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The Switch

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When they first met Lord Jeremy William Radcliffe, Charlie and her twin sister, Elizabeth, were escaping from their uncle—taking turns acting the young gentleman to avoid detection. But Charlie couldn't help falling head over heels—and out of a window—for the handsome lord. Of course, that was only the beginning; Lord Radcliffe insisted on showing "him" and her lovely sister to London.

But how could he do that? With every touch, Radcliffe seemed unknowingly to incite indecent desires in Charlie, and his fraternal intent was certain to land her in a fine mess. Though it was a great game to play a boy, there was more fun in being female. And after one brush of his fiery lips when her guise was gone, Charlie swore to be nothing but his woman forevermore.

362 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published January 1, 1999

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About the author

Lynsay Sands

168 books11.3k followers
LYNSAY SANDS is the nationally bestselling author who is known for her hysterical historicals as well as the popular Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series. With her witty and charming personality, Sands describes books as, “Waking dreams or stories, tales to amuse, entertain and distract us from everyday life.” She’s been writing stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly lucky to be able to make a career out of it. Her hope is that readers can get away from their everyday stress through her stories, and if there are occasional uncontrollable fits of laughter, that’s just a big bonus. Visit her official website at www.lynsaysands.net.

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162 reviews5 followers
July 8, 2011
I needed a change of pace from my usual paranormal / sci fi fare and I LOVE THIS BOOK!!

The Switch refers to twin sisters who are trying to escape horrible marriages that their uncle is selling them into. One sister dresses up as a man and hijinks ensue. First off let me say with all of the role switching, things could get a bit confusing. But it was HILARIOUS to hear Radcliff's inner thoughts when he thought that he was lusting after Charles who was actually Charlotte. The characters had such sly ironic humor that you can't help but laugh with them. If you need a good laugh this book is definitely for you!
April 20, 2021
2.5 stars

I went into this, actually expecting some humour or shenanigans. Like, she disguised herself as a man, went to brothel, gaming hall, having a switcheroo all the time with the sister. While having a girl chasing for her affection.

This sounded hilarious, if you ask me. Also reminded me of that Amanda Bynes' movie, She's The Man.

However, maybe the jokes passed over my head, because I felt really bored. Nothing was cheeky or funny. I felt really meh. Maybe it was just the wrong book I've just picked.
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508 reviews80 followers
September 28, 2020
This book is a laugh! Full of adventures, dares and crazy things happening.
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1,349 reviews188 followers
March 17, 2015
Running from forced marriages, Charlie (Charlotte) and Elizabeth flee from their home and their evil uncle in the dead of the night. But two young women traveling on their own will draw too much attention so in an effort to avoid raising eyebrows, Charlie dons the clothing of a young man.

Unfortunately they haven't even cleared the window before they are caught by William Radcliffe who upon hearing a slightly altered version of their story decides to help them. And so begins the hijinks.

This book isn't too bad, it's not the greatest book ever written but if you feel like some entertaining fluff, you could do much worse. I think the cross dressing was a little overdone and Radcliffe's attraction to Charlie as both a young man and a young woman started to get annoying but setting those things aside it was a fun read.
Profile Image for Katrina Passick Lumsden.
1,779 reviews12.8k followers
March 31, 2014
OK, so this one's pretty bad. Not terrible, but it's definitely one I'll never bother with again. Charlie is obnoxious and overbearing, and one can't help but think Lord Radcliffe is a bit of a simpleton for not figuring things out long before the end.

But it was towards the end, when Charlie once again rushes headlong into trouble without any thought to the consequences, that I decided I hate this story. Seriously, the girl's an idiot. So if you don't want to read about a termagant with the intellect of a sand flea, don't bother with this one.
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385 reviews80 followers
March 21, 2017
This was my first Lynsay Sands read. She has a real knack for writing oddball female leads and alpha males which are completely endearing. Charlie was hilarious and poor Lord Radcliffe never knew what hit him when he rescued Charlie & Elizabeth and took them under his protection.

Amongst mistaken genders/identities, Lord Radcliffe unwittingly ends up taking in stray animals, a prostitute and orphaned family… all in a hilarious way. I couldn’t stop laughing at his reaction to Charlie’s antics and to losing control of his house.

