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Nora and the Sacred Stones

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Trespasser, Thief, Assailant—these were never titles Nora planned on. She was just trying to protect her sister. With the help of her little brother and his best friend, Nora embarks on a life-or-death quest that could rock the very fabric of their society.

After breaking into the royal palace, Nora discovers that the ancient power of the sacred stones is more than just a legend. But in her desperate attempt to help her sister, Nora may have awoken something deep inside the earth—a power she doesn’t fully understand. As Nora flees, she accidentally encounters Prince Kyn, heir to the Liardian throne. She narrowly manages to escape, but now the young prince knows who she is and what she looks like.

Eager to prove himself to his father, Prince Kyn leads
a mission to find Nora and bring her back to House
Liard. Unfortunately, his search is riddled with obstacles he never saw coming. Kyn soon realizes he needs Nora’s help more than he could have possibly imagined.
In fact, the whole world does.

Kindle Edition

First published June 1, 2021

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Laura Rupper

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Author 16 books1,075 followers
October 17, 2022
I read this with my daughters and we enjoyed it. The story takes place in a fantasy world where power can be gleaned from certain types of stones—by certain people, like Nora. Nora is on a quest with her brother and brother’s friend to harness the healing properties of one stone in particular to help her younger sister. The only problem? The stone she needs is kept in the palace kitchen. And when the prince happens across Nora in a place where she has no right to be, it launches a series of chases, escapes, and eventual friendship.

The novel’s short overall length, short chapters, and quick pace make this a good one for reluctant readers (as well as for kids like mine who devour books, especially fantasy adventures like this one). This is a fun, quick, clean read.

I received a complimentary copy of the book, but the opinion is my own.
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August 18, 2022
Trespasser, Thief, Assailant—these were never titles Nora planned on. She was just trying to protect her sister. With the help of her little brother and his best friend, Nora embarks on a life-or-death quest that could rock the very fabric of their society.

After breaking into the royal palace, Nora discovers that the ancient power of the sacred stones is more than just a legend. But in her desperate attempt to help her sister, Nora may have awoken something deep inside the earth—a power she doesn’t fully understand. As Nora flees, she accidentally encounters Prince Kyn, heir to the Liardian throne. She narrowly manages to escape, but now the young prince knows who she is and what she looks like.

Eager to prove himself to his father, Prince Kyn leads a mission to find Nora and bring her back to House Liard. Unfortunately, his search is riddled with obstacles he never saw coming. Kyn soon realizes he needs Nora’s help more than he could have possibly imagined. In fact, the whole world does.

I loved, loved, loved this middle grade fantasy story. It was filled with heart, danger, excitement, budding romance, magic, adventure and not to mention the main character is a feisty female who knows her own mind. What more is there to ask for?

My only qualm was that it finished soooooo quickly… I felt like the story was just getting started and I had just whet my appetite and… it was over!!!!

I need more Nora and more sacred stones in my life… asap.
August 2, 2021
Wow! For a novella, this packed a punch in its pages! I absolutely loved this, & I desperately need more! I found this world so intriguing, & I’m so eager to learn more. The Magic system is also so fascinating with the stones & pullers & everything. I love how there are different ones that do different things. I love how the Magic is about being connected to the earth too. I’m interested to see what would happen if one did possess all of the stones.

The characters are also superb! Nora & Limar have a very relatable brother/sister relationship lol Nora is a great MC, & I find her also so fascinating, with everything she can do, & the unique power she doesn’t even realize she has. I also loved Kyn, & loved watching the relationship grow between him & Nora as they become friends. I think Ivin has my heart-what a sweet man! I loved his character so much.

