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Carlisle Cellars #1

Not So Charming

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I vowed never to return to my hometown and the people who live there. Now, unemployed and needing a place to live, I move back with my mom, promising myself that it’s only temporary.

When small-town charmer, Miles, thinks his charisma will work on me, he’s got another thing coming. I want nothing to do with him and what he represents in this town. He’s everything I ran from when I left and never looked back.

Miles is persistent in his pursuit, no matter how many times I turn him down. What could a guy like him want with a girl like me? We come from two different worlds—one where mine serves his.

But I need a job, and his family’s winery is the only place hiring. Working alongside him, I see a different side of him that I thought was nonexistent.

Hatred turns to curiosity, and soon I’m wondering if there’s more to the man I thought I knew growing up.

Not So Charming is a feel-good romance. If you like hate-to-lovers, witty banter, and swoon, then you’ll love this small town romance.

Published September 1, 2021

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About the author

Fabiola Francisco

45 books924 followers
I am an indie author who writes contemporary romance and women's fiction. You'll often find southern gentleman in my books and a love for country music. Coffee fiend and star gazer.

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1,096 reviews656 followers
September 4, 2021
After high school, June was desperate to leave her small hometown & never look back. But after losing her job in LA, June returns to Texas and in with her mother, whether she wants to or not. June is now desperate for a part-time job and it appears the only position that would utilize her skills is at the Carlisle estate. The only problem? She’ll have to work with Miles Carlisle. Miles was part of the “in” crowd in school and that same group of kids always bullied June and Miles never once stood up for her, even though June’s mother has worked for the Carlisles for years.

Miles always had a crush on June, even though he ran in different circles than her growing up. Now that she’s back, he’s determined to change her mind about him and hopefully rewrite the future June doesn’t think she could have with Miles.

Not So Charming by Fabiola Francisco is book 1 in the Carlisle Cellars series. This is labeled as an enemies to lovers romance, but I wouldn’t shelf it under that category, as the resentment/dislike was all on June’s side. Putting that aside, this was such a cute romance and I loved the small town charm & the side characters sprinkled throughout. There were a couple plot points toward the end that I didn’t see coming and they kept the story interesting. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series! 4/5 stars.
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760 reviews278 followers
June 27, 2022
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾☆ 3.95 stars ☆☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Junebug: A beautiful girl all the guys want to date.

Him to his friend: Damn, look at that girl. She’s a junebug. I need to ask her out.
His friend: She is cute. Go for it, buddy.
Him to girl: Hey cutie, wanna go out?
Girl to him: …
To Be Continued

Yes or No? Circle your response.

I am a sucker for small town romances, it’s well known, so of course I enjoyed the hell out of this.

I started this and IMMEDIATELY felt embraced by this book. I’ve been complaining lately that the romances I’ve read doesn’t progress as organically as they should and the transitions have been choppy. Well, this wasn’t the case.

I am IN LOVE with this. It wasn’t perfect, not at all, and I didn’t like some things, but I just loved the love here. The way Miles and June fall for each other???🥺🥺🥺 It’s the sweetest most heartwarming romance I’ve read in a while.

╰┈➤quick summary:
June and Miles know each other since they were kids, and because June’s mom helps at Miles house, her dad isn’t around and she was a nerd book worm in high school, she was bullied a lot. June thought Miles would defend her, but that doesn’t happen, so she hates him. When she comes back home at 25, and he starts to pursue her, she takes her sweet time in changing her mind. But Miles is nothing but persistent and he tries his best at being the book boyfriend she has been waiting for.

I honestly loved the romance. By the end, everything happens a bit too quickly, but I loved this book. Some things I wish were better are just the town and Lucy. I needed a bit more small town, people with quirks actually appearing and talking, and I didn’t like how Lucy disappear:/ I don’t like when authors use people in the beginning to move the story along, but then stop writing them in. I hope she gets a book💗

But yeah, I’m definitely reading more of this series and more of this author. I am IN.

“I’m sorry. Do book boyfriends also make mistakes? If so, are they forgiven?”

p.s. that first time June talks to Miles it’s a bit cringey though💀💀


Carlisle Cellars Series

Not So Charming #1 — 3.95 stars
Homecoming Queen #2 — tbr
Small Town King #3 — tbr

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473 reviews24 followers
September 2, 2021
What a fabulous read by this author! June and Miles were so riveting to me, I couldn't put my kindle down, because I was so invested in their relationship, and had to see how it would play out! This was a small-town romance novel at its finest.

