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The Sound of Violet

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Desperate to find his soulmate, Shawn goes on one awkward date after another until he encounters the alluring Violet. He starts dating her, but his autism keeps him from realizing that she’s actually a prostitute.

Shawn thinks he’s found a possible wife while Violet thinks she’s discovered her ticket to a brand new life. This hilarious and dramatic award-winning story takes all kinds of twists and turns and has been adapted into a major motion picture.

226 pages, Paperback

Published September 21, 2021

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About the author

Allen Wolf

8 books69 followers
Allen Wolf is an award-winning novelist, filmmaker, and game creator. He is also the host of the popular Navigating Hollywood podcast.

His debut novel “The Sound of Violet” has won multiple accolades and is described as “Entertaining, well-paced, and highly visual” by Kirkus Reviews. It is now a major motion picture. (www.TheSoundOfViolet.com)

He has won 39 awards for his games that are available as books, including You’re Pulling My Leg! and You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior. They’ve brought smiles to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

As a filmmaker, Allen wrote, directed, and produced “In My Sleep,” which was released worldwide, won multiple film festivals, and is available on iTunes and Amazon Prime. Hollywood Reporter raved, “In My Sleep never rests, a credit to the tight, psychologically astute pacing of filmmaker Wolf.”

Allen graduated from New York University’s film school. He married his Persian princess, and they are raising two kids together. He enjoys traveling around the world and hearing other people’s life stories. Allen also cherishes spending time with his family, eating chocolate, and visiting Disneyland. See more at www.allenwolf.com.

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643 reviews475 followers
December 29, 2021
This is a nice little story with loveable characters, though the story itself does not tread much new ground.

Shawn is autistic. His grandmother cares for him, and his parents rarely visit. He is close to his brother Colin, who works at a café. With his condition, Shawn struggles with relationships, and has had only one which was progressing, but his girlfriend tragically dies. Shawn works with a company as a programmer which has a dating app as its main product. This, he thinks, offers him an initial advantage in finding dates, but none of them seem to sustain even up to an hour. At an office party, Shawn meets with Violet and goes on a date with her - he does not realize she is a sex worker and she only later understands he is not a client. She finds him odd, yet considerate & caring, the kind which she rarely meets.

Both Shawn with his naiveté, and Violet with her painful background are loveable characters. While, the story is largely on expected lines, the dialogues and events are good to read.

An easy feel-good book to either end this year or start a new one!

Thanks to Netgalley, the author & publisher for a free electronic review copy.
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1,023 reviews205 followers
September 20, 2021
Shawn has wedding photos in his room, on his phone and around his desk at work. He is desperate to find 'the one'. His openness and lack of tact due to his neurodiversity has all his dates running for the hils after an hour. Until he meets Violet, a sex worker. She knows Shawn doesn't understand what she does for a living but she is drawn to him as he is the only person who has ever been kind to her.

The Sound of Violet is a heart-breaking story of family breakdown but at the same time it also highlights the love of family through Shawn's garndmaother who would do anything to protect him and his brother Colin who teaches Shawn how to act in front of people.
When Shawn was around people he had to continually think about his words and his mannerisms. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for him in social situations.

Both Shawn and Violet had the common connection of people judging them before they got to know them.
Wolf highlights the real problem of human trafficking and how young girls are trpped into the sex-trade with no means of escape.

The writing is simplistic and the authors history with sceenplays is evident as the scenes and actions are highly visual. I could picture this on the screen as I was reading. It had a cinematic feel to it.

I was expecting The Sound of Violet to be a story about an autistic man looking for love but it was much more than that. It was a story about kindness, acceptance and healing. I can't wait to see it on the screen!
3.5 Stars
*I received an ecopy from the publisher.
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463 reviews34 followers
June 18, 2021
Thanks Netgalley for a arc copy of this book for a honest review.. 

The sound of Violet it's about  Artism and  Human trafficking. There were some funny parts at the same time it was heart breaking and a beautiful written at the same time. 5 star read for me 

Happy Reading
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2,311 reviews63 followers
September 20, 2021
My review is on my website www.bookread2day.Wordpress.com
Instagram book_read_2day

The Sound of Violet by author Allen Wolf is now a major picture. At the back of the book are some lovely pictures of the cast from the movie.

I found some parts in the story quite emotional, with some parts rather funny. I thought the author has done a marvellous job bringing autism and diabetes into the storyline. It showed us how these things effects the individual during their daily lives. The story also brings to light prostitution.

Shawn suffers from autism and wants a wife as he knows that his grandmother who he lives with won’t be around forever. His grandmother suffers from diabetes.

Shawn has a job working on an elite dating app. As Shawn is desperate for a wife he uses the app to find the woman of his dreams. He keeps it quiet from the women he dates that he has autism, because soon as women find out his dates don’t seem to last.

When Shawn meets a woman, Violet who is a prostitute, but he doesn’t quite understand why she visits other men.


“Your at a pimps and hos party. Talking to an actual ‘ho” He shook his head, confused. “ I’m not good at pretend.” Violet stroked her neck. “ And I’m good at everything as long as I’m paid by the hour.”

Shawn leaned closer to her. “I used to be paid by the hour. Now I’m on salary.

“Three hundred an hour. But I promise I’m worth it.” She blew another green bubble.

Shawn’s eyes opened wide with curiosity. “ What do you do to earn that much ? I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much, and with having seen the pictures at the back of the book about the movie i now want to see the movie too.

