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The Script Club #2

Rules of Play

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The genius, the ex-jock, and a new playbook…


My brother’s friend is hot—if you’re into flannel-wearing lumbersexual former jocks who eat donuts for dinner and still scribble to-do lists on their palms. I’m not. I’m a serious scientist in my final year of grad school. Okay, I admit I have few quirks of my own. I also have a broken truck and a boss who thinks I can help him find love. I’m in over my head. Help!


A few quirks? Really? George is the weirdest dude I know. He wears capes in public, brings a book everywhere he goes, and loves all things spooky. He’s also the smartest person on the planet—who somehow thinks I can help him write a How-To-Get-A-Date playbook for his boss. Yeah, that sounds suspicious. I know baseball; I don’t know anything about love. But I can’t say no. The thing is…I’ve always had a soft spot for George. But falling for my best friend’s brother is against the rules, isn’t it?

Rules of Play is an MM bisexual awakening story where opposites attract and shenanigans ensue!

216 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 16, 2021

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About the author

Lane Hayes

85 books1,565 followers
Lane Hayes loves a good romance! She’s the bestselling author of the Out in College, Starting From, Better Than, A Kind Of, Right and Wrong, and Leaning Into Series! Lane loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). All things she can find in sunny SoCal where she lives with her amazing husband in a not quite empty nest.

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876 reviews230 followers
July 26, 2021
4.5 “my lover, my best friend, my genius vampire” stars

”I’ve loved you for so long, baby. I would do…anything and everything to make you happy. To make sure you know how fucking special you are. I want to be in your orbit. I want to be the guy you call when you’re happy or sad or just need to talk. I want to make you laugh, take you to ballgames, and hold your hair back when you’re sick. I just…I just want you.”

This is a case of the right book at the right time. I had quite a day yesterday and today and I wasn’t in a very good headspace and I opened this book and it was the perfect dose of sweetness and comfort I needed. This was sweet, it was funny and the main characters had a very good banter and it was comforting, reading this book felt like a warm hug after a hard day and I adored it for it.

This book is pure fluff, it’s super sweet, funny with the tiniest bit of angst and it was everything I needed right now.

Brief summary
George’s car stops working on the side of the highway and he calls his brother who sends Aiden, his brother’s best friend, who is a mechanic, to help. George has been pining for Aiden for years. Aiden also been pining for Geroge for years but he didn’t realize it because he thought he was straight. They fall in love.

First, George wore a cape on days where he needed extra strenght because he loved how it made him feel like a vampire and I just loved that so much, it was so sweet.

Second, old horror movies are my jam and I adore them so I was mighty pleased with how many references to older horror movies there was in this book.

Third, Aiden is a bear and has a belly but he isn’t worried about it. He loved who he was and he felt good in his skin. And George loved Aiden’s body and made sure to tell Aiden he loved his body all the time. I cannot tell you how refreshing that was after reading so many books where everyone has self esteem issues. Which is realistic in some cases but also so exausting to read about and not something I prefer reading about and sometimes it sounds like books are trying to make it seem like someone doesn’t deserve love if they aren’t a certain way and I really do not like that. I loved how Aiden was happy in his skin and how George loved him exactly like he is, it was lovely to read about.

Just leaving this quote here because I adore it: Physically, Aiden was my dream man. I drooled over bears in porn, but I’d never been with one. He was thick everywhere. His stomach, his thighs, his cock. And he was hairy…though not too much. He was just right.

Fourth, I love my humour a little dry and snarky and this was exactly the humour in this book. The main characters also had such a good panter. I spent a lot of my time reading the book just laughing at it.

Fifth, Aiden wants to be a baseball analyst and there is a lot of talks about how it works and how to add up everything and I found it so fascinating, I was really into that part of the book.

Sixth, I loved the relationship development in this book. The easy way they fell into a relationship and how Aiden thought he was straight but realized he was into George so he just went for it. It was lovely, I adored it so much. Sometimes I really like when they bound and easily fall into a relationship, it’s so sweet to read about.

