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IceCats #4

All the Sauce

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Owen Adler has spent his whole life being half of a matched set. But when his twin brother Evan leaves hockey—and him—behind on the Carolina IceCats, Owen finds he has to skate a new path on his own.

Angie Paxton knows a lot about being on her own. She pushed Nashville, and the trauma she experienced there, to the back of her mind and started over in South Carolina. And though she’s blooming where she planted herself both academically and professionally, emotionally, she’s been struggling under the weight of her past.

Owen has had a thing for Angie since they were kids, but she would never give him the time of day. Now that they’re reconnecting as adults, they quickly find they want to spend all their days together. Angie is struggling to let go of the insecurities that plague her, but growing up Adler has made Owen an expert at getting what he wants. And for him, Angie is the only goal worth making.

310 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 12, 2021

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About the author

Toni Aleo

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My name is Toni aleo and I'm a #PredHead, #sherrio, #potterhead, and part of the #familybusiness!

I am also a wife to my amazing husband, mother of a wrestler and a gymnast, and also a fur momma to Phoebe, Gaston el Papillon & Winston.

You can usually find me hollering for the whole Nashville Predators since I'll never give my heart to one player again. When I'm not in the gym getting swole, I'm usually writing, trying to make my dreams a reality or being a taxi for my kids. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, Supernatural, Disney and anything that sparkles! I'm pretty sure I was Belle in a past life and if I could be on any show it would be supernatural so I can hunt with Sam and Dean.

Also, could I LOVE hockey anymore?

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3,923 reviews33.1k followers
June 18, 2022
4.25 stars
All the Sauce is the fourth book in the ‘IceCats’ series, but it is also kind of an Assassins next gen story, as both the hero and heroine are children of some of the OG Assassins.

I loved getting Owen Adler and Angie Paxton’s story! Owen is one of my favorite heroes Toni has written. He was the absolute best brother, son, and boyfriend. I also really liked Angie. Some of her insecurities drove me batty, but at the same time a lot of them were relatable and I think a lot of people could see themselves in her.

I’m so happy to be caught up with all of Toni Aleo’s hockey books! Evan Adler’s (Owen’s twin) book will be next and I am SO here for it!
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4,200 reviews483 followers
December 26, 2022
"All the Sauce" is the story of Angie and Owen.

A sweet romance between a curvy heroine and a famous hockey play hero. They have known each other for years, but the sparks havent had a chance to fly, until they reconnect thanks to his twin brother.
The heroine struggles with self image issues and confidence, and the book has the hero giving her support to love him as well as herself.

Enjoyed it.

SWE/ Unsafe
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2,781 reviews82 followers
January 4, 2022
The couple: Owen and Angie

Romance genre: enemies to lovers (kind of)
Series: IceCats
Length: 310 pages

Plot: Owen and Angie have known each other since childhood, their families being close to each other. But Angie always thought Owen was too full of himself, and Owen didn't quite understand why Angie didn't like him. Now that they're a little older, Angie finds herself interning for a mental health program connected to the hockey team that Owen plays for. His twin brother also plays for them, but he's the one that is struggling with his mental health, and when Owen helps him, Angie sees a different side of him. But that might not be enough. Angie herself is struggling with her self-image. She's gained some significant weight since she left home and she just can't believe Owen when he says she looks good and he wants her. In this case, love really isn't enough on its own, but Owen will bring everything that's necessary to win this battle.

Commentary: I love Owen so much. He is honestly everything. I read some reviews that compared this book unfavorably to the first-gen (their parents' books); well, lucky me - I didn't read those. This is my first book by this author and I loved it - I laughed, I cried, I absolutely fell in love!

Owen's brother Evan is struggling with his mental health; he knows it and has for a while, and has been trying to deal with it, sometimes constructively and sometimes not. Owen and Evan are as close as you would imagine twins to be, and there's nobody else that Owen wants to share hockey with, but he can see that his brother needs help. That's really what led to Angie giving Owen a chance, the memory of how he responded to the knowledge that Evan needed to leave hockey:
I exhale roughly as I hold his gaze. The pain is so great. I want to cover his body with mine and protect him from the fear and pain he is experiencing. I want to make it all better, but I know I can’t. “I’m proud of you, Evan. I know this isn’t easy.”

I think more than anything, that moment showed that when Owen loves, he loves hard and forever.

I loved how accepting he was of himself and everyone around him. His description of himself:
We’re both massive in height, with matching dark hair, but I’m stockier. I don’t have the muscle definition he has. Pretty sure I have a thyroid disease like my mom and sister, but I refuse to find out the truth. I just stay a wee bit chubby and use that weight to knock people into the boards. I may not look fit, but I’m fast as hell and know how to use my body to my advantage.

I’ve always had a rounder face than Evan. His is more chiseled, but again, I’m not lacking in the good looks department. He may be adorable, but I’ve had girls call me “Daddy” on more than one occasion.

But while Owen is accepting of himself, Angie is the exact opposite:
Yes, everyone has gained weight, especially the women, but they had kids and they’re happy. I’m a stressed-out college student who was almost raped and has really bad biological daddy issues. I just feel like I should be doing better. I come from greatness, but I’m not even an ounce of great.

Once I hang up, I look down at my lap and exhale. The fabric of my scrubs is tight against my thighs, and I have a little bit of a belly. My breasts are huge from the weight gain, I’m big all over, and I know I look disgusting. How pathetic is it that I won’t see my parents because I’m overweight? They love me. I know they do. They wouldn’t care; they’d be supportive. I know this, but I’m just so embarrassed.

While Angie's family is great - her belief that they would see her differently is her perception and not at all grounded in reality (something we see when they finally meet up again) - Owen's family must have worked some sort of magic:
Has she put on weight? Yes, but so have I! So has anyone who’s aged. We aren’t meant to stay in our child-size bodies. That’s what makes us adults. Some chunk? Fucking hell!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not naïve to the fact that the world holds women to a different standard and forces them to think they need to be a size that is acceptable to them, but I was raised by Elli Adler. She’s always been thicker than other moms, but no matter what, everyone knew she was a force to be reckoned with. Everyone knew my mom was more than her size. Even my sister Posey is on the thicker side, and depending on the week, Shelli can be too. I see nothing wrong with this.
Hell, if I don’t take a good shit every day, I look pregnant.