Now not only do I highly recommend reading this book but, I have some exciting news for anyone who purchases this novel, you will get a sneak preview of the trailer for the upcoming movie. You only need to email a screenshot of your order or your order number to info@thesoundofviolet.com
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128 reviews41 followers
September 18, 2021
I want to start off by thanking NetGalley and to the publisher for providing me an ARC copy of the novel.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Sound of Violet is one of those books that I wasn't too sure If I would love but the description of the book sounded intriguing and decided to give it a shot. I have read very few books that deal with a main hero with a disability and even less about human trafficking. In short I had no idea how much I would love this book!!!!

Shawn and Violets story is unique, sweet and full of heart. Shawn has always wanted to get married but due to him being autistic (although high functioning) it's hard for him to go on dates and find someone who could understand him. Violet, on the other hand, is living a life she never envisioned for herself where her choices were taken away from her and have to live in a nightmare. When they meet, Shawn is immediately drawn to her and with a major misunderstanding (on Shawns part) and in a way deception at first they both start to date (sorta) and thats where the story picks up. I don't want to say more as I feel it will rob you of the emotional impact, but rest assure my heart hurt so much in more than one occasion.

Both Shawn and Violet, although live completely different lives, share similar emotions and compliment each other so well. She begins to see how wonderful Shawn is. How loving, caring and loyal he is. Shawn was able to learn what is truly means to love, forgive and care for someone.

I feel a little teary just thinking about the things that women or men go thru when they sadly fall under human trafficking and this story brings awareness to this issue. If you want to read a beautiful love story full of heart please do yourself a favor and pick this up. I know this story may not be for everyone but its worth a try. Its a clean romance and I absolutely loved that. Shawn and Violets story will be one I remember for a long time.
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1,339 reviews31 followers
November 22, 2021
Shawn wants nothing more than to find a woman to be his wife.  Shawn works as a programmer at Exclusiv, a dating app.  He goes on first date after first date, but his autism keeps him from forming a connection.  Shawn's grandma and brother help where they can, but Shawn is still dateless until a corporate party that Shawn's boss set up.   At the themed Pimp & Ho's party, Shawn meets Violet who he finds a connection with right away.  Shawn's social skills prevent him from seeing that Violet is an actual prostitute and he invites her on a date where things get weird.  Violet doesn't know what's going on with Shawn at first, but enjoys spending time with him .  Violet's pimp, however, doesn't approve of Violet and Shawn's progressing relationship.  Shawn's Grandmother and Brother see Violet for what she is as well and try to get Shawn to end the relationship.  Shawn and Violet's love will have to  overcome society's expectations for them.   

The Sound of Violet is a heartfelt and sweet romance.  Shawn and Violet are both well written and unique characters.  I had a good feel for Shawn right away as he talked about his dreams to get married and went on a series of awkward dates.  It was great to see Shawn portrayed as a regular person in society with a job and ambitions who just needed a little help with things.  Violet's story as a victim of human trafficking was distressing.  However, her ability to overcome, see the best in people and get the help she needed was inspiring.  When their relationship begins, Violet and Shawn see each other as a solution to their problems, Shawn will have someone to help take care of him and Violet will have someone to help her get out of prostitution.  Though unconventional, Shawn and Violet fight for each other to make their relationship work and be worthy in other people's eyes.  I thought Shawn's relationship with his grandma was the most interesting, especially his connection to church.  I felt like this set up some unrealistic expectations for Shawn.  It was great to see Shawn's grandmother's opinions change as she watched Shawn grow.  With a great pace, characters and heartwarming romance, The Sound of Violet is a great read. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 
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6,672 reviews171 followers
September 17, 2021

3.75 stars— THE SOUND OF VIOLET is a contemporary, adult, stand alone story focusing on twenty-four year old computer programmer Shawn Lambent, and prostitute Violet ‘Olivia’ Black.

WARNING: Due to the nature of the story line premise there may be triggers for more sensitive readers.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Shawn and Violet) THE SOUND OF VIOLET focuses on one man’s desire for love and to be loved. Twenty-four year old, computer programmer Shawn Lambent, is a young man on the autism spectrum, who ‘sees’ sounds in color. Shawn Lambent develops apps for a dating website, and wishes to one day find his own happily ever after. Meeting Violet Black gives Shawn a hope for the future but Shawn is unaware of Violet’s lifestyle, a lifestyle of which she struggles to leave. As Shawn quickly falls for Violet Black not all is well in Violet’s life, and our heroine must battle the man in charge. What ensues is the building relationship between Shawn and Violet, and the potential fall-out as Violet’s life begins to spiral out of control.

Shawn Lambent wants to find love. Having lived with his aging and ailing grandmother most of his life, Shawn fears one day, living alone, and in this, actively searches for someone to love. As a high functioning young man with autism, Shawn struggles with some of the basic day to day life skills, skills that come easy for the average person. Violet Black is a victim who has found herself in a precarious situation. Struggling to get herself free, Violet knows that her life is no longer under her control. ‘Dating’ Shawn Lambent, Violet sees a way out of her life but getting out will be dangerous for everyone involved.

The relationship between Shawn and Violet is predicated on a series of lies. Shawn has no idea that he has fallen in love with a prostitute, and Violet is reluctant to reveal the truth believing she has found an easy mark.

The secondary and supporting characters are colorful and energetic, reflecting the overall feel of the story line message. We are introduced to Shawn’s grandmother, and his brother Colin, both desperate to protect our story line hero; Violet’s fellow prostitutes Aleesha and Natasha who are caught in a vicious cycle, their pimp Anton; as well as Shawn’s co-workers Tammy and Flynn, and their boss Jake.