A truly enjoyable read.
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63 reviews29 followers
August 28, 2012
This book is hilarious. A little bit silly but hilarious.

I know comedy is a matter of opinion. However, I'm pretty sure most people can find something to laugh at within the pages of this book.

Basically the plot revolves around two sisters: Beth and Charlie.

They are orphans and under the care of an evil uncle who cares nothing for them and plans to marry them off to old/cruel men who would use them as glorified incubators for their heirs.

Charlie (Charlotte) is a feisty young girl who will not allow injustice, let alone allow herself to be married off to a man who is known for having killed all of his previous wives. So she and Beth design an escape plan. Charlie will dress up as a man and as sister and brother they will escape from their uncle's clutches.

Everything goes according to plan until they stumble with Lord Radcliffe. Lord Radcliffe is a gentleman in all the sense of the word. When he first meets the "brother" and sister he offers them his company during their trip. And after learning of their uncle's evil plans he even offers them assistance and protection. Radcliffe has his own reasons to offer his help, based on a personal tragedy that affected him long ago. At first though, Charlie and Beth are reluctant to accept Radcliffe's help. In the end they decide to accept it because there's just no other way out and they need to escape pronto.

Along the way a friendship forms between Radcliffe and the "brother" Charlie. However, Radcliffe is thoroughly confused by the fact that he feels a strange attraction towards Charlie that has nothing to do with friendship. It's hilarious to read Radcliffe's inner conflict about his sexual desire for Charlie "the brother" and how he tries to convince himself he's only attracted to Charlie because "he" looks like Beth.

This is a funny journey filled with social commentary about the society of the time, some absurd situations that will make you giggle and Charlie/Radcliffe unresolved sexual tension.

I only give it four stars though because I found some of the situations in which Charlie found herself a bit silly, however, I know comedy is a lot about perspective and what I find silly someone else may find perfectly funny.

All in all this was a perfect, light, weekend read that had me giggling like a nutcase.
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2,275 reviews162 followers
May 4, 2016
The Switch
1 Star

Twin sisters, Charlotte “Charlie” and Elizabeth Westerly, are on the run from an uncle determined to marry them off to the highest bidders. Escaping out a window, Charlie, disguised as a boy, collides with Lord Jeremy Radcliffe, who takes it upon himself to aid the “brother” and sister. Alternating between male and female costumes, Charlie’s attraction to Radcliffe only increases the more time they spend together, but can she trust him with her secret?

Utterly ridiculous!

Lynsay Sands Devil of the Highlands is an engaging historical romance series, which led me to expect more of the same from another of her historical books. Unfortunately, The Switch does not even come close to meeting these expectations.

The cross-dressing plot goes on for a tedious amount of time and when the secret is finally revealed in a haphazard manner, there is virtually no reaction on the part of the hero. Shouldn’t he be angry at being duped for so long? Moreover, for a supposedly intelligent and worldly man, Radcliffe is blind to the ruse and does not understand his on/off attraction to Charlie and her sister, Beth. This is completely unbelievable, especially considering the fact that other characters catch on more quickly.

Charlie and Radcliffe’s romance is tepid to say the least. They have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever and the fact that Charlie is dressed as a boy for much of the book adds a rather uncomfortable tone to their relationship.

The secondary suspense storylines have potential, but are poorly executed with no real tension or action to speak of and the resolutions feel very contrived.

All in all, this is way to farcical and implausible to be entertaining.
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676 reviews69 followers
November 27, 2017
I did not expect to really like this book based on some reviews I read. I did, however, need a book to listen to; and this one was available at my local library.

This book is a ridiculous farce. It is not plausible or historically accurate. As long as you can enjoy a fantastical gender switching HR, this story is amusing.
342 reviews22 followers
July 19, 2018
This one was okay. It started out good but the whole cross-dressing thing went on for too long and the multiple endings really dragged the story down while also launching it into throwing-popcorn-at-the-screen levels of GTFOOH.

