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The Summoner's Cry

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A powerless Summoner. A cursed Witch Lord. A clash of demons and magic.

After a failed coup against Witch Queen Lilith, rogue Witches Lau and Adam have no choice but to flee and hide. Crushed and surrounded by enemies, the pair arrives at Latis, a peculiar island brimming with strange tales of the supernatural, where they hope to find Adam's long-lost grimoire -- their only shield against Lilith's wrath.

Rendered powerless after sealing a dragon Spirit in Adam's flesh to save his life, Lau struggles with loneliness and resentment. Helpless and doomed to live forever in a child's body, Adam seeks to make peace with a spell he has no strength nor skill to undo.

Once allies in an ancient war, Lau and Adam start drifting apart. But when a dangerous visitor sets foot on Latis and the grimoire is nowhere to be found, the two estranged Witches must work together if they want to save themselves and the lives of the townsfolk they've come to love.

Inspired by the show 'Supernatural' and 'Howl's Moving Castle', The Summoner's Cry is a nerve-racking dark fantasy tale rooted in modern times with razor-sharp dialogues, vibrant descriptions, and dark cottagecore aesthetics. The perfect read for fans of the reluctant hero, found-family, and enemies-to-allies-to-lovers tropes.

100 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 16, 2021

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About the author

Ana C. Reis

5 books82 followers
Ana C. Reis is a dark fantasy writer. Born and raised in Portugal and based in Nuremberg, Germany, a city borrowed from fairy tales filled with magic, impossible beauty, and warm cinnamon wine. She has a PhD in Biotechnology and a Masters in Science Communication. By day, she works as a science writer and web marketer, and by night, she's busy plotting her next book or planner for her shop. The Summoner's Cry is her first work of fiction published in English.

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Author 20 books524 followers
November 29, 2021
Grimoires were wicked things, unpredictable and treacherous like souls often were.

You ever find those books that are so intensely readable that you just fall into the author’s universe and get to the end without realising you’ve even turned the page? This is that book. The Summoner’s Cry is fantastically immersive, with dark fantasy world-building done exquisitely, characters who love, fight and banter with excellent development. For a book that’s only 130~ pages, I’m absolutely blown away by how well done the setting is.

For anyone who loves fantasy and wants an immersive, vivid, vibrant read, this one is worth your time! I cannot wait to read the author’s next work.

pre-review thoughts: the cover caught my eye instantly, and I was absolutely delighted when Ana Reis offered me a review copy. I jumped on it straight away! And I’m so happy I did!! This dark fantasy novella starts with a bang and only continues. I’m a slow reader, but I read about fifty pages of this without pausing. Reis’ worldbuilding is fantastic and the characters are instantly intriguing. Also, I must say that the interior of the book is as gorgeous as the cover. I just love the whole design concept. It’s seriously beautiful.

Thank you to the author for a review copy.

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Author 5 books82 followers
December 10, 2021
🌟 Important Update 🌟

Since so many of you wonderful people asked, I decided to use this section to share some information about this series!

The Summoner's Cry is the first book in The Last Summoner series, with two more books in the making. This novella is an alternative version of one of my oldest short stories Nobody Tricks the Trickster - that is still available for free on my blog!

The only similarity between the novella and the short story, though, is the setting, the main characters, and some minor elements of the plot. The rest was expanded and changed to fit in the new narrative. Feel free to read it in case you're curious to see how the story and my writing evolved in the past few years! But don't go there looking for answers!

🌟 The next book I plan on releasing in this series is a prequel entitled The Mad Huntress - it tells Lau's origin story and I'm looking forward to publishing it early in 2022. Since it's a prequel, you'll be able to read it before or after The Summoner's Cry or even skip it altogether! This story is not essential to the main plot of the series but it might give you a chance to connect and learn more about Lau and her mysteries and motivations. I'm writing this prequel because so many of you requested it and I'm loving every minute of this new adventure 🌟

If you want to be the first to know more about the upcoming prequel, consider following me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter! You can find me pretty much anywhere 🌟
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728 reviews45 followers
October 10, 2021
ARC provided by the author, which I appreciate immensely, but the opinion is my own.

