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Sins of the Fathers #2

By Sin I Rise: Part Two

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A fatal bond that was never meant to be.

Marcella gave Maddox the impossible choice, and he chose her.
Still, she wonders if Maddox is ready to commit to a relationship, or if he’s scared of losing the uninhibited freedom his biker lifestyle offered him.

All his life Maddox knew who his enemies were, but suddenly he’s at a loss whom to trust. Will he ever find a place in Marcella’s life and family, or will old companions give him a new home and purpose?

Can enemies ever truly become lovers if the odds are against them?

294 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 15, 2021

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About the author

Cora Reilly

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I'm an author of romance and new adult novels. I'm a lover of good food, wine and books, and I'm hopelessly addicted to bad boys (in books).

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53 reviews7,758 followers
December 15, 2021
Man, this hurts my heart so much to say this but honestly, dude WTF.

I’m struggling to understand why this had to be split into two books. Part one and two totally could have been condensed down to one decent sized book.

Marcella and Maddox’s relationship just wasn’t a vibe. There was nothing about them that made me swoon, absolutely no chemistry and the sex scenes fell flat for me.

I had expectations for Marcella and this story. I envisioned a boss b*tch stomping through NYC clubs with red bottoms on, changing the game, creating new traditions and turning the Mafia upside down. Even though Cora tried to write Marcella as a Queen there was nothing about her that made me want to bow down to her and preach her words.

It was soft, the brutality of the Mafia was missing and the whole book is Luca throwing glares at Maddox and Marcella begging Daddy not to kill him. *eye roll*
The whole plot is, Marci wanting Maddox and her family not agreeing or liking Maddox.
I also want to make note that Maddox says the corniest sh*t, total turn off.

This could have been so much more, the potential was there, the characters were there and yet crickets, b*tch. This could have been the generation where the women rule, Marci being the gateway into a generation that would rewrite the Mafia world.

I enjoyed seeing my favourites, Matteo is still hilarious and quite frankly I’ll read whatever Cora puts out just to see what my old favourites have to say—and I think that’s the problem. If wasn’t for my nostalgic connection with the Born in Blood and Camorra Chronicles, I wouldn’t have rated this 3 stars. *sigh*
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411 reviews3,170 followers
December 27, 2021
Marcella: Wait. Down. Bed. Sit. Off. Come. Drop it. Out. Place


Now kneel. 😌

Me when I got to the sex scenes:

Zoophilia? BesTiaLity?? PUp plAy??? — the lines were blurring. Not my scene, but I saw it through to the end. ✌🏻

My primary thought was that Marcella should have been more patient, not pushing Maddog too hard. Also she was too parsimonious with rewarding him for being good. If I were Maddox, I'd change the owner.
111 reviews15 followers
December 16, 2021
pls if this was the book of Luca's daughter, author's favorite character, i don't even want to think about the others 🙂

- i'm so annoyed, what the fuck was that ending? i wanted a hero, not a poodle
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921 reviews160 followers
December 12, 2021
I don’t even wanna talk about it.
I think I’m going to sit here till release date and side eye all of these other ARC reviews. 😏😒🤔

Update. Not even really a review. I’m just disappointed.

Unfortunately I think I’m going to stop reading Cora Reilly books. I have not liked the last few books that she has put out. This book was agonizing to get through. There was no reason to make this story a duet. The second book dragged on so badly. It should’ve been one nice sized book.

The relationship between Maddox and Marcella did not feel real at all. I did not believe in their love story in the slightest. We have Marcella who pretends to be a strong heroine that wants to be inducted into her fathers Familgia like everyone else.
Maddox has all these insecurities and tries to play off as being a confident badass. They keep the relationship hidden because she’s not supposed to be with a “lowlife biker”-
“ I could only imagine the scandal that it would cause. The princess of New York marrying a dirty biker. The odds seem to stacked up against us.”

They’ve only known each other for a hot minute but I don’t know.. this book just did not work for me. And it’s so sad because Luca (Marcellas father) was one of my favorite books by this author.

Because I know I will be asked, yes there are characters from previous books in this book. Yes there’s an HEA.

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327 reviews174 followers
December 15, 2021
Since Cora announced the second generation kids getting their own stories, I have been so thrilled to get into them and inside this incredible mafia world Cora created.

By sin I rise pt 1 wasn't her best work, but I did like it. Now this part two, what the hell is this ma'am?

