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The sins of the father are paid for by the... yeah, everyone knows how that goes. But they don't know how it ends. One hint, the downfall will be spectacular!

Blood will flow in this town, all because of her and for her.
Her very lips are a declaration of war which I'll gladly start just to keep her.
Hate is one hell of an inferno, but so is obsession, lust and mirrored darkness.
She brings out the worst in me and I in her, but I'll never let her go. Even if she cries or screams, let alone beg.
Is that toxic? Maybe. Do I care? Fuck no.
So now, let there be carnage.
After all, nothing is as it seems.

*Savage Rage is part II of a duet. It cannot be read on its own. This book contains some dark, dubious content that is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen years old. Our hero and heroine are not pure or good. They make questionable decisions and they take enemies to lovers to another level, but they are so worth it.

685 pages, Kindle Edition

Published November 25, 2021

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About the author

Thandiwe Mpofu

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Thandie is a simple millennial who’s just trying to make avocado toast at two am and finish the next novel that she hopes you’ll fall in love with all while she tries to secure her entire life in one go.

But these are all lies! She really spends an insane amount of time on Instagram, stalking Beyonce for the next album release which she swears might drop at anytime. Sorry to that lady.

Stalker much?

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72 reviews
February 18, 2022
the book that never was. the author posted 2 different release dates and both has come and gone and still no book. no update nor explanation as to what happen to the book being release. the series was a good one but the most anticipated book i feel is a let down because of the simple fact the author is not updated and the last one was on the 1oth to let ppl know she will post when its live after half the day was gone.
3 reviews1 follower
April 1, 2022
I want it to be clear from the start: this is not a book rating, because at least 4 fake release dates later the book is nowhere in sight. And that's not even what bothers me most. Shit happens, Amazon is awful sometimes we get it. But the complete lack of communication, keeping us in the dark for so long and so often is frustrating. Yea, peeps, readers are allowed to have opinions and expectations about writers too. You'd think an author would've gathered people in a group to interact with them, see their opinion, to share exclusive updates and so on. But Thandie, as much as an amazing writer that she is (no question about that) is also one of the most indolent I've came across with. She only appears to make false promises and get us all riled up with "big news I can't really tell you about it but please get excited for no good reason, pleaaaseee". I know, I know, writers work their asses off perhaps with little reward, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be called out when they mess it up.
Thandiwe, girl, your books are pure gold but your attitude towards your supporters is shitty. That's not the way you should treat your spitfires 🥺 there are people there asking what's up, what's up with you, asking for a lil update and you and the other admins are just ignoring them. Then you're out of your cave with more bs just so that you could go MIA again. And you also know it's not the first time it happens this exact same way. I think the Westbrook series at least it was one book - one shit show of a release. One after another they were either pulled out, packed with mistakes or release would get postponed and you'd just keep us in the dark. I remember a quite lengthy post you made some time ago about a girl who was accusing you of pretty much the same lack of respect towards your readers. I'm not saying u were wrong back then but I wish you'd sometimes put some of that energy into big posts about what's going on with the books or in Westbrook world in general.
So just like in the case of nasty reviewers, who should be called out for being nasty, I think authors too should be told that they're being ridiculous.
I'm out, I can't give this story any of my energy. I stopped all other series to dive into Noah and Kim's story but had I known this would happen (idk why was I expecting something else since I knew that's like your MO) I wouldn't have started it. My OCD is a pain in the ass 🙄 so I just have to let it go. At some point I'll come back to get my fix IF this story ever sees light of day.

