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Throne of Glass #7

Il regno di cenere

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Aelin ha rischiato tutto per salvare il suo popolo, ma ha pagato un prezzo altissimo: è stata rinchiusa in una bara di ferro dalla regina Maeve, costretta a sopportare mesi di torture se non vuole condannare coloro che ama. Ma anche la sua forza e la sua determinazione iniziano a incrinarsi. Non è l'unica a dover combattere per assicurarsi un futuro, mentre i fili del destino dei vari personaggi si intrecciano inesorabilmente.

1008 pages, Paperback

First published October 23, 2018

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Sarah J. Maas

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Sarah J. Maas is the #1 New York Times and internationally bestselling author of the Crescent City, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and the Throne of Glass series. Her books have sold more than twelve million copies and are published in thirty-seven languages. A New York native, Sarah lives in Philadelphia with her husband, son, and dog. To find out more, visit sarahjmaas.com or follow @therealsjmaas on Instagram.

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March 2, 2023

(Thank you so much, Alex, for this tour edition! I love you!)

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“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom…”

I had a good time reading Kingdom of Ash. And there are no words I have to describe the feeling that I get while reading a book with what feels like the entire book community. All of us updating, crying, and swooning at the same times all over social media. It reminds me of reading Harry Potter with my friends back when I was little, and there really are no words to even begin to describe that feeling, because it truly transcends words and language.

Here is the thing – if you have loved this series from the start, you are probably going to love this conclusion and be very happy upon turning that last page. I’ve had a rocky journey with Throne of Glass even before it became “cool” to dislike this series and even before the stans thought it would be “cooler” to ignore all the gross, problematic elements. I’ve just never loved this series. And I always feel like the characters I do end up liking from this world, get the bad end of the stick. And Kingdom of Ash was no different. And, in true Sarah J Maas fashion, the book was ungodly longer than it truly needed to be.

This review isn’t going to be a drag or a gush, it’s just going to be my thoughts and feelings on what I did love and what I did hate. I’m not looking to hurt anyone’s feelings; if you have been hurt by SJM - you are valid, and if the book means more than words to you - you are valid. These are just my thoughts about a series I never really loved, and a conclusion that I thought was a little too convenient.

And if you are new to the book world, or just never bothered to actually look up the synopsis, Throne of Glass is a series about a young assassin that is enslaved. A prince from a royal kingdom, and his best friend who is also the captain of the king’s guard, rescue her from slavery so that she can compete to become the king’s assassin. But after a few books, you realize that this world is also full of magic, and Fae, and demon-like creatures called Valg who want to conquer everything. And this assassin, this prince, and this captain of the guard, get way more than they ever dreamed to bargain for.

“The threads of fate weave together in strange ways…”

But if you’re reading this review of the concluding and seventh book of a series, you probably already know this. And you probably want to know my thoughts on this conclusion. Overall, I feel like my favorite character got done really dirty, where everyone else got a happy ending. So, I’m bitter, and petty, and will talk about it more in the spoiler section of this review. Also, a lot of people said really horrible things to their friends/lovers and then didn’t care that they said it until they were about to die. Like, I’m not here for any kind of abuse, and some of the actions of some of these characters to the people they are supposed to “love” was really gross and unacceptable. Plus, I feel like this series ending was way too clean, and that SJM really didn’t listen to the complaints about A Court of Wings and Ruin! The deus ex machina was very abundant at the end, in my opinion and seemed to happen back to back to back in the last 150 pages instead of giving us more substance in the 800 pages before it. I also feel like SJM was really setting up for her new series, Twilight of the Gods, too, maybe? But again, if you love this series, you will probably love this ending. I’ve always felt like this series was just alright, so I felt like the ending was just alright, too!

Also, this book got very dark in the first 25%, so please use caution while reading! Content and trigger warnings for captivity, graphic torture, threats of sexual assault, talk of past sexual assault, murder, death, self-harm, talk of suicide, blood depictions, PTSD depiction, depression depiction, animal abuse, animal death, very severe physical abuse, verbal abuse, enslavement, sexual content, and war themes.

Now, I’m going to get into FULL SPOILER THOUGHTS FOR KINGDOM OF ASH below! Please do not read past this point if you do not wish to get spoiled for Kingdom of Ash and all the books in the series leading up to this final book!

(Breathtaking art by Gabriella Bujdoso)

Okay, friends! Again, I’m going to be talking about SPOILERS FOR KINGDOM OF ASH so please use caution before reading! Basically, all of our main characters are broken up into five different groups, all being tasked with different things.

Dorian, Manon, and the Thirteen, are trying to unite the witches and find the third wyrdkey, which is being hidden in Morath. Lysandra is pretending to be Aelin, while Aedion is leading the army. Chaol is heading to Silver Lake to meet with his father, with Yrene, Sartaq, and Nesryn. Rowan, Elide, Lorcan, and Gavriel are trying to rescue Aelin. Because Aelin is still in captivity because of Maeve, being tortured by Cairn, with her only ally being Fenrys.

Kingdom of Ash is broken up into two parts, and part one is very much all of these groups trying to come together, while all fighting their own little mini battles. Where part two is really about everyone coming to Terrasen for the big and final battle.

I think I’m going to start out by doing character break downs with my thoughts and feelings about the cast individually.

Celaena / Aelin - My heart actually felt for Aelin throughout most of this book. Like, again, the first 25% of this book, and everything she had to go through, was really dark and really hard to read. But when her *sacrifice* in part two, lead her to just being an immortal fae, completely taking away her being a human…. Come on. And then I was like, “oh, but she lost her powers! That’s the trade!” No, they are just weaker, BUT she infused her blade before, just in case, so that’s still super powerful. Like, my eyes, they are rolling out of my head.

“I told you once that even if death separated us, I would rip apart every world until I found you.”

Rowan - I was actually really empathetic towards Rowan in this book too.

Chaol - It’s no secret, Chaol has always been my favorite character (behind Manon in later books), so I am really biased. But he really let Yrene be the person she wanted to be, without question, every single time, and it made me love him even more. I still think Chaol is easily the best dude in this entire series, and I still never understand the hate he gets.

Yrene - When it first came out that she was pregnant I was so scared. Like, during a war? I was not prepared. But Yrene is honestly such an amazing character, and I loved her entire storyline and every scene that she was in. Also, my favorite part of this entire one-thousand-page book was when Yrene and Aelin met up for the first time in all those years.

Abraxos - Why give him a mate to just… kill the mate? Like, honestly a lot of things made me upset about KoA, but that might be the thing that made me the most upset.

Petrah - The true MVP of this book, for saving Abraxos’ (and my) life.

“Only a Crochan Queen may ignite the Flame of War, to summon every witch from her hearth.”

Manon - Manon, Queen of witches and my personal queen, deserves better than Dorian’s rude, wish washy, refuses to communicate, ass. And no one in this world will ever convince me that Manon is straight, I’m sorry. Like, the most uncomfortable I felt while reading this book was when they had sex, and she told him what she wanted and that she didn’t want him to leave, and then he left without even saying goodbye… I mean, after they fucked. Then seeing her say that she thought it was a promise, but it ended up just being a farewell? Like, friends, Manon deserves every star on her crown and every star in the sky, she doesn’t deserve Dorian’s nasty behavior. Like, I really wanted her to tell him to get bent at the end of this book. And there is no way that she would be this weak over some twenty-year-old dude that was treating her like crap throughout the book. Dump him.

Dorian - I’ll be honest, I thought the reason that I was disliking Dorian in this was because Maas was going to learn from A Court of Wings and Ruin, and actually give a more believable war ending with Dorian dying. But no, he was just an asshole throughout the entire thing to Manon. And when he was like checking out Maeve? I threw up in my mouth. Oh, and when he turned into a girl and was discovering his new body? *throws up again*

The Thirteen - (Minus Manon) Wow, they got done so dirty. Like, I know I touched upon it in the Abraxos paragraph, but like I can’t believe SJM would only kill them and one other dude that we honestly didn’t give a fuck about. Feels so bad. So damn bad. When they told Manon to live, I threw my book to the other side of my bed and just bawled, because I knew that it was going to happen. Asterin dying really messed me up. All of them dying just felt so cheap, so bad, and I knew when it happened that they were going to be the only real sacrifice SJM made with this concluding novel. And it ended up being true, so everyone else could be heterosexually paired off with their mates.

Elide - I love Elide, and her loyalty, but she also said some really abusive things to Lorcan, and then only regretted it when he was going to die. Also, again everyone is just going to heal all their disabilities and it feels a little questionable. Also, also, does Elide have a foot fetish? I mean, I don’t kink shame, but…. what.

Lorcan - I really loved Lorcan in this. He tried so hard, for Elide, for his friends, and for himself, and it really warmed my heart. Also, now he’s making and packing his own homemade pads for Elide. Bonus points.

“How long until the allies you collected start asking why the Fire-Bringer does not burn.”

Lysandra - I’ll be honest, Lysandra and Aedion’s points of view were easily my least favorite. And let’s be real, Lysandra could do way better…

Aedion - …Because Aedion was an asshole in this book and was so hurtful. And again, things are realized, and things are forgiven, because death almost came for them. That will never excuse abuse, ever.

Gavriel - I actually hated how he and Aedion reunited for only like one page, just for him to see his dad die. Like, not only did it feel pointless, it felt cheap.

Evangeline - Sweet lil’ bean. And I really do love her found family with Lysandra, and I just wish her the best in life.

Falkan - I loved his reunion with his niece, Lysandra.

