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The Wrong Witch #1

Spells and Slip-ups

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I suck at witchcraft.

Coming from a long line of famous witches, I should be at the top of the heap. Problem is, if there is a spell cast anywhere in my vicinity, I will somehow mess it up. As a probationary agent with the Arcane Bureau of Investigation, I have two choices: I can limp along and maybe pass myself off as a competent agent, or I can fail. Miserably.

Worse news? If I can’t get my act together, I may not only be out of a job, I could also lose my life.

Whose idea was this again?

304 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 5, 2022

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About the author

Annie Anderson

41 books1,906 followers
Annie Anderson is the author of the international bestselling Rogue Ethereal series. A United States Air Force veteran, Annie pens fast-paced Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy novels filled with strong, snarky heroines and a boatload of magic. When she takes a break from writing, she can be found binge-watching The Magicians, flirting with her husband, wrangling children, or bribing her cantankerous dogs to go on a walk.




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515 reviews
July 7, 2022
Although it is set in the same Arcane Souls World as the Rogue Etherial and the Grave Talker books, Spells and Slip-Ups is the beginning of a new series and Annie Anderson's fans know they can expect fast pace, a sassy heroine, and lots of magic.
Wren comes from one of the most respected and, more importantly, feared witch families in Savannah, but there's something wrong with her magic. Wren is so desperate to get help for her BFF's human mother, that she is is willing to risk being caught buying an illegal spell. Then things go pear-shaped-and Wren almost dies in a fire. Saved by an agent of the Arcane Bureau of Investigations and sent to a selection program, Wren finds out failure isn't an option in her case. Guess who is going to be her instructor? the very agent who saved her life- a wolf shifter Nico Acosta. Not that Wren knows anything about him, or what he did for her, or his feelings towards this irresistible trainwreck of a witch.
The pace of this fun paranormal romance was relentless and the chemistry, the attraction between the protagonists was off the charts. If you like reading about mated love, get ready for some hot, hot scenes.
As we gradually get to know Wren, we see what a loyal friend she is, always putting the others safety and well-being first. I get a feeling we'll see more of Wren's new friends and will have fun learning their stories.
Can't wait to read the next book in this great new series!.
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785 reviews192 followers
April 26, 2023
OK so... I liked a lot about this book but I also kinda sorta disliked the heroine. I'm confident when I say that this is solely a ME issue and not an actual issue. I love heroines who are sassy and sarcastic but when every other sentence that comes out of their mouth/in their inner monologue is something that's sarcastic/sassy comment about the situation and there's never a moment to breathe that's when it starts to grate for me. I listened to the audiobook and I would see myself getting irrationally angry after 30 or so minutes. I've encountered this kind of heroine in the Nava Katz series By Deborah Wilde (which I still haven't been able to push myself to finish even after trying like 3 separate times) and K.F. Breene's Demon Days And Vampire Nights series. It's just not something that I like to listen to and that's OK.

The story was interesting though I felt like I was missing a lot of world-building. Probably because I realized too late that this series is part of a universe that the author is writing in and it isn't the first series in that world. Oops? The characters are interesting and the hero is fantastic! I'll probably try to give the next book a shot because overall I did enjoy the story.
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2,788 reviews170 followers
October 19, 2022
This is the first book I have read from this author and I see incredible potential as well as things that just aren’t my cuppa. The bones of this story are awesome! And, they truly do keep a reader flying through the pages and wanting to come back for more. The execution just wasn’t always to my taste, however. There were a lot of steamy, smexy times - which are generally hit and miss for me, depending on if they work into the overall storyline well or not. In this instance, although they make sense, I was enjoying the actual story so much that the pages-long repeated interludes just annoyed me.

The overall writing is good but not great, (how many times must we read the word “right?”) but the storytelling is fabulous. SO… for those who love a page-turning story with frequent, loooong sex pit-stops, this will definitely be one you want to pick up. Verdict is still out for me. I will probably pick up the next one, though, as there is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end and I do want to see what happens with that.
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1,546 reviews83 followers
July 10, 2022
The chemistry between the witch FMC Wren and the wolf shifter ABI agent Nico was great, but the story-line and character development fell a bit flat for me, especially with the speedy progress of the villain plot.