Seventh, I cannot tell you how much I relate to George. He wasn’t very social and didn’t really enjoy sociolazing and he prefered reading a book than talking to his friends. I feel exactly the same way so reading his chapters were really fun to me because I could relate to his feelings, a lot. Also I just loved how Aiden understood how George works and let him place to be, it was lovely to see.

Eight, The way Aiden and George were portayed actually sounded like their age and I was so happy about it. I’m 24 and most of the time when I read books about people my age, they are always shown in such a way that isn’t realistic to my life experiences, at all. Aiden was 27 and he had a job he didn’t like and was going back to college to take classes to get a job he will life and George was 24 and doing his Master’s. They were both a little life in the other things in life and didn’t have a good history of relationships. The way they were was so relatable to me and actually showed where most people this age are at this stage of life.

Ninth, Their relationship worked so well for me. I loved how sweet they were for each other or how they always took care of each other and checked in to make sure that the other was doing well. I loved how Aiden had no knowledge of how the galaxy works but he was always eager and appreciative of George talking about the galaxy at all times. And I loved how they always complimented each other about the smallest things, it was so sweet.

Tenth, I always love a good sexual exploration in books and Aiden had never been with a guy before George and we got to see a lot of his first times with a man and it was just lovely to read about. I also loved how he wanted to try bottoming and it wasn’t an issue for him.

I had a smile on my face the entire time I read this book and I kept swooning, I just had a really good time while reading this book and I loved it very much.

I received an ARC of this book, and this is my honest review.
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2,217 reviews454 followers
November 10, 2021
4 Steady Stars!

Again, I’m no Hayes expert. There have definitely been a few I’ve liked and definitely a few I haven’t, and up until recently, there’s been a long sabbatical.

Topher and Simon from Following the Rules completely surprised me and won me over. I was a bit leery that George and Aidan wouldn't bring as much joy, but they totally brought their A-game and also charmed the hell out of me as well.

George is a bit off the beaten path. He’s of course super smart with a touch of social awkwardness that has alienated some. However, Aidan (Simon’s BFF) has known George since they were teens and has always had a soft spot for him and it shows. When George gets into some car trouble, he and Aidan make an “arrangement” to get it fixed. Aidan will trade his time for George’s smarts to oversee his math as he strives to get an analyst’s job in baseball. There’s a couple other negotiations in progress, one of which is a chance for Aidan to satisfy his curiosity regarding his George ”infatuation” despite his straight status. When time is up on their deal will these two continue to enjoy the side benefits? Oh yes indeedy!

I continue to be impressed with this romantic comedy series. It’s light, it’s easy, it’s funny. It’s also silly, sweet, and super sexy. Narrated by Alexander Cendese again, though he doesn't do voice distinction quite as well here, his comedic timing and enthusiasm can’t be beat.

This is a Hayes I’ve never known and suffice it to say, I will continue reading this series til the bloody end if it remains consistently that good and truly, it really is.
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2,178 reviews413 followers
April 26, 2022
4 Stars

This is such a sweet and sexy M/M series—probably the best of my Lane Hayes reading experiences to date, as limited as they still may be.

In this sequel to Following the Rules, the new adult vibes are still going strong, with another post-grad aged character front and centre, in the form of kooky, cape-wearing engineer, George, who collides so deliciously with is brother’s best friend, Aiden.

With a nerd/jock dynamic that’s hard to pass up, George and Aiden’s story was everything I wanted from this sequel, even surpassing book one in terms of characters, romance and humour.

Aiden’s bi-awakening was handled well, too, with an emphasis on George and Aiden’s shared connection since childhood. I love these types of long-standing friendships and the way they can evolve in adulthood when the timing is right… and the timing here was so very right!

Aiden was the perfect gentle giant type and I adored the way he cared for George, even before he truly realised that his feelings went beyond mere friendship.

