and has "regulars." He is captivated by Raven and has been watching her every time she comes by the casino he works at. He's possessive of her (like extremely) and will do anything to have her for himself.

I don't particularly like the whole sleeping around thing with other people and we do have seggsy scenes for this in Depraved Souls. I would love to see more of Knox and Raven though so I will continue their story in The Hunted whenever I can sneak it in between ARCs.
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2,645 reviews3,216 followers
Want to read
December 10, 2021
December 10, 2021
Why Is It So Intoxicating...
The Forbidden...
The Ones We Are Told...
To Stay Away From...

Why Does The Lure Capture Our Interest...
Men Who Defy Society's Laws...
But Cling With Act of Vengeance...
To Their Own Rules...

Rules That Causes A Darkness...
Nothing Seems To Brighten...
Except When It Comes To A Woman...

Eighteen Dark Romance Authors Have Decided To Explore These Ideas...

Silla Webb, Gwyn McNamee, Abbi Cook
Aidee Jaimes, Beck Knight, Catherine Wiltcher
Christy Anderson, Cole Denton, Cora Kenborn
Indie Hayes, Jagger Cole, Khardine Gray & Faith Summers
Jennifer Rebecca, Lee Savino & KT Strange
Lexxi James, Sapphire Knight, Sienna Snow, SR Jones

Each Author Will Ponder
How One Woman Has The Power...
To Lift The Eternal Weight Of Obedience...
Causing These Men To Sacrifice Everything...
For A...

Darkly Ever After-May 10, 2022

Darkly Ever After by Silla Webb Darkly Ever After

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1,619 reviews790 followers
May 10, 2022
Review of Catherine Wiltcher's Entry- Viper: Prequel Novella

Holy smokes- I NEED MORE! What a delicious and tantalizing taste of the mesmerizing story we have to come. From the moment he graced the page, Danny Razor fascinated and intrigued me. Now we have Viper's beginnings, as a broken and ruthless high school king set to become king mafioso when he inherits his father's world. His intensity, his ruthlessness- he already owns me! And Catherine as created a pitch perfect heroine match in Annie, a pillar of strength amidst her own adversity, broken and lost herself. We have so much that captures us- the feuding families vibes, the emotional intensity, the tension and angst. I'm desperate for the rest of their story, but I know it's going to hurt. A captivating start to a story that I'm salivating for!
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3,732 reviews60 followers
May 5, 2022
"The men of organized crime aren't white knights. With quick trigger fingers and ruthless souls, they're tall, dark, and deadly. Taking what they want and decimating anything that stands in their way. These men rule from their bloody thrones. Only a woman's touch can tame the beasts lurking inside. Bringing light to the darkness. Love in the ruin. It may not be hearts and flowers … But it is darkly ever after … "

"Darkly Ever After" Anthology features eighteen Dark Romance stories in the sinister underworld of Organized Crime.
When I was asked if I wanted to read and review an ARC of the "Darkly Ever After" anthology, I was thrilled. And because Ms. Lee Savino is one of my favorite authors I trusted her judgment when she thought this would be something I'd enjoy. That being said, most of the authors contributing to this book are new to me so not only do I get to 'meet' new authors but enjoy and get acquainted with their work, their writing style, their world-building, and their characters. As I finish each book, I've left a brief review of my feelings and thoughts hoping this will help anyone else who is curious.

As I stated previously, Silla Webb is new to me so I had no idea what to expect. It certainly wasn't the in-your-face prologue that had my heart thumping and my eyes wide seemingly from the very beginning. This is a dark, high-impact storyline with what would be considered triggers. Justice seems to have been dealt a rotten hand from the beginning and it hadn't gotten any better along the way. Married to a sadistic, controlling man, becoming a confidential informant for the FBI, and hiding a HUGE secret or two which is taking its toll. I will say the writing was compelling and had me glued to each page. Enough so that when I got to the end of the book and it had those famous last words "To Be Continued" I sounded like a five-year-old being told it was time to come in. I know I want the rest of the story. Now I just have to find out what the name of the series is and when it's due to be released. Great strategy Ms. Webb, it looks like you have a new follower.

"When my father sold me to the mafia, I thought my life was over. But then, I found sin …
"Sin doesn't always look sinful to us; sometimes it looks beautiful. That's why we need grace to see sin for what it is - dark, dangerous, enslaving, and destructive." Paul David Tripp
Gwynn McNamee is also a new author to me. With Rea being totally naïve about what her father does for a living or how they can afford to live such a lavish lifestyle, she's completely unnerved when she is sold by her father to the Albanian mobster Tarek. Fighting that decision tooth and nail she finally had to concede defeat when her father threatened her mother's life if she did not do everything her future husband wanted and made him happy. Upon her arrival her worst nightmare just became real. Not only was Tarek standing there waiting but there stood a man with the exact same face staring back at her. This book does have a happy for now ending but, as stated at the end, is also part of her "Wrath Trilogy". It's definitely worth checking out.

"Exiled from his home, Alaric Rule turned to the one member of the Rule family like him. Helix Rule. For three years, he's learned from the man who rules an empire that spans the world. Hotels and clubs are his claims to fame, but what Helix Rule really does is control a crime syndicate so dark and deadly that few dare to cross him. For those who do, he has Alaric. While Helix's sons Alex and Gideon run the business that everyone thinks makes their family billionaires, Alaric does the job that truly made the Rules a worldwide name. A killer like his uncle before him, he's a ghost, a man unseen and unknown but deadly. Once Alaric Rule is assigned a name, that person ceases to exist. Assassin. Hitman. Killer. He's the perfect machine trained to eliminate people, and now he's found me."
This is evidently the prequel to Abbi Cook's "Born Villains" series. Alaric's father evidently couldn't find anything in his son to like. Three years ago, not only did his father kick him out but told him to go live with his uncle. Uncle Helix controls a crime syndicate. Alaric has been training and become quite proficient as his uncle's enforcer. That's why he's in Italy now. Found out a corrupt government official was refusing to sell a piece of land his uncle needed for the hotel they have. Alaric found a way to 'convince' Salvatore Rosetti to sell the land without any bloodshed. He has a daughter. Sienna Rosetti, who has been attending Brown the last few years and has become quite accustomed to having her freedom. Besides the fact there is no love lost between her stepmother and herself, Sienna is tired of being confined to the house with only a television to watch. She wants to go into town. She wants to interact with people. She has a plan where she if can find a way to escape her father's guards she can actually have at least an hour of freedom. I will admit, the characters had relatable, personable personalities that made me what to get to know them better. After checking, book one, 'Savage Heart' isn't due to be released until September 2022 so I have a wait to see what comes next in the journey with these two characters.

After doing some checking, 'Devil's Den' appears to be the prequel for a series Aidee Jaimes has coming out in June 2022 called "Diablo's Cartel". Sarah had worked with Maria for five years and had met her parents a couple of times so she felt reasonably comfortable taking a month's vacation to Mexico with them since they had a home there. Growing up Sarah's mother had always refused to go back to her home and had forbidden any mention of it. As it turned out, Sarah should've listened to her mother all those years ago. Alejandro was part of the Diablo Cartel. He sold his soul for revenge. This was an enjoyable story with personable, relatable characters. I might have to clear some time in my schedule for another series.