This is an urban/portal fantasy tale about witches, demons, and people who are weird and brave. There’re splatters of Portuguese culture which make it very original especially as they mesh seemingly with the vibe of a small piscatory rocky island where the action takes place.
The story is pretty intense from the first chapter on, although there’s a prologue which will make sense a bit later on, although I didn’t find it all that captivating, the rest of the story is so much better.
There’s a fast pace and a great energy to the book, and although there’s little world building, since it’s such a short tale, it doesn’t lack much, the same can be said for the characters, they’re enticing and entertaining, and even if it was short lived I did enjoy “meeting them”.
The finale was impressive, galactic and magical, although I did get kind of lost along it and my control freak brain would have liked a more neatly wrapped conclusion, which is to say I’d love to know more. There’s so much that could be expanded from before and after we meet Adam and mc Lau, since the novella jumps right into the thick of it.
Still, very satisfying and entertaining read which I definitely recommend to all the demon and witch lovers out there.
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Author 8 books126 followers
September 16, 2021
*Real rating: 3,5*

Full disclosure: I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of this wonderful book, but the opinions here stated are very much my own.

Let me start by saying I admire Ana greatly. She's walking a path I can only hope to one day do on my own: publishing in a language that is not her own and doing it completely solo! How amazing is that? Ana, if you are reading this, congratulations once more.

I think I may have dived into TSC with too high of expectations after reading Ana's other book ''O Caça-Cidades''. I fell in love with Ana's storytelling in that short story and so was expectating great things from this one.

And it is a very good story. I loved the concepts introduced in this short novel, especially Summoners and how that connects with the figure Lilith. It was just a small taste of a greater mythology created by the author and I'm honestly here to discover more if Ana decies to write more about th is world.

Ana's writing is simple but loses in nothing to that of a native speaer. If you tell me you can notice a difference because she is Portuguese, I regret to inform you, you are wrong.

Despite this, I have to be truthful and say I couldn't quite dive into this book and the reason is simple: it needed more description. The action is fast-paced, in needs to be, otherwise it wouldn't be a short story, but often I found myself struggling to feel connected with the events and characters. I think it leans a little too much on the ''tell'' instead of the ''showing''.

Despite this, this story will definitely give you wonderful hours of reading and I'm going to grab myself a physical copy as soon as this book is out.
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493 reviews50 followers
October 13, 2021

*I received a digital ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

It's a tale of demons, witches, and summoners with a touch of Portuguese culture and language deftly woven in. It always makes me happy to see a bit of my culture in the books I read, so this aspect only made me enjoy the story even more.
Plotwise, it was an engaging story, fast-paced and with lots of action for such a short story. We only get to see a glimpse of this magical world through Lau and Adam's story, but it has a rich history and huge potential. (I'd love a sequel or spin-off set in this world.)

Lau and Adam themselves are quite intriguing. Fierce, determined, and they clearly have an interesting and complicated history. Though, I would've liked to actually see more of their relationship or history instead of just hearing bits about it.

And I loved the writing! It was immersive, lyrical and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It even made me cry a little in the last few chapters!

All in all, The Summoner's Cry is a fantastic, exciting, and thoroughly enjoyable story. I wish it was longer! (At least give us an epilogue with Lau and Adam!?)

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126 reviews25 followers
December 11, 2021
TW: death, violence

I'm usually not a novella person tbh but I was really excited about reading The Summoner's Cry ever since I first heard of it, so as soon as I got my physical copy, I couldn't resist starting it!

Although the novella is quite short (as novellas usually are), it is packed with action, with this super fast and engaging pace. It's a book hard to put down and that leaves you aching for more. The writing is super fluid and although the author is Portuguese, believe me: you cannot tell, her English is perfect!

There is not much time to properly get to know and develop the characters but you can already connect to some, which is quite impressive for a 136-pages book. Very very curious to know more about Lau's and Adam's past!

The only real problem that I felt with this book besides the fact that there wasn't enough of it, was that in the end it was so rushed that I was confused with what happened. I had to go back and re-read the last few chapters to properly understand everything (which wasn't that big of a problem since the chapter were also really short).

I'm super hyped to read the prequels and sequels in this series and now more about the world Ana created!
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Author 1 book66 followers
October 17, 2021
The Summoner's Cry started with a brilliant tone to the story, a mystery that grabbed my attention.

Then we start the story in the 1st person, following our dearest character not knowing what was happening and at the same time discovering page by page. By learning with each thought and each interaction, we go deeper into this world.

And for those that like me know Portuguese (either because it's your first language or because you learned it later) you will find a couple of words that will make you connect with the world.

Witches. Summoners. Dragons. Demons. Spirits. In a "Little rock in the middle of an ocean", as Lau would say.

With each page, learning more about Lau and Adam, learning more about the past... sometimes I was surprised, I had no idea that a particular thing had happened... other times I had a suspicion, yet not 100% sure. Which made things fun and interesting.

I don't want to give spoilers, so I won't give details about the book. It is a short story, a novella, so one my accidentally say an information that can spoil things.
I will say, I was surprised and I loved the journey I was taken on this book. I want more.
I already loved Ana C. Reis writing and I loved seeing it in a Fantasy genre. It was exciting, interesting and I really just want to read more about the world, the society, the past and future of this world, and I need more dark fantasy in my life.