It had all the qualities in a romance novel that I look for, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Profile Image for Kari Hansen.
9,145 reviews55 followers
September 1, 2021
June finished high school she couldn’t leave her town fast enough as she wanted to put as much distance between her and the people who made it so difficult. Years later when her life isn’t going the way she planned she returns home which has her facing her past when she not only reunites with Miles, one of the people she holds responsible, but ends up working for his family business as well.

Miles was raised in a privileged lifestyle which also came with expectations. When June comes back into his life he isn’t about to let her walk out of his life a second time and that means proving to her that he is not the boy she remembers and that she can trust him with her hearts.

This is a heartwarming story about overcoming your past, realizing things are not always as they appear and discovering what and who is important to truly make you happy.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
Author 65 books623 followers
September 24, 2021
June grew up a small town where everyone knew everything about you. She was teased her entire life over her lack of father. She tried to keep to herself but nothing could keep the attention of her. June left as soon as she could but she's back now and in need of a job. She ends up working for Miles Carlisle. The family that has it all. The thing is her mom works for them too and her first crush was Miles but he broke her heart.

Miles Carlisle comes from the family that has it all. His dad is a former NFL player, his twin sister a musican and his family owns the local winery. It seems he has it all until...June. They were friends growing up but then things changed. Now she's back and he's determined but can he make her forget her past?

When a family secret tears them apart can a tragic even bring them back together?
Profile Image for Steph's Romance Book Talk.
2,645 reviews1,260 followers
October 1, 2021
4.5 Stars / 3.5 Steam Fans

I love the way Fabiola Francisco draws you into her small towns and makes you love the characters she creates. June grew up in this small town and returned after a hard time. She bumps into a childhood crush that has a mutual attraction to her as an adult. Miles was the popular kid that grew up to become a hottie that needed an assistant for the family's business. Not So Charming has enemies to lovers feel with a twist. I am very intrigued by the slight suspense that was included.

Video review available in Week 35: Aug 29 – Sep 4, 2021, full weekly book reviews available on Steph's Romance Book Talk Patreon.

For other bookish content, check out my YouTube Channel: Steph's Romance Book Talk.
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1,045 reviews22 followers
September 1, 2021
4.5 Stars

Our queen of small-town stories has done it again, and I could not put down this book. I loved June’s growth and maturity to return to a town that was not a comfortable fit for her.

Miles Carlisle is a self-proclaimed “Book Boyfriend,” and he delivers. His tenacity to befriend June and show her his feelings.

If you love small towns, Willow Creek is your next destination read. I cannot wait to read more about the Carlisle Family and the others in the town.

Thank you to the author for the advanced copy; this is my voluntary review.
Profile Image for Fabiola Francisco.
Author 45 books924 followers
August 10, 2021
A hate-to-lovers, opposites attract small town romance
Not So Charming is releasing Sept 1st, and I'm so excited for you to read this swoony romance!
Pre-order here: mybook.to/NSC

Coming to Kindle Unlimited
Profile Image for The Book Lover.
2,051 reviews28 followers
September 1, 2021
This is by far my favorite Fabiola Francisco book, I couldn't put it down, it was sweet, sexy, and charming all in one, I can't wait to read more about this family!
Profile Image for JudyAnnLovesBooks.
1,553 reviews60 followers
August 17, 2021
Fabiola Francisco writes small town romances that will touch your heart. Not So Charming is Book 1 of her latest series - Carlisles Cellars and is a charming childhood friends/workplace romance. FYI - I absolutely loved it!

June and Miles are gonna win over your book loving heart from page one. Growing up in a small town is never easy and for someone like June Sullivan, it was particularly hard. Returning to her hometown after losing her big city job, she’s forced to confront her feelings of inadequacy and the people who made her feel less than what she was. Miles Carlisle is an all around great guy. His family is one of the wealthiest in town and they run a lucrative winery. He is the proverbial boy next door and I adored him.

Although polar opposites, june and Miles work well together and their off the charts chemistry kept me glued to my kindle. I loved watching them together and was rooting for their happily ever after.

