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Feuds and Reckless Fury

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From USA Today bestselling author K Webster comes an angsty and emotional enemies-to-lovers gay romance standalone!

The hatred began when my father proposed to another man in a shocking moment that rocked my family to its core...

Now I’m on a quest for revenge against my father.
That means hitting him where it hurts—the new fiancé and the son he thinks so much of.
Alister Sommers.

Alis is a bleached blond perfectionist thorn in my side who’s used to everything going his way. Grades, money, track—he dominates it all despite his short, insignificant frame.

Was one dad not good enough that Alis had to take mine too?

Soon, we’ll be stepbrothers.
Until then, I vow to make his life a living hell.
Maybe Dad will regret his terrible mistakes.
Maybe he won’t.
I know I won’t regret wrecking their lives like they did mine.

I’ll give up everything, even my girlfriend and football, if it means I get a chance for retribution.

It’s reckless and risky, but I don’t have much to lose.
The havoc I wreak might ease some of the pain Dad caused my mother.
I’m willing to give it a shot.

What starts as a family feud will become a war… one I plan on winning no matter the cost.

There’s only one small problem.
I may have underestimated my opponent.

360 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 1, 2021

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About the author

K. Webster

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K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in "Tornado Alley" with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she's not writing, she's reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.

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June 2, 2021
⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Mostly Meh, But Entertaining Enough*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱

Is the Mubōna Ikari show real? It seems really interesting, so does the characters Daisuke and Chibi.... Now that that question is asked, let's start with the review of the book itself. While I like the enemies-stepbrother to lovers theme, the enemy feeling wasn't all there. It was more anger and Canyon taking it out of Alister. Once again with this authors books, I wish there was one character who were true alpha male. I didn't feel that here. The book was also very predictable. That said, it was still a nice read to get your mind off of things. I liked it just fine, but I don't think I'll ever re-read it. Something was missing from it. Perhaps depth? I dunno; let me know if you find out, please. I shelved this as ‘new-adult’ due to the described sex scenes.

To bring down the kings, you take out their little prince.

The characters:
Canyon ‘Canny’ Voss (17, turns 18), the school’s football star receiver for Go Blood Gators.
Alister ‘Alis’ Sommers (17, turns 18), Canyon's new to be stepbrother. The only son - adopted at ten years old - of one of the wealthiest men in Florida.
Ryan Voss, Canyon's father.
Quinn Sommers, Canyon's father's fiancé and Alister's father. His male, longtime gay best friend.
Carrie Voss (16), Canyon's younger sister. Both she and Alis is in the orchestra at school with Mrs. Weston.
Aimee Voss, Canyon and Carrie's mother.
Naomi ‘Nae’ Young, Canyon's girlfriend for a year.
Paige Young, Canyon's girlfriend’s little sister.
Damon Billings, Canyon's best friend.
Leon, Alis' best friend. Has a crush on Naomi.
Gage Combs and Cain Nash, part of the football team with Canyon.
Coach Healy, for the football team, Go Blood Gators.
Mr. Garrison, teacher at Alis and Canyon's school.
Coach Davies, for the track team that Alis is on.
Ginger and Nutmeg, Sommers family's Pomeranians.
Mr. Martin, assistant principal at Alis and Canyon's school.
Adam, Canyon's uncle and Aimee's brother.
Tammy, Alis's mother and Quinn's sister.
Colin Wheaton, Alis's biological father.

Quick basic facts:
Genre: - (New Adult) Contemporary Romance (M/M)
Series: - Standalone.
Love triangle? -
Cheating? -
HEA? -
Favorite character? - Umm, Alister ‘Alis’ Sommers, I think..
Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Sure.
Would I recommend this book/series? - Sure.
Will I read this again in the future? - Don't think so.
Rating - 3 stars.
June 7, 2021
Audio - 5++++ Stars!!! Greg Boudreaux and Teddy Hamilton performing together had me like....

It was a great way to start off Pride Month!!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Story - 4 Stars!!

I loved the relationship development of Alister and Canyon. Canyon was the one with the issues though, but Alister didn't back down. The hateration was real! But I'm glad it didn't last throughout the entire book. The pacing from enemies to lovers was on point as was the development of their feelings for one another. The only thing that stopped this from being 5 stars was the OTT drama towards the end. It felt contrived. The epilogue, however, was really sweet. Overall, a very enjoyable story!
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156 reviews600 followers
May 27, 2023
4 stars

this is why i firmly believe that enemies to rivals to i-wanna-destroy-you to i-wanna-fuck-you-when-did-that-happen to friends to something to something-just-more to i-need-you to you-are-my-everything is superior. 🤌💃🏾✨

bc oml, this was so fucking hot and juicy and domestic and everything my heart needed atm. all i wish is for more of these scenes, y'all -

Explosive anger detonates inside me. I grab hold of the front of his shirt, yanking him across the table beside his sculpture. He grunts as the edge presses into his stomach. The deep, dark windows into his wicked soul bore into me far too closely for my liking.
His scent floods my nostrils - lime and coconut. It's an odd scent that has me curious. He doesn't smell like a typical guy. He smells like pie.
❝Why do you smell like that?❞ I demand, distracted by the way his hand, stained by the clay, grips my wrist.
❝Like what?❞ His brows furl in confusion. ❝Clay?❞
❝No. You smell...❞
❝Sweet,❞ I growl. ❝Like pie or the beach or summer or some shit.❞
His grin is wide and victorious. ❝Why don't you have a little taste and see for yourself?❞

see what i mean?? the tension. the bitchiness. the chemistry 🔥🔥🔥 it was absolutely unmatched in the first half of this, istg 💘🥺 i loved it. tbh i just wanted them to beat the shit outta each other-

and then kiss each other-

while tending to each other's wounds. 👉👈🥺 that is romantic, right?

the way Canyon was so open about his need to destroy Alis? and the way Alis fought back all the way? well, tbh i don't usually connect with the asshole-y characters first but Canyon was an exception bc i really understood his reasons behind the WHY. like why did he want to break Alis, it was all really understandable, and what his dad did was not right.

