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Meet Me In Maine

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Elizabeth Reading and Scarlett Harding travel to Blue Harbor, Maine, hoping to find a bed-and-breakfast to buy and a peaceful town. What they discover instead is much more sinister…

When they visit the local ice cream parlor, a man rushes through the doorway, clutching his throat and dying in a pool of blood. Chief Lively and two men, David Hunt and Logan Rayne, interrogate Elizabeth and Scarlett. Elizabeth stares at the dashing, blue-eyed David, stunned she agreed to a date with him just hours ago.

Elizabeth wants to pack her bags and visit other harbor towns, but Scarlett insists on keeping their appointment. They fall in love with the quaint bed-and-breakfast and sign the papers a few days later.

Once they settle into the inn, strange incidents plague Blue Harbor. At Scarlett’s date with Jonathan Hale, the charming ice cream parlor owner, a woman’s head explodes at the next table. A suspicious explosion rocks the harbor, destroying boats and part of the dock. Their fears mount as an intruder breaks into the inn.

The curse placed by the Penobscot Indians on the original settlers and descendants of Blue Harbor has returned with a violent twist.

Have Elizabeth and Scarlett put their lives in danger by dating two of Blue Harbor’s descendents? Should they sell the inn or stay and fight the curse alongside David, Logan, and Jonathan?

Release Date: June 11, 2021

199 pages, ebook

Published June 11, 2021

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About the author

Susanne Leist

4 books569 followers
Hello. My name is Susanne Leist.

A career in writing has been an enormous leap for me. Accustomed to the number-crunching field of budgeting and the hectic commodity markets, I left my first career and M.B.A. in Finance behind to pursue my dream. However, I do not regret my foray into literature for one moment. I write every day and have even tried my hand at poetry. So don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late in life to try something different. It is never too late to follow your heart.

THE DEAD GAME SERIES brings fantasy and surrealism to the classic murder mystery with dead bodies, suspects, and clues. In addition, it offers vampires and a touch of romance to spice the motley mix.

MEET ME IN MAINE, the first book in THE BLUE HARBOR SERIES, provides the backdrop for murder, mystery, and romance in a seaside town. Love falters and flourishes as the residents fight the persistent evil plaguing their small-town lives.

Sit back, put up your feet, and let me bring mystery and romance to your lives.

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Profile Image for Mark Piper.
Author 4 books27 followers
August 19, 2022
I didn’t know what to expect from Susanne Leist’s Meet Me in Maine. I was expecting a cozy mystery with some paranormal elements. I got that and a lot more. This is also an increasingly intense, fast-paced mystery/thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat until the end.

The action is non-stop from nearly the first time Elizabeth Reading and Scarlett Harding set foot in Blue Harbor, the small Maine town where they intend to become the proud owners of a local bed and breakfast inn. They’ve left the hectic world of New York City for a quiet, rural life in this Maine coastal haven. But that’s not what they find. They discover early on that Blue Harbor is inundated by a curse that started centuries ago when the original settlers usurped Penobscot Indian land. There are, though, no real ancient or contemporary Native American details to be found. And the only Penobscot Indian character in the novel is killed off. It’s not Native American Literature, despite its label on Amazon.

Meet Me in Maine is really Elizabeth’s story, and she is the one who narrates the novel, except for one chapter at the height of the action in which she doesn’t appear. Minutes after Elizabeth and Scarlett arrive, they meet tall, handsome locals and become instant couples. We have to be willing to accept that this could happen instantly so soon in the story, but this is not strictly a romance.

The “curse” is never explained in detail, and the reasons for its recurrence at this particular point in the town’s history are a bit vague. What we do know is that it results in pillars of salt, fires, explosions, devastating snowstorms, shape-shifters, and lots of dead bodies. It seems that each primary local character is involved in stopping the violence, which they generally do with more violence. Every character we get to know in any detail is in danger from the start. Meet Me in Maine is so full of characters, in fact, it’s sometimes difficult to keep them straight. But Leist doesn’t allow that to undermine the tension that builds rapidly until the surprise ending.