This was a fast-paced adventure from the word go. I read this almost all at once. The writing is phenomenal as well! Soooo good. The way she built the world, story, & characters up so smoothly, & without a lot of info dumping was impressive. She had me hooked from the 1st chapter, & is a great storyteller. The author said the next one will be a full length novel, & I’m so excited for that. It’s labeled as MG, & the author confirmed that, but be aware the MC is 16. It reads just like an MG/upper MG though, & I loved it.
HIGHLY recommend this! I will be (im)patiently waiting for more! Lol Beautiful cover, & STUNNING chapter head illustrations Jessica Parker too!💜
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1,045 reviews58 followers
June 4, 2021
This is a fun middle grade fantasy book. It’s a super quick read without a lot of complexity which made me think maybe it’s more perfectly suited for younger middle grade. However, the protagonists are 16 and 17 years old so that could make relating for younger children more difficult. But it’s still a darling story I will definitely be handing to my two middle-grade readers.
This book has a unique premise I found myself instantly pulled into. I wanted to learn more about this world and what was going to happen to Nora.
I liked both Nora and Kyn and the fact that they are both generous and kind. Nora’s selfless determination made her a great heroine and I liked that Kyn was slow to anger and not prone to violence (unlike his father).
I do hope there will be more books because I wanted more to this story. I have a lot of questions I want answers to! But all in all, a super cute middle-grade fantasy.

** I received a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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501 reviews23 followers
August 9, 2022
This book reads quickly just like how Nora is most of the book.

The adventure Nora undertook in trying to help her sister made this a book my daughters were drawn to. It is a fun fantasy to obtain the powerful stones, but of course a lot of chasing and fleeing happens (adds some suspense for the kiddos).

Reading level and content wise, this book is perfect for elementary aged readers. It does a good job at precisely telling the story and keeping young readers interested. A good simple enjoyable kid's fantasy read!

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing a copy of this ARC for my honest review.
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1,641 reviews52 followers
January 31, 2023
trigger warning

Nora, her brother and said brother's best friend are on a mission to brew the thing that will heal their sister. It's dangerous, but it could change everything.

Instead of having people going on a quest, this novella starts when they reach their goal and everything could be going great but of course, it would make for a boring story if they just go, everything happens as planned and they return.

I am a bit torn about their motivation. Dani, for whom they're brewing a healing potion, has been born with legs that won't hold her weight and the idea is to follow this ancient legend to get a potion that will make her normal, and... that's an ableist idea, that disabled people can only lead a great life if they're healed. I also don't get why it had to happen now, and why it was not possible to wait till the boys are older and could be a bigger help on the quest.
I would have been more comfortable with some kind of illness, or maybe a curse.

Apart from that, this feels like a solid ya adventure in a short enough format that you can read it in one sitting. I was not hugely into it, but I think that others readers, especially those who don't regularly see their culture represented in media, could love this.

The arc was provided by the publisher.
165 reviews1 follower
May 22, 2022
This book was a lovely surprise! I was drawn in by the cover and the synopsis but didn’t really know what to expect when I started reading. The book reminds me of Minor Mage or a Wizards Guide to Defensive Baking by T. Kingfisher who is one of my favourite authors, so that’s a big compliment. It’s the style of the storytelling with rich worldbuilding and a high stakes (and at times a bit dark) plot that gives it a similar vibe even though the story is completely unique. I’m especially impressed with how much the world building was fleshed out considering that it’s not a very long book.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot because the book is quite short and it would be a shame to spoil anything. But the story is about peasant girl Nora who breaks into the palace in a desperate attempt to get hold of medicine to heal her sister. She’s caught by the prince but escapes, and he’s tasked with tracking her down. The book is told in dual POV, so the chapters alternate between following Nora and Kyn. Nora and Kyn’s dynamic is wonderful to read and there is a definite attraction between them that complicates the situation further. Magic, villains, treachery and romantic tension - this book has it all!