and that "let me take care of you" scene? omg my heart 🥰

With ours, it's feuds and reckless fury.
Fights and frustration and taking each other for granted.
But it also means love and forgiveness and home.
It means standing beside the ones you love even when they piss you off, and you want to hate their guts because... they're your fucking family. Families stick together.

the way they pushed each other to be better, to show each other their vulnerabilities and desires - it was so beautiful and romantic i loved it. 🥺💃🏾

He's my Chibi.
My opponent. My challenger. My counterpart. My conscience. My everything.

and that was exactly what they were to each other. they pushed and pulled like a damn magnet, and they were just so explosive and flames around each other. the angst in the first half 😩 i preferred that and i am such a sucker for it, okay??

but like i said, i didn't particularly love the second half as much, especially bc certain things really weren't resolved in that. bc like WHAT? Alis's piece of shit dad just came back into town after abusing him in his childhood (eh, semantics) and then he expected to be forgiven just like that and worse, for his son to actually go and live with him?? Canyon was right, this made absolutely ZERO sense. nada.

and then in the end it's mentioned that Alis grows fond of his father (who, might i repeat again, ABUSED him and slapped him around when he was barely 9 years old) and even grows to love him, like what? i didn't get how that progression happened at all. i mean, okay, he might have changed and shown remorse and all, but WHERE WAS IT SHOWN??

AND i'm so sorry to say this but there just wasn't enough of them being enemies. i think i said it before but more scenes of actually them HATING each other would be good, and thank you!!

so basically, few things were drawbacks but overall i loved reading this sm! 💕 and i definitely, wholeheartedly recommend if you like enemies-to-lovers mm romance.
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2,162 reviews7,572 followers
May 29, 2021
2e0pm6g 90ca45e7e7c6ddfa7f3d6d91a5f154bd-1-3-3
'FEUDS AND RECKLESS FURY' Is a full length MM romance bully book by K. Webster. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'

It seemed only fitting that I read this considering K. Webster was the first one which popped my MM bubble.

Canyon Voss’s world started crumbling down when his father walked away from his family and proposed to another man, Quinn his long time best friend. No one knew he was bisexual least of all his wife who he'd been married to for eighteen years down to their two children. Thus making Canyon hate him with a vengeance, setting him on a path of revenge to bring down his father's partners step son Alister.

If I want to hurt Dad, I hurt Quinn. And if I want to hurt Quinn, I go for his beloved son.

Alister stole my heart, he'd not had the easiest upbringing, so now that he's living in a stable environment and anything money can buy he's always waiting for the penny to drop, waiting for that moment when it's all taken away from him.

These two hated each other with a vengeance, the push and pull, the angst, the chemistry between them was off the charts hot!! I couldn't get enough of these two.

A fine line between lust and hate.


I'm attracted to my enemy and I don't know what to do about it

Alister was openly gay whereas Canyon had always been attracted to females, but when he starts coming down hard on Alister and his taunts weren't hitting their mark like he was hoping, Alister flirts unashamedly and threw out sexual innuendos constantly trying to get a rise out of Canyon,
it's not long until Canyon realises that Alister's not so bad after all, and once they start interacting he gravitates towards Alister.

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1,614 reviews240 followers
June 17, 2021
OTT & then some!!

This was so OTT that I couldn’t help but LOVE IT!

At first, I scratched my head, rolled my eyes.
Then, I decided to screw it and just go with it.
What a trip! Story 3.3 stars...Narration 5 stars!

High school
Enemies to lovers to stepbrothers 😱
Throw in:
Past trauma
Imaginary mice
Track meets
Cherry poppin’ 😍 x2!
Attempted murder
Attempted kidnapping
Pregnancy (not the guys 😉)
Running away
More murder
And cos play

You HAVE to ROLL with it, because it’s kinda fun it you do!

AUDIOBOOK: STUPENDOUS 😍😍double narration by Teddy Hamilton and Greg Boudreaux 😍
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1,074 reviews608 followers
June 7, 2021
4 Wonderful-Wonderland Stars

Canyon hated his father, he wanted to ruin the one person who came between his parents, and he went after Alister for that purpose. He promised to ruin his life just like Alister’s father had ruined his. But what he didn’t expect was to be addicted and obsessed with his enemy…

Told in dual POV, 1st person, it’s a standalone novel. It’s angsty and an enemies-to-lovers story with a touch of forbidden love. It’s well-paced and like Ms. Webster’s other books well-written. It’s just Alister’s insecurity was on my nerves. Overall, I had fun reading it and hope you like it as well!
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Author 13 books376 followers
June 18, 2021
Honestly? I can’t blame Canyon for anything he’s done. I even appreciate the route he’s taken on his hunt for revenge. Even if his revenge is focused on the wrong person. Yeah I know why he’s using Alis as a scapegoat but that doesn’t make it right. Although Alis kind of is super full of himself and spoiled so ... eh.

How do I put this mildly? It’s probably impossible so I’ll just come out and say it. For some reason when it comes to MM, for me there’s nothing better than angry fucks ... there, I said it. I have no idea what it says about me but it is what it is.

It would be a shame that by the time they really got down and fooled around they weren’t as angry. But then they became so stinking adorable.

Surprisingly this is one of the most feel good books I’ve read in a while. I love picturing Canyon and Alis and their dads coming together. Especially when there had been so much turmoil and animosity before.

And then Canyon being so protective of Alis? Oh my goodness ... all the feels.

Also what’s the big deal with step siblings hooking up? Especially newly made step siblings.

Jesus Christ! I love them so much I literally cried when it was over! 🥺🥰
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152 reviews9 followers
June 3, 2021
New and improved.

I thought the easiest way to do this was break it down in quotes and than leave any additional commentary at the end

If I want to hurt Dad, I hurt Quinn. And if I want to hurt Quinn, I go for his beloved son.

