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Godstone Saga #1

Steal the Wind

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Everything Caelan knows about his world is a lie.

A war is brewing. As the crown prince of Erya, it’s only natural that Caelan is sent on a secret diplomatic mission to support one of the kingdom’s allies. With his advisor, his bodyguard, and his best friend as traveling companions, what could go wrong?


Everything goes wrong.

Now they are on the run, dodging assassins, setting secret meetings, and even making deals with a sleeping god.

So, this is probably a really bad time to cave to feelings he’s been fighting for his best friend. But Drayce has owned his heart for more years than he can count and if he’s going to die, shouldn’t he have just one kiss?

The fate of the world is on the line, and only Caelan holds the power to save them all.

Steal the Wind is the first book in the six-book Godstone Saga fantasy series and is not a standalone. The story contains explosions, secrets, cranky gods, hidden romance, a prince on the run, a possessive ex-boyfriend, magic, and lots of delicious angst.

404 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 29, 2021

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About the author

Jocelynn Drake

124 books2,691 followers
New York Times Bestselling author Jocelynn Drake loves a good story, whether she is reading it or writing one of her own. Over the years, her stories have allowed her to explore space, talk to dragons, dodge bullets with assassins, hang with vampires, and fall in love again and again.

This former Kentucky girl has moved up, down, and across the U.S. with her husband. Recently, they’ve settled near the Rockies.

When she is not hammering away at her keyboard or curled up with a book, she can be
walking her dog Ace, or playing video games. She loves Bruce Wayne, Ezio Auditore, travel, tattoos, explosions, and fast cars.

She is the author of the urban fantasy books: The Dark Days series and the Asylum Tales. For gay romance, she has completed The Exit Strategy and Shadow Elite series, and is now working on a spin-off of her MM paranormal series, Lords of Discord. She has also co-authored with Rinda Elliot the following series: Unbreakable Bonds, Ward Security, Pineapple Grove, the Weavers Circle. In addition, she has co-authored with AJ Sherwood the following series: Scales 'N' Spell and Wings 'N' Wands. She can be found at JocelynnDrake.com.

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3,473 reviews319 followers
October 29, 2021
An intriguing start to this fantasy series

Well that was an excellent opener to Jocelynn Drake's new fantasy series.

It's not high fantasy, there's gunpowder, technology and a mix of pseudo medieval elements and urban paranormal, but the combination works perfect to create a new world filled with possibilities.

The four men at the heart of the story are each wonderful and, while Prince Cael is the 'technical' hero at this point, I suspect all will have a vital role to play.

The romance is secondary but also helps to drive the plot, in this book it focuses more on Eno and Rayne and I loved them both.

It's steaming hot when they do finally give in to their feelings and I felt every bit of the emotional connection.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the way things are being explored so far and fully expecting the mini cliffhangers at the end as this story arc is obviously going to be series long.

Roll on November 14th for book two and I really hope the rest won't be far behind as I'm already drawn into this saga and the people inhabiting it.

#ARC kindly received from the author via GRR Tours in return for an honest and unbiased review.
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1,433 reviews69 followers
October 9, 2022
Cael es el principe heredero del trono de Erya, siempre ha sabido que cuando su momento llegara iba a ligarse con la pieda de los dioses, aquella a la que su madre esta ligada actualmente, pero tambien sabe que su deber es para con su pueblo y que hara todo lo posible por mantera su gente feliz y libre de problemas. Por eso cuando su madre (la Reina) lo llama para hablar con el a altas horas de la noche, sabe que hay algun problema, lo que no espera es que ella quiera enviarlo de emisario a un reino con el que apenas tienen una relacion cordial y mucho menos que tenga que viajar de incognito junto solo con sus mas cercanos guardaespaldas. Por supuesto, no espera que su reino fuera atacado de esa manera, ni descubrir todo lo que ahora sabe de esta forma, pero quizas solo tiene que confiar en los dioses y entender cual es realmente su propostio y como poder salvar a su reino y a todos los demas afectados por esta nueva amenaza.