I enjoyed 'Twisted Prince' and its dark twisted plotline of two Russian brothers, one legitimate and one illegitimate, to Maxim Romanoff, one of only a handful of elite Bratva kings. One who will leave a legacy rich off the pain and suffering of others. One of these young men is exactly like their father … a sadistic narcissist. The other realizes it could be easy to cross the line but doesn't … yet. This was extremely short, only four chapters but it left a larger impression.

Once again I find myself wanting to continue a storyline after reading one of the books within this anthology. I'm always pleasantly surprised and pleased when a new author can grab my attention and make me want to rearrange my calendar to make room for something new and Christy Anderson has certainly done that with 'Depraved Souls'. I'm not exactly sure whereof the placement within her "Killing Hours" series but I intend to find out. Even though there are several other characters that come into play, each chapter is from Knox's point of view and he has a lot to say and just as much going through his mind. The buildup and encounter with the beautiful raven-haired woman who comes to work for him at the Albatross are quite exhilarating and yet as I'm writing this, I immediately thought of Charlie Brown and his little red-headed girl. Inquiring minds want to know who she is and how she fits into things.

"Some angels are destined to fall … They call me Iceman. A cold-blooded killer. Once you see my face, it's too late. You're already dead. But every man has a weakness, and Zasha Gaheris is mine. A forbidden fruit. A Bratva princess. My only friend's daughter. One sinful night ruined us. Now she's my depraved addiction … And I'm her ultimate revenge. Our illicit affair complicates an already dangerous situation. Like the fifty-million-dollar-bounty on her head. A hit I accepted and signed in blood. Until I know who wants Zasha dead, I'll protect her with my life. But I won't trust her with it. I learned long ago innocence is just an illusion. After all, even the Devil was once an angel."
Mikhail has just finished one job when he asks for another only to be given the name of his goddaughter who he hasn't seen in thirteen years. When he tells his handler he wants the job he's warned not to mess this up because of his ties or all their lives would be in jeopardy. Weighing his odds of flying vs. driving, Mikhail chooses to fly as every minute is precious and he wants to keep Zasha safe until he can find out who wants her dead and why but when he arrives neither of his friends is there. Now he must wait without drawing suspicion. Zasha is a rebellious Bratva princess who is continually trying to prove to her father she's a grown woman. Posing as a dancer in the club she sits at Mikhail's table thinking she's going to get information, put together the pieces of the puzzle where this man and her parents are concerned, and prove she can be an asset. The tables quickly turn and she's no longer in control. Cora Kenburn immediately grabbed my attention with this storyline and her characters, both pulling me in and watching from a dark corner where I'm unseen. I think I'm going to need to find a few more corners to hide in as I check out her other works.


First, let me say this … Lee Savino is one of my one-click authors whom I adore. When I was selected and asked to read this ARC not only was I honored but excited beyond belief! "Taken by the Mafia" has all the feels you could ask for. There's a villain, a good vs evil plot, strong characters, one hot, sexy, mafia Alpha who is sensitive and caring, and a sassy, insecure, and humble heroine. It's a breath of fresh air. it's sigh-worthy. It's romantic. It's wonderful.


I want to get this review posted as quickly as possible. I still have several of the stories to read and as I finish them I'll update the review but truthfully, if what I've read so far is even close to a representation of what to expect from the ones still waiting for me, I can't wait. This is an anthology worth grabbing and spreading the word about.
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1,042 reviews16 followers
May 7, 2022
I've spent the last 5 days devouring this Anthology, and yes I read them all. I've discovered a lot of new authors and I can't wait to delve into their stories. I fell hard for all the ruthless, dark and dangerous men as they lured me into the sinister and seductive world of organized crime.

I loved all the stories but my favourites were definitely Illict Acts - Cora Kenborn, Viper - Catherine Wiltcher, Devil's Den - Aidêe Jaime and Twisted Prince - Beck Knight.

Illicit Acts - Cora Kenborn 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

HOTT DAMN!! What an exhilarating page turner, Darkness and suspense with added steam of an age gap romance, this book had it all and I LOVED IT!! Mikhail is a deadly hit man for hire and Zasha is trouble with a capital T. They had such intense sizzling chemistry but it's left them in a world of trouble they shouldn't be together but it's to late to turn back, it's gonna be an explosive ride. ❤💥

Viper - Catherine Wiltcher 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

WOW!!! What a prequel, Danny Razor in three words....dark, tormented and dangerous. This novella gives us an insight into the man he becomes as he struggles to contain the violence simmering under the surface. I loved how Danny and Annie met, two broken souls who recognise the raw pain in each other. They share one summer together, then it all went wrong. That epilogue broke me but it's left me salivating for The Lethal Blade that is Viper. 🐍❤

Devil's Den - Aidêe Jaime 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Absolutely devoured this one, Alejandro and Sarah's story was thrilling, fast paced and addictive. Alejandro was delicious, dark and dangerous and the attraction between them sizzled, SO HOT!! I seriously hope we get more from them and Santos and Sonia too, especially Santos...BOO!! 😉

Twisted Prince - Beck Knight 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was a fantastic little read with so much potential, I'm really hoping there's going to be a full story. Deeply dark and disturbing but fascinating. The game between Nickolaj a dark avenging angel and Vlad a terrifying, disturbed devil with poor innocent Edith stuck in the middle. Who will get to her first?

Shattering Justice - Silla Webb 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I need the rest of this story so bad, Justice is trying to survive her husband Harlan, he's violent, unpredictable and dangerous, she fears for her life if he ever finds out the truth. My heart was in my mouth, the suspense was killing me. I need to what's going to happen next because that ending OMFG!! So terrifying but so exciting.

Finding Sin - Gwyn McNamee 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This story sucked me into a dangerous and exciting new world. Rea is forced to marry a man she's terrified of for the sake of her family. Tarek and Konstandin Morina are twins and are both deadly, Tarek is ruthless, cruel and cold he strives for power. Konstandin is a deadly killer but he hides a trace of something softer inside. I'm intrigued to see what happens between them all and who will survive?

Reap - Abbi Cook 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was a fast pace kidnapping story Sienna was a job that literally fell into Alarac's lap. He couldn't believe his luck when his beautiful target was such an easy job, but his plan doesn't quite go as he expected. I loved the tension and the chemistry and the heat. I can't wait to see where their story goes. I'm sure there're going to be a few surprises instore.

Depraved Souls - Christy Anderson 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Ruthless assassin Bane Knox turns stalker in this steamy, dangerous and delicious story. As the king of his castle everything comes so easy to Knox he becomes restless. When he sees a raven haired beauty working in his casino he wants her. He follows her every move a true Hunter stalking his Prey. I can't wait to see what happens between them.

Mogul - Cole Denton 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I do love s successful business man with a dark and dangerous side and Michael Alatorre owner of Black Diamond Resorts definitely had the power, the wealth and the influence. I loved how he saw Aria and instantly wanted to claim her. I need the rest of their story. Aria is one lucky lady.