Canyon our MC is angry that his dad has cheated, left his wife, and gotten engaged to his best friend. His dads -Ryan- fiancée has a kid named Alister. Canyon decides the best way to hurt his dad is to hurt Alister.Okay, I’ve thinking about this a lot, and here’s what I have to say.

I can sort of see where Canyon is coming from but at the same time I can’t really sympathize with him. He handled this in the worst way possible.
1. He punches his dad when he proposes to Quin
2. Does everything he can to be a Dick to his dad
3. Bullies and torments Alister
4. Is an asshole to his girlfriend
5. Is an asshole to his sister
6. Is an asshole to his dad

I really don’t like how the author went about this at all. I could understand if his dad actually “ruined his life” but he stayed in the same town, stayed at his big house, drove his charger, had supporting parents, was popular at school, had a pretty girlfriend, and his dad was there. So why is he complaining so much? Does he want his parents to be in a loveless marriage? The only reason I can be like “I see why you’re angry” is because the mom went off the deep end. But that’s still not exactly the dads fault. Now him cheating on her and divorcing her was a messed up thing for his to do. Her becoming depressed is understandable but her abusing her medication isn’t his fault. So the only reason I can sympathize with him for being upset is because his mom is depressed. And the dad didn’t cut them out of his life, he wanted them to be part of it but Canyon and Carrie refused to see him. I don’t like that the mom was letting them pick sides, that’s never fair.

Getting to the quote. Another reason I can’t sympathize with him. His whole plan was to hurt Alister. Alister who has literally never done anything to him. Alister who was abused and longs for stability. And here’s the kicker he hates Alister. If you had asked him I doubt he would have been able to answer you. I don’t even know why he hated Alister. He was upset and his dad and Quin, fine but Alister was in the crossfire. He is just so angry, it’s not right. There was nothing appealing about him. In most enemies to lover the reason for hate is pretty dumb but this was the stupidest reason I’ve ever read about. It’s like getting mad at cat because you’re family took your beloved dog away because said dog kept trying to eat the cat. The cat didn’t do anything and it doesn’t deserve any contempt.

“All it does is make you look like a desperate queer aching for the dick of someone he can’t have.”

Another reason I didn’t like him. Who the fuck says that, as if he wasn’t equally as turned on. He’s just a bully who likes to be in control.

I knew Ryan Voss was loaded from the few times I’d been over at his house with Dad over the years, but seeing it again, I’m reminded of just how much money he makes. The house is massive

So this is Alister describing what Canyons house is like. Does she want to make him a hypocrite? Because Canyons is always call n Alister spoiled because he has a nice house, a Range Rover, and his dad is rich. Canyon as we all know has a nice house, a charger, and a rich dad. So this guy needs to take a long look in the mirror. And he also goes on on and about his mom not needing to work at a grocery store because they have enough money for her to not have to work. If 2+2=4 and 5+5=10 what the fuck is this? I’ll tell you, it’s whiny, privileged, elitist, hypocritical manic asshole.

“Lay off it already. You’ll be graduating soon—time to start acting like a man”

The mom says this to Canyon. I hate the “be a man” shit. Like tell him to start being and ADAULT but it has nothing to do with being a “man”. And she also hypocritical because then she yells at him for stepping up and “being the man on the house”

“I will regret nothing. Maybe Dad will regret ruining our family.”
Frustration rattles through me. I guess this is what Naomi felt like any time I bitched about Dad.

It’s how a felt the whole flipping book.

“What could a rich, spoiled kid like you possibly have nightmares about? Losing your chair in orchestra to my baby sister? A flat tire on your Range Rover? Falling on your face at the track meet?”

Boils my blood. Does this guy think he’s the only one with problems? And usually when someone is adopted at 10 it’s not a good thing. But he doesn’t stop to think about that, no he just wants to make fun of the guy he hates for absolutely not reason. Am I supposed to like dick of a character??

I let Canyon jack me off, and I gave him a blowjob. With the damn door open, for fuck’s sake
“It’s like you’re begging me to tell Shawn you incompetent begging”- strong independent acid snake aka Viki from the GoodPlace. They’re really reckless together even though Ali’s fear is that his dad (Quin) will kick him out. Yet they kiss in the kitchen, have sex with doors open, and touch constantly. They were so obvious that people at school found out.

It’s a mystery I can’t unravel—how one day I hated his guts, and now I feel as though I would do damn near anything for him

It’s a mystery for me too. There was no progression or build up towards the “lovers part. Canyon realizes his attraction for him early on after that they’re all lovely dovey .

I take his hands in mine, bring them to my lips to kiss each one, then release him. It gets more difficult each day to let go of him to hide what we’re becoming from others.

This was a sweet moment

I’m having the best time with Alis and our dads, yet it feels like a betrayal to my mother and sister.

Why don’t you just enjoy yourself? Stop trying to insert yourself in drama and issues that don’t concern you. I never felt guilty for forming a relationship with my stepmom.

He goes to kick me again, but then more footsteps can be heard as someone yells out, stopping him. I slip my hands away in time to see a flash of black and red as Canyon charges at my assailant. Like he’s on the football field, he tackles the man attacking me, easily dropping him to the pavement. He lands one, two, three punches to the guy’s face before the man manages to shove him aside

This whole aspect of the book was so dumb.
1. Alister keeps getting cryptic texts
2. A car crashes into the track and hit a couple of people
3. Alister finds out he was supposed to be hit by the car but he was on the bleachers
4. Someone attacks him
5. He keeps getting texts
6. Someone comes to his house an attacks him again
7. Someone shoots the guy that attacked him
8. He find out it was Colin aka his abuse dad who was behind it
9. The guys that were attacking him was one of Colins men’s
10. They were never to hurt Alister and Colins the one who shot at the guy
11. He wants Alister to come with him to St. Louis
12. Alister refuses and Colin leaves
13. They still stay in contact
14. Ryan and Quin find out about their relationship
15. Quin tells Alister he can’t look at him
16. Alister runs to St. Louis
17. Coin is some sort drug dealer
18. Alister meets G who works for Colon and K who is a prostitute
19. G molest Alister to see if he’ll make a good “whore”
20. K tries to shoot Colin and Alister stops him
21. G dies
22. Canyon and the rest come to get him
23. For some reason Colin is sad to see Alister go and Alister hugs him and tells him they can still see each other

With the patience of a saint, I slide in at a snail’s pace until I’m fully seated in his perfect, tight body

Why is it some sort of reward to not just plowing into someone. Good job I guess.