This whole book is a huge mess for so many reasons. To start of, I didn't feel the chemistry between the characters, so how I am supposed to believe in their romance? Their conversations felt flat to me and the steamy scenes were cringy af.

The plot is non-existent. She promised this duet would have mafia meets MC, but she forgot to mention that they both leave the door once you start the duet 😅😅 But that's not the worst part, because let me say this: literally nothing happens. It's just a story between a white rich girl who doesn't appreciate the man she claims she loves. Maddox left his dignity at his biker home because man he literally lost all for Marcella and you know what? She didn't do anything about it. Now you get why I do not like her.

And then we have the writing. I have read all Cora's books and this is definitely the worst out of all of them. For a second I thought I was reading someone else, not her. The book made no sense, like in one chapter she introduces a plot and in the next one we don't get the answer to that. Did she fr edit this book? Because to me it looked like a draft, not a final book edited and ready to be out in the world.....

As you imagine, for all the reasons mentioned before, it was unbearable to read so I had to DNF it at 70% and skip to the end.

So yeah, for all those reasons it's definitely the worst read for me this year. I have never been bored as I was while reading this.

Does that mean I do not recommend it? Well, this is my opinion, you either love it or hate it, but you need to respect it. I don't think I have any authority to control your reading choice, so do whatever suits you.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
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296 reviews70 followers
December 20, 2021
1 (bc gr don’t allow me to give it less) / 5 ⭐️

Let’s start:

1- I’m still asking myself why Cora Reilly thought it was necessary to break this book in two parts. The first part was shallow and meek and the second one was even shallower and meeker. The only reason that I see is her favoritism towards Luca.
Everybody who follows her knows how she favors Luca, how she try to put his character everywhere and praise him like a God. Shame, cause he is not. There are faaaar better characters.

2- I thought this series were a spin-off from the born in blood series. I thought this series were called “sins of the fathers” bc we would see the fathers (the main character in born in blood) pay for their mistakes through their kids. So tell me, what indeed Luca paid here? Bc from where I was watching, he paid for nothing. In fact, where we should see the fathers - aka Luca - “go weak” so the sons/daughters could have their arc, I only saw Luca shining even more like a flawless God. So, sins of who, I may ask you?

3 -When Cora first talked about Maddox, I was excited. Maddox “mad dog”, the ruthless biker searching for vengeance against the man who murdered his father. I was excited to see an alpha biker with extremely grey morals and attitudes. And to my dismiss I was presented to a domesticated poodle. Maddox lacks everything in a good H from a mafia romance (cof cof not only in mafia romance in fact cof cof).The man was completely -domesticated- ruled by his uncle and now he is completely ruled -domesticated- by the love of his life, Luca.
Maddox lacks presence, power, charm, attitude, masculinity, testosterone and… well… he lacks everything. He is a terrible H.
(really, he changed his last name to Vitiello!!!!! This is sooooooo lame plsssss he is not even a man here only a complete doormat, how can anyone feel even a bit of lust for this guy? Yeah, you can’t!)

4 - When Cora tried to write Marcella, she aimed for a feminist progressive Blair Waldorf in the mafia world. She missed the target. By far. Cora tried so much to make Marcella “not like other girls” that the character is completely forced and shallow. It was so annoying reading about her and all her inner thoughts and then seeing all that bullsh*t actions.

5 - The romance. This is one of Cora’s worst couples. Let’s start with: they meet through Marcella kidnap (yes, Maddox the poodle was the one doing the kidnapping, so we had a captor x captive). They know each other for like 5 days and were already madly in love. But there was no sparkle, not a single drop of chemistry. And with the facts in this book it looks like Maddox is far more in love with Marcella than she is with him.
He made thousand sacrifices for her and she did NOTHING for him. NOTHING.
Marcella was almost ashamed of Maddox sometimes, when they had to hide their relationship bc “oh god what New York City will think when they discover that the city princess is dating a poor biker? What a shameeee”
Giiiiirl!!! Seriously with that? And in the same book you were like “yes daddy I wanna be a part of your dirty mafia world bc I’m an independent and powerful woman who can do everything a man can do but I can’t even let ppl know I’m dating someone that the upper classes will not aprove bc oh my god what others will think of me? What will happen with my flawless image?”
Honey, you have to decide: you wanna be this ruthless independent woman you claimed to be or just New York spoiled princess who wants to live by appearance like the shallow person we know you are?

