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Though loss is often marked in a single moment, letting go of someone you love can take a lifetime.

The threat of war—and a final request—send Véronique Girard from France to a distant and uninviting country. In the Colorado Territory, she searches for the man who has held her heart since childhood—her father. Pierre Girard left Paris for the Americas to seek his fortune in fur trading, vowing to send for his wife and daughter. But twenty-five years have passed and his vow remains unfulfilled. Sifting through shards of broken promises, Véronique embarks on a dangerous search for a man she scarcely remembers.

His grief finally healed, Jack Brennan is moving on with life. After years of guiding families west, he is now working as a freighter to the mining towns surrounding Willow Springs. What he doesn't count on is an unexpected traveling companion on his trips up into the mountains, and how one woman's search will cause havoc with his plans... and his life.

383 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2007

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Tamera Alexander

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Tamera Alexander is a USA Today bestselling author and one of today's most popular writers in the inspirational historical fiction genre. She and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee, not far from the Southern mansions that serve as the backdrop for six of her award-winning novels.

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502 reviews484 followers
November 12, 2015
After struggling through Rekindled and skipping Revealed, I picked this one up since I had won it through a GR giveaway, and felt bad at having left it on my shelf for so long. It was a very poignant, moving and beautiful story, and I am so glad I finally read it.

Set in beautiful Willow Springs, Colorado, this novel is more than just a romance. It's principally the wonderful story of a courageous woman's journey to self-discovery while searching for her missing father.

Parisian thirty-year-old Véronique Girard serves as a companion in a wealthy French family in Paris, France. She is used to an easy enough life, her position not being considered lowly enough to characterize her completely as a servant. On her deathbed, Véronique's mother has her promise that she will leave Paris and depart for the Americas in search of her missing father, who had left nearly 25 years ago in the hopes of making his fortune in fur trade. The man had never sent for his wife and daughter, but persuaded he was still alive, Véronique's mother was determined that her daughter should get the chance to search for him and see him again.

Alone in the world, Véronique leaves her beloved France for the United States, and makes it to the remote town of Willow Springs. Her plan is to get someone to drive her to all the nearby mining towns, in order to find her father. Trouble is, Véronique hadn't realized that a fancy French beauty like herself would attract innumerable undue attention by advertising that she is looking for a driver. The only gentleman-like man trustworthy enough within a hundred miles is widower Jack Brennan, who is starting a new career as a freighter to the mining towns, after thirteen years of guiding wagons West. He wants nothing to do with Véronique, and believes her plan of going into the mining towns absolutely horrendous and out of the question. If she already got too much attention here in Willow Springs, what would it be like once she reached the mining towns? Most of the men working there hadn't seen a decent, let alone beautiful, woman in ages, and she was certain to get into a lot of trouble. And besides, wouldn't driving with her alone in a wagon for hours be indecent?

Unfortunately for Jack, the local blacksmith has taken pity on Véronique, and agreed to sell her Jack's wagon, which had been built specially for him. If Jack wants his wagon, the woman comes with it, and if he wants another wagon, he risks losing his job because of the delay building another wagon would cause.

Looks like you're stuck with the pretty parasol and reticule-wearing French coquette, my dear Jack!

Véronique was a wonderful heroine; beautiful, intellectual, resourceful and brave, she was determined that nothing would stop her from finding her father once she started. Her French flair and personality made her interesting, and her increasing faith in God was heartwarming. She was a perfect match for Jack, who was as hard-working and honest as he was handsome and loyal. Their journey of love and adventure was a joy to witness, as were their own personal struggles.

The story was a bit slow-moving, and there was a lot of focus on the sexual attention Véronique kept getting from men/Jack being drawn to her but not wanting to do anything untoward (it's admirable that he wants to stay a gentleman and not get carried away, but, please, if there is to be a kissing scene, let's not ruin by saying that the hero needs to break the kiss before he succumbs, it's just not very romantic.), hence the four stars. There was also a lot of French in the novel, so if you're not too familiar with the language, I recommend having a nearby dictionary.
A few annoying mistakes in the French, too, which made me grit my teeth a lot, and itch to grab a pen and correct it. -.-

This is a Christian novel, and it is spiritual-orientated, so if "preachy" isn't your kind, I probably wouldn't pick this up. It wasn't overdone or anything, in my opinion, but there is a focus on God.
123 reviews1 follower
October 23, 2021
This was a sweet conclusion to the Fountain Creek series.

