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Bug on the Rug

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Pug is snug on his rug. But what happens when along comes BUG?! With a claim to the rug?! The two engage in a hysterical, rhyming battle of wits and strength until Slug asks the necessary questions and helps them find common ground. Rhyming is an important developmental reading skill. It teaches phonics (decodable text) and helps young readers infer content. This is a fun story to build those skills--and is an epic read aloud!

40 pages, Hardcover

First published March 15, 2022

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About the author

Sophia Gholz

5 books44 followers
Sophia Gholz is an award-winning children's book author, magic seeker and avid reader. Sophia enjoys writing fiction with humor and heart. When writing nonfiction, she pulls on her love of science and her family background in ecology. When she’s not writing, you can find Sophia reading a book, visiting schools or exploring the great outdoors with her family.

Sophia’s books have received many accolades, including: NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book, Florida State Book Award Gold Medal, South Carolina Book Award Shortlist, Kentucky Bluegrass Book Award Shortlist, Nile Delta Book Award, Eureka! Nonfiction Honor and the Green Earth Book Honor. For more about Sophia and her books, visit her online at:

Website: www.SophiaGholz.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sophiagholz
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sophiagholz
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDQw...
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/sophiagholza...


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Profile Image for Charlotte Offsay.
Author 6 books83 followers
April 18, 2022
Oh my goodness this book is hilarious and adorable! Pug is loving his rug until bug comes along and claims it as his own. They begin to battle over rug ownership until slug comes along and helps them see another solution. Written in brilliant rhyme this book is fun to read aloud and a great tool to use with children around sharing and taking a moment to consider another's perspective. I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend checking it out!
Profile Image for Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance.
5,873 reviews292 followers
October 22, 2022
Pug is happily relaxing on the rug when along comes...Bug! And it isn't long before Bug takes over the rug. Poor Pug. What to do, what to do? It is up to Slug to help Pug and Bug figure out what to do on the rug.

Lots of fun rhyme and lots of silly plot make for a good time for all.
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
2,038 reviews53 followers
May 3, 2023
Bug and Pug are having a disagreement. Slug acts as mediator. Pug realizes that he is at fault and apologizes. Sweet rhyming story that readers of all ages will get! (This encapsulates the power of the picture book to teach lessons.)
217 reviews2 followers
May 15, 2022
Pug loves his rug. Then along comes Bug and takes over the rug. They try to claim the rug as their own and things get a little messy. A nearby slug helps them realize they could share. This humorous rhyming text with silly and active illustrations is great for young readers. This book was perfect for my 3yo that's been learning rhyming words and often butt heads with his older brother about sharing. Susan's lively and colorful illustrations is perfect for Sophia's playful text, making this a must read for primary grades.
Profile Image for Katelyn Aronson.
Author 6 books46 followers
July 17, 2022
Gholz’s first fiction picture book (she usually writes non-fiction) does not disappoint!
As an educator, I love the plethora of rhyming word pairs throughout, beginning with main characters Pug, Bug, and Slug. The major tension here comes from each one wanting to camp out on the coveted ‘rug’. But few lessons in sharing have been so fun and silly. A wonderful read-aloud with plenty of onomatopoeia to boot.
For a crowd-pleaser that also reinforces social-emotional understanding, look no further!
Profile Image for Sita Singh.
Author 4 books18 followers
April 18, 2022
This is such a fun story about a pug who loves his rug until first comes a bug, and then, a slug! Gholz’s rhyming text pairs perfectly with Batori’s adorable art to tell a story about learning to share. I love the clever word play and my favorite part is the ending! No spoiler, but a new character comes along and adds a delightful surprise. I highly recommend this charming read-aloud that kids would want to read over and over again!
Profile Image for Helen Wu.
Author 27 books60 followers
March 1, 2022
A hilarious rhyming read aloud about new friendship and sharing. It encourages children to think from other's perspective, in such a fun way! Sophia's rhymes are perfect for read aloud and kids will love to read it again and again. Susan’s illustrations are vivid and bring the fun characters to life.
Profile Image for Barbara.
13.3k reviews277 followers
April 29, 2022
With its rhyming text and expressive words suitable for a humorous read aloud performance, this picture book demonstrates that even animals can learn to share. Pug can't be blamed for enjoying his cozy rug and wanting it all to himself especially when Bug's arrival threatens his peace of mind and when the pesky critter claims the resting place for himself. WWIII breaks out as the two of them go back in forth in trying to outwit the other. They're so out of control that they almost squash Slug, who suggests that they try to find some common ground. As they share their stories, Pug realizes that he owns some responsibility for Bug's current homeless state. No sooner do the three resolve their differences and engage in a group hug than another interloper arrives on the scene. As the book concludes, it seems that they've found a way to peacefully coexist despite how crowded conditions are. There is no doubt that this story will prompt many giggles from listeners due to its absurdity and how the characters are reacting to each other and the dilemma they face.
Profile Image for Margaret.
2,557 reviews
July 1, 2022
For those sharing their lives with beings other than humans, each one has a preference with particular reasons attached to that preference. This reader has a fondness for dogs. Four Labrador Retrievers have been members of my family, sisters, Soot and Cinder, sweet Xena, and my wild child cuddlebug, Mulan. For this reason one saying I hold close to my heart is