*Because I'm a self conscious bitch with lots of issues who doesn't do well in online arguments please beware that even though I read in English, it is not my first language therefore bear with me and try not to judge me by my poor grammar. I'm better at understanding it than using it to express my feelings/ideas but I'm constantly working on doing better. Instead, if you have time and wish to help please point out my mistakes so I could learn.
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1,457 reviews144 followers
August 1, 2022
Well this one was so worth the wait! Beautiful emotional story for Noah and Kim these two have so much baggage and monsters to overcome their character growth was amazing I’m so excited for the next book in this series!
Profile Image for emily.
30 reviews2 followers
July 27, 2022
i’m sorry but how are you gonna have noah and kim suffer the most like that….kim suffered way too much??? there was no need to kill of casey , instead of finishing their series happily and together the ending was sloppy of depression…….there was no solution until the epilogue which wasn’t even them? just the game master taking about how they are married……..like ew sorry
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
16 reviews
February 8, 2023
I am not able to access the link..anyone can help me understand what is wrong again?m so fucking tired of this shit.this is the last bloody time m gng to give a chance if not then hell with thse series
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345 reviews61 followers
July 28, 2022
TrainWreck pt 2
Westbrook Blues series #5
Thandie Mpofu

🧚‍♂️Noah & Kim🦋

#arc #arcreader #amreading #currentlyreading #reader #reviewer #darkromance #angst #darkromance #antihero #brokenheroine #drama #suspence #secrets #savagerage #pettyrage #mustread #westbrookbluesseries #thandiempofubooks #thandiempofuauthor #tbr  #mostantisipated #thandiesbaddestqueens #darkcontent #sensitivecontent #triggers

The most anticipated second part of this intense duet is here!
OMFG!! I expected to cry, but that much! Hell Thandie! Red eyes and snot is not a good look! I did not look good.
But this was an amazing, gripping read! The twists and turns will keep you guessing.

We know that Kim and Noah have had a turbulent relationship. Both have issues, she doesn't trust easily and he doesn't forgive at all. Emotions are at their highest. Noah is still at loggerheads with George. Emmett's still refusing to accept that he may have a half sister. Ace and Astraea are gearing up for parenthood. Ivy's changed, she's now ignoring Emmett. And Spider, he's Spider.

Taking off where PETTY RAGE ended. Noah's on the war path. He'll take down anyone, and everyone to protect who and what's his. Finding out what David's done to Kimberly he sees red. Needing to get her sisters back, Kimberly gets into a situation, and she's ashamed that Noah's seen that side of her and knows what David said about her, she can't help but wonder if Noah's disgusted by her. But she also heard what David said about Noah, the part that he's hidden from her. They've both kept secrets from each other in order to protect them from one another. These secrets coming out are not pretty. They've got a load of hurdles to overcome.

Noah realises all the signs were there in Kims actions and reactions, and he missed them. Kim hides and lives in her own mind, where everything is fine. Her mask has been in place for years. She'd do anything to protect her little sisters, they're her heart, she's raised them, while her mother checks out on whatever drug she can get. She's worked so hard to get where she is now, only for someone to take all that hard work away from her. She's numb, convinced that Noah wants nothing to do with her. Why would he? She's broken, used, and no good for him. There's no way they're going to have a future together. They've seen the monsters in each other. Noah's determined to make her see and understand that she's it for him, he can't breathe without her. She's gearing herself up for heartbreak, she's fallen for him.
While trying to find out where her sisters are, she's finding out about her mothers family. And surprised that Noah's known about this for awhile. But Noah has always been ahead.

Noah's Gran is brilliant! I love her!
Are the boys fathers working together?
And Christina? What is she playing at? Is she really behind Kim being back in Westbrook Blues?

Who'd have thought a couple of little girls could bring these boys down and wrapped around their fingers? The way Noah interacts with them is brilliant.

When a legal hurdle turns tragic, Kim's mental health takes a turn for the worst. This happens in extreme circumstances and is the reason she's managed to survive and when she was being abused when she was younger. She shuts down, the only time she reaches out for Noah, he's not there for her. He knows it's his fault. Can he bring her back?

And who's watching them now?

*Arc provided for an honest review*
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1,036 reviews78 followers
August 13, 2022
4.5 tension filled stars!!

This is book 5 of the “Westbrook Blues” series and book 2 of Noah and Kim’s story. This can not be read as a stand alone.