I smile widely, feeling all important and shit. My parents love hard, always have been that way. One would think I would be sick of being told I’m loved and that they’re proud of me, but each time is like the first. They’re special people, and I want a love like theirs.

Owen doesn't try to fool Angie either. She has gained weight, and telling her she hasn't or that she looks skinny would be counterintuitive; he needs her to love herself the way that she is so that she'll also accept his love of her.
“Just saying,” he says simply. “You aren’t big or fat. You’re chubby. Chubby sexy, in my opinion.”
“Chubby. Sexy.”
“Yes. Like your chub makes me want to get lost in your body and never come out alive.”

Look, I get it. Angie - she makes sense. I feel that fear of people judging me for gaining weight. I remember the first time someone commented on it (and at the time, it was only about 20 pounds, up from a whole 100 lbs!) - I was devastated and I felt like I was a failure. How could I let that happen? But Owen said something that hit me hard:
“It’s not, though. I mean, I look at myself, and I don’t see what you see. It’s so frustrating that I allowed myself to get to where I am. I came here and just dove into school and work. I hardly ate because I was homesick, and then when I would, I’d eat everything I saw because I was so hungry. I lived off candy and iced coffees for a year before I realized I was gaining so much weight.”
“Which is okay,” he insists. “You were healing, Angie. You can’t hate a body for doing what it had to do to help your mind heal.”

And then he went right back to sex-driven male:
He stares into my eyes. “Exactly. Angie, I know for a fact that I’m gonna enjoy your body—stretch marks, chub, and all. I, for one, am excited to play with the threat of suffocation once I get between your legs.”

Even that was reassuring. He really was into her, in every way possible.

The one time I was a little annoyed with Owen was almost at the very end:
I can’t even look at Angie, I’m so pissed at her. I thought she had overcome her body image issues. She was scared about her parents, and they loved her right through that. Our sex is unbelievable, but I’ve been so blinded by her, I didn’t even notice that I never fully got her naked. Like, how pathetic is that? She mesmerized me and hid herself from me, the one person who loves even a pimple on her ass. I’ve made that known, yet she still hid. Angie knew how much I wanted her to feel comfortable and love herself, but I’m left feeling played. It’s a really crappy feeling.

I know he was hurt, but I also know that he understands that it's a process, not just a few conversations. Angie's been dealing with self-image (and I think not just related to weight) for a long time, so it isn't a problem that will be solved overnight. He needed to chill a little in this instance.

The one thing that tripped me up was the number of people in the story - friends and family. Like I mentioned, this is the first book I've read by this author, so it was difficult for me to keep everyone straight sometimes. Other than that, I loved this story so much!

Previous book in the series: Hard Hit
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,064 reviews289 followers
October 18, 2021
3 Owen and Angie Stars

The next generation of Assassins Ice Hockey families continues and this story focuses on Angie and Owen.
Owen is Shea and Elli Adler's son from Taking Shots. He is twin to Evan and they have other siblings too.
Angie is Lucy & Benji's daughter from Rushing the Goal, - Benji is not Angie's biological dad but he adores his girl.

Toni Aleo is one of my favourite authors and The Assassins is a long time fave series. I think it must be me but I keep trying spin off / next generation series and although I enjoy them, they don't quite hit the heady heights of the five star reads that preceded them. It's happened with several different authors series' lately so I'm sure it's me, not them.

This was a sweet love story and Owen and Angie are both very likeable. The two key themes running through the book are mental health / anxiety and body image - specifically Angie being very focused on the fact she has gained a lot of weight since moving away from home. She is determined to get healthy , and that is admirable, but at times I felt like that was overshadowing other aspects of her character. Another theme is sexual harassment / threat so be mindful if that is a trigger for you.

It was great to catch up with the other characters - it's kind of like meeting up with old friends again after a while.

HEA? More HFN - but the ending made me smile.
Cheating? No.
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4,455 reviews138 followers
October 10, 2021
5 star Review All The Sauce (Ice Cats #4) by Toni Aleo

Although I am late to the party jumping on the Toni Aleo band wagon, whenever a new book hits my kindle I drop everything to read it. Once I started All The Sauce (just love the title) I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in one go.

What a beautiful and well written love story this is. From the first chapter I was riveted to Owen Adler and Angie Paxton’s story and oh what a story it was. This book has heart and soul, emotional at times and captivating it brought out a myriad of emotions for me whilst reading.

I love the Adler’s and Owen was everything I was expecting and so much more. I have far I have yet another new book boyfriend. There were times that my heart broke for Angie and it was up to Owen to show her how she deserved to be loved and find happiness and he certainly did.

All the characters are well developed and there are some tough subjects raised which were handled well. There is heat, romance, humour with characters who are easy to relate too. It is a story about people who through strength and determination fight through what life has dealt them and come out on the other side. If anyone deserved to fall in love and live happily ever after it is Owen and Angie.
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5,175 reviews175 followers
October 12, 2021


Angie is not ready to see Owen again, but she knows it's coming - she's working with his twin brother, and she knows when Evan's final decision comes, Owen will be by his side. She's crushed on Owen her whole life, but he never looked twice at her except for the one time she ran over him on the ice and knocked him on his fine ass. And he won't be noticing her now considering how unattractive she feels she is now. Or has she underestimated Owen? Misjudged him?

Owen's crushed on Angie their whole lives but she didn't even notice him except the one time she ran over him and knocked him to his ass on the ice. Now that she's working with his twin brother, he's determined to let her know how gorgeous he finds her, let her know he wants to be in her life. But can he ever reach her through the wall of insecurities she's built around herself? Will she ever accept that he loves her, all of her, for the way she is, who she is?

All the Sauce touches on a lot of sensitive subjects like mental health, near rape, autism, but Toni Aleo handles them all with subtlety and grace. The story isn't overly heavy or tear inducing, but it is emotionally substantial, balanced by lots of fun, witty snark, and Owen and Abbi are often hilarious together, as is Owen's circle of teammates and family. I loved how the humor and the emotion were balanced perfectly, I loved the way these subjects were all handled with a deft hand, I loved their intense chemistry, and I fell in love with this adorable couple.

ARC via Elle Woods PR for an honest review.