So yeah I petty much hated this book🥳 Canyon was one of the most ulikable characters I’ve had the pleasure of reading about in a while. The whole Colin drama was so ridiculous. I still don’t know why he decided to form a relationship with him since he abused him as a child. The ending was nice but that’s when everything was resolved when it could’ve been much earlier. And the reason this is 2 and not 1 is because the realty shop between the MC’s was romantic and cute sometimes. And the side characters were fun. There was also some pretty ignorant shit said. Just look at my updates.
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621 reviews926 followers
June 5, 2021
4 stars

Wherever you go, I go. If you leave, I'll find you. We share custody of an imaginary cat. I'm not letting you off your fatherly duties without a fight.

i really enjoyed this and loved the chemistry between both heroes, Canyon and Alister! i took off one star because i personally preferred the first half (what can i say? i'm a sucker for angst). they were so cute in the second half, but i thought it dragged just a bit. i wasn't expecting the mystery story line, but it added some suspense so i'm not complaining! overall, this was a great read and would highly recommend if you're in the mood for a good enemies to lovers romance with a sprinkle of mystery! <3

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499 reviews112 followers
June 2, 2021
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661 reviews1,462 followers
September 21, 2021
i can totally understand the hype... but this disappointed me. i think it was more a me thing— i still recommend the book, honestly, bcos i can see why so many people love this with Canyon and Alis having a really sweet love. it just didn’t grab me like i had expected it to :(((

i loved the beginning tho— i was honestly fangirling and having a blast, finally finding a book that was gripping me after struggling to find a decent read. i was all about Canyon’s vendetta bcos, i too, am a petty bitch💅🏻 i totally sympathised with him and understood his actions, i kinda wanted him to succeed in punishing his dad (not by bullying Alis though) bcos the way his dad went about divorcing his mother was so damn cruel. like dude did not have to go down that route💀 at least communicate with your children since this effects their lives— like proposing to your fiancé and life-long best friend who also happens to be a man in front of your children who:
a) don’t even know you’re bisexual
b) just watched you brutally divorce their mother after cheating on her
c) you didn’t even warn you were gonna propose or that you were moving on so seriously... and not even knowing WHO it is you’re moving on with.

like bro, all that shit is definitely something you should, idk, talk to your children about? no wonder they both fucking hated you, i would too. if the dad had actually sat down with Canyon and Carrie, talked out his feelings and not done everything so bluntly and cruelly i wouldn’t have supported and liked Canyon as much as i did lol. bcos the dad seemed like a nice guy with the way he wanted his children to be in his life... but do you blame them for wanting nothing to do with you??? bcos i didn’t lmao.

and bcos of that, i was waaaay more invested in Canyon as an individual character and his relationship with his father than i was about the romance🤷🏻‍♀️ in the beginning when they were enemies, i was obsessed... but it fizzled out a lot quicker than i was expecting especially with the length of the book. i wanted them to be enemies way longer. it felt kinda rushed and abrupt, left me a bit disappointed and unsatisfied.

i also... didn’t like Alis for a lot of the book🤫 he was obnoxious to me so i just found him irritating lol. i warmed up to him towards the end, but skimmed like all the flashbacks about his past and home life bcos i didn’t give a fuck. but again, totally a me thing. i can’t really pinpoint what exactly about him didn’t work... i just didn’t vibe with the guy. i was all about Canyon Voss🥰

and im a sucker for the brooding, tortured, grumpy types and that was Canyon to a T. so it was more of a personal preference than anything wrong with the story. sooo, yeah, i think my indifference regarding Alis and their romance is pretty apparent? i even skipped a lot of the sex scenes and shit, i didn’t really ship them in all honestly. i just didn’t give a fuck lol. they were sweet and i was convinced of their love... but i thrived on their hatred more lol. and the pacing didn’t do them justice, unfortunately.

then the ending was kinda abrupt too. i wanted Canyon and his family to hash out all of their shit bcos i really don’t think his dad fully grasped the impact his choices had on his children. he came across as selfish again towards the end— Canyon calling him a hypocrite was accurate af. everything was suddenly resolved in the epilogue and i was kinda pissed. mainly bcos that plot line was my favourite thing about this book, so for most people they probably wouldn’t give a fuck and i doubt it was Webster’s intention to have me more caught up in their family scandals than the romance... yet here we are.

but! honourable mention to Naomi Young: i really appreciated Canyon’s gf, Naomi, actually being a lovely girl and not playing into the stereotype of villainising the gf/fiancé/wife of one of the heroes in a mm romance. too often the woman who’s the one who gets fucked over is portrayed as an awful person, but i loved that Naomi was just a sweetheart. give me some positive female representation please and thank you😌

so, overall, this disappointed me but i wouldn’t not recommend. i still enjoyed parts and adored the beginning... i think i jinxed myself low-key😒 i just wanted more.
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359 reviews241 followers
June 9, 2021
This was one of my most anticipated release of this month. I LOVE k Webster’s MM romances especially because they’re deliciously taboo and filled with angst. Her romances are v toxic yet filled with passion and love that is borderline obsessive.

“Once they saw how it really was for the other, they began to feel bad. They went from hating each other, to understanding each other, to befriending each other.”
“So enemies to friends?”
His chin leaves the top of my head to brush his lips against my ear. This time, I can’t contain the shudder that trembles through me. “Enemies to lovers.”

