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Maggie Moves On

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Can these opposites turn up the heat… without burning down the house?

House-flipping sensation and YouTube star Maggie Nichols can’t wait to dig into her next challenge. Arriving in tiny Kinship, Idaho, with only a cot and a coffeemaker, Maggie is prepared to restore a crumbling Victorian mansion in four months or less. She has her to-do lists, her blueprints, and her team. What she doesn’t have is time for sexy, laid-back landscaper Silas Wright.

The man takes flirtation to a whole new level. And he does it shirtless…sometimes pants-less. He and his service school-dropout dog are impressively persistent. But she’s not interested in putting down roots. Not when fans tune in to watch her travel the country turning dilapidated houses into dream homes. A short-term fling on the other hand could fit nicely into her calendar. After all, Maggie remembers what fun is like. Vaguely.

As their summer gets downright steamy, Silas manages to demolish the emotional walls she’s spent years building, sending Maggie into a panic. He’s the wrench in her carefully constructed plans. With the end of the project looming, she has a decision to make. But how can she stay when her entire career is built on moving on?

416 pages, Paperback

First published June 21, 2022

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About the author

Lucy Score

51 books30.6k followers
Lucy Score is an instant #1 New York Times bestselling author. She grew up in a literary family who insisted that the dinner table was for reading and earned a degree in journalism.

She writes full-time from the Pennsylvania home she and Mr. Lucy share with their obnoxious cat, Cleo. When not spending hours crafting heartbreaker heroes and kick-ass heroines, Lucy can be found on the couch, in the kitchen, or at the gym.

She hopes to someday write from a sailboat, oceanfront condo, or tropical island with reliable Wi-Fi.

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258 reviews1,775 followers
August 19, 2022
2 stars 🔨

listen, y’all know i’m lucy score’s number one fan, but this was not good.

actually, this book is my worst nightmare. usually, i can handle bad books because they’re so bad, that they’re hilarious. this book on the other hand was bad because it was so damn boring. reading for more than 20 minutes at a time was as painful as walking over broken glass.

spoilers, ig depends on what you view as one, but i don’t wanna piss off anyone


the hero, silas, was too flirty for my taste. he reminded me of lucy score’s other hero, linc, but a less likable version. something about him falling into lust with maggie before even speaking to her...
❛ Silas was already in lust before he got to her face.❜

also, he’s blond and HE HAS NO DIMPLES 👺 the backwards cap was a nice touch tho


there was just no tension between silas and maggie (h)…the only time there could have been some banter was after they got into an argument about maggie’s safety. but then it fast-forwarded a week and they made-up


also, are we just gonna ignore the fact that maggie basically forced her gay friend to marry her because she was “lonely” GIRL BYE😵‍💫🤣
❝I was too selfish to notice Dean was gay, and I all but forced him to marry me, and then when he got up the guts to tell me the truth...I put all of it on him. Blamed him for it all when the only thing he’d tried to do was not hurt me.❞

i also couldn’t stand her lack of commitment. i mean it was 95% in and she still didn’t know if she wanted to stay with silas by the end of the renovation.

also, i couldn’t stand her weird need to make decisions for everyone else in her life…if someone wants to drop everything to follow you across the country, LET THEM! it’s their damn choice, so stop acting like you need to push them away so they don’t have the option. thankfully, the side characters called her out.

if there was one thing the other people that didn’t like this book agreed upon was that they liked the family dynamic...BUUUUUT i didn’t like silas’s family. there is no obvious reason but my inability to accept people can be THAT happy. sila’s dad cheated on his mom with his current wife AND NOW THEY’RE ALL BEST FRIENDS. there’s no damn way

endless amounts of side plots

there was just too many of them:
⇢ maggie and her family
⇢ maggie and cody, the teenage kid she takes in and helps
⇢ the romance between maggie’s ex-hubbie and silas’s brother
⇢ the missing treasure plus the mystery of the original homeowners of the house

i definitely think the excessive amount of side plots had to do with the romance between maggie and silas progressing so fast. like what else could LS fill the next 400 pages with

what i liked

there were some cute moments, which is why i gave this 2 instead of 1 star:
⇢ kevin the dog
⇢ it’s a small town romance, which i’m a sucker for
⇢ silas believes in signs. meaning, some things are just meant to happen. for example, before silas met maggie, he broke up with his girlfriend a few weeks prior. maggie discovers her sign at the end of the book when silas’s mom notices something in a picture of maggie’s mom.

in the picture, she was smiling at this little kid that you could just barely see. in the moment, maggie was too afraid to swim in the lake because she couldn’t see the bottom. well when that little kid i mentioned jumps into the water with hesitation, maggie’s mom told her, ❝...that’s the way you do all the best things in life. you just run and jump and hope for the best.❞

that little boy was Silas 🥺
April 4, 2023
In a word ‘antithesis’.