THE SOUND OF VIOLET is labelled hilarious and dramatic but I struggled to find anything funny or ‘hilarious’ about the story line content. Allen Wolf addresses autism, discrimination, sexual trafficking, abuse, power and control, and in this the story line is dramatic and intense. There are also several references to religion and religious beliefs, sometimes quoting bible verses in times of stress. As the book has been adapted into a major motion picture, perhaps the tone of the ‘film version’ plays out differently than the book. The premise is imaginative and spirited but often reads like a movie script.

Profile Image for Kimmylongtime .
899 reviews83 followers
August 8, 2021
Special thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this lovely novel. I am leaving an honest review.

I have had the pleasure over the last few months to read this slowly and with an appreciation for autism awareness.

This is my first time reading a story about a character with autism who isn’t a silly teen. So it was definitely refreshing to see it from a different perspective. Shawn is a handsome young man but he feels like he isn’t really a man just yet. He wants what everyone wants love, a wife, a family but first he needs to find the one. He meets Violet on a whim and thinks she is the most beautiful woman he’s seen and he thinks he’s finally found the one. Violet thinks she’s finally found he meal ticket 🎫 and a way out of her harsh situation. Shawn starts to date Violet and she thinks he has hired her.

As time moves on this story touches on her past and why she has decided to take up Shawn on his offer. What you don’t expect is for them to fall in love. I really enjoyed this read for the writing style but what kept me was the awesome character development. I would recommend this to a free who needs a good slow burn romance.

*Trigger warnings*
-human trafficking
-mental health
- trauma

As always happy reading everyone 🥰
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380 reviews6 followers
November 18, 2021
The Sound of Violet is a simple storyline of a man living with Autism who is desperate to find a wife. He works for a dating app writing code, goes on some pretty awkward dates, and while attending a "Pimps and Hos" work party he seems to find the woman of his dreams. This woman is in what seems to be a no-win situation. We follow Shawn and Violet through a blossoming relationship, while facing obstacles along the way, like a grandmother, brother, and even a pimp. Then the simple storyline packs quite the punch!

This is a colorful book touching on some major topics in today's world: Autism, Human Trafficking, physical/mental abuse, drug abuse, depression. It is written in such a way that I did not want to put the book down! It resonated with me because I have first-hand experiences with Autism, so I understand Shawn's actions and thought process - very literal with no filter. His acceptance of Violet with all of her baggage is amazing. This book was a rollercoaster of emotions. At times it just glossed over some subjects not expanding on things, but overall this book was quite incredible.

I understand that a portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to fight human trafficking. https://amzn.to/3cmGZnb

Also, this book has been made into a movie directed by Mr. Wolf himself! I will be waiting (impatiently) for that to be released! In my digital version, there were still photos from the filming of that movie and I cannot wait to see it!
Profile Image for Moony (Captain Mischief) MeowPoff.
1,566 reviews133 followers
November 26, 2021
Shawn is an autistic guy who desperately wants to find his soulmate which is how he ends up meeting Violet. Shawn is also funny, distracted, not good with hugs, jokes, or sarcasm, but also a thoughtful and smart guy. He has a big heart and wants desperately to find someone, even though it`s very hard since people think of him weird and awkward, especially when he blurts out random things which in his mind doesn’t feel as random. Shawn`s colleagues are somewhat annoying and kind of feel shallow and rude at times, Tammy however we get to know on a somewhat deeper level and I kind of like her. Violet or Olivia as we learn later in the story, is her real name is interesting, lonely, funny but also damaged beauty. Her life has not been easy on her and we get to learn how she got roped into becoming a prostitute and how she became insecure and sad. Ruth and Colin which are Shawn`s grandmother and brother, and all the family he has left – are very worried about Shawn and get bad vibe from Violet/Olivia. I get that Shawn goes quickly especially from dating to marrying, but sometimes I felt that they attacked and came too harsh, instead of trying to see reason and listen. But they opened their arms slowly too the possibility of them and saw how it was. I liked that even though Colin didn`t always understand Shawn and visa versa, they both tried and supported each other. Ruth is a good grandmother and I’m glad she sorts of started to date Douglas.

I got this eARC from netgalley.
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410 reviews7 followers
September 21, 2021

Was I hooked by that book? Yes. It gave me a new perspective on autism and human trafficking, and I appreciate that.

Shawn is autistic and hyper focused on finding a wife, someone who can take care of him, for the day his grandmother won't be with them anymore. He meets Violet at a work party and believes that she is the answer to all his prayers. But Violet is a prostitute. She finds Shawn's attention amusing at first, but soon he is starting to look more and more like a way out of this life that she hadn't chosen.

It was such a bizarre situation between Shawn and Violet, really surreal. It was hard to predict how their story will end. Shawn's family gave him a hard time about Violet, but in the end they stood by him and helped to find a way for them to be together.

Shawn's sometimes childlike view of Violet and the world in general was very endearing, but also frustrating at times. At the same time, he was very self-aware and he actively worked to improve some of his preferences due to his autism to be able to have a relationship with Violet. He also had to think about his motivations and what it really means to love someone. Violet managed to bring something extra to Shawn's life despite her miserable circumstances.

The writing felt a bit blunt at times, but the plot moved along evenly and quite quickly. The author focused on the very complex and difficult issues of human trafficking. I found it very interesting, but it's probably not everybody's cup of tea.

Overall, I really liked the story and I liked Shawn and Violet. The title is beautiful, and it gained meaning every time I read about how Shawn hears colors.