I loved the cover for this book but I was also happy to see that each chapter begins with an illustration. These were beautiful and really helped bring the story to life, it was a great touch! Although the book wraps up all immediate concerns there is so much more of this story to be told so I’m definitely hoping for a sequel. I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy book or fairytale.
1 review1 follower
June 10, 2021
Nora's world is very unique! I've enjoyed the fun details of the setting, and the way they've been introduced. The author has a talent for describing the world through actions of the story, rather than writing lengthy explanation paragraphs.
The characters are likeable, with believable relationships and interactions. I really like the imperfect, but loving, relationship between the siblings. I appreciate the lack of angsty teenage romance - instead, there is attraction, slowly built trust, and friendship between the teenage protagonists.
I am enjoying this book so much! But I haven't been able to finish it yet. When I received my advance digital copy, I made the "mistake" of offering to read out loud to my 12-year-old step-daughter. A few chapters in, my husband became interested. Now, I have to wait for all three of us to be available before reading! (We have 4 more chapters & I promised I wouldn't read ahead)
We all enjoy looking at the beautiful, small, but richly detailed, artwork heading each chapter. This has been a fun book to enjoy together! I hope for more stories about Nora, Kyn, sacred stones, orb lights, stone books, and kingdoms connected by tunnels.
Thank you to the author and publisher for the opportunity to read & review this fun story!
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1,122 reviews36 followers
July 2, 2021
Nora and the Sacred Stones was a cute little fantasy. It is more like a novella at only 112 pages. This is a good story featuring fun characters and a pretty cool storyline. I really liked this whole world where The Sacred Stones are alive and some people, like Nora, can use them to concoct powerful things. Though this is being called a Middle-Grade book, the main characters are 16 and 17 and there is a little bit of romance starting between the two.

This book is full of magic, action, and a bit of humor. The world-building was good and I want to read more about this fantasy kingdom. The story ends where it leaves it wide-opened for a sequel.
70 reviews1 follower
June 13, 2021
For a debut middle reader, this one is excellent! It is fun and engaging. Rupper has created a world I am so intrested in. She has created a world without trees, with living stones, mists of darkness, and dueling kingdoms, not to mention concoctors making delicious food. As soon as I finished I wanted more of Nora's story. I hope there are many more books that come out of this series. As a principal, I know my 3rd-6th graders would really enjoy this book and it is one that parents wouldn't mind reading along side them.
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351 reviews15 followers
June 27, 2022
Nora and the Sacred Stones is a middle grade fantasy with a lot of heart!

I really liked the love and support between Nora and her family! The magic system was really unique and interesting. The story did seem slow in the middle though.

Overall an enjoyable middle grade novel!
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30 reviews7 followers
June 27, 2022
What a delightful read this was. We follow Nora, a teenage girl with the ability to pull power from stones as she attempts to sneak into a royal place and make a revar (basically a magic potion ) to cure her little sister. Then we follow her and her younger brother and his friend as they attempt to make it home - while overcoming obstacles on the way. This was a fast paced short read. The characters were easy to like and the magic system was easy to understand. It had several twists and turns which I enjoyed. My only complaint was that it was SHORT! Almost short story short. I am typically all for getting to the point in books but I felt like this one actually could have added a bit more detail and depth in some areas. Still, I really enjoyed it and it is one that I will definitely be reading to my kids when they are old enough! I also would love to see a sequel to see where this story goes! So much potential!

Check out my YouTube Review https://youtu.be/Z8VCZ--TO_c
1 review
June 1, 2021
Nora and the Sacred Stones is exciting from the first page: I was pulled in from the beginning by the immediate conflict facing Rupper's well-written characters. Both Nora and Kyn are strong but complex characters with whom I felt invested in almost immediately.

This book is categorized as middle reader, but it would be an enjoyable read for young adult (and adult) readers as well.

I had so much fun watching Nora and Kyn's separate goals and clashing desires rise to a climax as I was drawn further into Rupper's beautifully crafted world.

After finishing this book, I'm definitely invested in any future sequels!

Other notes:

--The illustrations for this book are absolutely gorgeous! I was pulled in by the front cover, and each chapter has a beautifully detailed scene depicted under the chapter heading.