Not So Charming gets the judy.ann.loves.books stamp of approval and has me looking forward to the rest of the books in the series. TBR and Enjoy!
September 7, 2021
June Sullivan left her small town hoping to never look back for more than a quick visit with her mom. While she loves her mom, she hates how others treated her while in school. She was teased and bullied constantly because her father had walked out on them before she was born and because her mother worked as a housekeeper for the wealthy family in town, the Carlisles. But, when she loses her job and can’t find another in LA, moving home for a bit is June’s only option.

Miles Carlisle couldn’t be happier that June is back in town. He’d love to catch up and learn more about her and take her on a date. But June rejects him at every turn, finally letting him know it’s because she lumps him in with her highschool tormentors.

Once Miles not only gives June a job but also convinces her to give him a chance, (with a little help from his adorable nieces) they quickly start falling for one another. But, June has major hangups about the difference in their social status. Can June move forward from her past and give her and Miles a chance at a future?

Get ready for sweetness overload with this story! First off, June is a book nerd, so I immediately fell in love with her character. I understood her hang ups about how she was treated in the past. Small town life can be hard. But I’m so glad she finally gave Miles a chance to show her the man he really is. And Miles is super swoonworthy! He’s adorable with his nieces, spoiling them with love and attention. He’s ridiculously persistent in trying to gain June’s attention. And when he does, he treats her like she hung the moon and the stars in the sky!

Their relationship is incredibly sweet, and the story has just enough drama to keep things interesting and give it depth. There is a secret that may change June’s outlook on life and a single night has the ability to change everything between June and Miles in a heartbeat. Grab a bottle of wine and relax as you enjoy this feel good romance! 4 stars!
Profile Image for Courtney.
1,761 reviews1 follower
August 21, 2021
June is back in her hometown not really wanting to be in the place that holds her most hated memories, but she is out of options. She is out of a job and looking for something that she doesn’t expect is the guy that never stood up for her when she was being tortured in school to be actively trying to date her. Miles was the one that stood by while his friends tormented her, and she never forgave him for that, and she thinks he is constantly up to something to trick her. June harbors so much animosity on those that made her life miserable, but when she is forced to work with Miles, she starts to see a side of him that she never expected. Miles is a charming, hot, guy that comes from money and he has his sights set on June now that she has returned, but he has his work cut out for him. While Miles sees this beautiful smart woman, June can only see the hatred she has and the different life they both come from. June has issues with not only her past but the fact that a rich guy like Miles would ever be interested in her so it’s hard for her to trust and believe him. Will June learn to heal and start to see past wounds? Can she get over the fact that even if they come from different places their attraction is too much to resist? Will Miles do what it takes to show June he isn’t the guys he thinks but a real down to earth sweetheart? This story had me smiling throughout the whole thing waiting for them to figure themselves out and this undeniable chemistry they have. With a few twists here and there, there were moments that I felt sad for both and really wanted to reach out and hug them. This author is a miracle worker when it comes to creating these incredible stories with characters you can’t help but love and communities you want to be a part of. I can already tell this will be another hit series that we will all be falling in love with for a long time to come!
Profile Image for Dariteone86.
220 reviews
August 13, 2021
This is your typical small town story. He’s the school football star and she’s the social outcast. Only this story has a twist we didn’t see coming. Nothing is ever as it seems. June moves back home, to the one place she vowed never to go back to, and all her childhood memories comes flooding back. Along with those memories comes resentment to those in the town. Miles is someone who didn’t make high school pleasant for her, so imagine her surprise when she seeks her out after hearing she back in town. Little by little June sees a different side of Miles, but is it enough to erase the past? Can June overcome past hurt and see what is in front of her or will she lose true happiness?

