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Truth or Dare #1-2

Truth or Dare

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At 18, I lost my v-card to my two best friends. And then came the fall out.

I ran from Hannsett Island. It’s been me and my son against the world ever since.

I told myself I’d never go back, but my son is sick. And the two doctors who could save his life...?

Jason and Donovan. The same two boys I shared one hot, steamy night with over ten years ago.

Can I keep my secret safe…even though it threatens to slip out every time their lips touch mine?

Included in Series:
The Bully's Dare
The Doctor's Truth
Two Truths & A Lie (Bonus Novella)

The complete duet is over 100,000 words and features a single mom and two hot, dominant doctors. This series includes MF, MMF, and MM scenes, comedy, over the top drama, and a dash of angst...and, of course, a satisfying HEA.

462 pages, Kindle Edition

Published August 8, 2021

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Adora Crooks

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210 reviews
September 13, 2023
its a menage. has an underlying somber and bittersweet tone to it. a full circle moment. every little detail is connected. funny kid. yup yup. one of those im contented to have read this once types of books.
464 reviews
July 26, 2022
If Max, Aki, and Audrey from the Gossip Girl reboot met at a summer town.
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32 reviews1 follower
May 24, 2022
One of the best written menage romances out there.

The moment I read the blurb, I knew I wanted the story, but it took some time actually starting to read it. I don't regret it though because it is going into my 5-star favourites list. I like that there were multiple POVs and the characters. They storyline was addicting and I didn't sleep until six in the morning because I wanted to see how it ended.
37 reviews2 followers
July 25, 2022
I read this because of some of the authors tiktok videos with quotes from the book. Honestly I did skip around for the first half of the book. You don't usually like stories that involve children as a plot point but I accepted it in this case. The relationships between the three main characters are adorable and sexy. Definitely worth a read on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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278 reviews2 followers
August 11, 2021
I'm not that much into M/M books like that but! This dynamic between Donavan, Jason and Kenzi is undeniably hot! This book is a real page turner! I couldn't get enough! I laughed and and cried through out this whole book! Ugh! So freaking good! ❤️❤️❤️
21 reviews
July 14, 2022
Short but good

I absolutely love poly books. I don't see a ton. I also enjoy RH but especially love when they are all involved with eachother. This story was short but sweet. Its was nearly 500 pages in all, but it flew by I was reading it greedily!
34 reviews
August 19, 2021
Fun and entertaining

It was an entertaining, fun and enjoyable reading. Good plot and realistic characters that are easy to fall in love whith.
373 reviews2 followers
May 10, 2022
Loved it!!

Great characters that you got to know well. Interesting storyline that sucks you in. Very hot!!! Not very many authors attempt MMF which is my favorite. She did it well.
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46 reviews
July 30, 2022
I fell in love with these characters so much! I loved the plot and everything! Such a good book! Go run and read it!! NOW
321 reviews3 followers
August 12, 2021
Adora Crooks, ‘Truth or Dare: The Complete Duet’.
As an Hidden Gems ARC reader I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily promised an honest review. Here it is.

Rating: 4 (of 5 stars).

In general: A Love Triangle.

Main characters:
- Kenzi Stratton (18 yr in 2005).
She’s on summer vacation on Hannsett Island before the coast of Long Island with her mother Pearl and ‘Four’, her mom’s 4th husband, who owns a sailboat and a beach house there.
Kenzi loves all kinds of songs and wants a career in the music industry.

- Adam Donovan (19 in 2005).
His mom died of cancer a few years before. With his dad he lives in a trailer near the marina where both have a job. He’s gay but secretly he has a crush on Kenzi. His dream is to study Medecin.

- Jason King.
A tall, good looking boy with very wealthy parents. He’s very popular around the marina and is the ‘social leader’ of a ‘posse’ of spoiled, rich boys and girls who admire him. Kenzi is impressed with his good looks but hates that Jason and his ‘band of jerks’ sometimes bully Donovan. So Kenzi makes fun of him a few times and he’s not amused.

In 2005 Kenzi and Donovan are soulmates and after a few incidents they discover that Jason is also okay, especially when he’s without his ‘posse’. They often play Truth or Dare and other interesting games like strip poker. The result: Kenzi loses her virginity and gets pregnant after some threesomes with Jason and Donovan. The boys also are physically attracted to each other. After the summer of 2005 Kenzi loses sight of her boyfriends.

In the rest of the book the author, Adora Crooks, describes the relationship between the three lovers in 2018/19.
Jason and Donovan now are esteemed doctors and Kenzi returns to Hannsett Island with her mom. The author tells how the MMF love relationship deepens notwithstanding the many years they didn’t see each other and despite the manipulations of Jason’s dad (and chief of the famous Hannsett Hospital where Donovan and Jason work). She creates wonderful, credible main characters, gives insight how enemies can become lovers and how a popular bad boy with a lot of female admirers accepts his bi-sexuality. Moreover she shows the reader how young people growing up, develop own values and break away from their parents’ or dad’s expectations and claims.
So, for me, a very interesting book.