Meet Me in Maine, the first of Leist’s Blue Harbor Mysteries, is not perfect. Not many novels are. But Leist adroitly pulls the reader into the middle of the action at the start, and we find ourselves turning pages rapidly to see what happens next—even though we should be doing other things. That’s the sign of a compelling read.
Profile Image for Michele.
1,764 reviews47 followers
June 28, 2021
Two friends decide to leave the big city and move to a small town--they are going to buy a Bed and Breakfast. They know it won't be easy--but they both need a change of pace-so off they go to Blue Harbor, a small town in Maine.

Most small towns have their secrets but this one--yikes!! It doesn't take long for Elizabeth and Scarlett to get involved in the curse of the town. They also meet some guys who they fall for immediately--well almost immediately. The sheriff in the town is always picking on them-for no other reason then they are newcomers! They also happen to be where people are dying or disappearing--and there are a lot of them.

They do buy the Bed and Breakfast and all is going very well there----until it doesn't.

Just what is this curse--and who is the one who is causing it? Read this novel to find out! Lots of twists and turns and I found it a very fast and interesting read.
72 reviews
June 20, 2021
After breaking up with her boyfriend, twenty-four-year-old Elizabeth, together with her pal Scarlett, leaves town to pursue her dream of running a bed-and-breakfast in dreamy Blue Harbor in Maine. On arrival, Elizabeth draws the attention of David Hunt, a good-looking lawyer, and Scarlett arranges a date with the debonair owner of the ice-cream parlor. Everything seems perfect... But then things become ominous and sinister. Explosions, a series of unexplained, scary deaths, supernatural powers, shapeshifting... An ancient curse also comes into play... And Elizabeth and Scarlett find themselves right in the middle of it. No spoilers, but there's a great mix of suspense, murderous mayhem and romance in this tightly-knit story. Recommended.
Profile Image for Caroline Walken.
Author 8 books92 followers
August 7, 2021
Another fantastic fantasy!

Friends Elizabeth and Scarlett pursue Elizabeth’s dream of running a bed-and-breakfast in dreamy Blue Harbor in Maine. Everything is perfect but remember; this is a Susanne Leist novel!  The perfect setting is soon become ominous with explosions, unexplained deaths with supernatural events that cannot be explained!

This novel presented the perfect release from the stress of life! In one moment, you are basking in picturesque Maine, and the next you are dealing with of all things: shape shifters! I recommend this highly the story is packed with twists and turns and will not disappoint!

Another 5 star hit for Ms. Leist!

64 reviews13 followers
May 18, 2022
This book is outstanding and is along the lines of a the movie Sherlock Holmes 2. I love Susanne Leist and her exhilarating reads. Nothing about this book is as it seems and nothing about this book is mundane. I really want to give spoilers on this one because it is so good but I will keep quiet as my consistency is no spoilers. If you are reading this review than you better hurry up and buy this book before it becomes a movie than you be angry that you didn't. You want regret it.
Profile Image for Gene Kendall.
Author 11 books22 followers
May 20, 2022
Combining elements of romance, horror, and suspense, Meet Me In Maine is the enjoyable story of two friends leaving New York City behind for the quiet life in Maine. They think a sleepy bed and breakfast waits in their future, but instead discover some gruesome deaths and a local mystery. Elizabeth and Scarlett likely have much in common with the target audience for the book, and readers who enjoy some genre-bending with their "chick lit" should give it a try.

Profile Image for P.S. Winn.
Author 77 books345 followers
March 12, 2022
In Blue Harbor, Maine, things aren't quite right. Elizabeth Reading and Scarlett Harding are finding that out as bodies pile up. The author writes a spine tingling thriller that has a mysterious twist and a great feel to it. Is an old curse in place, or is something more going on? Let an incredible author tell you all about it in a whirlwind read.
Profile Image for CHenry Roi.
100 reviews58 followers
July 7, 2021
How about a slashed throat for a gripping opening? Add some shock value with an unexpected explosion, some creepy fear with an Indian curse, and twist it tight with love and untrustworthy characters and you have a hell of a book. This is a good read. Grab the paperback!
Profile Image for Louise.
100 reviews4 followers
July 11, 2021
To be bed-and-breakfast owners is the dream of Elizabeth Reading and Scarlett Harding. The quiet town of Blue Harbor, Maine suits their vision perfectly.

