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Never fall for straight guys--especially when they're friends with your brother.

Jeremy knows that. Honest! All he wanted was a little work done on his house.

That was it. Nothing too complicated.

And if he can get it done cheap because some guy owes his brother a favor? Even better!

The last thing he expected when Declan knocked on his door was to find the hottest man he'd ever seen. Or for that person to barely be able to speak to him or look him in the eye.

Why would his brother even be friends with a 'phobic dudebro?

By the time the renovations are finishing up, Jeremy's prepared to let Declan's favor to his brother be paid in full and forget about the guy's shy smile and ripped body.

But his interfering brother has other plans.

Favor is a 30k word novella featuring a busybody older brother, piercings in fun places, a very suggestive sculpture, spackle used as a flirting technique, a not-so-straight contractor, and an audiobook narrator who's had a bit of dry spell and is sure he's imagining the way the hot contractor is looking at him.

Note: A version of this title was previously available for free to newsletter subscribers (Declan's Favor). Approximately 20k words have been added.

126 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 8, 2021

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Kiki Clark

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629 reviews412 followers
July 7, 2021


👷🏼‍♂️💪Hello loves❤️! I hope all is going well! Wish I could say the same, but with another wonderful DNF to add, I really do not know how to feel at this point but just why? I have read Out in the Cold by Kiki Clark and ❤️LOVED❤️ it very much👏! So jumping from a highly rated book to a DNF one without any smooth transition. Plus with it being a short ARC as well? Just😑😑😑. So not lingering here too long, let’s move along to another episode of 📽Ayanna’s next DNFed read📽!💪👷🏼‍♂️

👷🏼‍♂️💪So here we have Jeremy🧔🏻(24 years, audiobook narrator), who is attending his older brother Jake’s🧔🏻‍♂️ party; when he runs into the sexy, muscled, hunk of a man Declan🧔🏻‍♂️(35 years, owns construction company, and a gym rat💪). After a HUGE misunderstanding when they first “talk” at the party, Declan and Jermey are yet to meet again due to his brother Jake’s meddling ways😑. With the ”shy, acclaimed bi-sexual, hunky” Declan comes to help work on a wall in Jermey’s home, these two are yet talking and misunderstanding each other once more🙄. Between a nosey older brother, bad influence of a friend, and questionable interest in liking Jermey, will these two share their real feelings and start off right without interference😑?💪👷🏼‍♂️

👷🏼‍♂️💪Honestly, since I did not like this book mostly, there is not too many positives for me to say. Maybe the fact Declan is a hunk of a construction worker🧔🏻‍♂️💪🧔🏻‍♂️💪🧔🏻‍♂️💪, and Jermey having a piercing💍? Plus the sexual descriptors were🔥🔥🔥so that too? Otherwise, not much to say here.💪👷🏼‍♂️

👷🏼‍♂️💪So for this section, I will just list my issues with the book going in order such as “1./2./3. Etc”:

1. Firstly,I did not like how nosey and controlling Jake was! He was not only meddling with trying to get Jeremey and Declan together so they can have a HEA, but he just seemed like a fuckwad of an older brother in my opinion. He cared more about Declan getting hurt that his own little brother! Just what the actual living fuck! Sibling are SUPPOSE to care and be protective of each other! Especially when dating someone they may or may not know! Yet, for him to tell Jeremey (paraphrasing time):”Just be careful around him Jermey. He is not like you.” Again, What the flying fuck is wrong with you! Are you saying this to be a dick, to bash Jermey about him being gay in a shady way, or you just wish Declan was your brother more than him? Jake did other shit that deserved several bullets in the head so I will just keep moving on to my other issues👏.

2. Secondly, the whole “Declan claims to be bi-sexual but has NEVER been with a man before?” Complete bullshit. He is 35 years old and again, claims to have affirmed his bi-sexuality at 28 (or 29 but I really don’t give a fuck) yet,has not been with a man ever! How can I actually believe he wants Jermey truly and whole-heartedly when he not only has not said ”hello to cock before”🙋🏻‍♂️🍆, but keeps fucking up when trying to talk to him when he should have already apologized for his dumbass behavior at Jake’s party! Declan was selling that “I pine for Jeremy yet am too shy around him” act and I was not buying it even with a sale and a coupon👏.