Fenrys - *blinks once* I actually loved this character and felt so many sad feelings for him, but I think the book was honestly better with the addition of him.

Nesryn - I still feel like Nesryn was such a fill-in character, always, but I’m happy she’s happy, I guess.

Sartaq - I enjoy him and his birds, and I’m happy he makes Nesryn happy, I guess, but it’s whatever.

Erawan - The last remaining Valg king! But how they *tricked* him was like the most Scooby-Doo thing I have read in years.

Maeve - I felt like she was going to get a redemption arc like five times while reading this book, and I was so scared. But, again, anticlimactic ending. And I hated how when these two villains were taken out, so was their army. It just felt too easy, and even the battle scenes weren’t great.

But let’s talk about the real character that I want to talk about…
“Do you know the story of the queen who walked through worlds?”

Rhysand - Did Aelin really see Rhys and Feyre in Valerius and did he like help her get back to Rowan and the gang? Like, I felt like he was playing Star Fox 64 and he gave her the boost (or slow) or something? Like, I’m not making this cameo up, right? Like this happened? My mind still can’t process this information. I mean, we all knew the crossover was going to happen, but I truly didn’t expect it to be like that.

Okay, let’s talk a bit more about things that happened. First off, everyone is a couple. And more importantly, everyone is a straight couple. Next, everyone was a shapeshifter in this book! Like, Lysandra totally lost her unique and cool ability because like everyone and their mother can do it in this book. I hated it. Seriously. And Maeve could have done so much more with her powers, but she just chose not to for some reason. Thirdly, there is still a lot of sex in this book, but I feel like the scenes were a lot briefer and much more fade to black. So, that’s either going to be a good or bad thing for you.

I kept forgetting two things while reading. 1.) that Aelin is only twenty-years-old. That’s so wild! I’ve been reading these for so long, it just feels like she should be older. And 2.) This entire series really plays out just over the course of a year! Again, I’ve been reading these for so many years, I just can’t wrap my head around this timeline and everything these characters have done. I mean, how many relationships they’ve had, how many deaths they’ve witnessed, and how many terrible things that have happened. It seriously blows my mind that this it’s only been a year.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bring this up for not, but I guess I will briefly, especially if you’ve read the entirety of this monstrosity of a review: I was hurt by the Charlie Bowater art, found in the B&N special edition, and I just wanted to say that Asian and white will never, ever, be interchangeable. Ever. And you know what SJM didn’t do with these 1,000 pages of KoA? Anything to say or show that Manon was Asian. I am half white and half Asian, and this is not the representation that even I will ever think is acceptable, and most certainly not the representation that will ever make me feel seen. And authors and artists (who have previously drawn characters as white) need to do better.

I also want to link Aentee's review, because it is amazing, and she really talks about the lack of diversity in this book. And she brings up a lot of similarities that really blew my mind regarding The Lord of the Rings. It’s a really good review, you all should check it out!

Overall, I am happy that this series is over. I’m not sure if I will pick up more by Sarah J Maas or not, but I am happy to have finished this series off. Again, this will never be a series that I love, but I truly love the reading experience of feeling like I’m a part of a massive buddy read with 75% of the book community. It’s a feeling that I can’t put into words, but one that means a lot to me and that I cherish with my whole heart.

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August 23, 2020

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I am an adult, but sometimes I have moments where my juvenile side screams to get out, and let me tell you, I am trying so hard right now not to call this book KINGDOM OF ASS. Trying, but not really succeeding because it really was a Kingdom of Ass. This book sucked. And you know, it's funny, because I've been seeing nothing but 5-star reviews for this book in my feed and had so many people commenting on my reviews for the earlier books in these series saying, "No, you don't understand, you have to read all the books to like them and give them a fair chance" (which seems a bit like a scam to me; why should I have to read 4+ books in a series I don't like to begin with to give it a "fair" chance? I thought I was giving the books a "fair" chance by reading the first one), but the joke's on you because I read the whole damn series, minus TOWER OF YAWN (oops), and I actually liked them less.

I will never understand the hype behind this series. It's not that I am opposed to reading trash - I do, in abundance. But the story itself just isn't that interesting. It reads like bad fanfiction: the main character, Aelin/Celery is a special girl, a Chosen One, who acquires more and more special powers and bed partners as the series goes on, only to finally settle on her Chosen Soulmate. The closest example for this unapologetic self-fangirling than I can think of is Anita Blake, who eventually became intolerable because her personality was lost to Speshulness.

Her Speshul journey takes her across many kingdoms, and eventually she realizes that she isn't a poor assassin/orphan - she's a magical fairy princess. Excuse me, I just choked on my tea writing that. Good lord, it sounds even worse when written out on paper. What are we doing here, trading one kind of Speshul for another like they're Pokemon cards and calling it character development? Also, NOTHING HAPPENS. There are action scenes but there's also a lot of talking - and the dialogue in this book? Picture the annoying, pretentious way people talk when they are satirizing rich 1920s New Yorkers with monocles. That's basically how the people in these books talk. Ugh.

This particular book is also problematic AF. It's always really bothered me how Maas constantly describes how skinny or slim Aelin/Celery is. And yes, I know - she was a prisoner in the salt mines, etc. Malnourished and what have you. But that was six books ago, and there were at least two books in the series where this girl sat on her ass eating candy and other junk, and yet she is constantly described as slim - and in this book, her legs are described as being as skinny as reeds, post-torture. Her relationship with food and her appearance just don't seem healthy, and considering the physicality of her role in this book, she really should have muscle mass. Fighting and being whip thin don't really go together, especially if you insist (as this character does) on taking on bigger opponents. Even if you're skilled, there's a thing called gravity and momentum that will make life hard for you. That's why wrestling and boxing have different weight classes.

I also thought it was really gross when Dorian shape-shifts into a female form and even though they're in the middle of war, he's like, "I wonder if I have time to go to my tent and find out how to make women 'purr with pleasure.'" By which he means, of course, sneak off and masturbate to play "find the clit." First of all, 'purr with pleasure' sounds like the sort of dirty talk a creep at a bar would use (you know, the ones with the pencil 'staches). Second of all, gross. You're in the body of the opposite sex and your first thought is, "Let's objectify it!" Oh Dorian, what happened to you? You used to be cool.

KINGDOM OF ASS (oops) is also the book where everyone gets paired up, even if it doesn't make sense. I don't see Manon/Dorian as a couple, and didn't really like Lorcan/Elide. Who the hell is Yrene and why did she magick Chaol out of a wheelchair? That feels kind of gross to me, like "love cures all ills" taken to ableist extremes. Granted, he still uses a cane. I will never ship Rowan and Aelin, AKA the Specialsons, and their scenes together were eyeroll worthy. Dorkly, the YouTube channel that makes funny video game videos, has this running joke that Luigi is a fanfic writer who is fond of things like mpreg and forced ships, and the tagline goes "and then they all kissed and got super pregnant." Which is funny, but that could basically be the synopsis for this book.

SJM also takes her plot holes and oversights and turns them into McGuffins the way Taylor Swift turns relationship drama into music. Why doesn't this character remember X thing? A magical spell. Why doesn't this important character have a first name? A magical spell. Okay. Why was the only person of color in the book at the time killed off? A magical freaking spell. (I still haven't forgiven Maas for killing off Nehemia.) And when all else fails, she'll railroad character development into the ground to get what she wants in the story. Chaol's "betrayal" that pushed Aelin/Celery into the arms of Rowan? Bullshit. Rowan going from a psychotic jerk to a pussycat? Bullshit. Dorian going from charming playboy to sex-obsessed creep who is utterly incompetent at his job? Bullshit. Manon going from warrior queen to "I love you snookums, war is so divine!"? Bullshit. Aelin/Celery getting special power upon special power stacked up to the point where she's basically a god? Super bullshit.

At least with some of the other books (primarily 2 and 3), I could at least find some things to like. But when the books started to become literal doorstops, with the redeeming elements spaced further and further out, I started to like the books less and less. This book should have had a date with a team of editors and had about 400 pages shaved off. Maybe 200 if you actually enjoy POV switches. I don't. But yes, I'm finally done with the series (minus, as I said, TOWER OF YAWN, which I no longer want to read). And surprise, surprise, reading all the books didn't change my opinion of the series. Just goes to show that die-hard stans will grasp for any excuse to invalidate your opinion, I guess.


Previous review:

My prediction for the ending:

"...Aelin died in her stupid box at the bottom of the stupid ocean because she was a stupid and nobody liked her except Rowan, and that didn't matter because he was stupid as well and so were his fail-tattoos of all the mistakes he'd made in life. In fact, he was poisoned by the ink and died too.

And then Nehemia woke up and realized that these last 5,000 pages of bullshit were all just a dream. She, Chaol, and Dorian frolicked in a forest somewhere. A forest that had no stupid in it at all.

The end."

Don't @ me 

1 star
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December 19, 2022
Rereading this was both an immense joy and a mistake. Everything hurts but I’m so happy right now.


I mean, I’d be happy to swear a blood-oath to Sarah J Maas.


So many thoughts were running through my mind whilst I was reading this, but now that I have reached the ending of this book, I’m just a mess of tears and emotions and I don't know how to express how much it all means to me.

I think I can safely say that this is my favourite book of all time. It was transcending.

Sarah J Maas is a Dreamer, and I don’t think any book has fulfilled my dreamer’s heart as much as this book. It satisfied me to no end.