Circumstances are far from perfect when they witness a tragic murder and are grilled by police.

More tragic deeds occur. There’s word the Penobscot Indians curse is active once more.

Elizabeth and Scarlett’s love interests may lead them down a path of danger.

One more indulgence from Susanne Leist. It's moving, mysterious and uncanny with great characters! Well done Susanne Leist. Check out her other series ‘The Dead Game,’ also worth reading.
Profile Image for Kerrie A Summers.
105 reviews
June 29, 2021
Meet me in Maine

Elizabeth said goodbye to her bossy ex boyfriend and Scarlett picked her up with her bags to leave New York for Blue Barber Maine. When they arrived the were begging to unload when David Hunt walking his dog. He stopped and asked them if he could help.Elizabeth held on the leash to the dog and David carried bags and boxes into the apartment they were temporarily living in. Elizabeth and Scarlett want to buy a bed and breakfast. The next day they decide to go get ice cream when the neighbor Bella decided to go also. On the way they met Logan a lawyer. When they got to the ice cream the ordered and then sat in a booth Suddenly a man opened the door said something and fell down his neck and throat cut dead The Chief Lively came and told his police men David Hunt and Logan Rayner took their comments. Confusion was the girls they thought they they were lawyers.By the time they signed the papers and paid for the bed and breakfast the women found out the town was cursed. A curse was placed by the Penobscot Indians of the original settlers and descendants. Elizabeth waned to leave and Scarlett still wanted to stay. Between heads exploding, red eyes in people fires, explosions, shif shappers, demand that didn't know who to trust. I like this book.
Profile Image for Karissa Knight.
Author 2 books8 followers
July 6, 2021
A fascinating read! When Lizzy Reading and her friend Scarlett move to Maine, strange things begin to happen. A murder, an explosion and a curse! It's no doubt they are in danger. I truly enjoyed this book!
Profile Image for Amy Craig.
Author 13 books49 followers
July 2, 2021
Blue Harbor is a perfect Maine escape until chapter four, when everything hits the floor. The author’s quick-paced, evocative descriptions carry Elizabeth, Scarlett, and Bella through their quest to solve a murder. After a series of strange deaths, unraveling a curse might save the small town, but the collateral damage is high.
Profile Image for Molly Harrison.
Author 3 books4 followers
January 16, 2022
I purchased "Meet Me in Maine" after reading a brief description written by Susanne Leist on Twitter. I thought that the story line would be a cozy mystery where two women friends decide to open a seaside bed and breakfast. Must admit that I even expected to find cookie recipes. Instead I found well developed, believable characters placed in a remarkable situation with a Native American curse, bloodshed, demon shapeshifters, and unreliable law enforcement. Its uniqueness appealed to me and I did not at all regret that the author chose to follow a different path than the typical romance plot. instead she ventured into the unknown and takes her readers along for a surprise.
Profile Image for Randy Overbeck.
Author 7 books174 followers
September 3, 2021
A Story with Possibilities