In contrast to Aiden, George is a nerdy, one-of-a-kind wonder to behold. His is the kind of character that exudes light and happiness, making it all too easy for readers to fall in love with his uniqueness, much like Aiden did.

If you’re looking for a fun M/M romance, that is guaranteed to put a smile on your dial, then look no further—this is the series for you.
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691 reviews1,879 followers
August 4, 2021
4.5 stars⭐️

i wasn’t the biggest fan of the first book, but when this popped up on my tl and i saw it was dear lil George’s book, i had to give this a try.

he was probably my favourite character from the first book— he was adorably quirky, nerdy and cute. and i have a weakness for mm romances between jocks and nerds🤓 the opposites attract nature of the relationship just makes for a fun read with some interesting dynamics.

i mean, George wore a cape out and about on his jollies while Aiden was your typical masculine mechanic. and they were perfect together.

their banter from the beginning was top tier omg. it wasn’t too exaggerated just to be funny, it was a genuine back and forth camaraderie and familiarity. their giggly banter at the bar in the beginning of the book was just adorable omg— like Aiden craving to be in George’s presence but not understanding why was so sweet to read. i was smiling the whole time.

the way Aiden loved George seriously made me melt. all the details he remembered about George: his hobbies, his quirks, his favourite things. and his nervousness around George was adorable. he just knew he wanted to be around the quirky, cape-wearing nerd, and understood him on a soul-deep level.

they just fit. so unlikely, so unexpected... but they truly were soulmates and i had t biggest smile on my face while reading it.

and George was as funny, quirky and cheeky as i remembered. i definitely had a soft spot for him— just like Aiden did. they just had this soft, shy unassuming love that blossomed from their beautiful friendship, sprinkled with their hilarious exchanges.

and their was no unnecessary drama. Aiden had always been fascinated with his best friend’s quirky younger brother, not fully realising his feelings. so when he begins to realise he’s bisexual, there was no shame or angst or embarrassment on his part. he fell for George with his whole heart and zero regrets and i adored it.

this was just everything i wanted it to be and was miles better than the first. it was a pretty low angst, fluffy, joyful read with an adorable opposites-attract couple.
…my lover, my best friend, my genius vampire.
July 20, 2021
This book was such a fun, enjoyable read. I read it on a beach in Mexico, which probably increased my pleasure tenfold, but Aiden and George certainly played a part.

George is all quirky, witty, and smart; he wears his cape like armor. George is weird, yes, but he owns it.

Aiden is a bear of a man, a former baseball player and current mechanic. He comes to George's rescue when George's old Ford Bronco (aka Willy) breaks down.

As Aiden is Simon's (George's brother) best friend, George and Aiden have known each other for ages. Aiden even remembers getting a boner once as a teen when he brushed up against George in the kitchen.

When these two reconnect, they don't beat around the bush. It's all heated kisses, long conversations, and honest-to-goodness dates. George even accompanies Aiden to a baseball game so Aiden can immerse himself in baseball stats in hopes of landing a sports analyst position.

The heat was a little muted (more sexy please!) and the ending felt slightly rushed (I loved Aiden's sweet gesture, but I needed more from George), but the epilogue made everything better.

I loved the banter and sweetness! This is definitely a series I'll keep on reading. I'm hoping adorkable Asher, with his glasses and Yoda slippers, is next.
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3,467 reviews320 followers
July 21, 2021
I absolutely loved this book, it's just everything I want in a low angst romance.

The nerd and the (ex) jock trope is one of my favourites for a reason - because it gives you fantastic quirky guys like George and solid, heart of gold guys like Aiden.

Throw in bisexual awakening, humour, friendship and sexual exploration and I'm happy.

Lane always pitches her new age college romance perfectly imho. The guys' hopes and fears, the challenges of leaving education and heading to the workplace, finding new dreams when the old ones don't pan out.