Review / Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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626 reviews6 followers
October 15, 2021
Another great book by her! I made myself read this slow because I was so excited for it. Also to get to see Lucy and Benji again made me want to reread there book. Can’t wait for the next one!
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1,636 reviews141 followers
October 27, 2021
All the Sauce was the fifth book in the IceCats series by Toni Aleo.

We met Owen and Angie as children in Aleo’s original Assassin and Bellevue Bullies series. I enjoyed seeing them grown up. Aleo tackled a tough but common issue with women, emphasizing an important lesson to us all. It wasn’t my favorite of the series, but it was still enjoyable, entertaining and a worthy read. Hopefully we’ll get Evan, Owen’s twin, up next!
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4,542 reviews87 followers
October 10, 2021
Where to start and what to say that hasn’t already been said about this wonderful, very special read.
Reading Owen Adler’s story took me back to why I love this family so much, it had me falling hard and fast once again for another Adler man. This is a very special, emotional read that many woman will be able to relate to. I really don’t want to write a review full of spoilers so all you are going to get from me is how this book made me feel and what I loved about this journey because I believe you will get so much out of All the Sauce if you pick it up with no preconceived ideas.
I fell hard and fast for Owen and I connected on so many levels with Angie Paxton because let’s be honest what woman can say she has never suffered from low self-esteem. This is one of those reads that will touch you on so many levels, it’s emotional, it’s heartbreaking but it’s also heartwarming.
Toni Aleo certainly knows how to write a story from the heart, she knows what we want and need from her characters and she always writes with compassion when she deals with subjects others walk away from. All the Sauce is a journey about trust, dreams, taking leaps of faith and hoping someone will catch us, it’s about love and friendships and let’s not forget the hockey. This is the perfect addition to the IceCats Series and I can’t wait to see where we get taken next.
One of my top reads of 2021 and book that will be read and re-read
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2,118 reviews21 followers
October 11, 2021
All The Sauce is the fourth title in the Ice Cats series, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the previous books, but as a fan of the original Assassins series, I was incredibly eager to read this title as it featured Owen Adler ad Angie Paxton.
Angie and Owen’s story is incredibly well written, and emotional, and I was completely captivated from the very first chapter, it was one of those books that I just didn’t want to put down.
This pair are not only endearing, and well developed, but relatable. They both have their flaws and are slightly less than perfect, which for me makes them all the more enjoyable to read about.
Angie is the daughter of Lucy and Benji Paxton who featured in Rushing the Goal, and she’s intelligent, driven and dedicated to her role of working with athletes and their mental health. She has some insecurities, mostly regarding her weight, and is resilient and strong, dealing with a trauma from her past.
Owen is the son of Shea and Ellie Adler, who featured in Taking Shots, he’s a driven, dedicated and talented professional hockey player who is relentless in his pursuit of Angie. He’s cocky, yet also charming, sweet, kind, and compassionate.
This title is equal parts heat, heart, and humour, with fabulous banter that is both witty and fun.
I loved the cameos from the previous generation of Assassins, and the characters who have appeared in the previous Ice Cats books and will be eagerly awaiting the next addition to this series.
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1,600 reviews35 followers
October 13, 2021
Owen & Angie are so engaging and fun! This is the fourth in the spin-off IceCats series with some of the kids from the Nashville Assassins series. Owen Adler - son of Shea & Elli Adler - was drafted with his twin brother, Evan, and they're both playing in South Carolina. Angie is also a Nashville Assassin transplant. Her stepdad / adopted dad is Benji Paxton, another Nashville Assassin, and she had intentions of playing women's hockey until an injury put a stop to her career. She takes her life in a new direction and now is studying and researching how to help athletes deal with their mental health. This was as real as the recent Olympics. Angie is dedicated to assisting players with depression, anxiety, and even autism learn to cope and thrive and play and live their best life. But Angie herself is dealing with her own problems - prior to coming to Carolina, she was attacked and nearly raped. Part of her coping when she came to Carolina involved throwing herself into work and school and she did not take care of her needs and gained weight. So now she's insecure about her size and isolating herself from her family because she's embarrassed and allowing her roommate / boss's boyfriend to walk all over her. It's been almost a year and she's finally starting to get herself together, working out and losing some of the weight. She is working with Evan Adler. He's having anxiety issues and cannot perform on the ice. As part of the treatment, she is also consults his twin Owen. Owen is smitten with Angie - and has been since they were kids, even though she wouldn't give him the time of day. Even when Evan gives up hockey and returns to Nashville for his mental health, Owen continues to pursue Angie. His pursuit is relentless and single-minded. The rest of the story is so sweet. The topics are heavy but the story is not. There is lots of fun and steaminess, too. Owen is as good as Shea (I mean, what an example to follow...) as far as MCs go. I am so excited to see this story. I love the IceCats series and can't wait for more to follow.

Quote to remember:

Let me know when you see what I see.

Best Owen quoting Elli Adler quote: My mom says I'm willy-nilly with my dilly all over town.
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12.7k reviews447 followers
October 21, 2021
My heart went out to Angie in this one. She really had her head screwed on a bit wrong and I hated how she thought and saw herself, hated it more that with those thoughts she isolated herself from family and friends. I wasn't sure Owen was the right person for her, he's so cocky, but in this case it worked. The way that Owen talked to Angie and let her know time and time again that he was enthralled with her and loved her was just what she needed. When those doubts would sneak in, he was there to drive them away, he always had her back. I really liked how this one ended for the two, it was perfect.

On a side note, can we talk about how fun it was for the parents to find out these two were dating! I especially loved the calls between the dads and how Benji claimed Shea lied to him about the pact. So funny! But the best was the way that Owen stood up to Benji with how much he loved Angie, so good!
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459 reviews6 followers
October 12, 2021
For years, since I first read a Toni Aleo book, I have said that Lucas will forever and always be my favorite and well after reading All the Sauce I have to say Owen Adler stole my heart.
He is what every woman needs in her life! A man to love her for who she is and help her see her worth.

So many people that will read this book will totally relate to Angie. Most women suffer from low self esteem at some point in their lives. I don’t want to say to much, you really just need to read this story.

Toni Aleo really put everything into this story and you can just feel it!