Este libro no es nada de lo que esperaba, esta lleno de aventura, accion, magia, drama y un toque de romance, pero tambien es super-entretenido y facil de leer, ademas de ser una de las sagas que mas me atrapado en los ultimos tiempos y que espero disfrutar hasta el final.
De los personajes principales, estos 4 hombres, sabemos poco acerca de su pasado, pero lo suficiente de ellos como personas para que gusten, tenemos al serio y brillante, a la mente militar y al bufon que daria su vida por su amigo, ademas por supuesto del principe, un joven que resulta amable, inteligente, sofisticado, confiable y sobre todo dispuesto a cualquier cosa por proteger a su gente.
Sin embargo, el universo no es facil de seguir, en unos momentos sientes que estan en la edad media, y de repente te topas con autos, celulares, trenes, barcos acorazados, y otras cosas que te ubican en un presente alternativo. Eso me causo un poco de ruido, el que me costara tanto ubicarme en el mundo creado por el autor, pero despues de que aceptas ese hecho, es bastante sencillo de leer.
En fin, es una buena historia de fantasia YA, bastante entretenida y divertida, con toques de humor y una trama que merece ser leida hasta el final, asi que eso voy a hacer, poco a poco a leerme los 6 libros de esta saga esperando que solo mejore a partir de aqui.
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1,001 reviews
October 31, 2021
3.25 stars

What I liked...
1. The Plot revolving around the Godstone Saga and the surprises along the way.

2. The 4 men iat the center of this saga. Technically, Prince Caelen is the hero of this book since he has the powers linked to the godstone, but there are 3 other men with him that are just as important.
Drayce is Cael's best friend, Rayne is his advisor and Eno is his bodygaurd.

Eno and Rayne have circled each other for years.
Caelen has harbored a crush on hos best friend for years as well, and Drayce has too. Though neither of them know the other's feelings.

3. The steam: Although it was secondary to the main plot, it was still got when it hapened between one of the couples. Also one half of this couple turns put to be possesive and jealous and so i was very very happy.


1. There was some inconsistencies with the way of talking. Sometimes they would be very formal, and other they would use the word shipping.

2. The world building was a bit off as well. There were GPS and gunpowder and bars but the feel of the book was also very medieval. The way the castles were described it felt old. It was like a mix of urban fantasy and high fantasy, but I thought that they didn't mesh well.

3. The beginning was slow for me and I honestly struggled to finish the book. It took too long to actually be done, and I skimmed. I thought some parts could have been shaved off.

I received an ARC from GRR and this is my honest review.
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999 reviews33 followers
November 4, 2021
Caelen is Prince of Erya. His mother is Queen. He is the last of the Talos family. They are the keepers of the Godstone. There is a threat to the people of his land and lands surrounding him. An empire is after the Godstone and is taking over land by land.

Caelen's mother sends him off with his guard (Eno), his advisor (Rayne) and his best friend (Drayce). They are to go on a secret mission to Caspagir, a nearby land and sort of ally, but while on the mission they receive news their home has been attacked and the Queen has been killed.

Now Caelen is left trying to sort things out. He soon finds that his mother has kept far more secrets than he expected.

I really enjoyed book 1 in this series. The world building is great. I love the friendship between Caelen and his companions. There is also lots on feelings among the group that are touched upon but not fully explored. I expect that to occur in future books. I look forward to more of this series.

*ARC provided by GRR, this is my honest review.*
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1,137 reviews69 followers
November 25, 2021
Am I so conditioned by all the fantasy stories I read so far that I assume to see some kind of medieval setup if there is a story with magic, swords, an empire and dead gods? Obviously I am because what confused me most is the world building of the Godstone Saga – seems although we're on a completely fictional world it seems to be on a similar technical level then ours. There are towers of glass and steel, mobile phones and even an internet but the preferred government type is still a monarchy, the people still believe in a mystical stone with the power of long dead gods which only the ruling family is able to wield and although there are automatic weapons they still also fight with swords. I was surprised how hard it was for me to keep the usual fantasy images out of my head. Didn't help that quite often the characters didn't really act like modern guys. So it was a bit tricky to stay in the story flow.