I recently read MEET ME IN MAINE by Susanne Leist and my first thought is that it has the fabric of a very good story. The tale takes place in late autumn in a small town on the coast of Maine, an incredibly evocative setting for a story. The narrative revolves around two twenty/thirty-something females who could be quite interesting characters. The story even involves an ancient curse from a Native American tribe, the Penobscot Indians, which held potential.
Here are the bones. Elizabeth (the POV character) and Scarlet are two young independent women with money. They decide to move away from the Big Apple in search of small town life and hopeful improvement in their love lives. They decide to buy a successful B & B in the quaint town of Blue Harbor, Maine. They find what they are looking for—including more handsome men than they can handle—the inn is gorgeous, the town is quaint and most townspeople are friendly. They decide they’ve made the right decision, that is, until the dead bodies show up. From the townspeople, they learn about the ancient curse and get caught up with some locals who are defending the town and fighting the curse.
My observations. I like both Elizabeth and Scarlet. They are quirky and funny, though also shallow at times, but they stick together and have each other’s back. But I have to admit, I had trouble distinguishing one from the other at times, especially in dialogue. I believe they have potential but would have liked more development of each one’s personality and style. Also, Leist populates her story with some other curious characters—I liked her depiction of the chief, even if he is a bit of a stereotype. Several other characters in the story tended to run together. I found myself going back pages to check who is who at times.
I love Maine at the time of year when the story is set and, although I’ve never lived there, I’ve traveled to Maine this season and found it to be fascinating. Several good pieces of description of the setting are scattered throughout the pages, but I never really got a real sense of what living there in late autumn was like. With the cold ocean spray on the rocks, the hills and shores arrayed in exploding color of the changing leaves, the narrow streets of the small towns and the incredible seafood the area is famous for, the coast of Maine offers much for the writer to work with. Exploring more of this wonderful setting would anchor this story better to the culture of the area.
I was especially interested in seeing where Leist would take the ancient Penobscot curse. I thought, with the recent resurgence in national interest in Native American culture, this element of the storytelling held a rich area to mine, where the author could tie a group of modern murders to the practices and beliefs of original inhabitants of this area—or perhaps show how others were only using the curse as an excuse for other baser motives. Instead, the curse is used as a driver for the exploding violence in the town with the connection to the actual culture of the Penobscots never clearly articulated. What emerges from the story is somewhat of a modern day “cowboys vs Indians”—with those connected to the curse being the bag guys.
Clearly the writing and story has potential and there is much to build on. It will be interesting to see how Leist develops these avenues in the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Rox Burkey.
Author 42 books103 followers
August 8, 2021
Author Susanne Leist begins The Blue Harbor Series with a bang. Elizabeth Reading’s boyfriend, Martin, moves out. This gives Scarlett Harding, Elizabeth’s best friend, the chance to move to a small town. She announces a serious relocation to Blue Harbor, Maine. The goal is for these best friends to buy and run a quaint bed and breakfast, a major shift from their busy city lives. A fresh start.

The two women arrive in town ready to settle in. Arriving at the rental place Scarlett arranged, the girls get move-in help from a tall handsome local named David. The sparks pass between them with dinner arranged for the next evening.

Scarlett hurried through the narrow hallway to the right. “Isn’t this an awesome apartment?”
She disappeared into the first bedroom. I glanced into the two identical bedrooms before wandering to the end of the hall and entering the small den overlooking a compact lawn. David joined me at the rear window. “I’ll collect the bags from the porch.” When I spun to him, he took my hand and raised it to his lips. “I’m happy I walked Stella on this block today. I got a feeling.”
“A feeling?”
He grinned. “I get those.”
“What other feelings do you get?”
“Let me see.” David paused as his thumb rubbed the inside of my wrist. “I got a feeling you’ll enjoy the French cuisine at the restaurant I picked for tomorrow evening.”

The fast pace of this story puts the reader next to the girls as they find beautiful quiet surroundings, handsome men at every turn, spirits, and murders. Lots of death. A twist also includes an ominous Indian curse placed on the original settlers waiting to pounce on the current town’s descendants. Elizabeth and Scarlett are not willing to give up their dreams, but they decide they can only trust each other as lies are exposed.

From the time the girls go for their first ice cream, a treat for completing the move, Author Leist turns up the action and the heat. Her world-building and characters are brought alive with realistic interactions. I enjoyed all the people, places, and things as I became immersed in the town.
Readers who love fantasy, romance, chaos, and murders will enjoy this page-turner. This pager turner grabs your attention to the very end. I enjoy Susanne’s writing, and this series promises to be as compelling as her writing in The Dead Game series.
Profile Image for Lilian Roberts.
Author 24 books180 followers
July 27, 2021
Susanne Leist has knocked the ball out of the park with her gripping tale, “Meet me in Maine”. Turns out that moving to blue harbor Maine for Lizzy and Scarlett was more like walking across a minefield partially blindfolded as they deal with undercurrents that are (somewhat) foreign to them while dealing with a some very hostile group of people.

