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My Second Impression of You

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Perfect for fans of Tweet Cute and Instant Karma, a heartfelt story about a girl who thinks she knows everything about her boyfriend -- until she relives a day and discovers she had it all wrong.

Sixteen-year-old Maggie is having the worst day ever. Her perfect boyfriend, Theo, breaks up with her, and then she literally breaks a leg (well, foot), preventing her from starring in the school play. When she receives a text offering her the chance to relive her best day ever – the day she and Theo met – she decides to take the leap. Everything would be better if she could figure out how to win him back. Only, there’s a catch. She doesn’t just relive the day; she gets everyone else’s perspectives, too. The information – not only about Theo, but her family, her best friend, and even Theo’s obnoxious buddy Carson (who is suddenly… nice?) – is more than she bargained for.

As she learns about all the minor details – and major ones – she missed the first time around, she finds herself transported back to reality with a completely new perspective and a big opportunity to decide how to move forward on her own terms.

Michelle I. Mason offers another heartfelt and relatable YA novel with a twist, diving into big questions of what we’d do differently if we only had the chance… or whether we can trust things to turn out just the way they’re meant to be.

304 pages, Hardcover

First published September 20, 2022

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About the author

Michelle I. Mason

2 books48 followers
Michelle I. Mason is the author of Your Life Has Been Delayed and My Second Impression of You. Michelle spent ten years as a PR manager promoting everything from forklift rodeos to Hotel Olympics before deciding she’d rather focus on made-up stories. When she isn’t writing, she’s probably reading, watching too much TV, cross-stitching, baking amazing brownies, or playing the violin. Michelle lives in St. Louis with her husband, two kids, and matching dog and cat.

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Profile Image for Ariel • The Book View.
448 reviews83 followers
September 20, 2022
I had really hoped for more from this book but it just didn't live up. It had fun app time travel vibes (similar to The Retake by Jen Calonita) and made lots of musical theater references, but there was still a decent amount I didn't love.

First, I'll start with the fun idea behind the book. I loved that Maggie was able to go back in time to the "best day ever" and get a new perspective on things. She'd always put Theo on this pedestal and so it was nice to see her view of that day and her ex-boyfriend in general change. I was also very intrigued with the story every time she used the app. It gave lots of interesting insights into Maggie's friends and family and was fun as a reader to create assumptions and connect all the dots at the end.

Maggie had a nice character arc. It was pretty obvious and not super deep, but I appreciate the effort the author put into changing Maggie into a more rounded character. I also appreciated that Maggie sounded and thought like a teenager. She didn't feel like an adult writing a teenager.

Now moving on...

Carson was spineless. I'm glad he loved his friend and supported him enough to not go after his girl, but come on. Speaking of Carson, we only really start to get to know him in the second half of the book. we see some glimpses of him as Maggie relives her best day ever, but we don't really get time with him until pretty far into the book. There was a positive interaction between him and Maggie at the beginning of the book, which was nice, but I needed more of him.

Now for the whole Rayna/Maggie feud. Honestly, I was kinda with Maggie. Maggie deserved to be mad at Rayna. Rayna had been lying to her for months so it really wasn't fair for Rayna to get mad at Maggie for getting mad at her. Rayna had her reasons for the way things went down, which I understand, but I was kinda mad at Rayna too so I didn't blame Maggie.

This is in the lower YA age group so it's totally okay for all ages. It was a fun plot/idea that was just missing some things. I kept wishing for better writing and a better-paced plot and characters that were a little less surface. Maybe it would be more enjoyable for younger YA-aged people.

Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed a gifted and advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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93 reviews73 followers
August 7, 2022
Thank you to NetGalley and Bloomsbury USA Children's Books for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!


4 stars

After her boyfriend Theo breaks up with her, Maggie receives a mysterious text offering her the chance to relive the best day of her life - the day she and Theo met. She takes the offer and is transported into a simulation that gives her a whole new outlook on things as well as everybody else's perspectives. The information – not only about Theo, but her family, her best friend, and even Theo’s obnoxious buddy Carson – is more than she bargained for. As she learns about all the minor details – and major ones – she missed the first time around, she finds herself transported back to reality with a completely new perspective and a big opportunity to decide how to move forward on her own terms.

This book was honestly one of the cutest reads that I have come across this year. Everything, from the plot to the romance was just delightful and adorable.