There's also some serious steam in this book, Aiden is an enthusiastic learner and George is more than willing to show him the way to enlightenment 😁

There's a great bunch of secondary characters in this series too and I'm eagerly awaiting finding out who Asher's mystery man will be.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.
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1,921 reviews3,457 followers
July 20, 2021
Maybe not a top 5 Lane Hayes read but I enjoyed it.

Could’ve been a bit longer maybe?!

But I liked George and Aiden.

Definitely intrigued by Asher and excited for his book! Loved the tease at the end…which I normally NEVER read!

Once again Lane Hayes did not disappoint.
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959 reviews127 followers
October 10, 2021
When you find yourself in need of a sweet, sexy, and pretty much zero angst story this will fill that spot. It goes down like a Hallmark movie, without being treacly sweet.

I had fun 😊
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2,789 reviews233 followers
July 12, 2021
I loved, loved, loved the first book in this series and knowing the second book was going to be about Simon’s super cool and definitely weird, in the best way, cape wearing brother, I COULD NOT WAIT.

This book was worth the wait and then some. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it always, but Lane Hayes writes the best romances. The kind you don’t want to end. The kind that feel like you are just watching the romance as it grows. Sweet, hot, funny and with just the right amount and kind of feeling that just totally works for me.

This was just so good. I loved George and I loved Aiden for him. Add in a broken Bronco and a dream and I fell head over heels in love.

I loved that they worked out a deal beneficial to them both but got so much more than either ever expected. I loved that there was history between them, genuine affection and so much more to learn about each other. I even loved the side stories going on, they just added the right amount of something to the story without ever taking away from the main romance.

Another easy, breezy and definitely beautiful romance by an author who has easily made a permanent home on my favorites list.

I can’t wait for more from this series of super loveable geeks and the men that get to fall in love with them.

**This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.**
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680 reviews129 followers
August 2, 2021
Cute, sweet, sexy, fun! Another adorable jock-nerd couple!
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534 reviews29 followers
July 16, 2021
This was another fun book by Lane Hayes. I loved the first book in the series and even though I wasn’t quite as enamored with this one I highly enjoyed it. It’s a low angst, sweet and sometimes sexy read.

George is different than his brothers but his family has always supported him. I loved the family aspect and how much George’s family cared for him. He has known Aiden since he was younger since Aiden is his brothers good friend and he’s always had a crush on him.

Aiden was such a great character. He’s sweet and kind and I loved how he accepted George as he was. He never thought he was bisexual but he always had some type of feelings for George. He didn’t shy away from his attraction and he never made a big deal about it. I loved how he owned who he was and didn’t care what anyone else thought.

I didn’t fully think the conflict towards the end of the story was needed. There’s no real reason these two men couldn’t be together but George made it a bigger deal than it needed to be. I didn’t connect as well with George as I did with Aiden. I did love them together though.

This is a typical Lane Hayes story so you pretty much know what to expect going in. I like this part of her writing but sometimes I wish there was something different, maybe more complex. On the other hand I also like that predictably because I just need a low angst and sweet love story sometimes.

**ARC provided in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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1,433 reviews132 followers
July 19, 2021
Sweet and Sexy

This was such a fun story to read . Loved the heroes, their banter , how well they got along and how natural was their transition from friends to lovers.

I like books like Rules of Play .

Meaning , uncomplicated , no drama low angst , humorous , steamy stories that makes me happy .

Giving it a 4.5 stars rating.
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1,181 reviews259 followers
July 16, 2021
Rules of Play by Lane Hayes is another fun college-age romance.

We have cape-wearing, genius George and loveable, ex-jock Aiden. They've been in each other's lives for years, and there's always been something there under the surface, but nothing either one thought would go further than a platonic crush. Especially for Aiden- he's always identified as straight but has always felt there's something special about George.

