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Meet Megaera, Meg for short. She’s like Deadpool, except for funner.

For a girl with the power of fear the recruitment attempts from both sides are never-ending. A self-described not-a-hero, villain-leaning humanoid, Meg just wants to live her life, work her dead-end job and have everyone else (especially the heroes) leave her alone. But when a bigger fish who can turn superpowers back on their users enters the picture and threatens the person Meg loves the most (herself), she must turn to the last group of people she would admit she needs help from.

Forced to team up with the heroes she despises (but won’t murder, because let’s face it, orange is not the new black), Meg will have to face the choices from her past that she won’t get therapy for. Self-centered, snarky, sarcastic and a little bit dramatic, she’s going to have to save the world, even if that wasn’t her intention. And try not to get shot in the process. Because that shit hurts.

186 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 3, 2021

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Jamie Jackson

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Author 9 books399 followers
November 7, 2022
FEAR AND FURY is such a cool book! This snarky superhero book was everything I needed on a fall afternoon, with a super snarky heroine (looking at you, Meg), who has spent years being recruited by heroes and villains alike because of her super scary superpowers. She wants nothing to do with either, for the record. Enter Greg, who I completely loved. He’s also got superpowers and is trying to protect (and okay, recruit her) because a big baddie is out to get Meg and his ultra-scary superpower could spell bad things for the world if he gets ahold of her. My favorite thing about this was the fun writing voice. Meg is jaded and funny and the writing doesn’t pull any punches. The book is super hilarious. But there are sad moments, too. I wasn’t expecting a part at the end where we learn more about Meg’s past and it just made her that much more relatable to me. I really want to see where things go now! 5/5 stars.
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Author 20 books524 followers
March 18, 2023
I can tell a hero from a non-hero. It’s in the strut.

I read a lot of superhero comics, but I haven't read too many books with superheroes. I think the last one I read was Into The Dark: Book One of the Infinite Crossover Crisis, but I don't know if I've actually read any others? But I definitely should! Especially after the fun of Jamie Jackson’s debut.

Fear and Fury is bursting with humour, wise-cracks, spunk, superheroes and villains (some more villainy than others; after all [b]eing a villain takes too much effort anyway ). To be more precise, our wise-cracking MC Meg is a superhero who doesn’t want to be a superhero, thank you very much. She really just wants to be left alone. That is, until Greg shows up. Greg is a superhero who quite likes being a superhero and finds himself thoroughly charmed by Meg. AND I STAN GREG A BIT, LET ME JUST GET THAT OUT THERE.

The banter between Meg and Greg is super cute. But also their relationship as a whole is straight of the OTP handbook and I am HERE. FOR. IT.

“Are you flirting with me again?”

I will say that Greg became my absolute favourite character. Meg was great, but Greg just absolutely stole my heart. He was so sweet, protective, gentlemanly, dedicated and loyal. Sometimes I wanted to shake Meg for giving him so much grief, haha. But despite her armoured tendencies, she lets him protect her from time to time and it was ^____^

Look, sometimes a little fear is a healthy thing. Putting the ridiculously strong man between me and the murdering demon creature was a better idea than staying exposed. Especially when said murdering demon creature wanted to specifically murder me.

He’s just such a little hero. Which, hilariously, is precisely why Meg doesn’t like him straight away and exactly why I do, haha. But he’s just so charming and patient with Meg.

You know those grumpy x sunshine tropes? This is that to perfection! I just wanted to draw little hearts around their smooshy faces.

Seriously, the number of times I wanted to yell JUST KISS at Meg and Greg is ... a lot. (◕‿◕✿)

The writing style of the book reminded me both of the film Kick Ass and almost kind of Gossip Girl? Meg is relaying the story to you, so it’s both first person and addressing the reader. Meg’s humour sparkles throughout the novel and I really liked how Jackson wove banter and emotion into her prose.

My review of Torment and Tarnish is here.
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My interview with author Jamie Jackson is here.

Thank you to the author for a review copy.

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Author 21 books454 followers
September 22, 2021

I don’t even know.

I mean, where do I start?

You know how sometimes you read a book, and it kind of hits you like a punch to your solar plexus? It’s like that.