An absolute must read!
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283 reviews25 followers
October 23, 2021
Toni did it again. Sometimes you need a break from bully and dark romance, sometimes you just need an expressive and emotionally intelligent male character. I found their relationship so sweet and me his patience, gosh his patience. So good.
I think Toni did a great job at highlighting mental health and self esteem issues.
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63 reviews2 followers
December 2, 2021
I started writing this long ass review because I identified with the female lead on parts, mainly weight struggles. However, the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get and would end up posting spoilers so I'm just ending with 3-stars. It's an okay read if you need something to pass the time.
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765 reviews5 followers
January 15, 2022
This author's worst book - read on KU

This series needed to be named the insecure women of the Ice Cats. All but one of them has been quite insecure and the one that wasn't had other issues that manifested the same way to some extent. All of the insecure women had worries about their weight. Please, Ms. Aleo, drop this characteristic. I love these books when the women aren't insecure.

Getting to the point about Angie's weight - she is 5'7" and weighs at least 200 pounds. That gives her a bmi of 31.3, which falls in the obese range. 18.5 to 24.9 is healthy. 25 to 29.9 is overweight and 30 and over is obese. Obesity is an unhealthy state to live in and that is not beautiful. I am so concerned about the push in the US to say being overweight or obese is beautiful and people need to tell them they are beautiful and not to worry about carrying that extra weight. The book even brings up that the average size in the US right now is a 16 or 18. While Google confirms that, that doesn't make it healthy to be size 16. (Which is the same as a size 20 from 25 years ago.) In the 60s/70s, the average person smoked. Just because everyone was doing it doesn't mean people didn't die from lung cancer. Just because the average person is obese doesn't mean the average woman isn't going to develop type 2 diabetes and have heart attacks. While body shaming has to end, going to the other extreme isn't the answer.

Angie needs a partner who tells her she will always be beautiful if she weighs 80 pounds or 350 but that they should work together to eat healthy foods and get the right amount of exercise. She doesn't need a partner who tells her to eat cupcakes every time she wants one, which Owen did. At that point, he is being an enabler.

Weight is one of the things I hate most in a book. I'm a very healthy weight now but have gained a lot from covid. I had been at the very bottom of my healthy weight before covid but I have been well into the obese category in this past decade. Everyone struggles with it. I read books because I want to escape the worries of every day life. Having weight being brought up in every single chapter keeps that at the forefront and makes it impossible to enjoy the book. I am not kidding about it being in every single chapter. To give you an idea, "weight" is mentioned 65 times, "fat" 42 times, "weigh" 2 times, and "size" 28 times according to the search in the Kindle app.

Moving beyond the actual issue, it really didn't matter what the source of the insecurity was, it was obnoxious, for lack of a better word, that is was brought up in every single chapter. It was almost all anyone talked about. Even when he talked to mutual friends, the friend would say, "you'll have to be careful with her. She has body image issues." And then Owen would hash out the whole thing with yet another person.

How this book got above 4.6 is dumbfounding. This has to be coming from die hard fans who are "yes" people. Or people who won't write a review unless it is 5 stars.

Another irritation I had with Angie was her reaction to what happened between her and Taco in the Bullies book 6. She says she was practically raped. I think that's an insult to rape victims. If you go back and read that book, you'll read he held her against the wall, kissed her, and grabbed her over her clothes between her legs. She kneed him in the groin and left. While I would call that sexual assault, and definitely past sexual harassment, it is a far cry from rape. That little bit of tragedy was enough to make her move cities and eat her feelings. While I don't mean to downplay how wrong what Taco did was, her reaction certainly doesn't make her look strong and her behavior definitely not admirable.

I recognize Ms. Aleo has had a body image problem in the past and respect that. I'm sure it is very healthy to write about any issues she has and I applaud her for standing back up and making a fresh start. However, I think she has beaten this dead horse more times than I can count and more times than I am willing to read. I have only read her books on KU and was going o go back and purchase Shea and Elli's book but another reviewer said Angie's weigh problem was a rehash of Elli's. I had to force myself through this once and HATED it. I'm certainly not going to pay for the privilege of hating another similar book.

I was really disappointed this book was what it was. I really want to read more books like the next gen series. Even those books had some self worth problems but it wasn't all they talked about but I would still like to see those issues scaled back or at least have different issues.

One last note about weight. It seems a bit hypocritical to push the everyone is beautiful even if their weight is beyond unhealthy message then have every book cover feature models who clearly skip the cupcakes.
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239 reviews22 followers
April 15, 2022
OMG! I found my Shea Adler v.2…

If you are following my reviews, you already know my love for Toni and her books. My favorite book of all time being Taking Shots, finding Shea Jr. with a sprinkle of Elli was AMAZINGGGG :)

We can easily call Owen Adler a hockey royalty. He is the son of a hockey legend Shea Adler; his mom owns Nashville Assassins where his older sisters work as GM and special teams coach. Owen and his twin Evan, hot drafted by Carolina IceCats. After growing up with the Assassins family made it hard to leave Nashville behind but since Owen and Evan were together, it was tolerable. However, when Evan started to have mental health issues and decides to leave NHL and go back to Nashville, Owen starts to struggle a bit. Even though Evan goes back to Nashville and leaving him alone, thanks to this unfortunate situation, his childhood crash comes back to his life. Angie Paxton comes from an amazing family. She spends all her life in Nashville but after experiencing a traumatic event in college, she decides to leave Nashville behind and start fresh somewhere else. She faced some hardship in her childhood thanks to her sperm donor but thanks to her mom, Lucy, and the rest of the Sinclair clan, she was always loved and protected. Then Benji Paxton entered Angie and Lucy’s life and made them his. Even though moving away from home helped Angie to thrive both academically and professionally, due to the things she has been through, she is struggling mentally. She is insecure, doubting everyone and their love but the saddest part is she is even putting distance with her family. And now one person, who used to annoy her the most is back in her life. Even Angie never gave Owen a time of day when they were kids, thanks to Evan, they are reconnecting, and it is surprising how well they get along. Since Owen always had a thing for Angie, for him it is more than friendship but with the mindset, Angie is in, it is impossible for her to see or believe Owen is attracted to her. I saw bits and pieces of Shea and Elli there. At least how Owen fought Angie to show her she is perfect the way she is. Can we say like father, like son? Once they’re in, they’re all in but I think this is an Adler trait :) What was shocking for me is how Angie was doubting her self-worth. Being a member of the Sinclair family and doubting she will be accepted and loved by them is shocking for me. Yeah, her sperm donor was a piece of work, but Benji was always amazing with her. It was super cute to see how Owen pushed her to regain her confidence. It took a bit of time and effort, but it was all worth it in the end. I am not going to talk more about Angie and Owen, but….

