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New Angeles is in turmoil.

The government, the corporations, and the organized crime families have the city in an iron grip. As that grip tightens, the people decide they will not take it anymore. When the citizens rise up and the city burns, Harold sees an opportunity to exploit the chaos.

But is his crusade one of justice, or vengeance?

122 pages, Paperback

First published September 7, 2021

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About the author

B.K. Bass

41 books73 followers
B.K. Bass is the author of over a dozen works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror inspired by the pulp fiction magazines of the early 20th century and classic speculative fiction. He is also a freelance editor with experience both as a publisher and editor-in-chief of a literary journal. When B.K. isn’t dreaming up new worlds to explore, he spends his time as a lifelong student of history, bookworm, and film buff.

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Author 10 books144 followers
November 19, 2021
I just wrapped up reading Night Shadow (Night Trilogy Book 3) by B.K. Bass, and having read the other two in the series, I was not disappointed. When the government of a city becomes corrupt and mobsters take control, the fury of its citizens simmers beneath the surface until it erupts into violence. Taking their anger to the streets, they rebel by setting the city on fire, and Harold Jacobson, a detective who has a score to settle, finds himself smack-dab in the center of the chaos.
No one writes cyberpunk quite like B.K. Bass:
"The smell of charred flesh stung my nostrils a moment before the screaming registered in my mind. Dozens of protesters fell where they stood, charred beyond recognition. Twice as many turned to run, only to be engulfed by flames from behind. The mass of humanity hesitated as the front ranks broke, like a wave breaking against a seawall..."
"Whiskey spilled over the side of the glass, ran in rivulets down the vessel, and dripped to the threadbare rug on the floor. I tried to steady my hand, but the shaking wouldn't stop. I gave up and raised the glass to my lips, drained the entire thing in one gulp, and sent it flying across the room. It bounded off the makeshift plywood wall and crashed to the concrete floor, shattering into a thousand shards".
A fast-paced, riveting book I could not put down- dynamic, highly charged, and an ending that is electrifying.

Profile Image for Michael Nadeau.
Author 21 books32 followers
October 5, 2021
The last book in the series, this book did not disappoint! Riveting action and suspense runs rampant through these science fiction streets and the characters grow with you as you delve deeper into the world the author created. Page turning action and grit, this book ties up everything nicely and gives the reader exactly what they want for an ending. Must read!
Profile Image for Eric Lahti.
Author 20 books45 followers
October 20, 2021
2021 is grinding to a halt and sharpening its claws for one last dig into our throats, but at least we’ve got the conclusion of Bass’s trilogy – Night Shadow.

Night Shadow finishes the adventures of Harold Jacobson, now on the run and hiding out while he plots his revenge. The world has other plans for him, though, and Harold finds himself stuck in the middle of fiery revolution that will leave the city quietly sobbing to itself in the corner. Being the badass that he is, ol’ Harold will find a way to use the revolt to his own gains.

While the first two books in the series focused on corruption growing like a cancer in the shadows, Night Shadow lets the cancer loose on an unsuspecting city. My guess would be Night Shadow was heavily influenced by the events of summer 2020 (see, there was a reason I was talking about last year). 2020 was the year the United States exploded. Too much pressure, too much uncertainty, and way too much fear and loathing. Bass manages to capture that powder keg atmosphere in Night Shadow and isn’t afraid to let it loose.

It could be argued that there’s a certain meta-ness to the story. A hint that while the revolution is of the people and for the people, there are plenty of folks out there who, for better or worse, have no qualms about using the chaos to their ends. The final entry in the Night trilogy is bigger and badder than the first two and takes us in an unexpected direction. It still feels like part of the trilogy, though, and that’s no mean feat to pull off.

Read the whole review on my
Profile Image for J.L. Peridot.
Author 10 books39 followers
September 14, 2021
Classic noir in an urban dystopia.

NIGHT SHADOW is the action-packed conclusion to BK Bass’s Night Trilogy, starring what remains of ex-cop Harold after his non-stop rough encounters in the first two books. No spoilers here, but suffice to say you’ll find all your favourite tropes from both genres, woven together like they were made for each other.

Despite this novella offering all the aesthetics and energies I fall hard for, it was actually the effortless comedic touches that sparked it for me. If you enjoy grimy city cyberpunk, literary pyrotechnics, and narration with that wry old-school Sam Spade vibe, this is the book (and trilogy) you’ll want to try.
Profile Image for Willie Handler.
Author 4 books37 followers
October 13, 2021
Night Shadow is the last booking this dystopian detective series. Like the previous books, there is plenty of action and dark images. Thoroughly enjoyed the series.
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