I found this book to be a bit slower paced with not as much happening throughout the story as the other two in the series, but I still really enjoyed it.

I really liked that the romance progressed consistently between the hero/heroine, without there being any crazy drama or misunderstandings.
It was very natural and a really sweet story. Very romantic. I enjoyed the development of feelings from both characters and the reasons why they were attracted to each other, they both had some really great qualities.

I also enjoyed encountering all the previous characters peppered throughout the book! It was a very enjoyable read with a lot of depth.
Profile Image for Joleen.
2,004 reviews1,210 followers
May 16, 2019
What a fun book. The two main characters were so likable. I loved the way Véronique had no clue how spoiled she was until she became friends with people who had little but had a joy beyond what she’d ever known.

Véronique's father left Paris for America when she was just a small girl. His intent was to make enough money to send for them. But somehow that day never came. On her deathbed Véronique's mother had her promise to find her beloved papa last known to have lived in the mining town of Willow Springs, Colorado.

There she finds out the dangers of traveling into mining areas unaccompanied in order to find her father. Jake Sampson, a man who makes wagons, devises a way for her to visit these camps with complete safety. Jack Brennan, a freighter (also a widower) refuses to take Véronique on his rounds to the camps because he doesn’t want to be responsible for her, nor would it be advisable for a single woman to travel with a single man. To Jake Sampson, Jack Brennan is the perfect man to honor her virtue...plus Jack needs a wagon for his business and Véronique owns the only wagon available.

These two make for a very interesting story, and laugh out loud funny at times with predicaments written in that are just plain fun.

Good book. Perhaps this one would only be recommended for YA+.
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221 reviews
September 1, 2015
Definitely my favorite from this trilogy!

The audio version for this one is highly recommended, I was laughing a lot while listening to it and a lot of that had to do with the story line, but a big part was also the way the narrator read it. Her accent for Véronique was perfect and she gave life to all the characters. I truly didn't even feel like I was reading, it was like a performance!

The story was also somehow the best of the trilogy for me. Maybe that's because I really liked the main characters a lot. Plus it had a lot of humor in the story. Not that the first 2 books didn't have humor, but this one had a lot!
Profile Image for Hannah.
2,402 reviews1,329 followers
December 26, 2015
Again, a forgotten review. I really enjoyed the story, partly because characters from other books make reappearances, and partly because the premise is very engaging, with two sparring individuals forced to travel together because of joint rights to an essential wagon.
But book one is still my favorite, and the one I compulsively reread on a regular basis...
Profile Image for Julia.
38 reviews2 followers
June 21, 2011
A cute book to end the series Fountain Creek Chronicles. I do think that the first book in this series is by far the best one. Book 2 and 3 are good, but not great the way I found book 1.
The interesting thing about this series is how well Tamera links prior couples from books 1 and 2 throughout all the books. Occasionally their paths cross, they help one another, and such, which gives the readers a really fun glance back at characters that are missed from prior books.
I found parts of this book to be especially cute and humorous and liked the main characters quite a bit. Not the most substantial book plot-wise, but a cute, easy, fun, and moral read :)
Profile Image for Rebecca.
1,816 reviews98 followers
December 31, 2019
Jack Brennan and Veronique Girard's relationship is a mesmerizing love waltz; beautiful, steady and elegant; even in the midst of coarse, dangerous, and humiliating circumstances. Their clever and brilliant repartee is some of the finest ever written, with scene after scene worthy of repeat performances, which one reason that this story will be remembered, long after the covers are closed.
Profile Image for AlegnaB †.
777 reviews
October 19, 2015
4.4 -- I didn't think I would like this as much as the first two books in the series, since the main male character was only a very minor character in the second book, and he wasn't a character I was hoping for a book about. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the first two.
46 reviews16 followers
September 17, 2021
This book was my least favorite in the series. It was slow and I didn't like Veronique too much.
Profile Image for Lori.
Author 4 books16 followers
May 13, 2013
So this is the third of the Fountain Creek series and I must say my favorite of the three. I think that what happened is Alexander's writing skill evolved as she wrote the series. I loved the characters and felt like the plot was more straight forward. While this is part of a series I think all three could pass for stand alone - although it was kind of fun to get brief glances into the characters of past books and how they are faring.

Fountain creek is a small town that lies in the shadows of Pikes Peak. Taking place in the 1870's - I enjoyed the rustic setting as the two main characters come to understand that who've they've become is a result of how they've chosen to deal with hardship in their lives. Veronique comes to the Colorado territory from Paris and her sophisticated aura has caught the whole town's attention. I found myself laughing at her sense of humor and the way that she interpreted simple western slang.