Honestly, I couldn’t put this book down. If you want to talk about undiscovered diamonds, this is one of them. Fear and Fury really worked for me in absolutely every respect. As an added bonus, it’s not terribly long, which makes the whole getting-sucked-in thing that much more manageable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love getting sucked into books, but when you’re sucked into an 800 page book, that can dominate about a week of your time, if not more. If you get sucked into a book that’s about 200 pages long, it’s a lot less time you have to say, “Okay, I’ll do that, after just ONE MORE CHAPTER.”

Meg is a character after my own heart. I related to her in so many ways, it was almost ridiculous. She basically has this uncanny ability to say all the stuff I routinely think. The fact that this is a first-person story allows me to get into her head in a way third-person wouldn’t have allowed me to, and that made reading about her an absolute thrill. Not only due to what she goes through and the events she finds herself in throughout the book, but also because her inner voice is just as caustic, if not more so, than what she shows to the world. I honestly felt like I’d met a kindred spirit. It was fantastic.

Meg basically just wants to be left alone. She’s got powers, gifts that make her unique, and both the villain and hero side of the magical world want her to work with them. Meg, however, wants none of it. Her big life goal is to work her dead-end job as a customer service representative and keep her head down so eventually both the heroes and the villains forget about her. Though, it’s not that easy. Nothing is, right?

I’m not a big superhero fan. I mean, I can get into them, but I don’t really go out of my way to enjoy superhero movies, books, or whatever else. It’s just not really my thing. So, to be honest with you, I was quite surprised by how much I ended up loving this book. Part of it was due to Meg herself. Her snarky, sarcastic, dramatic voice was fantastic. The stuff she says had me laughing out loud occasionally, and the stuff she thinks is… *chef’s kiss*. More than that, though, she’s complex. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook her complexities due to her hard façade, but she is a rather layered character. Though she never loses her sarcastic, biting voice, eventually you do begin to see a bit of her softer side, and her vulnerabilities.

It’s these complexities that make superheroes interesting, and it’s part of why superheroes tend to bore me. I think a lot of the time, when I run into stories featuring superheroes, so many of them tend to forget the human complexities that need to underscore the superhero persona in order to make it interesting, and Jackson never did that. In fact, Meg’s struggle to remain herself in the face of both the heroes and the villains trying to convert her to their side is evident from page one. Her reasons for desiring to stay independent are also obvious and elaborated upon. When things get hot, and Meg finds herself in danger and she is forced to make a choice, there’s personal sacrifice there.

All of this made Meg interesting to me. The nuance and complications might be easy to overlook in the face of her louder-than-life persona, but they are there, and it made the entire book feel so much more real and balanced. Instead of someone in a lofty position raised up even further by unforeseen powers, here we have a sarcastic customer service representative—your everywoman, if you will—who just wants to be left alone and yet, can’t be. It was brilliant, and I loved it.

Fear and Fury is a short-ish book. Clocking in a less than 200 pages, there’s a lot that needs to happen in a little amount of time, so the book is breakneck, and the writing speeds you along. Being inside Meg’s head makes the entire thing feel more personal, and the humor that infuses the book balances out the darker moments with bursts of sarcasm and light.

With humorous dialogue, caustic wit, a unique twist to superhero lore, and an unforgettable protagonist, Fear and Fury grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go. I had more fun with this book than should be allowed.
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Author 5 books55 followers
June 29, 2023
First person contemporary superhero story!
The voice of the MC is wonderful - snarky, stubborn (flirting with the edges of being annoyingly stubborn but never really jumping the shark), full of pop culture references and humor, you'll enjoy spending time in Meg's head (unless you don't). Meg's powers are intriguing, as is the setting (I liked the explanation of where superpowers come from and so forth). The villain didn't have much personality but the supporting characters were very well done with solid dialogue.
The romance didn't quite work for me, but it didn't dominate the book. Sex was very fade-to-black (which happens to be my preference). The action scenes were lovely, and Meg's powers were really evocative and nicely written.
Overall, lovely story and I'm looking forward to book 2!
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Author 3 books40 followers
August 31, 2021
Seriously, if you haven't bought this book already, just do it. With hints of KICK-A** (don't censor me, Goodreads, please!), a little bit of THE SUICIDE SQUAD, with hints of April Daniels' DREADNOUGHT, this first-person super-hero/super-villain romp is a great start to a series I hope to return to time and time again!