3. Thirdly,Jeremy’s actions were so contradictory and made me want to bitch slap him multiple times👋👋👋! I am glad he was mad with Declan when he was acting like a shithead at Jake’s party. Yet, for him to one, allow that 🐓“brother hen”🐓 to not only rope him into letting Declan work on his kitchen wall (due to some dumbass favor🙄🙄🙄), but to open up and be flirty/fun with him too? Just what the fuck? Where is the flow of you being upset with his ass for his behavior, to you ALWAYS ogling his “shoulders, ass, muscles, and dick” every 0.2 seconds? Again, with him being open with him (somewhat) that quickly? NOT BUYING IT👏👏👏!

4.fourthly, Jermey’s friend Simon? Another fuckstick. He is your typical ”he is just shy and is majorly hot! You should have totally blown him!” type of “friend” (using that term VERY LOOSELY). So not only is he denying how Jermey felt mad at Declan being so wishy washy, but also acted childish and resulted to 🍆”worshiping his dick will fix the trick”🍆 routine once again. These types of “friends” ARE NOT GOOD WITH ADVICE AND SHOULD BE DUMPED IN THE NEXT AVAILABLE RIVER ASAP👏👏👏! Why is it okay to ignore Jeremey’s feelings regarding Declan and just jump to wanting that cum like a grammy🍆💦🏆? So as for the listed reasons above the had me DNFing at 55%, I say:

👷🏼‍♂️💪I honestly do not know at this point. This book had an okay premise, but poor execution overall. Really just want to have a read that I can read without so much hot mess going on🔥🔥🔥. So I stand here and say:💪👷🏼‍♂️

👷🏼‍♂️💪I think I will try Clark’s other works still, since I did like Out in the Cold. Just sadly I did not vibe with this one. I hope you all are having much better reads than I am👏👏👏!💪👷🏼‍♂️

🌷FACEBOOK:🌷 @Ayanna
💖INSTAGRAM:💖 @rosey_dreams7
👛TWITTER:👛 @🎀Ayanna🎀/(@AyannaM41493002)🎀

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499 reviews110 followers
July 9, 2021
DNF @ 50%

nothing worthwhile is happening!
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July 21, 2021
3.5 “I feel like I won the lottery when I didn’t even buy a ticket” stars

“You’re like a magnet that draws goodness and light toward you, sunshine, and I just had to be near you so I could bask in it. Don’t ask me to explain it because I can’t. Just know that I’ve known since I laid eyes on you that you were incredibly special, and getting to know you just confirmed that.”

This book was so realistic in its approach. The way it showed metting someone for the first time and how it scares you and how you have no idea what to say to them and how you’re aftaid of fucking up and how you cannot really communicated with them because everything is so new. This book is one of the only book I have read that showed something similar to my actual dating experience, which i’m not sure thats really a good thing, since thats not very glorious, but hey, it seemed to work much better for the main characters in the book than it normally does for me, so that means that there is still hope for me. For the first 50% of this book I thought I would explode from second hand embarassment, because it reminded me of dating so much, thats how realistic this book felt.

Brief summary
Declan, a contractor, and Jeremy, an audiobook narrator, meet when Jeremy’s brother, Jake, a friend of Declan, is celebrating his birthday. Declan is very interested in Jeremy but he cannot speak to Jeremy when he approaches him, so Jeremy thinks that Declan is homophobic and doesn’t want him. Jake makes it his life long goal to get Declan and Jeremy to date. Thats how Declan up doing renovations for Jeremy and they fall in love.

First things first, where can I buy a Declan for myself? Preferably on sale, since he’s way too perfect to be in my budget.

First, this book was so realistic that reading this book felt like I was catching up with a friend I haven’t talked to in a while and I was listening to them tell me about their new boyfriend, from how they met to where they are now, complete with all of the drama and misunderstandings that happened.