Yeah so this book kind of lost me by the end. It started out okay but the gender-bending went on way too long and all the supposed-to-be-funny wacky scenarios went over like a lead balloon with me. Radcliffe started out a decent, if bland, hero but the second climax and the epilogue made him out to be a totally different, and worse, person. He suddenly adopted heretofore unseen misogynistic behaviors and then when he was called on it he went totally, 100% in the other direction and became a p*ssy-whipped, beta. Charlie started out pretty strong and interesting but continued the charade for literally no reason, put herself and others in stupidly dangerous situations, and then turned into this awful fishwife by the end. Can't really recommend.
Profile Image for Jane Stewart.
2,462 reviews848 followers
September 28, 2010
Pleasant and enjoyable romance novel.

I debated between giving this 3 or 4 stars. When I finished reading it, my reaction was I liked it and I had no problems with it. That fits my definition of 3 stars. I wanted to give it more than 3, but I decided to stay with my initial reaction and definition.

It's a fun story about twin sisters Beth and Charlie (Charlotte) who run away from their uncle who plans to sell them as brides. To reduce their chance of discovery, they dress as a boy and a girl, taking turns being the boy. Radcliffe is attracted to Charlie. He is in turmoil because he is sometimes drawn to the boy and other times drawn to the girl, not knowing it is the same person.

Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: one. Setting: time not stated, probably 1800s England. Copyright: 1999. Genre: historical romance.

For a list of my reviews of other Lynsay Sands books, see my 5 star review of "Love is Blind" posted 1-22-07.
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493 reviews37 followers
August 12, 2021
I remember really enjoying this novel but I don’t recall all the details....
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3,853 reviews168 followers
May 14, 2019
The story of two twin sisters, Charlie and Elizabeth, who are running away from their greedy uncle and the marriages he's basically sold them to.

In order to avoid notice and be able to travel alone, Charlie is pretending to be a man and Elizabeth's cousin, escorting her to London. Unfortunately, they encounter a good Samaritan as soon as their adventure begins, in the form of Lord Radcliffe, a nobleman who feels for them and decides to take them under his protection.

Deciding to go along with this change in their plans and use the opportunity to find husbands as soon as possible, the two sisters alternate between who will play the brother and who the sister in each outing, and soon enough, they both find men that interest them.

Unfortunately for Charlie, the one who interests her is none other than their host, Lord Radcliffe, who finds himself confused by this young lad he seems drawn to. While the signs are all there, it takes him quite a long time to get to the truth, and that only after .

A light story that includes the heroine in disguise trope combined with twins switching places, a trick that gets them out of a difficult situation in the end.
Profile Image for Darbella.
587 reviews
August 15, 2020
I really enjoyed this. For this Lynsay Sands story one must go with the flow and just enjoy. LOL I did wonder how come no one noticed that both girls did not have manly voices but then decided to just go with it. LOL I thought it was cute how the Hero only was attracted to the heroine.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Elley Murray.
1,109 reviews139 followers
March 19, 2021
If I had to pick a favorite trope, it would be women disguised as men. Ever since I was 11 and read Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness series, I was hooked. I especially love when the male lead gets feelings for the woman in her man-disguise and starts to question his sexuality (and/or sanity!), or decided he loves whom he loves regardless of their gender (that last doesn’t happen often, I will admit).

I love that Charlie and Beth trade off who is Elizabeth (the sister) and who is Charles (the brother), and the number that does on Radcliffe. Speaking of Radcliffe, I didn't care him very much as a male lead. He is overbearing and condescending and I wanted to punch him in the nose half the time. Beth also grated on my nerves, and the twins say Beth is the steady and level-headed one, but she just came off as spoiled to me (though she does have some personal growth throughout the story, which I appreciate). I loved Charlie with her madcap ideas, her need to rescue every troubled stray she finds, and even her motion sickness (which I can totally relate to - the motion sickness, I mean). Charlie is brave and bold and sensual and self-sacrificing, all of which I really admire. I just wish Radcliffe was someone I admired more. I will say that while usually the duped male lead is upset to find out he'd been tricked, Radcliffe took the reveal in stride (though that likely had as much to do with his relief that he wasn't gay as anything else) rather than having a hissy fit about it, so I will credit him that. He also goes to some rather (ahem) extreme lengths to rescue Charlie, which was funny. Some of his attempts to "help" Charlie are also pretty hilarious, such as a trip to the brothel to help him lose his virginity and "man up," a trip to the gambling house to teach him the dangers of gambling (except Radcliffe's plans never seem to go quite as he plans…)