All my hopes and dreams were placed in these characters and their world and for the cause they fought for. It hit me deep and it has carved itself into me and gratitude alone does not cover the feeling I have in my heart right now.

You write and read stories and dream up better worlds, so you can find some hope in time’s of bleakness, to get by, to will yourself to live another day, and look towards a future that is better than what you’ve experienced and are living. Hope emanated throughout my course of reading these books and what I was left with.

All of their lives intertwined so beautifully, kindness being repaid with infinite kindness and I was being taught over and over again that goodness outshines and outlives everything.

And then the acknowledgements happened... I’m just done with my emotions getting trampled all over.

I such an awesome time reading this with Azrah! The support was needed. 😆😘

I’m going to go onto my mourning phase now, which’ll last for... let’s not even go there.



Pre-reading ramblings:

“I will find you.” 😶😭😭😭😭


RIP, folks!

I can't believe this series is ending.
These characters have absolutely become ingrained within me and every year these books were the ones I would look forward to the most.

Sigh... my heart is already starting to hurt and I'm welling up. Fuck knows how I'll survive reading this.






Title and blurb in one day? I feel spoiled.
As for the title... I love it.
But there's a sense of doom I can't shake off now.
I ain't gonna be able to make it. 😖


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November 2, 2018
“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom …”

I MADE IT!! And if I never hear a woman’s vagina described as her “heated silk” again, that will be just fine by me!

Honestly, though, I have to give it to her: Maas showed a lot of restraint in this book. It was a good 350 pages before Rowan’s magical penis made an appearance 😬. Sorry, I just can't resist. Overall, I liked it enough to give it three stars. I mean, I read all of the bajillion pages, which is saying something.

It's been a long ride. Emphasis on the long. I'm still perplexed as to why these books got so long in the end. Kingdom of Ash has some really strong moments, but there's so much filler and repetition that you have to fight through the boring parts to get to them. This is, at most, a 500-page story, extended with long, slow stretches of the characters journeying from one place to another, and repetitive scenes of battle. Also: Chaol and Yrene are so dull.

The first 100 pages and last 150 pages were the most gripping, for me. The conclusion is suitably dramatic and the beginning details the horrific torture Aelin suffers at the hands of Cairn-- it's not a book for the squeamish. The disgusting scenes of torture also become a little repetitive after a while, but it starts very tense. How will Aelin get out of this?? The answer is really quite satisfying, too.

I do feel like this is a very long epilogue. There's battle scene after battle scene but not much of a plot. Dorian has an interesting part to play in this with his newfound abilities, which is one of the stronger aspects , but very little happens for an almost 1000-page novel. It's mostly about wrapping things up, tying up any loose ends and neatly establishing Aelin's awesomeness. The way each of the main characters has to be perfectly settled into a het pairing is a little forced, too, but oh well.

Well, I'm glad I read it to the end, and I do feel a little sad that it's over. I've been reading these books for more than five years and I can't believe how much my own life has changed since I started. Maas might not be my favourite writer, but any author who can keep you reading for more than 4,000 pages must have something good going on.

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October 28, 2018
Perfection. I am in awe and weeping, my remnants of a heart full.

I was scared that this last book, through whatever course it took, might diminish my love for the whole series -- but gods, was I wrong. It was a thing of beauty, satisfying and heartbreaking in all the right ways. Bittersweet.

I cried and sobbed, I gasped, I screamed, I smiled, I felt my heart beating out of my chest, I shivered, I swooned. I don't think I'll ever be able to write a proper review, but I still feel the need to highlight some elements that marked me (slightly spoilerish gibberish ahead).

Fenrys & Aelin's silent language. Aelin not knowing what's real and what's not. Aedion hurting and being an ass because of it. Lysandra battling without stopping. Elide sprinting towards death for love. Ansel's soldiers. Aelin's scars. Rowan's vision. Dorian's lack of self-worth and perpetual need to sacrifice. Aelin crying when seeing her second love walk. Aelin realising little gifts pay off greatly. Aelin grinning and swaggering. Chaol running towards his King. Dorian thinking about Sorscha. Manon and the three Matrons. A Queen of Witches with a crown of stars. Aedion thinking about dying like his childhood heroes. Abraxos. The Little Folk. Petrah Blueblood. Gavin. Kaltain. Manon stopping herself from thinking about Dorian. The Thirteen, the Thirteen, the Thirteen. A tribute to the fallen. Dorian adoring his best friend's wife. Dorian as an uncle. The gods. Nameless is my price. Elena's soul. Mala's gift. The fall through worlds and the help received along the journey. A lion and his cub, together. Yrene Towers being amazing every step of the way. A queen defending the walls. Evangeline melting an old man's heart. Cousins finding one another, two faces of the same coin. A letter from a mother. The original trio and their incredible love for one another. A broken curse. Brothers by choice. Saying hello from time to time. A prince becoming a lord. A warrior becoming a lord. A field of blooming flowers. Looking forward to tomorrow. A better world.

No, I'm not crying, you're crying. All these things above broke me in different ways, ripped me apart, some mending my heart back together. I am so in love with this story, so grateful for this fictional world and these characters, that I cannot quite believe it is over. It should be illegal to attach so deeply to imaginary beings, because it goddamn hurts when reality seeps in and they're no longer around you. My favorite series, without a doubt, one that I’ll cherish forever.

Thank you, Sarah J. Maas, for sharing them with us. It has been a joy.

P.S.: Shoutout to my faves -- Dorian and Manon, I love you to the moon and back.
P.P.S: Where the hell is Nox?
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September 27, 2023
I had impossibly high hopes for this book. I make no secret that this is my favourite book series. Yet somehow, every book just seemed to get better than the last. Could SJM possibly do it again. Yes, she can, and she did. Wow, what an epic finale.

The book is a perfect length, though close to a thousand pages, not a single line is wasted. Every possible loose end is tied up. Every hint or hidden story leads to this masterpiece.

The story is awesome. The character development and use are unreal. Every characters' moderation and reasoning is spot on. Every character has something to contribute. However, we still know who the hero of the series is.

Action, adventure, suspense, and such intense emotion evoking writing. This could not have been done better. As mad as I was for having to wait an extra couple of years for this book to come out, it was worth the wait. I can not find a single negative thing to say about this book. Except the series is over. Though I think almost any surviving characters are good enough to have their own book (hint/begging).

Aelin/Celaena is my favourite female character of all time. Strong, deadly, intelligent, and most of all, she "will not yield." I love that quote, and I honestly do not think it can be applied better to any other character.

This is an awesome finale to the most awesome series after reading that all other games of thrones are secondary. "The Queen that was promised" delivers big time.
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December 8, 2020
rereading this series has been one of the better things to happen in 2020, tbh.

‘once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom very much…’

5 special novellas, 7 powerful books, 10 beloved characters, 572 heavy chapters, and 4856 necessary pages have all lead up to this moment, the conclusion of one incredible story.

aelin ashryver whitethorn galathynius, adarlans assassin, the kings champion, queen of terrasen, the queen who was promised, the queen who walked between worlds, the faeirie queen of the west, fireheart - it has been a pleasure and an honour to read your story. may you forever live in our hearts, always inspiring us. <3

5 stars
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125 reviews
November 21, 2018
I tried to write something longer but I believe that only one word is enough so:
- To this series which made me dream and live in a world of magic, friendship, love and sacrifices
- To Dorian, Aelin, Chaol, Manon, Rowan and every single character that made me laugh, cry and fangirl feel with them
- To everything Sarah J. Mass has done for us, no matter how frustrating it turned out to be or how we didn’t agree sometimes with it

THANK YOU to this series which will stay forever in my heart <3
I'm going to miss you guys
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June 1, 2020
I have no words. Brilliant, powerful, amazing. Thank you Sarah J.Maas, thank you!
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January 23, 2019
AHH this finale was on such a grand scale! SO ENJOYABLE, SO EPIC. Just filmed my booktalk and it will be up sometime in the next week on my channel (polandbananasbooks).
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July 7, 2019
Here is my updated shelf!

Here's my big boxed set with poster. And below it is my shelf with the goodies!

11-1-18 Got my UK Edition with the beautiful art cards inside!

If you want to see pictures of my wall art then just scroll all the way down past the other pictures. This is how much I love this series. Also, let it be known (that I'm crazy) that I have the hardback, audible, kindle, special paperback on its way and then ordered the complete hardback box set! Yeah!


I loved this last installment so much. All of the characters I love were in it. There was torture, sadness, war, happiness and so much more. I cried <-- I mean of course I did, that's what I do!

I'm not giving out any spoilers, I just wanted to say it's perfect for me. I really wish it never came to an end but there are only certain things you can do in certain series without messing it up. At least, that's my take on it.

I really have no words peeps. I'm going to leave it here because there are so many that are going to be talking about this, I really wish I had a real life friend that read books that I do so we could talk on the phone about it.

Anyhoo, enjoy my pictures. I have some funko's I'm making slowly and changing the ones I have made. I am working on a couple of walls that I have dedicated to book art and my photography! I hated removing those book shelves but I'm loving my art. (Will do a wall and new bookshelf tour later on)

This first pic is just a couple of things. Later on I will do the whole shelf tour when more things arrive and get made.

My wall art of Aelin & Rowan

And the beautiful, Manon!

More to come my lovelies ... xoxo

Mel ♥


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March 23, 2023
all the ⭐ in the Universe (because, hell, why not? It only seems fair that way)

Full review on my Blog: The Dacian She-Wolf 🐺

If I am the only weirdo that reads the dedication at the beginning of a book and rates it too in her own head then okay, fine, weirdo I’ll be, but I have to start this review by saying this.