The only thing that made me rate the book lower is Maggie. In the beginning of the book she gave me such a pretentious and selfish vibe which I hated. She did get a redemption in the end but it still wasn't enough for me to like her. I did like the rest of the characters though.

"My Second Impression of You" is perfect for fans of hate to love romance and a quick summer ya read that will for sure make you experience all sorts of feelings.
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291 reviews10 followers
August 3, 2022
Maggie gets dumped by her boyfriend, Theo and then breaks her foot and is in the hospital for a bit. Full of woe, Maggie gets a mysterious text and then gets to re-live her “best day” aka the day she met Theo.

Only this do-over comes with insight to the thoughts of everyone around her: her mom, her best friend Rayna, Theo and Theo’s best friend Carson who has been nothing but a jerk to her for the duration of their relationship. These revelations cause Maggie to take a step back and evaluate her relationships and how much time she’s spending on drama club and her other activities and how much she’s actually listening to and spending time in the present with those around her.

This book was awesome, I loved every bit of it. It was fun and it had a great message (a lot of things in life are worth another look/second impression) and lovely resolutions for all the conflicts and ended on the best note it possibly could’ve. It was fun and sweet and such an excellent YA rom com.

5 stars!


Thank you to NetGalley and Bloomsbury YA for the E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Jan Raspen.
731 reviews6 followers
August 31, 2022
The premise of this book sounded so cute, but it ended up DNF at 41%. I didn't feel like Maggie was acting and thinking like a 16-year old. She came across as much younger--it's not something I can give an example of, but it just seemed like she was an 8th grader and not a high schooler. The pacing just felt so s-l-o-w. I felt like I'd been reading the book for a week and getting nowhere.
Profile Image for Becky Dean.
Author 4 books102 followers
October 9, 2022
I loved the concept of this book, and the way it was written. Maggie got to relive her "best day" but there were some fun elements to how it happened that I wasn't expecting that worked really well. I enjoyed her character growth. There was less romance than I expected, but the coming-of-age aspects, the side characters, the theater references, and Maggie's growth made for a great read.
Profile Image for Jessica Buzzard.
243 reviews5 followers
February 2, 2023
UGH. Yall I wanted to love this so badly. And I think the plot and premise were great. It had such potential.

HOWEVER...I can't get over how terribly written the MC is. She's supposed to be 16 and acts/sounds like a 10 year old. She is so whiny and petty and pathetic. It's so hard to root for her whatsoever when she's honestly just sorta garbage to everyone in her life because she's so self absorbed and lacking any self awareness. I should also add that the narration is rough. The whiny squeaky "baby voice" voices she used for some of these characters.....it made me literally cringe hearing it.
Profile Image for Senali .
61 reviews6 followers
July 5, 2022
For the second time I won one of Michelle I Maison's giveaways and received an arc of her second book , My Second Impression Of You which is a YA standalone. The book will be released in september this year and I now have the urge to own a hardback copy of the book once its released.

Maggie , is a girl who loves drama. For the same reason her boyfriend ditches her and now , she is given a second chance to relive the day she first met him. That is when Maggie starts seeing things from a different angle. She realizes that she knows a very little about the people around her , including her family.

This whole story was even better than the author's first book. I read this in one sitting because my eyes were glued to the pages. So the book is narrated by the protagonist herself in the first person narrative style and the language was simple and flawless.

I find Maggie as someone who does anything to achieve her goals nonetheless of her background. She loves drama and she lives for it. So she somehow fails in her role as a good daughter , good sister , good friend & as a good girlfriend while mastering her role as an actress. I love how she realizes this & confronts her flaws.

This book really taught me how second impressions are important in life. In our life , there might be some things that we ignore because we see them as insignificant things. But, the same insignificant thing might be the key to something grand & life changing. Hence , sometimes things may look different the second time around. So as the author says , " Some boys deserve another look. " 😉

If you love sweet romcoms , light reads to get out of reading slumps , YA romance I bet you'll love this.

"It's really easy to misinterpret a situation." I pause. "I'm sorry I didn't see you . When we first met."

Profile Image for Sarina Grace.
375 reviews
September 19, 2022
*thank you to Edelweiss+ for providing me an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review*

I really liked the concept of this book, and the way that “the best day” app was implemented into the story.

There were moments that were cute, but overall I just feel like the story dragged on.