This was just the type of book I needed for my Mother's day get away - so maybe that was why I enjoyed it more.

Favorite quotes from the book:
"Hardship does not define who we are...who we are is defined by what we do with experience, how we act and respond" (215).

"Maturity can often be measured by a person's response to success - but it can always be measured by their response to failure" (342).
Profile Image for Sarah.
Author 40 books398 followers
May 2, 2016
This book hovers between three and fours stars. I really liked it. One of the things I have come to adore about Alexander is that she has guys noticing girls and girls noticing guys, yet she doesn't put her characters into compromising situations for the shock value. She is one of those rare authors who truly writes as if intimacy is a sacred thing. She doesn't avoid it, but she doesn' treat it like a flippant thing that even many christian authors do.

This book isn't one for younger readers, but I loved how Jack guarded her virtue and even from his own desires.
Profile Image for Margaret Chind.
3,130 reviews210 followers
November 21, 2007
This book was the best of the trilogy. Really in this series, each book was better and better. A companion whose only thing she has ever lacked was a father goes in a forced search to find him when it seems all else is lost to her. She finds everything that she was meant to find, even when she did not realize that is what she was looking for. This story tells of patience, learning God's will and His timing, love, loss, friendship, fears, and the gift of giving. It is all around a great read.
Profile Image for Oliviana Georgescu.
313 reviews21 followers
April 5, 2021
O carte de ficțiune istorică, un roman care surprinde și redă foarte frumos atmosfera și culoarea locală a vremurilor și locurilor în care se desfășoară acțiunea și, în același timp, o poveste de dragoste încântătoare cu două personaje ușor de îndrăgit, dar și prilejul de a ne reîntâlni cu câteva din personajele volumelor precedente.
Protagonista cărții, Véronique Eveline Girard, este o tânără și fermecătoare franțuzoaică în vârstă de treizeci și unu de ani pe care circumstanțe legate de amenințarea războiului în Franța, dar și de situația personală și de ultimele dorințe ale mamei ei au determinat-o să traverseze oceanul spre a ajunge în ținuturile sălbatice din Colorado, acolo de unde sosiseră ultimele vești despre tatăl ei.
Personajul principal masculin al cărții, Jack Brennan, este o cunoștință de-a noastră din volumul anterior, fiind călăuză pentru convoaiele de caravane ce străbăteau vestul sălbatic.
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Author 2 books233 followers
March 16, 2021
Remembered is unforgettable!

A sweet romance with a strong message of trust and faith, Remembered tells the story of people who lost everything in order to find God’s truth in their lives. From beginning to end, this book is filled with beautiful imagery and a strong portrayal of hope. We are never left alone. God always has a plan.
Profile Image for Rachel.
2,804 reviews51 followers
April 26, 2017
This was the third novel of Tamera Alexander's Fountain Creek Chronicles series. As was the case with the first two books of this series, Rekindled and Revealed, this book was solidly and overtly Christian, and the themes of identity and family were essential pieces of the plot. I loved the development of the characters and the humor alongside hard lessons of this story; however, it wasn't as amazing as the first novel of the series was.
Profile Image for Jennifer Taylor.
Author 15 books229 followers
March 29, 2010

The threat of war and a final request send Veronique Girard from France to a distant and uninviting country. In the Colorado Territory, she searches for the man who has held her heart since childhood--her father. Pierre Girard left Paris for the Americas to seek his fortune in fur trading, vowing to send for his wife and daughter. But twenty-five years have passed and his vow remains unfulfilled. Sifting through shards of broken promises, Veronique embarks on a dangerous search for a man she scarcely remembers.

His grief finally healed, Jack Brennan is moving on with life. After years of guiding families west, he is now working as a freighter to the mining towns surrounding Willow Springs. What he doesn't count on is an unexpected traveling companion on his trips up into the mountains, and how one woman's search will cause havoc with his plans...and his life.