Thank you to the author and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Author 52 books238 followers
August 29, 2021
Thanks to NetGalley and to the publisher for providing me an ARC copy of the novel and for asking me to take part on the Virtual Blog Tour of its launch.

I had never read any of the author’s books, but it is evident from his biography that he is a multi-talented individual with an ample career in filmmaking, screenwriting, and also creating games. I hope to be able to catch up on some of his other skills soon because reading about his work has piqued my curiosity.

The description of the book offers enough information for future readers to be able to get a good sense of what to expect. If I had to add to this, I would say that it made me think of Pretty Woman. That is, if we transform the male protagonist —a very charming and classy millionaire (or billionaire)— into a not quite so wealthy, but equally charming (more, in my opinion) young man, who loves weddings, dreams of a happy marriage, and whose autism might not be evident at first, but it affects his social interactions and his everyday life in not-always-subtle ways. And although the female character is a young prostitute as well, there is more realism and more darkness behind her circumstances. So, although there is certainly plenty of comedy and amusing scenes and episodes, there is also a darker reality explored by this novel.

This is eminently a work of fiction and an entertaining and ‘alternative’ romantic story, but there are some themes the novel delves in which deserve a special mention. I have talked about the protagonist’s high-functioning autism, and although I don’t think people familiar with Asperger’s and autism will discover anything new here, there is a lightness of touch in the way we learn about some of Shawn’s experiences (like his synaesthesia, that makes him literally ‘hear’ colours, or his almost painful sensitivity to touch and any intense stimulus of his senses) which will suit people who worry about information dumps or over-the-top descriptions, while bringing to life what it must be like, not only to be Shawn, but also to meet him or live with him. We meet his grandmother and his brother, both great characters (I love Ruth the most, but Colin is a nice guy as well), and learn about his parents’ role (or lack of it). Through Violet, the author explores issues like human trafficking and also child abuse and trauma, and although this is not a tough and harsh documentary look at any of those subjects, it helps anchor it more firmly in reality, and makes it a far less idealised and rosy story than many in the genre. People looking for a totally clean, non-traumatic, and violence-free read should look elsewhere, but most readers happy with the description are unlikely to feel offended by its content, with the provisos mentioned before. The book also discusses the world of dating apps, second chances, bereavement, religious belief, prejudice... and family relationships feature prominently in its plot.
I have mentioned a few of the characters of the book, and the novel has plenty of others, some whom we don’t get to know that well (like Anton, the pimp, a pretty devious guy as you can imagine; Jake, Shawn’s boss, who hides depths not evident at first; and also some of Shawn and Violet’s coworkers), but those who play an important role in the story are usually given enough space to leave a mark in the reader. And the protagonists are both very memorable in their distinct ways. Not that they are perfect, by any means. As Colin reminds Shawn sometimes, he has a tendency to think about his own needs first of all, forgetting what those around him might experience or feel. And Violet at first wants to use Shawn, but soon becomes charmed by him, and her relationship with him helps her find the strength she needs to fight her low self-esteem, her trauma, and her circumstances.
The novel’s style is easy to read, it flows well, and it does feel very similar to watching a movie (yes, there is a movie and it looks good, despite the change of setting, as the film is set in Seattle rather than New York), because it is a page-turner written in a scene or episodic format, where the action moves quickly from one situation to the next, following a chronological order. It is written in the third person, but readers have access to the thoughts and feelings of, mostly, the main protagonists, though occasionally and briefly we get to see things from one of the other character’s points of view, and that helps to offer its reader a wider and more rounded perspective.
As for the ending, it suits perfectly his unusual romantic comedy plus (if I had to give it fit it into a category) genre, and I think most people will be happy with the way events unfold, although some parts of it felt a bit rushed and required more suspension of disbelief than the rest of the novel. But the ending proper is lovely, for sure. And it seems that the author is planing to write more about the characters in a next novel, so don’t worry if you’ve become fond of the characters and wish for more. It’s likely to come.
So, would I recommend this novel? Yes, to anybody who is looking for a romantic comedy that goes a little beyond the usual and has a hard edge. Readers should be aware that some of the topics discussed are darker than is expected in the standard examples of the genre, but it is perfect for those who don’t mind a touch of realism and grit and are looking for a dynamic and heart-warming book, full of lovable characters, and an atypical romance with a fabulous ending.
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196 reviews8 followers
November 11, 2021
This is the story of a very nice romance between an autistic man and a prostitute. While that summary sentence may sound silly, I promise this is honestly an excellent story. Shawn doesn't realize Violet's profession, and gets to know her (and care about her) before he realizes what she does for a living. I thought both main characters were very detailed and realistic. I liked the way Violet's back story was gradually revealed as the story went on. I felt like I really got to know then both, and was rooting for their relationship to work out.

The story was also very good. I completely believed the slowly-developing romance between the two, and liked reading about their lives (both individually and together). The author has done a great job of writing about two unusual romance protagonists, and really getting the reader to invest in what happens next.

