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The Stardust Duet #2

Love's Reverie

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For well over half a century, pianist Phillip Gordon has pined for celebrated jazz singer Katherine 'Kat' Monroe. Upon his long-anticipated arrival into the future, he is a young, energetic man ready to navigate his way through the modern world. Relishing his remarkable second chance at love, Phillip plans to marry Kat, joining the tour as her piano-playing accompanist and husband. In his enthusiasm to make things official, Phillip takes one last leap through the time portal returning to 1947 to secure his late-mother's priceless wedding ring. But when he tries to come back, things go horribly wrong. The portal magic seems to have vanished, and he finds himself stuck in the past where he started - yearning for the only woman he's ever loved. Through a series of events, what begins as a man intent on a proper proposal turns into a man faced with a vital choice. Phillip becomes trapped between two very different centuries, one of which he will ultimately have to choose in order to live his life to the fullest. Love's Reverie is Book Two in The Stardust Duet - the dramatic conclusion about a woman's commitment, the man who will do anything to be with her, and a bond that transcends time itself. If you love sizzling romance, edge-of-your-seat action, time travel, a swoon-worthy hero, and a talented heroine in a small town setting, you'll love KG Fletcher's dramatic time travel romance books. Each is a standalone with a guaranteed HEA, but an interconnected narrative. Best if read in order. Grab your copy today, and escape into a lyrical time travel romance adventure that will linger in your dreams for years to come! The Stardust Duet: LOVE'S REFRAIN LOVE'S REVERIE **FAIR WARNING: This book contains scenes of detailed intimacy and adult language. It is intended for readers 18+**

257 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 26, 2021

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About the author

K.G. Fletcher

21 books371 followers
Dubbed, “The Singing Author,” KG Fletcher lives in her very own frat house in Atlanta, GA with her husband Ladd and three sons.

As a singer/songwriter she became a recipient of the “Airplay International Award” for “Best New Artist” showcasing original songs at The Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN. She earned her BFA in theater at Valdosta State University, and has traveled the world professionally as a singer/actress.

KG currently gets to play rock star as a backup singer in the National Tour, “Remember When Rock Was Young – the Elton John Tribute,” www.almosteltonjohn.com She is also a summer artist-in-residence at her alma mater performing roles in musicals for the Peach State Summer Theatre program, her favorite roles to date being Donna in Mamma Mia!, and Marmee in Little Women the Musical. During lockdown and all through the pandemic, KG got creative using a bedroom closet and used her BFA to full advantage narrating and producing the first four books in her Reigning Hearts Series. (Now available on Audible.) She plans on narrating and producing ALL of her stories!

KG is a hopeless romantic. When she’s not on the road singing, she’s probably at home day dreaming about her swoony book boyfriends, or arranging a yummy charcuterie board while sipping red wine and listening to Frank Sinatra.

KG loves to interact with readers on social media and share about her writing and singing journey. For more info about tour dates (and FREE concert tickets), go to www.kgfletcherauthor.com/contact.html

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1,109 reviews324 followers
October 31, 2021
KG Fletcher brings her musical time-travel romance series back with, “Love’s Reverie”, the conclusion to the “Stardust Duet” saga.

Finally, pianist Philip and singer Kat have been reunited, after literally decades apart. Desperate to keep Kat in his life, Philip proposes, and Kat eagerly accepts. The two plan on touring together after they wed, but their plan quickly falls apart when Philip realizes he cannot leave their small town without literally disappearing. Kat does not want to lose Philip, but certainly can’t let him give up his dreams of being a famous pianist- and Philip knows that Kat has a wanderlust to travel and perform, and he, too, cannot be the reason she gives it up. Now, both are torn with the decision- do they give up their dreams in order to stay together?

Fletcher’s novel is every bit a cute, easy-to-read romance story, with time travel components that fans of “Outlander” will instantly connect with. With an old mirror being the only way to travel through the ages, “Reverie” brings together two people from two different generations, and connects them through their mutual love of music.

I struggled with the relationship between Philip and Kat in the first novel, “Love's Refrain”, due to the large age difference between the two main characters. In “Reverie”, this was not an issue and I found the romance portion easier to accept, and easier to enjoy. There was also less misogynistic language in this one (being mostly set in present day, there was fewer “doll face” comments), which also made “Reverie” a more enjoyable read.