I listened to the audiobook as narrated by Fiona Hardingham. I quite enjoyed her performance, and Ms. Hardingham made the sometimes antiquated language of the novel seem quite natural.
240 reviews8 followers
March 5, 2011
This book was so, completely, ridiculously bad that it ended up good. The plot was flimsy at best, and from what I've seen in this book, Sands is the best example possible of telling instead of showing. Case in point, at one point early on in the book Radcliffe teaches Charlie how to shoot. Instead of actually showing us the encounter, and the nuances in the H/h's interactions that would signal their attraction to each other, Sands skips the scenes right out and instead makes Radcliffe recall in the driest, most elementary voice possible that he (to sum it up) got the tinglies when *gasp* he had to put his arms around Charlie to teach him how to shoot! We don't get a window on whether Charlie's affected by this or not either (same with when in the beginning Radcliffe finds the two wrapped around each other after starting the night out on opposite ends of the bed--one of the oldest, most contrived plot devices in the history of romances by the way--, we get a very shallow handle on how Radcliffe felt--"It felt pleasant. That disturbed him. Because Charlie was a boy."--but we hear nothing from Charlie).

The writing, the dialogue was completely uninspired, this book felt like it could've been on a sixth grade reading level! The characters themselves were quite bland, but, BUT.

I couldn't stop reading anyways. There was just something so self indulging about spending an hour or two on a book stuffed with so many warm and friendly cliches. Maybe it was because I'd had a long day and didn't want to really tax my brain anymore, but The Switch held enough of my interest that I was able to sit down and finish it all in one go. All in all, a really quick, pretty bad, but definitely comforting beach read.
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327 reviews32 followers
March 16, 2010
Beth and Charlie are caught red handed. Or red ... dressed. Trying the sneak out the window of an inn that they and their uncle are staying at, Lord Jeremy William Radcliff comes upon them and berates them for trying to leave the inn without paying. Charlie is dressed as a boy even though she is a girl.

The pair (identical twins) explain that they are running away from their uncle (who is their guardian) because he is marrying one of them off to a brutal man who only wants to sire a son and is suspected of already killing two of his wives.

Lord Radcliff immediately takes the pair under his wings, traveling with them to London. Here's the problem. Because he is under the impression that Charlie is a boy, Charlie has to sleep with him (in the same bed) at the first inn they stay at.

Radcliff is perplexed. He loves women, in all shapes and forms and in all quantities. But suddenly, he is feeling more than friendship for the little slip of a boy, Charlie. So he takes him to a brothel (a disaster) and then a gambling parlor (where Charlie wins a boatload of money). But even as Radcliff tries to make a man out of the boy, he's feeling more and more "unnatural" emotions for him.

Throughout the book, Charlie and Beth switch back and forth between who is playing the boy and no matter who is which gender for the day, Radcliff seems attracted to Charlie (whether she is dressed as a boy or a girl).

This book is ok. Amusing at times but nothing to drop other books and start this one over.
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1,385 reviews195 followers
June 2, 2020
1.5 stars (only because it started out interesting)

Oh god, this book after about the 50% mark was just SO BAD. Sooooooo bad, I could scream. I wanted to scream. I still want to scream. I probably am still screaming in horror over this mess of a story.

This book officially has the WORST HEROINE EVER.

Did the author just get extremely lazy with the storyline or something? The heroine just gets so extremely lazy and careless... and does tons of stupid, stupid shit. She literally just walks her way into all kinds of dangerous situations - meeting with a blackmailer not once, not twice, but three times. And doesn’t learn her lesson when shit goes wrong. Is this girl brain dead? She needs a babysitter to keep her from harming herself. I feel like this is something a toddler would do, although maybe the toddler would still learn faster.