1. I didn't understand why Nico would and not make sure she understood what it was and consented to it with knowledge, and the revelation was left as a cliffhanger into the next book.

2. The kind of came out of nowhere in the last few chapters with no foreshadowing - the whole time, the plot was hinting at as the suspicious villain.

3. The discovery that Wren's magical powers were all wonky because she was actually was dropped in the story with no other ramp-up and never addressed again by the time the book ended. Similar to the villain subplot, there was no foreshadowing for the reader to expect that kind of power existed in the world building, and there was no good reasoning why her Very Important witch family hadn't figured out that was what her power was and why it was so useless to them if they did know.

I still plan on checking out the next book as I do enjoy the characters themselves, just not their decisions and the situation they were put in.
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557 reviews21 followers
June 27, 2022
Spells & Slip-ups is the first in Anderson’s The Wrong Witch duet. After reading the blurb for this, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Right from the beginning I was pulled in by the story and these characters. Wren, a witch with wonky powers, and Nico, a sexy as sin shifter, shouldn’t even be on each others radar but their connection is undeniable. Anderson gives us mystery, excitement, and plenty of swoon worthy moments. I’m eager to see where she takes this story.
Profile Image for Megan - megan.m.reads.
433 reviews9 followers
December 19, 2022
I inhaled this! Really fun urban fantasy romance - same vibes as Annette Marie’s Guild Codex series. A wonky witch, wolf prince, and missing women set at a magical police training course. Can’t wait for book 2!
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693 reviews43 followers
June 30, 2022
This was a really funny story. Wren's inner monologue will have you laugh out loud and the supporting characters made this book just as fun.

When asking the question "What could possibly go wrong?" think of Wren. This young witch has had a hard life. Rejected by her family as well as her community; Wren was known as the "Black Sheep" in the Bannister coven simply because she couldn't perform magic. Instead; Wren made others around magic go haywire.

Being a descendent from a long line of Bannister Witches, Wren came from powerful stock. Unfortunately for Wren the good stuff passed her by……or did it? After a lie landed her as a cadet at the Arcane Bureau of Investigation, Wren realizes her successful completion of the program is a matter of life and death.

Nico, an Alpha Wolf Shifter found himself obssessed with Wren and couldn't understand why. He always remained close by ensuring her safety until he realized she was his Fated Mate. Nico's denial of Wren being his Fated Mate just makes you shake your head at times. He was in denial but ready to rip someone's throat out if they so much as look at her crazy. Nico and his inner monologue with his wolf was very entertaining because his wolf was getting tired of Nico's 💩🤣

I enjoyed this story because although she's been treated like crap her whole life; Wren had a heart of gold. She always put others first. Wren meet new friends and learned what it meant to have people supporting her. The Friendship, Love and Camaraderie she found in Nico and her new friends at the Academy filled Wren with something she never had………HOPE.

Something fishy is going on at the Academy and Nico is determined to find out what it is. After all he just found his Mate and he was not willing to lose her. Women have been going missing at the Academy and Wren and Nico soon learn that Wren is a hot commodity and wanted by the Fae.

This story ends on a Cliffhanger and I'm looking forward to continuing Wren and Nico's story in "Magic and Mayhem"

I received an Advanced Reader's Copy in exchange for an honest review
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176 reviews8 followers
July 5, 2022
Nico and Wren are the best. I'm ready for more. This author has done it again, creating an amazing story with awesome characters.
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275 reviews2 followers
July 6, 2022
ARC reviewer

"If f*cking up were a super power, I'd be considered a god by now." - Wren (first line of the book!)

Wren's on a mission as she walks down Factor's Walk in Savannah, Georgia. She's needing a spell cast on her adoptive mother, a mom she wishes was her own. Or one that actually adopted her. Regardless, Alice Whitlock is her mother figure and her best friend's mom. Wren's determined to not let Alice die from her mortal illness.

Being a descendant of the Bannister Witch blood line, Wren should be the one doing the spell. Right? Wrong, very wrong. Wren, to her family's immense displeasure and disappointment, CANNOT do magic at all! Or be anywhere close to someone casting a spell of any kind.

It backfires in a very intense way.