My favorite romance this year, and probably for quite a few years past as well!
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693 reviews17 followers
August 27, 2021
I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
What a beautiful surprise!!
When I chose this book from the NetGalley catalogue I never thought it would be this good.
Shawn is an autistic boy who loves in Manhattan. He has some difficulties, especially reading people. That's why when he meets Violet he doesn't realize she is actually a prostitute.
Shawn is convinced she is the love of his life and will do anything to prove it.
You will fall in love with Shawn and Violet. But also the rest of the characters are developed throughout the novel in a very consistent way.
As I have said before, this book has been a surprise. I couldn't put it down, honestly. I connected with the characters, with the story,everything!!
Please, read this book. It will fascinate you.
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Author 4 books41 followers
August 1, 2021
The Sound of Violet centers on Shawn, a young male adult with high functioning autism looking for his one true love. At a company party, he meets Violet, whom he invited for a date without realizing that she is working as a prostitute. And through Shawn, Violet saw a glimpse of a hopeful future.

I loved how Shawn and Violet’s relationship develops over time; it’s heart-achingly sweet, and their dynamic is just engaging. There are moments in the book that are very emotional but are not dramatic if you know what I mean. I also adore Shawn’s brother, Collin. I loved his ever-supportive nature towards Shawn. The grandma’s character confused me a bit because she was very likable initially but had a 180 degrees character change that I didn’t get.

Overall, I find this book highly compelling and very enlightening, even though the writing was very simplistic. It talks about such heavy topics – autism and human trafficking. It gives its readers a front-row seat into these worlds that we don’t usually see mixed together. It was in-depth but done with sensitivity. The scenes were fast-paced and read like a screenplay. I truly enjoyed this quick read. Now, I’m excited about the film!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

***An advance review copy was provided by the publisher, Morning Star Publishing via Netgalley for an impartial and honest review.***
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1,522 reviews58 followers
September 20, 2021
What an incredible story this is! Shawn is smart, works hard and is extremely well organised, but most of all, he is desperate for a girlfriend. He works in what should be the perfect setting, a dating agency, where he has access to women’s profiles. But Shawn is autistic and has no filter about his thoughts, which tumble from his mouth uncontrollably. He can come across as abrasive, insulting and rude. Not the best qualities that a woman is looking for in a man. Dates often end within minutes of meeting him, with a second date never happening.

Shawn has a brother who looks out for him, although his brother has his own place. Shawn lived with his grandparents, but after the death of his granddad, he sees it as another reason to find a wife. After all, when his grandmother dies, he needs someone to look after him.

It is a long time since a character moved into my heart, but that is where Shawn is still living. He made me laugh so many times. Although Shawn is unable to judge situations, he heightened my emotions. I saw more than I have ever before, the huge blackness of not being able to ‘read people’, and it felt terrifying.

There are so many fabulous characters in this story, his protective brother, Colin, his grandma and of course, the very vibrant Violet. There are so many tragic lives in this story, but it is so uplifting in so many ways.

I am overjoyed, that the book has been made into a film, which will be released in 2022. I really can’t wait. The characters playing the parts are perfect, and the dialogue is like it is in the story, from the clip I have seen. Do look it up on YouTube. The link is below the author information.

I wish to thank Don Fitzgerald. Publicist of Morning Star Pictures, for an invitation to read and review this book via Net Galley.
1,545 reviews9 followers
November 19, 2021
This heartwarming and thought-provoking read immediately captivated me and kept me entertained and engaged until I finished the book with characters you want to root for along with a realistic look at autism and human trafficking. I really liked the undeniable attraction and chemistry between Shawn who struggles to get through a date and Violet who told him she's an actress but she's really a hooker. This is the first book I have read by Allen Wolf and he blew me away with his complex characters and well-crafted story. I received an advance reader copy of The Sound of Violet and am voluntarily leaving my review.
Profile Image for Jasmine Book.
52 reviews
July 31, 2021
This book wowed me. It talks about some tough topics and it somehow managed to still help you fall even more in love with the characters for it. I loved this book. I can’t wait for a physical copy of it.
Profile Image for Praise.
273 reviews36 followers
August 27, 2021
I loved this book. And I genuinely can't wait to see the movie.

It was good to see both autism and prostitution being discussed in a book and with such sensitivity, I am in awe. And I really liked the plot too, there's a newness and vulnerability in it yet not enough to make you sob.

Frankly, this book touched a part me, and hence the 5 stars. I loved Violet and Shawn, such a brilliant characters both with their own demons, that they are shown fighting over the course of the book.

Ruth and Colin are lovely too. Especially the scenes when they saw Olivia for what she truly was, those were so heartwarming.

It's a pretty chaste, slow burn romance with unique and enchanting main characters and I genuinely admired the pace at which it flows.

Thank you so much Netgalley, the publisher and Allen Wolf for providing me with an ARC in exchange of honest opinion
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1,907 reviews440 followers
September 24, 2021
The very first sentence of this book was like the author can read my thoughts:

“Shawn didn’t feel like an adult because adults were married, and he struggled to get through a date.”

I honestly thought a woman I worked with once at a bookstore was older than me when I first started working there because she was married and had two kids. Come to find out later on, she was the exact same age as me.

So obviously, I was definitely intrigued right away. The story was original with the hero, Shawn, being a man with autism, but he was at a very high functioning level. While he did still live with his grandmother, he went to work at an office every day on his own, and actually dated and lived a basically normal life. He did have the same issues with touching and not quite understanding cues from facial expressions, not to mention how he pretty much took everything people said literally, as is a trait of many or most people with autism.

Now the title has to do with another characteristic he had, one that is not something necessarily related to autism, as I know people who are not autistic that have synesthesia. But certain colors or objects made sounds to him. We get to experience a couple of his disastrous dates, and can see how he is struggling. While it seems really romantic that he wants to get married, we do soon find out part of it is because he is worried about having someone to take care of him when his grandmother dies. Which he stresses about because of when he lost his grandfather.