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Roger Caras

Any title referencing dogs has my attention.

Of the many things attributed to dogs, one of the most endearing is their ability to make us laugh. Their body language, facial expressions, and antics are a constant source of joy. They welcome every moment of every day. In Bug On The Rug (Sleeping Bear Press, April 15, 2022) written by Sophia Gholz with illustrations by Susan Batori, a pup's beloved rug becomes an object of controversy and comedy.

My full recommendation: https://librariansquest.blogspot.com/...
July 28, 2023
I am a nanny of a six-year-old girl who is going into first grade this Fall. Of all the book covers to choose from and she chose Bug on the Rug. I must admit that I love the cover as well. The pug’s face is priceless.

This is a rhyming read-aloud story that is absolutely hilarious and heartwarming. Pug is snug on his rug when a bug comes along. The bug comes along to claim a piece of the rug. The two begin a battle over who owns the rug. In the midst of the battle a slug comes along and helps the two through conflict resolution. Where and why the bug comes along on his rug is the ‘oh bless his heart’ part of the story.

The little girl that I nanny for, and I loved this story. We read it a multitude of times and laughed out loud every single time. As an adult I enjoyed the happily ever after between two unlikely friends.
Profile Image for Ellen Leventhal.
138 reviews22 followers
February 15, 2022
Such a cute book about understanding, forgiveness, and friendship! The story is about a Pug, a bug, and a slug, but it's about so much more. The adorable rhyme makes it a wonderful and fun read-aloud. I can't wait to read it to my granddaughters. They will be giggling the whole way through. This is a perfect book that imparts an important lesson without once being heavy-handed or didactic. I highly recommend id.
Profile Image for Molly Ippy.
6 reviews1 follower
May 13, 2022
This book is EVERYTHING! The simple yet engaging rhyme, the back and forth banter between the characters, the colorful illustrations, the hilarious surprise ending! My 3 year old is currently obsessed with this story and for good reason! I was lucky enough to create educational resources to supplement this story and there's so much you can do with it from an eduational stand point. Don't wait - grab your copy now (your children and students will thank you!)
Profile Image for Jennifer Buchet.
Author 1 book25 followers
May 22, 2022
A fun-tastic read for sure! When a dog discovers a bug taking over his rug, the dog tries all sorts of ways to rid himself of this pesky intruder. However, the bug has its own reasons for coming to the mat. When a third party gets involved, its a true tearjerker as we learn what each animal did--or didn't--do! The rhymes are spot on, clever & full of energy, while the illustrations are just so cute! A fun read-aloud that's destined to be read again, again & again!
37 reviews
July 24, 2022
This book is such a fun read! Pug and bug are fighting over a rug. Things escalate, when along comes . . . slug! I loved reading this to my kids. The text has great rhyme and a fun cadence. The story has lots of humor and fun twists and turns. The illustrations are perfect! A humorous and charming reminder that situations might not be exactly what we might think, and the value of being open to a different perspective from our own.
Profile Image for Sandra Nickel.
Author 13 books31 followers
February 11, 2022
Sophia Gholz has created the most delightful book about sharing that I've seen in a long time! Pug doesn't want to share the rug with bug--and then, there's slug. It's all in rhyme and SO MUCH FUN, but also, emotionally satisfying. Your little ones are going to ask you to read this one again and again!
Profile Image for Norene Paulson.
Author 3 books19 followers
February 16, 2022
The CUTEST book on sharing that I've read in a long time. Gholz's rhyming text and Batori's adorable art pair together perfectly to tell Pug's story of learning to share his rug...first with bug then with slug and then with ???. No spoiler here. Don't want to ruin such a fun ending. Highly recommend this delightful book that I know young readers will want read again and again.
Profile Image for Anne Wynter.
Author 8 books56 followers
February 17, 2022