Second, I really loved how nervous Declan got around Jeremy, that was so realistic to having a crush on someone and I really appreciate it. For a while, Declan’s point of view was just being being scared to talk to Jeremy and how he didn’t know what to say to not to not embarass himself and if that isn’t the most relatable thing when it comes to my dating experience, then I don’t know what is.

Third, for the first 50% of the book, I wasn’t sure these two were into each other in the same way at all. Declan was pining for Jeremy every second of the day and he was so nervous around him and he just wanted Jeremy to like him, while Jeremy wasn’t the nicest person ever. Like I understand that he thought that Declan wasn’t into him because Declan couldn’t talk to him at first but he was quite rude to Declan. It felt like Declan was into Jeremy way more than Jeremy was into Declan. But the second part of the book made a good job of fixing that imbalance and showing how into Declan Jeremy is, which I enjoyed, very much.

Fourth, this book is full of misunderstandings, which normally bothers me, but they made sense in the context of the story and I quite enjoyed them for what they were. They really helped the feeling of everything feeling very realistic because they were typical missunderstandings like not realizing that someone is into you or forgetting to ask someone about something super important and then you realize a while after dating them that you don’t know a really big thing about them because you never asked.

Fifth, couple of sex scene we got was really hot, but as always, I wanted more more sex scenes, I think thats just a me problem though.

This was so damn sweet and really relatable and I absolutely loved it for it.

I received an ARC of this book, and this is my honest review.
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467 reviews41 followers
July 24, 2021
Cutesy short novella with miscommunication as the plot.

It was okay. I almost stopped reading, but I wanted to get to the sex scenes. I skimmed through most of the conversations with side characters.
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1,450 reviews204 followers
July 11, 2021
Short and Sweet!

Loved this wonderful short story that is full of misunderstandings, hot sex and fun! It is complete but it is so good I wish there was more!
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679 reviews33 followers
July 9, 2021
3.5 stars.

The two Kiki Clark books I’ve read were so steamy, this came as an unexpected surprise, and I liked it. This was “slow burn”😂😂considering the two weeks both MCs were stuck in their heads about what the other wanted/was.

The majority of these stars are for Declan, who was so goddamn sweet it hurt.

I’m glad I gave this a chance.
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1,183 reviews448 followers
February 28, 2023
This promised cute misunderstandings, oblivous idiots and steam and it absolutely delivered.
So much so I wished this was a full length novel.

I would've loved to have even more time with them, and I hope we get to read Will's story at some point.
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November 23, 2021
While the writing wasn’t too bad, I had a lot of issues with this that made me cranky.

First, the miscommunication was horribly contrived, I wanted to die.

Initially, the Problem is that Declan wants to talk to Jermey because he’s attracted to him at a bar. He goes over, and then freezes up and fails to word. Aww, poor awkward baby :o but. BUT. How does Jeremy take this? He decides, apropos of nothing (except a shirt?) that this means Declan is homophobic. Because he came over and tried to talk to him and failed. What the what. Bro. Declan is even super friends with your brother, you total blockhead. He undoubtedly knows you’re gay, why would he come talk to you and then freak out? Have half a braincell please.

Then, now that Jeremy has decided that Declan is both homophobic and straight, he tries very, very hard to maintain his idea of straightness. This includes: declaring Declan is a straight name. Didn’t realize people scanned babies at birth and gave them “straight” names. “This baby’s vibes are straight. Declan. Next!” wat

Also, idiotically, which I guess is the Theme of Jeremy, he doesn’t accept that maybe Declan is super socially awkward and that’s why he’s failing at talking to him? Why is that? Because he’s hot. No joke, apparently hot people aren’t allowed to have poor social skills. -_-

"Not good at this—who does he think he’s kidding? There was no way a man as gorgeous as Declan didn’t have at least basic social skills. So what he really meant was he didn’t know how to talk to his friend’s gay brother, which… whatever."

Following that up, the transition of Declan being so awkward he can’t talk to hitting on Jeremy and using pet names is abrupt. Complete flip of a switch, I never quite understood what happened.

Instalove: christ. It’s not even like, well handled in-universe. Somehow Jeremy is falling for Declan, before he even learns that Declan fucking fosters children. How does this match up?? How do you fall for someone and not know anything about them? They also move in together in like five weeks and then get hitched in two months. Cool your jets bro.