Snatch - Indie Hayes 🌟🌟🌟🌟

There was so much going on in this story I couldn't flip the pages quick enough, it was riveting. Eden gives up everything to help her family, but she has no idea who she's sacrificed herself to until she enters some sort of secret society to settle her debt. I enjoyed this story it was exciting and very spicy, l loved the characters and that ending.....I can't wait to see what happens next.

Dangerous Reign - Jagger Cole. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Adrian and Celeste stole my heart and I loved them together. They were so in love and happy then their world changed and they spent years apart. Their story was intense full of lies and betrayal and after everything they still loved each other with so much passion. Adrian is a dangerous man who'll do anything to protect the woman he loves.

Counterplay - Jennifer Rebecca 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This story was a suspenseful twisted tale of vengeance, a dangerous game but just who is playing who? Delilah and Marco are both keeping secrets and they know you can't trust anyone in this world. Deliah wants justice and her feelings for Marco won't stop her from getting it. I loved Marco he was sweet and caring but with deadly violent side. Marco wants to bring his own justice, but who will get there first?

Tainted Beginnings - Khardine Gray & Faith Summers 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tenesee is on a girls weekend in Vegas when she meets a dark and handsome stranger Nick Bellotto. But what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas when trouble follows her home and she's in danger and only Nick can protect her. I absolutely loved these two, so much passion and scorching chemistry. I'm intrigued to explore this world and the other characters.

Taken By The Mafia - Lee Savino & KT Strange. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This one has a bit of everything, mystery, steam and suspense with dark elements and humour too. Royal was just swoon worthy with an edge of danger, he's always ten steps ahead of the game. Leah was as sweet as the cakes she baked, I loved her and her devious streak which made me laugh. I'll never look at a pink cupcake the same. I loved how the epilogue was the prologue, it was a nice touch.

Sins Of The Syndicate: The Debt - Lexxi James. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Smoke and Tia have left me breathless, their story sucked me right in. Smoke looked after Tia after she was knocked unconscious. He was a real hero and a gentleman. He's also sinfully sexy, I loved him. I'm desperate to know if he can stay away from his little Sparrow,. I seriously doubt it, he's drawn to her to much to let her go forever. Enzo was a fantastic character too, I loved the banter between him and Smoke.

The Vendetti Devil - Sapphire Knight 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This story had so much going on, so many family members my head was spinning. I loved the overall feel of the story and the characters were fantastic. Dante is a dark and deadly killer and Emilia is a girl born into a world she doesn't understand. Dante promised to keep her safe at his family's home and he's trying to keep his distance. I'm intrigued to find out if Emilia learns the truth about her family and what's that means for her and Dante. I'm definitely checking out the rest of the books in the Vendetti Empire.

Heiress Mastered - Sienna Snow. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

A secret organisation to take down human trafficking, a couple keeping secrets, a planned wedding and kidnapping. This little teaser packed in a lot. Eric was hott, calm and in control with a dominant side. Briana is a badass always seeking something, running from her commitments but now they've finally caught up with her.

Traded By Him - SR Jones 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Ooooh!! This one was so bloody good, such a fantastic storyline, it was dark and seductive. Full of dangerous men who grabbed my attention and I need to know all about them. Poor Sofia has been traded for a debt. Vadmin takes one look at Sofia and he knows he has to take the bet, he can't let anyone else have her. I loved these two they have an insane amount of chemistry it was HOTTTT!! I'm excited to find out what Nikolai will do with Sienna.
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May 11, 2022
Dark mafia
Age gap
OTT Jealous possessive
Page turner
Devoured it 🥵
All story’s well written

Received an arc for an honest review

I have to say when I read an anthology there is always one or two I don’t like or can’t read but for this anthology that wasn’t the case I completely devoured every story by each author and most of these authors were new to me.
I can’t just pick one story inside that was my fav but the ones that really stuck with me was Cora kenborn’s and aidee James. I just couldn’t put it down lots of sleepless nights but so worth it.
Mafia is my go to books so this was a massive treat for me. Can’t wait for some of these books to become full novels
I’ll also just add that some of the books had amazingly hot scenes 🥵


Viper 🐍🐍🐍 by Catherine wiltcher

Vipers prequel was a perfect novella and teaser ready for the full book coming soon. This prequel is being released in the darkly ever after anthology.
I completely devoured this book and can’t wait for the full book I just need more of viper and Annie.
Danny razor is seriously all man even though he’s only 18 in this book he’s hot and powerful. He loves to race fast cars and Annie is the perfect girl for him she’s been through and and at the end of this book I’m dying to see how they reconnect 💥

Illicit acts- Cora kenborn

Age gap

Wow what an amazing read!! Completely devoured this and can’t wait for the full book.
Mik is an assassin and received a hit on an old friends daughter who just happens to be the bratva princess. Mik is played and find himself in a bad places and on the run while trying to keep the bratva princess safe. Short story preview on what’s to come soon. Loved Mik and the age gap

100% well worth jumping in to
Best anthology I’ve read so far
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April 29, 2022
From the very first page Darkly Ever After pulled me in and didn't let go! I was completely invested in every single story in this book and am anxiously waiting for these stories to be expanded on. I found LOTS of new to me authors in this Anthology and that's always a HUGE bonus. Definitely deserving of more than 5 stars!
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April 19, 2022
Taken by the Mafia Prince by Lee Savino- I read this contribution as an ARC and I loved it! It's a quick read, very hot and totally leaves me wanting more of Royal and his princess even though the story is complete! My only suggestions is that the epilogue should be the prologue because it seems put of place since it already happened before the rest of the story.
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May 4, 2022
Anthologies give us a opportunity to not only enjoy stories from authors we are familiar with but they are a great chance to discover new authors to enjoy and Darkly Ever After is definitely that for me! This is a collection of teasers that leave us wanting more. So get ready to be introduced to some interesting series and stories that you will want to check out.

Finding Sun is the first story by by Gwyn McNamee that I have read and even though this is just a teaser for what she has to offer, I am hooked. This story is riddled with dark dangerous moments combined with characters that understand the mafia life but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous for them. I am definitely going to grab the Wrath Trilogy because I need to know what happens with Rea and Konstandin.

Illicit Acts by Cora Kenborn is dark, edgy and filled with danger as Zasha Gaheris, daughter of one of the FBI’s most wanted assassins and queen of Miami’s Russian underground seduces her fathers best friend Mikhail. Being in the life of the Russian mafia, Mikhail knows the danger, but is still drawn to Zasha and now they have crossed a line that has sealed their fate. I am so excited to see how the rest of their story plays out.

Mogul is the first book by Cole Denton that I have read and I am definitely going to be checking out his Black Diamond series because there is more to Michael and Aria’s story to enjoy.
Michael Alatorre is the owner of the Black Diamond Resorts at Cooper Mountain. It may look like any resort but there are many extracurricular activities there that are off the books and on the illegal side of the law. He, however, along with his best friend and right hand man, Sawyer, run a tight ship and they are ruthless when someone crosses them. His protective mode is up when he sees Aria Sorenson in his resort. They have a connection and he will do anything to keep her safe.
This story was definitely more on the hot and heavy side than the dark and dangerous side that some of the other stories in this anthology.

