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STILL NOT DEAD: A Sam Sunborn Novel

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STILL NOT DEAD , the new fast-paced thriller from the bestselling author of the NOT SO DEAD Trilog y.

“This latest book is as chilling as it is thrilling, and I simply couldn't put it down! This series is truly speculative political intrigue at its best." --Jo Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review

Sam Sunborn is dead. But is he really? Sam is not physically here, and his wife Monica resents him for deserting her and leaving their son fatherless. Yet, from the digital beyond and with Monica’s reluctant help, he’s dead set on stopping the most diabolical terrorist scheme the world has ever known. Ashaki LaSalam has escaped from prison with the help of her lover, a mob boss with vast resources and a deadly secret. And Ashaki is bent on revenge after the U.S. left her Kurdish mother to be raped and killed when America abandoned its Mideast allies. With a revolutionary neural weapon that can erase anyone’s memories forever, she launches devastating mass amnesia attacks, first on political leaders and then entire cities. Can America survive this mad assault on our minds? If you like heart-pounding action, mind-bending inventions, and terrifying villains, then you'll love Charles Levin's gripping saga. Buy STILL NOT DEAD to plug into a mind-bending, emotional thrill ride today.

374 pages, Kindle Edition

Published September 20, 2021

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About the author

Charles Levin

6 books12 followers
Charlie's 23-year background in tech, a degree in philosophy and love of fast-paced thrillers are the brew that created NOT SO DEAD, NOT SO GONE, and NOT SO DONE.
He is the founder of Pathfinder Consulting Group, which builds, maintains. And markets multi-million-dollar websites together with providing Strategic Planning and Business Development services. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Amy, and has two grown sons, too far away in California.

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95 reviews6 followers
September 26, 2021
“Still Not Dead” continues the Sam Sunborn series by following a very similar pattern of a fight against a truly horrifying form of terrorism.
Just like the earlier novels, there’s a lot packed into this book and it can be read on various levels, depending what exactly appeals to you. For some, the rapid pace and the pages of action and violence will provide everything needed for some enjoyable escapism. For others, the detail of technology and its scary applications will be of greater interest. For me, I loved the chilling realism that underpins the story despite its fictional status. There’s an opportunity here to really consider what might be possible and this is made even more terrifying thanks to the comprehensive list of references and resources that show how many of the ‘science fiction’ elements presented are not that far from truth.
In “Still Not Dead” we meet all the familiar characters from the series and are introduced to a new threat in the form of Ersari and her team, whose intentions are more than a little scary. Ersari also introduces the truth that terrorism isn’t limited to one group or ideology. True to form, the team from DHS are on the case with the help of Frank and Sam hanging out in their digital format. An interesting addition appears in Monica, Sam’s wife, who acquires an amazing connection in a true ‘meeting of minds’. It was something that gave me more than a moment’s delay as I considered whether this would be a blessing or a curse.
Much more than any of the earlier novels, “Still Not Dead” gives an understanding of how terrorism directed against one country can have consequences for the whole world. I have to admit I was a little sceptical at one point as the DHS attempt to warn the whole world of what’s to come. I can’t imagine enemies and allies alike all being involved…ever. After all, if you tell your enemy about your battle plan, they’re going to tell the very people you’re fighting against. Thankfully, the pace and excitement of the storyline gave me good reason to suspend my disbelief and read on.
Of course, this is a story of good versus evil and we’re all (usually) rooting for the good guys. However, there’s a certain fascination with the horror of terrorist action just as there is in real life. We might be repulsed by it but we’re also drawn to it and that’s partly what makes the Sam Sunborn series so engaging.
I’ve loved this series from the start with its mixture of action, technology, and the horrifying prospect of some of this actually coming true as science takes us closer and closer to the realm of science fiction. There’s definitely something unique here because I’m not usually a reader of violence or crime novels yet this series is one I find compelling. “Still Not Dead” is a great addition and one that has kept my mind occupied long after the final word was read.
I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this novel from the author and I’ve chosen to write an honest review in the hope that it will help other people decide if this is the book for them. I hope you’ve found it useful.
Profile Image for Claudia.
2,794 reviews36 followers
January 25, 2022
I have been reading this series for a while, now, and it never ceases to surprise me. It has everything; action, amazing characters and food for thought.

Because, more than anything, this is a truly thought-provoking series. The wonders and dangers of technology, the dreadful terrorist scenarios, the personal losses... it all amounts to a captivating story.

We get to know Monica Sunborn better in this book and her personal development in this story and her full involvement in the plot makes me believe that this is not the last time she will be a crucial member of the good guys' team.

The events are the end are heartbreaking, but I'm pretty sure that they are the starter point for a new, breathtaking story.