Violet is actually a prostitute, and he meets her at one of his company’s parties. He thinks they are hitting off and sets up what he assumes is going to be a dinner date with her. Not realizing that she is thinking he is hiring her. All of the misunderstandings that follow from that lead to a strange yet unique relationship/friendship developing between the two.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing the movie of this when it comes out next year. The book wasn’t bad, but honestly I think it will work better for me as a movie, but that has to do with my preference for writing styles I think. This was a simple, easy read. I only had a few issues with it. I do have to mention that some of the actual justice system things that we are told about at the end of the book are so unrealistic. There is no way someone like this bad guy would get through a whole trial and sentenced before the characters heal from the injuries he gave them. In the end we did get the happily ever after for Shawn and Violet, and I like how Shawn seemed able to grow and get past some of his issues. I know that he said he was seeing someone to help with that, and I feel like maybe more of that should have been in the book, because it almost seemed like he was cured of them just so easily, and I don’t know if that is realistic either. But it is fiction, and we all want the HEA and for things to work out!

Also, I've seen some people say this is a YA novel, it is not. It's not extremely adult, although obviously one of the characters is a prostitute, so it's not YA either. All the characters are adults.

Review first posted on Lisa Loves Literature.
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September 17, 2021
The Sound of Violet by Allen Wolf is centered around Shawn, who has autism, that wants to fall in love. He meets Violet, but he does not realize that she is a prostitute. Their love story is a journey full of eye opening events in the world of someone who has autism and someone who is trying to survive and look for a better life for themselves. The author done an awesome job touching on the sensitive subjects within this book. This book is one I know I'll read again.

⚠️ Trigger Warnings ⚠️
Human Trafficking

*I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley*
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June 20, 2021
The Sound of Violet is a sweet romance, and I could not put it down. It’s a well-paced story with a quirky sense of humor that I wasn’t expecting from a story touching on topics of human trafficking, autism, and personal tragedy.
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October 14, 2021
I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

The Sound of Violet is the story of Shawn Lambent, an autistic computer programmer and Violet ‘Olivia’ Black, a prostitute. Shawn is desperate to meet his soulmate and Violet is desperate to find her next mark to keep her pimp off her back.

WARNING: There are some triggers in this book in regards to child abuse, child abandonment, rape, violence, etc.

Told from both Shawn’s and Violet’s third-person perspective, the reader gets a glimpse into both of their thought processes and how differently they view the world.

Shawn is a high functioning autistic person who does computer programming for a company called Exclusiv, which is a dating app/service/website. He lives with his aging grandmother who helps him with many daily tasks such as picking out clothes, paying bills, etc. Shawn knows one day she will be gone. He fears it. So, Shawn is borderline obsessed with finding someone to share the rest of his life with. After a past relationship that ended in tragedy years ago, he’s finally ready to get back on the dating horse and find his true love.

Enter Violet.

At first Violet sees Shawn as an easy mark. He’s a little odd, but she finds his innocence and sometimes child-like wonder very endearing. Shawn gives her a sense of hope. If Shawn can find some value in her as a person, maybe she can find some value in herself. Violet can’t stand the idea of what Shawn would like at her like if he knew the truth of her life. But she can’t seem to leave him alone, despite constantly warning him off at first. Over time she builds a relationship with him, one she feels is completely built on lies. But this false reality rapidly unwinds and her real reality and false reality clash together.

So Shawn struggles with daily tasks, reading people, and being rather brutally honest. Shawn can also hear colours, with each one having a distinctive sound. It’s quite fascinating to read about. In fact, almost everything about Shawn’s perspective is fascinating. The author does a pretty good job of representing what I can only imagine it is like to be on the autism spectrum. I absolutely loved reading his perspective.

Violet is also an interesting perspective. It takes almost 85% of the book to figure out exactly how things came be so bad for her. I can’t say I liked her as much as I liked Shawn, but I still like her. You can’t help but feel bad about the terrible cards she’s been dealt in life. It’s not hard to figure out why she’s basically all but given up on her dream of freedom and becoming an actor.

I kinda of feel that all the secondary characters weren’t necessary. I mean the grandma and the brother are obviously needed to play the devil’s advocate and show just how narrowminded some religious people can be (I’m sure this wasn’t completely intentional, but the grandma IS heavy into her religion and keeps telling Shawn to date a good god-fearing woman, not prostitute trash. Shawn makes excellent points about what Jesus would do.) The grandmother eventually relents when she finally realizes what Shawn is trying to help Violet escape from, as a result of being an eavesdropper. Is that religion based? I don’t think so. I think she just realized she was judging this particular book by its cover…which she literally says in the first half of the book.

Aleesha and Natasha…I didn’t feel like they were completely necessary. I know why they are included, but I don’t think they were fully needed. However Anton, Tammy, Flynn and Jake were aa lot more necessary in some ways.