You know when a person asks you “you think that in 10 years that couple from that book will still be together?” My answer here is definitely not! No, they don’t pass this vibe! I can totally see Marcella getting tired of Maddox bc the man is a doormat and we all tiredly listened to Marcella’s monologue about how she wanted an alpha, just like her daddy and the only alpha Maddox can be is the alpha of the doormats pack.

6 - This book was mostly about Luca. I don’t know what I was expecting. I know Cora favor’s him but I was expecting, you know, that she would try to be a little blunt about it. But no. Here she made the 2 books all about how powerful, amazing and perfect Luca was (you heard that? Yes, that’s me gagging 🤢🤮). We read about it from Marcella POV (how perfect daddy is, how powerful daddy is, how ruthless daddy is) all the time and then from Maddox (I’m sure that, in fact, Maddox is in love with Luca and this couple is the endgame. I’m sure, they have much more chemistry).

Here I was expecting Marcella marrying a Pres and becoming an old lady, being away from the gold cage she hated so much and being the alliance towards the MC’s and the Famiglia. But nooooo I only received a housewife doormat poodle who is now a employee for his father in law and a pseudo shallow daddy little princess Blair Waldorf from mafia bc Cora Reilly physically can’t make Luca and the famiglia look weak in any way, so she just prefers to destroy what could have been a great book. Really… just kill me
L A M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to continue to read this woman’s book? Probably not. Her books keeping getting worse (cof cof twisted hearts, twisted cravings, fragile longing cof cof) and it’s like she don’t learn from her various mistakes.
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784 reviews958 followers
December 15, 2021

“You’re in my head and heart, and I can’t be without you.”

this whole book is literally just marci deciding if she wants maddox or not. saying i hated this couple is an understatement. it is a HEA. also contains aria's pov.

part 2 was definitely slow. i mean the writing was just DRAGGING. the first 80?100? pages marci and maddox weren't even together. nothing was happening. then they reunited and jesus christ you can just imagine the way amo, luca, and matteo acted. like a bunch of rabid dogs saying woof woof bark bark on maddox.

lemme just explain myself. i LOVE cora's books and i've read literally all her books this year and i was so excited for this series because hello we get to see everyone again. now why i'm so disappointed is because i honestly thought it was going to be good but it wasn't in terms of the plot/couple. i still love cora's writing, you just can't expect me to rate it higher because i love the author. thats not how it works (even tho thats what most people do) i genuinely want authors to improve not give us half-assed books.

this whole review will contain spoilers(idk i don't consider them spoilers but be warned)

i love marci, she’s strong, brave and just what i want a girl to do in the mafia world. i hate her with maddox. i hate how she wanted maddox to be loved by everyone and for him to change and bla bla bla. i’m sorry if you wanted a good boy you could’ve picked someone else but you don’t pick a guy whose family was murdered by your father for absolutely no reason.

maddox literally did EVERYTHING in order to be with her and she still was like hmm no. ok if it’s a no move on and date someone else.

“Snow White, I betrayed my club for you, I killed for you, I got tortured for you, and I’ll even make peace with your old man for you if that isn’t proof of my feelings for you, I don’t know what is.”

this whole book was useless. mad and marci don’t work together. they don’t fit into the mafia world. marci literally wants maddox to sacrifice everything in order to be with her but she won’t do anything in return. i get that she went through shit in the first book but you can’t take everything yet not even consider giving back the same energy.

all I’m saying is that a relationship should be about two people being together without judgment and control. yet marci cared about how she was viewed with him and she controlled him about it.

“I can’t even ram my knife into their throats without risking to piss off your father.”
“That wouldn’t be a good start to your cooperation, no,” I said. “They’ll learn to respect you when they realize how brave you are.”
Maddox leaned closer, meeting my gaze. “Fuck, I’d die for a kiss from you right now.”
Heat washed through me. “Later,” I promised.”

marci also wanted a guy who wasn’t scared of her dad yet all maddox has ever done was try to not piss him off… you can’t have everything in this world baby girl.