Feuds and reckless fury is about two stepbrothers Alister and Canyon. Throughout the first half of the book, Canyon is dead set on breaking Alis to get back at his dad for ruining their family and leaving his mom for Alis’s dad. He stalks Alis at school and inserts himself into every one of Alis’s classes to remain close to him. Quitting Football to join the track team and go head to head with his soon to be stepbrother.

The animosity between them in the beginning really just showed sexual tension at its finest. Especially with the taunting and not so innocent innuendos.

“Watch your back tomorrow,” I snap, storming toward the door.
“Oh, brother, doggy style is so much fun,” he croons in a taunting way. “How did you know I prefer to bottom?”
“Fuck you, Wonderland.”
“One can certainly hope.”

There was something unbelievably vulnerable about both Alister and Canyon. Alister was adopted and lived his entire life trying to please his dad so he won’t be sent away and it was so sad because it was just obvious that his dad loves him wholeheartedly.

“He wants me to choose him. To make promises. Lay out a plan that includes him. Alister Sommers needs to be tethered to this world, or else he feels like he’ll float away, somehow ending up in the black void that is his biological father.”

Canyon just wanted his parents’ support after their divorce and with his mum’s sudden addiction to drugs. He was very angry and honestly that got a little repetitive because there was always that line where he would say he wanted to destroy Alis and I’m like “ meh it’s getting kinda old”

“If I want to hurt Dad, I hurt Quinn. And if I want to hurt Quinn, I go for his beloved son.
There’s a method to my madness.”

Their relationship was exactly what you would expect with a K Webster romance. It was forbidden and all consuming to read about how they got lost in each other (yes, very much jealous of these characters).

“Except this.” His smile is vicious and victorious. “You want to be overpowered by me in this bed.”
This asshole just found my Achilles’ heel.”

The sex was hot and steamy as usual but the story line was what got me. This didn’t feel like her typical books because EVERYONE got a happy ending. There is not a single main character in this that didn’t get a happy ending and that was a nice surprise. All the secondary characters had personality and without sticking to the “dumb straight jock” and “bitchy queen b”. I mean, Canyon’s nerdy obsession is anime. We even have scenes of them going to anime con. HOW FUCKING ADORABLE.

“Anime isn’t nerdy. It happens to be really popular,”

Overall: I was so happy I picked this one. It focused a lot on the found family aspect and less on the ‘ I have to destroy my dads relationship’ aspect.

“Home is wherever your heart is.
And mine is with Canyon Voss.”
“My hypothetical cat’s other daddy.
Home is him.”
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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577 reviews121 followers
June 15, 2021

Enemies to lovers, step-brothers, college, bi-awakening, steamy scenes, some angsty flashbacks, this had it all. And I absolutely inhaled it! 🔥

Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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July 1, 2022
4.5***** stars
re-read 22/06

Anytime I think about him, I feel as though I’ll self-combust. And when I’m with him? I don’t feel as though I’ll catch fire…I do.

Together we fucking burn.

HOLY MOTHER of smutty teenage romances, this was intense. Soon-to-be stepbrothers turn enemies turn lovers. I know I repeat myself but shiiiit they were hot as hell.

I really liked the plot and was totally invested, even though I think the whole story about Alis’ father - esp near the end - was a bit dramatic, wasn't it? *lol -- whatever. A little bit of angst is always welcome, right? And my heart was soring for what young Alis’ had to endure (that’s for sure) and the anxieties this has left him with. It made me damn happy that he found a family that loved him and would go to great length to keep him in their folds.

He’ll understand soon what family really means. With ours, it’s feuds and reckless fury. Fights and frustration and taking each other for granted. But it also means love and forgiveness and home.

I enjoyed this one a lot. At least as much as the first time reading it. And I loved that Canyon called Alis (his) Wonderland. ♡

I looove Greg Boudreaux, maybe you know that. But somehow I feel like he was not the best fit for Alis and this story. But nevertheless it was a damn good audio and Teddy Hamilton was delicious.

I will def check out other MM by K. Webster. Any recommendations?
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865 reviews
September 1, 2021
Official time of death... 20%

I still skimmed to the end.

I wanted to see if it was me or the book?

This didn't work at all for me.
Not the characters, the plot, the writing, the back and forth.

The characters were assholes and not in a good way.
The writing was a bit immature. Not because the MCs were in highschool but it read like a debut rather than a book by a seasoned author.

The enemies to lovers trope was poorly executed imo. One minute they were assholes to each other, the other minute one was hard and the other whimpering. It didn't really make sense.
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1,192 reviews369 followers
June 6, 2021
Ah, it is always nice when reading a story that claims to be enemies-to-lovers and seeing that it is actually enemies-to-lovers. So many I read are like...they had a misunderstanding and they're snarking but don't really hate each other, but it clears up real quick (really quickly) and then they're lovers. They never feel like true enemies-to-lovers.

This did. These two, Canyon (and what a weird name that is, sorry lol) and Alister were basically enemies for a good portion of the first half of this book.

Mostly because Canyon hates Alister, and Alister is reacting to Canyon being a bastard to him because of that.

And Canyon hates him because Canyon's father left his mother, divorced her, and a few months later he proposes to his best friend, who is also a man, on the fourth of July, and then went off to be engaged with him and his son, Alister, their (bigger) house, all happy and "playing house" while Canyon, his sister and mom were left behind and miserable.

And Canyon wants to hurt his dad, and so to him that means hurting Quinn, his father's fiance, and to him hurting Quinn means hurting his son, Alister.

So for the past few months Canyon hasn't quite been his old self, and he's mean and bitter and angry at the world, and is taking it out on Alister, who doesn't take it laying down, though, and fights back.

But since Caynon is determined to "ruin" Alister, that means he's actually around him more and more, and that means...he realizes he's attracted, and starts to fall for Alister more and more. His plan...well, doesn't quite go according to plan haha.

For the most part I loved this, and I will say this was well worth paying the 5 dollars for it. It wasn't a waste of money, thank god. (One reason I rarely want to pay for books is that it could end up being bad, and so it's a waste of money that I can't really afford to pay over and over again. So if the book is good or amazing, then the money feels worth it. It's always a gamble, though.)