1st - I have a recommendation for the Adler kids watch out for the Plane Manifest and be a bit smarter about it… (Yeah, I know this is a bit cryptic, but I don’t want to give you guys a spoiler) 2nd – OMG! I love Elli Adler, so I am quoting her: ‘‘You’re willy-nilly with your dilly all over town’’

All the Sauce is funny, inspiring, sexy, sweet, and amazingly perfect, basically, it has everything you want in a romance.

While reading All the Sauce, I tried to guess who might be next in line and I have 3 couples in line for 3 different series LOL. Here are my guesstimations :) For IceCats series D’Artagnan & Jean, for Bellevue Bullies Evan & Callie, and for Assassins NextGen Charlotte & Quinn. Let’s see if any of my guesstimations will hit the bullseye :) It would be super fun to see how Nico will act if he has to accept an Adler as Callie’s other half.

P.S. This book can be read as a standalone. However, I TOTALLY recommend you to at least read Taking Shots and Rushing the Goal both books are the stories of Owen and Angie’s parents’ stories.

• Would I recommend this book: Yes
• Would I re-read this book: Done that already :)
• Would I read future books by this author: Yes
3 reviews
October 12, 2021
Let me start with this - I have been waiting for this book pretty impatiently. I pullled an all-nighter, an early morning and by noon, I'm done reading the book. Toni Aleo did not disappoint. I am a Nashville Assasins (Next Generation) series fan and each story holds a unique place in my heart. I will give little gist of the book and then specifically, with pointers, talk about the parts I loved and the ones which could be better (The former exceeds the latter by a huge margin I'd say)

The book is about Owen Adler (Male protagonist) and Angela Paxton or Angie (female protagonist). They kind of grew up together since they ran in the same circles and their families were basically intertwined but they did not really connect back then. Life happened and they reconnected while in college. Angie interns at a mental health centre and Evan (Owen's twin brother) is her client. That actually how they reconnect. A little about the characters - Owen plays hockey and is an extremely fun and understanding person. Guy is the epitome is what we call balance. Angie had to change her sport and eventually her major due to some life experiences. She is quite self-aware and is working on her body-image issues and anxiety due to a couple of things.
Let's dive into pointers!

What I loved -
1) Angie's internal monologue, sometimes hilarious, sometimes uplifting. I speak from experience when I say anxiety is crippling in nature. I am in therapy for the same and it has helped me so far. The way Angie bounces back and fights her own mind to come out victorious is no easy feat. The woman talks to her plants! She is incredible.

◇He skates around like he is God's gift to hockey and then he has this dimple. Just one. Like where is the other one? Did Evan steal it?

◇It has to be nice to never overthink or be worried over anything. To walk just around happy and ready to take the world

◇ I know good and well my mom loves me no matter what so why is it hard to accept the fact that I am fine the way I am. Why am I putting all this pressure on myself?

2) Owen Adler. His name alone should justify my reasoning. They don't make men like that anymore I guess. Owen is a goal oriented person. He is sweet without being sugary sweet. He was extremely supportive of Evan's condition and was super attentive to Angie. He doesn't beat around the bush, not one bit, I and adored the fact. Some fun interactions-

◇"You can have cupcakes"
"Sure, but I don't need them", she says
"No one needs them. We want them. Hell, the only things we need are oxygen and water, everything else is indulgence"
(Lmao, I can't with how this guy's brain works)

◇"Umm. Cardio burns fat", she says
"Yes but weight lifitng is better for it. I'll send you an article on it. Oh wait-I can't because you won't give my brother the go ahead to give me your number!"
(The guy turns petty and childlike when he wants)

◇"I'm a soul chaser. A girl's body us maybe 10 percent of my concern. Do I like to be attracted to someone? Yup. But when they open their mouths and show that they're a**holes, I'm good."

◇No, I shouldn't have been watching her and no, I wouldn't mind dying that way

3) The dynamic with parents. There were some fun conversations and some touching ones. I loved how level headed the family was except for Benji Paxton, but that made for some fun times, so can't complain. Evan and Owen together were a hoot, so was Dart (Owen's friend and fellow hockey player). I am in awe of Elli Adler, through and through. She helped Owen pick plants for Angie, she's an angel I say.

◇"Mom, I have a question"
"What's that, my heart?" And my chest tightens. She has been calling me her heart my whole life and its honestly my favourite.

4) The way this book so perfectly talks about respecting and loving your body. It does not glorify unhealthy weight gain and refreshingly talks about acknowledging the reasons for whatever your health is at the moment, embracing it and working on yourself.
◇ I cried for good 5 minutes when Owen said - "I see your stomach as a place that holds the food I have to force you to eat. My favourite spot to wrap my arm around we're sleeping. The part you rub when you get super full and happy. Angie, its the place my children will grow one day and you're trying to tell me I can't see that part of you?"
(Owen would switch from the attitude a school-goer to the wisdom of a saint mighty fast, which was equal parts awe-inducing and made my stomach hurt with his wit)

The traumatic experience that Angie speaks about a few times is never discussed in detail. I wish there was some more talk about it.

Lastly, I'd like to tell all fellow readers who go through issues talked about in this book like not being able to accept your body or overthinking or anxiety, think of Owen as a part of your own self, which means that you are enough to champion your own self and never wait for anyone to be that for you
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2,331 reviews10 followers
February 17, 2023
This is a story of two people, whose path is crossing once again, and this time they have a chance, to make it right. Paxy has a new daddy. One that doesn't hurt her or her mommy, and all she wants, to do is make him proud. The way he makes her proud when he tells, everyone she’s his little girl. Since he is important in hockey, he’s Benji Paxton, and he loves it, that’s what she wants, to do like, the Adler sisters, Stella and, Posey. Paxy knew she was already, too good for the girls she plays with so, she wants, to be better, and play against the boys. So, this meant playing against Evan, Owen, and, Quinn. She would be lying if, she said she isn't scared. She is.