This book is everything I dislike in this kind of a man ‘all ego and no brains’. An airhead without a shirt.🙄😉 but for entertainment value I have to give it to the author.

Silas (see even his name is a take on silly) he is so bloody awful I shrieked at his behaviour, laughed out loud at his antics, and giggled so much as his corny and vacuous comments. This book should have gone in the bin but instead it was so against the grain for me, the opposite to what I admire in men, I belly laughed through much of it.

This book takes romcom to a whole new level – its comic!!!

This is one of my few outings with romance this year. I don’t enjoy them much and they are too predictable for me personally, although I do get the attraction and appeal for the instalove. For the feel good factor alone, and with so much discord and pain in the world this has got to be a tonic for a lot of people. There are some heartfelt moments and some real themes of loss and coming to terms with the past that bring some substance to the story. That's a flash in the pan though and we are back to shirtless Silas.

Be warned girls – he is your builder, his chat up lines were so unoriginal, he probably wolf whistles in his sleep and goes to bed dreaming about his body. If you want a man with a brain and a shred of intelligence – then move swiftly on!!!

“At the end of the day, your quality of life is determined by the people you surround yourself with.” You can have him Maggie – I’m moving on!!!

It was so entertaining (without meaning to be) I have to give it 3 stars (3.5 rounding down) – he didn’t take his shirt off enough 😊.
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1,837 reviews522 followers
July 20, 2022
As soon as I saw the cover, I was hooked.

I'm a huge HGTV fan and Magnolia Network follower, and I just couldn't pass up a romance novel with a remodeling theme.

My instinct was right and I fell in love with Maggie and Silas between open spaces, walls being brought down, and new beautiful landscaping. More than that, I fell in love with Silas' family, Kevin (the pitbull), and his cats, Dean, Deanna, Cody, and even grumpy Wallace.

Maggie Nichols and her business partner Dean land in Kinship, Idaho for their new remodeling project. The Old Campbell Place is a mansion on a hill with splendid views but in need of a lot of love. The house has been left alone for too long and Maggie is determined to bring it back to life.

Maggie has a very successful youtube show and she is close to having a million subscribers. She knows this job could be the one that gets her there. She is ready to start working her magic when she meets the new landscaper guy, Silas Wright. She knows he is trouble but she has a rule, no dating the contractors.
But are rules meant to be broken?

Silas for his part falls for Maggie right away but convincing her to stay might be too hard to accomplish. Thankfully, he and his pitbull, Kevin are charming with a capital C.

The narration by Emma Wilder was entertaining and made these characters a pleasure to listen to.

Maggie Moves On is full of small-town delightfulness which includes a mystery, adorable pets, the family you can create, a budding romance, steamy scenes, and amazing banter. I smiled so much while reading it. I hope you do too.

Cliffhanger: No

4.5/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by Forever via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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768 reviews2,183 followers
February 27, 2023
Finished it with a smile on my face!!!!
Lucy Score is the Queen of small town romances ♡

- flirty banter
- chemistry galore
- small town romance
- patch-work family
- fantastic cast
- remodelling/social media
- and a mystery

....it can't get any better than this.

Full review:

Maggie Moves On had everything I come to adore about this author’s writing.

Btw, she LUCY SCORE is the QUEEN of small town romances, and patchwork families, with a great and large cast. I get sucked into these books and afterwards I always wish that small towns like hers are real.

Also, if you love house remodelling shows you’ll love this book. The heroine has a YouTube channel and remodels and flips houses professionally with her best friend. Social media has become such a staple in fiction novels and although it’s not anything unique anymore is still makes a story feel fresh and trendy.

So, here are the things I loved the most about this book, which was of course a one-stitting kind of reading experience – which is the only way a Lucy Score book should be experienced :D.

Small town romance – some author’s just know how to do them right, with big hearts, great characters, and history.

Patchwork family – these kind of families make me warm and gooey every time! Love the big getting togethers and the nosiness, and of course everyone being in everyones business – adore it!

Adorable dog – absolutely adorable!!!

Charming and flirty hero – oh my, he was adorable, with a side of SIZZLE!!!! He actually surprised me with being such an adorable sweet and likeable guy, but in the bedroom he knew exactly how to get it done!!