Speaking of religion. The beginning of this book is pretty tame, religion wise. But after 65-70% of the way through, the religion dial gets ramped up by several notches. At first you’re like “okay, cool Shawn and his grandma go to church and Shawn is actually learning some things there that he is applying to his life choices…okay.” Then it’s “oooo- snap granny, your grandson is right, and you are totally being not like Jesus.” But then you’re like “aaannddd Violet is finding religion and then is silently begging God to help fix the negative voice that’s playing in her head…ooookkkaaayyy.” It’s not hardcore Christian fiction, but it sure as heck loses it’s General fiction vibe. So just be aware of that.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one. It’s an inclusive book that helps give the les common point of view of someone on the autism spectrum and I found that absolutely fascinating. Violet’s story also shines some light on the truth and horror of human trafficking. While there were a few minor things I, personally, felt the book could do without, I really really enjoyed the journey overall. I can’t wait to see the movie!
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September 4, 2021
The Sound of Violet is a story which is packed with humour, heart and a whole lot of poignancy. Focused around the character of Shawn, it follows his many unsuccessful attempts to find love. There is nothing particularly wrong with Shawn, he's a personable chap and very fond of his family, and Gegarang coffee. He's also autistic. This means he says exactly what he is thinking and misses many of the social cues that would appear obvious to other people. His honesty is refreshing, and never said with malice, but being on the receiving end on facial grooming tips, comments about height or a variety of other personal traits is never going to go down well, especially when offered to a woman ... This means that when he meets Violet, he misses the most obvious fact of all about her lifestyle. She's a prostitute and, to her, their first 'date' is just another job.

I really liked the character of Shawn. He is very intelligent, loves his computer programming and loves his Grandmother and church. There is something very wholesome about him. Allen Wolf has portrayed his nature perfectly, never painting his autism as a disability or using it for mirth, but bringing to life a very honest and likeable character that you cannot help but want to see find love. Violet is also a character I grew to like very quickly. She is quite sassy and although it may appear that she is using her friendship with Shawn for her own ends, it is clear that there is far more to her than her career may show. The more we learn of her past, and her present, the more sympathy you feel for her. You can see how the friendship grows, how it becomes something more, in spite of the many obstacles they have to face.

There are some very serious topics that run through this book. Not only does it seek to challenge the perception of people with autism but it also looks at the very serious subject of prostitution. Violet is not your simple Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman heroine who is going to be able to lead the perfect life with the perfect outfit and become the belle of the races. She is someone who has been forced into selling her body for another's gain and that whole aspect of human trafficking and sexual slavery and grooming may only appear as a minor thread but it is still one that leaves an impression. Violet's story is emotional and sensitively handled, but nonetheless hard to hear when it finally comes to light. There is a sense of threat but it is not so strong that it overshadows the beauty of her friendship with Shawn and the story overall.

One other element of the book that made me smile is the relationship between Shawn and his family. His grandmother is protective but ultimately working in Shawn's best interests. I liked her, even if she was quick to judgment about Violet, recognising her very quickly for who she really was. Understandable given her position and her desire to see her grandson meet the right woman, but there is a real humanity there too which shows itself in an understated but undeniable way. Then there is Colin, Shawn's brother. The banter between then, and the clear love their have for one another is heartwarming and infectious, and it brings a smile to the face quite easily. They are a little like chalk and cheese, Shawn driven whereas Colin as always stayed out of the spotlight that was cast upon his brother, and almost become a self fulfilling prophecy of underachievement.

This. has been adapted from the original screenplay and it does have that cinematic vibe to it. I can see how it will translate well into movie territory and how the relationship and chemistry between the characters is key. Choosing New York as the setting for the book worked really well, so many aspects of life in the city that lend itself to the story. Romantic, heartwarming and fun, this was a great read and I really enjoyed spending a couple of evenings in the company of these wonderful characters.
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September 21, 2021
4.25 stars

I really enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to see the movie version. While some parts definitely broke my heart into pieces, the story as a whole is wonderfully touching and hopeful. It’s also quite romantic, sweet, funny, and just an utterly entertaining read that made me smile, cry, and have all the feels.

When I first read the synopsis for this novel, I was really intrigued to find out how the story will play out. I definitely expected plenty of drama, romance and swoons, and heartwrenching moments. I’d have to say, I was not disappointed at all and felt even more than I was prepared for. Allen Wolf’s storytelling is engaging and will pull you in from the start. The pacing of the story and character development feels sincere, raw, and real. I truly enjoyed getting to know both Shawn and Violet and just really want to hug them both. While there are many lighthearted moments sprinkled throughout the story, Wolf tackles some very distressing topics and addresses very dark, real, and sensitive issues regarding mental health, religion, sexual trafficking, and abuse. Shawn and Violet both come from very different worlds and seeing them interact was refreshing and quite fun. The relationship between them is not at all what you would find in a typical romance story, but I think that’s what makes this book so alluring and unputdownable. You just get hooked and want to know what would happen next, what would the characters do and say, and how everything will turn out for both Shawn and Violet. Overall, this was an entertaining read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique romance story with the right blend of realism, drama, humor, and of course all the feels.

The Sound of Violet by Allen Wolf is an engrossing romantic comedy that will have you turning the pages. This book is both heartbreaking and hopeful, upsetting and wonderful, and just so real. Wolf’s writing is captivating, the characters are lovable and interesting, and the ending wraps up the story beautifully. I definitely cannot wait to read more from this fantastic author and see what kind of stories he writes next!

I received a finished free copy of this book from the author and publisher for participating in a blog tour in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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September 30, 2021
No hate to this author, but this book solidified my view on not reading romance books written by men. That being said, I went into this book with an open mind but became very disappointed very early on. For one, the pacing is so very off. He was head on straight up in love with her the second he saw her, which I get on his part, but it felt weird to read. I don't like insta-love autistic or not. I want a natural flowing relationship and I just didn't get that here, and the ending was very rushed and truthfully not that realistic.

I think that with this plot, the third person POV ruined it. It made it really hard to be engaging reading this. I also read this on the NETGALLEY shelf app, which prevented me from reading a few lines, so I'll never do that again. My overall experience reading this was just not that great. DUAL POV 1st person would've been better, I don't think this author writes THIRD PERSON in a way that's enjoyable.