I feel like so much of the first half of the story could have been cut out because it was boring and unnecessary. What bothered me the most was the narration of the main character. She’s 16, but she things, acts, and speaks like a 12 year old. It made it so hard to read because it felt like I was reading about a bunch of middle school drama.

Kind of like how Penelope Douglas books are about teenagers but are more new adult, or how “It” is about a bunch of kids but is definitely for adults, this book is about teenagers but feels like it was made for kids - like a Disney channel movie. Tbh I probably would have loved this as a Disney movie but as a book it was so hard. The main character was so annoying and I kept groaning at her throughout the book. The romance could have been cute but just felt underdeveloped and flat.

The character arc of the MC was good, but also simple and childish.

Overall, I’d probably recommend this book to a 5th or 6th grader and expect them to love it, but personally I just couldn’t really enjoy it. I definitely didn’t hate it, though. 100% recommend this being sold at a scholastic book fair.
Profile Image for Kristen.
419 reviews32 followers
October 28, 2022
Huge disappointment. I was looking forward to reading this so much! I love time travel books! But life is too short to force myself to finish reading a boring, dull story with an irritating and insufferable protagonist.
Profile Image for Anna Le.
91 reviews
December 8, 2022
I started listening to it but it’s like, the main girl is like that bitchy popular girl who has to get her way. and idk if that changes and that’s part of her character arc. I just can’t read this rn at least because it’s just too icky for me.
Profile Image for Suzy.
737 reviews
September 15, 2022
This one was so cute! I think we can all take some advice from Maggie and make a be-better list.
The beginning she is kind of self absorbed and then she gets hurt and has time to really think about her relationships and about "her best day ever".
I really loved all the relationships in this book. Maggie's friends Rayna and Clara are such great side characters. I really liked Carson throughout too, he's such a sweet guy.
This was a great teen read!

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC!
56 reviews
October 29, 2022
I liked the idea of the book but actually hated it in presentation. Perhaps it was because it was slow...all the way through. It never really speeds up. I didnt like how easily the characters change moods, however that might just be a reflection of me who stubbornly holds on to emotions. The idea of time travel seems cool especially when it comes in the way of an app but the execution of it didnt really leave me wanting more. I was glad to be done with the book.
Profile Image for Carmela Agatha Enriquez.
259 reviews31 followers
December 2, 2022
My Second Impression of You starts off with Maggie having the worst day of her life. Theo, her boyfriend, has just broken up with her, and the next thing she knows she has broken her foot and is unable to star in her school play. She then receives a message prompting her to relive the best day of her life – the day she and Theo met – so she can figure out a way to get him back. She not only gets to relive the day but also peek into everyone else’s perspectives. With a lot of information from her friends and family, she realizes she has missed a lot of details about the most important people in her life.

First, I love the modern take on magic here, how some sort of AI guides Maggie into reliving and simulating her best day. It’s a unique take on second chances.

For the characters, well it was quite difficult for me to like Maggie’s personality initially. She was so self-absorbed, not consciously caring about other people in her life. Although I do love and admire her laser focus on theater activities, it’s irksome to me. I loved her character development though and how she tries to make a better Maggie. I also loved how her friends are very supportive and encouraging of her and make her realize that it’s okay that not to be perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Carson, Theo’s best friend, who’s been pining for Maggie even before Theo was in the picture, I found sweet and adorable, although I feel like he could have been more upfront about his feelings for Maggie from the beginning, and I’d say the same thing with Rayna and Adam’s situation – they could have told Maggie about their relationship from the onset – but hey, where’s the drama in that? I guess what I’m saying here is that it is very important in every relationship to communicate and to be honest as well. I loved how the author was able to imply that with this novel. The story also gives importance to considering other people’s perspectives.

I really enjoyed reading this YA coming-of-age novel as it gives a new take on time travel-ish; I loved the concept!

Rating My Second Impression of You ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5! I received a free copy of this book from the author @michelleimason through her giveaway and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
Profile Image for BookBagDC.
364 reviews5 followers
August 24, 2022
This is a story about perspective. Maggie Scott, 16 years old, is on top of the world -- she has a perfect boyfriend, Theo, and a star in both her school and community theater productions. But then, her life begins to fill apart -- Theo dumps her seemingly out of the blue and, so shocked, Maggie takes a tumble and breaks her leg. Now, she has no boyfriend, cannot perform on stage, and, to add insult to injury, she had to be rescued when she fell by Carson, Theo's best friend who has always hated her.