When finding her destination things go up in flames when the caster, Carmichael Jones ignores Wren's warning. Trying to perform the spell as soon as yesterday. Luckily Wren gets out of the shop with the aide of a mysterious man. Only to land herself in front of an agent from the Arcane Bureau of Investigation.

Because of her little quest Wren's given two options: jail time or a ten year service commitment to the ABI. IF she can pass the selection exams at Camp Blue Ridge.

". . .Camp Blue Ridge, ABI's selection school from Hell." - Wren

The second main character we get to see POV from is Nico's. Nico has been following Wren, not by choice, or is it? Keeping an eye on her but also tracking an odd spike of dark magic and it just so happened to come from Wren. . . He quickly learns that this black sheep of the Bannister family is going to keep him busy. Yet his wolf is wanting to be close to Wren.

Being almost thirty and close to coming into his full powers as an Alpha. Nico finds that he can't seem to stay away from Wren or get her out of his head. But she isn't his mate and more than likely she has placed a spell on him. But after meeting with a friend, Wyatt, who has been looking for him. Nico's plans change. Heading toward Camp Blue Ridge to train the new cadets and getting to the bottom of a secret case.

Only Nico realizes too late that one of the cadets happens to be Wren Bannister. . .

". . .she's going to give me an ulcer." - Nico

Wren finds herself having to survive boot camp and hope she can make it through. Praying her mouth doesn't get the best of her with one particular instructor who's placed his sights on her. Making sure to dog Wren at every turn. While having another instructor make her feel all gooey and warm inside. But Instructor Nico Acosta is off limits! He's an instructor and she's a cadet. Yet there's something there and did she hear a growl coming from him or was that in her head?

This book was a great start for this series! Though I was so caught up that when I got close to the end of the story I realized there was no way the author was going to tie everything up. So yes, there is a cliffhanger! But book 2 is set to release this September (2022), not a long time to wait.

I loved Wren from the moment I read the first line of the book! And Nico!

"The world needed less men in it who'd hurt women." -Nico

In my notes for the book I literally wrote YES!!! This is a sentence from after Nico dealt with something on Wren's behalf. I loved both of the characters in this book and there was a lot of sexual tension and build up. So yes, this book does contain MF action with all the spicy details! There's also some violence in this book especially toward the climax of the plot.

Wren's just trying to do a good thing and it backfires on her. All she wants is a normal, human life with her best friend Ellie. But life never goes the way you plan and the ride is crazy. The comedy in this book was great and had me laughing a lot. Of course there's some angst and miscommunication moments. I liked all of the ladies from Cabin Three and how everyone took to Wren.

Fiona was a delight and I cannot wait to see more of her in book 2. A quote that I really liked from this diva of Cabin Three was:

"I know I'm blonde, but blind and stupid, I am not." - Fiona

The story's a fun and interesting ride with twists I didn't expect. The romance is amazing and how they go about understanding and acknowledging it. The ending was fantastic and I definitely hope to read book two. I also really want to see Wyatt again, loved that wolf shifter.

Enjoy the read and give the author some stars!
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1,700 reviews82 followers
February 17, 2023
Why didn't anyone tell me I'd been missing out? Spells and Slip-ups is my first Annie Anderson book and it was a freaking hoot. Seriously, I listened to the audio version and I've never laughed so hard, the narrators did a fantastic job bringing Ren and Acosta to life.

Ren is a walking catastrophe but I really don't think it's her fault, something wonky is going on with her magic. Ren has quite the reputation for being a mess up and some supes mistreat her because of it. After all, she's been through with a family that doesn't support let alone like her, Ren powers through. Found herself a human best friend and become part of their family and learning to be the best person she can possibly be. And Ren is truly a good person, funny and sassy but a lifetime of crap has whittled down her self-confidence to nothing. I like Ren and I hope she can find her way out of the chaos.

As for Nico Acosta, he's a growly wolf shifter who is in deep denial for about half of this book. Ren is driving him crazy in all kinds of ways, through no fault of her own, and his wolf is sick of his attitude. It all makes for a very comical situation. However, after certain events, Nico is all in, and the way he cares for and protects Ren, swoon. I love the protective Wolf shifter.