Plot goblins. Need I say more? little horrors.

I think the sex was pretty okay written, but honestly I was skimming at that point.

Overall, it would have been not horrible except the parts where it was.
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635 reviews141 followers
February 7, 2023
This story was exactly what I needed!
Fast paced, short, sweet, spicy... and it even made me laugh a time or two.

Declan is instantly attracted by his best friend's brother, Jeremy. But he can’t seem to be able to say a word in front of him.

Jeremy thinks his brother’s best friend is hot, but he can’t be attracted to someone who is clearly straight and uncomfortable around him, right?!

I adore the two of them.
They are crazy about one another but communication seems to be a problem for them 🙈
Luckily they have the perfect helper: Jake, Jeremy's brothers 😂
The story is addicting: once you started you can’t stop ( and that's why I end up going to bed at 2 a.m 🤭)

What really got me hooked on the story is Declan 😍😍
I mean he is perfect *swoony face*:
• Big hot constructor
• MMA fighter (not professional but still 🔥)
• shy and sweet
• with a huge heart 🖤

Man, i got it bad for him, as you can see 😂😌

I totally recommend it!!
And i'm really looking forward to read Simon' story 🤩
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1,999 reviews42 followers
July 9, 2021
DNF @ 47%.

I’ve read a couple books by Kiki Clark and enjoyed them…. And the doesn’t really feel like it was written by the same person.

First off, Jeremy is hella rude. I’m glad he was called out on it, but you really have to question Declan’s taste if he is gonna pine after a guy who is super rude to him (based on his false perception that Declan is homophobic) but still take advantage of his offer of free labour, and agrees to go out for drinks but ghosts him.

The writing itself also seems more like a draft that still needs fleshing out. If this was a shorter story, I’d be fine with it, but there was plenty of opportunity to give this a little more oomph.
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2,016 reviews
July 11, 2021
4 25 stars

I loved this quick read by Kiki Clark!! Both characters I wouldn't mind reading more about them or have them visit us in Simon's story(hint hint)!!
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106 reviews4 followers
September 24, 2021
Great book!

Really enjoyed this book by Kiki Clark. Great characters and a good story, with lots of humor, and lots of heat 😎😎😎
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88 reviews1 follower
December 1, 2022
Such a good book!

I really enjoyed this book and all the characters. Couldn't put it down once I started. Totally recommend this book.
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1,828 reviews12 followers
July 13, 2021
I enjoyed this story but the blurb does not match the story and I think that’s because this is an expansion and it wasn’t updated accordingly. It was a nice quick story and I enjoyed watching Jeremy and Declan navigate their attraction. Declan really is a shy sweetheart and once Jeremy gets the chance to see beyond his quiet exterior.

I received a copy of this book and am giving an honest review
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1,283 reviews34 followers
July 17, 2021
Favor by Kiki Clark is a novella about Declan and Jeremy. Jeremy is the younger brother of Declan's best friend. I really liked their story. It was sweet, sexy and very well written.
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1,105 reviews148 followers
August 17, 2021
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I'm not going to beat around the bushes. I didn't like this one.

And it's a pity because the plot sounded sooo promising... But the result felt... Half-made?

The story doesn't make any sense. There's 0 romance development and it's highly unbelievable. I usually go easy with romances and my demands could be considered low... Much more when it's a short story we're talking about. But I need to at least understand why they live each other.

And here I don't.

Declan meets Jeremy at his best friend's (and Jeremy's big brother) birthday party. He sees him from afar and feels pulled to him: beautiful, cute smile, easygoing... The problem is Dec has zero social skills and when he tries to speak to him, he gets tongue tied and Jeremy thinks he's making laugh of him AND is homophobic (why he's bro's beastie would approach him to give him a hard time it's something no one can answer, because it just doesn't make sense... Just a pretext to create a bad animosity).

But even so, I could accept it if what comes after got better. But it only gets worse.

We have Jeremy, a guy that kind of laughs, insults and ignores Declan, who is working at his house as a favor for his older brother (he's actually trying to ask him for a date...), and Declan, who accepts all that and falls in love with him. And why?