Feisty heroine – love me a gal who knows what she wants. And one that listens to her heart and isn’t too stubborn to act on it!

Mystery – just the right kind to bring it all together.

Honestly, this book has it all!!! It’s a delightfully rambunctious read. The story is packed to the brim with plot, tons of dialogue, great interaction between the characters, wonderful chemistry, and so much more!!! A book that kept me entertained until the end.

Wouldn’t have said no to a longer epilogue, or one or two chapters of them settling down, but loved to see it all come together. I’m here for more Lucy Score!!!!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. My opinions have not been influenced by the publisher or the author.
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2,416 reviews35.2k followers
June 22, 2022
What a fun, sexy listen this book turned out to be!

Maggie Nichols is a YouTube/house-flipping sensation! She has a huge following who love to see watch as she brings homes back to life. Kinship, Idaho has been calling to her for years. She has finally found a reason to return. She is going to restore a Victorian Mansion to its former glory. She will need some help and that is when Silas Wright, the local sexy landscaper comes into play. Darlin’ he is hot-to-trot and not bad with animals and greenery.

Their attraction is off the charts and her fans are also won over by the sexy Silas! But Maggie doesn't have time to lay down roots. She has places to be and homes to restore. Well, maybe she has time for a fling, but that's it. Her boots were made for walking and.....

I loved the journey that the characters took in this book. I enjoyed both main characters and the supporting characters as well. This book had charm, some laughs, some angst, some heat, and a loveable service dog drop-out dog named Kevin who is a scene stealer!

I initially loved the Darlin's in this book but soon thought enough already, Silas. We get it. But I forgave him soon enough.

Now, if only I can get a certain Rod Stewart song out of my mind...

Hot, sexy, fun, and engaging! This book was a pleasure to find and knocked me out of my less than exciting books lately.

Thank you to Hachette Audio, Forever and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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121 reviews24 followers
July 31, 2022
DNF 😅 boring, no chemistry, insta love, and he's blonde
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856 reviews464 followers
March 2, 2023
A rare full on 5 stars for me. Where has Lucy Score been all my adult reading life??

Featuring ~ dual 3rd person POV, small town, slow burn, steamage

Maggie is a youtube sensation flipping houses.
Dean is her right hand man helping with the business.
Silas is a hot landscaper working on Maggie's latest house.

Maggie is already a delight, but Silas is such a charmer that he was able to bring even more delightfulness out of her. He could charm the pants off a mannequin. Every single character was lovable and I especially loved the mischief Kevin! he's so adorable. Anyone would be lucky to have a BFF like Dean. Wallace was a perfectly named grumpy old man. Cody just needed someone to show him some support and I'm so glad he got it. Silas's extended family was a great addition to the story.

I love that it was told in 3rd person following Maggie and Silas.
Although it was love at first sight for Silas, it was a bit of a slow burn as Maggie took too long for me to figure out what she wanted. Their chemistry was on fire and luckily we didn't have to wait a terribly lengthy amount of time for the steamage. It wrapped up as perfectly perfect as I knew it would. The mystery behind the house was fun to read about too.

I was able to listen to the final version on audio as well, so I went back and forth reading and listening. Ultimately both ways were wonderful. Emma Wilder did a lovely job narrating for 13 hours and 41 minutes, easy to follow at 2x. She had lovely male voices too.

*Thanks to Forever (Grand Central Publishing), Lucy Score and NetGalley for the ARC. I am voluntarily leaving my honest review*

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3,913 reviews33k followers
August 9, 2022
4 stars
This book, like most of Lucy Score’s reads, was a lot of fun! I loved Maggie and Silas and had a smile on my face through most of this book.

Maggie is a YouTuber who rehabs houses and sells them, then moves on to the next. It’s her job and she loves it. But now she’s in a town that is just begging her to stay in every way. And that biggest way is Silas, the hot landscaper.

Silas has it bad for Maggie from the moment they meet. It’s definitely a ‘he falls first’ romance and I was here for it. If you’re looking for a small town rom-com with a lot of heart, check out Maggie Moves On!
Audio book source: Libby
Story Rating: 4 stars
Narrators: Emma Wilder
Narration Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 13h 41m

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253 reviews26 followers
February 12, 2022
I know I'm in the minority and it's physically paining me to give my first unhappy review for Lucy Score. I am a BRA. I am team Lucy all the way. She has my undying loyalty. But Maggie Moves On did not do it for me.

What I liked about the book:
1. Silas falls in love first. It's definitely nice to see the role reversed in a love story.