At the blue line, the first time out, that cocky, Owen Adler with that one cute-as-hell dimple, plowed her down. What’s up with that anyway? Did Evan steal, the other dimple? So, the minute she jumps up his dad, Shea, the sexiest hockey idol of all time, grabs her by the shoulders. He gets all up in her grill, and says, ‘the next time that puck drops you drop that boy on his a$$, and when you do you tell him exactly who did it?’ She is too scared, to say no, to Shea. So she said, Yes sir. Then, she did, she laid, Owen out. Then, she stands over him and tells him she is, Angela Paxton and not, to forget it.

All of those memories came rushing back when, Evan Adler walks into, Paxy’s office at, the IceCats arena. She did go on, to play hockey almost going, to the Olympics, but she shatters her wrist. Her hockey career ends. Making her go, into a deep depression. But, she did go on, to a great volleyball career, when she came out of her depression, to enjoy her junior, and senior years. She even got a scholarship, to the University of Bellevue. She moves here to the university in South Carolina, but she really wants, to focus on her studies of anxiety in athletes. When she busted her wrist and her depression set in, her goals changed. She’s met many in her life who suffer from anxiety and/or depression.

“Or they come from really awful home lives, and they are trying to fight that trauma. The newest area of study is ADHD. While having ADHD is essentially a superpower, its main side effect is anxiety.” For Evan, anxiety jump-started in high school, when things got real. He was being scouted; When Owen won a silver medal at, the Olympics, Evan should have been there. Unfortunately, his brain wouldn’t allow him. Instead, he fakes an injury. He stopped taking the meds. He had suicidal thoughts.

It’s Evan’s appointment, and, Owen Adler is with him. He is beyond hot, like the hottest man she laid eyes on, in a very long time. With all that is happening, having Paxy around is a silver lining. Even with the fact, that their whole life she ignored him. He found her hot and so damn funny and he wanted, to get with her, he wouldn’t waste his time. It did bother him she never wanted to at least be friends. When we were younger, she was a stick. No shape whatsoever.

“I’m surprised you still have her on your radar.” “What does that mean?” “Been through a lot of women, bro. I didn’t think you’d remember someone who ignored you.” “That’s why I didn’t forget her.” “It’s good to see she’s put some weight on. She used to be a stick.” “Yeah. She’s actually super self-conscious about it.” “What? Why?” “I don’t know,” he says, messing with the bottom of his shirt. “When I first came in, she made the comment that she’s so fat now, I probably didn’t recognize her.” “What the f?ck? I think she looks great.” “Aw, do you still have a crush?” “She’s always been a beautiful girl.”

Can Owen find the right key to unlock the key to open the vault to Paxy’s heart? She has used her bravado for so long or her wit to deflect what has been, really been going on. This book talks about mental health issues. Something we don’t talk about enough as a whole. Meds and therapy can help, but the next step is asking for help. Not being afraid of what others think. A chemical imbalance can cause your mind, to talk you into acting off the wall. More so than, when you first, start a new medication. ProActive is so much better, than crazy memes. For this, I know. When you love, truly love someone. The outside package is nice, but if the inside package is not worth staying around, to take the quiz then we know the answer.
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62 reviews
October 12, 2021
All the Sauce is the fourth book in the Ice Cats series by Toni Aleo. While I have enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of her books, I was especially excited to revisit some of her original characters and their now adult children. Angie “Paxy'' Paxton grew up with Owen Adler as part of the Assassins family. Angie is the daughter of Benji and Lucy (Sinclair) Paxton and Owen the son of Shea and Ellie Adler. While Owen had always been enamored by Angie, she was annoyed by his cockiness and immaturity. They reconnect when Owen attends therapy with his twin Evan. Angie, who is completing an internship at the mental health facility, is there when Evan breaks the news that he wants to quit playing hockey for the Ice Cats and return home to Nashville. Owen is devastated since he has never had to be away from his twin. Angie and Owen start running into each other at the Ice Cats gym and local bar and their friendship blossoms into a once in a lifetime love. Angie is surprised by the man Owen has become - sensitive, strong, romantic, and smooth. Owen struggles to understand why Angie can’t see her worth. All the Sauce is extremely relatable, especially to women. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t struggled with their appearance or feeling worthy of all the love someone is able to give. Especially when they’ve survived a traumatic event like Angie had.

I feel like I’m hearing from old friends again with each book I read. Toni is a goddess when it comes to her character development and weaving them through all of her books. Even though all of her main characters are wonderful, it’s the supporting characters that keep you coming back for more every time. One part I found extremely amusing was that Benji and Shea made a pact when the kids were little that Shea would keep his boys away from Angie. Owen was unaware and decided to make a pact of his own, “I promise to never hurt her or make her feel anything but completely worthy. I will take a page from your book and love her the way she deserves to be loved. I’ll make sure she eats, takes her meds, and that she's happy. I’ll buy her a jungle if she wants one. I will bring her home to see you whenever you want, and one thing is for damn sure, she will never, ever feel alone. I will always be beside her, supporting her and loving her. I told you if she wants me, I'm there. But I’m so in love with her, if she didn't want me, I’d be sending a ton of plants and fried cheese to get her back. But I doubt that’ll ever happen. We’re too good together. We’re happy.”

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October 13, 2021
"It's OK not to be OK!"

All the Sauce by Toni Aleo is an Ice Cats Next Gen crossover from the Nasville Assasins/Bellevue World. This Book can absolutely be read as standalone BUT you won't regret going down the wormhole that is the Nashville Assasins/Bellevue Bullies/Ice Cats Universe. You can thank me later lol!

As the son of Hockey Legend Shea Adler, Owen Adler definitely brings All The Sauce, Charm and Swoons. Now as a rookie in the NHL Owen is not only carrying the legacy of his family name but after his twin brother Evan abruptly leaves the NHL to focus on his mental health, Owen will also be the advocate/spokesman for athlete's mental health. Dealing with the separation from his twin and truly feeling a void without Evan, Owen realizes he is missing something. While Owen is blessed with his Father's good looks amd Charm he can easily find a warm body every night of the week but Owen knows he wants more than that and he is genuinely tired of the games. What Owen is not ready for is to stumble upon his childhood crush Angela Lynn Paxton!