I don't know!!!

Jeremy is an idiot towards him. Does Declan have an idiot kink? Is that what he likes? In a longer book, with time to develop the enemies to lovers, coherently clear the misunderstanding and give room for them to truly get to know each other, thus could have gone completely different. But as it is, I only see two guys that don't know each other and what they do know it's not exactly loving... But they end up in love because they have the hots for each other?

Maybe it's a me thing and I'm in the wrong... But attraction doesn't equal love. You can feel attracted to someone and not love them. Attraction can be the beginning of a beautiful love, but it's not the same thing.

And here we have Declan, who tells Jeremy the first time they get together it's different for him because that will be the first time it's not a quicky with someone he doesn't love. Hello? You guys are together because you can't to fck, nothing more and nothing less.

The fostering plot was ok, I guess. It felt like filling to further develop the characters and give room to the "start a family".

What I liked where the few brother's conversations where boundaries where trespassed lol

I'm starting to think Kiki and I don't have a good relationship in regards of short stories. I LOVE the Kincaid Pack books and I can't wait to read the next one... But last year I read Bite me (review deleted due to GR's shitty politics on free titles) and... Terrible. Worse than this one, since that literally ends in the middle of the story. My face was to be seen lol

I still won't give up. I have a couple other of her short stories and I will give them a try. And I probably will try the Leather and Chrome series..

But this one... No. Just not for me.
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78 reviews28 followers
October 9, 2021
I've liked most of the other books I've read from this author so was excited when I read the synopsis on this one. Sadly, I think it needed to be finished getting written before being released.

The premise seemed cute and it started off that way. At a birthday party for Declan's friend, who is Jeremy's brother, Declan sees a hot guy across the way and is instantly smitten. The brother notices and because he actually thinks his friend is a good guy, he encourages him to ask out his brother, which was a nice change from the normal.

Declan goes over there but is shy (and I absolutely adore big, buff guys who are shy), but when Declan can't manage to get out a word Jeremy gets huffy, assumes he's homophobic, and leaves. That's when the favor comes in to play. Jeremy's brother/Declan's friend decides to get them together by telling Jeremy that Declan owes him a favor and is going to work it off by working on Jeremy's house.

All good and lovely at this point. Jeremy is a bit of a jerk, but I was hoping as we got to know him he'd turn out nicer. Nah, he just turned out even jerkier and one of the surest ways to make me dislike a story is to have MCs who don't deserve happy endings, especially if they end up with ones who do. Declan is perfect, with the exception of his taste in potential partners because he apparently can't tell the difference between looking at someone who is hot and knowing what that person is like. And no, looking around their house while they ignore you is not enough to get to know someone and fall in love with them.

At this point the story was good and the sucky parts were redeemable. Maybe we would see them interact and Jeremy would be revealed to be nicer than he seemed. They could get to spend more than a few moments in each other's company at the minimum. Nope. The story essentially just stops. Lots of build-up, good premise, and yet a complete failure in the second half. There were plenty of pages left to get the couple together, have them fall in love, etc. but basically it's just sex like author gave up on writing the story.

Skipping over the sex scenes which are just the boring usual filler that distract from the story, I got past them to find out that they are now in love and pretty much immediately What happened to getting to know each other? Falling in love? The romance part of a romance novel? These two spent more time apart in the book than they did together. I'm not sure why this needs to be said because it's pretty much common sense, but attraction to someone doesn't mean you are in love with them.

It was such a disappointment when it started with such a cute idea. Declan is a love, a bit of an idiot, but sweet. The fostering is a cool development of character and story. The brother and the relationships between the families is also really nice. I just wish the story had them actually getting together and falling for one another.
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77 reviews
July 8, 2021
A Quick Fun Summertime Read

I am quickly becoming a big fan of Kiki Clark’s books, and this novella was no exception.

Favor is a quick sweet, fun, hot and perfect for a summer’s day, or a day at the beach, read.

It is an expanded version of her previous short story, “Declan’s Favor”, but if you haven’t read that, no worries.