I enjoyed this book very much. I actually finished it in one day. This was my first book by this author and I truly enjoyed it. While I am a fan of small town stories I really enjoyed this one. While I felt for June at one point I wanted to flick her on her forehead and say “really, what more does he have to do to show you he care?” I wish I would have learned more about Miles. I am looking forward to the sister’s book.
Profile Image for Alice.
460 reviews
August 21, 2021
Not So Charming by Fabiola Francisco is the first book of a new wooooonderful series!
Are you ready to fall in love with Willow Creek, the Carlisle family and all the other gorgeous characters?
Well I was totally ready for a new series of Fabiola Francisco! Ha! And of course she didn't disappoint!
June hasn't the best memories of her childhood in Willow Creek and so it's not so easy to be back in town. And it's even more difficult to deal with Miles Carlisle.
But what's wrong with him? Or is everything even more than right? 😉
I was sooo happy that I had the chance to visit a new small town with a lot new characters!
The story of June and Miles was WONDERFUL!
OMG I loved their chemistry and the development of their relationship!
I laughed a lot and swooned even more and... of course I cried a few times too!
Awwww! I enjoyed it so much to feel all those different emotions while I experienced another brilliant book by Fabiola Francisco!
I fell so in love with the characters, that I can't even wait for more! ❤
Profile Image for Angela.
394 reviews2 followers
August 25, 2021
Not so charming is such a sweet story of finding love with someone who you least expect to. This is a one sided hate to lovers, small town romance story that will leave you swooning. June and Miles are from two different worlds and June struggles with understanding why Miles would pursue her when he could have anyone else that comes from money.

June grew up being teased and talked about behind her back by the kids in her school. She never felt like she fit in, so when it came to college she took the chance and left. But now she's back and trying to find her footing in a town she never fit in to begin with. Miles has his own dreams he wants to follow, but instead he is trying to fit into a role that he was placed in because his father owns the winery.

Once June gets over her past and caves into this relationship with Miles things get going. The two of them are a great fit for one another. I was surprised by the little twist towards the end. I never would have expected the story to go the way that it did. I think that little twist gave the story a little something extra and just reaffirmed that when it comes to love it's what's on the inside that matters.
Profile Image for Lexi.
87 reviews2 followers
September 12, 2021
“Be kind or karma kicks ya in the ass.” (Page 22)

This was such a fun read! I loved Miles and June’s happily ever after SO much! As a coffee, wine, and book lover, this hit the spot in so many ways and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

June returns to her hometown after a string of bad luck that includes losing her job. She’s less than thrilled about moving back in with her mother, especially since the memories of the town and people she left behind are rather painful.

Miles is stuck in limbo of having a great life, but not really being satisfied with it. That is, until he’s hit with a blast from the past when June rolls back into town.

June is determined to turn down his every advance, and Miles is determined to wear down her resolve any way he can. Even if it means employing towns people and adorable children to put in a good word for him.

There’s a slew of fantastic supporting characters, including but not limited to, two little girls who adore “Uncle Miles” with every fiber of their being, and a bookshop owner who I want to be best friends with in real life!

10/10 Bouquets of Bookmarks!