“If Luca was behind this assassination, I’d end him. I’d no longer try to play nice. If Marcella really loved me, she’d be on my side and be glad that I’d killed the man who didn’t want us to be together.”

another thing about them is that they don’t trust each other. this is the only thing that makes sense in this book because maddox and luca can never find this equilibrium to be civil and as much as marci says she wants maddox, she’ll always choose her family. if she doesn’t then where the fuck are her loyalties because that’s not someone who I want to associate with.

ratings for sins of the fathers
#1 by sin i rise: part one - 2.5 stars
#2 by sin i rise: part two - 1.5 stars
#3 by virtue i fall - tbr
#4 by fate i conquer - tbr
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112 reviews52 followers
December 15, 2021
No words. I do not even understand how did Cora came up with this?? Maddox even changed name for marci. Like how many sacrifices do an outsider have to make to please the vitiello? I am worried for poor Greta now.
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207 reviews50 followers
December 13, 2021
“A life without Marcella was a torture I didn’t even want to consider.”

Full review:

1.5 stars— it pains me to say this, because I've loved each and every book Cora has ever written so far, but I didn't enjoy BSIR part 2.

I adored part one, Marcella and Maddox's chemistry was everything. And I guess the fact I loved the first book so much is partially to blame for not loving book two as much. Because I had such high expectations, it was difficult for them to be met.

I just felt like Maddox sacrificed way too much to be with Marcella. I expected Marci to make some sacrifices of her own in part two, so that she shows Maddox the depth of her feelings for him as well. But at the end of the day only Maddox gave up everything and everyone to prove his love, and for that I loved him, even though I felt mad on his behalf. He was the highlight of both books for me. He never complained about all the changes in his life, he tried hard, harder than he should've, for their relationship to work. It saddened me to see him uproot his whole life, throw his biker's lifestyle in the trash, let go of his family, so that Marcella and her family were convinced that he truly wanted to be with her. He deserved better.

Aside from Maddox, I liked all the moments with our favorite Born in Blood characters. Seeing Luca and Aria again, Amo being all grown up and invested in the mob life, Valerio being a sweet child... It was great. But even so, I felt like they were in the spotlight too much. The book became all about the Vitiellos accepting Maddox and the love story completely fell in the background.

At first I liked the idea of BSIR having two parts, but now if you ask me I feel like it was unecessary. All the important parts of this book could've fit in the first part.

Now, the fact that I didn't enjoy this book doesn't mean that you won't either. Everyone's tastes are different. And the fact that this is the first book of Cora's to get a rating as low as this from me says a lot about how much I enjoy and trust her writing. Still looking forward to all her upcoming releases. 🤍

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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507 reviews557 followers
December 17, 2021
Reasons why she did this in 2 parts: she's broke and knew someone was gonna buy it anyway.

I don't have much to say about the plot because I skimmed a lot trying not to fall asleep, so 2 things only:
1. Why everytime Marcella talk to Aria she seemed to be talking to a maid and not her mother?
2. CR definitely wasn't done humiliating the mad dog in the first book and here she literally said "hold my drink, I can embarrass him a little more".
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49 reviews6 followers
December 17, 2021
I don't know what to say. I'm loyal to Cora Reily even after Savio, Adamo and the other two books being bad. I still look forward to her books and I'll definitely be reading this in one night. Giving myself a red eye and even darker dark circles.
A five star with a hope that you release this book sooner, because I'm dying to read Amo and Greta's book.
3 reviews
December 15, 2021

One Star given grudgingly just for old time's sake!

What did I just read? Where was the story? Where was the conflict? Where was the dominant, possessive, unhinged hero that I expect when I read a mafia novel?

This wasn't mafia, this wasn't a dark romance. This was “Lowly peasant catches eye of the spoilt Princess and becomes her submissive slave"

Let me save you the trouble and summarise the story:
Maddox White, the lowly biker, ditches his club brothers, gives up his freedom, gives up his self respect and changes everything including the way he dresses so that he can please Marcella and Daddy Luca. After few months of being a good lap dog, the Vitiellos reward him by making him Marcella's Prince Consort and he takes her last name and finally becomes Maddox Vitiello.