Sarah J. Maas dedicated this book to her parents. It is one of the most beautiful dedications I’ve ever read at the beginning of a book.

It says: “For my parents – who taught me to believe that girls can save the world.”

How beautiful and inspirational and worth of all of our respect is this?


Once upon a time, not too long ago, my life ended brutally. The cause of my abrupt death was simple: Throne of Glass series has ended; the final blow – Kingdom of Ash .

Barely 5 chapters in and I was already crying. In that moment I realised that I had a storm of tears ahead of me and there was no way in hell I might elude it. It felt like I was about to be hit by it. And hard. AND GUESS WHAT. I was.

This book was everything to me.

I have never in my life declared that I might have a favourite book, simply because I haven’t found the one yet and I thought it won’t be fair for the rest of the great books out there. Now I am going to make a statement I’ve never made in my life: until further information, Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas is my favourite book ever.

I cannot understand how, but this book just crept deep, into the core of my soul, ripped it apart, ruined my sense of life and left me aching both of devastating pain and of speechless joy. It felt complete and at ease with the Universe and I am grateful that there is a book that can destroy me but still find a way to mend me.


Not even the best review I could ever come up with can cover all the awesomeness of this book. But I'll try. As good as I can. But keep in mind: everything I state here is not even half as good as the book itself. It’s like trying to explain colour to someone who’s never seen the light of the day. Hopeful, but utterly impossible.

“(…) to have the power of eternity in the palm of your hand.”

There was a line from this Romanian book I once read that says: the time run out of patience. When there might seem like there is an infinite amount of time that no one can take away from you, keep in mind that maybe the time itself decides when it might want to leave.

In Kingdom of Ash, the time felt like its own god and indeed, it felt like it run out of patience.

Everything felt desperate, hopeless. Nothing went according to any plan. There were no gods above, no demons below. There was nothing. And the characters and the action itself seemed to feel that too – the anarchy. They were rushed but reduced to silent fight. They were pressed and oppressed. They ran out of hope but still kept looking for it. It was devastating. Throughout and beyond.

The world-building was still absolutely fabulous. Plus, the insides of an actual, super scary, dark war were a super addition.

“Let’s make this fight worthy of a song.”

In this book, the characters are the ones who make the action. They were the most important tool in the destruction of me. So, I don’t even have the faintest idea what to tell you about them.

I can give my heart, soul, both kidneys, half a lung and one eye to protect them all.

They are precious babies. My precious babies.

I fell in love with all of those fantastic characters. Like truly in love. They made me ache all over and they made me feel part of their lives. I laughed and cried with them, I fought and won. I suffered and I loved. That is the most precious thing a book can soothe you with. To make you feel included. Hollow and whole.

I wish I could say more about all this. I really do. But I can’t. It doesn’t feel complete. By this book, I am forever undone.


“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom.”
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March 24, 2021
I bet you thought you'd never see a new announcement in here! *lol*

But I actually have two things to say:

1.) I'm on BookTube now! =)
2.) Even more important: I finally finished writing this review! After TWO years you can read it in it's full 5.500+ words glory! Unfortunately not on GR because it would blow up the word limit but if you really want to read it you can do it over: here! ;-P

Thank you all for waiting so long! I hope it was worth the wait! *lol*
Okay, I think I'll faint now that it's done!
Bye! XD

How is it possible that my heart is so full of love but feels so empty at the same time?
This book broke me in the worst and best way possible and I’m so happy and sad…

I have no words except of:
This world and those characters will stay with me forever… <333
My heart is aching and bleeding and hurting so damn much. T_T
I just can’t write anything coherent right now because I’m drowning in an endless sea of feels.

Full RTC once I’m emotionally stable again…
I dunno if this is ever going to happen though…



PEOPLE!!!! Buckle up!!
This is no drill!

Over this next month my precious Gem and I will read the hell out of this book! <333
I can't wait to see all my amazing babies in one book!!
Sarah, you better don't kill my faves! I mean it! *glares*

I'm not ready for this torture... well, as ready as I'll ever be!
So hit me and destroy me with everything you have!
"My name is Virginia and I will not be afraid!" ;-P


That cover!!!


Gosh I can't wait for this to hit the stores!!!
First things first though!
"Empire of Storms" and "Tower of Dawn" I'm looking forward to read you babies!!!
October, I still have plenty of time to finish those two books before the last one comes out!

I can do this!

YAY!!! *runs around hyper*

P.S: YES!!!! I love the Bloomsbury Publishing PLC cover! I want this so badly!!! <333
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March 5, 2023
2nd Read, but this time with the prequel, 2023:
The Assassin’s Blade:

Books 1-7: I see now that my life will be spent crying over this perfect series.


1st Read, OG Review, 2018:

Let me tell you about my journey through the Throne of Glass series. I fell head over heels in love with the ACOTAR series earlier this year, so I decided to give ToG a shot, for clearly the author who created Rhysand and Velaris can do no wrong.
Throne of Glass: Okay, so, clearly the author who created Rhysand and Velaris CAN do wrong. What the hell is this?




Heir of Fire : I’m bored and need something new to—WAIT. THERE’S ROWAN. He bit her neck. You have my attention.


Queen of Shadows : “Hello, princeling.” “Hello, witchling.” Someone pass me a cocktail. I’m onboard.




Tower of Dawn : CHAOL, YOU’RE A REAL DICK TO NESRYN AND I HATE—oh. Hellooooooo, Sartaq. Alright. Proceed.


Kingdom of Ash : I’m no longer a human. Just the heavy breathing cat.

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July 24, 2021
"The crow-that-did-not-smell-like-a-crow"

And that's it! Seven books, each getting longer, complex, but most importantly, better than the last, every time. Now, Maas has given a near perfect conclusion to this lengthy series with Kingdom of Ash.

"It's too late for speeches."

By now, there is little new to tell about writing style, character development, and the flow of story. Each of these things are considerably improved to where we started with the first book. The author has come a long way, and done a remarkable job with this last installment to give the series a thorough ending. Given how complex the plot is, and the number of loose ends by the end of last two books, I'm surprised how well she brought everything together, handling each thread perfectly.

"Let's make this a fight worthy of a song."

As the events in fifth and sixth books took place in the same (parallel) timeframe, first third of Kingdom of Ash deals with bringing the dispersed characters to two main plot-lines. What follows is absolute chaos, each group fighting their own battles, until we reach the concluding war. Even with a number of defeats, I liked Aedion's side of the battles more, which seemed more dramatic and emotional at the same time.

"We are the Thirteen from now until the Darkness claims us."
"What was stolen has been restored; what was lost has come home again. I hail thee, Manon Crochan, Queen of Witches."

All my favorite characters in this series came from third book onwards, starting with Manon (and the Thirteen), then Rowan, Elide, Nesryn until we met rest of the cadre, Yrene, Borte and many others. But from the original trio, I only came to admire Dorian, and not Aelin and Chaol. It was touch and go for a while, but I'm glad the direction Dorian was assigned at last, allowing him to redeem himself. I didn't hate Chaol by any means but lost interest somewhere along the way, so he didn't made it to my favorites. As for Aelin, even though her character had gotten somewhat better in time, she still had a number of inconsistencies in my opinion. But the other characters held the story together for me... until now. I knew the author would have to get rid of some good guys eventually when the wars took place, but I guess I wasn't ready for the losses. They were heartbreaking, and it has been one emotional roller-coaster ride with this last book. I certainly understand the necessity to kill some characters to make things seem more real, but it's never easy. Still, I cannot help but commend the way Maas handled everything towards the end, even doing justice to those who were lost.

"Don't burden yourself with the what-ifs."

Kingdom of Ash gave one of the most complete endings I've come across in a while. The author did not leave a singe loose end, and brought everything together perfectly, and very patiently. I guess it shows how much Maas cares for this series.

"A loyal friend is a rare thing indeed."

I'm not going to say it has been a smooth ride with Throne of Glass. Especially not with the underwhelming first book, and a below average second. But Maas recovered quite well as the series progressed. The third and the fourth made revolutionary jumps in my opinion, where as rest maintained evolutionary improvements. Now that I've finished the series, I feel like the seven books belongs to three sub-series, consisting of one trilogy, and two duologies: first two books as an introductory duology, third and fourth books along with the sixth as a build-up trilogy, and fifth book and the seventh to conclude everything. I know this entire series has been praised by many as a good romantic fantasy series, but I was never able to get in to that part here. I still don't understand why Maas decided to take things to adult (or new adult) by focusing on romance aspects a lot, but I guess it's just me. But in the end, I really enjoyed this series. Towards the second and third books, I was certain I would never re-read this but considering how good it was towards the end, I might just re-read this someday. Special thanks to Miche, Baba and Danielle for convincing me not to give up from the outset. Had I given up because of first two books, I would've missed out on an amazing adventure.

"The threads of fate weave together in strange ways."
"I hope you found peace, my brother. And in the Afterworld, I hope you find her again."
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October 30, 2018
"What if we go on, only to more pain and despair?"

"Then it is not the end."

I've never cried so much over a book. Never. There were points were I had to stop reading because I couldn't see the page through my tears.

This was a journey, and I don't just mean this book. This whole series has such a special place in my heart, and what I think a lot of people don't realise is that the Throne of Glass series, like the Harry Potter series, was designed to age with its readers. The teenagers who started reading this series at the release of Throne of Glass are now adults, and this series was written for us: to grow with us into our adulthood, to walk with us from our frantic teens to the endless possibilities of our twenties, to change and adapt as our priorities in life naturally do.