Noah and Kim are amazing together. Yes sometimes I want to smack them around and wake them up but then I realize they would both probably make my life hell. I love they both have two different sides. I love Noah’s side he shows the girls (once you read you will understand) and I am all for Kimmy’s protective bad ass side. These two together send up red flags like crazy. They are toxic yet perfect together. You see the crew in this book again and you live for every moment. I will be honest you are left with quite a few questions though. And damn it if that end didn’t have my stomach in knots. She can’t be saying the master gamer is who I think it is, is she?!?!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

In true Thandiwe fashion this book was full of anguish, tension, anger, sex and secrets!! Everything that makes for an amazing book!! I think my only critique is some of it felt disjointed. It felt just kind of thrown in there and resolved too quickly. But nothing in this book is short. It is a lengthy read but to be honest I loved it. I never wanted the Blue Fairy to go.

This is a book that you don’t realize will make you feel the whole rainbow of emotions. Grab a copy and tell me what you think.

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**





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399 reviews5 followers
July 26, 2022

I am a mess.
This book tore me into a million pieces.

Kimberly and Noah are 2 broken people, who complete each other. Both their trauma and walls always clash with each other but they are each other's biggest supporters and protectors.

I can't give spoilers away, but this book hurt me in the best and worst way possible. The pain my babies went through, the isolation and the self-hatred were soul-crushing.

Kim and Noah are going to uncover the truth but neither is prepared for the truth.

Thandie has this amazing talent of keeping on the edge of my seat and killing me softly. This I never thought of and the story is ever so dark but full of hope in a twisted and unfair world.

Kim and Noah are perfect for each other, not because they are opposite but similar to each other. Their secrets and dark souls attract and ignite each other. They are true to themselves, in a raw and chaotic way.
Kim and Noah are "monsters" and while they are scared of their feelings, they are scared of themselves. Watching them grow and slowly face their monsters were inspirational and tear-jerking.

I loved this book, I am a mess. So many emotions leapt off the page and punched my heart. I love the blue boys and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I just know that I am not ready, but some tales are worth the leap and time.

Thandie (if you ever read this) you are an amazing writer and I can feel the pain and self-doubt in each word. I would like to say thank you, your words and story despite being so dark are full of hope and light we all need in our darkest moments. You are an amazing writer and I hope you the very best. Thank you for writings tories of how struggles and little issues are resolved magically in a HEA but are a continuous process of self-growth. With enough self-love and support, healing is a marathon, not a sprint.
Profile Image for TINA | DejaLu✨.
542 reviews12 followers
August 3, 2022
This book was ... hard. The duet in its entirety was hard! There was so much yelling, so much anguish, so much hurt and it just completely wiped me out. It took me nearly a week to finish this book and I'm drained.

I want to say that Noah and Kim's story was fun. I mean, Noah was the the Blue Fairy. He was the happy jokester, right? But not all is as it seems. Noah was a master at camouflaging himself. And Kimmy. We knew she had her secrets but it is so much more. These two equal one big hot, very hot, mess! There were parts that were really good and made me laugh, specifically the parts with all the Blue Boys and the girls (God I just love them all) but honestly, like I said above, in my head this entire book felt angry and yelling, and then ... crying. This duet was aptly named!

Author Thandie unleashes a lot in the book. But if you are a lover of her books, you know this is what she does. She hides little gems, plants little seeds and she, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate Game Master!

So, here we are left with so many more questions!! Thandie girl, get to writing!!!
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82 reviews1 follower
August 6, 2022
Absolutely heartbreakingly perfect
I laughed. I cried. I broke done multiple times
It was phenomenal
The characters both Noah and Kim possible were so strong and fierce and both amazingly written
67 reviews
August 1, 2022
I love the Westbrook Blues world, but…

First, I love the Westbrook Blues world. I’ve read the original three books more times than I can count. That being said, I’m getting a little confused with all the chaotic thoughts going on in the series. First, don’t start the Rage diet before reading Frosty Blues. Lots of references that I didn’t get because I thought it was more of a novella and not really necessary to read beforehand. That’s not accurate. Second, see the following notes I took throughout the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Savage Rage:
➖What was the point of Astrea’s plea between her life and the baby? No background there. Did she have any inclination that her pregnancy could be bad?
➖What was the point of the blue boy’s dad’s coming together for a meeting; super anticlimactic. I feel like that could have been elaborated on. I think the only Easter egg we got was there was a “traitor” among them. That gets more reference at the very end.
➖If Noah is Ethan’s son and Craig is David’s son (brothers) that makes them cousins; Craig’s note calls him his nephew (editing issue?)
➖Such a long book with so many things going on throughout. Less inner monologue and more details/ story development would have made this more of a home run for me personally. The author has so many ideas, but it’s like she jam packed them into one book with not enough details for some plots and too much detail for things that could have been summed up more simply.
➖Book was a bit chaotic; see previous note about so many things going on
➖Good bit of grammatical and editing errors. For as long as we had to wait for this book’s release, I would have expected this to be more on point.