As always, Daniel Greenberg's narration was perfect.
Profile Image for Julie Howard.
Author 2 books17 followers
July 19, 2022
Oh wow! Computer technology is growing so fast and what can be done is already scary but then you listen to something like this and you have to wonder if it is for the best. A frightening thought translates into a great story though. At first I did find it a bit confusing, as the story jumps between three main groups of characters but as things start to come to together, I was hooked and like most listeners I should think riveted to my chair. They is certainly a lot going on to play with your emotions from terrorism, drama, betrayal, revenge, subterfuge and heartbreak. I think the author puts you through every single emotion going with the different characters. There are a lot of characters and as this is book three in the series, you have meet a number of them before and the author doesn't waste much precious time explaining backgrounds. The ending of the book has me looking forward to the next book but also dreading it after the events in this book.
Ashaki LaSalam has escaped prison and now she wants her revenge against America and the world and she is one of the very few people who has the knowledge and mentality to pull it off. Sam might not be alive but with his conscious mind joined with his wife's he is once again trying to stop other people playing with peoples minds. Ashaki has the power to reboot everybody's mind and make them forget even there own names and she is planning to release it on the American government if Sam and his team can't track her down and stop her
I liked the narrator. He helps build up the tension with the power of his voice and gentle approach to the story.
I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.
159 reviews1 follower
October 22, 2021
~The adventure continues on…
~First, I’ll state that I received this book as a gift from the author to read and review.
~Once again, we see the cyber efforts of Sam Sunborn and Frank Einstein in full action to save the world from a super terrorist. Without going into spoiler details, the terrorist plot is well planned out…and devastating to the U.S. While the scientists are working hard to stop the attacks, we also see many familiar characters working together at ground level.
~I do believe that the main character in this story was Monica Sunborn…it was very interesting to see how she acted on her own and when joined with husband, Sam. This character development has great potential for future storylines.
~This is a fast paced, full of action, intense story. It has a fair amount of violence…which is in keeping with the ideology of the terrorist.
~I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good combination of Sci-Fi, police action and drama.
875 reviews7 followers
February 27, 2022
This book is a continuation of a series. While you can read it on its own, I recommend reading the first books in the series so you have a context for the characters and the action.

Sam Sunborn and Frank Einstein are now both virtual, but very much alive. They work with Sam's wife, and various agencies to thwart a new awesomely evil terrorist plot to control the world. The action is fast, the technology is mind boggling, and the story is very well written.

I recommend this book for readers who love technology, action, suspense, anti-terrorism, and more than a bit of mind-stretching. I have recommended this series to my husband.

I was provided with an audio version of this book by the author. The narrator did an excellent job.
Profile Image for David Taylor.
1,129 reviews17 followers
February 2, 2022
If you thought the first three books in this series were action packed and suspense/intrigue filled, as the old saying goes “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” There are so many dimensions to this episode that to discuss any of them might potentially provide spoilers. So, suffice to say, you have to read/listen to this one to see what happens. I will guarantee you that you will not be sorry or anything close to disappointed in the story. I will say that in this episode Mr. Levin provided enough curveballs to make your head swim. I received a review copy of Daniel Greenberg’s expertly narrated audiobook from the author and chose to provide this review.
Profile Image for Tiffany Townsend.
758 reviews2 followers
July 13, 2022
I am glad that the same narrator has done all of the Sam Sunborn stories. Definitely makes continuity a plus.
With regards to the story-I was skeptical at first. Not thinking that the sequel to the trilogy could be good-I was wrong.
Sam struggles with not being human and his relationship with his wife, Monica.
With Asari’s sister as the villain who is avenging his death, she puts her demands on the American leaders.
Trying to atone for his demise - she eventually makes the crew of Sanborn’s take action that is morally suspect.
To find out how it ends -I suggest listening to this addition to the Sam Sanborn series..
964 reviews3 followers
January 28, 2022
I really enjoyed the fourth book in the Sam Sunborn series. Like its predecessors, the story was filled with twists and turns and non-stop action. The science was cutting edge and the research was extensive. The author has written an emotional and captivating tale that had me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. I recommend this story to others who enjoy this genre. Daniel Greenberg's narration was excellent, and his performance kept my attention. I was given a free copy of the audiobook and I have voluntarily left this review.
Profile Image for Gina.
1,944 reviews16 followers
January 31, 2022
Imagine dying but your memories are saved in a digital format that lets you think and solve problems. Sam Sunborn is a digital memory. But he also problem solves and he has feelings. He helps to take down a terrorist who can get into people's minds. Pretty frightening. Sam's wife gets imprinted with Sam's memories and gets pulled into helping catch the terrorist. This story has many surprises and shocking moments. It will be hard to put down or stop listening to.
Profile Image for Virginia.
261 reviews3 followers
November 29, 2021
Cyber Chills

Fascinating, educational, and chilling, this series deals with cyberspace, terrorism, morality, love,, loss, and life after dea death. To fully appreciate the series, one must begin at the beginning with Not So Dead and just keep reading. While this isn't my usual choice in reading, Levin has me totally hooked. He also supplies a list of articles at the end of each book so one can futher explore topics covered.
32 reviews
July 2, 2023

Very confusing for me. Once I realized what was really happening, it was a lot smother. The story line is way out there but, then, flying machines were once thought to be way out there.
I had trouble with the Russian names, very similar and I kept getting the two mixed up.
Profile Image for Margaret.
655 reviews3 followers
October 11, 2021
I've read the entire series so far and am blown away by STILL NOT DEAD: A Sam Sunborn Novel by Charles Levin. The others have been very good, but this one is spectacular!

I was given a copy of this book by the author and am voluntarily posting this review. It is so good!
6 reviews
February 17, 2023
More, more, more

I was hooked on book one, totally addicted on Still Not Dead so what do I do now? The science realistic enough to be true in 5 years. I want the next installment loaded on my Kindle by tomorrow morning, ok?
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