Let me not forget to say that there is a Trigger Warning in the book, right at the beginning. Although I don't mind, I appreciate having it and I applaud it because many people may need that kind of warning.
Plus, I also enjoyed the author's note because it gave the story a personal touch.
Also, not that it is a big thing, I liked that each chapter had a title. It's not something that usually I pay lots of attention, but this time I was. And each title made me curious to know what would happen next.
For example: "A Foul Taste of Blood" it could mean many things based on the previous chapter. And I loved that.

[I want to thank Ana C. Reis the ARC. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.]
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101 reviews
September 19, 2021

I was fully expecting “The Summoner’s Cry” to be a good story, Humans, I honestly was. But I sure wasn't prepared for it to be a GREAT story. Keep in mind that I don't often give 5 stars reviews (I think my average rating is 3 something)... but boy oh boy this delivered.
But let me start from the beginning. I have the privilege to be following Ana’s work for several years now, following her instagram where she posts all about the struggles of being a writer (her insta deserves a following by itself, trust me) and have read some of her previous work. When I heard about “The Summoner’s Cry” I knew I had to read it as soon as possible. I knew Ana had put a LOT of effort into making sure everything was perfect: she worked on it for so long, had her beta readers, hired an editor… I suspected it was going to be technically good. And it is, readers out there, it totally is. Let me explain.
My first impression was, of course, the cover. It is honestly one of the prettiest covers I’ve seen in a while. I was already very hyped to read this book, but the cover made me want it even more.
Then, the writing itself. Her prose is so beautiful… some of her sentences made me dance inside, they really made. I love her amazing writing, honestly, it felt like poetry, but the interesting and easy to read kind. I loved her pacing too, being a novella, sometimes it’s easy to fall in a too quick pace that robs the story of deepness, which was not at all the case.
And at last, the story itself and the characters. Being Portuguese, I could feel my culture being honored every chapter without being too in your face, without alienating non-portuguese people. I knew her scenery because I’ve seen it around in my country and yet, it was so new and fun to discover it. It perfectly fitted the tone of the book. I loved her characters as well - Lau, the MC, is interesting and makes you want to know her story so much; Adam is also full of secrets everyone wants to know of. The vilain (I’m trying to be as generic as possible to not give any spoilers) had the perfect combo of mystery and terror inducing background, so it was also quite awesome. But the best of all, without a doubt, were the side characters and I will not say too much because of spoilers but Sally was my absolute fave and I will stand by her forever!! The story kept me fully interested throughout and I would have read it quickly if it weren’t for my job keeping me away from the e-book (I’m, unfortunately, a silly little responsible adult).
If I really had to say something negative about this book, it would be that it ended too soon. By the way, the ending, the freaking ending!!!! It was so good, with that reveal and - wll, I am not going to spoil it, you have to read it. But I want more! I want to know all about how Lau and Adam met and everything that happened until we find them in “The Summoner’s Cry”. And I definitely want to know what happens next. Bravo, Ana!
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134 reviews30 followers
February 25, 2022
The craft the author has to accomplish all of this in a rather short book! What? I am so surprised 😮
The author is Portuguese which makes me so proud!
Omg I can’t believe this 👌🏼👏🏼♥️

A few hours later:

I really feel like I have to write a proper review for this one.
The Summoner’s Cry is an dark fantasy book, not only it is a short one, as it is written in English - there is no excuse for you to not read it.
We follow Lau - she is a summoner, she is not human, she is not a witch, she is a whole different being on her own. Her powers connect her to spirits - in the book, you get an idea of several animal-like spirits.
Lau and Adam were once enemies. They are not human and they are evading an impeding, fatal encounter with Lilith, an evil, demonic entity and being that brings destruction and chaos wherever she goes. There are so many elements I like in the fantasy genre in this story, specially I saw so many similar to The Poppy War, when it came to the magic system, as well as the character inner dilemas.
In so few pages, Ana C. Reis was able to initiate a interesting and captivating world building and narrative to set us on a whole new journey to explore in future books.
As a fellow Portuguese, we can tell our culture influence in this story. So lovely! It felt so cozy and heart warming! The citizen of the small town just encapsulate our people’s kindness and will to help the other, our huge sense of community.
I want to tell so much more but once again, I am afraid of saying too much because of this book’s size.
Just don’t hesitate grabbing this one - it is short and if you let it, it will be something new and refreshing to you, for sure.
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701 reviews121 followers
November 30, 2021
TW: graphic violence, adult language, blood, death, discrimination, and alcohol consumption as well as mention of alcohol overuse (in describing other people)

Everything that happens twice is bound to happen again.