I'm not even kidding, he takes on her last name. I don't know what else to say.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
8 reviews
December 15, 2021
Honestly, wtf was the point of this book? I wanted angst. I wanted violence. Steamy shit. Didn’t meet my expectations at all. Mad dog who? More like good dog. I absolutely loved Luca’s book so much and was by far more entertaining but this was one big flop. Not even sorry. Cora is completely destroying this world, ugh. It could have been soooo much more action packed, a lot darker considering the revenge theme and a little more twisted. But no. This was all sweet and shit. I skipped through more than half of it just for the sake of it. Another thing that bothered me a lot, why tf wasn’t gianna there when Matteo was constantly there? Like, at least at the family table when they were getting engaged. That was so weird to me. Why wasn’t any of the sisters there? Why weren’t the cousins there either? It could have been so much more entertaining having everyone there and showing the family dynamics. Ugh. Such a flop. I genuinely hope Anna’s book’ll be more planned. Actually have a story. I fucking love Dante. I’ll stay tuned just to see him again. But again, such a disappointment. I envisioned so much for this book. And the two part shit? Ridiculous.
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122 reviews561 followers
February 9, 2022

I legit could not put this book down because I needed to see Marcella and Maddox getting their happy ending! I really enjoyed this book because we finally got to see these two falling in love and adapting into having a relationship. I loved seeing them deal with hardships together and remaining there for each other.

Marcella is a badass and I really liked what she did this book so she could be respected, being a women is not a weakness and that’s what Marcella showed the mafia during this book. Maddox is literally a sweetheart, he sacrifices everything for her and if that doesn’t show that he’s in love with her I don’t know what does.

the epilogue was so cute it had my entire heart!! Thank you for sending me an arc copy of this book. Release date is 12/15 :)

Also psa Amo Vitiello owns me I CANNOT WAIT FOR HIS FREAKING BOOK. Amo and Greta are gonna serve IM SO EXCITED.
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220 reviews27 followers
December 22, 2021
I think By Sin I Rise could have maybe been one book, but longer. However, I did like getting more scenes with the Vitiello’s and Growl...

I didn’t think the story was terrible. However, I felt that more could have been done with it. I think there were missed opportunities.

I'm not crazy about the book cover for part 2.


The story starts off around where it left off. It shows what Maddox has been up to and why he hasn't returned. He had some loose ends to tie up. The MC had money hidden in different places, so he was looking for it. Also, there is a bounty on Maddox head for Earl's death. Maddox wants to talk to his mother and find his brother to explain.

I felt bad for Gray. He reminds me a little of a younger Adamo. I think it’s sad when the siblings aren’t as close anymore or have little to no relationship (like with Fabi and his siblings and Fina and her family.) I would have liked a little more closure when it came to Gray. I wish Maddox would have seemed a little more sad about probably not getting to see him much, if ever again.

“I’d miss him(Gray) and parts of the life I’d led before but none of those things called louder to me than my desire to hold Marcella in my arms again.”

Maddox practically raised Gray for 17 years versus the two weeks that he has known Marci.

I'm glad the separation between Marci/Maddox wasn't long


While Marci thinks Maddox is off doing who knows what, she is dealing with the aftermath of her kidnapping. Marci wants to become the first Made Woman in the Famiglia. She talks about having to go through training and learn more about the business. It doesn’t show it or really talk about it much. It does show her taking the oath. It does show Maddox on a mission. A lot of the drama is Marci trying to get the Vitiello men to accept Maddox. Maddox did kidnap Marci, so I guess he is lucky to even get a chance with her. I thought that it would take longer for Luca and Amo to come to terms with Marci/Maddox.

In the book, Maddox gives up everything and then some to prove himself to Marci and her family. At first, Marci wants to keep their relationship on the down low because she isn’t ready to go public with it. She has to deal with the media and misogyny within the mafia world. They have to figure out their relationship outside of captivity. I think the first half of the book takes place around a week, then, it’s several weeks. There are a couple of short time jump and a longer time jump at the end.

I liked getting more scenes with family members:I liked the family stuff more than the romance in the book.

I love Valerio! He is really cute and funny. He is easy going like Matteo and reminds Aria of Fabi when he was a little boy. He has potty mouth at 8 but it made me laugh. He really protective of Marci and beats people up that talk crap about Marci. I thought Valerio's first scene with Maddox was cute. I liked thoughts on Giovanni(Marci's ex) bc he was a douchebag.

I like Amo and Marci's relationship and how close they are and how he is right there to defend her when someone tries to badmouth her.

It was nice to get a few scenes with Gianna in this book. There's a funny scene where Matteo is on the phone and Gianna and Isa are in the background. Matteo is in more of this book.