What did I love:

-Fun dialogue
-Dual POVs
-Loveable main and side characters
-Low angst

My only niggles are-

-I do wish that it was longer. I wanted more time for George and Aiden to grow into a relationship.

-It was very predictable. The story felt formulaic- which is not necessarily a bad thing. I don't know; I was left wanting more. I think because there was no element of surprise in how it all played out?

Don't get me wrong; I had fun reading it and certainly recommend it. But, as I said, I just wanted it to be longer (the greedy reader in me).

I can't wait to see what's in store next in The Script Club!

4 Stars
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1,198 reviews1 follower
July 11, 2021
The jock and the nerd with a twist. The twist is they’ve known each other most of their lives and both have a crush on the other one for years!

This book was super sweet and sexy at times. George is the most perfect NASA nerd and Aiden while a mechanic ,it’s not his dream job. He’s a bit nerdy himself. He loves baseball ⚾️ and statistics.

I think the nerdy-ness of both characters was very endearing. I just wanted them to work out. There is minimal angst, pretty high heat and a very sweet ending.

My only complaint is after they say the I love you’s and are really together, there’s no sex. Sad face 😔 it’s probably only me but that’s a pet peeve of mine to not get that final passionate scene WITH feelings. 😬😬😬I kinda need that in a romance
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,227 reviews407 followers
August 12, 2021
⭐︎4.25 stars!⭐︎

I enjoyed this more than the first one. I felt that George and Aiden had more chemistry, and they were just more entertaining and interesting to read than Simon and Topher had been.

That being said, this still didn't feel five star worthy for me. It was enjoyable and kept me interested, but it was also fairly short and while it felt like an enjoyable read, it didn't feel like anything more than that.

This is a fun read if you're just looking some light, fluffy romance with some great sex scenes and good chemistry, but not much more than that.

Which, there's nothing wrong that. I always love a good lighthearted, fluffy read to just immerse myself in and feel the happy without any angst or very strong emotions.

It just didn't wow me enough and I didn't love it enough to give it 5 stars.

One other thing is that I feel like these books are pretty fast and loose with the "script club" thing. Both books have barely incorporated it and felt like just a thinly veiled attempt at getting the MC's together. Although it didn't even feel like it got these two together. I just feel like it's a little much to name a series after a group apparently determined to step out of their comfort zone and have that concept and the physical group itself barely even touch on it or have a meeting, nothing. It's barely a thing.

Still, very enjoyable with George who we met in the first book who is Simon's younger nerdy brother and ones of Topher's best friends, and Aiden, who is Simon's best friend. Aiden and George have known each other a good long while, since childhood, and they've both always kind of had a crush on the other.

Only Aiden thought he was straight and so did George, so they never acted on anything, after Simon graduated - and thus Aiden - they never saw each other much.

But when George's old car breaks down, the only person available to come out and tow it is Aiden, who has been working at his families' car repair shop for a few years.

That reconnects these two, and when repairs are too expensive for George to pay all of it, and Aiden's uncle is too much of an asshole (a homophobic asshole) to give George a family friend discount or anything like that, Aiden offers to work on George's car himself outside of work, in exchange with George's intelligence to help him with some math for college courses he's taking.

It doesn't take long at all for these two to kiss, and then for more to happen.

I did quite enjoy these two together. They just clicked, and worked so well together. I enjoyed them together through this whole book. They were cute, sweet and sexy together, a definite plus.

So overall a fun, light read with a good main couple who had great chemistry together. I would definitely recommend it, and in my opinion, this was slightly better than the first.

Two thumbs up from me👍
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144 reviews36 followers
July 13, 2022

3.5 ★

“You okay?”
I licked my lips and wiped my sweaty palms on my shirt. “Yes. No.”
“Which one?”
“I’m fine. I just…want to climb you like a tree right now,” I blurted. Aiden’s slow smile spread across his handsome face.
“What kind of tree?”

