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Embers In Wait #2

Of Wind and Tide

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Arden Thatcher is on the run. Adrift in a sea of doubt.

Wanted for murder, pursued by bounty hunters, Arden and Beck flee into the obscurity offered by the northernmost reaches of Nordania. The newspapers make it seem as though Declan has moved on, and with the promises of global change fading, Arden starts to wonder if she even wants to go back.

It’s only after Declan reappears, reaffirming her as his choice, that a new plan evolves. But to clear her name, and Beck’s, she’ll need the support of the institute’s alumni—the only women in Nordania with the power to vote. Only, they’re scattered like seeds in the wind, and only a small handful ever participate in the role they’ve been given.

Determined to protect the freedom she’s fought so hard to earn, Arden is left with a choice: stay in Beck’s world, hidden away, seen and appreciated in ways she’s never had, or return to the institute, to Declan, and the chance to effect change for Nordanian women everywhere.

What price would you pay, if changing the world was at stake?

Action-packed, poignant, and thrilling, Of Wind and Tide is the riveting sequel to But For the Mountains and the second entry in the Embers in Wait Trilogy.


Published June 29, 2021

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Erin Riha

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17 reviews1 follower
June 30, 2021
I have patiently waited for this sequel and quickly devoured it when it was available for purchase.

We pick up where we left off; Arden is with Beck on his boat, no sorry his ship, and is struggling with the aftermath of the horrific evening with CJ.

Not only is Arden attempting to figure out who has her heart; is it Beck, is it Declan?! She’s also a wanted fugitives with an impressive bounty on her head.

What happens when Arden can’t run anymore? Will she finally decide that she isn’t a pawn to be used by others and finally speak up for what she wants?

Erin Riga’s fantastic writing has done it again and I am now experiencing the horrid longing for the next book in the series after finishing this new release a little too quickly.
11 reviews6 followers
August 1, 2021
This was an excellent book to read on my vacation- because had I been in my real life, I would have had to put all the laundry on hold to find out what life has in store for Arden this time. I had been anxious to read this since finishing the first book last year. And Riha did not disappoint. The Beck vs Declan dynamic is intense, some incredibly 🔥 situations, and new characters come to a vivid life. This book is funny, romantic, empowering, and addictive. Cannot wait for the third installment.
2 reviews
July 13, 2021
In my opinion, this 2nd book of the Embers in Wait series is even better than the first. Building on original characters and introducing new characters to also embrace. Arden travels to experience new worlds, adding to her experiences and learning more about who she is and the strength she possesses. Learning to always trust in yourself. Definitely wanting to read the ending of this series while also wanting to explore some of the new characters introduced. Reading about strong women helping each other is very uplifting.
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29 reviews2 followers
August 8, 2021
Aye, captain! Here I am one more time with a book that has made me cry not only with sadness, but also with frustration. A book that I have loved with all my heart and that I have filled with blue post-its (the ones I use for sad stuff. Yes, I'm a drama queen). That book is "Of Wind and Tide" by @erinrihawriter (follow her on IG!). As some of you already know, "But For The Mountains'' was one of my favorite readings last year and I had high expectations for its sequel. Erin hasn't let me down at all.

Of Wind and Tides continues Arden's adventures where we left off, aboard Beck's boat... Sorry, I meant to pronounce it 𝑺𝒉𝒊𝒑. Arden's relationship with the sea is not the best, as is her capacity to follow orders. But it is the very rebellion of our favorite peninsular girl that defines her as a great heroine, as well as her perseverance. The development of Beck and Arden's relationship during their time on the ship made me want to pull my hair out of frustration. Still I must say that I can never get enough of my favorite pirate. I thoroughly enjoyed the progressive build-up of trust and the affection the crew developed for Arden. It felt quite real and reasonable.

The pace of the book has been steady and fast. I think it's great the way Erin has made the feeling of persecution stay. It has happened to me in other books where the protagonists flee from an enemy that I do not have that cardiac feeling of being persecuted. This happens to me a lot with the Shadow and Bone trilogy. Yet here I constantly felt like they were on the heels of Beck and Arden. I have suffered a lot while reading, I have held my breath and I have cried. For some reason I can't stand Declan and it was hard for me to understand why Arden would want to marry that fuckboy if she has my precious pirate by her side. However, I was able to finally understand the reasons. Love does not have much to do with it. The abuse and need that Arden has experienced during her life, far from blinding her mind, has made her see that the position where she stands now grants her the power to do great good for other women.

Still, the level of self-denial and dedication that a sacrifice like that requires is something that not all of us possess. Arden is the one who can break the machinery of a system that oppresses women, subjecting them to situations worthy of being called “hell on earth”.

I loved the new characters and the natural way they were integrated, though… Well, I have to be honest. I have not loved everyone. I hated one character in particular some... Madame... arghh

I can't believe the book was over so quickly. I know it's something we repeat endlessly but "I need more." How am I going to be able to wait until the next book? I can not. ERIN I CAN'T! With the end I wanted to pull my hair out again and scream in despair, but Arden closes the book with the most badass phrase that could be expected and given the context she managed to make me scream with excitement. I can only wait anxiously to see how the machinery breaks down and those who have no voice can scream out loud.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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182 reviews5 followers
August 9, 2021
First, can I just say how lovely the cover for this book is? It is literally a work of art!

So, this series is a bit like a darker version of The Selection series. Personally, I have yet to read the Selection, so I wasn't comparing them too much when reading the book, but based on what I know about The Selection series, I can understand the comparison.

This series, however, deals with more serious topics such as sexual assault and physical abuse. Personally, I think Riha took some insanely intense topics and created a strong character in Arden. These sort of topics are often brought into stories but not handled in a way that really symbolizes the impact that they have on people, but in Arden's case, Riha created a true survivor and handled the delicate subject matter with grace. I will say though, due to the subject matter that is ever present in the first book in the series, this series may not be for everyone.

Overall, I would give both of the books in this series 4 stars.

Personally, I loved the second book, Of Wind and Tide, a little bit more than the first, but that may be because it focused more on Beck (aka my new pirate crush). I just really loved the chemistry between Arden and Beck, and how throughout the books, he teaches Arden how to empower herself and protect herself. He made her feel truly seen and he accepted her trauma as a still beautiful part of her that made her the woman she is. When looking back at my favorite quotes from the book, I'm now realizing they were all said by Beck! Clearly I am a bit infatuated.

If you are looking for a series with:
- The Selection vibes but darker
- a sexy pirate with a snarky tongue and a drinking problem
- a prince-esque man with a heart of gold
- lots of adventure
- a strong survivor of a heroine

Then you need to check out the Embers in Wait series!
August 18, 2021
Wonderful story

I enjoyed reading Arden's story so much, I couldn't put it down when time for bed. ;) Now I am anxiously awaiting the next book.
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