Wallowing in her misfortune, Maggie receives an anonymous text offering her the opportunity to relive the day when she and Theo met. Maggie can't resist the chance to go from her worst day to what she thought was her best. But as she relives the day she met Theo, Maggie realizes that perhaps she does not remember all of the details of that fateful day -- and that she may have misjudged all of those, including Theo and Carson, who played a role in that seemingly magical day she met Theo and the horrible day he dumped her.

I enjoyed this book. The author did a great job of portraying Maggie's journey as she begins to reconsider her strongly held views on Theo, Carson, and others in her life. The opportunity to relive the day she met Theo, and have access to some of the internal thoughts of the other people she interacted with on that day, helps her realize the limitations of her own perspective -- and the ways that she, typically unintentionally, was not always the best friend, sister, or daughter, and how, with the new perspective, she wants to grow and change some of those relationships. I particularly enjoyed the portrayal of the evolution of Maggie's relationship with her brother. This is a funny, and often touching romcom.

Highly recommended!
Profile Image for Natalie.
2,601 reviews62 followers
September 24, 2022
After reading Your Life Has Been Delayed earlier this year and loving it, Michelle I Mason’s new book skyrocketed to the top of my most anticipated reads. While I didn’t like it quite as much as her first book, it was still really cute and fun. I like books where the main character can re-examine or revisit the past and I liked that aspect of the story. (I wanted her to see more of the scenes and acts though!) However, I found Maggie less likable than the main character from Mason’s first book. Her redemption happens quite late in the book and I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had been more of an ongoing process. I also would have liked it to be longer! Especially for the romance aspects. He was a sweetheart and I wanted them to have more time together. Overall, this was a really enjoyable read. I can’t wait to read whatever this author writes next.
Profile Image for Michelle.
1,381 reviews19 followers
October 6, 2022
After Maggie has “the worst day ever” she gets a chance to relieve her “best day ever”.

Maggie and her boyfriend Theo just broke up and Maggie breaks her foot the same day. Suddenly she can’t devote any of her time to the plays that she loves singing, dancing and acting in. She’s bound and determined to devote all of her time to figuring out why Theo dumped her and winning him back.

Somehow, magically, she is given a chance to relive the day she and Theo met. She realizes pretty quickly that it isn’t exactly as she’s remembered it. She also noticed that Carson, the friend of Theo’s that she can’t stand, was different than she remembered him too.

In addition to reliving the day, she’s also given something like backstage commentary. She’s allowed to hear the thoughts of people who were there that day.
Two thoughts about this: 1)I felt really badly for Maggie cause it was hard stuff to hear 2)I’m really glad she was given this chance too because this whole experience is definitely not just about Carson.
Profile Image for John Loyd.
1,159 reviews31 followers
September 22, 2022
Maggie thinks Theo is all set to ask her to the prom, and instead he dumps her. She wants to get him back. As she's walking out of the coffee shop she stumbles on the stairs and breaks her foot. She gets a few text messages about reliving her best day ever. Spam, but she finally clicks on one and ends up reliving that day. Surprisingly it isn't quite how she remembered it. Plus the app is giving her extra information, like what the other people are thinking. She wakes up thinking it's been a freakily vivid dream, but when her best friend Rayna confesses that she's been seeing her brother Adam, well maybe it was subconscious clues.

Fun, really fast read. Mostly high school drama. Romances, perceived betrayal, Maggie forced to take it easy. Maggie seeks to improve herself, taking what she's learned from the Best Day Ever app. Stopping when she realizes that she's getting information that is invading people's privacy. 4.8 stars.
Profile Image for Katie Seehusen.
316 reviews6 followers
January 1, 2023
This book was just ok for me. I think if I had read the physical book instead of the audio book I think I might have liked it a little better. For some reason the narrator made the main character sound very whiny and it was really hard to listen to.

This book has a super cool premise. In the beginning of the Maggie is broken up with and she just doesn't understand why. She gets a mysterious text asking if she wants to relive her perfect day at first she ignores it, but after a surgery while she is still loopy from anesthesia she decides to try it. She gets to relive her perfect day (the day she met her boyfriend) and realizes that it might not have been the day that she remembers.