Declan is a big, muscles everywhere from working construction, and working out at the gym, guy. People take one look and think he must also be a confident guy. He is not. He’s adorably sweet, and a tad shy, and when he sees Jeremy across the room at a party, he is instantly drawn to him. Jeremy happens to be the baby brother of Declan’s best friend, Jake, who gives Declan the green light to ask his brother out.

However, when Declan approaches Jeremy, he doesn’t seem to be able to make any words come out of his mouth. I found their first meet charming, even if it does lead to a big misunderstanding. Declan is bi, but Jeremy thinks he is straight. Jake and Declan then conspire to get the two of them together. Their results are a mixed bag of all over the place bad ideas, but they finally land on having Declan do some home repairs for Jeremy, under the guise that Jake owes him a favor and he will do the work at cost.

After a few misunderstandings, the two get on the same page, and things take a fast, steamy turn. I adored Declan’s shyness, and Jeremy’s sass, the absolute rotten ideas that Jake and Declan would come up with to try to get them together, and Jeremy’s love of oversharing to make his brother squirm. No one wants to hear about their brother and best friend getting it on.

This novella left me with a smile on my face.

I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.
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1,008 reviews6 followers
February 24, 2023
Cute enough insta-love story that is made more likeable by the fact that Declan is an absolute sweetheart and too perfect for this world. The only thing the guy didn't do was save puppies and kittens from burning buildings but I'd totally believe he's a volunteer firefighter who has done this.

Jeremy on the other hand? A bit of a judgemental asshole.I can kindof understand his initial belief that Declan's complete discomfort at the party where they met had to do with his shirt/unapologetically queer presentation, but a) it's hard to believe Jeremy's brother Jake would have a bff who was so homophobic given that Jake has queer siblings and b) Jeremy doubles down on his conviction simply bc Declan isn't good at making conversation w/o ever considering other alternatives even when he remarks upon Declan's sweet and shy smile bc apparently, the fact that Declan is hot and built like a brick shit-house precludes him from social awkwardness. I keep forgetting that only uggos can be awkward or NAT *eye-roll*.

So most of the story is Jeremy being snarky to Declan while Declan does basically free labor at his house bc Declan is too attractive until the big misunderstanding gets cleared up. Then it's all systems go into insta-love, especially as Declan comments how he knew Jeremy was it for him once he got to know him when up until that point they had spent all their time in separate rooms.

But Declan's character is great as is him being an emergency foster parent, and once Jeremy gets his head our of his ass, the story is simple, sweet fun.
1,319 reviews9 followers
July 9, 2021
This book is amazing! The story of Jeremy and Declan is filled with awkward moments, meddling older brothers, laughs and love and is an absolute joy to read. Declan is best friends with Jeremy’s older brother Jake. When Declan approaches Jeremy at Jake’s birthday party, he suddenly finds himself tongue tied and making a fool of himself. Jake hears about it and comes up with a plan to get the two men together. It starts with a wall needing knocked down in Jeremy’s house. They get Jeremy to agree to let Declan do the work and the plan begins. Declan still struggles a bit until he finally gets the courage to ask Jeremy out. Jeremy agrees but once the construction job is done, Jeremy doesn’t call, sure Declan just wants to be friends, something Jeremy can’t do with the way he feels about Declan. A stern talking to by his brother, has Jeremy getting in touch with Declan trying to make things right. And it will work. An invitation to come look at a leaking sink will lead to forever when true feelings are revealed and the two men find that they just happen to be perfect for each other, despite their awkward beginning.

I read an ARC copy of this book and am volunteering my honest review.
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100 reviews4 followers
July 12, 2021
From the beginning of the story to the end, I was hooked. The only thing I don't like about novellas is they aren't long enough. Sometimes even if they have a beginning, middle, and end, they leave me wanting more. This was one of those books. I couldn't get enough of Jeremy and Declan. I was in love with Declan from the beginning to the end. Jeremy irritated me a little at first because he wouldn't get to know the real Declan, but once he did, oh boy was it steamy. Declan was the shy, contractor and Jeremy the outgoing audiobook narrator. Declan was bi but didn't flaunt his sexuality like Jeremy did, but it was ok. Opposites attract and in this book it definitely worked.