Of all the things FEAR AND FURY does so well, it's the sharp and witty barrage of first-person cleverness that it does the best. The protagonist Meg is fed up with being some kind of special bauble for the heroes or the villains to obtain, so what does she do? She spends her time working in a big box store, being a (likable!) piss-ant to everyone she can.

But before you know it, a situation of dire sorts ends up dragging Meg right back into the interests of the super-heroes and super-villains she's desperately tried to avoid.

Jackson's clever knowledge of super-hero lore and *other* lore will no doubt help drive continued interest in this book as it progresses. She'll answer most questions, but still leave a few purposefully dangling, because how much ends really need to get tied up? Alongside a cast of memorable super-hero archetypes, Meg is pitted with outlasting (or out-snarking) the antagonist.

What stands out is Jackson's absolutely spectacular dialogue, which keeps the book running at an off-the-wall pace. Despite having my reading interrupted by a number of personal matters, this is a book that could be devoured in two or three sittings, and deserves to be! Meg's rapport with the audience is also among the book's best qualities: she speaks directly to You, the Reader, which few writers have done as smoothly as this.

All-in-all, Jackson's book is a great freakin' ride. Come for the super-hero blast-a-thon, stay for the hints of romance, hang around for the wink-wink homages to other franchises, and enjoy this novel's willingness to develop a world that is infinitely larger than this small-but-exciting book. I seriously can't wait to hang out in this world again.
Profile Image for Michele Quirke.
Author 2 books130 followers
May 16, 2022
Fear and Fury is the superhero + Greek mythology book I didn't know I needed! What a unique and fun concept!! I feel like I devoured this book and I'm already chomping at the bit for the next in the series!

I'll be honest, as much as I LOVED the concept with Meg being recruited by both the villains and heroes because of her unique powers (which were SO COOL AND UNLIKE ANYTHING I'VE EVER READ ABOUT BEFORE)...it did take quite a long time for me to start liking Meg as a character. In fact, I'm not sure I liked her for the first 80% of the book. She's stubborn, selfish, and can't seem to take anything seriously. She has really cool powers, but that was pretty much all I liked about her. At first, anyway. I did warm up to her by the end, but like I said...it took a long time.

BUT just because I didn't love the protagonist that in no way means I didn't enjoy the story. Jamie Jackson's writing is top notch, descriptive, and addictive. I was hooked from the very beginning.

Along with the writing, I also loved Greg! Oh my gosh he is the best! So patient and selfless and powerful. Everything a proper hero should be. He put up with SO MUCH from Meg (such as her flat out refusal to do anything he said, even if it meant staying alive!) and hardly ever gave any indication that she was grating on him. I think most guys would've just given up on her. But not Greg. He was so loveable and I think it was honestly him and Virgil that really deserve all the credit for keeping me glued to the pages.

Until the ending, that is. That ending was *chef's kiss* and showed just how far Meg had come in a short amount of time. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but suffice it to say her character arc was the best.

And although Fear and Fury ended well and didn't leave us hanging, there is definite room for a sequel. A sequel I will 100% be reading because I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE BEACH AND OLIVE GROVE!!

So yeah, this book is fantastic. I will be recommending it to as many people as I can! 5 stars!!

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272 reviews12 followers
July 5, 2022
Unfortunately this wasn't my cup of tea. Our protagonist is Meg and she is a super-hero. She is described on the book's GR page as "She’s like Deadpool, except for funner". Well that's a bit misleading and I think it sets the wrong expectations. If Deadpool was rated PG-13, devoid of any charm and behaved as an irritating, insecure and spoiled adult then maybe the blurb might be true.
For me the humor never clicked, the romance between the MC and another character which is the main focus of the first half of the book wasn't executed to my liking and the bad guy is extremely underdeveloped.
There is a nice idea in there and it's a fairly quick read. Also the book will appeal more, to readers more interested in the witty rom-com aspect..