I started following this story, of Celaena in a glass castle, solving mysteries and fighting duels, when I was 19. Now, at 24, I've turned the last page of Aelin's story, but it doesn't hurt to say goodbye. It feels full, like a beautiful finished painting, a tapestry with every thread neatly tucked away. If there was a better way to end this, I can't think of what that might be.

This series has meant a lot to me, and while it has its flaws, it's one of those stories that I'll come back to again. Because the themes are timeless, of bravery and love and healing, of family and redemption and hope, hope, hope. All of the books, but this one in particular, is at its heart about the power of never giving up, and of standing up for what you believe in against impossible odds. The wins and the losses - terrible losses that made me openly sob - were sore but meaningful, and that's the greatest triumph of this excellent last chapter. That it all meant something, and that even the small ones, the most unlikely of heroes, the ones that no one saw coming, left their mark.

I've gained and lost a lot of possessions in my life, but my books are important to me. My books have travelled with me across seas, across continents, across great and sometimes painful frontiers in my life. This series is the reason why my books mean so much to me. Because they're transformative, evergreen, a truly powerful form of art. And wherever I end up, wherever that might be, I'll take these ones with me.
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November 1, 2018
full breakdown review posted

*clears throat*

Thank you, that is all.

Yeah right, that’s not even NEAR all the word-vomiting i have to do to express what this series is to me. There isn’t going to be any outward spoilers however i never said anything about it being a coherent well-presented review 🤗🤗🤗
Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young
princess who loved her kingdom …

let me just start off by saying that this book made me cry a RIDICULOUS amount of times. when the characters were hurt: tears. when they were happy: weeping. when they cracked a joke: S O B B I N G

Aelin described my current state best when she said, ”“I’m going to have a terrible headache from all this crying, and you’re not helping.”

im not even joking, my eyes were so red and puffy and I think my tear ducts expanded and I got dehydrated from all the crying I endured.


as you can clearly see, all the evidence points towards sarah j maas being the one who has ruined my life mrs. I’d like to sincerely thank you for that


"The words were a gentle brush down her cheek. Fireheart, why do you cry? And from far away, deep within her, Aelin whispered toward that ray of memory, Because I am lost. And I do not know the way"

- my baby, my sweet, my child
- I know a lot of people are generally //opposed// to aelin bc of her ‘arrogance’ and ‘selfishness’ but y’all SHES 19 GIVE HER A BREAK
- also she’s hilarious and who the heck doesn’t want to have their queen a witty little bish
- but in this book she broke me
- excuse me while I rock myself back to sleep
- also when she told [spoiler]: “…and please do rot in hell.” I KNEW I CHOSE THE RIGHT CHARACTER TO STAN

"They’d walked this dark path together back to the light. He would not let the road end here."

- OKAY mayyyyybe rowan uses the word ‘mate’ (cringe) a liiiiiittle too often but gUYS he’s TRYING HIS BEST
- I really loved rowan in this book, he’s precious and sad and loyal and I don’t care if hes like actually a 500 year old warrior, hes my baby
- I love love loved seeing him with the cadre and how his unconditional love for aelin took him so FAR and he still was willing to RISK IT ALL

*chaol & yrene*
"Chaol Westfall has not failed them."

- if I cant marry chaol then the next best choice is yrene
- honestly I LOVE this pairing so much, since tower of dawn we got to see them face such hardships whether it was personal issues or saving their world but THEY COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER SO NICELY
- I love wholesome, fierce, soft ships
- Yrene was really a star in this book
- Her character, her powers, her personality they were so wonderful and powerful and strong, shes SUCH a strong character

“Let’s make this a fight worthy of a song”

- I adore aedion with all my heart but this BOI WAS A REAL PIECE OF WORK IN THIS BOOK (read in disappointed mom voice)
- he was under a TON of pressure and it really got to him so yes he did act like a little bish and did and said awful and horrible thing to the people he loved and I COULDN’T FORGIVE HIM FOR IT RIGHT AWAY but towards the end we were all weepy mush
- aedion’s fierce unconditional love for his cousin is the reason why I still cry myself to sleep

*lysandra & evangeline*
“Evangeline is my heir”

- what would this book be without lysandra
- honestly her ferocious ability to keep fighting and fighting no matter how hurt or distraught or challenged she was
- an honest to goodness queen
- i love how she came so far, from the first scenes where she was introduced and had this petty fight with aelin to see her now becoming one of her closest friends
- that’s character development right there
- I love this smol little family they’ve built for themselves fjkldasjflkja
- “Win me back my kingdom, Evangeline.”

“So Dorian kept fighting, his brother in soul and in arms beside him.”

- if you asked me like 10 days ago, I would have told you this book would have been better without dorian
- he was such an annoying brat in the previous books but HE REALLY TOOK CHARGE and built himself not only a personality but also a kingdom worthy of fighting for
- love me some character development

“Be the bridge, be the light. When iron melts, when flowers spring from fields of blood—let the land be witness, and return home.”

- oh goodness where do I start
- during the beginning of the book, I was worried that manon would be overshadowed by the other characters are their intense plots
- but damn this girl doesn’t let you forget about her
- She was like this fiery queen that would actually stab a bi*ch but is intensely loyal and trustworthy once you take the time to earn her trust and respect
- That’s to say, she is my whole world
- Her close knit relationship with the 13, absolutely stellar. To see the way they live and defend each other, no matter the cost, fricken hell im weak

*elide & lorcan*
“For however long we have.”

- Elide is like this smol-barely-5-foot-girl and lorcan is a huge-500-year-old-fae-warrior and everytime he breathes near her she’s like nO and he turns into a wounded puppy
- Their relationship REALLY went through a lot and if there’s any ship that progressed in THE SLOWEST WAY POSSIBLE it’s probably theres (which yes, makes it more realistic but it only hurts me)
- elide proved herself time and time again how her disability DOES NOT define her and how she is so strong and capable and she doesn’t need saving
- I thought their relationship had a lot of depth and was very real and raw and I love them sm

*the cadre*
“ And together, they would do so, cadre once more.
They would fight for this kingdom—their new court. Their new home.”

- This boy, I want to protect my gosh I literally cried so much over his storyline and the horrors he faced
- Oh my god im going to cry again
- Gavriel is a close second
- His love for his son is unmatched, it was so beautiful to watch how he would do anything just to make his son proud and happy
- I LOVE healthy (okay that’s a stretch but theyre all trying) PARENT-CHILDREN relationships
- :’) wow here come the tears again
- I just wish we got to see more of them
- I feel like throughout the entire book, beautiful scenes were cut short due to the page constraint (ikr, 1000 pages and still not enough)


How am I expected to go on like this :( :( :( :( :(

Im going to shut up now but I just wish I could revisit this world back from the start and see these dear characters and see them happy and joking and living their best lives while staying hydrated and eating their veggies and drinking their juice boxes

This has truly been an experience.

“We came to honor a promise made to Aelin Galathynius. To fight for what she promised us.”
“And what was that?”
“A better world.”



buddy read with basically the entire goodreads but mainly with jia, marami, & amy
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Author 8 books76.8k followers
January 24, 2019
1. Throne of Glass ★★★★
2. Crown of Midnight ★★★★★
3. Heir of Fire ★★★½
4. Queen of Shadows ★★½
5. Empire of Storms ★★★★
6. Tower of Dawn ★★★
7. Kigndom of Ash ★★★

Reseña en español.

OH POR DIOS. Pensé que, al terminar de leer esta saga que me acompañó durante tantos años, sentiría mucha satisfacción. Tal vez un poco de tristeza. ¿Pero saben qué? No siento nada de eso. Solo siento... ¿indiferencia? Estoy feliz de haberla acabado porque VAYA, sí fueron muchos años y quería saber la conclusión de la historia de Celaena Sardothien, pero en general solo estoy feliz porque ya quería que se acabara.

Ahora, hablando de este libro en particular, pues estuvo bien. INNECESARIAMENTE LARGO, eso sí, pero bien. Se cerró todo lo que se tenía que cerrar y SJM se aseguró de que cada personaje tuviera su final, fuera cual fuera.

Hubo partes tan aburridas que de verdad me las quería saltar, todo lo de Aedion y Ren y Rolfe y Darrow (y todos esos personajes que ya ni siquiera recordaba) no podía interesarme en lo más mínimo; pero en general todo lo demás me mantuvo entretenida, y sí tuvo uno que otro momento cardiaco. Aunque, siendo sincera, jamás temí realmente por la vida de los protagonistas (me refiero a Aelin y a Rowan).

Sobre las parejas. Ay, pues qué les digo. Todas fueron muy heterosexuales, jajaja. Pero eso no es lo que más me frustra, lo que me frustra es que ¡¡¡TODOS TIENEN QUE TERMINAR CON PAREJA!!! Todos. Se me hace poco realista y muy forzado. Y obvio todos terminan siendo reinas y reyes de su respectivo territorio, ufff (pero eso ya se veía venir desde Empire of Storms).

Y hablando de las parejas... no me gustan Aedion y Lysandra. Este sujeto la trató de lo peor. La humilló y la denigró. PERO AHHH CLARO, el peligro de muerte llega y ya con eso todo queda perdonado. Nope, no lo creo. Y bueno, ya saben que no soy fan de Aelin y Rowan, pero en este libro estuvieron más aguantables, las escenas de sexo no fueron tan inoportunas.