A delightfully sweet read, full of passion and a love of music, Fletcher’s writing flows well and her characters are adorable and extremely likable. I cheered for both of them from the first page. It is not often that a series of novels ends at only two entries, but I think it is appropriate for this one. Fletcher is able to end the series well, without overdoing it. The “Stardust Duet” duo of books will be enjoyed by “Outlander” fans, and fans of light-hearted romance.
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518 reviews11 followers
October 27, 2021
This series, yet alone this book, really plays at my heart strings, the story is unlike any other I really have dived into, and I am let with a melody in my heart that keeps on playing even after the final word that lays to rest on the final page. This sequel was amazing, and gave me all the feels the prior gave to me!

I read the first in the series and loved it with all the passion and longing for people to have true love in my heart and soul. This one was as amazing as the prior book installment. I love the time travel part of this story, and how the story plot is about going against all odds to have that true love that many of us only dream about, and often at times, never find it within reach! The series is mesmerizing, and addictive, and yet the emotional impact the reader feels is undeniable! You truly connect with the characters!

This one concluded the great love story between Kat and Phillip. Reading through this one, there was never any question of the love they have and feel for one another, but the question that surfaced my mind was that is going against all odds to be with this one specific person really your destiny? I found that mainly Phillip had to answer this question, and the impact decisions that we make and how they affect us was greatly assessed through out reading. My heart was all over the place when reading, I felt so much, and emotionally invested, all in all, beautiful book and it is for sure a must read, amazing book!

My heart feels full after getting the true ending for this beautiful series, and that Phillips's and Katherine's story was told, and will be told over again many times as readers read this series. This is a gifted author, and not one to pass up. Highly recommend this book as well as the prior in the series!
385 reviews3 followers
November 18, 2021
Love’s Reverie is the second half of the Stardust Duet. If you haven’t read Love’s Refrain yet, I would definitely recommend starting there as the books very much form two halves of a continuous story! It’s a beautiful, romantic story, set between the present day and 1947.
The story centres around a theatre, and I really enjoyed seeing the theatre at two distinct points in its history. The differences, both technological and social, are fascinating. Time travel allows the readers to see both times, and see the two through the eyes of Kat, from the present day, and Phillip, from the past.
This second half of the story sees the development of Kat and Phillip’s relationship, as well as the exploration of the possibilities and limitations of the magic that brought them together. The couple are presented with difficult decisions to make, particularly now that they are more aware of just how much can go wrong!
The character James really came into his own in this second half, and I enjoyed seeing him get more page-time! He is instrumental in many of the logistics of the story, as well as being a connection between the past and the present as one of the few characters who was there in both times. There are a few other connections as well – I audibly gasped once or twice when things fell into place!
I’ve really enjoyed this series. I enjoyed the first book so much that I immediately started the second and read it in one sitting! It definitely gets five stars from me – I wish I could give it six stars!
Profile Image for Jenny.
1,094 reviews15 followers
October 29, 2021
Having read and enjoyed book one in ‘The Stardust Duet’ I waited impatiently for this second novel which concludes Phillip and Kat’s epic time travelling romance, and I was not disappointed. Having pined for over half a century for Kat Monroe, the celebrated jazz singer, Phillip can’t believe that he gets a second chance at love with her, when he arrives as a young man in the future. He plans to join Kat on tour as her piano-playing accompanist but wants to marry her first. Phillip plans one more trip through the time portal back to 1947 to get his late mothers wedding ring, however, when he attempts to return the portals magic has vanished. He then finds himself stuck back in the past and pining for Kat again.
I fell in love with Phillip and Kat in book two and it was lovely being back with them, they really are a couple in love, so much so that their romance transcends time itself. The two different eras were yet again brought to life by the authors descriptive narrative and I felt completely immersed in the storyline. The connection between the main characters sizzles off the page and I was just hoping they would get their HEA. However, the plot twists kept me guessing as to how their story would end, leaving me gripped until the end. I recommend reading the books in order, and they were both enjoyable and engaging reads. ‘Love’s Reverie’ left me thinking about the characters long after I had turned the last page.
Profile Image for Debi.
1,060 reviews6 followers
October 28, 2021
Love’s Reverie (The Stardust Duet, Book 2) by KG Fletcher

5 ++++++++ Stars

I loved this book so much! Correction, I loved both books in this series so much!! This author sits in the top of my absolute favorites of all time and I will read anything by her, no questions asked. I am a true time travel super fan. I have always been super picky about them and many have not held up to a couple movies I've watched and the super famous time travel series that made it to tv. Until now!