Snatch by Indie Hayes grabbed my attention right from the beginning. It is a dark mafia story filled with danger especially for Eden who gives up everything for her father and his debts. Now she is owned by the organization and they will sell her off to the highest bidder, but their are two men who have her attention and she has theirs but there is another who will be on the hunt for her. The excitement is just starting for Eden, Raze and Gabriel and I can’t wait to read the rest of their story.

Heiress Mastered by Sienna Snow is full of surprises as Briana and Eric challenge each other and at the same time have a fiery connection that keeps their story exciting.
Briana Amici is running from her upcoming wedding that will merge two syndicate families. She is also living a secret life as the director, working undercover for a secret organization, Solon. It turns out that the man she is hunting is her fiancé Eric Donovan and he is her Interpol contact and knows all her secrets.

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May 5, 2022
Shattering Justice by Sills Webb
This one takes you on a whirlwind and leaves you wanting more especially with that epic cliffhanger.

Finding Sin by Gwyn McNaamee

Reap by Abbi Cook
Love Alaric and Sienna’s. It intrigued me from the first word till the last. Can’t wait to read what happens next in Savage Hearts.

Devil’s Den by Aidee Jaimes
Love Alejandro and Sarah’s story. Love the connection between the two of them and how they protect each other.

Twisted Prince by Beck Knight
Into into Nickolaj and Edith’s story. This one seems to be a dark and gritty read. Can’t wait to read what happens next in their world.

Depraved Souls by Christy Anderson
This gives you a taste into Knox’s life and it leaves you wanting more of him.

Illicit Acts by Cora Kenborn
A amazing hot start to what will be an amazing story . Mikhail and Zasha are intense characters who reel you in and keep you wanting more of their story.

Mogul by Cole Denton
Love Michael and Aria’s story so far. Love the connection between the two of them.

Snatch by Indie Hayes
What a twisted world Eden stepped into to save someone who did not deserve her saving them. Love of the twist and turns and can’t wait to read more in Split.

Dangerous Reign by Jagger Cole
Love this second Chan romance between Adrian and Celeste. Love the chemistry between them.

Counterplay by Jennifer Rebecca
Delilah is out for revenge but things change when she becomes involved with Marco. Lots of back and fourth from the past and present

Tainted Beginnings by Khardine Gray & Faith Summers
Love this novella of Nick and Tennessee. Love the connection between the two of them and how Nick protects her.

Taken by the Mafia by Lee Savino & KT Strange
Love how Royal looks after Leah even when she does not know she needs protecting. Love how fierce Leah is. Great read.

Sins of the Syndicate: The Debt by Lexxi James
This gives you a glimpse into Smoke and Tia’s story. It leaves you wanting more of them.

The Vendetti Devil by Sapphire Knight
Gives you a sneak peak into the lives of Dante and Emilia. It leaves you wanting their continuation in The Vendetti Devil.

Heiress Mastered by Sienna Snow
A little snippet into Briana and Eric’s world. They are hot together. I need more of their story.

Traded to Him by SR Jones
Live Vadim and Sofia’s story. Love how he falls hard for her and keeps her safe.
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June 9, 2022
Romance trope: mafia/organized crime
Length: 1540 pages


Shattering Justice (Buried Secrets World Novella) by Silla Webb - Justice is married to an abusive man, a criminal drug runner who's been in and out of her life for a while now. She both loves and hates him, and can't seem to get away from him. But she does have a plan. She's become an FBI informant and has also started an affair with the FBI agent, Dylan. But she soon comes to realize that he might be stringing her along, seeing as how he has a family already. What she really wants, more than anything, is to get her family to safety. Once her husband discovers her secrets, though, she might have a more difficult time than she imagined keeping herself and her family intact.
I felt bad for Justice, but I also couldn't see the end game - what did she think was going to happen when she started an affair with the married FBI agent in charge of her case as an informant? I'm not blaming her, but boy, does she have some bad luck! I was really most interested in the character of Luke - I wanted to know more about him and see him get some sort of a HEA. Cliffhanger.

Finding Sin (The Deadliest Sins Prequel) by Gwyn McNamee - Rea's father has given her in marriage to another mafia boss, Tarek, known for his cruelty. There is some sort of a plot between the two men, but Rea is ignorant of their business. Tarek hasn't married her yet, but instead keeps her locked up in his house. He orders his twin brother to keep an eye on her, and in the process, Konstandin falls in love with her. She returns the feeling, and at the end of the story, he rescues her, but they don't quite make it out.
I liked this one, but because there were a lot of time jumps (two weeks later, 1 month later, etc.), I felt like there was a lot of relationship development that I didn't get to see. I mean, why did they fall in love? It seemed like he felt sorry for her and she was clinging to the only person who talked to her. I know there must be more, but we didn't really see it. Cliffhanger.

Reap by Abbi Cook (Born Villains prequel) - Sienna is the daughter of a crime boss, and because of that, she is targeted by Alaric, who believes that her father will give his boss something in return if he kidnaps his daughter. But Sienna is more than he bargained for, and in fact, there is no bargain because her father doesn't want her back. Alaric isn't willing to bring her into his life though and has his uncle send her off to college without telling him where she is.
I really enjoyed this one. It isn't exactly a cliffhanger, but the story does continue. I might have pre-ordered it.

Devil's Den by Aidee Jaimes - Sarah is on a vacation with her friend and her friend's parents, going to Mexico, where her mother, who was from there, always begged her not to go. Once there, they are kidnapped, her friend and her family are killed and Sarah is kidnapped. It turns out that her kidnapper is actually saving her from human trafficking: they were going to steal and sell the baby she is pregnant with. Alejandro is taken with - probably in love with - Sarah, but he swore to his dead wife that he would never love another. So...problem.
This one is a complete story, and it's actually very sweet. I felt like I might be missing a little context, especially since I hadn't read any of the other books set in this world, but it was still enjoyable, and I especially liked that it was a complete story, with no continuation, no prequel, no cliffhanger.

Twisted Prince (First Encounters) by Beck Knight & Echo Grayce - Nicolaj is a student at an exclusive boarding school, which both he and his brother attend. His brother is a legitimate psychopath, but that is to be expected, considering their father, a mob boss, is as well. Nicolaj is trying to stay off the radar until he's ready to make a move on his father's empire. But then Edith comes to his attention, younger sweeter, and fresh-faced. Because she comes to his attention, she also comes to his brother's attention. He has to find a way to keep the compelling girl safe. But there are other mysteries in her life, namely her father and what he will do to keep his power.
This is a prequel of sorts, and the blurb at the end implies that the story will continue about ten years later. I liked the idea of Nicolaj being captivated by the young innocent girl and doing whatever was necessary to keep her out of his brother's clutches.