All that being said, I’m 100% committed to the Westbrook Blues series and will continue to be committed. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy what the author has created. Will def being going into reader groups to help iron out some questions I have and get some further clarity. If you haven’t started this series, you should!!!!

Profile Image for CGM.
151 reviews23 followers
August 14, 2022
Necesito unos momentos para calmarme y ya escribir la review lit


Ya pude procesar un poco más lo que pasó….

Primero que nada, la verdad es que sí me gusto bastante el libro. Creo que es súper interesante que el libro trata más como que el “después” de que ya hay una relación, que siento que eso le faltó a Astrea y a Ace para poder entenderlos mejor. Tengo demasiadas cosas subrayadas por que su vida cotidiana es muy bonita, con todo y todo vdd. AME que en mi review de Broken Hate puse que la relación de Noah con Lolo y Casey estaba muy cute y que quería ver mas de eso y el libro pasado me dio unos momentillos pero este libro es lo que necesitaba YO SABÍA QUE ESA RELACIÓN IBA A SER LA MEJOR osea “OUR girls” :’) aparte que no solo fue Noah y Kim con ellas, toooodo el grupo se la viven con ellas osea Ace y Emmet ya no existen… ahora son UNCLE ALEX Y UNCLE EM.

Ahora…. una estrella completa le quitó por eso aparte de que en mi opinión se pudo haber abordado el tema de mejor, al ser un tema pues delicado.

En general pues si hay más cosas de las que puedo hablar pero es que todo eso se me hizo secundario jajajajaj lo importante para mi era como todos se volvieron una familia y que hacen todo por todos, creo que hay todavía muuuchas preguntas sin responder pero si me respondieron en este libro bastantes (aunque siempre la autora da las respuestas super al final pero eso ya ya lo veia venir)

Ya ni se que pensar de la historia de Ivy y Emmet mejor que me sorprenda sin expectativas
Profile Image for Stephanie.
93 reviews
August 1, 2022
*Part 2 of Noah and Kimberly’s story 💜

“This is it for us. There’ll never be anything else, not even a flicker. We’re the inferno. Just us.”

This book absolutely broke me! The pain these two have experienced is unfathamable. This series is so special because every character goes through sooo much and their strength overcomes it all, but not just that, the people in their lives are their anchors and Kim and Noah, they’re completely anchored together. Their intense love for each other, over took me and brought me to tears so many times. Both beautifully broken, almost beyond repair, but because of eachother and her two little sisters, they find that comfort, that safe space that helps keep the demons at bay… But sometime those demons have a hard time letting go.

This is a dark world that Thandie has created, but I’ve been consumed by it from the start! I absolutely love Kim and Noah and their journey. I cried soooo much through out the whole book, but I also highlighted so much because man the things Noah says to Kim and the things he thinks, good gracious he’s a complete Romeo! I do wish the ending was longer! After everything they went through, I needed more, but I truly love these two and their bond. So thank you Thandie for creating this world! I cannot wait for Emmett’s story!!
Profile Image for Eileen (Bangor Belles) Robinson.
1,126 reviews26 followers
August 8, 2022
Wow.. Holy shit !!! This book completed this duet, and omg it was so worth the wait !!
If you haven't read the first book Petty Rage I would highly recommend it!
and the rest of the Series.
Noah and Kim have history, both good and bad, both embroiled in the dirty world of the Westbrook Blues!! A world of smoke and mirrors, deceit, lies, abuse, they have survived this far. But the stakes are just about to rise!!
Noah and Kim are both broken by their pasts, they hate each other, but in the midst of the drama, danger and their deep issues, it is always each other they turn to....
HOLD ON TIGHT because this book has so many dark twists and truths unveiling that you won't know which side of you is up. Angst and Drama, over the top? Hell yes and i was glued to every little part of it!!
Each and every one of my emotions were torn from me, leaving gapping wounds and unbound tears.
I loved their growth, but most of all I LOVED both Noah and Kim, despite it all they learned to trust, to love and fought every single demon in their path, and there were many !!!
I love this whole crew,
This isn't just a book to get your teeth into and enjoy, this is a book that will blast its way in and not let go!!
Profile Image for Dani (books and blankets) .
313 reviews17 followers
August 12, 2022
Unputdownable!! 😭💙💜🙌