¿Lo que más odié? La obsesión de SJM con el vínculo "mate". BASTA. Y o sea, ¡es la palabra que más se repite en el libro! My mate, my mate, mate, my mate, mate, MY MATE. Yo ya no podía más, ya solo me quedaba poner los ojos en blanco cada vez que la leía (y fueron muchas veces).

¿Lo que más me gustó? Elide y Lorcan, los amo, quiero que sean felices para siempre. También me encantó el papel que jugó Yrene en el libro, creo que ella se merece todos los aplausos. OH, y no puede faltar mi adorado Dorian, todo lo que logró en este libro me hizo sentirme bien orgullosa, ¡ha crecido tanto y se ha hecho tan fuerte! Lo amo. También Manon es increíble (pero ella siempre ha sido increíble).

OHHH, también me encantó que SPOILER:

Ahora quiero hablar de los personajes, esta sección VA A TENER SPOILERS, quedan advertidos. NO LEAN MÁS SI NO QUIEREN SER SPOILEADOS.

Aelin: Celaena era una de mis protagonistas favoritas, la amaba y amaba leerla, pero desde que se volvió Aelin, cayó de mi gracia. Creo que en este libro pude entenderla un poco más y además pude empatizar con ella. Y si bien ya no es de mis favoritas, sí quería que las cosas salieran bien para ella. Con Aelin aplica mucho: "Look at where you are, look at where you started." Ella ha luchado con todo su ser durante este viaje y siempre mantuvo la esperanza. Estoy muy feliz por su felicidad.

Rowan: Este sí no podía importarme menos. Me caía bien en el tercer libro, amaba su amistad con Aelin, peeeero como interés romántico es de lo peor, y como personaje... pues meh. Si él moría no me hubiera importado, aunque sí me hubiera puesto triste por Aelin, que obviamente no podría vivir sin su adorado mate. En fin. Bye Rowan.

Dorian: ESTE BEBÉ HERMOSO. Jamás me gustó como interés amoroso para Aelin, pero como personaje siempre lo amé. Creo que a Dorian nunca le hicieron justicia en el amor, la tal Sorcha era súper irrelevante, siento que SJM solo la inventó para que no se quedara solo (y luego se dio cuenta de que a nadie le importaba y por eso la mató). Ahora, sí creo que Manon ha sido su mejor interés amoroso, y me gustan como pareja, pero no quiero enfocarme en eso, sino en el desarrollo del personaje. Dorian empezó siendo un simple príncipe engreído y se ha convertido en un rey digno y fuerte, ¡estoy muy orgullosa de él! Sin Dorian no hubieran podido reunir las tres llaves, y tampoco hubieran podido acabar con Erawan. Además el arco de su papá sí me conmovió. Ay, Dorian, eres el mejor.

Chaol: PUES Chaol, pobre bebé. Él era mi personaje favorito de la saga, pero en el cuarto libro SJM lo arruinó por completo y logró que hasta a mí me cayera mal. Luego en Tower of Dawn empecé a soportarlo otra vez y podría decirse que se redimió. Chaol me agrada, y también estoy orgullosa de hasta donde ha llegado. ¡Y estoy feliz por él! Me encanta que sea feliz al lado de Yrene, ellos dos me gustan mucho juntos.

Manon: REINA ABSOLUTA. FIN. No tengo mucho qué decir de Manon. Ella, sin duda, es mi personaje femenino favorito de esta saga. También recorrió un largo camino y aprendió mucho y no solo eso, ¡logró hasta lo imposible! Estoy muy orgullosa de ella. Bien por Manon (y Abraxos, el mejor, lo adoro).

The Thirteen: Las tenía qué mencionar porque AHHHHHH, su muerte fue lo que más me enfureció (y dolió) de este libro. Cuando lo estaba leyendo no lo podía creer. ¿TODAS, SJM, ES EN SERIO? UGH, ni siquiera pude llorar, solo estaba enojada. Sí, creo que su sacrificio fue muy importante, pero también sentí que SJM simplemente se deshizo de ellas. Pobre Asterin. Pobre Manon. No supero esta muerte.

Yrene: ¡Yrene salvó al mundo! Wow, creo que es el único personaje que de verdad me gustó en Tower of Dawn, y en este libro me deslumbró más. Me encanta la forma en la que enfrenta sus miedos. Me encanta que lo dé todo. Yrene para presidenta, pls.

Lorcan: BEBÉ OSCURO. LO AMO. Él sí que atravesó un viaje total en este libro, y me parece curioso que SJM logró que me encariñara con él en tan pocos libros (pero bueno, sí fueron muchas páginas, jajaja). Me gusta que, aunque Lorcan demostró que tiene corazón, sigue manteniendo su esencia oscura y malvada, pero al mismo tiempo puede ser súper soft con Elide.

Elide: ¡Reina también! Todos la subestimaban por su tobillo, pero ella demostró que es la mejor. Y fue otra pieza esencial para derrotar a Erawan. Además siempre se mantuvo firme en lo que quería y siempre mostró valentía. Al inicio de este libro me desesperó un poco por terca, pero en parte la entendía. Al final simplemente la amé.

Fenrys: Lobito bebé. Me encantó. Ojalá que sea feliz siempre.

Rhysand: Ya me habían dicho que había un momento en el que Feyre (embarazada ajá) y Rhys aparecían en el libro, y debo admitir que, cuando leí esa parte, me emocioné un poquito. Me gustó la forma en la que Rhys ayudó (?) a Aelin, creo que fue un buen toque.

Y ya, creo que son los únicos que valen la pena de mencionar para mí. Los demás personajes fueron meh.

Por último, iba a decir que el capítulo final me pareció muy bonito y poderoso y significativo, pero luego me enteré, por varias reseñas, que lo del Kingsflame (que fue lo que me encantó) parece una copia de El Señor de los Anillos, del Árbol Blanco de Gondor. Entonces estoy: decepcionada.

Pero fuera de eso, ¡pues AHHHH, al fin acabé esta saga!
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November 5, 2018
This review and other non-spoilery reviews can be found @The Book Prescription

“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom …

🌟 You may like Sarah J. Maas writing, you may hate it. Actually SJM may be the most controversial author at the current time. So we may agree to disagree on her style but I think something that we can not deny is her immense success and how big this series has got. In my 3 years on GR and few month of blogging, I have never seen a book that took over those sites as this book did.

🌟 I remember finishing 2016 with starting Throne of Glass which was a great gift from a friend. I wanted to end 2016 and start 2017 with a bang and reflecting back On this, I don’t regret it.

🌟 Keep in mind that I am also not a SJM stan, I just appreciate a good book and this series had its ups and downs but I am so glad it had a good ending. I am also not one of those people who started the series when book 1 was released. I actually read the whole series in 1 year.

🌟 I don’t usually include all the previous books ratings in a review but I am adding it here this time to prove a point:

Throne of Glass ★★★★
Crown of Midnight ★★★★★
Heir of Fire ★★★
Queen of shadows ★★★
Empire of storms ★★★★
Tower of Dawn ★★★

🌟 I am actually thankful for Sarah for entertaining us with

7 books
532 Chapters
4464 Pages

🌟We haven’t actually gone into the review yet so let’s get down to it:

🌟 The world building was great, I love this world, I love the magic, the different creatures and the politics were amazing too. I like that this is a hard magic system that is bound by rules and that it is not just random and chaotic. I also know Erilea’s map by heart and I didn’t have to go back to the map at a certain point to check what was happening because it was all right in my mind.

🌟 I always used to say that Shatter me series has one of the best character development in books! Sadly that was shattered in restore me

🌟 Now I am going to say that this is one of the series that I love the characters of. How they started and what they ended up being. In my previous reviews I criticized how Sarah always uses the term beautiful and most beautiful and gorgeous…etc to describe her characters. There are many many characters in this series and UNFORTUNATELY they are all beautiful! And she even went to say that a character could only be described as beautiful and I was like: “It can be described by many things but you don’t want to brain storm even a little bit”.

🌟 That being said, I love Aelin & Rowan, Aedion & Lysandra (my favs), Chaol & Yrene, Elide & Lorcan, Dorian and Manon, Asterin and the Thirteen, I even like Abraxos!

🌟 I think Sarah can write the best ships ever, I always feel the chemistry between those characters and some of them started differently and I thought that they were not a good match until they really weren’t!

🌟 There are some series that you read and forget the characters after a few books and there are some characters that are meant to stay with you, affect you and change you and obviously this is the later choice! I can’t stop thinking about the sass, the retorts and comebacks of some characters. You can’t believe how scared I was while reading this book, because there was going to be a major war and I was worried about my babies! I didn’t know who was going to survive and who wouldn’t and that’s just war! I am not sure if I am totally satisfied with how things go but I can see why Sarah did certain things that way!

“Aelin wiped her hands. “Well, that’s over and done with,” she announced, and strode to the desk and map. “Shall we discuss where you all plan to march once we beat the living shit out of this army?”

🌟 Regarding Manon by the way, she was not described differently in this book and that was a bit better than expected.

🌟 Now the writing was good, the references and planning since book 1 is just mind blowing. There were some good quotes (Captain Obvious strikes again, It is almost 1000 pages so it is bound to have some good quotes). Sometimes though, I felt that Sarah was like a toddler who learnt a new word and was saying it all the time to everyone and this word is Sarah’s renowned “Mate”. If you notice it once, it can not be unnoticed and becomes very annoying specially that it is repeated more than a 100 times!!