--All of Rupper's characters are well-written, but I would love to see more of some of her side characters. If I had one complaint about this book, it's that it's too short--and I would love to see more of her characters and world-building in future books.
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Author 1 book26 followers
June 29, 2021
Nora and the Sacred Stones captured my interest immediately. The story is easy-to-read, fun and draws you into an interesting world where stones can provide you with power to create gourmet meals, heal the sick and more. The storytelling was well-done. The story is geared for grades 3-12 (9+). I think readers will enjoy diving into this world and getting to know the characters. There are also some inklings of content that I think would be better for older kids in Elementary School on up to High School. The book is clean with little violence. The world that the author created is intriguing in how Nora can draw power from the stones. There are so many creative elements to this world. It's very imaginative and the author does a good job at describing the world. As a reader, I wanted to explore the world more and get to experience more of it. I felt like you could even discuss this book on several levels and draw comparisons to our world and experiences.

Please note that I received a free ebook to review, however, this is my honest opinion.
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346 reviews29 followers
May 29, 2021
This charming middle grade fantasy follows Nora, a young girl on a quest to cure her sister, and Kyn, a prince trying to prove himself to his father. Their paths fatefully cross in the palace kitchens one night, when Nora breaks in to tap into the magic of the magical cooking stones only reserved for the rich and powerful. As their journeys continue Nora will learn the true power of her gifts as she begins to better understand the magic of the stones.

Rupper sets up what I hope will be a series of books with a unique magic system that is sure to appeal to young readers. Nora and prince Kym are both likeable, even as their characters are learning, growing, and tested in unexpected ways. I thoroughly enjoyed the book's clean writing and humorous moments, and hope to see more from this author in the future.
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200 reviews32 followers
June 28, 2021

I definitely enjoyed reading this cute Middle-Grade novella.

This story starts off with Nora breaking into the royal palace, in a desperate attempt to help her sister. While fleeing the palace, she accidentally meets Prince Kyn, and barely escapes. Prince Kyn, having seen what Nora looks like, and seeing what she has done in the palace, sets off on a mission to find Nora.

As we go along this journey with Nora, we understand that Nora has a special power that she doesn't understand, and doesn't necessarily want to actually use. Through a lot of bumps on this journey, both Nora and Kyn realize just how powerful Nora is, and how important her powers may be.

The thing I loved most about this novella was the characters. They were so well-thought out and this short story really focuses on them. I loved how Nora would do literally anything for her family. She is a very brave and independent 16 year old. Prince Kyn, seemed so much like a real 17 year old boy to me. He has an abusive and harsh father who doesn't appreciate him and Kyn, thinking that he keeps failing, is so eager and trying so hard to prove himself to his father.

The only thing I found slightly lacking with this was the world-building. I understand though that this is this author's debut, plus this is a novella, so how much can you actually fit into 100 pages. I also found out that this was actually written for a novella contest. I definitely liked this one though, and the second part will be coming out soon so I hear. This one is also available on Kindle Unlimited, which is great!

I definitely recommend if you like middle grade fantasy, or if you have a middle-grade reader in your home.

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Special Thanks to Covenant Communications and Eagle Gate Publishing who gifted me an eARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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July 17, 2021
 Thank you to Laura Hatch Rupper and Covenant Communications for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway.

I was contacted by Laura back in May to read her debut middle grade fantasy and you know that ticks all my boxes. I'm glad I accepted, even if it took me a while, because it was a lot of fun to read.

Nora and the Sacred Stones is about a young girl Nora who sneaks into the palace to use the stones that the royal family has. There are seven sacred stones that each have their own properties. No royal family in their lands has a hold on all of the seven sacred stones as it is believed that this will give immense power to the family that does. Nora is after the healing stone. She wants to create something to cure her sister of her disability. She bumps into Prince Kyn as she does and leads both of them on a unique journey.

I really liked the world that this book takes place in and I would really love to learn more about it. The amount of worldbuilding we got for the length and the kind of story, was enough. But I just would have liked to have stayed longer in this world. I want to learn more about these sacred stones and the different families and mining they do. The combination of enough world building but still wanting to learn more is always a good balance to have. Because it will draw readers back to you.