Viper (A DarkMafia Romance Prequel) by Catherine Wiltcher - Annie is not living her best life; her father, a politician, has been arrested for an "improper relationship with a minor" (pedophilia), and her mother is now a not-so-functional alcoholic. Her schoolmates delight in this, bullying her on a regular basis. But then one day Danny, whose crime family gives him power amongst his peers, stands up for her, and they soon forge a friendship, and then a relationship. Her father gets off on the charges though, and when he comes home, he mysteriously ends up dead. Then her mother kills herself. When Danny tries to reach Annie, he can't get her on the phone. Annie tries to reach Danny, and she is unable. Years pass before any further communication.
I loved this one - Wiltcher is always an excellent writer, and I was definitely left wanting more. Cliffhanger. Yes, definitely pre-ordered this one.

Depraved Souls by Christy Anderson - Knox is part of a group of assassins (and I think he owns the casino they're in as well). He sees one of the new girls on the floor and instantly becomes obsessed. She has secrets though, and he'll need to find those out (I'm assuming in order to keep her safe).
I felt like not a lot happened here - I didn't really learn anything about the heroine at all, so I'm not sure if I like the story.

Mogul by Cole Denton - Michael is a casino owner/criminal entrepreneur who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. So when he sees Aria, young, beautiful, and obviously in trouble, he's more than happy to rescue her from the older cult leader who has claimed her. He wants nothing more than to make her happy, and he'll do whatever is necessary to make that happen.
Seems to be a continuing story. He was going to rescue her family but had to change plans at the last minute, so I imagine that will be the second half of the story at some point.

Illicit Acts by Cora Kenborn - Mikhail is an assassin but is horrified when his latest assignment is the daughter of one of his only friends (not to mention she's also his goddaughter, albeit one he hasn't seen since she was a little girl). When he gets to his friend's club, he meets Bebe, who challenges him and his expectations. After they've shared some...intimacies, he realizes she's his goddaughter, all grown up, which is a problem on many, many levels.
Book One of a duet with a cliffhanger.

Snatch by Indie Hayes - Eden arrives home to find that her father is beating beaten by some people to whom he owes money. She (in the time-honored tradition of many mafia stories) offers herself in his place, but she doesn't realize that she's offering herself to a sort of sex-trafficking organization. She offers a service to one of the men, Raze, but he takes what she offers and then takes her to the organization anyways. Once there, she meets Gabriel who is supposed to ready her for the auction. Once at the first part of the auction, she catches the eye of Cain, a move which catches the eye of his twin and leader of the organization, Abe. Abe is cruel and to save Eden, Cain sends her away.
The story ends on a cliffhanger, and there is a book two. The story will, I assume, become a RH, with Eden, Gabriel, Raze, and Cain.

Dangerous Reign by Jagger Cole - Adrian is the son of Celeste's family's chauffeur, but he is in love with Celeste, and she with him. When his father dies, though, Celeste'sfather manages to break them apart, which lasts for about three years. In that time, Adrian has become a powerful crime lord, which means he is just the person who can help Celeste with a little problem (assassins, inheritance, etc.).
Complete story (yea for that! I wish more stories in anthologies were). Quick resolution, but I was glad for it - they suffered enough. I also like that neither character had been with anyone else.

Counterplay by Jennifer Rebecca - Delilah has been looking for revenge for most of her life, and she is finally going to get it. She has found Victor, the man responsible for her family's death, and all she has to do is kill his son so that he knows what it feels like to lose the most important people in his life. The problem is that she's fallen in love with Marco. Marco isn't as clueless as he seems though and Deliliah may be in over her head.
I liked the way that this one kept me guessing about who knew what, although I was a little confused by the flashbacks (as in how old was she, who was she with, how was she responsible for what was happening). I thought it was interesting what Marco knew all along. I'm not sure I like the sharing/voyeurism aspect at the end. The story did end in a cliffhanger and there is a part two coming out.

Tainted Beginnings by Khardine Gray & Faith Summers - Nick is a hitman who is in Vegas on vacation. Tennessee is also in Vegas on vacation after a bad breakup. The two meet and share a wonderful, amazing, life-changing night together. Tennessee leaves to go back home but realizes she left something in the hotel room. She goes back just in time to see Nick engaging in his chosen career. He goes after her, not only because he needs to make sure she doesn't tell, but also because now she's on the radar of some really bad people. He needs to make sure she's okay, and maybe make sure that she will be his, for good, after all.
Liked this one! It was a complete story, part of a larger world created by the author.

Taken by the Mafia Prince by Lee Savino & KT Strange - Leah works at an Italian bakery. Her life is okay - she's not well-off by any means, but she's generally happy. She doesn't know that she's being watched though. Royal Regal is a crime boss who met her once, a year ago, and realized that she is his fate. He saves her - first from a malfunctioning coffee machine and then from a rival mob boss. He takes her home and shows her how much he already loves her; he just has to convince her that he wants to keep her - forever.
My favorite! I liked Lee Savino (I don't know the other author) already, and this story proves why. Leah was a great character, confident in herself and highly competent - at baking, at blowing up her enemies, you know, the important things. Royal was top-level J/P and I was there for it. He knew what he wanted and was going to have her no matter what.

Sins of the Syndicate: The Debt by Lexxi James - Smoke is working with his brother to find the people responsible for killing their father. He has a meeting set up at a club, and when he gets there, he sees Tia, who works there as a cleaner. He's somewhat interested, but not enough to blow off this meeting. But then he sees her taken to the back and finds her drugged and about to be raped. He saves her and takes her back to her apartment, taking care of her. He has to leave, but is it forever, or will he be back?
This is a continuing story. Small cliffhanger. Not much interaction between the two main characters, but enough of a hint that you know they'll get together later on.

The Vendetti Devil by Sapphire Knight - Dante is following up on some mob business when he finds out that a person he has to kill has a daughter. Emilia is beautiful and innocent and needs to be protected. He takes her back to his family and finds that staying away is not going to be as easy as he thinks.
I have to say that I'm not sure I enjoyed this one, mostly because of the storyline about the brothers sharing the wife of the eldest brother. First, it was difficult for me to follow because I haven't read the other books and don't know anything about this tradition they referenced. Secondly, what, she picked the oldest brother, married him, and now only has sex with the others on her birthday? I mean, to each his own, but her husband must not be a jealous man at all. Not my jam. And then there's the fact that it took 11 pages at the beginning of the story to bring the reader up to speed - character lists, timelines, explanations. I feel like if I need that, I'm no longer reading for pleasure. And then there's Dante, a definite anti-hero. We learn how he was so broken up over his brother's wife that he would hire prostitutes that looked like her, use them, and then kill them. Nobody stooped him - they just cleaned up his messes. I'm assuming this series is marketed as a dark romance because yikes! He just kills innocent people and they're all okay with it! Anyways, obviously lots of people like this author - I'm definitely not dissing her abilities - I just don't know if I could handle reading any more about him - I'm turning into a wimp as I get older!

Heiress Mastered by Sienna Snow - Eric and Briana are supposed to be married - any day now - but her work as a secret agent is keeping her busy. Oh, and the fact that she doesn't seem to want to marry him. But he catches her in a trap that he set up - turns out he's in on the secret agent gig.
Very short prequel to an upcoming story featuring these two characters (I assume).