Another sweet and fast-paced book from this series. This time there’s a little bit more drama involved, compared to book one, but nothing way too tedious. I love that the books in this series have the perfect number of pages for the kind of story they tell. I personally hate it when I want to read a simple story and it has over 350 pages. Though, again, I’d have loved to see more about the other members of the club because at this point we know barely anything about them.


George and Aiden knowing each other for so long made this super easy to read. There weren't awkward moments, they already knew their quirks and their background. This made their connection so real and natural, they just needed a little push. Aiden just accepting without asking that sometimes George wore a cape to cope with certain situations was so endearing.


Cute and wholesome. In about 200 pages it manages to be a light read but having at the same time a deep meaning about acceptance.

*Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a free and honest review*
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480 reviews30 followers
October 28, 2021
I’d never had a lover who was my friend too and I had to say, it was so damn…nice.

3.5 Stars

George and Aiden were perfect together, I met a friends to lovers in this book that I love completely, I love each of their moments together that despite seeming simple were the most romantic thing on this earth, as always these books are Very fast to read and they do not fail to entertain, highlighting the last 20% of the books in this series that are the sweetest, most needy and precious thing to read, the way they end up madly in love takes my breath away.
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632 reviews25 followers
October 7, 2022

💙my friend's little brother trope

💛Aiden is a bear

🧡One particular mc is wearing a cape (because protection)

George is Simon's little brother and to put it mildly, a very interesting guy.

George knows Aiden since he was a kid. Aiden is his brother's best friend and has been basically a part of the family since forever.

George and Aiden usually don't spend time togehter, but George's car breaks down and Aiden is a mechanic, so with that, they talk some more, hang out some more, and before you know it, they're stuffing their tongues down each other's throats.

I liked this story, because the mc's know each other since childhood and they've always harbored feelings for one another, yet George knows it's a crush, while Aiden, being straight, doesn't. Looking back he realises he was probably in love with George all this time. He goes down the rabbit hole and he doesn't feel weird of freaked out about anything, he just does it, because it's with George.

When Aiden finally comes out and they officially start dating, George's family is really accepting and for once it's nice to read about everything working out for the couple instead of people giving them shit at every turn.

I just had to put that in there. Aiden.
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856 reviews148 followers
July 18, 2022
[4.25] considering my recent string of heavy reads, there was no better palate cleanser than this—pure cotton candy fluff & entertaining banter with the tiniest smidge of angst, the kind of read that you can curl up on the couch with while soaking in the sun's rays 😌

- falling for brother's best friend
- bisexual awakening
- opposites attract
- nerd/jock vibes

both mcs have their share of endearing whimsicalities, and the way they'd enthusiastically embrace those facets in each other made them an easy couple to root for.

my main niggle was the , as the shaky reasoning made the entire affair wholly contrived to me, but thankfully it wasn't dragged out for too long.

I received a complimentary copy of the book, and this is my honest review.
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2,357 reviews70 followers
December 24, 2021
Lane Hayes is quickly becoming one of my favorite mm romance writers. Her books are sweet and wonderful and just make me feel so good. I love a book about a nerd and a jock. I also love the falling for your best friend’s brother troupe. This book has both.
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738 reviews28 followers
July 5, 2022
Boring but cute enough. Fluff.

The bisexual awakening went way too smoothly yet somehow there’s still an 80% breakup scene. Sigh.

Edit: I was trying not to complain but I just can’t stop being annoyed by this, so I am adding on to mention the misogyny in this book. There are two women characters - one is the classic mom figure who lives to cook for and take care of her family, and the other is an ex girlfriend of one of the characters who “brushes her breasts against his biceps” and is described in a negative and OTT way while flirting with both the MCs. I’m just tired of this shit.
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780 reviews19 followers
July 16, 2021
Ohhh Lane, I absolutely adored Georgie and Aiden together! G's quirky, cape wearing ways blended beautifully with Aiden. I was enchanted by Aiden, the way he looked out for George from the start melted my heart. I loved how the two were friends first, but they kept getting to know each other as their relationship progressed. Their friendship was important to them, but there was no denying their sexual chemistry 🔥🔥🔥