To say Angie Paxton is going through it is an understatement! We are reintroduced to Angie as she is dealing with a number of issues ranging from anxiety, trauma from an attempted rape and insecurities due to weight gain. Angie has even cut off communication with her loving family cause she is ashamed of her weight gain. Despite all of these challenges Angie is still a force to be reckoned with. Focused and determined to make an impact in her research with Athlete's Mental Health. Months away from graduating early so she can start her job as a researcher for Ice Cats mental health program she is not ready for the impact Owen Adler is about to have on her life.

Despite all of Angie's attempts to avoid Owen because she views him as a cocky guy (just like when they were kids) Owen is not willing to miss this 2nd chance to make her his! Owen thinks Angie is perfect in every way and he makes all the effort to help her feel herself again. Trust me when I tell you we've all been Angie and to see all the efforts Owen makes is hands down a reason to belive in love and that your "Soul Chaser" is out there if you haven't met them yet.

As always Ton Aleoi does not shy away from boldly addressing Mental Health and this books is no exception. If anything this book is in your face telling us that "it's ok not to be ok" and I have no doubt you will love this book!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
2,239 reviews44 followers
October 18, 2021
I am so happy I waited until the weekend to read All the Sauce. I got to read uninterrupted. I got to enjoy all the cockiness, romance, and wonderful moments of support without having to deal with the world. All the Sauce was a great escape. All the Sauce was a wonderful eyeopener. All the Sauce was a lesson in loving oneself.

For lovers of The Assassins Series, get ready for a fantastic family reunion. Owen Adler has left Nashville with his twin for the ice in the IceCats arena. As Evan struggles, Owen is just as cocky as ever on and off the ice. When Evan participates in the Mental Health program provided by the IceCats, Owen is right by his side and beyond thrilled to find Angie Paxton assisting in Evan's case.

Angie Paxton is hiding out in South Carolina after too many things have gone wrong. She fled to save herself but her life has changed, not necessarily for the best, since arriving. She has gained weight and lost her self worth. She hides in scrubs and sweats immersed in school and her internship. She can't hide from Owen.

All the Sauce is one of the best enemies to lovers stories that I can remember reading. The animosity began on the ice when they were kids. His cockiness continued to grow while hers was crushed in a shattering wrist injury. Angie was very good at avoiding. Now Owen won't let her. He has enough love for both of them until she can love herself and him. Get ready to swoon.

Owen has all the moves. All the Sauce has pages and pages of all the right moves. All the Sauce is/was a lesson in size doesn't matter. Beauty comes in all sizes. Love your soul. Love yourself. Owen is a fantastic spokesperson for love and acceptance.

Toni Aleo is a wonderful spokesperson. I don't know if she planned it, but kudos to her anyways for letting those of us that have weight issues know that there is love out there for us, that love should start with oneself.

Toni Aleo is such a talented author. When I open one of her books; she hooks me from page one and holds my interest until the ending. I gush. I swoon. I cheer. I scream. I cry. At the end of each book I am smiling and full of happiness. She leaves me guessing what is next, knowing that I will be thrilled with whoever she has starring in the next book.
471 reviews3 followers
October 14, 2021
HOLY COW PATTIES!!! If I was not old enough to be Owen Adler’s mother…. WOW! Just WOW!!!! Definitely Shea Adler 2.0!!!
Toni Aleo had definitely done it again! All the Sauce is the 4th book in her IceCats series, and believe me, this series just keeps getting better and better.
I was gifted with a copy of this book because I LOVE to read romance books, especially hockey romance. Add in the fact that one of my favorite authors, Ms. Toni Aleo wrote it. I found it on my Kindle right before I had to start work, which REALLY stunk because I had to go to work. I started the book on my lunch and almost did not make it back time, I was so engrossed in the book. I decided right then and there that I had to wait until I was done working to continue the book. Thank you, boss, I was off the next day. A very good thing, you see I started over from the beginning, and other than short breaks, I did an all-nighter. I could not put the book down until I was finished the next morning.
I was first introduced to Angie Paxton and Owen Adler as children, in Ms. Aleo’s Bellevue Bullies (Angie) and Nashville Assassin (Owen) series. (BTW, Bellevue Bullies and Nashville Assassins – both SPECTACULAR!!)
It was wonderful seeing them both all grown up and finding a love of their own. I loved the way Owen made Angie realize that she was special and deserving of their love. I am not going to say more about this, you need to read this fabulous book to find out why Angie feels the way she does about herself, and what Owen does to make her see this. Like I said above, Owen is his father in spades. Shea Adler is one of my favorite characters in all of Ms. Aleo’s books. SIGH!!!
It was wonderful seeing some of the characters from previous books, and series. AND NO, you do not need to read the previous books, but I do think you will enjoy them as well.
I loved this book so much; I am waiting with bated breath for the Audible version to come out. And, YES I will be buying as soon as it comes out.
Thank you for reading my review. NOW, what are you waiting for? Go hit that purchase button from your favorite retailer and start reading this book. I am fairly certain that you will love this book as much as I have.
Have a great day and stay healthy!!
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429 reviews8 followers
October 20, 2021
No one does hockey love like Toni Aleo

I swear each book I read makes me think it’s my new favorite, then I read the next one. This time is no different. Owen and Angie/Paxy are 🔥🔥. Being Nashville Assassins kids, they grew up together, but Paxy always hated Owen. The flashback at the beginning of the story is great.

Owen was the guy girls hooked up with, and his twin Evan the one they dated. They have been inseparable since conception, and are a dynamic duo on the ice. They were both signed to the Ice Cats, and not only share a house but still share a bedroom. Things are about to change though, as Evan faces his crippling anxiety. Angie is interning as a mental health researcher and has been working with him. Ultimately he decides to leave the NHL and return home to Nashville. This leaves Owen to face life without his twin for the first time in his life.

Angie has not had an easy life the past few years. During high school, she suffers a wrist injury that ends her hockey dreams. After a near rape, she leaves Nashville and transfers universities. She puts on a significant amount of weight, and shuts her family out for two years as a result out of shame. Having gone from a size 4 athlete with Olympic dreams to an overweight college student has left her with zero self esteem. Add in her roommates jerk boyfriend who mercilessly belittles her behind the roommates back, and she hates herself. I love the way that her body image was written. Often times in books that are about a larger female character, it becomes almost caricature like. Or like it’s their only quality. Angie was extremely intelligent (4.0 gpa and graduating early), very driven, funny and kind, as well as beautiful. But she also has deep rooted self esteem issues. As a larger woman myself, all her emotions and experiences felt real. From the way she felt and talked about herself, to the snide comments she heard from other people. I adored that Owen loved her through it all. He is no skinny guy himself. He committed to loving her, and worked endlessly to show her that he loved all of her.