I was an emotional mess reading this. The angst of what may happen next, ugh, torture! This group of friends always have trouble lurking in the shadows. They may smile but it's a mask/armor they put on for the world. Happiness is right there but someone is always trying to take it away.

I never wanted it to end, even when my heart was breaking. It felt like I was watching a movie. There was never a dull moment. The steam/chemistry between Noah and Kim was crazy. I love the conversations between them. It was hurtful, broken, toxic, but also honest and filled with so much love.

Life isn't easy for the Westbrook Blues crew. The petty arguments, the secrets, resentment, hate, love and everything in between. They're always there for each other when needed in their own way. There's always a reason behind their actions even if you don't understand it at first.

Can we please stay in the Westbrook Blues world forever? I never want it to end. This world and it's characters will forever have my heart. This is definitely one of my top 3 favorite series ever, seriously! I can't wait for more. Because that ending was ... interesting. Emmett, George?? I desperately need more of their story.

Five Stars btw!! 💜💙🙌
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2,171 reviews159 followers
August 1, 2022
I have no words for this book. Absolutely none.

Noah and Kimberly are explosive in every single aspect of their connection with each other. The two of them a volatile, yet at the same time they are so perfect for each other. They are so broken, hurt, lost but they bring out strength in each other and show each other that they can fight back.

The emotions….if you know you know, but a certain part of this book just completely DESTROYED ME! My heart broke. I could feel the pain of these characters just oozing off the pages. I was also so angry and hurt and yelling while reading. Though, sometimes you need to break completely before you can find the strength to build yourself back up and I feel like that is exactly what happened with Kimberly and Noah.

There are so many secrets, so many twists and so many turns. Some things are answered but at the same time there are also things that were left unanswered. I can’t wait to return back to this group.

If you’re looking for a dark, enemies to lovers romance check this one out, but make sure you read Petty Rage first!
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224 reviews6 followers
August 6, 2022
We are not ok !! Savage rage by @author_thandie is the conclusion to Noah & kims duet and holy shittttttt did we go through it!! Just when we thought these two and our westbrook blues peeps have been through enough thandie said watch this shit 🤣 she took us on a damn journey of heart break, suspense, pure rage, swooning, fanning ourselves & gasping moments all mixed together!! You will be completely obsessed with Noah’s word 🥵🙌🏻 this man knows what he’s doing !!! You will want to hug and burn the world down for Kim ! You also get so much of our other westbrook favs that will have you questioning things but also smiling!!! This world never fails to hook us in and we are here for it all 🙌🏻🙌🏻 did we want more of a hea for our Noah .. YES!! but in the world of westbrook it’s always a happy for now because there is always a new threat & game to be played!! So to that we say game master it’s your move ! Emmett is coming !
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327 reviews3 followers
August 9, 2022
Decepción total bye

Todo se arreglo en tres paginas entre Noah y Kim ni uno areeglo sus problemas personales. Era para que Noah valla a rehab y Kim tambien osea lit los dos pesimo.

Es broma ese fue el tragico final donde quedo el final feliz??? Nomas dijeron que Lolo estaba mal y ahora no dicen nada

NO PUEDO CREER QUE MATO A CASEY y ni siquiera nos dieron closure que mamada.

Cero me quede intrigada con Emette y Ivy obvio el pedp va a hacer su enfermedad.

Maldita autora tenia una historia tan buena y lit la cago toda.