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Author 1 book24 followers
April 18, 2022
This book was so enjoyable - fun, funny, snarky, sarcastic along with excellent character development and an exciting plot! I laughed so much and loved the way the reader is privy to Meg's thoughts as she moves throughout her life and experiences. She is a true antihero... not because she hates evil villains, but because Meg will do what Meg wants, and that's it. I can't wait to read Book 2, Torment and Tarnish. Easy 5 stars.
Profile Image for Raul Reads.
81 reviews9 followers
October 24, 2021
Witty, relatable characters. Meg is one MC that sticks with you. She is kick butt and badass with enough emotional pull to make multi dimensional. Loads of fun and a ride that just keep you turned my the page.
Profile Image for Rowena Andrews.
Author 3 books67 followers
October 25, 2021
We live in a time where media is full of superheroes. We’re treated to many iterations of the hero – reluctant, fated, circumstantial and those that choose to use their powers for good – and we have the flipside of the coin with antiheroes and then outright villains. I love superheroes and villains (I may not support their cause, but give me a good villain any day and I am a happy bean). It’s also easy to get lost in the crowd, in the stereotypes and the expectations of what superheroes are about. However, Fear and Fury does not get lost in the crowd and brings a wonderfully fresh twist on the genre.

‘I don’t pull that shit with the heroes though. Villains don’t really care about you killing other villains. Less competition, blah, blah, blah. Heroes, though, you kill one it’s like stepping on a fire ant hill. The rest of them will come boiling out to bite and sting you, and they are relentless.’

Meg doesn’t want to be a hero…or a villain for that matter. It’s too dangerous and too much work, and you know what? That is both fair and a refreshing take on having powers that set you apart. Often the ‘hero’ or ‘villain’ persona and goals seem to dominate most of a person’s personality and life, but not here. Meg has her powers, and the troubles and sometimes benefits that come with them – she also has a life. It might not be the most exciting (although gods if there was anything to make her relatable it was her attitude to life working in retail customer service!), but it’s hers, it’s real and it’s grounded and it makes Meg – this powerful (although not bulletproof) woman so wonderfully human and complex, and it sets Fear and Fury apart. It’s also interesting to see both sides trying to actively recruit an individual, even if some of their methods lead a lot to be desired.

I will be honest, as much as I ended up loving this one it did take me a couple of attempts to get into this one, and part of that I think was coming to grips with Meg’s POV – first person is one that I always take a little while to adjust to, and being directly addressed by her and her caustic tongue added to that. However, there was something refreshingly blunt and honest about her from the beginning that made me keep coming back, and that perseverance was more than worth it though because Meg is an absolutely fantastic character. I ended up loving her snark – and more than once I laughed out loud at the things she came out with, whether in the privacy of her thoughts or in conversation with others.

She is also a wonderfully nuanced character. Jackson has nailed the snark and wit, but while sometimes it can be a distraction from what’s underneath – deliberate or otherwise – as the book progressed, we also get to see the layers pulled aside, revealing a softer side with old wounds, and new vulnerabilities exposed. Yet she always remains true to herself throughout, even as she is forced to sacrifice some of herself in order to stay alive, she remains the same tangled, human mess wrapped in snark until the very end which was incredibly important.

In comparison, I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of Greg, although I did like how his powers directly impacted his life – having to be careful not to break things and his concern about causing harm to those around him. However, while I might not have connected with him on the same level as I did with Meg, I found myself really enjoying their relationship – it was messy, with both of them bringing baggage to the table, and it was a lot about learning how to communicate. Virgil on the other hand, I loved from the moment we met him. He had some great banter with Meg, and I thoroughly enjoyed their conversations – and his heckling of Greg, and again he was another interesting play on superheroes.

Fear and Fury is a fairly short book, and it packs one hell of a punch in those pages and therefore the pacing reflects this. It hits the ground running and doesn’t stop, although Jackson does give us some quieter moments, particularly between Meg and Greg. However, what keeps it grounded is that first-person POV which keeps the story grounded in Meg, and makes for a more personal story in what has the potential to be a much wider setting. It must also be noted that this book does not shy away from darker moments, and a healthy (or unhealthy depending on where you’re standing) helping of blood and gore, and flashes of violence. Yet this is balanced with the sarcasm and humour, and it makes for a wonderfully gripping book that once I got over my initial hump with the POV I devoured in one sitting.

This is a wonderful, unique spin on the superhero story, with a truly memorable and relatable protagonist. If you want a quick read with one hell of a punch then this is the one for you.
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Author 2 books20 followers
March 20, 2022
Super Fun, Clever, and Witty!

Can I drop the “F” bomb in a review? ‘Cause just saying Fear and Fury was AWESOME doesn’t quite cut it. I’ve highlighted at least a quarter of this book in favorite quotes, clever quips, or scenes I had to leave a note on. I could barely put it down to adult. (Stupid adulting.)