I'm 100% sure that Ren's catastrophes aren't her fault. Born under a bad sign my foot, if she was then it was the universe's fault. I'm telling you that bougie family of hers did something to someone and Ren is the consequence. For people who put power over everything, name and bloodlines being the measure they sure left one of their own flapping in the wind. The best thing about the camp that Ren is sent to is that she may have finally found her people in the arcane world. There were plenty of feel-good moments.

Spells and Slip-ups were the best, I loved the mystery and comradery. The dialog is fantastic the snarky fast-paced southern twang was great, but it's Ren's inner monolog that is hilarious and makes the book. Celeste Woodward and Lance Greenfield did an excellent job bringing the characters to life. I can't wait for the next book.
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849 reviews10 followers
June 28, 2022
Witchy, wolves and the whole shazam!

Meet Wren, a clumsy witch with zero powers! BUT dont let that fool you. Just cus she cant throw some magic your way she most definitely can haywire everyone’s else’s and then some! The big-bang-catastrophe-burn-explode-kill-well u get the picture🔥. And most importantly she is with out a doubt adorable, kind, and loyal to a T.

I love her and Nico-the Sexy, handsome stalker i mean guardian wolf 🐺. Oh my. ladies you in for a treat! Nico...is 🔥👌🔥👌🔥 Awesome story!! If you love Paranormal romance, witches and werewolves this is perfect for you!

73 reviews2 followers
June 29, 2022
Holy bat balls, Batman! That was the best book! Wren and Nico have some serious chemistry! I am hooked. I can't wait to see what happens next and that ending tells me there is a LOT more coming!! No spoilers here, just read the darn book and get blown away yourself, like I just did! This is definitely going on my list of don't miss book series. I just love Annie's books. She is a very talented woman.
I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Jodie Cary.
593 reviews2 followers
July 14, 2022
I loved reading this story. I was hooked into the story right from the start and couldn't put it down. This was my first time reading this author and now I am hooked. I cannot wait to read the next installment to this series and more from this author. Loved it!

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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411 reviews6 followers
July 5, 2022
Just finished this new series from one of my favorite authors. It’s a bit different than her previous series, with the h being a bit clumsy, unable to do magic and a write off from her family; so different from her butt kicking other female characters.
At first it felt a bit slow to me, I was struggling a bit to connect with the main characters. Once the plot line began to reveal itself, it again became a can’t put down, page turner. I highly recommend this book and looking forward to the next installment.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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33 reviews1 follower
June 27, 2022
This was such a great book!

I mean if you know anything about the Arcane Souls World you know this is going to be good. If not, I definitely recommend checking them out.

This is such a funny book, it had me laughing and shaking my head so many times. It had your hot as all get out romance as well which was pretty much perfect! I really enjoyed the action/suspense bits to it too. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen until it actually did which is a great testament to a book to me.

Ok so, Wren the main female character had be laughing from the beginning. You seriously can’t help but to love her. She’s a take charge kind of woman even if things end up, well…wonky. She is a strong character that you just love and want to be friends with.

She ends up as a probationary agent and oh my do things get interesting from there. There is so much that happens up at that camp/training facility/cluster craziness.

The supporting characters that Wren bunked with were awesome. I really liked their spunk and how much they care for Wren and stick together.

And Nico, oh sweet goodness Nico. This man is in denial to begin with and it makes you laugh. You just see it and shake your head at him. I really enjoyed his character and oh is the chemistry between him and Wren off the charts. Even if the path getting there is a all sorts crazy.

Wren and Nico together is just amazing and you can’t get enough of them.

The main story line really had me questioning myself and I was like wait what?! But in a good way.

I really cannot wait for the next installment of this series! I highly recommend reading this one!!

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for RLbooks.
616 reviews164 followers
July 26, 2022
Spells and Slip-ups was a quick paranormal read that had a bit of a YA feel, while still including steaminess. Wren (h) is a witch with wonky powers who ends up in trouble and referred to a training to be the paranormal world's version of a law enforcement agent. Nico (H) is a wolf shifter who's already an agent and feeling a big draw to Wren after bumping into her during the fiasco that causes all the issues. Wren's an outcast within her family with a pretty sad background. Both characters are likable, Nico's a bit more of a mystery since not much is given on his background but his personality was pretty clear. He's turning thirty and Wren is in her early twenties I think, but they read younger to me. There is an insta feeling happening on Nico's side because his wolf thinks Wren is his mate, while Wren also feels a strong attraction. This is happening in the setting of a training camp where not everything is above board.