Blue Harbor is gripped by fear, as people are found murdered. The killer or killers are loose on the streets, leaving very few clues for the police to follow, and the police know that they are running out of time before the killer will strike again.

The quest to solve the murders keeps you on the edge of your seat, racing to read to find what will happen next. I thought it was outstanding. Tense, taut and riveting, I was too caught up in the story to put it down. Lizzy is fierce and intelligent, empathetic and very much her own person. I actually found myself much more engrossed with Lizzy’s attitude of the heart wants what the heart wants.
I like that the mystery was well developed, with some twists and turns, and the ending had me seriously creeped out. I loved that the author gave just enough in each chapter to whet your appetite. The main mystery is solved - but you are left wanting more on what is going to happen to our main characters in the future.

Now I don't want to say too much about that element of the story other than to say the way in which it is woven into the main investigation is very carefully and skillfully done.
The story flowed very well, was entertaining and intriguing and I am happy I purchased the book. If you love suspense this is a good one for you. I like that I was not able to figure things out until it was revealed at the very end. It kept me guessing the whole time which I loved. I look forward to reading more from this author.

If you are a fan of the author Susanne Leist you are going to love this book. Full of tension, a compelling plot line, littered with poignant moments that will play with your emotions, and with characters you can't help but love, this is a damned fine story. Awesome job Ms Leist
Profile Image for John Podlaski.
Author 7 books62 followers
December 17, 2021
MEET ME IN MAINE by Susanne Leist kept me engaged throughout the story. However, at times, I found myself confused by the many characters and found myself looking back to determine who was good or bad. And then, it still wasn't clear. Seems like all the characters were shallow, which left me to wonder more about their back story and how they came to be in certain positions. To me, most were just 'names' and characters I couldn't connect with or be passionate about. So there was no emotion expressed if they died.

The story is told from Elizabeth's POV, and the two girls seem to be present every time the curse struck leaving me to wonder if both her and Scarlett were causing the havoc. I also came across a few typos and added/deleted words which caused me some pause; one I remember is using 'bowel' instead of 'bowl'.

I do feel the author would have a much better story if she were to 'thicken-up' the book some by adding more detail and character back story. It would have been interesting to learn how some of the town's main characters (self-proclaimed experts and saviors) reacted and fought against the curse attacks over the years. I also had some questions unanswered and hope the author addresses them in the next installment of the series. MEET ME IN MAINE is still worth reading if you are a fan of suspense and the supernatural.
Profile Image for B. Roman.
Author 17 books72 followers
January 10, 2023
Elizabeth and Scarlett are young, attractive and independent women who buy a B&B in Blue Harbor Maine with romantic ideas about the quaint town and being in business for themselves. Instead, they walk into a decades-old nest of violence and prejudice, where dead bodies pile up day after day and a curse hangs over Blue Harbor like a guillotine.
An epidemic of mistrust infects the townspeople as they worry who or what the killers are and who will be the next victim of The Curse. Events stymie even the police who are ready to assess blame on the two women, without any substantive evidence. Romantic entanglements complicate every aspect of a mystery that grows deeper moment by moment.
Navigating the labyrinth of characters, clues, suspicions, frights and paranormal happenings keeps you turning the pages. Leist has created a breezy cozy mystery, a clean read that is suitable for teens and adults alike. Her writing is descriptive without weighing down the plot, and she keeps up the energy and momentum throughout. A good fun read that is very well written.
Profile Image for Eileen Thornton.
Author 26 books116 followers
July 6, 2021
Elizabeth and her friend, Scarlett, decide that they would like to buy a bed & breakfast somewhere away from the big city. Both are looking for a more quiet life and the Blue Harbour area of Maine sounded just right. However, they aren't there long before they learn that the area is cursed. Elizabeth wonders whether they should leave and find a more suitable location, but Scarlett is keen to stay where they are, so they go ahead and buy the quaint bed & breakfast they had viewed a few days earlier. In the meantime, Elizabeth meets a David, a rather stunning young lawyer, while Scarlett is rather taken with the owner of the local ice cream parlour. But then, things the two women never thought possible, begin to happen and they wonder whether they will survive the curse.
I really enjoyed this novel. I got caught up what was happening to the two women and didn't want to put the book down. A good read.
Profile Image for Mx Phoebe.
1,071 reviews
December 3, 2021
This mystery by Susanne Leist moves fast. There are paranormal themes and a curse upon the town that apparently has just adjusted itself after hundreds of years.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of and they are all mysterious, prior military, and hot. Also Leist has most of them attracted to Elizabeth.