This is a great addition to the series. Truly funny back and forth banter, low angst and some great side characters round out another win. I honestly don't know who is next in the series, but I have my suspicions...
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401 reviews53 followers
January 29, 2023
Rules of Play (The Script Club) Book 2

George Murphy is an Astronomy Nerd and youngest brother of Simon, the retired Footballer boyfriend of Topher featured in Book 1. Everyone agrees George is a bit weird, he likes Vampires and sometimes even wears a Vampirish cloak. He’s also out and proud.

When his truck which is as old as him, breaks down on the Highway at rush hour George panics and calls his brother Simon. He, in turn called his best friend Aidan Baker who works as a mechanic at his uncles garage.

Aidan had more or less been ‘adopted’ into the Murphy family since High School and knows George. In fact he has always felt George was somehow special.

After picking up George and towing his truck to the garage he drives him home. George is strapped for funds and doesn’t want to ask family for more help. So when Aidan calls next day with repair estimates they discuss ways that’s will cut the cost to a manageable level for George.

The arrangement they agreed on necessitates some rules that has some effect on the future of their friendship, and their relationship with other family members on both sides.


There are 4 or 5 books in the Script CLub Series by Lane Hayes. I’ve now read Book 1 and 2 and looked the others up on Amazon. Judging by the two I’ve read and the blurb on the next in series, I’m seeing a pattern. Apart from the Nerd/Jock theme, the sport is changed in each storyline, one of the MC’s is always out and the other a bi awakening, or closeted character.

I do like following Series. Enjoyable as they stories are, I’ll take a break before I start on the next ones.

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1,005 reviews53 followers
July 16, 2021
Low angst, moderately high heat, highly entertaining! George and Aiden stole my heart. I love their quirks - George's are obvious, but Aiden has them, too. Their story suits them; Lane Hayes has delivered another fun, sexy read that transported me to Southern California and had me laughing, swooning, and sighing through the whole thing. I enjoyed the first book in the series, Following the Rules, but I don't think you really have to read it first - though it's also excellent, so I do recommend it. With the opposites attract, jock-nerd, brother's best friend tropes woven skillfully together, this book would be a perfect weekend escape.
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675 reviews5 followers
January 27, 2022
Again, really cool main characters.
I loved that they had kind of a history togheter.
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655 reviews
July 15, 2021
Oh my goodness gracious! Where do I begin?
Ok ,let's start with the guys...well it's ALL about the guys but what to tell without giving it all away?
Ok so Aiden.....smart, sexy, hot, amazing, hot, wonderful Aiden. He had always had inklings of feelings for George , other than friendship, but never really let himself think about just how much he felt for George. Well boy howdy! He has now!
Then we have George...hot, sexy, brilliant, a bit shy , sometimes self doubtful, hot George.
Always knew how he felt about Aiden but never in a million years did he think.....well you'll have to read about them. I know, I know, you can imagine what happens . However, this story gives you lots to think about, fall in love with and fan yourself over. True love to be sure!
I did however want to smack someone REAL hard...multiple times, while reading this. You'll know exactly who I mean the minute you meet him.
I loved their story so much! I really enjoyed the visits with our boys from previous books too!
I have to admit I cannot wait for the next one in the series . I might have to re read this one though because I was so into it, I read it a bit fast!
I received an Advanced Readers Copy and am MORE than happy to put my review every place I can.
Shout out to Willy! A faithful friend who gets tired but can always be coaxed to ride again.
5/5 capes!
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August 3, 2021
George was a very well-developed character - he was weird but lovable, not your run-of-the-mill guy, with zero social skills but that made him so special. I liked Aidan with his zero drama llama attitude - he had troubles in his life, but he just get on with it. So I was very happy for these two to find love with each other. Great book!!
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