Maggie does learn a lot by the end of the book and that did save the it a little for me, but she is quite selfish and I had a hard time feeling sorry for her.
Profile Image for Yapha.
2,711 reviews74 followers
August 30, 2022
Another book for teens with the message that they might be misinterpreting how their friends are reacting and what is actually going on around them. When Maggie is dumped by her boyfriend and breaks her foot on the same day, she is given the chance to relive her "best day ever" over again. This time though, it comes with back stage passes so she can see what some of the other people she interacted with were thinking. This gives her a really surprising look into the lives of people around her, including her parents, best friend, and former boyfriend. This was a great story and teens will love finding out the behind the scenes info. Would it be better or worse to be able to do that in our own lives? Highly recommended for grades 7 & up.

eARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Profile Image for Anila Giang.
229 reviews18 followers
September 27, 2022
This was a pretty quick and easy read. It was a little on the younger side of YA, so it was hard for me to really get into the story. Maggie was also over dramatic and childish at times, which made it hard for me to like her as a character. She did become more bearable and mature at the end as it was part of her character arc, but she definitely contributed to why it took me a while to enjoy the book.

Some aspects of the story I enjoyed like Maggie’s relationship with her brother, but then other parts weren’t fleshed out as much. We didn’t get many chapters with Carson and I think that was a missed opportunity.

Overall, this was an okay read. I think this would appeal more to younger readers of YA.
Profile Image for Tracie.
273 reviews7 followers
January 8, 2023
This is for a younger audience than I imagined. As a high school teacher I am always looking for books to add to my lending library. It’s an interesting concept. But the overall message of the book seemed a little too preachy towards teens. As if an adult wrote this book so their teen wouldn’t be self absorbed anymore. Or at least become aware that they are not the center of the universe. That’s maybe my main criticism- the voice is so obviously an adult trying to sound like a 10th grader. Throw in a reference to “Stranger Things”.

I don’t recommend the audiobook. The main character was read in such a way that was very over the top obnoxious. I’m glad I listened through to the end for the character transformations. Like I said, probably good for a younger audience like junior high.
3 reviews1 follower
February 22, 2023
This YA read was a palate cleanser for me. I was hoping for something that wouldn't be too heavy but still an entertaining storyline and I got what I wanted. There was charming character development, and good introspection from the main character.

While it's been a long time since I was a teenager, I was a theater kid (who coincidentally dated a stellar golfer named Carson when I was 15, and had foot surgery at 16), it brought back some of the memories of the pressures I felt back then, and I found the main character more relatable than I expected.

After consuming a series of adult books with more graphic scenes, this was a lovely reminder of the rush of delight that comes with young love.
Profile Image for Ellaryn Kraak.
50 reviews
May 29, 2023
I will honestly say that I really hated the beginning of this book. I also think it’s helpful to mention that I read this as an audiobook, so that might affect my feeling. (I personally didn’t like the voice of the reader.) The beginning is slow, and I honestly hated Maggie. She was self obsessed and obsessive. I also really disliked the amount of detail given especially when it came to what characters were wearing. However, this got a lot better throughout the book, so I’m going to assume that was supposed to be the point. I always really liked Carson, and I liked the arch him and Maggie had together. I think it was fine for a cheesy romance, but it was definitely not something I have any need to read again. It was just kind of boring and basic.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for joanna.
553 reviews2 followers
November 11, 2022
Actual rating: 2.75 ✨

This book definitely kept me hooked, but unfortunately I absolutely hated the main character (which I think you were supposed to) but still I couldn’t stand her. She was so self-absorbed and selfish. She does go through some pretty deep character development, but it didn’t feel very organic to me because it all started because of an app.

The app was never explained which is fine but I would have liked to see more development.

The writing style was also very weird in this one. It’s hard to explain but basically I felt like this book was trying to hard to be hip and relevant without actually knowing how teenagers talk.
Profile Image for Gwen|| Bookish Blondie.
987 reviews13 followers
October 11, 2022
I enjoyed this YA book a LOT. The premise is cool and the lessons learned are valuable.
Although I still disliked her bff and brother a lot in this novel and that they did very little to be redeemed in my eyes, especially the brother. Not everything was actually Maggie's fault and I felt like the author didn't give her much grace throughout the novel and trying to make everything her fault.

Lastly, I loved that there are loving parents and a good stable home life being shown in books, because those families do still exist.
Profile Image for Cassie.
96 reviews
June 4, 2023
**3.5/5 stars**

I usually don't like repeat days trope books, but with the creative twist introduced in this book, it wasn't so bad. The "Best Day Ever" and Grace The Creepy Voice (my name, not Maggie's) were great ideas to make this book unique.

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