-Lexi | The Binge Read Babes-
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1,375 reviews18 followers
August 29, 2021
Not So Charming (Carlisle Cellars #1) by Fabiola Francisco is a cute story of June. She returns to her hometown after losing her job in LA. Her life in this hometown was not a happy existence.  She couldn't wait to leave and now she is back. Bullied growing up she thought Miles would have stuck up for her. Now back she finds herself working at Miles' family winery. Still harboring feelings from her years being bullied she has a hard time when Miles shows an interest in her. Miles really likes June. He knows she is still hurt by what happened to her growing up in their town and it doesn't help that her mother is his family's housekeeper. However Miles is determined to convince her otherwise and that he is sorry and sincere. The journey June and Miles go on to finding love is sweet and tender with a few bumps along the trip. I have read a few books by this author and I am coming to enjoy her small town love stories. I look forward to the next sibling in this series. A emotional feel good story with some tender love making. 4 stars for me.
Profile Image for Ronda Brimeyer.
303 reviews5 followers
September 1, 2021
A second chance story with a few twist and turns. This story is set in a charming little town where everyone knows everyone's business. You have the popular people then everyone else. Miles and his family are the popular and rich ones. June's family not so much. Two different worlds yet coming together to find their future. June is coming back from the big city facing her past. She was bullied in high school being the nerdy girl. Now she is back and Miles sees her again and all he wants is his June bug. They will have a bumpy road in front of them having alot of questions and bosses around!!!!! Along the way Miles and June find that they fit together. Always have but they needed time. Then a tragedy could take the prince away from his princess According to Charile and Chole Miles's nieces . Read their love story to see if two worlds collide into a forever love? Finally finding and accepting that you are the one. No matter if you come from money or not. Seeing an loving the whole person inside and out......
Profile Image for Fleur.
3,059 reviews21 followers
September 5, 2021
June left Willow Creek as soon as she was able to after a miserable experience especially during her teenage years being bullied, now she is home with her tail between her legs trying to make the most out of being back and spending time with her Mum. While June isn't happy being back Miles is happy to see her especially as he liked her before she left town but never did anything about it, unfortunately for him it is going to be an uphill battle to show June he genuinely likes her. You totally get June's hesitation to take Miles at face value fortunately he is determined and I loved the notes he did and especially when his nieces decide to get in on making June his girlfriend, however once you have the girl that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing. You will laugh, cringe, laugh some more as well as get frustrated at both June and Miles at times then want to shake some sense into them at times, there are secrets revealed along with a shocking event and more that has you turning the page to see June and Miles can get through everything and still be together at the end!
Profile Image for Reading  In the  Red Room .
1,643 reviews39 followers
August 15, 2021
June is moving back home after losing her job and not being able to find another one. She is extremely unhappy about having to move back home and isn’t shy about telling anyone about it. To be completely honest I found June to be extremely immature and annoying, especially in the beginning of the book. She grew on me but just a little I would not say I grew to love her…that would be a lie. Miles come from the more effluent family in town and June’s mom actually works for them. Miles and his family considers June’s mom part of their family, something June just doesn’t understand. When June reluctantly takes a job at Miles families Winery they become closer. June learns that maybe she didn’t really know everything about the town and the people she left behind. This was a great quick read and I was Very entertained. I loved The way Miles used his nieces to court June. I enjoy any story about a small quaint town! I look Forward to learning more about this family and the other siblings.
Profile Image for Alicia.
343 reviews14 followers
August 30, 2021
What a great introduction to a new small-town series from Fabiola.

The Carlisle Cellar series starts with June and Miles.

June always felt like an outsider in Willow Creek. Raised by a single mother who worked for the town’s most famous ex-football player, she always felt “less than”. Being taunted and tormented by the other kids growing up did not help matters.

When June has to move back due to unforeseen circumstances she dreads running into all her old classmates, especially Miles.

This story was a hate-to-lovers but wasn’t very hurtful In my opinion. I feel like it was more of a misunderstanding and teenage insecurities. I do love how Miles won June back (a few times actually). Both characters are flawed but loveable. I cannot wait to read the other stories to get more from these two (if only from a distance) and also learn more about the other Carlisle siblings.

A great beginning.
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1,732 reviews50 followers
August 31, 2021
Not So Charming is Book # in a new series - Carlisle Cellars - by Fabiola Francisco, who always delivers with small town romance.

June is back home after losing her job in LA where she has lived for a number of years. She was a bit of a nerd growing up, her mom was a single mom (housekeeper to the well to do Carlisle family) and her dad is nowhere in the picture. She was bullied and outcast in her youth, and returning home as an adult was never in her plans.

Miles is one of the well to do Carlises who own a local winery. While they played together as children, she despises him because he was the popular rich jock in school and she felt he could have stuck up for her and ended some of the bullying but did not.

Their journey to love is a great enemies to lovers story. The path is rocky and they stumble. And both learn some things along the way that change things.

As always Fabiola delivers just what I wanted in this book! I look forward to the rest of the series.
September 2, 2021
4.25 Stars!!

Having read Ms.Francisco's work many times before I always get so happy when I get to pick up a new book of hers! As soon as she announced the Carlisle Cellars books I could not contain my excitement for them! I picked up this first book as soon as I could and I really enjoyed it!

Miles and June's journey pulled me in! I liked the fact that I wasn't sure what all was going to happen with these two and how that got me into their story even more. I loved being able to dig deeper with these two characters and getting to connect with them. I felt so much throughout! I so enjoyed being able to picture it all so clearly.

With Not So Charming, Ms.Francisco has created such a great read that'll make you feel so much! I am so excited to get back into this world with book two, Homecoming Queen!

*I volunteered to read and review a copy of this book from Bare Naked Words Promotions / the author*
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882 reviews31 followers
August 22, 2021
I'm so excited for this new series!