Es pedo eso era la carta de Creig!!? Tanto misterio para nada que falta de respeto!

Lo de Larry es broma?! Y que con la juntada de todoa los papas y ya no dijeron nada de eso mas que mataron a George, entonces que dejaron al papa de King salir? Jajaj no estaba en la carcel? Que clase de estupides
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
July 27, 2022
No bucket is big enough for the amount of secrets spilled

Flabbergasted… that’s all I can say!! The amount of secrets that were unfolded in this book are too many to count! I mean it’s over 600 pages so yeah so much stuff is unloaded!! So much rawness and pain is in here. My heart broke in one too many parts!! And so many things are not what they seem!! Buckle up for this one! And while this part has ended the game master has now left us hanging for the next part of this series! I want to say I have a theory but I don’t think I can even trust that. Well I really don’t want it to be right! But it’s had theories in this book too and well they did not pan out either. Though I’m happy about one in particular!!!
I’m almost nervous for the next book.
Profile Image for Amanda Vo.
5 reviews
August 3, 2022
Noah, Noah, Noah. I can't imagine a better suited guy for our butterfly Kimmy. With Kimmy's struggles and insecurities, her blue fairy is there. He pulls her out of her grave that she constantly buries for herself, and whispers all of the things he loves about her in her ear. These two balance themselves out perfectly. Noah Montreal makes it impossible for us females to find a guy that are like book boyfriends we read and fantasize about. Kimmy is a girl who grew up with many struggles and it was not easy for her to open up. However, with the help and love from her blue fairy, she opened up, and blossomed like a butterfly. These two will make you swoon and blush when reading their story.
Profile Image for Tranese.
1,419 reviews4 followers
July 28, 2022
10 stars!!

I've cried reading a few stories, but never have I ever read such a emotional, in depth novel about two broken souls who will have you laughing one minute, crying the next, and simply hugging your pillow just because you want to hug the charcters but know you can't. This was definitely worth the wait and I'm glad to have been able to finally see how Noah and Kimberly ends.
Profile Image for K.  Ramjohn.
2,011 reviews
August 6, 2022
Savage Rage is the 5th book in the Westbrook Blues series and is a dark enemies-to-lovers romance. Noah and Kim's emotional tale starts where Petty Rage ended and we are taken on quite a rollercoaster ride. Filled with secrets, complex characters, twists and turns and so much more, this story answered some questions while leaving others unanswered. I can't wait for more in this series and will recommend this novel to dark romance lovers.  
Profile Image for Janee.
2,543 reviews13 followers
August 16, 2022

Thank you Thandi for finally getting this little gem out. Noah and Kimberly are insane. They are explosive together. It makes you wonder if they're right for each other. Though all the tragedy comes at them. They make it through with each other.

Now game master is going step his game. To ruin these families.
Profile Image for Esperanza.
235 reviews
September 17, 2022
Tragically beautiful

I waited forever Kimmy and Noah's book to come out and holy hell. How can any love story punch you in the gut and be so freaking heartbreaking yet beautiful at the same time! Not to mention all the twist , turns , lies and deception going on around them . I loved every minute of it and still need more of these two!
13 reviews
July 27, 2022
Worth the wait

Wow, omg where do I start. I was crying by the end of it. Loved Noah and Kim. Won't spoil it for anyone but if you have loved the other books in the series then you will love this. Another brilliant book Thandie, was so worth the wait. You didn't disappoint at all
Profile Image for Lyndsey Young.
251 reviews5 followers
July 27, 2022
This book has blown me away. It feels like forever that I have waited for this book. And thandie has not disappointed with the conclusion for Noah and Kim. This series is just amazing from book 1 to book 5. Can’t wait to see what a waits a head
2 reviews
August 9, 2022
I'm going to be honest with you guys, this book was schocking at firt for me. It has everything that I like in one book!

● Development on the main characters & triggers
I totally recomend this book!

It was worth the time that we wait for it! ☆☆☆☆☆
July 31, 2022
Fairy possible?

What a ride- was this book ever worth the wait. Soul tearing prose that keeps you guessing, and the game master??? I cannot wait for what Thandie throws at us next!
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