This is the third book in the Fountain Creek Chronicles, and it is just as lively, humorous and entertaining as the first two books in the series. As Veronique becomes acquainted with the ways of the West, there are several humorous circumstances that had me laughing, and just as many heart felt moments that were filled with tenderness and compassion. The hope and faith that the characters exhibited kept me revited to see how the story would end. Would she find her father, and if she did, what kind of man would he be? Jack and Veronique banter back and forth with witty dialogue and their actions stay true to the characterizations that the author gives them from the beginning. This is a wondeful book that I'm sure you will enjoy.
Profile Image for Cherie Kasper.
169 reviews1 follower
May 10, 2013
This is the first book of Tamera Alexanders that I have read. I plan on acquiring #1 and #2 of Fountain Creek Chronicles. I enjoyed all the descriptive places and scenes of Paris painted throughout the story. I also enjoyed the author's weaving in all the details of the mining towns and surrounding area in the Rocky Mountains. But, what brought the whole story together was the dance back and forth between Veronique and Jack as they spent time traveling to different mining towns. As the story unfolds they face some scary and hard times together. I would recommend this book to any who likes love and adventure entertwined.
Profile Image for Jane.
548 reviews2 followers
February 27, 2009
The story itself was good, but I didn't like this book as much as the previous two. The whole thing about the main character being French and using French words... usually I am into that kind of thing but for what ever reason it was more annoying than endearing to me this time. It was nice to have a connection with some of the character from previous books and have them brought up again like familiar friends, though somewhat different now that perspective has changed and a short time has passed.
Profile Image for Melissa.
2,182 reviews205 followers
July 12, 2012
This was a sweet story, but I think I am a little tired of this author and her writing style. I should never read 6 books in a row by the same person. She does do a very good job of making each story unique and the love story's are so sweet. I like this one a lot. But the preaching got to me even tho this is not over the top. I liked Jack a lot but Veronique had to grow on me, but as she changed and grew I liked her better, good job by the author:} These are adult romance books, that are clean.
Profile Image for Marilize.
Author 21 books25 followers
October 10, 2011
Liked it.

Just goes to show, that sometimes, when you think something is impossible, God will show you that NOTHING is impossible for him.

Also that God has someone special intended for everyone, even if you're not looking for that person.
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558 reviews98 followers
January 25, 2017
Though it’s been a while since I’ve read this one, I do remember it was my favorite of the series. I particularly remember some interesting freight wagon rides. My favorite part of this story was Véronique because of her determination and unique immigration perspective.
Profile Image for Rose Dee.
Author 8 books29 followers
July 23, 2013
My favorite of the Fountain Creek Chronicles. I first read this book years ago, and have re-read it several times since. Now - THAT'S a good book.
Profile Image for Linda Barnett-johnson.
45 reviews8 followers
December 25, 2015
All three books were fantastic.

I recommend them all. Loved the characters and the storyline in each book. Love her work. Will read her other books.
Profile Image for Megan.
100 reviews
August 18, 2017
Veronique Girard's is not a wealthy woman. But she's been the companion to someone who is. So growing up she's always had all she could ask for and more. But now her mother is dead,and her dying with was that she go to America and find the Father that had left them years ago when Veronique was just a little girl. With the threat of war now in France, Veronique does as requested and goes to the last place her father mailed a letter from. Fountain Creek, Colorado Territory. Once there she hires a driver to take her to all the mining camps in the mountains. When her father had left them, he came to America to become a fur trapper and once he was settled, he was suppose to send for her and her mother. So why didn't he?
Jack Brennan was a wagon master. For thirteen years he led wagon trains west. Jonathan McCutchens had told him of a place called Fountain Creek, so now he's ended up there, with a job hauling goods to mining camps. And apparently hauling a pretty young French woman up with him who is in search of her father. Though they seem unsuited, they were just what each other needed.
What a great read! This book had it all, witty dialogue, some intense scenes, laugh out loud moments, and soft confessions. Veronique learned a lot on her travels up the mountains. Not about her father, but about herself. About others. A lot of times you read a book about someone who came from money, or is used to it and they are self centered, and snobbish. Though Veronique wasn't very down to earth, she wasn't snobbish or rude. Watching the change in her take place was amazing! And I loved learning more about Jack Brennan who was the wagon master for Annabelle in the previous book!
I loved how Tamera connected all the characters in her books, and brought it all together. It was a great series!
256 reviews
September 6, 2021
I listened to an audio book version narrated by Barbara McCulloh. I liked the narrator's capable and seamless pronunciation (and purposeful mispronunciation) of the French language. She does an excellent job of switching between Irish, French, and English accents in quick succession.
I enjoyed the many quotable phrases and funny moments, sprinkling of bible verses, and a solid foundation on God.
I appreciated how the author takes her time painting each character and weaves their stories together. As far as the two main characters, it was interesting that they both had 'superficial' fears (closed spaces and heights) to overcome, as well as deeper issues to work on. In Jack's case, it is survivor's guilt, as well as regret for not having done things differently to prevent the death of his friend and later his young family. For Veronique, I'm not entirely sure ... perhaps mindless/entitled spending and low-self esteem (when it came to her painting abilities)? Though at times I thought I also detected pride and arrogance. Either way, he seemed to have far more admirable qualities--and far fewer flaws--than she did (in my eyes), but maybe that is due to my abhorrence of financial immaturity.