Awesome story, that had me guessing almost all the way through. I kept going back and forth on what I thought would happen and what I hoped would happen. I am so glad this author decided to take the leap into this genre, I enjoyed every single word and had so many emotions throughout. I will have these on my bookshelf, and will reread them probably many times in the future.

The connection between Phillip and Kat was amazing. It was built to seem real and I already miss them and will have a hard time getting into another book for a day or two.

Not giving anything away, so I will stop here and stress that these two books are everything, you seriously have to get them and experience this journey and the phenomenal writing style of this author!!

Deserves so many more than 5 stars!
Profile Image for Karyn Taylor.
733 reviews2 followers
October 29, 2021
It’s a great week when several of your favourite authors release new books. This past week for me was one of those weeks when KG Fletcher released Love’s Reverie, the 2nd book in the Stardust Duet. I had been waiting very impatiently for this 2nd book in the duet to be released so I could lose myself in the conclusion to Kat and Phillip’s story.
Set in both the present day and in 1947, Love’s Reverie is a beautiful romance story with a time travelling element that add so much to the story. I loved reading about Phillip and Kat both in the present day and when they travelled back to 1947. This book is set much more in the present day than the first book and we get to see how Kat And Phillip’s lives together have progressed.
I really loved this book and was totally hooked and loved being taken on the journey of Kat and Phillip’s story. KG Fletcher really has an amazing talent at writing beautiful, heartfelt romances that really tug on the heartstrings and take you through every emotion possible. I really love her style of writing and this book is a brilliant example of just how amazing her storytelling is.
Love this book and definitely recommend it.
Profile Image for tamisha.
67 reviews
November 1, 2021
This is the second half of the series from KG Fletcher. I was just as satisfied with this book as I was with the first. The characters are just as unique here, and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat. We start right where the last one ended. Phillip decides to follow Kat into the future and potentially get his happily ever after. Brand new identity to avoid anyone realizing he’s a time traveler? Check. An altercation with Spencer AGAIN? Check. Surprises that cause everything to go wrong more than once? Check. I have read multiple time travel novels. I stayed away from them for a long time out of fear that they would all have the same premise and not keep my attention. I am so thankful that these books crossed my path and will gladly be reading any and everything that I can get my hands on by this author. If you’re looking for something that will keep you engaged from page one until the very end, these are most definitely the stories for you. If given the opportunities and challenges they were given, what would you do? Grab both halves of the story today! You will not be disappointed!
Profile Image for Shelly.
876 reviews3 followers
October 27, 2021
Love's Reverie by K.G. Fletcher continues along as one of my favorites for 2021 (which book 1, Love's Refrain is). This is the the continuation of Phil and Kat's story. These two have been through it all just to be together. I was sucked in again from the beginning because I am a huge, huge fan of this couple. Watching them struggle with how to explain Phil to helping him adjust to the 21st century to popping Spencer in the nose (twice, yay Phil!), the adventures abound. The author does a fantastic job of tying everything together so that it runs smoothly from one time to the other. The characters, again, are so well-developed that their personalities all blend. Even Spencer, who is still a jerk, can't take no for an answer and gets what he deserves. Her besties, Sasha, plays a larger role in this book and it is heartwarming to see. This book will leave you in happy tears. I can't say enough. I would give it 10 stars if I could. You have to pick up the series and read this. You won't be disappointed. I promise! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Profile Image for Bobbi Wagner.
4,103 reviews35 followers
October 27, 2021
This is the second book in this series which is just as great as the first one if not better. This is an author I never hesitate to pick up and have enjoyed from the first book I have picked up by her. Her books are well written and pull you into the story from the beginning. I highly suggest reading the first book as well to help you enhance your enjoyment of this series. The characters are not only relatable but kept the story engaging to the end. They bring the story to life on each page and they just truly made the story for me. We get to see the conclusion of Kat and Phillips' relationship. Their chemistry is great and they have a bond that is unbreakable. This is a time travel romance story that I had a hard time putting down. What will happen to these two, you will have to read this conclusion to find out. They are great characters and have great growth throughout the story. I also enjoyed the growth of the story that kept me turning pages to the end. I highly recommend this book and this author.
1,596 reviews9 followers
October 29, 2021
5 Stars
Love’s Reverie (The Stardust Duet, Book 2) by KG Fletcher