There is nothing more enjoyable than a well-told story, and The Summoner's Cry left me with a burning curiosity to know more.

We follow Lau's perspective and soon we understand she isn't what she seems and she is hiding from something, along with Adam. Lau has lost her magic and Adam is looking to find his before their past catches up with them.

For such a short book, Reis immediately pulls us into action and I almost wanted more quiet moments so I could understand these characters better. There are two scenes that have me so confused, only to understand them when the book ends. Maybe that was the author's intention, but I wanted to be more inside of Lau's mind.

Since we spend more time with Lau, there isn't development in the other characters especially Adam, which is a shame. And the same goes for the townspeople. I reached the end without understanding Lau and Adam's relationship, how it came to be, or a flicker of it. Is it a familial relationship or more?

What really charmed me were the Portuguese influence and the little town of Latis. I truly wish we had seen more of it and its people, as Lau and Adam settle there.

I also enjoyed how Lau was written and the depth of her character. I could feel her fears and her lack of confidence in this difficult situation, and I wish I could hug her.

I'm excited to read more about this world and these characters. Their story isn't over yet, and I'm glad for it.
42 reviews
September 18, 2021
Pro: The core of the story i would say is well done. I especially liked the side characters and the descriptions regarding the island and the town.

Con: This story feels like the finale to a multibook series. There's a lot of thought put into this world that i think author could expand on. I wanted to understand the backstory and the character motivations more. I ultimately found the ending confusing and am unsure how we got to where we ended up.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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548 reviews30 followers
February 5, 2022
.I had some problems with some expressions used and some phrases idk. I enjoyed the story though and I'm curious to read the prequel. I think this story has potential. it's an interesting premise for such a short novella, I want to read more about these characters.
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Author 13 books31 followers
September 18, 2021
What to say about this little but heart wrenching book by Ana Reis? Lau and Adam are partners on the run from a kingdom lead by a ruthless villain, named Lilith - just by this name you know things are going to go down and are dangerous for them, if you know what I mean. And just by this review beginning you know this book is going to be good.

You have a couple that is not a couple, but you know they are; you have magic, either its a "normal" kind of magic and a kind of magic that summons spirits to your aid, that I found really interesting and wanting to know more about and how it works; you have mistakes and twists from the past that comes to haunt these two main characters, especially Lau; you have a vibe from the people they are hiding in between - that is so Portuguese, since we are known to welcome every foreigner in our midst, with no bias ou prejudgement; you have secondary characters that you wish to know more about and your heart clenches by the end of the book upon knowing their fate.

I could be saying so much more, but it would be spoiler and I don't want that, since this book deserves to be read and appreciated.

For the little information the author gives us in terms of the past (mainly) of the two characters and why they are on the run, you can understand most of it by their feelings and thoughts about it, without giving up on the fluidity of the narrative, which I enjoyed, and without giving up on their own development, either characters or the story itself. I believe it's a well written story, overall.

And now I want five things:
1) Know more about Adam and his past.
2) Know more about Lau and her powers - and the magic system.
3) Weirdly enough, know more about Lilith and why she did what she did.
4) See how Adam and Lau end up together fighting Lilith - for those who love enemies to lovers trope, this is pretty good, and I want to know more about this, since its mainly in the past.
5) How do they end up where they are currently living.

So, what are you waiting for? Go pre-order!
O que dizer deste pequeno mas comovente livro de Ana Reis? Lau e Adam são parceiros em fuga de um reino liderado por uma vilã implacável, chamada Lilith - já com este nome vocês sabem que coisas vão acontecer e que elas são perigosas para eles, se é que me entendem. E com este início de opinião já sabem que este livro vai ser bom.

Tem um casal que não é um casal, mas que vocês sabem que são; tem magia, seja um tipo de magia "normal" e um tipo de magia que convoca espíritos em auxílio, o que eu achei bastante interessante e sobre o qual gostaria de saber mais e como funciona; tem erros e reviravoltas do passado que vêm assombrar os dois personagens principais, especialmente Lau; tem a vibe das pessoas com que os protagonistas se escondem - que é tão Portuguesa, pois somos conhecidos por acolhermos todos os estrangeiros entre nós, sem preconceitos ou ideias pré-concebidas; tem personagens secundárias sobre os quais vocês querem saber mais e o seu coração aperta no final do livro ao saber o destino delas.

Eu poderia dizer muito mais, mas seria spoiler e não quero isso, pois este livro merece ser lido e apreciado.

Para as poucas informações que a autora nos dá em termos do passado (principalmente) dos dois personagens principais e a razão pela qual eles se estão a esconder, conseguem entender a maior parte do mesmo pelos seus sentimentos e pensamentos, sem esquecer a fluidez da narrativa, que gostei, e sem abrir mão do próprio desenvolvimento, sejam personagens ou história. No geral, acredito que seja uma história bem escrita.