I gave it four stars mainly because I felt the character development could've been built up a little more. I know that it can be difficult to do that with novellas, but I just felt something was missing. I loved the storyline and the way they came together in the end and how much they felt for each other. Their chemistry was definitely obvious and the way Jeremy took on Declan's love for kids was amazing. I would definitely recommend this book especially to any fans of Kiki.

I received this book for an honest review from Gay Romance Reviews.
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180 reviews
July 21, 2021
Favor is absolutely hilarious. It’s a short read but Jeremy and Declan are beyond amazing. Jeremy, an audiobook narrator, is out and proud gay and when he meets his brothers best friend at a party, he’s a bit shocked his brother would be friends with someone so homophobic. Turns out, Declan, a tradesman, is just a bit shy, but so into Jeremy. An insane plan is hatched between Declan and his friend to get Jeremy to like him but getting Jeremy to like him is a lot harder than it seems.
Once Jeremy starts to get to know Declan he sees he’s not who his initial impression of him was, and is a warm and caring man. I only wish we had seen more of that because it made him such a well-rounded character. Declan’s shyness in comparison to how vibrant Jeremy is was such a cool part of this book because I don’t typically see the more stereotypically ‘alpha’ character as being shy. Normally it’s the smaller character, so it was one of those great role reversals.
Honestly, my only problem with this book was that there wasn’t enough, I just wanted more of these characters.
I would totally read this again and want to read more of Kiki Clark’s books.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.
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378 reviews3 followers
July 12, 2021
I loved this book. At times it was super cute, while other times it was very steamy!

This book starts at Jake’s party and I was hooked from the beginning. (Jake is Jeremy’s older brother and Declan’s best friend) Declan is so attracted to Jeremy but he’s also shy so he totally blows it when he tries to talk to Jeremy. Jeremy leaves the party and thinks Declan must be homophobic since he couldn’t even talk to him.

Jake thinks Declan and Jeremy could be great together so he helps Declan comes up with a plan to get to know Jeremy better. Declan pretends he owes Jake a favor so he can do work at Jeremy’s house.

The plan doesn’t really work, since Jeremy avoids Declan since he thinks he’s a jerk. Declan trying to get to know Jeremy is so cute! I just love the way they stumble around each other on their way to their happily ever after. It’s an adorable story and one I will be rereading.

I did receive a free ARC of this book from Gay Romance Reviews but that did not influence my review.

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July 19, 2021
Declan and Jeremy's romance was even more adorable than I'd expected!

Despite Declan and Jeremy getting off to an awkward start, I really enjoyed their story. I loved the concept of Declan being so shy and unsure around Jeremy, and every aborted conversation attempt just made me root for him harder. I wasn't quite sure what to make of Jeremy at the beginning, but he won me over as the two of them spent more time together. While I was a big fan of their romance and the deliciously steamy moments they had together, where this story lost me was at the very end. It's not that I wasn't thrilled to see Declan and Jeremy take the next steps in their relationship, but the whole family dynamic came from out of nowhere and I felt like I was scrambling to catch up. I would have been just as happy had this story left off after Jeremy and Declan confessed their feelings for each other, but I can't say I was complaining about the bonus content.

**I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. This review expresses my honest thoughts and opinions.
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July 28, 2021
Declan, takes tongue tied to a whole new level! He is absolutely adorable. Declan was celebrating his friend, Jake's birthday when he was hit by a thunderbolt. He spent his time ogling a young man, whom he found out was Jake's brother., Jeremy. Jake decided to help Dec pursue Jeremy. The attempts at a meet, were absolutely hysterical. Imagine a totally fine, mature, butilt man with the emotional sophistication of a teen in a John Houston movie. Jeremy, is equally attracted, but Dec's behavior at each meeting leads him to believe Dec may be homophobic. Jake, steps in to save the day. Does he succeed? Can Dec finally speak any coherent words? Is Jeremy ready to give Dec what may be an infinite number of chances to connect? The plan is fun, does it work? Fun read. Great characters. I wish it were longer. All the characters were absolutely fun. Well done! I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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