Nora is also just a fun character to follow. She is the older sister to two siblings, and especially with her younger brother she has a loving sibling strife going on. It was fun to read on the page and you could see that despite their snaps at each other they truly cared. She is very focused on curing her sister but she has a good heart. She doesn't lose sight of the things that are happening around her.

On the other hand we follow prince Kyn as he tries to catch up to Nora to bring her back to the palace. His father insists on him bringing along the kings best friend, older and experienced knight. Their relationship slowly develops over the pages where I think Kyn at some point is actually quite happy that he came along. Kyn is his own person, even if his father would like him to be a bit harder in his decisions. He tries to stand by that as much as he can.

As all comes together I would have liked to have read more of this world and these characters and I hope that Laura will write more in this world.

I think the one downside to this story for me was the curing of a disabled character who is only mentioned. This is one of those things that requires a lot weaving to get right. And it certainly is something that has to come from the disabled character themselves. Talking over a disabled character to cure them can be very hurtful to the disabled community.
1,119 reviews10 followers
June 5, 2022
What worked:
Nora is a sixteen-year-old peasant girl with a rare talent for pulling energy from stones to concoct potions called revars. There are seven different kinds of stones holding unique powers, and the various kingdoms take extreme measures to ensure no one has all of them at the same time. It’s not clear what might happen if someone succeeds since it’s never happened before. Nora’s teacher tells her that her ability to concoct will draw the interest of all the rulers, so she needs to be careful about who knows. That may be a problem since in the opening chapters a prince catches her in the royal kitchen while she’s concocting a revar.
Nora’s devotion to her family and her empathy for others make her a character to be admired. Her sole reason for sneaking into the royal kitchen is to create an elixir to save her little sister. Even while being chased by soldiers, Nora is willing to sacrifice her own freedom to save her. She convinces soldiers to let her brother go, so he’ll be able to take the revar to their sister. Nora feels regret for losing her mentor’s ancient book, and she fears for an old woman’s safety after she provides Nora with a map. Later, Nora risks imprisonment in order to save the life of a pursuer.
The author includes clues along the way to give the plot a mysterious air. The first and biggest is Nora’s ability to draw power from stones. The ability itself isn’t uncommon, but the depth of her ability decimates a Ballutite stone by pulling all of its energy which shouldn’t be possible. She’s unaware of what she’s done and doesn’t understand the voice she starts hearing in her head. Ancient legends and myths talk of rocks having souls, but most people remember them simply as old stories and reasons for holding traditional celebrations. All of these details create a sense that there’s more going on than what’s on the surface of the plot.
What didn’t work as well:
The conflict and story are interesting, but there isn’t a sense of urgency and intensity. In the beginning, it seems like Nora’s sister needs a cure immediately, but as the chapters go along, that thinking eases. Her sister has a serious problem but it’s not like she’s near death. Perhaps Nora’s concern epitomizes her empathy for her family.
The Final Verdict:
Listen to the voice of the earth. Nora’s kindness and determination allow readers to easily connect to her character, and the supernatural air makes the story intriguing. Her confrontations with the prince make their relationship a question of whether they are friends or foes. Overall, this book is very entertaining and I highly recommend you give it a shot.
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371 reviews6 followers
July 3, 2022
Nora is caught by Prince Kyn in the royal castle after using one of their sacred stones (to make an infusion) to help her younger sister get well. Kyn learns more than he should have, because Nora's young companions (one is her brother) are terrible criminals. They use names and answer questions while Nora is too busy to stop them. Honestly, no good-cop bad-cop used at all!

There is a chase scene, but the real excitement is what Nora can do with the powerful stones, who wants control, and what they're willing to do. And, it seems that the prince is kind-of cute. Fear, desperation, and peril, coming right up!

This adventure in a magical realm is fun, not completely predictable, and really gave me a craving for cake. No swearing or other objectionable stuff. There are a lot of rocks, and maybe some improved trust or family relationships. I suspect another book is coming.

5/5 Stars

Thanks to Covenant Communications and Eagle Gate Publishing, and NetGalley for the preview of this ebook; the review is voluntary.