E agora eu quero cinco coisas:
1) Saber mais sobre Adam e seu passado.
2) Saber mais sobre Lau e os seus poderes - e sobre o sistema mágico.
3) Estranhamente, saber mais sobre Lilith e a razão de ter feito o que fez.
4) Ver como Adam e Lau acabam a lutar juntos contra Lilith - para quem ama o tema inimigos para amantes, isto é bom, e eu quero saber mais, já que se passa no passado.
5) Como é que eles foram parar onde estão atualmente.

Então, do que estás à espera? Faz a tua pré-encomenda!
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Author 1 book18 followers
December 22, 2021
It was a marvelous dark fantasy that Ana wrote. It was refreshing to read dark fantasy because it's a new genre for me and I discovered that I actually like this.
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314 reviews2 followers
September 13, 2021
*E-arc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

First, I want to thank the author for giving me an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

Secondly, the only flaw this book has is it's length. I wanted more. I wanted a full length fantasy novel, with more than 500 pages. I like big books ok? :)

This shows you how much I loved this story.

The Summoner's Cry is a novella with witches, summoners, demons set on a fishing village based on the Portuguese villages that exist along our coastline. The reader jumps right into action on the first page and Ana keeps her cards closes to her chest only providing tiny bits of information about what happened to the main characters before the novella but she does so brilliantly.

The characterization is amazing, and you end up rooting for the main characters, Lau and Adam, just minutes after knowing them. The plot is solid and if you like fast paced books, this one is for you.

Now, for the tiny bit where I fangirl: I loved this one so much because Lau is a Summoner and since I am a Final Fantasy girl through and through, having a summoner as a main character was incredibly special to me. The "Hymn of the Fayth" was played on loop while I read this book. Thank you for creating a Summoner as a main character, Ana. My heart was filled with joy.

If you like summoners, demons, witches, snarky dialogues, well-constructed plot and more aguardente than you can imagine, this is the book for you.

**Paperback edition out on October 16th. Ebook available for pre-order now**
9 reviews
October 28, 2021
I have to start by saying that I was super excited to read this book, and my, oh my, did it deliver! I’ve read some of Ana’s previous work, and it has always been good and left me wanting to read more from her. But this time, it was great. Since she first started sharing about “The Summoner’s Cry” on her instagram, I knew I had to read it. And when she granted me the privilege to be in her ARC team, I was beyond honoured. She put so much effort, work and passion into this project, that I expected it to be captivating, but it is even better than I expected. I don’t even know where to start. Let’s see…
First of, the writing is amazing! Her prose is incredible, and she is able to create the most marvellous imagery with her words. I mean, I have so many favourite quotes that I can’t even choose. And the pacing of the story is just right, it advances fast when all you want is to know what comes next, but it also slows down and gives you a window into the characters’ mind when it is necessary. I was blown away chapter after chapter.
But even before you can read Ana’s words, you get to see the stunningly beautiful cover. It is magic. And you will love it even more after you read the book.
I have to say I loved the little gems of Portuguese culture that are dispersed here and there, and at the same time are also embedded in the story itself. But there are so many other elements and little additions throughout the book, from different inspirations, and they all come together beautifully.
At last, the characters. What can I say… Lau, the MC, is intriguing, with a deep backstory of which I want to know even more of, and walking through her journey with her is breath-taking. Adam is a mystery of his own, and I want to know his secrets, I need to know. But the side characters are just as good. Sally is perfection! I mean, I want to get a hug form her so bad! She is the warm smile with the rough hedge that every MC needs for them to feel at home. And every other villager that we are introduced to has a part to play, and carves a place in your heart. Oh, and let’s not forget about the villain – she is dark and terrifying, and yet captivating; the prologue left me wanting to dive into the darkness and go through her scary past.
Now, without spoilers, the ending is mindblowing! The end is perfection! When you think it’s over and it is already good, it becomes better. And aren’t those the best kind of books?
Last, but not least, the book has a section with “trigger” content warnings. That is just great work right there. It feels so important to give the readers a heads-up of what is to come – sometimes you are just not in the mood or in the right mind-space to deal with certain topics, and the fact that Ana cares so much about her readers to not forget about this, it says a lot of her as a writer.
The only downside to this book is, I want more! I want to know how Lau and Adam met, how fate brought them together. I want to know what comes after, for them and for everybody else. I want to know more about Lilith and her quest for power. I want to know more about the magical world that Ana has created for us. (Btw, I would totally read a short story about Sally going on a fishing trip and fighting the mysteries of the sea.)
To sum it up, “The Summoner’s Cry” is a story that will entangle you from start to finish, and you can’t miss it.