Meg is your average girl, working at a retail job she hates, but it makes ends meet. She is happy to be left alone in her simple existence. Did I mention she has superpowers?

Superheroes come by weekly to recruit her and the villains… well, suffice it to say, they learned to NOT bother her anymore. Um, except this one guy who didn’t get the memo. He’s actually managed to rattle our snarky, confident, not-hero-person.

One day, a superhero, named Greg, comes in and asks her — gasp! — on a date. Meg can see through his guise as an attempt to recruit her, but a free coffee and the promise to keep the hero league from pestering her was enough to indulge him. The banter between these two cracked me up throughout the entire book. Meg’s second super-power is definitely snark, and Greg comes to bat.

If I wasn’t reading this for a book club podcast, I would jump into book 2 immediately. But, alas, I shall have to wait. *Sigh, I digress.

Last thing, without giving a spoiler… while reading one of the characters, I swear they sounded like Psycho from the Harley Quinn Show. When you read this book, you’ll know. And you totally should read this book. That is all.
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Author 8 books175 followers
November 12, 2021
An unconventional and enjoyable superhero tale told with buckets of unique personality…

There are heroes and there are villains and then there’s’ Meg’ who tries her best to survive between the fringes of those forces and life in general. Her job is not so great and her outlook on life leans towards just wanting to be left alone. We find this out through an unconventional and sometimes comedic fourth-wall-breaking narration style that has literally buckets of personality and snark. Of course this flavor and comedy in general is a challenge to get right especially in this day and age where some readers refuse to receive it but me, I very much enjoyed that element which was executed very well by Jamie Jackson while only being part of a complex story because ‘Meg’ has a unique super power with a darker edge.

That power is rather a hot commodity to some, we see all around Superman type ‘Greg’ persistently trying to recruit our main character while on the other side of proceedings a sinister collector of powers known as ‘Red Eye’ is also pursuing her. In between being told to ‘shut up’ by ‘Meg’ we see her trying to juggle options she is constantly caught between and her deadly power is always whispering. Her control over those voices can sometimes have consequences that not even she is able to control.

‘I told the whispers to watch over me. And they agreed, because they wanted more blood…’

Its easy to read and full of some wonderful description along with great dialogue which I sometimes felt was broken up by narration that confides in the reader pulling me out for only a moment or two – my only real critique because everything else left me wanting to turn pages, know more about this world and where this story could possibly go.
4 reviews
May 12, 2022

I don't think I need to say anything else. A super, I would say hero here but I don't want her to kill me, powered person whos impressive powers are only rivaled by her own natural talent with snark. At times cold, combative, and sassy… this poor girl just wants to be left alone, unless you're a shadow because then you're good. Look but don't touch is more than a motto for her. 

That all changes when she meets Greg; think Chris Evans but with a better skincare routine. A do-gooder actual hero with strength to spare that takes an interest in Meg on a hunch that she may be villain-leaning. An invite for coffee and a promise to be left alone by the other heroes who won't take no for an answer leads down a path exploring Meg's past, answers about her power, and maybe an answer about her real superpower: snark.

A story this compelling wouldn't be complete without a bad guy! He's big, he's ugly, he can fly, he can do other cool things. I don't want to go into details for spoilery reasons but just know… this isn't a story to miss. Easy 5 stars.
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1 review1 follower
January 11, 2022
So, I probably relate to Meg so much because honestly we have the same inner monologue, flavorful choice of words and pension for poor choices. For example being determined to handle whatever life throws my way, on my own. Who needs help from a slew of super hero’s anyways. I love the twists in the story! Literally kept me engaged and thirsty for more! I really appreciated the mental imagery the author painted by vividly describing each scene. I was afraid to write this book a review because I fear I can’t do it justice! I’m just about to devour the next book in the series and secretly hoping things with Greg progress!
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Author 7 books26 followers
February 17, 2022
One of the highest bits of praise I can give to any book is how much sleep it cost me. How many bad decisions it made me make, in continuing to read it until either the book is done, or I pass out asleep. That's where I've been at the last few days with this book. It's kept me up later than I probably should have let it, and you know what? I'm okay with that because this book was great. From start to finish, it had me by the front of my shirt in its fingers and refused to let go.