#NoraandtheSacredStones #NetGalley
#LauraHatchRupper #LauraHatchRupperAuth
#MiddleGradeFiction #MiddleGradeScienceFictionandFantasy
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221 reviews2 followers
July 29, 2021
I’m not usually a fan of fantasy, but this one pulled me in really quickly. Unfortunately, I felt like I got dropped just as quickly. The ending was really abrupt and unexpected. That’s it? Is this a teaser or a prequel? I’m confused. I would also like to have had more description for some of the elements in the story. So there’s some weird fog that makes it so no one can travel above ground? Why? Where’d it come from? What happens if you’re in it? And it magically stays away from the cities? What are the pack animals? What do they look like? Sound like? Move like? I’m not even sure they’re animals. Maybe they’re robots.

Then there’s the people. I don’t feel like we get enough about why they do what they do. Her teacher is this great, wise person she looks up to. Oh wait, he sold her out. Why? We don’t know. So the king is this overbearing abusive dad who doesn’t believe in his son. Oh wait. He’s nice and accepting of the new girl even though previously he wanted her dead or imprisoned and he’s trusting his son’s judgment all of a sudden. Why? We don’t know. Also, why is her 13 year old brother so whiny and childish, but also “the man of the house” and she’s so wise and mature at only 16? We don’t know.

The story has potential but it’s missing a lot.
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Author 1 book32 followers
July 31, 2022
Language: G (0 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG
Nora (16yo) knows that she is an above average puller, but even she doesn’t realize how good she is until after sneaking into the palace to use the Ballutite stone there. Prince Kyn (17yo) disappointed his father by not detaining the girl who was in their kitchens in the middle of the night, but he didn’t think she was doing anything sinister. However, to prove himself to his father, Prince Kyn is determined to track her down and bring her back to the palace.
The simple magic system Nora uses is beautiful, and I love how Rupper describes it throughout the book. Nora has to make some tough decisions, and she does so with the intent – most of the time – to do what is right. The fire in her leads Nora to retaliate sometimes, but mostly she allows her fire to drive her forward even when she doesn’t know how things are going to turn out.
Nora, Limar, and Prince Kyn are all implied White. Beck is described as having “work-tanned” skin. The mature content rating is for intoxication and implied sexual harassment. The violence rating is for mention of suicide, battle scenes, and death.
Reviewed for https://kissthebook.blogspot.com/
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1,493 reviews36 followers
June 23, 2021
This book was such a happy surprise! I loved reading it. The plot and characters drew me in from the very first.

Nora is a great main character. She is a strong young woman who is compassionate and loving. She risked her own life for others several times in the course of the story. I just loved her!

Kyn is a prince. I liked how he was willing to stand back and observe a little bit. It was interesting to see the difference between Kyn and his father the king. The king was a lot more intense and take charge. I guess sometimes that’s necessary, but he seemed a bit harsh with his son and others around him.

The plot was amazing. There is so much magic in it. I loved the idea of the stones being able to help those who needed help. And I never knew just what would be coming next.

I’m really hoping for more books in this world by this author. This one was so good!

I was sent an e-copy of Nora and the Sacred Stones as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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3 reviews
July 10, 2022
Title: Nora and the Sacred Stones
Author: Laura Hatch Rupper
Read: 10/07/2022-10/07/2022

This is a children's / YA book where Nora is on a journey to find one of the seven sacred stones in order to cure her little sister. I liked that the concept of this magic and the world was something I haven't ever read before. Even in this short story reader is able to be part of a another well built world. I liked the main character and the relationship between her and her brother seemed genuine.
I liked the little romance this book contained with PG-13 version of enemies-to-lovers. There was enough happening all the time to keep the book interesting and I would read the next book as well if that comes.