🌟 The plot at the end of book 5 peaked and left us wondering about many things making this one of my most anticipated reads of the year! The plot was interesting from the first till the last page! I complained about how Sarah’s books were bigger than needed and yet I felt that I need MORE this time! I don’t know how I read 1000 pages in 5 days.

🌟 I like (I certainly like a lot of things) that each small group of characters were having their own adventure and their own goals and they all converge to make the bigger plot at the last pages! That was better than a linear way of telling the story. And that there were not ex machina moments in this book, everything made sense and the foreshadowing was top-notch! I feel like reading the series again just to catch all the hidden clues and be mesmerized again. Did I mention that the series was first written when Sarah was 16?!!! I am currently writing a short story and it is so hard but to start writing a whole series at 16 is just mind-blowing.

🌟 I can’t deny that there are problems with the series and I know that SJM is just great at writing white characters, I don’t know why she’s trying to ruin her books with false half-cooked diversity that brought more problems than benefits to her. I am one of those readers who are convinced that no diversity is better than bad and forces diversity. But one thing I can not understand too is how there are people who hate the series and yet they read the 7 books, isn’t that a bit hard to understand?

🌟 Summary: I usually rate books according to the elements of the story and how they come out together and how well they were written. And although I don’t deny the problems in this book, I think it is amazing that a book caught my attention for a 1000 pages. I am rating this one on both my analysis of the story and out of pure enjoyment.

🌟 I can’t believe that this is coming to an end! Sarah J Maas, here are 5 stars and Thanks a lot!! To a better world!
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May 26, 2023
2nd Read

“I will be with you always.”

this series means the world to me, and no matter how many books I read in the future, I will never, ever forget it.

buddy read with caitlin! (I loved reading all of the reactions!)

the ending never fails to make me cry.

“Let’s make this a fight worthy of a song.”

I suppose I have to write this review now. I had to take a few hours to compose my thoughts because I was a mess once I finished this. I'll probably start crying while writing this review so if it gets chaotic, I'm sorry.

(also, this book sticks out like a sore thumb with the other books in this series. It's so bright)

And once again, it took me 2-3 days to read a 900+ page book in this series. They're addicting.

This series....I think it's become my favorite of all time. Even surpassing The Cruel Prince. These characters have buried themselves into my heart and they aren't ever leaving. I've grown to cherish and love them all and I was literally crying as I pushed myself through the final pages, not wanting to leave them. I would give anything to meet these characters and live in their world, no matter the wars that might be brewing in the book, or new villains who pop up.

When I finished this book, I felt empty. I sat on my bed and stared at the wall, taking deep breaths as I realized that I would never get to read about these characters for the first time. Even when I read The Assassin's Blade, it will be Celaena and Sam, and I won't get to see these characters (Rowan, Aelin, Elide, Manon, Dorian etc) ever again.

And that's sad.

The Plot

“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom …”

I knew this book was going to make me cry. I knew right from before I even started this series that this book would kill me because I could already tell I was going to love this series and its characters. And indeed, that did in fact happen. This plot was absolutely insane and it literally destroyed me. I found myself holding my breath many times and I was so scared someone was going to die. With such a huge cast of characters, I was afraid for everyone.

There was intense battle scene after intense battle scene, and I was tense and not breathing through all of them, fearing the absolute worst. The different story lines that intertwined, the times when characters finally reunited, were absolute perfection. I honestly wouldn't change anything about this book .

The Characters

This is the hardest part. Having to leave these characters behind and say goodbye. To write about them one final time. Some may call me dramatic for all of these sentimental things I'm saying, but I've grown to love and adore these characters as if they were real people. Which is kind of concerning, but that doesn't matter. There are a LOT of characters in this series, so there are a lot of character overviews here.

Aelin Ashryver Whitethorn Galathynius

“I am a god.”

One of my favorite protagonists of all time. Aelin is the definition of badass, snarky, arrogant, and yet she cares so deeply for the ones she loves that she was willing to sacrifice herself for the good of her people and her friends.

After the end of Empire of Storms, I was so scared as to what may happen to her. I didn't think Sarah J. Maas would kill off the main main character, but I mean you never know.

In all of her scenes where she was using her powers, I was grinning because Aelin was back and she was her normal sarcastic self.

I don't think any book protagonist can top Aelin as one of my favorites.

Manon Blackbeak

“We are the Thirteen,” she said. “From now until the Darkness claims us.”

Manon is another one of my favorite protagonists. She's incredible: cold yet still loving, especially towards the Thirteen and Abraxos . I was so sad for her throughout this, and especially when some things happened. But when she fought against Literal queen.

Manon is such a special character and I HIGHLY doubt any character will be like her.

Rowan Whitethorn

“To whatever end,” he whispered.”

My one true love. (Though I feel like the love has SLIGHTLY decreased since Heir of Fire but we don't talk about that.) Sometimes I wished he was real so badly that it hurt. Sometimes I wished I was Aelin so that Rowan would be in love with me but we also don't talk about that.

He went through so much in this book, his agony from being separated from Aelin was killing me. When Maeve made him have that vision of Aelin? I was tearing up so badly, the tears threatening to spill onto the book. The love he has for Aelin is incredible. I'm not jealous. I'm not-

Yes I am.

His love and respect for his Cadre is also one of my favorite things. I love how he gets along with them and how he actually cares for them.

Rowan is irreplaceable in my heart.

Dorian Havilliard

���Together,” Dorian breathed, shaking. “We’ll rebuild this world together.”

This scene gutted me and made me cry so hard.

I've loved Dorian since the very beginning. He was my favorite in the first book. I watched as he grew into the character he is right now through the series, as he grew into his powers, into his friendships and relationships. I adore Dorian with all of my heart. The stuff he had to go through in this book and series is awful, but so admirable, especially in this book.

Though I must admit, some of those things Dorian said while shifted into a woman were just NO.

He was willing to risk his own life for the sake of the kingdom. Willing to take Aelin's spot for the sake of the kingdom.

Dorian deserves everything.

Elide Lochan

“Life—life was pain. Pain, and joy. Joy because of the pain. He saw it in Elide’s face.”

I love Elide so much. Her character growth and her strengths are incredible. I love her growing friendship with Yrene and how she helped so many people. Her relationships with Aelin and Manon are forever some of my favorites as well.

Elide is so strong and courageous and she's certainly one of my favorite protagonists in this series.

Aedion Ashryver

“Together,” Aedion rasped.”

This. Scene.

Aedion is incredible. Sometimes. I hated how he treated Lysandra in this book. It did make sense as to why he was angry, but Lysandra and Aelin had come up with the plan, but he had no right to do what he did to her, and call her what he did in the fits of anger. When Lysandra called him out on them, it felt like a breath of fresh air.

But Aedion is still a really good character, once he realized his mistakes. He's strong and certainly cares for his cousin and friends. I felt so bad for him when a certain scene happened.


“Remember that we have something to fight for, and it will always triumph.”

I love her character. She's so sarcastic and fun, but yet so nice and loving. She isn't my favorite character in this series, but she's still such an amazing character and I love her.

Lorcan Salvaterre

“So Lorcan said softly, “I meant every word.”

I loved that scene. I still do love that scene.

Lorcan got off to a rough start in this series for me- at first I was indifferent towards him, unsure how to feel, but he has EASILY reached one of my favorites. He just seems so hard on the outside, but yet he is so sweet. The sacrifices he made and how he redeemed himself from the end of EoS which had been a COMPLETE misunderstanding made me love him even MORE.

I want a spin-off with him and please and thank you.

Chaol Westfall

“Be the bridge, be the light. When iron melts, when flowers spring from fields of blood—let the land be witness, and return home.”

I was surprised at how little Chaol was in this in the beginning, and even more surprised at how much I wanted to read his chapters. I shouldn't have been that surprised, considering I learned to love him in Tower of Dawn, but still. Chaol's leadership skills shone through in this book, and how much he cares for Yrene is amazing.

I know he's going to have a wonderful life.

Yrene Westfall

“For across every mountain, spread beneath the green canopy of Oakwald, carpeting the entire Plain of Theralis, the kingsflame was blooming.”

Yrene is in the top 5 of my favorite characters in this series. While I do prefer her in Tower of Dawn, mainly because she was actually a main character and focus in that book, she was still incredible in this book. She literally saved them all in more ways than one.

If I forgot any characters, apologies, because I can't think of them all. Here are a few notes on other characters:

Fenrys: I always will adore Fenrys. I was terrified for him throughout this book, especially in the beginning.
Nesryn: A natural born leader. I loved how she was with Sartaq and all of that army, and how she fought alongside Aelin. I love her character.

I don't want to leave these characters.

Emoción Wilfred Mott GIF - Emoción Wilfred Mott Cry GIFs

The Relationships

I think the relationships in this series are one of the best parts. They all have such good chemistry, and because I don't want to spoil people, I'm gonna have to put most of them in spoiler tags.

Rowan and Aelin

“To whatever end?” she breathed. Rowan followed her, as he had his entire life, long before they had ever met, before their souls had sparked into existence. “To whatever end, Fireheart.”

I will always and forever shout about my eternal love for these two. I've shipped them since I found out about them, before I even read the series, and I will continue to ship them my whole life. No one compares to the love that these two have. It hurt me so much when these two were parted, when they felt the mate bond pulling thin. But they always find each other in the end. They are one of the greatest love stories I have had the pleasure of reading about.

Nothing and no one in a book will ever compare to the love these two share.

Tokyojns Stitch GIF - Tokyojns Stitch GIFs

This review did take a chaotic turn. But that's fine. I liked writing it out, writing about these characters one last time. It sure has been a journey, exploring the depths of this series and learning more about the characters. I wish I never have to go.