I’ve adored all the books Toni Aleo has written, they just get better and better. But this one is at the top of my favorites ❤️
October 10, 2021
One of my all time favorite author's hits another out of the park again. Look I gotta be honest here and I think I say this with each and every one of my reviews for Mrs. Aleo's books. But I have been following her and her books way before she even first published, when she was writing them on a free site. But I have missed out on I think the last couple of books, not because I wanted to but because for awhile I was in a book slump and I hate to admit even one of my favorites couldn't pull me outta of it. Anyways I'm rambling like usual, so on to the review....

Well in this book we've got Owen Adler and Angie Paxton both of course children of the OG's of the Assassins.

Let's start with Owen, of course if you don't know or are new to this series character's. Owen is the son of Shea and Elle Adler. He also happens to have a twin brother named Evan, who played hockey and got drafted with him to the IceCats. Lets be honest Owen is a bit Co(ky and for good reason, I mean look at who his dad is. But at the same time is so sweet, caring, and Swoonworthy, definitely gives his dad a run in that department.

Ahhh Angie.... Angie is the daughter of Lucy and Benji Paxton, she was the little girl in her parents book that brought them together. Angie grew up around Owen and Evan, played hockey with them and was a great player until she wasn't. Than moved on to Volleyball and until another thing happend. Now she's also in South Carolina and working with the IceCats team and going to school. She's hoping to help everyone in the NHL with anxiety, autism, and any other problems they may deal with. Let's be honest my heart broke for Angie, she was definitely harder on her self than she needed to be.

I really loved this book and was happy that I could really enjoy it. I loved seeing some of the OG's making an appearance.

I'm giving this book 4.5 Stars and can't wait for whatever comes next!!!

**I received an ARC of this book for my honest opinion**
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2,059 reviews18 followers
October 12, 2021
This was an awesome story, romance and set of characters. This is Angela Paxton/ Angie's story and it pairs her with Owen Adler.

This story was not just romance but it had two really big issues it tackled and I really loved it. The first is it deals with mental health of hockey players and anxiety and depression. Its something I never gave any thought too and I loved how the author used Angie and Owen's brother to explore this issue and really make me think.

The second issue was the prevalent theme, and it had to do with weight and how the weight makes a person feel about themselves and how they get treated. I adored how Owen was into a person and not how much they weighed but he also refused to get naked with Angie until she could love herself and he was a really awesome guy for wanting her to love herself first.

Angie at one time was a size 4 but age and sports injuries and college life has made her gain weight and while it happens to all of us, for her its really hurt her love for herself and how she deals with the world and even her family.

Owen has always crushed on Ang. He thinks she hates him but he has always acted badly to try and get her attention. When she starts to see his heart as she helps his brother, he finally gets his one shot with her.

This was a really awesome story. It easily stands alone but we do get to see more of the Adler family and I adored Owen's relationship with them. We also see Angie's relationship with her family and its been fractured by the way she sees herself. She really needed Owen being there for her and him helping her find worthy friends who build her up rather than pulling her down.

This was an absolutely awesome story and I feel it really resonates as we all have gained weight and changed thru the who COVID thing. Its really important to love yourself, weight gain and all.

I received a complimentary early release copy of this e-book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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62 reviews12 followers
October 12, 2021
I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self-respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.

Angie and Owen are the couple real women who read having been waiting for.

Toni wrote Owen in a way that I can only attribute this quote to him and his love of Angie. Angie is every woman, who has changed as she has gotten older—changed dreams, changed goals, and changed body types. Her story is one every person can relate to as we navigate this game called life in hopes to find the place we belong. After experiencing the worst trauma a person can face, Angie has come out dented but no less strong and moved to help other athletes who may face similar anxieties she experienced.

Enter Evan Adler.

I know you are probably screaming “this is supposed to be about Owen”. And it is—Angie and Owen. But I want to just mention the greatness and amazing character writing Toni did with Evan. As someone who grew up with, and around, individuals who had the talent and drive to compete at the highest levels—Toni gets everything about Evan’s state of mind and experience correct. And therefore, creates the perfect character to be his twin in Owen. He supports his brother through the ups and downs, through all the changes he is put through—and comes out as the man Angie needs in order to overcome issues she has.

I won’t give all the details of their relationship, or the ins and outs which are sure to having you fall in love—but Owen and Angie are a new twist on a love story—where the love consumes you to the point of being able to give yourself grace and realize the sum of your worth is who you are—not what you may think you look like. Because there is always someone who will love you for what you bring to the world.
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October 10, 2021
What feels like a long time ago I read about Angie leaving for South Carolina and I saw breadcrumbs leading to a Paxton/Adler couple. I did not however see Owen coming, Evan was my prediction and I don't know if I could be happier to be wrong. I have to admit that this book took me on twists and trunks I didn’t expect. This book is raw and real and full of emotions you probably won’t expect.

Angie is struggling after a traumatic experience and is hiding in plain sight. She works with the Ice Cats players on mental health. You learn just how far Angie was willing to go to hide herself from everyone who cares about her. She was fit and healthy when she was younger and after gaining some weight she doesn’t know how to find herself again. She was on the right track and when one Owen joins Evan for a session Angie doesn’t feel seen and decides to work harder to become “the girl she once was”.

Owen has had his fun with females since he was younger, he was always big for his age and rough on the ice, a skill set that has gotten him into the NHL but one female, Angie Paxton, has always eluded him. She acted as if she hated him but there was always tension between them. When Owen sees her again she has filled out and he is even more attracted to her as he knows she can handle his size and all the dirty things he wants to do to her.

This book goes through the ups and downs of caring for someone who struggles to always care for themselves with support and constant love. You get to see not only Angie but Owen grow into each other's ideal partners. Of course there are family shenanigans as not only are the Ice Cats but the Assassins families involved and it brings the perfect amount of light and laughter to the story as Toni always does.
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