"Do you believe anything good can crawl out of the shadows?"
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Author 2 books9 followers
September 11, 2021
*E-arc provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review*. *Coming out October 16th*

I just finished The Summoner's Cry, and needed to take a moment to talk about it. All opinions are my own and I would like to thank the author the opportunity given to read this ahead of time. So, now for the review.

The Summoner's Cry is a novella. It is short. And that is pretty much its only flaw. Ana was able to do what many can't: start a story from a middle point and present to the reader, in a most intelligent way, what happened and where we were going from there. She constructed character relationships and environment like a professional fantasy storyteller, bringing us on an emotional journey.
The way she was able to portray a little bit of portuguese culture in a non-portuguese fantasy setting was astonishing, and if you would like to know more about it, I for sure encourage you to read this book.

With magic, beautiful settings and phrasing, The Summoner's Cry is an excellent choice for our demon loving heart that still believes in fairytales.
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38 reviews5 followers
August 30, 2022
Maybe a little too fast for me taking into account that I always prefer long stories that abuse in descriptions. But the different is not wrong. It's innovative. It takes some time to absorb in my skin and in my mind, until I am totally accustomed to the construction and step of this story and my mind pass all the events in 3D.
As I discover the soul of this story, my mind runs to follow the action and I feel like I've gone on a roller coaster with everything that happens.

But it's beautiful. It has a touch of love and passion. It has a touch of dreams and magic and has a touch of human reality. The bad and the good in it.

It's surprising.

I liked it a lot.
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65 reviews33 followers
October 16, 2021
Disclaimer: e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review (in Portuguese – review in English soon).
A leitura do e-ARC desta obra foi providenciada pela autora em troca de uma review honesta.

Não é novidade que sou veemente leitora de Fantasia (quanto mais Dark, melhor) e que procuro ler e divulgar autores nacionais nesta sua demanda em entrar no mercado e conquistar público para um género não tão poucas vezes marginalizado. E já conhecendo a autora, achei que, caso fosse aceite para integrar a ARC team desta novella, seria a cereja em topo do bolo.

Uma cereja doce e amarga, mas se me conhecem bem, sabem que gosto de café sem açúcar.

Nesta história de véus e segredos, nem tudo nos é explicado. Entre magia e traições, esperança e redenção, tudo é possível. Mas, talvez, a autora queira deixar a porta aberta para uma continuação... Qualquer uma das possibilidades deixa-me contente. Por um lado, gosto que as cartas não estejam todas na mesa e que os autores nos deixem essa margem para preenchermos o que não sabemos com a nossa imaginação. Por outro lado, se há mais que esperar destas personagens, tanto melhor.

Nesta novella nota-se a evolução da autora nas suas descrições, agora mais aprimoradas, e na ousadia de algumas cenas. Porém, acho que essa ousadia tinha e tem espaço para evoluir, um processo que decorrerá naturalmente com o tempo e com a prática e que estou receptiva por ver acontecer.

Se queria saber mais? Claro!! É a parte menos doce desta sobremesa. Gosto de poder testar as minhas teorias, o que (pelo menos para já) não será possível. E, contrariamente às restante reviews que tenho lido, acho que esta novella tem o número de páginas perfeito. O que eu quero é uma continuação e expansão deste mundo!

Não posso terminar esta review sem uma última nota: obrigada Ana por teres usado referências à nossa cultura. Para além dos sentimentos e da urgência em sobreviver, nestas páginas acompanha-nos, também, tanto daquilo que é tão nosso: o saber receber, as piadas mordazes, certas e determinadas bebidas espirituosas e o sentimento de unidade e de luta por aquilo que acreditamos. E eu acredito que se pode esperar mais, muito mais da Ana Reis, assim como da Literatura Fantástica nacional. Basta acreditar.
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35 reviews
April 7, 2022
I did enjoy the book, but because it was so small I couldn't connect with the characters and fully immerse in the story. But that may be because I'm not very found of short stories, so that's on me.
I would like to read a book with a longer and more complex storyline sunset I enjoyed both her writing and the world she introduced.
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43 reviews
September 25, 2021
comentário em PT e EN

// I received an ARC from the author – thank you so much I really enjoyed it//

Excuse my really bad English.

I’ve heard people say that the only problem with this novella is that it is a novella. It is true. The only major problem I can see is the limited space the author had to explore the world and its characters. This “problem” made me not care about caleb and other secondary characters as much as I would like. Caring about secondary characters is hard for me, so when I reaaally care about one that’s a win for me.