This is a good rec for all the younger readers, but can also be enjoyed by older readers if they are looking for a small palate cleanser between more heavy books.
790 reviews25 followers
May 29, 2021
I don't read a lot of middle grade, but this book sounded really cute and when I had the opportunity to read a digital ARC of the book, I did not want to pass up the chance.
This story was a quick read for me, one that held my attention the whole time. I could tell the author enjoys storytelling as, for me, this tale kind of read like a campfire story where everyone listening is focused on the storyteller waiting for what will happen next.
The book does have a complete ending, but it also felt like it was setting things up for more opportunities to explore this world and the magical stones. The characters were fun and I wouldn't mind reading more stories with them.
I received an advance reader copy of this book; all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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793 reviews77 followers
June 4, 2021
This well-written middle grade fantasy drew me in from the very first page! I was captivated as the author introduced me to a world where stones have power but only few know how to wield them. Nora doesn't realize she has such power but her quest to save those she loves crosses her path with Prince Kyn. Their characters are complex but likable and their interactions are full of humor, wit, and adventure.

The author has set up what I hope is the beginning of a new series and I cannot wait to read it! I absolutely loved this novella and it is sure to be a winner for both adults, young adults, and middle grader readers alike.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but a positive review was not required.
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679 reviews38 followers
July 8, 2021
A fabulous read! Just finished reading this to my 9 year old who struggled in the beginning with the expansive quantity of vocabulary that is different and new to her. As the story progressed she was keen to continue and did not like it when the chapters came to an end. As I read the last word, she looked up and said “is there going to be more?”

My viewpoint is that the story can be enjoyed by this age group, but they may need some help understanding the plot. Certainly this can be enjoyed from that age up through young teens.

Unique and interesting with spiritual elements involving stones and the earth, added an layer to the story that gave it a little something extra special. Hoping for and looking forward to book 2! We loved it!
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969 reviews96 followers
July 22, 2021
A shorty, easy, and fun read, Nora and the Sacred Stones, is a simple story that readers will enjoy. Although the characters in the story are teenagers, the story is written in such a way that it would be good for middle graders to read. Although with the age difference between the characters and middle graders, they might not relate to it as much. This story would also be a fun “mother and daughter” read or for a middle grade book club, in this short and easy to follow story that readers will enjoy.

Genre: fantasy
Publisher: Eagle Gate Publishing, an imprint of Covenant Communications
Publication date: June 1, 2021
Number of pages: 107

Disclosure statement: A complimentary review copy of this book was provided from tour groups, publishers, publicists, authors, and others, including NetGalley, OR was borrowed from the library, including OverDrive, Or borrowed from Kindle Unlimited, OR borrowed from Deseret Bookshelf, OR pre-ordered/purchased for review, including Audible. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are my own.
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June 16, 2022
The world building was brilliant! Nora's devotion to her family and her strength of character are so deserving of praise. She has a great sense of responsibility and morality for someone who's sixteen. The intro was confusing but everything makes sense after a couple of chapters. Nora's interactions with Limar and Beck are adorable and funny. Prince Kyn and Sir Ivan are lovable characters as well. However, I didn't like King Arnald's response at the end. In the beginning, he felt like a super strict and tough person which doesn't match his reaction at the end. It's a bit unrealistic. I would have liked to meet Queen Maris considering she's been mentioned several times but no regrets. Thank you so much Netgalley for the ARC in exchange of unbiased review.
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June 8, 2021
This middle grade fantasy was perfect as a read-aloud for my two boys at bedtime. The chapters are a great length for reading 1-2 each night. The magic was absolutely fascinating and I'd love to learn more about the other sacred stones.I love the portrayal of Nora as a strong, brave, caring young woman and Prince Kyn as a kind, slow-to-anger, and gentle young man. I definitely want more stories in this same world!

Thank you to the author and publisher for my advanced copy of this book. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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July 3, 2021
First time author Laura Rupper did a great job of weaving an entertaining story that held my attention and left me wanting to read the second book (that sadly isn't out yet). It was written for a novella contest, so it's not particularly long, but I felt the characters and story weren't lacking in development.

I was a little confused at the beginning not knowing anything about the stones, but as the story progressed the details were laid out. I liked Nora and her kind heart. And the power of the stones and within her made for a fun read.
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