Traded to Him (Club V Series Prequel) by SR Jones - Vadim is known as a gambler - he loves to take any and all bets - but when Rodian is losing to him and puts up new collateral, he isn't interested at first. Then he sees a picture of the collateral: Sofia. She's been passed around, seemingly unwanted. She's beautiful and still a virgin. Vadim feels something and he's not sure he should, but he takes the bet anyways and wins. He needs to keep Sofia safe and his boss off his back.
I like this author a lot, and Vadim was fun. Poor Sofia, wanted and unwanted at the same time. She was so much better than her father and their village and the man she was given in marriage to, and all she needed was the right guy to rescue her so she could become what she was meant to be.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 11, 2022
I will update this review as I read the stories 🖤

𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗼 𝗛𝗶𝗺 𝗯𝘆 𝗦𝗥 𝗝𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘀 5 ⭐

You guys! I was not ready to love this story as much as I did! Vadim and Sofia were 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vadim wins Sofia in a poker game, and after seeing a photo of her he feels a pull that he can't quite explain. It's not the way things are normally done in his circle and he knows this could be a major risk - but will she be worth it?
Poor Sofia, I really felt for her, but I admired her too, after everything she had been through she still managed to keep her poise and hold her own. She also feels the pull that Vadim feels, can she resist?
I can't wait for more from this world!! 🖤

𝗦𝗵𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗝𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗯𝘆 𝗦𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗮 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝗯 5⭐

What the HELL Silla?! You just left me hanging like that?!
Honestly I can't remember the last time I was left literally staring wide eyed at my kindle like what the hell just happened 🤯
Who's team am I supposed to be on? Who am I supposed to love? Or love to hate? 🔥
Justice, this poor, broken h wormed her way inside my heart and I know I'm going to be thinking of her often! After everything she's been through, and is still going through, she manages to put one foot in front of the other, striving for the better life she's dreaming of 🖤
The betrayals, twists, and angst had me biting my nails and I honestly can't wait for more! I'm intrigued to see how this all plays out!

𝗙𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗦𝗶𝗻 𝗯𝘆 𝗚𝘄𝘆𝗻 𝗠𝗰𝗻𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗲 5⭐

I loved this peek into the start of Rea and Konstandin's story! I went into this one completely blind and not knowing what to expect, and I'm intrigued to find out what happens next!
Rea is promised to Konstandin's twin brother, who also rules the crime family with an iron fist, Konstandin is put in charge of Rea's safety and security and he's taken that role VERY seriously!
I can't even begin to imagine what poor Rea was put through all those months, but that little spark of hope inside of her is keeping her going! I loved this story! 🖤

𝗧𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗕𝗲𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 𝗯𝘆 𝗞𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗚𝗿𝗮𝘆 & 𝗙𝗮𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗦𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗲𝗿𝘀 5⭐

I've been a massive fan of Khardine since I read The Accidental Mafia Queen a few years ago, and her books never disappoint!
This steamy, fast burn, short story was everything I didn't realise I needed!
Nick is deliciously dark and dangerous, exactly how we like them 😈 and Tennessee is such a sweet heroine! I loved her from the get go, probably because her story is pretty much a mirror of my own, I could relate to her so much, but not just that, she was SO likeable!
Nick is drawn to Tennessee as soon as he sets his sights on her, and although she's self-conscious because of her idiot ex, he is soon able to coax her out of her shell and convince her to have a night of fun 😏😏
Nick and Tennessee's story isn't easy by any means, but it's exciting, hot and steamy, and it will keep you flipping those pages and screaming for more!
I loved everything about this short story 😍

𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗽 𝗯𝘆 𝗔𝗯𝗯𝗶 𝗖𝗼𝗼���� 5⭐
I loved this start of Sienna and Alaric's story! It was fast paced, hot, and heartbreaking!
Alaric is Helix's nephew and personal assassin, but there's more than that, Helix is a father figure to Alaric (which broke my heart because I love Maddox) and when someone pisses his uncle off he hatches the perfect plan to help him out.. or so he thinks 😂
Sienna is trapped in her ivory tower where her father holds the key to her freedom. She manages to escape and runs willingly into the arms of the man who wants to kidnap her 😏
I loved their chemistry and can't wait to read how their story unfolds in Savage Heart 🖤
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April 30, 2022
**Will update with reviews as more stories are finished**

Shattering Justice by Silla Webb Five Stars

So much angst, passion, hurt, betrayal, the list goes on. Justice is a woman torn and she is unfortunately surrounded by men who have zero right to be near her. But, she starts to see her strength. She realizes that what her family is trying to do isn't a handout and that she can still be a strong woman even with someone in her corner.
But, trying to bring down her husband, she realizes that things aren't what she's been told. When she finally steps up and takes charge, everything changed.
I will warn you, it's a cliffy but, oh my goodness does it make you think. I am so excited to see how it plays out. I have some many thoughts on what is going on and it's going to be so exciting to see if any of them are correct.
Silla knocked it out of the park and it's just the first half of the story.
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May 3, 2022
I’m just diving into this anthology and will review each story as I read them.

I just finished Shattering Justice by Silla Webb and Wow! I’ve never read anything she written and will have to check out her other books. This does end on a cliffhanger so I’m hanging on that cliff now. This book is raw, gritty and dark. Justice can’t win for losing and her live isn’t looking up. She’s married to an abusive criminal and can’t get rid of him plus she’s keeping big secrets. Definitely check this one out!
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May 10, 2022
My review is for Illicit Acts by Cora Kenborn a Mafia/Cartel/Bratva story filled with drama, angst, danger, betrayal, arranged marriages, dark and mind blowing good. But, honestly every book in this anthology was absolutely phenomenal. So many of my favorite authors are in this anthology along with a lot of new authors I was so happy to discover and read. Too many amazing stories to just choose one that was my favorite.
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May 2, 2022
Each one of the authors in this anthology write smokin hot dark romance. It's filled with angst, lust, love and alot of men thinking they own these women when in reality its the women who do the owning. Some of the stories were a little darker than others but overall this anthology is good. After reading each story, I can't wait to see what else happens.
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May 9, 2022
I got through 11 of these stories. I know the ones I didn't get to are still deserving of the 5-star rating I gave this Anthology. I read them out of order because there are some authors I've wanted to read. Authors I always read. And, some new authors I have not read before. I highly recommend indulging. Do yourself a favor and grab this one.

My reviews of the ones I read:

** I have wanted to read a Gwyn McNamee book for a while and FINDING SIN was the perfect place to start for me. Loved reading Rea and Konstandin's story. Words that came to mind while reading it - loyalty and betrayal. Rea -always hopeful. Konstandin - protector. Always watching.

**Aidee James is another author I have wanted to read and DEVIL'S DEN did not disappoint.
Alejandro and Sarah were so good together. Alejandro is loyal, compassionate and protective. Sarah
is sassy and strong-willed. She knows what she wants.

**Beck Knight is a new author for me. TWISTED PRINCE was well-written but, for me, high school is too young to read. Not my first choice. Nikolaj and Edith. I'd probably read more just to find out their outcome.

**I have read a couple of Cora Kenborn's books so ILLICIT ACTS was a must for me. I love her writing. Intense. Explosive. Zasha is snarky and bold. Mikhail is intense in all things. Age gap is a favorite trope of mine and Cora did not disappoint in the writing of their story.