But all good things must come to an end.

And so, I have finally completed the Throne of Glass series. (not counting The Assassin's Blade) This review may have been slightly dramatic, but I'm dramatic, so that is fine. I'm going to miss these characters and world so much, so I may as well convey all of my feelings into this review. And yeah, I did cry while writing this.

These characters have forever impacted me with their words and stories, and I will never forget this series.

5 stars

“Be the bridge, be the light. When iron melts, when flowers spring from fields of blood—let the land be witness, and return home.”

nothing will ever compare


Why is the book so big though
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December 24, 2018
My heart is split in two.
“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom …”

But this story is not only about the young princess. It's the story of a white-haired queen of a divided people, and the warmth that eventually melted her cold heart. It's the story of a tortured king, a king who was drowning in self-loathing and whose soul was darkened by demons and grief but the light within could not be extinguished. The story of a dark and brooding warrior and the quiet, quick-witted mortal who gave him a reason to fight; a golden prince whose love for his kingdom led him to unspeakable bloodshed and loss; a resilient shape-shifter who gave everything for her new home; a forsaken lord that emerged from the pit of despair and disability thanks to a determined young woman who healed him in more than one ways.
It is the story of pirates and assassins, kings and queens, Fae, demons and mortals, of different people who were united by one common goal.
A better world.
“Live, Manon. Live.”

Kingdom of Ash was powerful .
It was a sweeping conclusion, extremely brutal but also a maelstrom of feelings, magic, precious laughter, camaraderie, friendship and love. I savored the moments I found myself shaking, due to fear, sorrow or wonder; I craved the parts that gave me goosebumps, and the ones that made my chest swell. But even though Kingdom of Ash wrapped up everything, even though I was bestowed with glorious, gritty battles and heart-warming romances, I ended up wanting something more. Wanting more from a 1,000 pages book. And that's where I knew that Kingdom of Ash was not my favorite instalment of the series.

And do you know why? Because of Sarah playing favorites.

When it comes to Aelin and Rowan, I feel that Sarah's writing is extremely forced. That she tries too hard to convince, to convey the message that Aelin is so amazing and powerful and worshipped, that she and Rowan are the perfect couple everyone admires and acknowledges their awesomeness. Everything about them was devoid of feeling, I could practically hear Sarah chanting “see how great they are love them love them love them love them LOVE THEM DARN IT” and the truth is, I couldn't. I got tired of reading the words mate and court so many times, as if Rowan and her friends had no names or something else to define them other than their relationship with Aelin. To be honest, Aelin and Rowan and the plastic, strained representation of their bond and Aelin's awesomeness led me to rate it with four stars.

In addition, a notion I couldn't shake was how unceremonious some scenes or revelations could be. In part it's my own fault, since for the life of me I couldn't remember the majority of the events that happened in the previous books (with the exception of the scorching scenes between Dorian and Manon because those are forever imprinted in my dysfunctional and selective memory), but knowing Sarah's talent, I do believe she could have done better.

However, when it came to the rest of the characters, it felt that Sarah let go of her obsession, and that words poured effortlessly from her soul. Her writing was genuine, fluid, and rattled me to the core. I shed oceans of tears for secondary characters and their sacrifices, I literally choked on them, soaked the pages with evidence of my mourning and heartache. My skin tingled whenever Elide and Lorcan (whose treating was so, so unfair) shared a precious moment, when Nesryn and Sartaq (whose page time was criminally limited because apparently endless and strained banters between Aelin and her court were more important) fought alongside for a nation that was not their own.

I did not read this series for Aelin and Rowan. There were other characters who deserved my love, respect, every star in the freaking sky, and once again, the only queen I bow to, the only queen I pledge my loyalty to, is Manon Blackbeak.
“Be the bridge, be the light. When iron melts, when flowers spring from fields of blood - let the land be witness, and return home.”

Manon has one of the most gripping storylines, and the development of the bloodthirsty, cunning witch is something to behold. She crossed skies and kingdoms, searched for her identity and her future in a world that marked her as a monster, a killer and nothing more. But with iron teeth and iron nails she carved her own place, she managed to open her heart bit by bit, and embraced feelings long forgotten.
“Who do you wish to be?”

Dorian Havilliard, the king of Adarlan, had a similar self-discovery arc. Gone is the carefree, flirting prince who brushed aside his responsibilities towards his now broken kingdom. He got harsher, manipulative and self-destructive, but was also guided by a fiery need to make things right, no matter the cost. I am proud of Dorian. I'm going to marry Dorian

“Let’s make this a fight worthy of a song.”

Kingdom of Ash was a book I was waiting for years. It was bloody, emotional, sizzling, truly worthy of a song; the majority of characters have scored a permanent place in my ever-loving fangirl heart. Parting with them hurts emotionally and physically, and I will always cherish this marvel of a series. My only complaint that dampened to a degree this reading experience is that, knowing the sheer magnitude that Sarah is capable of (hello Empire of Storms), she could do justice to all of her characters, and not only to her favorite ones.
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May 14, 2023
#0.1-#0.5 The Assassin’s Blade ★★★★★
#1 Throne of Glass ★★★★★
#2 Crown of Midnight ★★★★★
#3 Heir of Fire ★★★★★
#4 Queen of Shadows ★★★★★
#5 Empire of Storms ★★★★★
#6 Tower of Dawn ★★★★★

This was absolutely incredible, gorgeous, action-packed, everything I wanted it to be.

It also hurt me very badly and I will probably never forgive Sarah J. Maas for one of the chapters in this book, but really, emotional ruination at the hands of SJM is a feeling I'm well accustomed to, so who's counting?


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January 27, 2020
3.75 - 4 Stars

All things considered, I enjoyed this book and series a great deal.

As the conclusion to a pretty popular and lengthy series, it had a lot riding on its massive 980 page shoulders...and a LOT of uber-emotional fangirls and boys to avoid disappointing, let's be real.


Overall I thought Maas did a pretty decent job of it...

...even with all the filler, all the battles, ALL the traveling to and fro...all the unnecessary...

...until about page 770 or so.


This book was...long. Probably longer than it needed to be, quite frankly. I saw that some people had said that - and I didn't agree, at first. I was more than perfectly content, even at page 600-something, to relish these characters and the individual storylines that made for such an epic ending for as long as it lasted.

However, at about 770-800 pages, some events in the book made me...less than enthused. With all of the build-up regarding the final "showdown" and the closing of the Wyrdgate...I was bummed with the way it all went down.

Not gonna lie, since the time it was all explained, I have wondered about the Wyrdgate...and been a little confused by it all in a way. So many gods, blood debts, and other stuff involved. And when it finally came to "the moment," as it were, I was kind of a little miffed.

Especially when


Also, the whole part with Dorian...


And don't even get me started on the final showdown.

Le sigh.

It just felt drawn out and repetitive.



Also, I was kind of left a little blue-balled by how things ended between some of the characters. But I think by then, Maas realized she was encroaching on 1000 fucking pages. And, by then, there were just SO many damned story lines, it would have been almost a whole other book to properly ties up all the loose ends in regards to everyone's story, relationships, and future.

But, whatever.

All in all, I enjoyed the majority of this book. There were some REALLY poignant moments And in the end, I think the idea that you can have friendships and relationships you would be willing to sacrifice your life for? Always powerful.
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June 1, 2023
I am in tears. This was absolutely perfect. I have no complaints, no remarks, no anything. I wouldn't change it at all. SJM wrote a masterpiece and am absolutely in awe of it 😭❤️

KoA is easily the best book in the series for me. Sure, it's hugee. But the characters, the story, the romance, the war and sheer beauty of it all was mesmerizing to read. How come there's no tv series for it yet?!

It started with such intensity and heaviness. Aelin, Rowan and Fenrys are the winners for me in this book, they broke and mend my heart. Chaol and Dorian coming in next, with Manon, Lorcan and Elide at the end. I know it's an odd way of ranking but that's the way they impacted me.

If you haven't read this series, DO READ IT. Pls 🥺🥺

I have some theories in my drafts but before posting them. I want to reread ACOTAR and CC.


Y'all have me so scared to start this one but here I go. Also, after this I officially start my reread of ACOTAR and CC- am ready to start theorizing for CC3
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March 14, 2017
Please tell me Aelin and Rowan die
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August 22, 2022
8.21.2022 update:
I thought that maybe rereading this series quickly would make it hurt less, like ripping off a bandaid, so I binged the entire thing in 8 days, but, urghhh my heart hurts. I'm not okay. This was a mistake.

But, this just in: I still think Rowan is useless and that Dorian & Manon are the true main character of this series

3.31.2021 update:
I've put off this book for over two years, not wanting this series to ever end. I bought four fucking copies of this book when it was released and they've all been taking up space on my shelf, unread.

But 6 years of my life have been dedicated to this series and I was just to emotionally attached to let it go. I am actually shaking because it's over now.

Anyways, I have three personality traits. One of them is hating R*wan Wh*tethorn. One of them is missing Celaena everyday of my life, wishing she was never brutally murdered. And the last one is being complete and utter trash for this series (and for Dorian and Manon).

Now I'm off to find a therapist because I need it desperately after this book.

4.5.2018 update:

A title? A release date?

Hahaha I'm already crying.

Maybe, if we cancel this book then the series never has to end.


Do you guys realize????

That this is going to be the LAST Throne of Glass book?

Excuse me while I go cry.
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