It disappointed me that Lily was only mentioned. Romero only made a brief appearance. It was just a "Hey, Romero". She says they haven't had a chance for a family gathering bc of the stress of the kidnapping. I don't think Marci ever said Uncle Romero in either book. I thought that was kind of weird. I wish that there would have been a scene with the whole family in the Hamptons.

I loved getting a little more of Growl and there is a Cara cameo! It's nice seeing Growl now that he is more established in the Famiglia. I liked seeing Growl and Maddox bond. Growl can related some to Maddox situation. Growl used to be apart of the Camorra and Luca accepted him into the Famiglia. I like that Growl gained a friend.

There is an update on Satan/Santana(the fight dog):

Part one possible pregnancy cliffy :

Marci's tattoo:

I thought the camping trip was funny. There was another trip that I wish would have been shown.

There is one chapter from a parents pov.

Sometimes I find Maddox dialogue cringy. It almost seems as if he is reciting lines. Not all the time. That's just my opinion. He does sometimes still use the word "cream" but not as much and didn't use the word "blowy" so I was glad for that. It seemed like he used the words dirty biker, crown, and queen a lot.

I felt that more could have been done with the MC’s. Maddox made a suggestion that the some nomads and bikers that were against Earl and the kidnapping could help the Famiglia gain info/track down Earl supporters. I think it was a good idea, but it went nowhere.

In the first book, it talks about Maddox being good at finding loopholes in security. I think Maddox could help point out flaw in the Familgia’s security. I wish there would have been a talk with Luca about that. In part 1, Maddox was able to sneak into Luca’s club unnoticed. I think that was a missed opportunity. Like I said, I thought more could have been done with the book.

I'm glad Marci mentioned that she should get a gun for protection. Yes, that would be a good idea. She should learn self defense too.

I like the engagement ring

I'm glad that their wedding is shown in the book. However, I was hoping for a scene with the Falcone's at the wedding. It doesn't even make it clear if they are at the wedding or not. It mentions Camorra soldiers coming for the wedding. Did Fabi come to the wedding? I can see Remo not wanting to bring his family to a wedding after Marci’s kidnapping. He might have some concerns over Luca’s security. Remo knows what can happen at a wedding. I get that it was Marci/Maddox big day. However, I feel a line could have easily been included that they were there or didn’t come some for various reasons.

I was hoping that there would be a Greta/Amo scene (possibly at the wedding). There weren't any Greta/Amo scenes. Greta is really shy and scared of strangers, so maybe a big wedding wouldn’t have been the best place for her. I don’t know if she was there or not. There were some little hints to Greta/Amo’s story. Maddox is going to laugh at Amo when he falls for Greta because he'll have it worse with the Falcone men.

I hope that Cressida girl doesn't show up in Amo's book and cause problems. I don't want Greta to get harassed.

Side note: I'm not a fan of scenes where the characters get it on outdoors or in public places. I always worry that they will get caught or someone will film them.

There is an epilogue with a time jump. Some stuff bothered me about it.
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2,984 reviews682 followers
September 6, 2022
Ugh! So painful to finish this series. Despite all the positif reviews from her fans, I still do not connect with Miss Reilly writing. She used telling than showing. The conversation is also stiff and short. Not the dramatic words.

The plot is too simple. Despite the possibility the plot can be developed much darker, Miss Reilly chose mediocre plot.
I ended up bored.

2 stars
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3,103 reviews480 followers
December 15, 2021
Marci and Maddox are the hottest couple. She is feisty but not annoying like Gianna and he is one hot dirty biker. Loved this second book more than their first book! Glad we even got a sweet epilogue. Also so glad we saw Aria and Luca again. My number one couple.
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233 reviews11 followers
December 11, 2021
By Sin I Rise
Part Two

ARC received for an honest review.

The conclusion of Maddox White and Marcella Vitiello story. From the first book we are left wondering where does the couple’s relationship will follow after the harrowing incident. In this book, Maddox has a lot of things going on and needs to settle after betraying his MC Gang, while Marcella is dealing with her own internal struggles after the kidnapping and trying to appease her family with her choices.

Maddox shined in this book, he was completely in love with Marcella, but being an outsider he would do anything just to prove his love for her and his loyalty to the Famiglia, even making peace and surrender to his biggest enemy. Marcella is the Queen that she is, despite the things that happened to her she remained elegant, strong willed and certain to what she wants and no amount of scandal can bring her down.