2. I love that Lucy always includes a loveable animal in most of her stories. Kevin is fantastic! Especially having picked his own name. One cool doggo.

3. I love Silas' family dynamics. They really show the most beautiful way a blended family can work so well together. And Michael is hilarious. This is honestly the best part of this book and is what kept me reading through to the end.

4. It's a Lucy Score book, so the steam was good.

5. I'M SORRY! Was that a Kathryn Nolan reference???? Is Kathryn Nolan, scooter daredevil at Wallace's senior home, based on Lucy's writing friend Kathryn Nolan???

What I didn't like about this book:
1. Something is missing. Lucy's books are usually long, but they never drag and they are always good and full of sparkly personality. I did not get any of that from this book. WTF happened? This is my least favorite Lucy Score title to date.

2. The only things I can connect with Maggie on: I too have a thing for fry sauce and men who can rock backwards ball caps. Otherwise, she bugs me.

Silas also bugs me. I'm never one to turn down an alpha, and I love the idea of being tossed over a guys shoulder and told to sit my ass down and listen (despite my raging feminist viewpoint), HOWEVER, something did not click here. He just came across as an ass that I definitely would have humped and dumped.

3. Instead of an epilogue to show where people were later, it was all forced into a couple of non-cohesive paragraphs. It was a super letdown even though it was tied up in a nice bow.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for free. The review above is reflective of my honest opinions.

3 lets-move-on stars.
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30 reviews1,903 followers
July 10, 2022
3.2/5 stars. warning: harsh.

I read Maggie moves on, and I have a lot to say about this book. I liked a fair amount of this, but there was just too much that I strongly disliked, to classify this as a book I enjoyed.

starting off with this plot; it had potential. Maggie and Silas had potential as a couple. Except it wasn’t written well enough for me. They got together very early on in the book, which usually isn’t that big of an issue, except for the fact that the only other plot point in this book is that they’re fixing a house. And this book is 400 pages long, so there’s only so much of this that I can take interest in.

these characters are written as if they’re in their mid-20s. But they’re actually almost 40, which throws me off a bit because again, it feels like they’re in their mid-20s. And this isn’t necessarily a problem, I just didn’t like it. Because the fact that they’re almost 40 implies that they’ve been doing things for a long time. (ex. Silas living in his hometown since he was born, and Maggie having to work and live the way she always has) and because of how long they’ve been doing these things, it makes it incredibly hard to break the cycle. I don’t know how many times I’m going to say this wouldn’t normally be a problem, except for the fact that there were so many other points in this book that caused this another issue.

now I’m gonna talk about these characters, because I really liked them at first. I liked how Silas had the whole “love at first sight” thing, and Maggie was persistent on doing her job. But as I got to know these characters, especially when they were together, I disliked them more and more.

Silas is quite selfish, and controlling. The kind of controlling where you don’t realize you’re being controlled, until it’s already over. For example, there were several instances where he got genuinely mad at Maggie, for no reason. He wouldn’t speak to her until she apologized to him, when again, she did nothing wrong. And then she would apologize to him anyway. The amount of times I set my book down wanting to scream that she did nothing wrong, that she doesn’t have to apologize to this man—
Maggie relies heavily on her work. She loves her job, she’s built it from the ground, and it’s just what she enjoys. sometimes she would get stressed out about things surrounding the house she was working on, and when Silas noticed, he would make her do some thing that he thought was a good idea. And if she didn’t want to do it he would say things like “you’re doing it, even if I have to strap it to the chair”. i know it was meant to be playful, but the fact that maggie always did whatever he told her too— it just made it worse.
when she was clearly stressed out, he was telling her things she NEEDED to do. and of course, she did them every time.
like I mentioned earlier, Silas has grown up in this town. He has literally never left. But Maggie‘s job revolves heavily on traveling. throughout the entire book, Silas is pressuring Maggie to stay in this town with him. Even though she needs to travel for her job. He doesn’t once try to think of any sort of resolution or compromise to the fact that Maggie wants to continue working, and he wants to be with her. He never once thought he could go with her. Only that she had to stop working, to stay imprisoned in this town with him— when she said multiple times that she very clearly did not want to do that. Then when she would get a job opportunity, an incredible job opportunity that would of course involve her travelling— he got furious with her, and didn’t try to think of what it’s like for her. Only that she wasn’t staying in the town with him.
Maggie is the kind of person that thinks logically, with facts, and research. whereas silas is the type of person who thinks with emotions; and emotions solely. and so whenever Maggie attempted to make any sort of calculated decision, all he would think about was that she was leaving him. the amount of times he referred to maggie as “mine” when she said a hundred times that she only wanted to have fun, and that she was leaving after the house is fixed— is insane.
silas, you need to hear this: SHES NOT YOUR PROPERTY. she shouldn’t have to give up her entire livelihood just so you two can sit in a dump town and rot.
again, he only thinks with his emotions. And automatically assumes that she isn’t taking his emotions into consideration— probably because HE isn’t actually taking her thought process into consideration. multiple times he would call Maggie‘s decisions: “their decisions”, meaning he had some sort of say in the matter, when he doesn’t. Because Maggie said multiple times she didn’t want to be in a serious relationship, because she was going to be leaving soon. but he still got mad when she made decisions for herself.
it took 366 pages for this 37-year-old man to realize that he’s not the only person on the planet. 366 pages to form any sort of logical, coherent thought about their situation, and it wasn’t even him. It was his mother. HIS. MOTHER.