June returns to her hometown under duress. Her terrible teenage years st the hands of highs hool bullies left a bad taste in her mouth. But when things don't go her way in Los Angles she has little choice but to move home with her mom. She soon encounters Miles, her high-school crush who never stopped the bullies from wrecking havoc on her life. Miles is smitten as soon as he sees grown up June. He turns on his legendary charm in order to win June over but she is having no part of it!

I loved Miles and June so much! June was feisty and sassy and made Miles work for every bit of attention. Miles was ALL in pursuing June and I loved his persistence. Some interesting twists in the story had me reading late into the night. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Dawn.
735 reviews
September 1, 2021
After high school graduation, June left her hometown in a hurry. Years later, when she loses her job, she must return. High school was miserable for her because she was bullied so much. When she runs into one of her bullys, she heads the other way. Miles has different ideas (and memories of high school.) The only job June can find is working for Miles at his family's winery. There, she starts to see that he is not necessarily the bad guy she painted him to be.
I am a huge fan of Fabiola Francisco. This book, the first in her new series, is another reason why. I have yet to read a book of hers that I did not devour. They all, and this one in particular, give off that sweet romance feel that leaves you wanting more. I simply cannot wait for more books in this series.
Many thanks to Bare Naked Words for providing me with an ARC of this book.
Profile Image for Lisa Petty (Book Bangers Blog).
1,558 reviews15 followers
September 3, 2021
Oh, this book was so adorable to read. I couldn't put it down. I loved June and her character I just felt her to the T. June returns to her hometown, not something she ever thought she would do again. She did not have the best childhood there and just dreads it. When she runs into the man she thought was her friend he has her walls up high. Miles never thought he would see June again, but now that she is back he is going to win her over even if it's just as friends. These two start to get to know one another as they are now and it's so sweet. What I loved is this author didn't beat around the bush when telling this story she made sure June was strong and told Miles exactly what she thought. Though there are doubts and misunderstandings this book will give you everything you are looking for. There is even heartache that will puncture your soul. Fabulous read.
1,403 reviews3 followers
September 7, 2021
Beautiful beginning to a new series!

Not So Charming is the beginning of a beautiful written small-town series. Moving back to her hometown after vowing to never return has June falling back into her old habits. She was made fun of all through high school and the friends she thought she had been there to protect or defend her.

Miles didn’t look at June the way he’s looking at her now as a grown woman. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t know what was going on all those years ago. It even cost him his best friend. So, now he doesn’t understand why June is rejecting his chance to know her better.

This couple has their share of moments both good and bad. Miles is adorable and will purse June at full speed. There are a few twists and turns that I didn’t see coming but made this story that much more perfect. I am ready for more from the Carlisle family.
Profile Image for Reading With.
131 reviews3 followers
September 4, 2021
June falls on hard times and as much as she would rather do anything else she moves back to her home town. All the hurt from her past comes flooding back when she finds herself working at Miles' family winery. She hates Miles for not standing up for her when she was bullied and she can't forgive him.
Miles has lived the wealthy life but as his story progresses you see that he is a sincere guy who wants to make things right with June. He has feelings for June and even though she rebuffs him he keeps trying.
This book is a great example of people changing and how we can not stay stuck in the past. Fabiola writes amazing small town romances and I can't get enough of them and the rest of this new series can't come soon enough. 💛
Profile Image for Jill Badker.
660 reviews5 followers
August 16, 2021
Love this small town story. June never wanted to see her home town again, but when things go bad she returns to live with her mother. But running into Miles was the last thing she thought would happen. Then having him pursue her and want to show her he's not as bad as she thinks he is. Then needing to find a job in a small town is pretty hard, but when the biggest business in town has an opening June has to decide if she can do it since it's with Carlisle Cellars and Miles is a Carlisle. Fabiola does an outstanding job of brining you into this small town and making you cheer for the residents and never be able to put the book down until you find out what's going to happen next.
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725 reviews19 followers
September 3, 2021

June comes home with her tail between her legs, hating to return to the place where she grew up bullied and shamed. Her nemesis Miles and his family own the winery which is the only place she can find a job. Her mom is the housekeeper for his family and June has always felt inferior to them.

As Miles and June work together, they each find out they are not as different as they thought and each are not as the other perceived. Second chances are a gift to be treasured and not taken lightly.
This story is another treasured gift to be cherished.
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