So for the most part, this was really good. The story was interesting, the characters were interesting, their romance and chemistry was so good! The story was moving along, and I was so into this. Couldn't put it down.

But then the ending came and Alister, especially, makes a stupid decision and it was so annoying and stupiddd. Like, in hindsight, it kind of makes sense, so I don't fault the book too much for it. But also what he does with this decision felt absolutely stupid, and it ended up feeling contrived.

See, since Canyon and Alister's fathers are getting married soon, that means they're going to be stepbrothers soon, which makes them being together oh so deliciously wrong, right? Well so, they hide it from their fathers.

But of course, eventually, it has to come out, it has to be discovered, and of course it doesn't go well. But the first thing Alister does, is . And while it fits for his character, all the times he was scared of his adoptive father easily flinging him aside if he does something wrong, and he's young and stupid, what and where he goes pisses me off.

And like maybe, maybe Alister was thinking, well...

And I also didn't really like how Alister's turned out to not be so horrible in the end. And yeah yeah, people are human and live in shades of gray, blah blah. But...he was set up to be a shitty guy, who smacked . And then he cleans up and becomes a big boss and all the sudden Alister can forgive him enough to any type of relationship with him?? Lol no. It just felt, especially after what Alister had seen those few days, a little OOC and it didn't quite land for me.

I mean...good for Alister to have a relationship and all that, but still...idk, I didn't like how their relationship ended up. As in them having one at all.

But aside from those things, the majority of this book was so good, and I loved it. Hence the four stars. The ending just faltered at times.

And of course, the pseudo-incest is for the fact that these two eventually do become stepbrothers. They start their relationship before they become stepbrothers, but still, they continue their relationship even after they are, so, hence the tag.

Overall, a very good book, and I loved almost all of it. Such great chemistry, such great passion, such great enemies-to-lovers goodness. It just decided to go OTT and contrived at the end, to unfortunately bring this down to 4 stars.

Still worth the money, still worth the read, for sure. Definitely recommend this, two big thumbs up from me! 😍😘
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April 16, 2022
I loved loved loved the first 40% and then it kinda went downhill for me and I’m between a 2 and 3 star rating for this but because of the first 40% I’m going to go with 3 stars.
June 1, 2021
"This is perfect and real and ours. Forbidden, true, but sweet as fucking pie."

10 🔥Wonderland🌈 Stars⭐
A MM Enemies-To-Lovers Profound & Sinful “Stepbrothers” YA Romance with Hate, Heat, Revenge, Fun Banters, Reckless & Secrecy, Feuds, Mystery & Suspense, A Heart-racing finale, Love, Hope & HEA.
Canyon & Alister, I LOVE'EM!! Omg, Webster has outdone herself again with this book! She's Quickly becoming one of my go-to authors. With Relatable-lovable characters, A great storyline (& side stories!), Emotion provoking, Sexiness & Action to add spice, I DEVOURED this within 7hrs.

"Where I have fury rippling from me, though, he has a coldness that chills me to the bone."

This is one of my top MM romances! Though I've read this days ago, I was late in reviewing as I didn't want to leave this world! Every character was fun, even when they were being difficult. Alister & Canyon are same in some ways, opposite in others. I won't call this Bully Romance as both gave as much as they got! This story also showed the relation b/w Kids & Parents well, with different scenarios. How a spark of hope can lift life from its downward spiral.

"The school’s dumbest jock should know better than to fuck with a genius."

Our guys are seniors in the same high-school. Their dads are Besties but they've been virtual strangers...Until everything went to shit.
💥Canyon Voss; Strong, Emotional, Caring, Anime lover; had a loving family, Good Life... But then his dad Ryan proposed to Quinn, his supposed "Bestie". His mom, who was already sad from divorce, grew depressed; Their family fell apart. Now Canyon is out for revenge, at all costs.
💥Alister Sommers; All-rounder, Smart, Observant, Cool; had a horrific life before being adopted by Quinn at 10 (BACKSTORY flashbacks!). His life & friend are good, but His biggest fear is that Quinn won't want him anymore for whatever reason, so he tries to be perfect at it all. Studies, Art, Music.

"Alis is my enemy turned into obsession. I want to consume him just as much as I want him to consume me."

These two are All In, All Heat from start. Canyon fixates on Alister to get Revenge from his dad & Quinn; Enrolls into Ali's classes, leaves Football to join him in Track. Can's sis & Gf Naomi (both girls are great!) tries to stop him, but when he doesn't...Naomi breaks up with him. Both Alis & Canyon know the stakes, try all tactics, Change. Every interaction fuels their inferno & soon Hate turns to want, Enemies to Lovers...
~Proposal & Revenge, Cold Heat, Schooly, Friends Virtue, Tracking, Awkward dinner, Art, Temptation & Flirt, Intense, The Break-Up, Self love😏, Violin & Pinning, Orgasms, Almost BJ photo, Wonderland, Friendship anew, The Anime story, Hate to want...

“I wanted to break you, Wonderland.” “And now?”
“I can’t break you. I don’t want to. I just want you.”

Things get REAL & ACTION PACKED when these two finally tell & act on their feelings, even if in secret. Alister is Gay, while Canyon is finding his Bisexual side. Their birthdays are only a week apart & Gosh, Such Heart-pounding days! With Ghosts of Past & Present. But good things happen too; Can+Alis grow more intimate, Canyon & Naomi are friends again WHILE his relationship with his parents break & renew.
~The Track meet, Lie & Obsessions, Want you, Creepy texts truth, Move in, Sexy & Cute, C's birthday, Accident, Care & BJs, Grow Close, A's birthday, Drug abuse, Long to recover, Sharing Firsts, Boyfriends, Attack shot, Sis & bestie, Past Visits, Fears & dreams, safe & Know...

"It doesn’t feel wrong or twisted or sick. It feels reckless…but right."