now to say something about Maggie; she is such a bland character. I didn’t relate to her, I didn’t like her, I didn’t dislike her. It was as if she didn’t even exist, because she added nothing to anything. Which doesn’t really make sense, given the fact that she’s the main character in this novel— but she’s done nothing memorable for the story.

There were so many things added to this story to try and give it more plot, to try and keep you intrigued, I guess, but it really wasn’t working. It was still just a romance book, where the characters got together super quickly, and they fixed up a house for the next 350 pages.

another random thing that I just don’t like is the fact that Silas is still in contact with his ex. They dated on and off for five years, and the reason they kept getting back together was because one of them would text each other and they would bring up old stuff and hang out and get back together. And now he’s with someone else, and is still texting his ex, the same way he used to when they would get back together? They had a healthy break up, so really it’s not a huge issue, but it still irks me.

and finally when you reach the end of the book, after all the fighting Maggie‘s put up in saying she was going to leave, and all the protesting Silas is done saying she needs to stay— she does. she gives up her dream job that she’s been doing for years, and stays in this tiny rodeo clown town forever.

maybe I’m reaching, or maybe this is just another woman giving up her job, her life; to make a man happy.
and then, that same day, they got engaged. They’ve known each other for barely 3 months, and now she’s given up her entire life for him and they’re getting married.

Long story short Silas and Maggie got together after three pages, then there’s 370 pages of them fixing up a house, Silas being controlling, Maggie being persistent on keeping the job she loves, and then it all working out fine by the end. Of course meaning Maggie quit her job, marries a guy she met three months ago, has a few kids, and stays in town for the rest of her life, while Silas gets everything he ever wanted, with no struggle whatsoever.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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247 reviews1,825 followers
May 14, 2023
I am actually obsessed with everything Lucy Score writes. This book was no exception.

I was obsessed with how instantly obsessed Silas was with Maggie- including his first impression of her and calling her his future wife in his head lol. They were funny and so dang cute that I read this book within a day. Their spice was hot, their banter/interactions were so funny, and in typical Lucy Score fashion, it was a book that gave you all the feels you want from a romance book. I always laugh out loud while reading her books and just the overall experience of this book was so good that Lucy Score will remain one of my favorite authors.

***Also, I really do enjoy that she writes her couples to be like late 20's/early 30's to even characters in their 40's and finding love. Her characters are relatable, while also not just pushing the same romance narrative of find your soulmate at like 18 years old. She actually writes adult characters and I really appreciate that.
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482 reviews677 followers
March 22, 2023

I was excited to read it, but after reading the first chapter, my excitement died. At first I dnf this book, but after some time I decide to pick it up once again because why not? Sadly it took me some time to finish it, but when I was done, I was at least happy that I’m done.

Firstly there was zero tension between two main characters, and the way Silas instantly fell in love with Maggie, was just weird ( I hate insta love especially when the book is long ). Also many plots in this book were boring and I was kinda skipping some pages. I don’t want to spoil the book here but the Silas family situation was, well… freaking weird.

I really wish I could love it because the reviews were really good, but this book just wasn’t for me.
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578 reviews383 followers
June 3, 2022
House flipper Maggie meets Landscaper Silas... Add an old Victorian Mansion to the mix and you get a lovable romance waiting to happen, oh and don't forget Maggie's YouTube page to fuel the drama.

Delightfully written and a warm listen with a good pace and a plot to keep you inspired. The characters are so warm and loveable that you just get drawn in from the start. Emma Wilder is a really good narrator and captures you from the start. The book cover just screams Read Me!

Fun filled, this one will capture your heart. I really loved Silas's character and the pooch Kevin was an added bonus!