On top of that, when she could just have told the hero the truth about her identity, she continues to lie for no apparent reason... there is ZERO reason for her to lie to the hero and she still does. What a dumbass.

And circling back to the dangerous situations - apparently the police don’t even exist in this book because no one seems to think of calling them or involving any authorities.

Here’s my advice: skip this book and don’t look back.
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1,901 reviews132 followers
April 16, 2015
The Switch

The Characters

Charlotte “Charlie”
Elizabeth “Beth”
Lord Jeremy Radcliff - I was quite confused at the end of the story when Charlie calls him Jeremy, during most of the book he just goes by Radcliff

Other various friends, foes and waifs.

The Story

A dizzying tale of twins searching for freedom from their oppressive/abusive uncle and his machinations. Or at least that is the way it starts out. As we continue we find a love story, adventure and even more dastardly foes.

All and all this was quite enjoyable. Sands’ trademark wit once again brings us delightful characters and sometimes over the top situations that you just have to love.

The Random Thoughts

4 Stars
Profile Image for ضحى الحداد.
Author 3 books619 followers
January 3, 2022
Well, this was the first I read in the year 2022 and it was BORING as hell !!
So the story is about twin sisters Charlie and Beth, they decide to run away from their uncle so they don't get stuck in arranged marriages both of them don't want, Charlie disguises herself as a boy named "Charles" to provide protection for them both .. in the process of running away they meet lord Radcliff, and he insists on helping them .. but he feels a sudden attraction for Charles which he should not feel.. and thus begin a funny adventure between the three of them
to be fair, I did find some of the scenes funny and I actually laughed.. but the relationship between Radcliff and Charlie was really rushed and doesn't make any sense and I was bored most of the book TBH
Profile Image for starryeyedjen.
1,640 reviews1,232 followers
February 6, 2017
Yay for gender-bending and cross-dressing and twins switching places! This story was so fun and I honestly don't think I've read anything like it. I preferred Charlie, the twin who was more adept at playing the brother -- and the one who got herself into predicament after predicament. And, sure, it would have been easier -- and more realistic -- had they simply informed Lord Radcliffe of their situation, but it would not have been nearly as hilarious.
Profile Image for Desi.
524 reviews93 followers
July 9, 2017
Enjoyable and amusing. Pretty much preposterous plot but the gimmick carried to the end.

What was rather unnecessary was when they drew the hero into it for no logical reason in the final scenes. His garb added nothing to the plan.

And I really though the uncle supplied sufficient villainy. There was no need to draw a random character in as a new bad guy, or to create crimes out of an already adequately explained years' old accident.

Other than that complaint it had a quite a few laughs, the pacing was good, and the characters charming.
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181 reviews23 followers
March 30, 2012
The Switch
by Lynsay Sands

Genre: Historical Romance

When they first met Lord Jeremy William Radcliffe, Charlie and her twin sister, Elizabeth, were escaping from their uncle - taking turns acting the young gentleman to avoid detection. But Charlie couldn't help falling head over heels - and out of the window - for the handsome lord. Of course, that was only the beginning: Lord Radcliffe insisted on showing "him" and her lovely sister safely to London.

But how could he do that? With every touch, Radcliffe seemed unknowingly to incite indecent desires in Charlie, and his fraternal intent was certain to land her in a fine mess. Though it was a great game to play a boy, there was more fun in being female. And after one brush of his fiery lips when her guise was gone, Charlie swore to be nothing but his woman forevermore.

Two orphaned sisters are avoiding their uncle's marriage decision by masquerading as a traveling brother/sister group, but upon their night of escape, they are discovered by the earl of Radcliffe. Deciding to offer aid to some innocent-looking siblings on their first-trip to London, Lord Radcliffe takes this group under his wing and eventually finds himself romantically draw to one sibling in particular --- although sometimes drawn to the boy ("Charlie") and other times the girl ("Beth"), Radcliffe finds himself hilariously torn between his sexual desires toward the two --- who are actually Charlotte in disguise throughout the whole book.