From the snarky, witty dialogue down to the characters coming alive on the page beyond that, to the mystery of what was happening. First person is one of my favorite styles to read, and this is right up there with one of the best I've read lately. I'm glad I already have the next book in the series so I can likely jump right into that one next.

I want more Meg and Greg and all of them. I want more. That's the next highest praise I can give. I want more.

Definitely highly recommend this if you like superhero type stories, and you know what? I recommend it even if you don't, because it's just that damn good.
Profile Image for Azshure Raine.
Author 4 books12 followers
December 17, 2022
This was awesome. It was funny, it was intense and do not piss of Meg. I cannot say how much I enjoyed this. Through and through. Definitely gonna read the second book in the series. As soon as it arrives.
Author 3 books11 followers
December 23, 2021
"God damnit, Greg!"

This was awesome. It was funny, it was intense and do not piss of Meg. I cannot say how much I enjoyed this. Through and through. Definitely gonna read the second book in the series. As soon as it arrives.
Profile Image for Melissa Polk.
Author 7 books50 followers
September 9, 2021
This was such an amazing book! The best first three sentences ever. I loved the irreverent first person narrative and the way Meg had zero fucks to give. Greg won me over in the end, too. And Virgil was such a blast. Ah! Super-heroes aren't my thing. Generally humorous books aren't my thing (I can appreciate Discworld, for example, but it's not really my jam). But damned if I didn't thoroughly enjoy this book. I'm so pleased to have read it and can't wait to share it with everyone I know. I love Jamie's style and can't wait to see what she does next!
239 reviews15 followers
July 19, 2021
It’s hard to lead a normal life when villains and superheroes alike are constantly knocking on your door trying to recruit you. Meg doesn’t want anything to do with any of them, but her ability to control a person’s sense of fear makes her a liability or an asset for either side. But when Meg attracts the attention of a new villain who won’t take no for an answer, she grudgingly has to turn for help from the heroes that she has flipped off more times than she can count. This new villain can turn powers back on people, and it has plans for Meg that don’t require her to be alive.

FEAR AND FURY is an urban fantasy superhero adventure that blends action, romance, and a splash of darkness into a diverting bite-sized adventure. It’s set in a slightly adjacent world from our own, where powered people have existed from the time of Greek heroes, rising and falling in prevalence for no reason anybody can track. You’ll find some obvious analogues to superheroes you’re familiar with – Greg aka Fortress is for all intents and purposes Superman, (without the alien heritage), and Vigilante shares quite a bit personality-wise with Batman, though this particular iteration has powers of his own besides impressive deductive reasoning.

Beyond that, however, the author has set up her own version of powered existence. Most heroes work for various governments, for instance, with secure penthouses to keep them safe, at the cost of having to deal with governmental bureaucracy. We only get a peek at how this works in practice, but it was enough to make me curious to see it explored further in future installations. For now, FEAR AND FURY is a fairly small story in one corner of the universe, making it a more intimate adventure. I didn’t mind that at all, as it kept the stakes more personal and less world-ending.

What drew me in initially to the story was the voice of Meg, who is a thoroughly sarcastic individual with a healthy sense of self-preservation above all else. The story is first person and Meg frequently addresses the reader as she introduces them to this new world and walks through her thoughts. This POV is going to make or break whether this book is for you. Some may find Meg’s quip-a-minute banter grating, especially in the beginning of the book when Meg is mostly on her own and only has her internal monologue to work things through. But as the story progresses and Meg starts interacting more with other characters, the book finds a better rhythm, and the writing doesn’t feel quite so frenetic.

But what grounds the book is that underneath all the sarcasm, Meg is dealing with some real guilt over her past. Growing up, Meg had less than perfect control of her abilities, which had dire consequences for those around her. (Now is a good time to note that FEAR AND FURY has a dark streak that readers should be aware of going in. Meg’s powers have a tendency to drive people to desperate actions, and the shadow entities that protect her can be a bit…zealous in their defense. There’s occasional splashes of fairly violent imagery that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.) Meg generally doesn’t want to hurt people, but if her life is on the line, she has no problem letting loose. It’s a balance of “goodness” and ruthlessness (and occasionally selfishness) that was intriguing to watch.