I enjoyed the setting and the action, they exceed my expectation, but now as I really think about the book as a whole, I feel that it is not that fluid as it could have been. But don’t get me wrong, I do think it was well executed and I felt jumpy and anxious with the Lau. The last two chapters made me feel things that really surprised me – I can’t even explain exactly what.

About Lau: Lau was supposed to be a gray character (I think), which means she’s nor a good or bad person, but I only know that because in her inner dialogue she’s always complaining about not being good and having done awful things. What I really want to see, if this story gets a sequel, is the details – what has she done?

Finally, I recommend this book for people that like fantasy, witches, dragons and monsters. I think it is beautifully written and I can’t wait to know if there is a second book.

*** Recebi uma Arc da autora, obrigada desde já! ***

Aaaa, aquele final foi tão bem executado!!

Ok, começando pelo início. Já vi alguém dizer que o único problema desta novella é, realmente, ser uma novella. Eu subscrevo, é verdade que o único problema maior que eu vejo aqui é o espaço limitado para explorar este mundo e estas personagens. Este "problema" levou a que não me importasse tanto quanto gostaria de personagens como o Caleb e outros pescadores. Importar-me com personagens secundários é difícil para mim e, por consequência, é também das coisas que mais gosto em histórias destas.
Gostei muito do local onde se desenrola o plot. Num espaço tão limitado, a Ana conseguiu introduzir desenvolver e fazer paralelos do nosso Portugal nesta ilha e, realmente, foi das coisas que mais apreciei.
Relativamente ao plot e a ação principal superaram as minhas expectativas, mas agora quando estava a pensar na história como um todo, sinto que não foi tão fluído quanto poderia ser. Ainda assim, acho que foi bem executado, senti-me "on edge" com a personagem principal e fiquei triste com ela. Aqueles últimos dois capítulos fizeram-me sentir coisas que me surpreenderam muito.
A Lau... a Lau deveria ser uma "personagem cinzenta", ou seja, nem totalmente boa, nem totalmente má, e eu consigo perceber que isso é verdade, mas mais porque é o que ela está constantemente a queixar-se (de que não é boa, de que fez muitas coisas más), mas o que eu quero mesmo é ver o que ela fez, saber os detalhes - e espero que isto continue numa outra novella (ou algo mais longo eheh). Novamente, esta crítica é mais direcionada ao facto de ser um livro algo limitado e que, por isso, acho completamente compreensível.

Por fim, recomendo muito para gosta de fantasia, bruxinhas e dragões! Achei uma história linda, cheia de emoção e espero que aconteça um segundo livro em breve!
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Author 12 books108 followers
October 6, 2021
Uma estreia incrível e surpreendente da Ana neste universo e que me deixou a desejar por diversas histórias prequelas e sequelas.
Um trabalho notável de escrita, criatividade e imaginação. Espero que este universo continue a ser explorado pela autora e que dê ao leitor preenchimento quanto aos diversos mistérios das personagens.
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42 reviews1 follower
September 26, 2021
This is a dark fantasy book. And it is so FUCKING GOOD!
It is so captivating! At certain point I found myself so lost in this world in a way that only happens when I'm completely and utterly focused on what I'm reading. I was sucked into this marvelous world! 🤩
And the writing is so accessible and so easy to comprehend! This only made my experience reading this book even better!
The chapter's titles are so good! Just for that it's worth the read.
I created so much empathy for these characters! And that is the exact reason why this book broke me 🤫
It stressed me out so much 🤣(In the way only good books do). I swear these characters almost killed me!
The only thing that I thought was less good is the fact that the book is too short. The author didn't want to give too much information all at once ( which makes total sense) so certain parts got lost. And that became a little confusing.
I feel that both the universe and the characters could have been more explored. But that didn't make my experience reading it bad, not at all. I just want to know more about my babies 🥺
In the end, it's a very good book and it really deserves to be read.
Plus, it is a really weird book. Just the way we like it 😏
If you like supernatural and weird, this book is for you!
4,5 ⭐
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131 reviews27 followers
October 7, 2021
If you already read Nobody Tricks the Trickster you will immediately have a sense of Déjà Vu. Well, it is the same place and same characters, Ana gave us a bigger version of this story and I couldn't be happier about it.
Two rogue Witches, a Summoner and a Witch Lord, take refuge in a island where they seek a special item. Witch Queen Lilith wakes from her slumber and craves revenge. What will be the fate of Lau (Summoner) and Adam (Witch Lord)?
I got so excited with this, I loved the ambience of the short story and here we have more info, a better character development and more plot points.
Still, with what we have here, I think this could actually be a 300+ pages book and perhaps a duology. I need to know more about these characters. How did they met? All the circumstances. I want to know more about the villagers.
So here is my plea to the author: I want more 🥺 The story seems so good that 136 pages doesn't do it justice.
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Author 7 books10 followers
September 25, 2021
My first impression after reading Nobody Tricks the Trickster still stands, Ana's writing is still fast, straight to the point, almost none to zero BS!