Maddox and Marcella’s relationship is on a rocky start, they need to find common ground and settle their feelings to each and differences given that they also have different upbringing but there is no doubt that they are in love and their chemistry is intense.

Significant characters appeared in the book and have scenes with the couple and it’s hilarious and heartwarming to read. I love the Vitiello Family dynamic. I am happy to see Growl in his element, Gianna and Matteo being the crazy and supportive Aunt and Uncle. Luca and Aria being parents still weirded me out but not in a bad way but because to me they’re still my OG couple who doesn’t age. I can’t fathom they are in their forties and dealing with their kids! I love how they tackle past events that reminded them to move forward with the decisions.

Overall, the book is good, if you are a fan of the Mafia world that Cora built, you will enjoy reading it especially when the couple is with the family members, this book also led me to believe that Maddox is the perfect Man for Marcella. I would love for Cora to expand a little to what being a woman in the Famiglia can do, but I love how she made Marcella be a part of it. I cannot wait to see Amo being Capo and finding his own persona and Love Interest.
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December 15, 2021
This was painful. Again, I don't think disappointed is the right word because after everything I didn't have any high hopes. But I thought that if there was hope of one good book in the next generation series, it would be Marcella's. Because she is clearly the favorite, daughter of Luca, the author's favorite.

And look, I don't think there is nothing wrong with an author having a favorite characther. But at this point in Cora's mafia world, it's too much. Everything is about Luca. Even his daughter book, is all about him. He is the white saviour, the righteous mafia boss. The series is called SINS of the fathers, but Luca didn't pay any sin, for any second. He was the main characther without being the main characther.

Now, now, the protagonists. I have never met a more bland couple. The chemistry was just not there. The telling and not showing about Maddox and Marcella's personalities were so annying.

Maddox, poor cinnamon roll, is the weakest mc hero ever (btw can we still call him a mc?). There was nothing "mad" about him, nothing that made us readers believe he deserved his nickname. It was actually kind of sad seing his journey in this second part, where he made all the possible sacrifaces for a girl that spent half the book not even sure if she wanted him. I pity his lack of balls.

Marcella was just another supposed extention of Luca's perfection. A spoiled brat that had nothing of "regal pride" that the author wanted us to believe. She was kind of a mary sue meets white feminism. Never really making any sacrifaces for Maddox, and expecting him do be her (and her daddy's) lapdog, which he eventually became. Also the whole plot of she wanting to be in the mafia had so much potencial, but again, we were just told, not shown. After one torture session she wanted a team of soldiers for herself? Girl, get a grip and prove your worth before.

Did I hated everything about this book? Pretty much. I liked Matteo and Gianna's cameos, and also Valerio is the only Vitiello I like now. Also liked when it ended, because let's be real, By Sin I Rise should never been a part 2. With half this book and half the previous one, it would make one book and that was enough. There were so many unecessary scenes, it was boring to read sometimes.

All of this makes me really sad because I genuinely liked Cora's previous books, before Twisted Hearts, which is where the quality of the stories started to drop. After all the remixes of Serafina's kidnapping, I was already giving up on her books, and this one might have been the nail to the coffin. What I guess is Cora's plan now is to find a way of making all the other kids ditch their mafias and families and move to the Famiglia creating a big powerful saviour story for Luca. Poor Remo and especially poor Dante. I am sure they are going to pay their sins with fees.
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June 28, 2022

I recieved an ARC in an exchange for an honest review.

So, uhm I don't know. I'm dividied on this one.

There were parts I liked and parts I really didn't.
So, this is a continuation of Marcella's and Maddox's story. You have to read part one to understand.


1. I get what Cora was trying to do and after some of her questionable heroines, it was necessary. The execution though wasn't really the best. I understand that we were supposed to get this badass, strong heroine, in a sense we did. Some parts with Marcella I really liked, others were just borderline annoying. Her being this undeniable queen, idk I felt it was exaggurated a bit. I just hope Cora continues this representation of strong femme fatals in other next-gen books, otherwise is just bias. (cough Luca effect cough)

2. Sorry, but Maddox was a dissapointment for me, because he simply abandonded every single thing he believed in for a girl he knew for like 2 weeks. Also, the ending kinda made me mad. (For him/WTTFwas that epilogue someone explain). When Cora announced we were getting a biker, I had completely other expectations, but ok, it is what it is. I also felt he loved her way more than she lived him. (Just my opinion)
To conclude, he wasn't the type of man Cora usually writes and it is notable. He also needs to work on his dirty talk ASAP

3. The last 30% of the book saved this for me tbh. Some parts could have been left out and we could have had one book. Plot predictions for BFIC (Amo's book) are quite interesting. Luca is deff a main character in this one as well.😪 Matteo and Valerio stole the show. The writing was also kinda off for me. I strugled a little with reading, I had to take breaks. The wedding scene was nice.