It's a pretty fast paced story with some mystery and suspense. Interesting side characters make appearances. I just felt like a good portion of the story felt surface-level, including the romance. This story does end on a cliffhanger but not a bad one, no one in mortal peril. No ow/om drama, neither were virgins but no history given, no bc used/discussed.
July 1, 2022
This author is my favorite addiction!

Honest to goodness this author is amazing. Every series, every character, EVERY TIME!

Nico is the shifter every woman dreams of. I mean listen, I have chosen to stay single for 3+ years but even I was like "where can I get me a Nico?!?! ASAP!"

Wren is strong, kind, and capable even with how things have gone thus far for her. But her story isn't written at all like a pity party and it could have been.

It's steamy in parts, oh so steamy. But it's not over done or in there just for the sake of it. It's part of the story and so SO well done.

I love the dual view points. They're both equally main characters and I really liked being able to see inside both of their heads.

Is it too early to ask when book 2 will be out? It's that good people. Done walk, run to get this book!

The best part is the Audible version will be out eventually so we get to experience this story from one of the best narrators I've ever listened to.

Yet again Annie Anderson hits it out of the park! Home effing run!! Well done!.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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9 reviews2 followers
July 2, 2022
I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

I only a tiny spoiler but its at the bottom of the review.

I had to take a few days after finishing Spells and Slip-ups. Annie, you did it again, you made a book that sucks you in. I could not put this book down, I tried but nope! It is a tad different in the romance versus solving a mystery from Annie's other books, but I love it and it is so good. And steamy, like girl I need a cold shower.

Wren is an amazing FL, her character isn't perfect and has scars. She doesn't over come them right away nor by the end of the book and this speaks volumes to Annie's character creation. I have read three of Annie's series and makes it so much harder to choose which one goes on top. Max will always have a special place in my heart, but Wren and Darby are close seconds.

I love that this series is set in the same world as Grave Talker and Soul Eater. Annie creates realistic and practical worlds that are not far fetched to believe. If new urban fantasy writers need some guide and help, Annie would be a great guide.

Annie knows how to create MLs that don't demonstrate toxic masculinity, yet are still strong alpha men that aren't emotionless dicks. Nico is just such a character and I cannot wait to see how the next book takes off.

Speaking of, spoilers!!!
That drop ending, just not fair!!! I need to see how they react to Eloise and then seeing Nico's pack. I cannot wait for Magic and Mayhem is released.
1,569 reviews7 followers
July 4, 2022
Her family calls her loser, he calls her mate!

Wren was a Bannister witch but she was the one her family was ashamed of and tried to hide. They wished she would disappear forever. Her magic was warped and any magic in her vicinity turned into a disaster. She tried to save her best friend’s mother but the spell went wrong and now she is sentenced to Camp Blue Ridge, the ABI’s selection school. It’s her last chance!

Nico Acosta was only at the ABI Selection school as a favor to a friend. Something strange was going on at the camp and Nico was the agency’s best bet to uncover it. It should be an easy assignment if he hadn’t run into the Bannister girl. She must have bespelled him because he can’t get her out of his mind or her scent out of his wolf.

This book has good twists, paranormal activity, and danger. This has the makings of an excellent new series! I received an advance copy but my review is honest and voluntary.
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1,050 reviews15 followers
July 2, 2022
Spells and Slip-ups is the first book in this series featuring Wren, a witch who causes magic to misfire when it is done around her. After a magical mishap that causes a fire, Wren is blamed and has to attend a course to become an ABI agent. Something mysterious is happening at the academy and then there is the sexy, wolf teacher that has his eye on Wren. I loved this story and the characters. You really feel for Wren because her family treats her like the black sheep of the family. I loved the ending and can’t wait to see what will happen next!

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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754 reviews
September 26, 2022
I really liked Gene Thomas and Celeste Woodward‘s narration of the story. They did a fabulous job with each of the characters.