In this fun, rhyming tale about a pug, a bug, a slug and a rug we get to see a misunderstanding, a lesson about sharing and a sweet celebration of new friendship. My favorite part of the story is the very end - I won't spoil it, but a new character enters the picture in a hilarious and surprising way!
Profile Image for Kirsten Pendreigh.
Author 3 books37 followers
February 18, 2022
This romping rhymer will be a hit at story time! While kids gleefully anticipate the bug/rug rhymes they’ll also delight in added layers of clever rhyme and word play. A sweet message of sharing is delivered in the funny, fast-moving plot full of adorable characters—the emotional little bug will steal your heart! Highly recommend!
Profile Image for Benson Shum.
Author 11 books32 followers
February 21, 2022
Bug on the Rug by Sophia Gholz and illustrated by Susan Batori is a fun loving story about sharing and listening to each other. Pug and Bug are charming characters that just love the rug. With fun rhythms and cadences, kids will want to read it again and again. Susan’s illustrations are bright and lively!
Profile Image for Stef Wade.
Author 11 books34 followers
April 13, 2022
This book is delightful! A laugh-out-loud, rhyming good time. Pug and Bug don't want to share their space. Will they every be able to get along?
Bug on the Rug makes for a great read aloud with the young crowd where they can have fun guessing what happens next.
The illustrations are adorable and eye-catching. This book is sure to be a "can we read this book again, Mommy?" story!
Profile Image for Joan Marr.
Author 4 books5 followers
May 2, 2022
This book is beyond adorable! The rhymes are so clever and move the sweet and funny story along at a perfect clip. I literally laughed out loud at how Sophia Gholz squeezes a fun, lively plot out of the same word sounds. The characters are great and the illustrations bring them to life in a hilarious way that kids are going to love. Highly recommend!
Profile Image for Elisa Boxer.
Author 12 books21 followers
May 28, 2022
A fun, frolicking read-aloud with a meaningful underlying message and eye-catching illustrations... This book has it all! Kids will laugh out loud at the hilarious turf battle, told masterfully in rhyme, while parents will appreciate the heartfelt takeaways of sharing, finding common ground, and considering multiple perspectives.
Profile Image for Annette Bay.
Author 24 books26 followers
June 2, 2022
This book takes on the difficult challenge of a limited vocabulary list but manages to tell a funny, real, and even heartfelt story. Pug's face is expressive and his remorse is real! A book about recognizing one's own culpability and moving forward from that point. But mostly it's a funny story, with funny pictures that both adults and new readers will enjoy.
Profile Image for Anthony.
5,603 reviews26 followers
July 3, 2023
Pug has a rug, and he enjoys being snug on it very much. But when a Bug moves in on his rug, and sets up housekeeping, that's when the trouble starts in this laugh-out loud rhyming tale. Pug and the Bug go back and forth over living space on the rug. It's not until a Slug enters the scene that the truth of what caused this battle over the rug is revealed.
Profile Image for Aileen Stewart.
Author 7 books75 followers
August 28, 2023
Sophia writes rhyme like I only wish I could, which makes this tale of sharing so much more fun. Pug and Bug's tussle over space on the rug is hilarious and when you finally find out what caused the commotion to begin with it is a fun surprise. The illustrations by Susan Batori add a definite extra layer to the story as you follow along. Well done ladies!!!
Profile Image for Patricia Newman.
Author 25 books26 followers
April 13, 2022
A fun rhyming story about sharing. Loaded with laughs! Sophia Gholz creates terrific characters with attitude and Susan Batori brings them to life with colorful illustrations full of expression and humor. Your child will ask for this one again and again.
Profile Image for Kristen Schroeder.
Author 3 books16 followers
April 20, 2022
This is a very kid-friendly, funny, rhyming book about sharing and friendship that begs to be read aloud. The illustrations (especially the characters' facial expressions) complement the text wonderfully and add to the comedic story line. Highly recommend!
Profile Image for Dow.
67 reviews5 followers
May 5, 2022
Adorable and fun! Bug and pug and the other characters are very funny. Who can help themselves from laughing at the hilarious art? The rhyming words will be great for kids as they start to learn to read on their own.
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