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The Hollow Star Saga #3

A Grim and Sunken Vow

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Arlo and her friends must decide how far they’re willing to go to depose a cruel ruler in this third book in the Hollow Star Saga that’s The Cruel Prince meets City of Bones .

The die is cast.
The era of Spring is over.

Riadne’s bloody coup on the Summer Solstice changed Arlo’s life forever. In one fell swoop and a fool’s bargain, she lost both her family and free will to the newly crowned High Queen. Now, with Arlo forced to use her powers as Luck’s Hollow Star to help summon the rest of the seven deadly sins, Riadne stands closer than ever to achieving her dark goals.

And Arlo isn’t the only one trapped in a frightening new role. Her ex-Fury girlfriend, Nausicaä, is determined to do whatever it takes to stay by Arlo’s side, even if that means becoming Riadne’s pet assassin. Aurelian and Vehan, torn apart, struggle to survive on their own.

Meanwhile, Celadon has been revealed as Riadne’s illegitimate son—and heir to both Spring and Summer, the ultimate offense in the faerie world. But the High Prince has secret plans of his own, plans made all the more complicated when the beautiful and deadly immortal Hunter Lethe takes an interest in him…

Five budding legacies will need more than luck if they hope to stand a chance against the greatest adversary the Courts have faced. For nothing’s more dangerous than a faerie tale… except the one who tells it, and maybe what they’re going to need is no longer that story’s hero but its villain .

640 pages, Hardcover

Expected publication November 28, 2023

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About the author

Ashley Shuttleworth

5 books751 followers
Ashley Shuttleworth was born in Chilliwack, British Columbia and currently lives Ontario. They have a BA (Hons) in English Literature with a minor in Classical History, and spent some time after uni living and teaching in Seoul, South Korea.

When they aren't reading or writing, their favourite pastimes are going to the gym, playing video games (particularly Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Zelda), and piecing together cosplays for conventions.

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Author 5 books751 followers
January 11, 2023
01/10/23: Update to book synopsis. Get in losers its 2023 we're heading for the gay villain arc

08/23/22: I write sins not tragedies!

Please keep this in mind when you get to the end of this book and want to unalive me. This was always a play on my favourite myth of Achilles/Patroclus, but there will be no burying of the gays! So be afraid! But not in a stabby sort of way.

A GRIM AND SUNKEN VOW is currently only on its first draft. A quiet thing, compared to ACAFL, but oh the emotional places these characters will have to go before we can get to book 4. I'm proud of all my books, for various reasons. ADAHS was life and creativity; ACAFL was precision and levelled-up craft; AGASV is emotion in many extremes. Grief, anger, joy, love, determination--the lengths we'd go and the people we'd become in order to do what's right, to protect the people who matter, to survive. Writing this third instalment was difficult--the exhaustion of everything that's happened since 2020 hit like a brick wall, and I crumbled. My fingers are crossed that the revision and polishing phase shines this story up to my best work yet, because we've finally come to the parts of the story i've been most excited to write, and the backstory of my favourite character.

Some people will love it! Some people will wonder why they keep letting me write books. Personally, i'm having the time of my life and I can't wait to unleash more of my brand of torment on the world.

P.S. you're welcome--Nausicaa is on FORM in this.
Hope you like a little sapphic spice.
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62 reviews5 followers
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September 27, 2023

The ending of A Cruel and Fated Light gutted me (like I'm sure it did everyone), and I am not emotionally prepared for this book to come out more than a year from now (and also not prepared for it in general).

I know the bets are on Arlo being the cover star, but I really feel like it'll be Celadon. Maybe Celadon and Riadne? Arlo is THE main character, and I believe she'll get the last cover all to herself!

EDIT (01/12/2023): Ashley... that description... the rage I feel at not having this book in my hands RIGHT NOW. I am not emotionally prepared for the shit you're going to put them through >:( Also, Lethe best not be crushing on my homie Celadon, he's not emotionally prepared for that okay he's processing things
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44 reviews
April 10, 2023
I can't wait anymore ahhh
Update: just opened goodreads and saw we got a date and a cover and my day is made no it's forged into gold!
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88 reviews14 followers
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September 15, 2022
oh ohohoho [putting on my seatbelt while chuckling] we're going dark plotlines for everyone honey


SING GODDESS? SING OF THE RAGE OF — ? [i knock myself out with the amount of possibilities]
5 reviews
September 24, 2023
While this is a young adult series so they are ages 18-21 (minus some immortals) i haven't truly felt like the character were their age more than I did in this book ( I had to stop constantly and just say to myself they are just children in the grand scheme of thing, ill equipped and ill prepared of what they need to do). They were overwhelmed and confused and struggled to communicate with each other caught up in the self loathing and pity. But another strength of this series is its relationships not just the romantic ones but the platonic ones too, how every one is there to love and support one another and just being a true support system, a true family paraphrasing ' their is no one that you could be come that I wouldn't love" describes their unconditional love for one another.
the romantic relationships were wonderful as always with Celadon and Lethe being a gorgeous addition to our happy couples and them loving each other in a past life is the cherry on top and Lethe's wonderful plan at the end being a big F you to his dad and all the deities that seek to tap and control him is iconic.
While don't see much of Vehan and Aurelian together, we do find out they are essentially soulmates which is awesome. They each do a quite a bit of growing up apart with both of the accepting their power and just who they are as people and It's a beautiful sight, like watching your children grow up into better people than you could have imagined,
Arlo and Nos they understand each other so well and while I'm a little peeved at Nos it couldn't be helped, it interesting to see Nos at her breaking point when she collected 'puppy' and to see how 'soft' she had become and it absolutely broke my heart at what she was forced to do and the emotional blow back that is pending.
Arlo has really came into her own buy the end of the book and a sight to behold and can't wait to see more of in the next installment along with more alchemy and how she processed her grief.
One of my favourite things in this book was how they decided to trick Riadne it was obvious but at the same time not, a perfect combination of things they can do and the impossible( but nothing really is with alchemy).
I can't even begin to think of how deluded Riadne has to be to think that her sons are on her side given what has done and continues to do with their family and friends and constantly belittling and disregarding Vehan despite her own mother treating her similarly, my anger knows no bounds.
While could go on more it was just every thing I could have wanted and more I am hopeful at what our characters will achieve in the next book but also scared of the consequences of tricking Riadne because there is nothing quite as scary as increasingly mad tyrant on a power trip.
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February 22, 2023
I normally hate covers that have people on them but this is how I feel about this one

P.S.: apologies to Lethe for the bad crop I don't care about you as much. yet. I have a feeling this book is going to persuade me otherwise
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