The story itself is that of an unlikely friendship of 4 guys forged in difficult times, crown prince Caelan on the run accompanied by his best friend, his bodyguard and his advisor. In typical fantasy fashion Caelan could be the savior of that world from the clutches of an empire or even of a bigger threat but of course there are some steps to take, some decisions to make and alliances to create but there is also the secret of the Godstone to solve. It's also supposed to be a romance because along the way those 4 guys are becoming 2 couples. The author balance the romance and the fantasy part. Sometimes that balance seems a bit forced and maybe that's why I feel the friendship but not always the longing for more.

Seems I'm going to read the next book because of the fantasy adventure and not so much because of swoony romance or steamy times. Let's see how the saga develops.
Profile Image for Dee.
226 reviews
November 19, 2021
I tried to look past all the niggles but I just couldn’t take it anymore. DNF @38% the inconsistencies were just too much for me. I have enjoyed some of Jocelynn’s work but this is just not for me.
Profile Image for Kaye.
108 reviews1 follower
November 16, 2021
I’m around 60% of the book and I’m
Just ready to turn in. I’m struggling so hard that I’m just fast reading it.

Final fantasy XV is my jam. Waited at midnight at GameStop so I can possess the game and then called off work for 4 days just to play it (beat it at that time too). Didn’t do anything but played, I rarely slept or ate for those 4 days and probably had at least 16hrs of sleep too lol just a little random tidbit there.

Anyways, this book reminded me of FFXV that I went back and played the game again lol so you would think I would have enjoyed this..
I wasn’t connecting with the characters. And I was hoping for a slow burning story and it is with Caelen and Drayce, so when they start to show/tell each other how they feel it’ll be climax, hopefully a book or two down the line.
Eno and Rayne. Just kind of annoyed me. I really didn’t care for their story.

Random list just because 🤷🏻‍♀️
-I would rather have it just Caelen’s POV then all four characters.
-This book needs a better editor. There was a part earlier in the book where a few paragraphs were repeated.
-speaking of repeating.. it felt repetitive the way the guys would think about their love interest.

I’m going to try and finish it and if I do I’ll come back to this shit show of a review.
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1,430 reviews13 followers
February 1, 2022
3.5-4 stars

i was thoroughly entertained and i enjoyed every moment of their journey/quest thing haha

i could feel the connection between Rayne and Eno, but not so much Drayce and Caelan. Drayce i can sense is going to be a character that is going to grow on me since sometimes he did/said things that were too stupid for him to still be alive haha

overall a good start to a series, but hopefully book two will keep me on my toes like this one.
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69 reviews18 followers
July 2, 2023
This is a perfectly fine book with good characterization. Two romances happening concurrently, four points of view. I found myself skimming the last two thirds though, I was curious to know what happened but didn’t want to put in the effort of reading. My main complaint is that everything is too easy for the MCs. There are no false avenues before the MCs find the solutions to their problems. The MCs are good at everything they need to be good at. I didn’t find it satisfying.
Profile Image for Claudia.
2,722 reviews89 followers
October 27, 2021
Oh wow. This book is a real treat. I live Jocelynn Drake and with this first book in a new fantasy series, she shows exactly why she is one of favorite authors.

I won't say much about the story because I couldn't say more than the plot already tells without giving something away
But the world building is really interesting ... it is clearly a fantasy book and no Urban Fantasy, but it includes cell phones and cars ... which sometimes boggled my mind 🙃

I loved Rayne and Eno, these two conquered my heart in a storm. And I seriously LOVE both of them. They are so interesting characters.
Caelan and Draecy took a bit longer. But both develop beautifully during this story.

Can't wait to see how they fare on their journey and already preordered the second book.

This book is one if my favorite books this year

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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2,155 reviews20 followers
October 26, 2021
“I want you to want me. I want you to possess me completely, body and soul. I want to know that no matter where we are in the world, I will always belong to you.”