4. A note, in some parts this felt like Marcella's origin story and Maddox was just a side character. The relationship part was lacking. And also, this book had it's good part as well, especially the fight against sexism, to mention some.

Even if this wasn't necesseraily a 5 stars for me, I am not telling you to not read it. I will certainly continue this next-gen journery.
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April 6, 2023
One by one, Cora's books are getting more and more disappointing. Not only the bound between Marcella and Maddox is so weak and not what I expected, but also the relationship between Marcella and her family especially Luca let me down as well. I wanted to find a strong heroine who has a mouth on her against every single person on this planet except of her father, my beloved Luca.
In more than one occasion she questioned him in front of others, disobeyed him and bad mouthed him. sins of the fathers. I wish Cora held in mind those fathers are our main incentive to read this series. We fell in love with them because they were powerful and strong, Please don't degrade them because of the two horny teen who have no respect for their Capo.
All in all, this book wasn't what I expected and what I hoped to read. I sincerely dare Amo and Greta' book since I don't find Cora very promising and those characters are my favorites.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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December 19, 2021
I hate to say this but BSIR is my least favourite Cora Reilly book.
The continuing story is ok BUT for me it has no edge, no darkness, no violence, no angst, I found this book quite soft and dare I say it 'hearts & flowers'
Marcella grew as a character and did so with class and grace but I was expecting more from Maddox, he gave up everything yet there was no inner turmoil, no second guessing - Mad Dog turned out to be a puppy.

Others will still enjoy this book but for me it fell short of my expectations.
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December 10, 2021
Even after all this time, I’m still obsessed with Luca and Aria Vitiello…

Full review soon!


By Sin I Rise Part 2 by @corareillyauthor 🔥

Out December 15th…

Gah, I’m in love. So in love with this family. I didn’t think I could love Luca and Aria Vitiello anymore than I did before - but it’s official, I really really do🥺

I absolutely loved part 1, and so it’s no surprise that I feel no different about part 2!

Marcella Vitiello is a POWERHOUSE. God is A woman, guys. I’m obsessed with her - seriously. She’s the perfect mix of her parents, ballsy and protective like her father as well as living and intelligent like her mother. She’s a Queen worthy of the crown.

And one person who is worthy of her? Maddox White. This biker is one man with a death wish, going after the Capo’s daughter. Sparks fly that’s for sure…

This book made me laugh more that I thought I would! All I’m gonna mention is a certain camping trip…👀 Matteo is back with his dry wit and hilarious one liners. Gianna proves, once again, that she’s the cool auntie who doesn’t care for for Luca’s rules👀😂

This book also made me ridiculously excited for Amo’s book. Like seriously excited. He’s going to blow everyone’s socks off…

I may have also had to force myself not to cry when reading this on the train. Luca Vitiello, you’re still goals even after all this time.

Vitiellos forever.

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December 17, 2021
”Everyone who’d come to see my fall would see me rising from the goddamn ashes. I was my father’s daughter.”

***This is a critical 3 star review.

Look… I’m rating this book for what it is and not what I wanted it to be. It’s a resolution/conclusion to Marcella & Maddox’s story. Do I think this needed to be two parts? Probably not. Alas, it is two parts and I think both were decent-ish.

I don’t know what to say other than that. There were parts that I enjoyed and that’s what gets the three star rating. This book definitely reads like a super duper long extended epilogue 😂. I think the biggest reason I’m still reading this series is because I’m invested in the families combining and I’m just hoping for another one of these books to make me feel the way that Bound by Hatred made me feel the first time I read it.

That’s all. I recommend this if you’re invested in the series/world, but not sure I’d co-sign a rec to new readers.
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December 15, 2021
One star for Valerio Vitiello and the other for the Vitiello family because everything I liked about Marcella in the previous one went down the drain
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