Love’s Reverie is the second book in The Stardust Duet by KG Fletcher . This is a Historical Romance that I absolutely loved reading. I was transported back in time and was taken on quite the journey. This authors style of writing and her attention to detail simply amazes me. Her characters are well developed and easy to follow. I was hooked from the beginning and had a hard time putting it down. I highly recommend reading the first book if you haven’t already started so you can get a better idea of what is going on. This Duet is definitely going on my list of favorites . I will definitely be re-reading in the future. This is the conclusion to Kat and Phillips story so get ready to be taken on quite the journey. How many more sacrifices will have to be made for them to get the life together they so deserve? I highly recommend reading this to find out what happens n.ext I can’t wait to read more from this Author.
Profile Image for Liz.
1,327 reviews16 followers
November 23, 2021
If there is anything holding you up on your decision to purchase and read these novels, don’t wait, don’t stall one more moment. Get them both right now and devour this duet right now. These novels are by far my favorite two romance reads this year. Like top five reads of 2021 you guys. Phillip and Kat were everything I didn’t know I was missing in the romance department of things in romance reads. I had hit a slump and was feeling a bit bummed with my reading and these suckers really pulled me from the darkness and just made my fervor for all things love and gooeyness, yeah I don’t care if that isn’t even a word, these two make me feel it, just explode all over again. I have all the plans to buy some friends these two for the holidays because I feel like what could be a better gift. The blend of fantasy fiction and romance is flawless and the addition of music is once again a strength of this author that I will never be able to get enough of. I can’t wait to see what we will get next!
221 reviews2 followers
November 23, 2021
This is one sequel that I could not wait to read and I am happy to say is as good as the first book! K.G. Fletcher is an author who takes the romance genre to a whole new level and writes for people who may not consider themselves fans of love stories. In a similar way, this story may appeal to those who may not enjoy time travel. Somehow, Fletcher takes both romance and time travel, and combines them into a page-turning and "need-to-keep-reading" story. In this sequel, "Love's Reverie: A Time Travel Romance (The Stardust Duet Book 2)," Fletcher pulls at the heart and keeps emotions high as the storyline between Katherine and Philip continues. There are questions that need to be answered and these answers will change the destiny of the lovers for ever. The choices that they make, or the choices they don't make, will leave you emotional and wanting yet another installment or at least another chance for them to time travel. These stories are best enjoyed in sequence, but yet again...it is about travelling in time so you could try to read them in whatever order you choose!
Profile Image for Kayla Kearney.
138 reviews
November 18, 2021
I have been looking forward to reading this book since the moment I read the last word of Love’s Refrain, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I quickly immersed myself back into the story of Phillip and Kat, who begin the book in the present day shortly after the death of older Phillip Gordon. The book was full of twists and turns that I certainly wasn’t expecting, making me wonder many times if the story would end in a happy ever after. Throughout the book I loved watching the connection between Phillip and Kat grow, coming together in hardships and facing outside threats to their relationship with strength and grace. It was beautiful to watch two people who barely knew each other at the beginning of the first book grow to the point where they can no longer live without each other, and the author did a great job of showing that! I am sad this is the ending to their story, but am excited to read other works by this author in the future!
Profile Image for Desiree.
194 reviews18 followers
October 27, 2021
The second book picks up where the first one left off. Phillip and Kat are reunited after he figures out how to get back to her. As they are trying to figure out what their future looks like, Phillip decides that he wants to give Kat his mother's ring. When he realizes that it has been lost in the years since he left, he knows what he has to do. What he wasn't expecting was a jilted ex-boyfriend to follow and wreak havoc on his return plans. As Kat deals with a missing Phillip, she discovers that there will need to be compromises made in order for them to remain together. Can Phillip make it back? Or will their love be lost forever in time?

K.G. Fletcher paints a fantastic picture of love and sacrifice in this conclusion of Phillip and Kat's story. She does a wonderful job of walking the reader through the character's thoughts and how they reason through all of their decisions.
Profile Image for Katie.
2,175 reviews12 followers
October 28, 2021
Love’s Reverie (The Stardust Duet Book 2)
By K.G. Fletcher
5 stars

