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Two nations joined peacefully as one, but a band of assassins lurks in the shadows.

Magic isn’t uncommon in the Deravine Commonwealth, where people can be gifted with the faculties of combat, healing, transformation, or sight. Yet as a hybrid mage, Aaron Ztrong’s abilities aren’t so easily categorized. He managed to save his parents during a dangerous confrontation when he was only a young boy, and now a decade later most people in his life expect him to do remarkable things with his powers. Then there are those who fear what Aaron and others like him can do. When Aaron’s life is threatened by a group calling themselves the Defenders, he takes refuge with two other hybrid mages and the teacher who is training them to enhance their abilities. As the Defenders continue to hunt down hybrid mages, Aaron and his new companions must find a way to survive.

227 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 28, 2021

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About the author

Cristy L. Bowlin

3 books58 followers
Cristy L. Bowlin is a college English professor and author of The Temple Dancer’s Diary and The Hybrid Magic Chronicles, set in the fantasy realm of the Deravine Commonwealth. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband, daughter, and pet cat. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is most likely tap dancing, hiking, or getting invested in (another) TV series.

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June 23, 2021
This is a really charming YA fantasy novel!

I actually read this with my 12 year old son and he loved it - it was really nice for us to have a story to read that both of us enjoyed. The magic system is based on the premise of there being 4 types of magic. Most people can only access one type of magic (combat, healing etc) and this is passed down through family. Very occasionally, a hybrid mage is born - one who can access multiple types of magic. The story centers around a group of young hybrid mages who have come together to not only learn and develop their powers, but also to hide from the Defenders of the True Four - a rebel group who believe hybrids are dangerous (ever since the battle and subsequent overthrowing of a dangerous hybrid which led to the unification of Scransee and Trantonia).

The world is a medieval/renaissance style era, but more scientifically advanced, which makes the magic and how it is taught more interesting.

There are strong female characters, which I love, as well as an enjoyable mentor trope (one of my favourite fantasy tropes) in the form of a seer named Bennet. He is a solid, calm and dependable teacher who not only aids the children with their magic but also provides support and guidance for them in coming to terms with the world around them.

The writing style is really lovely and I found it a really comforting book to read.

I am used to much longer stories (this would probably amount to a prologue in the Wheel of Time!) so I did want more, but that is no bad thing! And I actually think for a younger audience it is a good length.

The cover art is also gorgeous!!!

Many thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review!
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22 reviews
June 22, 2021
Story starts with Commander Nora Ztrong signing treaty of Scransee
and Trantonia now officially joined together in the Deravine
Magic isn’t uncommon in the Deravine Commonwealth, where people can be gifted with the faculties of combat, healing, transformation, or sight.
Nora Ztrong's son Aaron Ztrong is born as Hybrid mages. Each hybrid mage developed their own unique
Hybrid Magic was the genetic outcome of a specific and rare family lineage traced
back through four generations, and siblings with that lineage would
all be hybrid mages.
Defenders of Four are the force who(referred
to the four magical faculties: sight, transformation, combat, and
healing) assumes these hybrid mages are dark and threat so they hunt them to abolish hybrid magic.

Set in Nowl forest. Bennett the teacher also a seer finds hybrid mages with his unique feature and rescue them. His calm teaching methods improves hybrid mages abilities and prepare them for the combat with defenders of four.
Aaron ztrong is one of his pupil. Aaron who lived in the castle now lives with hybrid mages in ghis forest and enjoys the freedom. The story unfolds on how he meet other hybrid mages and explore the depth of hybrid magic power. Also Aaron and his companions prepare for for the combat with Defender's of four is escapade!!!
I do like these enticing stories and if you like middlegrade fantasy then Hybrid magic fits with adventure and Magic.

#hybridmagic #cristylbowlin
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July 13, 2021
My recommendation: ★★★★★★★★★★

(I received this book free in exchange for my honest review)
I have to say I am quite impressed with this book. I was captured right from the start! The easy wiring and steady flow was perfect for young readers and for those that are looking for a quick entreating read without filler, plot divergent s, and insta-love triangles that aren't prevalent to the plot.
I liked how when detail was needed to was present, and when it wasn't, it simply was that, wasn't. There was a lot of travailing in this book, as it sent in a pre-motor vehicle world. At first I was worried there was be long drawn out passages and chapters of theses travels, but, it was kept simple, relevant, and interesting. This added to the easy reading and steady plot flow.

I enjoyed the multi-split POV's. We got to know the characters on a different level and kept the story form being one dimensional. I came to love all the POV's, and the diverse characters personalities.

Overall this book was splendid and I can't wait for the next installment to be release, as this book ends of quite a bit of a cliffhanger! To end this book gets my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh
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Author 5 books16 followers
March 16, 2022
“Hybrid Magic” is a delightful book in which to escape. I found this a beautifully written adventure that seamlessly weaves friendship, magic, and danger. Fantasy is not my typical genre, and I almost stopped reading during the prologue. The world-building required for stories like this is off-putting for me, but I decided to forge ahead. I’m glad I did. “Hybrid Magic” is a breezy read, a book most avid readers could finish in a day or two. But I used it as a sort of bedtime story for myself, portioning it out at just a few chapters per night—something fun to look forward to at the end of the day. “Hybrid Magic” is aimed at upper middle-grade to YA, which is appropriate.
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275 reviews2 followers
June 15, 2021
It was a lovely read. The introduction was definitely an intriguing mystery.
It was a good paced cozy read about the teenagers and them being a hybrid mage with all of their mystical powers.

And the Defenders of the Four group adding a scary and a spooky agenda.

The book had a well developed setting.

The writing was natural and easy to understand.

Thank for this lovery e-ARC in exchange of honest review.
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Author 1 book106 followers
June 30, 2021
This YA fantasy is a thrilling read full of adventure and magic with themes of betrayal and survival.

I am awed by the fantastical elements the author weaved throughout to create a unique and compelling story.

It’s been a minute since I’ve read fantasy, but I’m glad I changed it up with this read. It reminded me of how much I love magic.

If you enjoyed Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce, or The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg, you’ll like this too!
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26 reviews4 followers
July 12, 2021
It was such a wonderful story ... the plot is intriguing , the characters are adorable and so sensible , the language is smooth, the cover is beautiful ( though it gives off middle grade vibe , the book is more of a ya fantasy novel). This book definitely has the potential of becoming a good series and I really hope the author plans to make it so by writing the sequels. Absolutely recommended.
4 reviews
July 20, 2022
After reading the Temple Dancer's Diary, I found out that there would be a 3 book series that followed some of the characters. This is the first book of that series. This was a great book. Looking forward the the next 2 installments.
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