Spells and Slip Ups is a captivating and enjoyable story.
It’s full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, steamy romance and heart.
I found myself almost instantly loving and caring about Wren, Nico, and all of Wren‘s new found friends.
Wren is so sweet, caring and intelligent. It’s heart breaking to know how she’s been singled out and treated but all that doesn’t break her.
Wren is definitely a fighter. Fierce when she needs to be and loyal to those she loves.
I adored how protective her circle was of her and the unconditional love they had for her even though they all just met.
I was so immersed in her story that the ending snuck up on me. Lol. I was like,“Wait, it‘s over? Oh shucks.“
I‘m excited for the next book and I can hardly wait to dive into it.
Profile Image for K.A. Graham.
Author 15 books116 followers
July 3, 2022
Spells and Slip-ups
(The Wrong Witch Book 1)
by Annie Anderson

***5 stars***

What a fun start to what surely will be another hit from the quirky mind of Annie Anderson. Our sweet, sometimes clumsy and unknowing, Wren, is a hoot! She doesn't have to find trouble because it seems to always finds her first.

Nico is the epitome of an alpha male. Adding to it, he's a wolf with a naughty yet fiercely protective side? Sign me up, ma'am!

Not that Wren is already at her wits end, trying to prove everybody wrong, her family has basically shipped her off like the bad seed. I just want to squeeze her and tell her she's worth it!

When Wren, unknowingly, steps into the fire, Nico will do anything to get her back...and I mean anything! Secrets, new love, and more action than you can handle in a day...Spells and Slip-ups has you covered!
Profile Image for Beth.
463 reviews18 followers
July 9, 2022
Really good start to Wren and Nico’s story. Nico is so resistant to realizing the truth it’s funny and Wren is so “accident” prone he’s constantly worried she’s about to die. The friends and connections she makes are great and her romance with Nico is lovely. I can’t wait to see more of their story and see how the intros go with his family.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
580 reviews2 followers
July 14, 2022
The story takes place in the same world as the authors previous Arcane Souls books; however, it is not necessary to read those before this book. The main character, Wren, is spunky, self depreciating, and hilarious. There are some plot twists in the book and between the storyline and humor the book is a great read. I look forward to the next book in the series!
733 reviews2 followers
July 14, 2022
Loved this ! Great book This was so entertaining this book loved it Wren is funny and love her ! Just goes to show you family doesn’t have to be blood ! I didn’t want to put this down can’t wait to read book 2 ! Especially with that ending I want to know what’s gonna happen now !
1,647 reviews8 followers
July 4, 2022
I adored this book. Wren is from a long line of powerful witches, but does not live up their standards as things go wrong around her. Fated mates, dark magic, deals with fae.... So many twists and turns with the plot. Fast paced and well written with great world and characer building. I was hooked from the beginning and from an author unknown to me.
Profile Image for Nancy Cumming.
220 reviews
July 11, 2022
Oh my gods

What a fantastic book! I absolutely loved everything about it! I can not wait to read the next one! Oh the wait....
999 reviews5 followers
July 28, 2022
ROTFL and a side of heat.

What a fun read. Loved the characters and the story was a ton of fun. Who doesn’t love a strong heroine that just can’t seem to get it right and a hot guy in denial? Excellent from the start to the end with suspense adventure and a great supporting cast. While I know you can’t go wrong with Annie Anderson, this story doesn’t slip anywhere. First class read.
42 reviews
July 1, 2022
Brilliant. Loved it. Looking forward to the full book. Heroine is a walking magical catastrophe.lovely start to a series.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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295 reviews
June 28, 2022
Wren is an outcast and has been made to feel like a screw-up all of her life by both her family and her community. A witch with no power besides messing up other people's spells, she gets blamed for burning down a shop despite trying to stop it from happening. Wren is sentenced to join the Arcane Bureau of Investigation and must pass their new agent training course... or else.

I enjoyed this book very much, and the further I read, the more I wanted to keep reading. I was so engrossed that I finished it the very day I got it. Wren is a likeable character and I was rooting for her to succeed. There were a couple of points where I wondered why the characters weren't acting as intelligently as I would have hoped, but overall, I had fun reading this story.

Now I can't wait to read more!

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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