Action isn’t the only thing keeping FEAR AND FURY going. There’s a romance subplot that I enjoyed watching slowly blossom over time. It’s not the easiest of relationships, as both parties involved have secrets they want to keep, but I appreciated it wasn’t a simple head-over-heels relationship. It’s also balanced by Meg continually demanding equality and respect in the relationship. She’s not going to be a damsel in distress and treated like a fragile thing.

Clocking in at under 200 pages, FEAR AND FURY is a great popcorn read, a complete story with plenty of hooks left open for a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Meg and hope there’s more adventures in her future!

Note: I was provided a free review copy by the author in exchange for my fair and honest review.
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740 reviews14 followers
December 7, 2022
I’m not the kind of person who should have been given superpowers. I’m hardly what you would call a hero. I’m not even sure I would qualify as an anti-hero.

First and foremost, my sincere apologies to author Jamie Jackson (from NC, yay!). You see, I had already collected Books 1 - 3 in her "Adventures of a Villain-Leaning Humanoid" (which henceforth shall be referred to in acronym form only because geez, that's a lot to type out!) through a generous promotion she had made on a social media platform (that I have since left in a fit of pique) back in September!! of this year (the promotion was in September, not the fit). But instead of immediately diving into Meg's adventures (no, I won't do the Family Guy bit), I waited until Book 4 was released because if and only if I enjoyed the series, I wanted to read it sans s'arrêter. I know that drives some authors nuts but yes, it's better sometimes to bend to the will (read: severe personality disorders and other 'bits') of your audience.

Literally all I want to do is to be left alone, to live out my life, sometimes scaring the bejeezus out of the local Karens.

Having said that, I am more than glad to announce that not only was "Fear and Fury" (Book 1 of AoaVLH) a very enjoyable read but that I will be starting in on "Torment and Tarnish" (Book 2 of AoaVLH) tooty de sweety! As a true fan and afficianado of hero stories, I can safely attest that this was one of the better ones I've picked up over the years. I only suspect then (I am suspicious like that) that the rest of the series will be equally entertaining and fun to read. Which may have been both redundant and repetitive of me to say. ANYWAY…

This isn’t a bad romance novel, or some sort of villain trope, where the poor, misunderstood evil-doer just needs love to save her.

Jackson's writing flows quite freely with a kind of a flippant tone that still manages to come off as being, well, very sincere. Meg's inner voice - and I guess outer voice, too - brings to mind a sort of a young, female Deadpool if you will. Maybe without quite the level of cursing and sex involved - there's a little of each, sure, but nothing gratuitous - but still with plenty of snark and anti-heroism (anti-heroics?) included. I'm not sure if I could take an approach like this in mass quantities, no, and it certainly wouldn't work in every genre. But here it's just what the doctor - or mad doctor if its a villain - ordered.

I don’t usually have to think on my feet like this. Normally I scare the shit out of people and go about my merry way. Cut me some slack.

So yeah, to get all the review bits checked off: the prose works out really well and everything just chugs along at a really good pace! Sure, the powers we get to observe aren't perhaps the most original I've ever run across - Chris Tullbane's "Death of Crows" and especially his latest "Queen of Smiles" book(s) still hold that title - but they're very serviceable for what we need to keep this story on target and tense up to the very end! It's going to be really interesting to see where VENGEANCE and the rest of the new gang wind up next! Off we go then, onwards and tormentier…
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August 1, 2021
A stunningly clever story in a world where superheros and mythology collide. Meg is a stubborn, independent (perhaps too much so, by her own admission) young woman with an unusual power that has caught the attention of both heroes and villains alike. Now, she finds herself torn from her secluded life into a struggle for her life, where she must forge new friendships and confront her dark secrets, all the while trying to not let her own snark get in the way.

Told with the straightforward, breakneck pace of an action comic, the story can be a little hard to get into at the start for those who aren't fans of the fourth-wall breaking style of writing. I also personally felt a little jarred at the insertion of mythology into a world of superheros half way through the story. However, it was that same insertion that led me to realize how very clever the title of this book is. And the fact is, none of these things detract from the quality and fun of the story.

Fear and Fury is entertaining, easy to read, and one of the best books I've read all year. Highly recommended for anyone's summer reading list.
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March 4, 2022
Let me give a big thank you to Jamie Jackson for sending me a copy of this book to review because Holy crap, this book was a riot!