Leist moves everything fast. Scarlett has an insta-love with Jonathan the ice cream man. Whereas Elizabeth has a very strong connection with David and Logan. There are no real feelings or even romance involved. It just happens.

Check out the rest of my review at Phoebe's Randoms. Link in bio.
Profile Image for Ann Birdgenaw.
Author 5 books89 followers
June 5, 2022
Excellent summer reading! Susanne Leist’s first book in The Blue Harbor series has all the trappings for a romantic, suspenseful, twisty-turny trip through the quaint little towns of New England. Elizabeth and her BFF Scarlett need a change of pace and decide to scout out and buy a small town bed & breakfast; and dreamy Blue Harbor, Maine seems to fit the bill. That is until strange things start to occur that cause the girls to wonder what they’d gotten themselves into. Charming men promise romance with supernatural events and ancient burial grounds make this a great reading escape to Maine. Highly recommended!
Profile Image for George Norris.
Author 6 books17 followers
February 5, 2023
Great read!

When Elizabeth and Scarlett decide to leave the big city, New York, for the quiet life in Maine, everything seems perfect. They have a plan in place to buy an inn and even meet romantic interests right away. What could go wrong? The answer...everything!
The first date ends up with a dead body at their feet, and that's only the beginning. Is it a murder, a curse, or even the supernatural. Elizabeth and Scarlett are left second-guessing their life choices and also waist deep in the secrets of Blue Harbor.
The story was well written with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Highly recommended!
Profile Image for Elle Klass.
Author 42 books167 followers
September 8, 2022
From the start I couldn't stop reading. The characters were fun and believable. The setting is fabulous. A small town on Maine's coast led the way for the paranormal fun that unsued. The action was nonstop and I enjoyed the creativity in how some of the death's occured. I caught myself laughing while thinking yuck.
This book is far more than a cozy mystery and in similar fashion to The Dead Game series its filled with all types of elements that make me anxious for the next book in the series. I highly recomend this book for anyone who loves paranormal and/or mystery.
Profile Image for Hemu Aggarwal.
Author 1 book1 follower
June 17, 2022
Author Susanne Leist has an engaging writing style. Her sentences: "Why did I allow the abusive relationship to continue for so long?.......No. I didn't deserve his cruel attacks. I deserve respect." It drew me to the suspense behind it and engaged me immediately. Her characters are confident. A beautiful backdrop of Maine, the most scenic state of New York, is the perfect place. It's a fast-moving story.
724 reviews1 follower
December 23, 2021
Great mystery

A little scary,a little humorous and a lot of romance. Characters have supernatural powers but are somehow believable. Skilled author with superior writing skills.
Profile Image for P.D. Kuch.
Author 2 books14 followers
May 25, 2022
Action follows action. Some strange curse causes deaths. The main protagonists try to solve the puzzle and remain sane. The first book in the series promises great adventures and thrilling emotions.
Profile Image for A.M. Morrell.
Author 3 books53 followers
June 18, 2022
Meet me in Main is a story of two friends Elizabeth and Scarlett who leave NYC for what they expect to be a simpler life in Blue Harbour Maine. It isn't long until that's out the window! They buy a bed and breakfast and soon discover that people of Blue Harbour are dying under the strangest of circumstances. And Elizabeth just started dating a lawyer/cop!
A quick read with likable characters. I look forward to #2 in the series!
Profile Image for Books  Shelf.
281 reviews20 followers
September 24, 2021
Meet Me In Maine is an enjoyable read. It hooked me from the beginning and it turned out I couldn't put it down. I was pleasantly surprised by the turns of events and I will wait for the next book (inpatiently!). I loved the characters. I recommend it.
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