R. Huiszoon.
Profile Image for loveofafairy.
140 reviews7 followers
August 14, 2021
Score: 8/10
Would reread: maybe

As a whole, this book was a lot. While at first, I felt like the first part could have easily been a shorter version incorporated in the first one, I was mistaken. The trio in 2005 was one of the most wholesome things ever. I even might have liked it more than their adult story.

After a scorching summer friendship turned into more than that we get a 13-year jump for the trio. In 2005, the three of them are a band of misfits. Adam is the rebel, the outcast, the gay guy who is in love with his new girl best friend. Jason is the jock, the King, the guy who is secretly soft and caring. Kenzi is the misunderstood girl, always the additional wheel, the music lover. Their relationship was explosive and the only thing that bothered me slightly was the lack of acting on feelings for Adam-Kenzi.

Adam and Kenzi are soulmates, they understand each other and it's as if they were made to fit. Ironically, they are both hot for the King of jerks. But when they find out Jason is more than his facade, the only thing missing from the perfect triangle is Adam and Kenzi being more than friends. It literally hurt me to see from both parts that they would have liked something more but never reached for it.

After 13 years, Kenzi is back on the island with the "surprise" child who needs medical care. And who better to save him than his "dads". I need to say that I was DISSAPOINTED to see that there was no "Who's kids is it?". While the waiting for the perfect triangle was way longer than I would have liked, in the end, it was epic when they finally completed it.

Another thing that I absolutely LOVED, was to read the small additional story. It felt amazing to see Jason actually feeling bad considering how he always gave a relaxed vibe. It felt like a very important difference between the old and new Jason.

I am voluntarily reviewing an ARC I received via HiddenGemsBooks.
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602 reviews
August 15, 2021
Adora did her thing with this ending to an already amazing book! Having read the first book a while ago, I felt like I was right there with them along for the ride. There’s so much emotion packed into the sequel, the lies, secrets, and out right stupidity on Jason’s behalf. The obstacles these three have to overcome, the hardships they face, while accepting their intimacy with one another is nothing short of amazing.

Kenzi was her normal standoffish self, always hesitant and guarding her feelings. She struggles with her demons while also struggling for her son. She is strong, confident and loving towards all three of her boys. And would do anything to keep them safe.

Jason once again is full of fire, life of the party with his down for whatever attitude. And, do we see his adventurous side come out. He has so much love for everyone, always willing to lend a hand to brighten the mood. I loved him in the first one and continued here. And is still the foundation for their relationship

Donovan has grown a lot, like coming out of his shell, blossoming into an even greater friend and now an even more amazing lover. His take charge attitude was completely different from his previous go with the flow demeanor, growing on you as you go. He has become the rock for these three, always level-headed and attentive to their needs.

The three of them together were scorching hot , full of steam and fire. Adora does an amazing job of connecting with the readers, making me feel every emotion that each character was experiencing. Her attention to detail was incredible, throughout the entire book even the sex, which is worth every bit of 10 flaming stars! Excited for more from her!
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943 reviews1 follower
August 10, 2021

At 18, I lost my v-card to my two best friends. And then came the fall out.

What the readers are saying…
“Opposites attract, enemies to lovers, and coming of age all in one.”
“I love a good MMF but rarely can find one. This was the sweetest love story with just the right amount of sexy scenes.”
“The three main characters were so relatable, individuals and so intelligent and humorous. Loved the banter between them, the friendship and caring was so amazing and rarely seen in this genre.”

I ran from Hannsett Island. It’s been me and my son against the world ever since.

I told myself I’d never go back, but my son is sick. And the two doctors who could save his life…?

Jason and Donovan. The same two boys I shared one hot, steamy night with over ten years ago.

Can I keep my secret safe…even though it threatens to slip out every time their lips touch mine?

Included in Series:
The Bully’s Dare
The Doctor’s Truth
Two Truths & A Lie (Bonus Novella)

The complete duet is over 100,000 words and features a single mom and two hot, dominant doctors. This series includes MF, MMF, and MM scenes, comedy, over the top drama, and a dash of angst…and, of course, a satisfying HEA.
Profile Image for Lucid Quill.
Author 7 books23 followers
August 15, 2021
I didn't think it could get any better! 😭🖤


This book was definitely different, in like the BEST way! I picked it up on sale and jumped right in not knowing what it was about. I was bummed to see it was a cliffhanger but oh my god it was SO good.

I wouldn't call this a menege exactly, for reasons I can't spoil. Donovan was my favorite, I LOVED him. Jason was great too but I just adored Donovan. I can't wait for book 2! I mean that ending! What!??