I adored the first book in this duet and couldn’t wait to get started on the second part and it didn’t disappoint at all. I love this author's writing, it’s just so easy to read and her characters are amazing. Phillip and Kat’s story continues in this book and as soon as I started reading, I was right back with them. The authors descriptive language was wonderful and I could imagine the time periods I was reading about. I was definitely on the edge of my seat at some parts of the story just wanting to know if these two would make it. Again, as with the first book because of the authors planning I wasn’t confused at all – it was a smooth and seamless read.
This has been a wonderful duet and I have loved every second of it – I would 100% recommend it.
182 reviews1 follower
November 15, 2021
The love between Kat and Phillip is something that time can't even stand in the way of. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book to see where their love story took them and I was beyond thrilled! This is such a beautiful, truly epic love story. There is one scene where young Phillip does exactly what old Phillip once did and punched obnoxious Spencer right in the nose! Man did he deserve it and it made me burst out laughing! Phillip and Kat have the kind of forever love that people can only dream of. They have to face so many obstacles on their way to happiness and this book really had my emotions all over the place. I couldn't put it down once I picked it up because there was so much suspense mixed in with the romance and I just had to know what would happen next. The ending is absolutely perfect and made me smile with its beauty.
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
536 reviews5 followers
November 24, 2021
Love's Reverie is the 2nd book in the Stardust Duet. It should be read after Love's Refrain, to understand what is going on. The book continues the love story of Kat and Phillip, a love so strong, it spread across time. The story bounces back and forth between 1947 and present day, as the two use a magical mirror to time travel. This story had a lot of ups and downs, and at one point I was nearly heartbroken for the couple. I hoped things would have turned out better for them, but I was happy with the story and its happily ever after. I love the part James played in their story, and thought he fit perfectly into each era. Kat and Phillip are both old fashioned, and I loved that about them. There were a couple adult scenes, so mature audiences only. That aside, I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned romance story with a happy ending.
Profile Image for Susie.
76 reviews6 followers
December 1, 2021
Do yourself a favor and as soon as you finish book 1 (Love's Refrain) pick this up and continue reading.

Phillip and Kat just... ugh.. #relationshipgoals

Their love is pure, genuine, real. And Fletcher makes that come across every time they are together. You get lost in their love so easily and you just feel how true it is.

If ever one is looking for the definition of a love story - these books are it. Truly.

In this day, it's rare to find a book that focuses on the love aspect of a love story. And don't get me wrong, there's some spice in these books if ya know what I mean *wink wink* but it isn't the main focus.

Fletcher truly knows how to capture a person, their feelings, and how to get you to love them as much as your partner in life. These books are a testament to that.
Profile Image for Karen Pearman.
246 reviews6 followers
October 27, 2021
This is book two in this series by this amazing author. I loved the first book so much I hated when it was over so to say I was beyond excited to get my hands on this book is an understatement. And once again, I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! In fact, I thought I loved the first book and that it couldn’t get any better but gosh was I wrong. I love how these stories take you on a journey into another place and time through her storytelling as well as her music. These characters are amazing, even though there are a couple that are somewhat annoying, but she has such an inspiring way of writing their stories that you root for the annoying ones just as much. I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this book. You won’t be disappointed.
Profile Image for Anantha Rusum.
212 reviews5 followers
October 31, 2021
The second book is a continuation of the first book, where both Philip and Kat are reunited after going back and forth in time. But now the bigger question remains, how and where they are going to spend their future together. Philip decides to take a giant leap and goes in search of his mother’s ring. But his ex-girlfriend appears to cause severe damage to his plans. This is the book of uncertainties and how their love has to face the tests of compromise to be together.

I had loved the first book too, it is a very mature relationship portrayed which requires a great deal of love and understanding between the protagonists as they travel back and forth in time. I loved this book as much as the first one !
204 reviews4 followers
October 31, 2021
I was excited to finish this duet, after recently reading Love's Refrain. While this book 2 does catch you up on the plot of Book 1, I'm glad I had already read the first and had already come to love these characters before embarking on this one. There is much more emphasis on the soulmate/transcendent nature of their love affair, which many romance readers may find lovely. Phil's battle to return to his love, and all of the barriers in the way to his hoped-for reunion made for interesting plot points. What's a romance without a bit of the 'star-crossed lovers' theme anyway? The writing struck me again as very lyrical and whimsical - Fletcher has a unique voice with a dream-like quality I appreciated. Romance lovers, pick up this book!
2,351 reviews16 followers
October 27, 2021
Love's Reverie: A Time Travel Romance by KG Fletcher is the second book in the Stardust Duet.you definitely have to read these books in order.
For me this book was even better than the first. I was pulled straight back into Kat and Phillip's strange but compelling journey. It was fascinating to watch them navigate the different times as they did. Their love story was so heartwarming to watch develop across the Duet.
This author always knows how to create such an effortless romance and this series has been just that. I have loved every moment of reading it and I am already planning to go back and read it again. I would highly recommend this series, and anything this author has written.
Profile Image for Angela.
4,724 reviews58 followers
October 28, 2021
5 Stars