As 3 months pass, Canyon & Alister are so in love, but still secret. Ali's scared of his dad's reaction & Canyon won't lose Alis, so only their Besties know about'em. But secrets have a way of coming out in the worst way... On their Winter family trip/Fathers' Marriage Honeymoon, its C+A loving, emoting, having fun & Sexathon, until...Truths are found which lead to a Domino of events. Of Rejection, Anger, Baby Surprise, Heartbreak, Bad choices, Bullets, Misery, Loyalty & Realising the true meaning of Love, Home & Family. It's Scary, but Ingeniously Webster finds a way for'em to have acceptance & live HEA!

The ending & Epilogue are stunning❤. I'd fun seeing how everything pans out in the subsequent years! The side stories also got closures. It's all so heartwarming. I'm hoping that Can's Sis gets a book, but this story is a true standalone & #MustRead!
**ARC Gotten for a Honest Review.**
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June 2, 2021



Star Rating : 4.5/5 Stars

POV : Dual

Cliffhanger : None

Hero : Alias

Hero : Canyon

Pace of the story : Moderate

Angst Rating : 5/10

Heat Rating : 6/10

Triggers Involved : Past Trauma

Plot Summary :
Canyon's whole life imploded when his father proposed to another man. With his mother now depressed and his whole family being broken, he was hell bent on taking revenge. He wanted to hurt his father for the pain he had caused them and that meant hitting him where it hurt the most. His fiance and his son. Alis was the perfect boy. He had the best grades, played violence and was the typical all rounder which only made Canyon hate him more.

He was going to destroy them both starting with Alis and by the time he was done with the pretty boy there would be nothing left of him. If only he made the calculations right. He certainly underestimated his opponent and now he might get much more than what he bargained for.

Overall Opinion :
Omg, I think this is my favorite MM romance by this author yet! Alis and Canyon completely blew my mind! I loved the fact that none of the main characters was a pushover. Both of them gave as good as they got and that made their interactions even more amazing to me.

I won't classify this book as a bully romance because both the boys were no submissives and neither of them was actually able to bully each other. It was more enemies to lovers right from the start. They had some of the best crazy chemistry I have ever read and it was amazing to witness.

A highly recommended read to all the MM high school romance lovers out there. If enemies to lovers is your jam with MM then there is no chance you can miss this book! It's perfect!

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May 27, 2021
Genre: MM Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person - Dual
4.25 Stars

Canyon Voss had vengeance on his mind. After a shocking turn of events, his home was no longer what it used to be. The culprits: His father’s new family especially his new arch-nemesis Alister Sommers. But hatred also brought out other emotions he was not familiar with and his plan might end up biting his behind.

The sexual tension between Canyon and Alister was highly palpable which led to combustible scenes. However, at times the story felt a little slow. I loved a certain side character and how it affected the main characters, but the ending was a bit too much.
It doesn’t feel wrong or twisted or sick. It feels reckless… but right.

What I loved the most about this story is the hostility aspect. They were constantly trying to one-up each other which resulted in tension and oftentimes amusing situations. The situations they were in were also understandable and relatable.

Feuds and Reckless Fury is a story of revenge and rivalry. It would appeal to readers who enjoy enemies to lovers MM Romance.

🔸️⭕🔸️. . . (F)BR With Twinsie CC . . . 🔸️⭕🔸️

For more reviews/interviews/promo visit:

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June 16, 2021


It was a decent read, but unlike her other books, these two didn’t consume me.

There were cute moments, hot moments, but overall, as the story went, I just lost interest. Without giving away spoilers, I can’t really explain why, so I’ll just say the pacing was off for me.

There is a unique family involvement and entanglements, and I love the idea that they ultimately just wanted everyone to be happy.

Overall, it was good, but there are definitely better, more consuming K Webster books to dive into.
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815 reviews135 followers
December 26, 2021
first, fun fact! the made-up anime mentioned in the book Mubōna Ikari (無謀な怒り) can literally be translated as "reckless fury" like in the title 🌈~THE MORE YOU KNOW~🌈

K Webster and my relationship has been on shaky ground since the dawn of time, but surprisingly enough, i actually digged a good portion of this 😲 our main man Canyon acts all kinds of petty (occasionally justified, mainly not), but let's be real, high schoolers have the emotional maturity of 💩 so this is as good as it's gonna get (also me: *proceeds to complain about Canyon's behavior below* 🤣).

the narrators were phenomenal as always, but sadly i don't think anybody could've saved me from the painful descent into WTF Land. if i had the power to just erase everything that happened after the 🚗 scene out of my brain, i'd happily do so. the story didn't deserve to be ruined by such insane levels of head-scratching OTT 😭 so when Canyon was asking himself, "Jesus Christ, what is this life?" i felt that on a cellular level. sorry son, but this is the life Mama Webster bestowed upon you 😔🤣

the fact that the enemies part of "enemies-to-lovers" lasted longer than Wicked Lies Boys Tell was a huge plus and convinced me to up my rating to 3 stars instead of letting it tank solely based on the last 20% 😂👍

⚠️ spoiler territory ahead ⚠️

- those final plot twists and turns were enough to make me question several times if i was reading the same book. like you got stalkers 🤗, ominously cryptic messages 📱, cars crashes 🚗, knives a'glinting 🔪, guns going pewpew 🔫, dead bodies to clean up ⚰️, drug ods 💉, surprise pregnancies 👶, and "come home son and call me 'pops'" weirdos coming out of the woodwork ( ͡⚆ل͜ ͡⚆)


- unless done out of humor, TSTL (Too Stupid to Live) characters are one of my biggest pet peeves--that was Alis in this case. obediently opening doors to crazies, running straight to his organized crime/drug lord biological father when things start going south ('cause my uncle/adoptive father can't kick me out if i kick myself out--genius! 🤦🏻‍♀️), and then maintaining connection with said organized crime/drug lord bio dad because that makes perfect sense...

now Alis does have a terribly heartbreaking childhood so i'll give him some wiggle room. he suffers from severe PTSD and panic attacks with enough frequency to wonder why no one gave this poor kid any counseling even though he very obviously needs it. i mean, look at how great dealing with this trauma on his own has gone 🤡

- i still can't get over the fact that the dad decided blindsiding his children about the proposal (not even telling them who he was going to ask) was the way to go. more like "the way to lose all and any scraps of trust they might've still had for you"--what a major oversight 🤷🏻‍♀️ and his hypocritical behavior toward the end that never was fully addressed? ....hmph.