This book 😭🥵😍🖤🤬😍😭🖤 put me through it and back again! I read book one not realizing it was the first in a duet and screamed at the cliffhanger. Thirteen years!!! Thirteen years these three parts of a soul were separated!! It was agonizing!

I honestly think this is one of my favorite MMF relationships I've read. Donovan, Jason, and Kenzi operate together on a whole other wavelength. Was I frustrated a lot because of the secrets? Hard yes. Did I get over it knowing they were a perfect fit for each other and would overcome? An ASTOUNDING yes. These three are cosmic. I adore them.

That ending, the hospital 'situation' 😏, made me SO happy!! I'm actually kind of sad their story is over, I need more! This one is an emotional rollercoaster I'm glad I got to ride.
766 reviews2 followers
May 26, 2022
I!am not really a fan of reverse harems, or much for poly. But this set, this was AMAZINGLY MOVING!

While this novel is about a polyamorous situation, mfm, that is not the entire storyline. It is important, but the real story told here is about love, growth, humanity, manipulations, a bit of everything.
Jason, a young man who honestly lives in fear of his manipulative father, for good reason, Donovan a young man who is " the outcast", and young girl to woman who is scared of love. Together these three individuals create a moving heartfelt novel. The author's sexual scenes are completely appropriate and not hyperbole. All is within three young people growing up and three adults learning to love together.
The entire novel I felt such emotion from all three individuals, plus one beautiful young man. You never were overwhelmed with the polyamorous situation, you simply felt the love these three adults were learning, accepting, and their joy with one little boy.

Without much more, or I am giving to much away, but if you question this book because of a poly relationship,do not! As I said, this was AMAZINGLY MOVING!
I absolutely loved. The author told a believable story, and told it well, with complete class!

Profile Image for Tracie Rogers.
415 reviews2 followers
August 12, 2021
Kenzi is getting ready turn 18 and she is on holiday with her mom and step-dad number 4. She meets Donovan who works where they are staying. Hes a young man who happens to be gay. They become the best of friends especially in their (dislike) of how Jason treats people. Jason is a sexy alpha and a jerk. But one night the 3 have an incredible night. That leaves Kenzi with a surprise. Fast forward 13 years and Kenzi is back and both Jason and Donavan are now doctors. Shes there to get help for her son. And through it all might just get the loves of her life back. Great story of coming out, and finding love. Loved all these characters.
Author 13 books3 followers
August 13, 2021
Wow! I couldn't get enough of these three! So steamy and amazing in general. The way they complete each other- swoon! And seeing the way they age to fit even better from teens-just barely adults to adults with careers and more. The steam became even better as adults. When I first saw the page number for the whole thing I thought it would take me awhile (but I read a lot so by a while I was thinking 4 days)...nope... Couldn't put it down and read it in less than two days. I guess laundry can wait....

*I am leaving an honest and voluntary review after receiving this book as an arc.
Profile Image for Amii.
186 reviews
August 10, 2021
I read the first book back in December so was pleased when I saw the second book was out. I thought the first was brilliant and gave it a great review, the second part? Wow, I actually thought it was better than the first. You get to see how matured the characters have become and see who they turn out to be, this was a brilliant read and I started and finished it all in the same day. I read this book as an ARC.
Profile Image for Vivian Chrisman.
2,792 reviews5 followers
August 15, 2021
As teenagers, most of us played "Truth or Dare?". How many will admit that their first kiss happened because of this game? For Kenzi, Jason and Donovan the game held a lot of firsts. Then their summer was over. It would be thirteen years later before they would all come face to face again. What happens? Let's just say that the three will find that while some things change some will only get stronger. I received a copy of this book via Hidden Gems which I am voluntarily reviewing.
178 reviews
April 16, 2022
Good book

I really liked these characters. The first book was all about how the met. The second book is how they came together years later.

I enjoyed the second book better maybe because it was when they were adults. I liked how the characters developed and become more true to themselves.
Profile Image for Tayanna Nelson.
194 reviews19 followers
August 18, 2022
This was very cute and although I spent most of this book worried about Donovan's feelings, I feel like in the end they all became a cute lil family and this was a lil bit of heartbreak but a lot of that "established romance" thing I like in my romance novels.
531 reviews1 follower
July 18, 2022

Good fast read with heat. Loved the twists and tuns of scum that tried to work against them. Muskrats for life@@
641 reviews2 followers
July 28, 2022
i really enjoyed this series. a lot happened throughout the book and my attention was kept throughout!
3 reviews
August 14, 2023
The book is good but having kids I can tell you never met a 12 years old, my 8 years old son seems more mature than the 12 years old in the book
Profile Image for Ashleigh Jacobson.
258 reviews1 follower
July 30, 2022
I liked this book!! I liked all the characters and seeing their relationship develop as adults
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