Jocelyn Drake, you are a mad fiend! I am in love with these characters and you had better write faster because I am dying a slow and painful death here! This series starter blew me away and I can’t wait to read them all. Caelan, Drayce, Eno, and Rayne are in the middle of the fight of their lives, not just for themselves but for their home of Erya and their entire world. Prince Caelan is sent on a secret mission to a neighboring kingdom with his closest advisor Rayne, his personal bodyguard Eno, and his friend and companion Drayce. The gut feeling nagging at them all proves to be valid when their kingdom is attacked while they are away. Now they are on the run and trying to determine friend from foe. This book was so good and unexpected. I love this author’s writing already but this new hybrid fantasy and modern world is fascinating. And of course there is a bit of longing and new relationships and love and laughs. I am also interested to see more of Prince Shay of Caspargir.
Profile Image for Daesy.
2,360 reviews7 followers
August 9, 2022
This was a really interesting start for a new series, also if I must confess I thought it was a fantasy, while reading the blurb, and not a modern setting. I was wrong, but at least there was 3rd POV! The chars were all interesting, also if the Main couple had a REALLY SLOW burn romance, while the other one (Eno and Rayne, both around 33) went faster, and they had the only sex scenes on paper. I'm not really complaining about it, but sometimes I couldn't understand if this book had 4 main chars, or just 2.

There was also something strange about Drayce(23, like Caelan), I think he is hiding something and maybe the Queen(Caelan's mother) knew what that was, and for this had been adamant in sending the boy with the other 3, before hell broke lose in the city.
Shey(Rayne's ex, same age as him) was an interesting character and at the moment I'm not yet sure if he is worth of any real trust or if he has a really good poker face. If is the first, I hope he finds his happiness too.
October 30, 2021
This book doesn’t know whether it wants to be urban fantasy or high fantasy, and the poor world building is making it impossible to get into the story. There are cars, cell phones (and tracking people via cell), baseball caps, and girls giving “duck lips,” all of which clash with the high fantasy elements. Also: so much telling vs showing in the beginning. DNF.
Profile Image for Solos Mechalis.
191 reviews17 followers
July 14, 2022
This is 1t book in the Godstone saga series. It is a YA fantasy with male-male romance. Synopsis intrigued me. The first half of the book is pretty slow actually, it took me sometime and few tries to get into the story but once things build up story picks up pace. There are few classical cliches in the story.
Cealan is the main character of the story and story revolves heavily around him being the prince and savior of whole kingdom. All the other characters although have their own story but mainly play supporting role. My only beef with him is that he is shown 24 years old but the maturity level resembles that of a 14 years old. I have read more mature 17 year old leads than him. He relies heavily on his friends to get him through shit that is in itself not a bad thing but becomes quite tiring at the end of the book. And of course his mother dies to further the plot and now he is filled with all the rage and anger that's gonna help him save his kingdom.
Drayce, prince best friend/love interest, is a goofy character that walks through life like a breeze. His character was written light and humorous but I found him childish many atimes.
Rayne, personal advisor to the Prince, is the only character that has a strong background as well as personality. He is the only character that you enjoy reading. Though his sex scenes are trash.
Eno, personal guard to Prince, has no substance. We get many chapters from his pov but all you get his strong build, his skill with a sword. ....
There are many strong politics based, plot heavy fantasy books that I had the pleasure of reading. so if you don't want to read mediocre work I would suggest to skip this series. Otherwise it can pass time.
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772 reviews92 followers
December 5, 2021
Ok, I appreciate that the author tried to create a world where there is a mix of modern and ancient but I felt like it did not turn out well. It was quite confusing at times. Like, they'll be fighting with swords and fighting purple lion-creatures in the forest one minute and pulling out their phones and shooting off a text or walking into a supermarket for supplies the next.

I actually kinda liked the cliffhanger in this one weirdly enough🤣. I do wish I'd waited till all the books got released before I started though😭.
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39 reviews
September 18, 2022
The story in a nutshell: It is what I would imagine a Final Fantasy 15 fanfiction would be like.
I don't read it for the fantasy aspects though, but for the characters. Not always a masterpiece, but entertaining. Looking forward to the second book.
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223 reviews11 followers
October 29, 2021
Steal the Wind by Jocelynn Drake is the first book in the Godstone Saga. This series has been tagged as a fantasy and it has all of its trademark.