Love’s Reverie is the second instalment in The Stardust Duet By K.G Fletcher. GAH! I love this duet so much. Ms. Fletcher has once again worked her magic and produced a wonderful story that has well and truly stolen a little piece of my heart!
If you haven’t read the first book, I highly recommend that you do before you start on this second instalment- trust me you won’t want to miss a minute of this wonderful time travel romance. It has all the ingredients to keep you enthralled from beginning to end.
As always, I am excitedly awaiting to see what she has in store for us next!

Thank you, K.G. Fletcher!
127 reviews2 followers
November 2, 2021
Love’s Reverie is the second book in the Stardust Duet Series. K.G. Fletcher, again, delivers with her wonderful character building and vivid descriptions of the small-town life in the present day and in the past. I read the first book of this series and was impatiently waiting to read this one. Fletcher did not disappoint. Love's Reverie was full of ups, downs, twists and turns along the way. The love between Kat and Phillip is a love that we all hope to find one day. With the added element of time travel, this book was captivating from start to finish. I look forward to reading more books by this author!
Profile Image for Erica Fish.
992 reviews1 follower
November 16, 2021
This is the second book in The Stardust Duet by KG Fletcher. I never hesitate to pick up her books. I will say that if you have not read the first book in the series I highly recommend you do so. The characters in the book are so alive that I can see myself being with them. Ms. Fletcher always makes her characters alive within her books. This story is a time travel romance story that encapsulates love. This is the story of Kat and Phillip’s relationship. Phillip time jumps to secure items for the love of his life. Has he been successful or will the last jump be his last jump? You will want to read this book to see if love can conquer all.

Profile Image for Ashley.
166 reviews3 followers
November 21, 2021
I was so excited for Book 2. I absolutely loved Book 1. Time Traveling Historical Romance? YES! It’s right up my alley. I wasn’t sure what to expect in book 2, I was kind of worried that it wouldn’t be as good as the first one. It was so great! I was not disappointed; I think my expectations were exceeded! This was such a well-told story. I felt all the emotions here, I felt what Kat and Philip were feeling. The writing was so well done that I felt like a fly on the wall watching it all happen. Pick up both books, you won’t be disappointed. This will quickly become one of your favorite book series and a new favorite author.
196 reviews1 follower
October 30, 2021
Love’s Reverie (The Stardust Duet, Book 2) by KG Fletcher is a fantastic second installment. After reading the first book I absoulty couldn't wait to get my hands on the second one. This installment concludes Kat and Phillip's story and boy was it a story full of love, time travel, and emotion. I was so emotionally invested in this story that my heart and my emotions were all over the place. The characters were so amazing in this book, that I hope KG Fletcher has more installments to this series with more great characters.
Profile Image for Sheri.
826 reviews3 followers
November 1, 2021
Love’s Reverie by KG Fletcher is the second book in The Stardust Duet series. The first book in the series should be read first to get the full enjoyment of this story. I was so excited to see where this series would go after the amazing first book. A key, locket necklace, and a mirror have changed the lives of Phillip and Katherine. Will the two be able to conquer any obstacles put before them?
This is a wonderful love story with time travel. The characters are great and you want the best for them. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.
Profile Image for Kathy Penn.
Author 14 books154 followers
November 3, 2021
KG Fletcher has outdone herself! I couldn't imagine Phillip and Kat's story getting any better, but it does. Watching their love grow stronger despite the sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes humorous hiccups makes for a highly satisfying HEA continuation. It's not without its suspenseful moments, but in the end, Fletcher provides her fans with a romantic yet realistic conclusion. Even without the time travel element, Phillip and Kat's fairytale relationship is the stuff of dreams--exactly what I look for in a romance novel. Well done, KG.
Profile Image for Rachel Moss.
574 reviews6 followers
November 11, 2021
Love's Reverie was a great sequel! I really enjoyed coming back to Kat and Phillip's story and seeing it to the end. This was another heart wrenching tale of love, and having to find each other again. I still think I enjoyed the first book more than this one but this was amazing too. I absolutely love how well the story flows and how heartbreaking Fletcher manages to write this story. This had the perfect ending and I loved it, but I also hate that I don't get to see their story unfolf anymore. This is definitely a story for the ages!
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