Meg is not a hero, not a villain but a little but of both. Having the power of fear, she does her best to not enact her vengeance too often. That doesn't stop her from turning her power on those who deserve it, and sometimes on those who don't when her emotions get away from her but now someone is out there who can turn her power against her.

Meg is one of the funnest characters I've read in a while. She's snarky, stubborn and kind of an ass. When I saw the tagline of a "female Deadpool" I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't a book written in the style of a Deadpool movie. I found the breaking of the fourth wall incredibly entertaining.

I've not read many "superhero" stories but I do love the movies. This book may have given me the push to pick up more though.

I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a quick, fun read.
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February 26, 2022
A New Twist to the Superhero Genre

What do you do when you have superpowers but don't want to save the world?
Poor Meg wants to live a quiet life without being recognized for her power. She doesn't want to be pulled into the work and politics of the hero vs. villain job. Unfortunately, that's hard to do when both sides are more persistent in their recruitment attempts than Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on the front door. Trouble is coming. Where will Meg be left standing?

The first-person POV was a genius choice for this book. Meg has a huge personality, and she doesn't take smack from anyone without serving it back with an extra dose of biting wit. If you're looking for an adventure with fun banter and great characters, look no further. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
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October 21, 2022
It's exciting when I get to read more SPFBO books. It's also been a while since I've read a superhero (although this one is more antihero) book, and I enjoyed Meg's voice. Her power is super cool, and it reminded me so much of Deadpool and Jessica Jones. The protagonist's voice was the best part of the story. I wasn't a fan of her romance with Greg because it felt rather one-sided (Greg being the one with the feelings while Meg just kind of tolerated it) and felt more like a relationship based on convenience than founded on solid emotions. Halfway through the book, I felt like Meg's commentary and her voice faded into the background, and I missed that. I wanted more of her takes on what was happening and how she felt about things.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 28, 2022
You don’t know what you’re missing!

Dialogue. You’re missing some of the best timed dialogue. This is my favorite kind of story. First person, lots of wit, flawless dialogue. The unraveling of the mythology was perfect; you learn as the character does. There’s so much to drop in the story and the author did an incredible job giving you what you need in a balance of action and discovery. The MC is everything the blurb promises in a kick-ass female hero (sorry, Meg, you’re my hero, like it or not). Also, as someone who suffered from night terrors I found the superpowers and trauma healing humanizing and relatable. That could just be me and my weird self though.
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June 3, 2021
I was hooked before the end of the first chapter. Just as the synopsis suggested, Meg has such a strong Deadpool-like personality you just get so wrapped up in her story. Never have I read a book where I physically laughed out loud because the main character was actively calling me out. I loved the interactions she has with the reader. The other characters in the story are so compelling. This book is full of fantastic humor and horror. A combination that I just cannot get enough of. I wait impatiently for the sequel.
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June 9, 2022
I read this book in a single day. It held my attention the whole time and had just the right mix of action, romance, and horror.

Meg's voice is so strong it can sometimes be distracting, but her deeply dark sense of humor helps carry us through some of the gory scenes without screaming.

Hunky Greg managed to be a superman-esque character that didn't feel cliché, mostly because his wholesomeness was the perfect foil to Meg's bitter, traumatized sarcasm.

I will definitely be picking up the sequel!
May 27, 2021
I love this book! It reads quick so it’s perfect for the beach or on the plane or even just relaxing in the hammock. Meg is funny, witty and even though she won’t admit it, a little bit vulnerable and lonely. Then Greg enters her life. A cocky superhero that she wants nothing to do with.....or does she?? 😏
Will Meg fall for the literal hero? Will she become a hero herself? Read the book and find out!
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January 7, 2022
What a fun book to read! This author’s sense of humor is fantastic to start off. The first line of the book made me laugh out loud (for real). I loved the way she talked directly to the reader, pulling us into her world. The main character is flawed and powerful and aggravating and wonderful! The pace of the story is excellent and the thought behind the super powers is top rate. Thank you for sharing your words!
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February 27, 2022

So. I read urban fantasy but not a lot of superhero stories. But the author posted this on a forum I belong to and others I knew loved it. And so here we are. I loved it so much that I bought it after reading it on KU. Meg has a little Deadpool in her, is complex, and both strong and vulnerable. She’s never been victimized before and so it takes her a while to get her fear under her. A throughly enjoyable ride. I’ll be reading book 2 now…
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