Thank you Netgalley and Hachette Audio for this ARC.
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96 reviews25 followers
December 14, 2022
Okay this was cute, a little unrealistic considering they fell madly in love in the space of like… 3 months, but cute.

Honorary Quote Mentions —>
Maggie: “You’re really gorgeous”
Silas: “It speaks to your intelligence that you noticed”

looooooool please I am howling🤣🤣🤣

But the real winner has to be Dayana with this fat slice of truth —>
“I mean, don’t get me wrong. Keaton is the best thing that happened to me. Insert all the other things a modern mother is supposed to say about her child being the centre of her universe. But dammit. It’s not enough for me. I don’t want a three year old to be my best friend. I don’t want to give up on a career I love just because a human fell out of my vagina.”

4 stars✨✨
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784 reviews960 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
June 27, 2022
DNF @ chapter 3

when i realized that he doesn't have dimples. lucy baby i love you and i'm your biggest fan hence why i refuse to even finish this book and give it a bad rating.

you have ruined me ANY hero ever since luke:( i'm way too in love with that man that i haven't been able to read in 2 months <3.
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543 reviews903 followers
September 15, 2022
Having never read anything by Lucy Score, I was so excited when Forever Publishing was kind enough to send a gorgeous finished copy my way. And then for some reason or another, it kept getting pushed further down my list of books to read. After having a horrendous weekend, I finally decided it was time to read this charming rom-com full of small town quirkiness, the cutest Pitbull named Kevin, and all the chaos home renovation brings with it, especially while filming it for social media.

All in all, this was a cute read and I enjoyed getting to spend time with Maggie, Silas, Dean, Michael, Kevin and the rest of the gang. Although it was open door with a good bit of spice throughout the second half of the book, it had all the Hallmark vibes one could ask for. I loved the concept of found family that is presented several times over.

The book was pretty fast paced, although coming in at over 400 pages, there was room to shorten it quite a bit without losing any of the plot or character development. This is my main criticism. I would also say that I am not a huge fan of Emma Wilder as a narrator and I think if I had read without listening to the audio, my rating would have been a little higher.

Thank you to Forever Publishing for my finished copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Available now.

3.5★ rounded up.
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1,433 reviews538 followers
February 10, 2022
There's a lot to love about a cinnamon roll sweetheart who falls hard and fast for his girl - this hero was GREAT! As a longtime fan of Score's work, I was excited to dive into this and see how her style changes for a more "traditional" romance audience. This still has the same small town feel and found family vibe as many of her other romances, with a more laidback tone and slightly less heat. Still pretty steamy at times (our sweet cinnamon roll hero definitely has a possessive streak), but the overall tone is less angsty and more lighthearted overall. It's also not first person perspective, which I didn't even notice until I was about halfway through. And the length is about 100 pages shorter than other books I've read by Score, which was honestly just right for the story. This was maybe missing that bit of sizzle that I love about Score's books, but the slow burn romance, inclusivity, and community aspect definitely made this a very solid read, and I ended up bingeing it in one sitting.

The story follows Maggie, a social media star who makes a living by flipping houses and documenting the process for her followers. She's never in one place for long, so she's never set down roots anywhere - and never really plans to either. But when Maggie buys a giant, rundown mansion, she sees the potential in her biggest project yet. And the sexy, smitten landscaper she hires for the job certainly makes sticking around a little easier. Silas is hit with a zap of connection the moment he meets Maggie (his future wife, if you ask him), and the good-natured, hometown guy is determined to convince Maggie that they're meant to be. As they spend time working on the project of a lifetime, Silas and Maggie build a relationship that just might be made to last.

The renovation aspect of this reminded me of one of my old favorites from Score, Mr. Fixer Upper, but that's where most of the similarities end. This hero is kind, caring, easygoing, and confident in their connection. Yeah, it's a little ridiculous that Silas is so head-over-heels right away, but you've gotta love a committed man. And he never once wavers - which is exactly what this broken heroine needs in her life. The sense of community and cast of characters definitely made this a richer read, and it's got a lot more going on that "just" the romance, though that's absolutely the focal point. There's a diverse group of characters, which enhances the found family vibe. I loved the slow burn that built on an instant connection, and the steamy scenes were certainly fan-worthy. Silas may be a nice guy, but he can still get a little dirty. What really won me over though is the build in intimacy and level of depth that develops over time, which is what makes this such a fulfilling read. It was a touch too slow here or there, but this was a great, low angst, small town story. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy and am voluntarily leaving a review of this heartwarming read.
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May 12, 2022
Maggie Moves On was a sexy and fun romcom. There was lots of flirty banter and small town shenanigans. The ultra instalove was a bit jarring, but ultimately I liked how gone Silas was for Maggie. There is never a question about his intentions or feelings and I appreciated how he truly saw and understood Maggie and what she needed. Silas's family was a hoot, but it was the found family that stole the show. I'm also always a fan of dogs in books, so Kevin was a fun addition.