**Cole Denton is always a must-read for me and MOGUL was definitely that. I have never read a book from Cole that I didn't love and appreciate, including Mogul. Cole is a phenomenal storyteller. Michael is a bold boss and protector. Aria is sweet and broken until Michael decides he wants her. Theirs is a sizzling connection.

**Sienna Snow is another new author for me. I enjoyed reading about Brianna and Eric's story in HEIRESS MASTERED. Well-written storyline. Steamy.

**SR Jones is new for me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading TRADED TO HIM and Vadim and Sophia's story. Sophia is sold, traded and then, won. Vadim is her swoony protector who knows what he wants. SR Jones is an author I will read more of.

**Indie Hayes is also new to me. I liked her story, SNATCH and want to know what happens to the three main characters, Eden, Gabriel, and Raze. Eden is feisty and has a hard time following the "rules" which gets her into trouble. Gabriel and Raze seem to have a soft spot for her. They are the enforcers and may have just gotten themselves into trouble.

**Jagger Cole's DANGEROUS REIGN was fantastic. I loved reading about Adrian and Celeste. Their relationship is passionate and sizzling. This story is an all-consuming page-turner. Highly recommend.

** SINS OF THE SYNDICATE - THE DEBT by Lexxi James. This is the first story I've read by Lexxi
Smoke is a savior and protector who just can't forget about Tia. Tia is lost and finds herself in trouble. I definitely want to know what happens to these two characters. The story seemed like it just got started.

**DEPRAVED SOULS by Christy Anderson. Knox is an assassin who falls hard for his "Little Bird." Knox is intense. This story just got started and then, it ended ( at least in the anthology). I will undoubtedly look for the conclusion.
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May 10, 2022
Silla Web - Shattering Justice
This is a very complex story that does not conclude here, it is to be continued. Justice, in a no win situation, made to make choices, some that she has regretted, others not. Definitely want to find out what happens next.

Finding Sin - Gwyn McNamee
This story keeps you right on the edge of turning each page to find out what will happen next. It’s really about Konstandin and Rea and not Tarek and Rea, but only realized that about three quarters the way through the story. Definitely a must read.

REAP - Abbi Cook
Alaric, an assassin, and Sienna, a pampered princess, well not really, she is a woman in man’s world and has recently become someone under restrictions in her own house and she does not know why. She takes an opportunity to run and she runs right into Alaric’s hands. Boy is she surprised with what he is offering. Very hot scene with the gun and a chair.

Devil’s Den - Aidee Jaimes
Loved this one, a truly tortured hero, Alejandro and a very innocent heroin, Sarah.

Twisted Prince - Beck Knight
You only get a quick glimpse in this one, two half brothers, both bad, but one has a glimmer of sanity. A very young heroine.

Depraved Souls - Christy Anderson
This one is delicious, you get just a touch of the story to come and its looks to be exceptional.

Illicit Acts - Cora Kenborn
Loved this story, Mikhail and Zasha, it was gripping from the first page.

Mogul - Cole Denton
Michael and Aria, the monster and the angel. I thought this was a really sweet read, left me wanting more, and I’m going to go and get it!

Snatch - Indie Hayes
This story I absolutely loved. Loads of twists and turns. Eden is full of spunk and Raze and Gabriel are intriguing. I haven’t even begun to consider Cain!

Dangerous Reign - Jagger Cole
King and Villain, Adrian and Celeste Lies that cost them three years, a nice story to keep me entertained for this short read.

Counterplay - Jennifer Rebecca
An interesting story. Had me at page one, and then that ending, I can’t wait for more.

Tainted Beginnings - Khardine Gray and Faith Su
Nick and Tennessee, not to be meant more than one night. It only takes one minute to change that, and you get a nice and neat short story about this hot connection.

Taken by the Mafia - Lee Savino and Kit Strange
A Royal invasion. Royal and Leah, puzzle pieces coming together and he needs one final piece … Leah, his queen. Loved all the baking, a raisin in chocolate chips and most of all the pink cupcakes! TOTALLY loved it

Sins of the Syndicate - The Debt - Lexxi James
This is Smoke and Tia, an intriguing read, and it’s only just begun. There’s quite a bit of dialogue right at the end that will make you smile and bring you into more the story to come. Seventy two hours …

The Vendetti Devil - Sapphire Knight
An interesting read, I definitely want more of Emilia and Dante.

Heiress Mastered - Sienna Snow
I absolutely love Ms. Snow’s books, and this looks like its going to be fantastic.

Traded to Him - SR Jones
Vadim and Sophia, she’s a tiger in his bed, at least that what he thinks he got, he doesn’t know as he hasn’t touched her yet. Loved the line, “now the real seduction begins.”

I voluntarily reviewed this book.

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May 1, 2022
This review is for Mogul by Cole Denton. Once again Cole brings his stunning ability to weave a tale full of intrigue and heat. Michael Alatorre is the ultimate portrayal of tall, dark and deadly with a huge dose of sexiness! Cannot wait to see where this story goes!
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April 30, 2022
I really enjoyed this book and all the stories. I can't really pick a favorite, but I have to be Illicit Acts by Cora Kenborn. Also most of these authors were new to me and few I have read before. It is a must read 🖤🖤🖤
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May 12, 2022
Hot anthology!

Do you like reading of powerful made men and the feisty women who steal their attention? This anthology, featuring some of the hottest mafia writers around! My review will focus on Illicit Acts, Viper and Heiress Mastered.
Illicit Acts by Cora Kenborn is full of plot twists and turns. Mik is an assassin who takes a contract for a hit on Zasha, the daughter of his closest friend,Niko and his wife, Ava, the pakhan to the Chernov Bratva. He goes to visit them after 13 years in order to warn them of this hit. While at their strip club ge meets Zasha, who introduces herself as Bebe, and their attraction is immediate. The smutty times and chemistry between them is hot! Mik finds out that she is Zasha, his closest friend’s 18 yrs old daughter. And that is just the beginning! The characters are strong and there are so many players in this game of smoke and mirrors, it keeps you wanting more of Mik and Zasha!
Viper is a prequel story by Catherine Wiltcher is an emotional introduction to Danny ‘Viper’ Razor and Annie’s relationship. Danny is the son of the British mafia Don and next in line to take over. He has a violent relationship with his father and doesn’t want to join him in the family. He’s angry and feeling alone. Annie is the daughter of a disgraced politician, who is in jail facing charges and an alcoholic mother whom she has to care for. She is bullied at school until one day they meet. Danny has an instant attraction to Annie and will do anything to protect her. They seek solace in each other and find their relationship building quickly as they are comforted together. This prequel ends in a heart wrenching cliffhanger, leaving you desperate to read more of their story in A London Viper.
Heiress Mastered by Sienna Snow is a quick hot read with a strong female character in Brianna Amici, who takes on a last minute case for her organization, Solon, a week before her arranged marriage. She tracks her target to a ship where she comes face to face with her soon to be husband, Eric Donovan. He a dominant made man who is also part of Interpol. Lots of smutty times ensue and I can’t wait to read more of their story as Heiress Mastered continues!
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April 21, 2022
I received the ARC for the one story by Lee Savino.