The author did a wonderful job of laying out the basic plot for the entire series while creating lots of mysteries that needs to be answered as well. The story for the first book is exciting, the pacing is great and the intrigue and politics quite fascinating. The world and lore created is pretty interesting and it gives the reader a feeling of how huge and epic the story is. The world-building so far have been on point and I can't wait to know more about the crystals, the various kingdoms and the history of each place. The varying points of view gives the reader a better perspective on the characters' thoughts and motives and it helps give depth and layer to each of them.

The dynamics between Rayne, Eno, Drayce, and Caelan is fun to read, their dialogues are witty and interactions overall is what one would expect from a group of friends though with their positions adding a bit of spice in the mix. However , I can't helped but be reminded of the Final Fantasy 15 gang of Noctis, Prompto, Gladio and Ignis as the four leads in this book is so similar in character and dynamics overall.

A prince now orphaned and is a king without a kingdom? Check.
A well-built bodyguard/soldier assigned personally to the prince? Check
A man who is the strategist/smart one in the group? Check
A carefree childhood friend? Check.

The way that Caelan was sent out to go into a friendly kingdom before his mother got killed before the attack on their city reminds me of what happened in Kingsglaive. In fact a lot of the lore sort of reminds me of Final Fantasy things like how the Godstones reminds me of the crystals in FF. Even Prince Shey reminded me of Seifer a Final Fantasy 8 character.

Anyway, one aspect of the book that did not really work out for me is the romance. It's not the author's fault more of a personal preference. The budding romance between Eno and Rayne was done quite well though it just didn't do it for me. The hint of romance between Cael and Drayce is just not it for me. The writer has portrayed them as having strong feelings for each other and did a nice job of actually showing that to the reader but I just felt indifferent to it and see it more as just a crush nothing more. If my continued interest would be based on the romantic relationships right now then it would be zero. It might change in the future but for now it's just a no for me.

Overall, Steal the Wind is a great start to a new series. It is more than its romantic relationships. It's a book with an engaging story and plot, endearing characters and a huge world one can get lost in. This book would be a 4.25 stars out of 5 stars for me.

I received an ARC of this book via GRR and I have chosen to publish my fair and honest review.
October 27, 2021
What an amazing start to a series!

Initially I thought I wouldn't like this book because we are essentially following 4 characters with their own POVs. I thought I wouldn't form a connection with the characters but boy was I wrong! I love all the characters and the storyline? Man the storyline is awesome!!

We are following Caelan, Rayne, Eno and Drayce and we get all their POVs which makes the story actually better than if it was just from 1 or 2 POV. Everyone is important and everyone has a role to play and everyone has different strengths. I can't say I have a favourite because I like all of them. I am maybe more partial to Caelan but only because he has magic! I honestly cannot wait to read the sequel and I am so so happy that I don't have to wait months/years to get it!

If you like adventure, magic, beautiful bonds of friendship, some hot sex then give this book a go. It is so so good and I am thankful I found this book!
Profile Image for K-Me.
1,332 reviews
October 28, 2021
I now know I have been waiting for a series to be written Exactly like this! I have always loved series where the couples from previous books have big role in the following books with the new couples! This book starts right out written from Four POVs!! We get to follow two potential romances right from the start! Fantastic Series beginner here! There is a Magical Prince on a Secret Mission -need I say more? Our romance with Eno and Rayne is super hot and full of possessiveness and steamy chemistry! And we have Caelan and Drayce their ever changing and developing Friendship!! I do not want to give too much away as the journey and adventure should be taken on your own! I received an ARC of this book and cannot wait for book two and well three, four however many there will be! The world building is great and you cannot help but love this team of guys and their parts in this Fantasy!
April 19, 2022
The writing style is interesting, but the parallels between scenes, characters and the plot of Final Fantasy XV without any acknowledgement to being influenced by the game strikes me as duplicitous. It comes off as a rip off. Kind of disappointed because I like her other books.
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345 reviews12 followers
Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
December 6, 2021
I'm pretty sure this is a Final Fantasy XV fanfic adaptation, or at least it was "heavily inspired" by FFXV.
Profile Image for Teeny.
1,376 reviews39 followers
May 24, 2022
DNF @ 32% I usually write the length I listened to and what the complete length was but I removed the book from my library so I don't know where I left it (and I don't want to go through the whole re-downloading and removing just for that).