I think where the story stumbled for me was the numerous secondary characters and subplots. There was A LOT going on in this novel. The pacing was also on the slower side, which made the book feel too long. The Campbell House mystery was intriguing and it helped wrap the end up in a nice bow, but it also took up a lot of page time. Overall, an entertaining book, but I wish it had been a bit shorter.

3.5 stars

CW: death of parent (past), grief, parental estrangement/strained parental relationship

*I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
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July 18, 2022
4 ⭐️

I really liked it but it was sooo long!
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July 12, 2023
Cute cute cute. Another easy, happy little read by Lucy Score. If you've read literally any other LS book you'll recognize this as one of her typical small town romances (think everyone knows everyone, there are a million and one side characters, people become BFFs after saying three words to each other), but of all her books I've read I think I enjoyed this "small town" the best. This takes place in Idaho and has lots of wild west-y vibes--think rushing rivers, the great outdoors, and DRUM ROLL....a treasure hunt for stolen gold from the 1800s! This was my favorite part of this book. A literal treasure hunt surrounding the property Maggie is renovating, complete with secret rooms and mysterious objects and literals shovels-in-dirt treasure hunting. So fun.

Silas and Maggie's story is a cute, super cheesy insta-love (on his part). I don't hate this trope when it's done well, but this was "I'm gonna marry you" after one word to Maggie. This made their relationship unbelievable no matter how much I suspended my disbelief, but Silas's easy going flirty personality saved it from being cringey. For this reason, I definitely enjoyed the subplot of the house and stagecoach robbery treasure hunt more. Also Silas's dog is the best character, tied only with Silas himself. Anyways, I liked this book a lot and now I want to move out west. And look for buried treasure in a canyon. And spend a zillion dollars renovating a mansion.
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July 19, 2023
this book had 17 subplots & I didn’t care about any of them
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May 15, 2022
I was so excited to receive an ARC from NetGalley for Lucy Score's new release. As a fan of Things We Never Got Over and Forever Never, I had high hopes for "Maggie Moves On."

This book has so many of the things I look for in a summer read: an independent heroine, small-town goodness, a romance that sizzles, and an ensemble of characters that add quirk and heart to the story. At the root of it, this is a book that celebrates the family you choose — not just the one you're born into.

My one concern going into this book, knowing a big part of Maggie's story is her love for sharing her renovation journey on her popular YouTube channel, was that the social media storyline would feel cheesy (as often tends to be the case when I read about characters in the influencer world — probably because it's a little too close to my own world, haha). That wasn't the case here!

I had such a fun time with this one. The relationships between all of the characters (beyond just Maggie and Silas' fire chemistry) is what truly makes this a memorable one for me..... a worthy addition to any book lover's beach bag this year 🎉

*Book provided by publisher, but all thoughts are my own
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July 29, 2022
2.5 Yikes! I was so excited to read this book, Lucy Score and an HGTV type background has to be lit right?! Wrong. This book has all kinds of problems but lets start with the good.
Lucy Score is a master at side characters and this book is no different. Dean, Cory, and Silas’s family are solid gold entertainment.
The behind the scenes of a reno show and its production and a wonderfully competent and ambitious woman running her life, total win.

Ok, what didn’t work.
There are way too many subplots going on in this book. This also caused the book to be so bloated, which leads to my next issue,
This book is sloooowwww. Really, really slow. The subplots weren’t compelling enough to create real tension and led to it just feeling monotonous.
But the absolute worst offense is Silas.
He is a walking red flag. The instalove was fine but also a bit love bomb-ish and felt immature for thirty plus guy but ok. His reactions to Maggie, a grown ass adult woman who is intelligent, independent and perfectly capable of making her own decisions enraged me. Over and over he treated her with this emotionally aggressive anger and it gave me the ick. She was honest from the beginning about her position and he proceeded to railroad her without any regard for her agency. And in the end he gets his way. Nope, no, no, no. Miss me with this! Why can’t a woman be ambitious and have a personal life? I was so disappointed with this book.
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June 13, 2022
Love. Love. LOVE!