Taken by the Mafia Prince
Royal has a plan. He has been watching Leah since the first day they met. Thing is Leah doesn’t remember it. She only knows that a handsome man just walked into her bakery and helped fix the expresso machine. When a crime boss shakes down the own, Leah does what she is asked. Royal isn’t about to let anything happen to his future. Leah is his to protect, his fate. I really loved this story. He fell for her from the first time he met her. Her kindness and warmth was what brought Royal to notice her. We find out how it all began. It was so sweet. Who wouldn’t want a handsome Mafioso come sweep us off our feet. Leah is a talented baker. She bakes for a little Italian couple in their bakery. The Rossi’s are sweet and see the positive in things. She deserved to be treated like Cinderella.
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May 2, 2022
I'm in heaven 18 Mafia books
Various author new and old to me loved them all
Illicit acts Mik and Zasha by cora kenborn
Taken by a prince Royal and Leah by Lee Savino
Finding Sin Konstantin and Rea by Gywn McNamee
Heiress mastered Bri and Eric by Sienna snow
370 reviews
May 20, 2022

I really loved the collection of authors in this book it was an amazing read each story was different but engaging I couldn't put it down ! Loved loved it ! I hope you can do it again soon enjoyed it very much...
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May 6, 2022
I received this as an arc in exchange of my honest review...these are the ones which really spoke to me🖤🖤🖤

Shattering Justice -by Silla Webb 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Justice is living two worlds- a world of devastation and rage and a world of secrets and hope of a new existence.
She finds herself in a difficult situation between two men who think that they can bend her to their will,but she starts to see that that's not the case and she begins to grow into something that's exactly the opposite...a strong willed woman who decides to take...to put her and hers before any other. Silla,you have grabbed me and pulled me in from start to "finish" and I want more...no I NEED more! PHENOMENAL!!!

Finding Sin by Gwyn McNamee 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Sold by her own family to her new utter nightmare,Rea was destined for a life of hell,darkness and terror promised to the devil. Konstandin was his brother's second in command,but he also had secrets being kept from him,secrets that included the new "flavor of the month" Rea,secrets he was determined to get to the bottom of. Kon was the epitome of brutal,he thought the darkness ran all the way through his being,but that began to change...I can't wait to read the rest of the book to see how their story pans out,to see if their sin keeps blazing... Loved it!

Depraved Souls by Christy Anderson🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

A man known for his calm and calculated demeanor begins to unravel the minute he finds his new "toy" the mysterious woman who has joined his "organisation" Even though it was short,I loved how we got to know Knox,and why he is how he is...the heat so far is off the scale and I'm looking forward to more!
My first time at reading this author,and I enjoyed every word🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Mogul by Cole Denton🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Michael was a ruthless businessman,hell bent to keeping everything run like an iron fist at his resort. Whilst there,he finds something which he never thought he would in a million years...his "one" Aria was promised to someone else,but Michael was determined to right all the wrongs in her life to truely make her his. Yes,he had his own way of dealing with things,but that's exactly how he became this force to be reckoned with. I'm secretly hoping that his second,Sawyer gets a book... Just amazing,I wanted more!!!!
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May 10, 2022

Viper - Catherine Wiltcher. 🐍

After meeting Danny Razor aka Viper in A London Villain with his little pink haired friend… I knew he was special. For a side character you get a lot of him in A London Villain so I would recommend reading it if you haven’t already. It’s such a good read.

Viper is just a small glimpse into his life as a teenager. How he meets Annie Carter. They’re both teenagers that are completely lost and alone. This is down to there fathers.

-(In a London Villain you see Danny as a adult)

Danny meets Annie at school. He sees her being bullied. Him having a hard life himself he sees something in her and takes her under his wing.

Annie’s father is a very dark corrupt politician who has been arrested for very dark things.
She looses her friends, her mother becomes a drunk. Annie and Danny have a very strong connection, they form a relationship. But Danny knows it won’t last and the last thing he wants to do is leave Annie alone.

Danny is about to join his father organised crime firm to learn everything there is, so one day he will completely take over. Once he’s apart of that would nothing else will matter.

I don’t normally read Prequel Novellas. It’s like giving me something I so desperate want then taking it away lol. That’s how I feel right now. Just from reading that small part I can honestly say this book will be one of my favourites, not just of Catherine’s book but all books.

I will definitely recommend reading A London Villain, it’s available on KU.

Not only is Viper in this prequel but many other great authors, such as Cora Kenborn, Abbi Cook and many more.

“Break me as him, then fix me as you.” - Annie. Favourite quote 🤍

I honestly can’t wait to read the full book.

Many authors in this novella I’ve never read before. I’m very excited to read some of there work.
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May 8, 2022
Oh boy!!! This was SO good. Some of these hade running to my TBR to add more of these authors books. Lots of stories so I'm going to try and keep my review brief.

Shattering Justice by Silla Web
You have lots of characters; Harlan, Justice, Haven, Dylan, Luke and Zeke. Lots of suspense, keeps you on the edge of your seat and I need more asap.

Finding Sin by Gwyn McNamee
Rea has an arranged marriage to a psycho. Perhaps a forbidden romance will come next since the psycho has a twin.

Reap by Abbi Cook
Kidnapping with some 🔥 scenes.

Devil's Den by Aidee Jaimes
Betrayal, twists, hot and some humor

Twisted Prince by Beck Knight
Edith is being bullied and "protected" by Nikolaj which puts her on his brother Vlad's radar. She does not want to be there

Depraved Souls by Christy Anderson
Knox , Ace and a little bird...No idea what's to come.

Illicit Acts by Core Kenborn
Mikhail & Zasha: bratva, age gap, forbidden

Mogul by Cole Denton
Main characters are Michael, Aria and Sawyer. Aside from thr obvious mafia, you also have what seems like a cult problem, age gap as well. Definitely looking forward to more.

Viper by Catherine Wiltcher
You meet Viper in a previous book. He is MINE. This was sooo good.

Snatch by Indie Hayes
Eden, Raze, Gabriel oh my. This one sent me to my tbr. Offered herself up to save her father. Lots happens. Possible RH

Dangerous Reign by Jagger Cole
Lots of interesting characters. Betrayal and secret society.

Counterplay by Jennifer Rebecca
Revenge, revenge and oh some vengeance...

Tainted Beginnings by Khardine Gray & Faith Summers
Mafia enforcer, Vegas fling turned deadly.

Taken by the Mafia Prince by Lee Savino & KT Strange
Baker, sweet but hot af hero, special cupcakes.

Sins of the Syndicate: The Debt by Lexxi James
Smoke, Tia Enzo. The he is young, poor and innocent. Want more.

The Vendetti Devil by Sapphire Knight
LOTS of characters, secret child, serial killer.

Heiress Mastered by Sienna Snow
Spy, some knife play and teasing.

Traded to Him by SR Jones
Vadim wins Sofia in a bet. Nikolai and Sienna, secrets, forced proximity.
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