It's been 6 days since I felt exasperated from the happenings in the story and I haven't felt an inkling of coming back to it other than maybe I could push through some more while at work in case it got better but I also thought of what lovely playlists I can listen to and feel more motivated when working so it's time I said goodbye!

My main issue with this is the complete lack of world building or at least some time and place coordinates so that I can start mapping this in my head. But nope! What I got is a VERY confusing mix of MAYBE Urban Fantasy with Epic and High Fantasy elements. Maybe I can't be sure! Frankly we can be in a whole other planet similar to Earth but with magic or we could be in Atlantis or a very confusing alternate universe. Your guess is as good as mine.

And that confusing mix bleeds into the way the characters talk. Pretty much 3 out of the 4 MCs speak like you are reading a fantasy Regency novel apart from Drayce that resembles a university college jock. DUDE!

What broke the camel's back though were the mentions of "The Empire!"

Who and what is the empire? The Sith? The Romans? Genghis Khan? Sauron?

So I'm out! Pity because I love Kale Williams he's such a good narrator and he was doing a good job here.
Profile Image for Ana  Nimity.
1,007 reviews52 followers
November 4, 2021
What a journey!

I'm a fan of Jocelynn Drake so I was eager to see what kind of world she created with this series.
First off, it ends in a cliffhanger, so be warned. Also, while there are a few sex scenes, and some UST, this book establishes the relationships and the conflict. It has some romance in it, but that's not the main focus.

I found the first chapters a bit overwhelming because of all the exposition and the introduction of all the characters. But the concept intrigued me, so I kept reading and about halfway through everything started feeling familiar enough to relate to. It's urban fantasy, but heavy on the fantasy, so there are no known landmarks with which I could align, so it took me a while to get comfortable with the people and places.

I enjoyed it, and will definitely read the next book, though I may wait until the 3rd comes out to have more to experience at one time.
Profile Image for Teresa.
3,371 reviews36 followers
July 6, 2022
must read for fantasy lovers

All I can say was wow! This was fast paced and full of danger, but also full of comradery, loyalty, and determination.

I loved that although this is a fantasy world, it is set in modern times. However, there is a bit of leeway that needs to be afforded to the story when earth cultural things are mentioned or used, such as the days of the week, or foods like burritos.

The plot was totally engaging - I had a hard time putting it down. I’m glad I waited until the whole series was done so I can now binge it!

Profile Image for Sherry Hassanali.
370 reviews9 followers
Shelved as 'skimmed-for-next-in-series'
August 31, 2022
So I basically skimmed most of books 1-4 because it was just too slow for me on the romance part and also the mcs being separated a lot during the books for various reasons. Also The tension and wavering of feelings between Shey and Rayne while Rayne is with Eno was just too much for me. I do not like it at all hence the heavy skimming until Eno and Rayne got strong. FYI: there was no cheating of any kind so there's that. Otherwise I would have DNF'd.
Profile Image for Rachel .
2,148 reviews1 follower
October 30, 2021
Great start to a new series! Loving this Universe and some great characters like Caelan, Drayce, Eno, and Rayne. You get this bigger plot with war coming mixed with chemistry and a connection more personal for the characters. Fantastic world building and a unique feelings to it that keeps you wanting more. Can't wait for the next.
Profile Image for BevS.
2,750 reviews2 followers
November 3, 2021
Good start to a new fantasy series from Jocelynn Drake. Took me a while to get into it admittedly, but I've pre-ordered book 2. Treachery methinks, and I'm a sucker for anything to do with gods and their rules. Who is the Empire agent and what else will happen down the line? Time will tell...🤞🤞🤞
Profile Image for P Leslie.
2,783 reviews17 followers
October 30, 2021
Wow what an incredible start to the series!

I was captivated by the storyline and the characters. Cael and Drayce’s friendship was beautiful but there’s potential for them to be so much more. I can’t wait to see how things work out between the two in book 2.

Rayne and Eno had a beautiful connection and their chemistry was crazy hot. I loved it when Eno got possessive over Rayne; claiming him as his own.

Fantastic book and I really enjoyed it. I was intrigued by the world the author created. I’m looking forward to book 2 which is only a few weeks away.

*I voluntarily read this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else's*
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