- i still feel like female characters in her books are used solely as plot devices. they're either depressed, vehicles to carry surprise babies (majority of the time they're underaged too 😬), drug abusers (alcoholics, pill poppers, you name it), or props like the nerdy and/or popular girl at school. especially the mothers, like has there been a single mother figure who wasn't mistreated and/or completely dependent on a man? "at least she wasn't eaten" is the low bar i'm aiming for now (those who know, know 🤣).

i’m somewhat happy with the gf-turned-ex here since she might be the only one who wasn’t dragged as much as the other ladies (thank goodness for no vindictive ex like in WLBT!), but in the first chapter alone, we already had the honor of reading Canyon's description of how her t-shirt "molds across her nice handful-sized tits" 👁️👄👁️

- considering i'll be heading to an anime con myself later this month, that epilogue had the potential to be a perfect way to redeem some of the respect i lost for the story, but nooooo Canyon just had to open his mouth. "i liked [anime] before it was trendy" and "all these other a**holes are just posers with their cheap costumes, making the lines longer than they need to be" like congrats bro, do you want a medal 😑 why does he sound exactly like those lowlifes on twitter who gatekeep the hell out of fandoms and the cosplay community because they're one of the "ogs" and are just so much more talented and resourceful 🙄🙄

not that i'm saying Canyon has had it easy, but his "woe is me" and superior attitude grates at my soul at times and is irritating enough to warrant a good hundred slaps to the face from yours truly 😘

in conclusion...


bounce once you see the car scene coming and you should be fine 🤣

next up: he made me stay!!
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May 27, 2021
Every time I read a K. Webster book, I am left wondering how to rate the story I just read. And I always seem to end up giving it 4 stars.
It makes me wonder what it is about her books that makes me needing time to think about the number of stars I want to give.
I always go in knowing there will be a LOT of drama. Because that's what she writes. I also know there will be at least one angry MC having parent problems. Because that's what she also writes.
Often, while reading, I think: this is too much. Too much drama, too much anger, too much bullying, too many things that don't make sense to me.
AND STILL: she manages to keep me interested, glued to the pages of the book, because I'm HOOKED.
How does she do that?!

Well, let's take this book. If you loved Wicked Lies Boys Tell you are certainly going to love this one. No doubt about that. Instead of former best friends, we find Alis and Canyon, both forced to do the family-thing because their dads are going to get married. They are going to be stepbrothers.
Canyon hates his father for leaving him, his sister and their mother, seemingly out of the blue, for his best friend. He wants his father to hurt, because his mother can't deal with the divorce, and he can't forgive the man who did this to her. He thinks the best way to get to his father is through Alis, the fiancé's son. They're attending the same school and are about the same age.
But what was supposed to be nothing but hate and bullying, unexpectedly turns into something else.

To me, everything feels a little too much drama. Canyon's anger, the way he thinks about Alis, how he wants to get to him, hate him, just because their father's chose each other. I had a hard time believing Canyon's actions, his hatred. But I do know teenagers are not always logical human beings, so I can get past that. I liked that Alis wasn't a doormat; he's quite the equal alpha male where Canyon's concerned!
Their chemistry is undeniable; the flames burn right off the pages! When they have sex, it's hot. Even when they talk about it, it's hot.
But then we get to the DRAMA. LOTS of it. Even some suspense too. And I just couldn't relate to Alis's actions, nor to how their father's handled all of it. I didn't really enjoy the turn the story took there.

Still, I end up rating Feuds and reckless fury 4 stars. All in all it's an engaging story. It kept me reading, I liked Canyon and Alis. I liked them as individual persons and I liked them together.
Even when I'm left with mixed feelings, that's the overall enjoyment I had while reading. So, will I read another K Webster book? Probably, yes. Because somehow she always manages to draw that 4 stars rating from me. Am I recommending this book? Oh, yes. I'm sure there are a lot of people who will devour this. The enemies to lovers trope is quite evident and certainly well done.

I received an ARC from the author and this is my honest and voluntary review
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September 25, 2022
I really enjoyed this book, Alister and Canyon were so sweet together. There was a lot of talk that made you expect a lot of angst, but nothing ever came from it which was great. Canyon kept saying he'd made Alis suffer but as soon as he was near him he just couldn't keep his hands off him (and Alis couldn't stay away either). They were so easily affectionate with each other right from the start, even when they were trying to convince themselves they hated each other.

I can totally understand Canyon's anger towards his dad. Usually I'm on the side of the parents, but the fact that his dad never told him or his sister that he was bi, and they only found out when he proposed to another man right in front of them which was really not right.

The ending was the only thing I didn't like,
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August 31, 2021
This would have been a canny read if not for the eye rolling OTT on 'roids that actually detracted from the story.

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535 reviews14 followers
June 8, 2021

Fantasical. Manipulative. Bullsh**!

Each successive chapter continues to spiral south to a place of abuse . . . ABUSE of the reader! Do you want to feel used, dirty, and have your intelligence insulted at every plot twist?

This novel is Pure Schlock.

The answer to every catastrophe, and there are plenty, is sex. A murderer is shot at the front door by an unknown assailant who slinks off into the dark. Never mind. Get in the shower and let me get you off! A car caroms through the stadium fence and runs down the track coach but was really meant to take you out. Let me suck you off to make you forget that you were the intended target!

What a crock of Sh**!

PLEASE, do NOT waste your time and hard-earned money! Hell, don't even waste your easily earned money!
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