A successful house flipper and YouTuber, Maggie is taking her next project to Kinship, Idaho. Tackling the severely neglected Old Campbell Place, Silas Wright, owner of Bitterroot Landscapes, is hired to help. And listen, I typically roll my eyes at insta-love ... but Silas and his goofy, exaggerated flirting instantly won me over.

But despite his magnetic charm, Maggie attempts to ignore it—after all, she is only there for a job, never staying in one place long. With Maggie constantly overworking herself, easygoing Silas was the perfect person to gently nudge her towards balance and true happiness. I loved their quiet, tension-filled moments together.

As the two settle in with renovations, the house not only brings an adventurous mystery to the story but also an amazing example of found family. And look at that adorable pup on the cover! Kevin the naughty, burly pit bull was truly a highlight.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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June 19, 2022
The perfect summer read!!!

While I’m usually all about the hero, there is no denying that Maggie was just the type of person I’d call a good friend to not love everything about her. She really knew how to respond to Silas’ flirtatious banter in a way that had me grinning from ear to ear. With a unique career and a strong work ethic, I was totally entranced with her story from the very beginning. I immediately needed to know how everything was going to play out for her.

Silas was amazing! He was stinkin’ cute with his quips and forthright attitude regarding what he wanted from Maggie. What might have been just lighthearted flirting, caught on fast, and he was soon sincerely wooing the woman of his dreams. He was straight up swoony with his actions to win her over.

I absolutely loved this fun, lighthearted read with a storyline that pulled me in and characters that attached themselves to my heart. Silas’ family were hilarious adding to the quick, witty banter that fills this story. So too do a few other characters that added dimension to the story along with some moments that warmed my heart. This was a longer read but had a fast pace. The angst was low and while the chemistry between Maggie and Silas sizzles when given the leeway, it does not consume the storyline.

Overall, I loved this cute, fun story and despite the perfect epilogue, I hope we get to see some of them and possibly the town, in the future.

Dual POV
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April 26, 2023
In complete honesty, I read this for the dog. I saw it on the cover and that made me want to read it. Would I have read it otherwise? Eh, probably not.

It was okay though, nothing mind blowing. Based on the first chapter I didn't think I'd like it, but I'm glad that by the end I liked it enough to give it three stars because it was looking like a two (or dnf).

There were moments in the book that made me smile and laugh, and I liked the romance at first. Silas was really cute with the whole "she's gonna be my wife, she just doesn't know it yet" thing, but there were some questionable scenes after that where he acted like they were already married or at the very least had been dating for years.

He exhibited some controlling behaviour and became a lot less appealing than he was at the start. I don't think he and Maggie are a good fit, not just because she had to change so many things about her life because of/in order to stay with him, but in general. He feels a lot, and deeply and she's just...there.

Maggie can be caring, like she showed with Cody. I liked Cody, he was probably my favourite character next to all the animals. But outside of that I won't remember Maggie, there wasn't really anything that made her stand out as a character.

Also I have to mention this, Silas is 37 right, and he doesn't know what YouTube is...YouTube??? If he was in his 50s I could maybe see it, but he would've been around 20 when YouTube came out, it wasn't that long ago. Everyone I know who's in their mid thirties knows about YouTube, come on now. Silas did not grow up in a cave!!!

On the plus side, this didn't completely turn me off from trying more Lucy Score books, so I'll probably read one of her most popular ones soon.
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July 26, 2022
*Thank you to the publisher Forever and Netgalley for an ARC copy, in exchange for an honest review!*

Liked: Small town romance, with a HGTV-style, house-flipper Youtuber heroine and her sexy contractor/landscaper. Hero has the cutest dog ever.

Disliked: Way too many subplots that I didn't care much for. Silas the hero was instantly in love at first sight for no reason, so the romance fell quite flat for me (and the length of the book didn't help too).

Quite the disappointment following the success of Things We Never Got Over, so I think I'll stick to Lucy Score's indie romances for now.
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June 23, 2022
3 ✨

This book follows Maggie, a YouTube famous house flipper, and Silas (I HATE HIS NAME), a hot landscaper.

If you like opposites attract, older (30s+) main characters, insta-love, and a host of side characters, this book is for you.

It was not for me. Silas literally professes his “love” for Maggie like two days after meeting her. He hounds her incessantly. Maggie is level headed and data driven, where Silas is impulsive and “romantic” (if a guy did this to me I’d literally run away??). I didn’t even annotate because all of the quotes were kinda cringey because he was so over the top :)

I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a fluffy, predictable chick lit rom-com with insta love.
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