** Spoiler **
I was a little disappointed that the author chose to skip over the proposal altogether in deference to Veronique finding her father at the very end. But the epilogue makes up for that omission.
Profile Image for Cindi.
643 reviews1 follower
March 19, 2020
There was something special about this final book in the series. The characters really spoke to my heart. They were very realistic yet certainly had their flaws.

I was satisfied with the whole story and especially the ending. There were some really great lines that will stay with me. My favorite is this quote.
"He made a conscious decision to allow God to turn all that hurt into something good. Certain talents, perhaps nonexistent before the trial, or maybe waiting to be unearthed by it, now command respect from a huge number of people. This person has impacted no telling how many lives through the years. I so admire how he made a deliberate choice to let God turn his losses into gain. First for others, and intimately for him in the long run.

My favorite character was Jack due to his integrity and true concern for others. I was also very pleased to see Miss Maudie make her appearance again in this book. She is someone that I would have loved to know in person. Her feistiness kept me smiling.

When I closed the book after I finished reading I felt so much peace. The author did a great job with the story and it really touched my heart in many ways.

I highly recommend this uplifting novel. I think it will inspire you too.
Profile Image for Bailey.
1,034 reviews8 followers
June 12, 2018
Of the books in the Fountain Creek Chronicles, I enjoyed Remembered the most. It was mostly because there was no automatic negative and vile assumption about the female lead by the male lead. Therefore, we didn't have to go down a path of overcoming their incorrect accusations and listening to their boorish inner monologue. Veronique and Jack are both wonderful characters to follow around. There is a lot of fun French culture and language incorporated into the story. We get to hear more of the interesting stories of different characters from the previous books. I was genuinely surprised by the secret that was revealed. The ending was magical and heart melting. Everything is resolved very well. I cannot say that it will stand out in my memory as one that stood above the rest, but it does not dip below either. Veronique and Jack went on some entertaining, fun, suspenseful, and interesting adventures. This glimpse of Willow Springs was definitely my favorite.
Profile Image for Teresa.
44 reviews
August 23, 2018
A satisfying conclusion to the Fountain Creek Chronicles. Got a little glimpse at characters from the first two books.
After the death of her beloved mother, Veronique reluctantly leaves France to search for her father who came to America to be a miner when she was very small. She has a general area to start her search, and the letters her dad had sent her mother. So she comes to Willow Springs to begin her search and goes to the livery looking for transportation.
Jack Brennan is finally moving on after the death of his wife and young son many years ago. He decides to settle in Willow Springs and starts his own business as a freighter to all the area mining towns. He orders a special-designed wagon for his business, but when he arrives to pick it up, he discovers a problem as to who owns the wagon.
Now the adventures begin as these 2 travel to the out-lying mining towns--she in search of her father, and he making his deliveries. Be prepared for a bumpy ride!
Profile Image for Christy.
246 reviews68 followers
October 27, 2020
I must confess that the blurb for this book really didn’t pique my interest at first. Having read the first two books in the series already (and loving them), I wanted to finish it on a good note. A French women in a young Colorado Territory seemed like an oxymoron from the beginning, but I vowed to myself that I would give it a try.

Oh, how glad was I?! This book was beautifully written, and the French aspects – the style, the language, the reflections on the country itself, even the heroine’s name – all added a unique cultural element that I was smitten with from the beginning.

What surprised me most may have been the author’s willingness to include mental illness. Both Véronique and Jack had various issues with anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of inadequacy, and crippling fears that made their characters more relatable. Even through fiction, I think most readers prefer stories that have characters with flaws which reassures us that none of us are perfect.

Each book had the perfect amount of romance to set my heart fluttering, and the love story between Véronique and Jack nearly took my breath away more than once! Their chemistry was undeniable from the moment they had to discuss who could buy the wagon…

It has been several years since I read the previous two books in this series, and without a doubt, this series has been wonderful from the very first page. This final book was a tad overlong (some segments could’ve been edited out and the story would not have suffered from it), but that doesn’t keep me from giving it 5 stars. It was merveilleux!
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