This story had a slightly dark theme to it, but it had a few laughs, but don't expect a comedy show.

By the end of the book, I was definitely rooting for them not to be together. He was upfront and honest with her and she just wasn't. He told her the first date that he was dating to get married, and she never exactly told off his advances. I felt bad for the poor guy. Not to mention, she told him that she had "auditions" and had him tag along with her, I think that's the most messed up part of the story. Hero was literally outside while heroine (lack of a better word, because what she did wasn't willingly) getting raped. Literally WTF. She even had to sleep with the men before and after her wedding day. Not judging her whatsoever because it wasn't willingly, but I don't like my heroes/heroine being with other people after they meet.

With this story, I would've liked the heroine to be upfront in the beginning, and have the hero chase after her, it just would've been better for me. This story was not romantic, though it could've been if it was written a bit better. It was about 500 pages, but nothing really happened. I stuck it out for the hero though, I liked him, he was refreshing.

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September 25, 2021
Shawn and Violet's story is not your typical romance story, it goes deeper, with characters that are very different from what you would normally read, they are well developed and the plotline flows perfectly. A computer programmer on the autistic spectrum and a prostitute find their story. This is story is coming to the screen and I would love to watch it unfold. The writing certainly gave enough description to imagine every scene. The story itself will make your heartache and will throw you in turmoil, between the characters' interactions, you will find healing and acceptance within this story. It might be a trigger for some readers, so be aware of it.

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November 22, 2021
*A review copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

T/W: abuse, human trafficking

Today’s book was one that I instantly liked from the first page, and made me cry for 25 minutes straight. It’s hopeful and harsh, violent yet sweet. It’s conflicting, just like their two worlds. Personally, I want to mention more about this book and it’s contents, but the book summary is rather vague, which is why I feel hesitant as it seems like a big spoiler.

Shawn doesn’t like loud noises, bright colours, or people touching him. He is blunt, doesn’t really get jokes and understands things rather literally. So when he tries to find his soulmate in New York City, things usually don’t work out. Violet on the other hand, had horrible experiences with men, is constantly on the job and doesn’t believe that love is for her.

This is one of the books where I liked most of the characters, which made me want to read this book quickly. I instantly liked Violet, and could mostly understand the way she acts. I also found the Shawn’s approach to trying to date Violet very amusing and heartwarming. I also found the early miscommunication between them to be entertaining, as Shawn believed they were on a date but Violet thought that he would be a client. I really liked them together, and was rooting for them.

Quite a portion of this book were about prejudice, as every one around Shawn knew that Violet was a prostitute, except for him. Shawn’s family were against it, but Shawn was stubborn and held out hope. This book also deals with deaths, familial relationships, abuse, manipulation, sexual assault and human trafficking. I would say the highs were high and the low leaves you crying for maybe half an hour, based on my own experience.
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September 21, 2021
For those of us that read a lot of romance books, it is easy to get caught up in the formula we all love about the tension and suspense in contemporary romance. But The Sound of Violet is a love story within a very different setting. Shawn is on the autism spectrum and therefore struggles with physical contact, holding eye contact and taking care of himself within the world we’re all used to. But he is laser focused on knowing that he wants to experience love and get married. After years of trying to date women through online apps and never getting past the first date, he meets Violet at a work party, but she’s not exactly who he thinks she is.

Shawn is an easy character to love and care about because he says what’s on his mind and doesn’t hold back. This is refreshing because we interact with so many people in our lives that simply say things to get something they want rather than just say what’s on their mind. But Violet has a very dark past that has driven her into the seedy world she’s captured in today. Working as a prostitute to keep her handler, Anton, from hurting her she has a very bleak outlook on life. That is until she meets Shawn and her icy exterior starts to thaw. Through their experiences together, they quickly realize how much they both want to feel cared about.

We learn that Shawn experiences sound synesthesia and Violet is just the right sound vibration that settles him. This experience isn’t really all that different for Violet either as Shawn provides the safety and comfort that she’s been lacking her entire life. It’s an absolutely heartwarming story about the foundations of love and how relationships can blossom from anywhere.
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November 8, 2021
I read this through NetGalley and I am so glad I did. It has been a long time since I read a book in one can't-stop-reading session. It is a bittersweet love story, but also an insightful peek into an autistic man's life as he navigates relationships, work, and modern life in NYC.
Apparently this was written from the screenplay, but by the same writer (seems like that process is usually reversed). Some of the writing feels stilted, like he is giving stage direction or setting notes. But then a beautiful passage that breaks through the story gives this reader a new perspective of the real world. That is what good fiction does.
There's a tendency to head-hop into even minor characters' thoughts which can throw off the flow sometimes. Omniscient POV is difficult to do, though I can see why a writer wants readers to learn more about those characters too. Also, as the story progressed, it began to feel more like a religious novel, which is not what it is described as, or what I seek in my reading. There is a fine line between including religion or spirituality in fiction, and writing Christian fiction. I am not opposed to that category and have read Christian fic, but do not like my fiction to proselytize. TBH, I hope the film does not have that tone as much because it may turn off a lot of people who need to have stories like this.
The book, and probably film too, will donate proceeds to help victims of human trafficking. It does a pretty good job of showing how people use and survive that dark side of society, as well as working on breaking some (not all) of the stereotypes of sex workers, and also of autistic people living their daily lives. It's a great story, with a HEA end, and I would not want non-Christians to be put-off by that factor.
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