I had a delightful time, one chapter per night, to make it last longer and honestly, I'm kinda meh that it's over now. And this is good, otherwise I would be running up to the hills.

I fell for her book after the cover reveal —and I'm glad I judged this book by its cover because the artist managed to capture the essence of this story, the warmth, the characters, the fantasy. I digress!

And even though, judging a plot is subjective, I enjoyed it. The setting was familiar, the characters were likeable and the ending was bittersweet. As a Portuguese, I noticed the love; as a nerd, I also noticed and grinned with some of the references.

As a fellow writer? I'm mad! Ana made fantasy writing effortless, while I always hesitated on the genre. But I kinda found myself scribbling something of mine, so.. Yeah, one can say The Summoner's Cry inspired/pushed me to try fantasy.

Read this!
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February 22, 2022
I really enjoyed this book. The characters and their backstories were intriguing, and the plot was fast paced and enticing. I especially love the integration of Portuguese culture into the story, since that’s something we rarely see represented in media.

The only reason I’m not giving this a higher rating is because I wish we’d gotten more. This is just a “me” thing, but I personally prefer long books over short ones, and that preference was particularly noticeable with this book, since it is a fantasy. I would’ve loved to have this same story, but more in-depth, so we could see more of the world and connect better with the characters.

Again, though, I’m not the biggest fan of short stories, and I still enjoyed this one, so I’d definitely recommend it, especially since it’s written by an indie author from a culture that’s not often portrayed in media, particularly in fantasy. ♥️

Also, I need to say this: the cover is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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October 1, 2021
The concept seemed strong enough for me to pick this up, but I did find it that compelling of a read. The characters didn't have enough time to grow and with the townspeople and the novella length, they weren't given the opportunity to really be present. The climax features a battle wherein one character dies and it's hard to actually summon interest in that character to be effected.

Serious credit needs to go to the cover artist here though, this is probably some of the best cover art I've seen on a self published book.

Received as an ARC through the site BookSirens.
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February 24, 2022
[Disclaimer: e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review (Portuguese)]

Se por acaso já leram o conto “Nobody Tricks the Trickster” da autora, então vão reconhecer o ambiente deste livro pois é no mesmo mundo e tem as mesmas personagens.

Em primeiro lugar, vou falar sobre a linguagem: inglês não é a língua materna tanto da autora como minha. Contudo, ambas partilhamos uma experiência de vida que é: somos emigrantes. Por isso mesmo, as minhas leituras acabam por ser maioritariamente inglês. Isto para dizer o quê? Não senti qualquer diferença no inglês da autora, do inglês de um nativo. O que é excelente!
Já tinha gostado da escrita da autora no conto que mencionei mas neste (pequeno) livro, deu para analisar ainda mais. Continua no estilo Dark Fantasy mas uma diferença que notei foi que, mais ou menos, na primeira parte do livro achei a escrita um pouco “cirúrgica”, não sei se foi de propósito para captar o leitor rapidamente ou se advém do background científico da autora. Não me cabe a mim julgar, apenas foi algo que reparei.
Até porque, verdade seja dita, a autora consegue, com o mistério adicionado nas páginas, a incentivar-nos a sempre saber mais. O que é óptimo para quem gosta de “fast-paced books”!

A autora (finalmente) expandiu o mundo onde existem witches, witch lords, summoners e humanos. Numa grande e interessante aventura em busca de um item importante, para combater uma Witch Queen e os seus demónios. Isto tudo numa ilha onde os locais têm como língua o português. Então a nossa língua e até mesmo cultura tem uma aparição neste livro, o que achei brutalíssimo! São poucos livros internacionais com qualquer menção à cultura portuguesa portanto é excelente que a autora tenha incluído isso.
Contudo, apesar de como este livro é um pouco maior, mesmo assim achei essencialmente pouco. Talvez porque gostei mesmo das personagens e do enredo? Muito provavelmente mas havia alturas em que achava que podíamos saber mais. Contudo e porém, se a autora fez isso com o intuito de num próximo livro nos dar ainda mais informação? Aceito. Pois de outra forma acho que tão poucas páginas, não fazem justiça à capacidade de escrita da autora, ao enredo e às personagens.

Em suma, recomendo a quem quer ler um livro relativamente pequeno, fast-paced, embebido em mistério, com elementos de Dark Fantasy, com um pequeno sprinkle de romance e personagens icónicas.
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