This was a great, fun tale with wonderful characters and would be a fantastic summer read! The plot was intriguing and always kept you on edge to see what mischief the sisters would get into next and what new romantic fumbles would happen with the male leads. I was in the mood for a theme in regards to the 'Hero not knowing she's a woman' story and was immensely happy with The Switch. It was enjoyable to experience Radcliffe's awkwardness throughout the book in his feelings toward Charlotte in disguise. The sisters got along splendidly and the side characters didn't distract the reader away from the overall plot, but I did find Charlotte's (aka Charlie & Beth) attitude towards helping the less fortunate bittersweet ... she took caring to the extreme and I found it a bit annoying and not really realistic.

All in all, if your looking for a fun beach read that is both humorous and romantic - this would be a great candidate.

Likes: The sisters daring mannerism toward anything manly (ie. wanting to visit gambling hells and clubs, etc.)

Dislikes: I felt the story dragged here and there, but would pickup again after a few chapters.
Profile Image for Jade.
248 reviews33 followers
April 21, 2011
*sigh* My first thought after sighing is, Why did I read this *rap?. How did I even get my hands on this book? Then, I remember that I have read other Sands books in the Argenue line and have liked them. Also, I remember getting this at the 10 for $1 bin at my used Book Heaven. I see why it was that price. It was terrible, pretty much from beginning to end.

I am both a cheap drunk and a cheap reader. Buy me a Margarita and I'm toast. Entertain me and distract me with a decent story and interesting characters and you are on your way to getting 4 to 5 stars from me. I'm not picky about grammar, since I myself barely have any. I am willing to let authors get away with a lot as long as they keep me fully entertained,relaxed and enraptured in their stories. I even start my stars rating at 2 bc I think the effort of managing to get the book published deserves that much. I guess with this book I am willing to reconsider. It was just plain absurd, ridiculous, slow and overall boring.

I was reading this book for the romantic element. Sometimes I am too stressed by daily life as a stay at mom and need something really mellow and uncomplicated. A certain happy ending, paved with cheesy dialogue, obvious misunderstandings and hopefully good laughs. This book did not even accomplish that. The lack of logic and likeability in the characters and story was too much even for me.

So 2 stars bc I'm generous and the book was published and I got it for $.10. I only regret the time I used to read it. OH well. I just do not recommend it to anyone who has anything better to do.
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763 reviews110 followers
March 30, 2011
LOVED this book. Very funny, fast paced, and thoroughly enjoyable. This is now my favorite book by Sands. Set in England. About a set of orphaned identical twins who decide to take their fate into their own hands. They runaway from their uncle and their undesirable prospective bridegrooms in search of more acceptable husbands. Their uncle, who ran the family estate into debt, is basically selling the twins into marriage to whomever will pay the right price. Their plan is to escape to another uncle and ask for help. Dressed as brother and sister so they can travel, (2 women traveling alone just isn't done) they put their plan into motion. While attempting their escape things start to go awry when they are spotted by another individual who decides to take the pair under his wing.

The story is funny as situations are encountered when everyone thinks one of the girls is a boy. The two actually enjoy the privileges being a young man allow them and they take turns being the young man known as Charles. Very fun especially when they each fall in love with a different man and there is only (supposedly) one of them. I don't want to give away too much because I'm afraid I'd ruin some of the funny moments for you. I was laughing so hard. This will probably go into my top 10 favorites for 2010. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one. Jayne I think you would love this one! Thanks Sans for letting me borrow it.
Profile Image for Caroline Yamashita.
406 reviews15 followers
May 17, 2018
Quando li a sinopse, parei tudo o que estava fazendo para ler.
Eu SABIA que seria muito engraçado.
E foi! E foi também incrível!
Charlotte e Elisabeth são gêmeas. Seu tio Harry as vendeu para casamento com uns caras muito esquisitos, um com fama de assassino de esposas, já que era viúvo por 3 vezes e o outro como pervertido.
Então as duas moças resolvem fugir, mas não como duas irmãs. Charlotte vira Charles! Um menino.
Eis que estão fugindo e se encontram com Radcliffe, um lorde inglês que promete ajudar os irmãos.
Mas acontece que pobre Radcliffe não sabe o que pensar, deve estar enlouquecendo porque ele sente uma enorme atração pelo Charles! Como pode?!
Ele sabe que é errado, que tá ficando doido, mas não consegue evitar!
Enquanto isso, as irmãs trocam de lugar, pois decidem que já que estão em Londres, a melhor coisa para escapar de um casamento é outro casamento. Então, Charles/Charlotte, vira Elisabeth e Elisabeth vira Charles!
E agora não é que o coitado do Lorde Radcliffe se sente aliviado, pois sabe que era uma loucura mesmo, e que tem sentimentos mesmo é por Elisabeth!
Mas no outro dia volta a se sentir atraído por Charles!!!
É tanto problema!
A única certeza é qque temue depois que os gêmeos entraram em sua vida pacata, virou de ponta cabeça e problemas viraram rotina!
Amei, amei amei!
Me apaixonei por essa autora!
Obrigada Stephanie Antunes pela dica! :*

Primeira leitura em 31/05/2015
Segunda leitura em 19/03/2018
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722 reviews11 followers
January 1, 2016
The Switch by Lynsay Sands (Audio Edition)
Performed by: Fiona Hardingham

♥ ♥ ♥ This is the first audio book I have listened to that I have not read previously. I had read a few reviews on it and was expecting some silliness - which I got and didn't mind. There were some chuckles as well. Charlie (Charlotte) and Beth were good characters. I liked how they switched often and the resulting confusion for poor Radcliff was amusing.

I do agree with one reviewer that when the switch was revealed to Radcliff, he should have caught on a bit sooner in that conversation. He's a bit of a stuffed shirt in my opinion and even though he supposedly loosens up.. by the end he seems to get worse.

The downside for me was when I thought the story was fairly all tied up and at that point I thought it would be a 4 heart review. However, it kept going.. and everything after that point seemed to be added to just draw out the story, and it just went downhill for me and I was losing interest fast. Personally, I felt the book could have been done without this part.

The reading by Fiona Hardingham was good. Though at times she sounded as though she had a bored tone to her voice. Her accents were good and I felt pulled into the story.

Original review posted at: http://paragraphsandpetticoats.blogsp...
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83 reviews38 followers
June 27, 2017
I loved this book!!

This was my first book by Lynsay Sands and I absolutely loved her writing. She had my interest in the first scene of the book with Radcliffe watching Beth climb out a window on the shoulders of her "brother" Charles. The humor and comedy in the book was great, that I actually laughed out loud a couple times, very rare an author can make me do that.

I absolutely loved the plot device of needing Charlotte to disguise herself as "Charles" in their attempt to escape their uncle's forced horrible marriages. The antics Charlie gets into are great-- and no one suspects that 'he's' a 'she'. I just really enjoy the stories when the heroine successfully disguises herself as a guy. I thought it was hilarious that Radcliffe had no clue and even suffered anxiety questioning his own sexuality at his attraction to "Charles".

The heroine and hero were well developed and likeable. Even all the secondary characters were great (Bessie, Mrs. Hartshair, and Stokes). The plot moved along well and uncovered backstory on Radcliffe, concerning his sister's death which he felt very guilty about.

It was a well done novel! It definitely made it onto my favorites shelf right from that very first scene I knew it would. I also will probably reread this one in the future, it is that good!!
Profile Image for Chumchum_88.
556 reviews49 followers
January 16, 2018
It's been a loooooooong while since the last time I read a Lynsay Sands book and I loooooooved this book sooooo much.

- I've always had a thing for cross-dressing XD so I was totally eager to reading this book

- I've liked both the hero and the heroine, both were very responsible people and I liked the chemistry between them

- Even though the heroine was a twin she obviously was the responsible adult

- I loved how the hero and the other guy were attracted to the right twin even when they change their roles

- I loved the parts where the hero was confused about his sexuality when he was attracted to the heroine when she was a guy XD that was so funny

- It was hilarious when the hero took the heroine to a brothel as way to entertain him then he was so protective of him it was really funny XD

- I love the cross dressing in this book in all its forms XD

- I loved the parts where the heroine was constantly hit on by girls whenever she was cross dressing XD

Overall, *thumbs up* I'm already getting the book again for a re-read after finishing this review XD
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