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The Paid Bridesmaid

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From Sariah Wilson, the bestselling author of Roommaid , comes a captivating romantic comedy about what happens when a wedding party mixes business with romance. Rachel Vinson is a bridesmaid for part confidante, part wedding planner, and one hundred percent pretend BFF. Discretion guaranteed. Her next gig is a destination wedding—livestreamed and sponsored—for an Instagram influencer. That means a paradise of new contacts, which could be a boon to her already booming business. If Rachel can keep the very handsome and slightly too interested best man at bay, that is. High-tech entrepreneur Camden Lewis must Who is this gorgeous, intelligent, and mysterious woman? Too good to be real. Convinced she’s a corporate spy out to tank his company, Camden’s not letting her out of his sight. But the constant surveillance is also opening his eyes to things about Rachel that he likes. If she’s a spy, she’s certainly the cutest one he’s ever seen. As the week’s worth of wedding events march along, Rachel and Camden are learning almost everything there is to know about each other. Rachel’s made a career out of always a bridesmaid …but perhaps there’s a chance for her own trip down the aisle?

304 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2022

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Sariah Wilson

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65 reviews2 followers
December 12, 2021
Maybe I’ve read too many romance novels and/or developed unrealistic expectations for the genre, but this book left much to be desired for me. The storyline was obvious and predictable, the inner thoughts of Rachel were over-explained and cliche, and the attempts at giving her a tragic backstory were melodramatic and shallow at the same time. The entire book just narrates her obsession with the guy, no development, no build up, just right out of the gate from (literally) page one. The typical “reason we can’t be together” was so hollow even Rachel didn’t go along with it; she’d give her reason and then immediately go back to obsessing over him or finding a reason to be near him. No substance or depth of character. I know a lot of rom-com storylines have similar elements and I wanted to like this book and get lost in a romantic, even cheesy story, but I rolled my eyes multiple times during this book and read through it as fast as possible just to be done with it.
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3,918 reviews33k followers
January 3, 2022
3.5 stars

Rachel is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But not the way you think. She runs a company where women pay her when they need a bridesmaid or maid of honor for hire. It’s genius really. You have someone there dedicated to making sure your day goes well and there isn’t drama etc. At one of her big ticket weddings, she meets a suspicious best man named Camden.

Camden and Rachel form an instant attraction but there is one big problem… and that’s the Rachel doesn’t date on the job. It’s a rule for her she never breaks. But she’s having trouble sticking to it for the first time ever.

The Paid Bridesmaid was a light and sweet romance, but it was a little too long in my opinion. I was enjoying it a lot the first half but it started to get slow, then a bit over the top. Still, my overall reading experience was good and I enjoy Sariah Wilson’s writing.
Audio book source: Audible
Story Rating: 3.5 stars
Narrators: Sarah Naughton
Narration Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 10h 6m
Profile Image for Sabi.
936 reviews205 followers
February 17, 2022
2.5 ⭐⭐⭐, I liked the idea more than the story. A bummer, since I love the author, the cover, and the premise.

The concept is nice but the writing is not the best by the author. The situations were there but they weren't executed properly.

The comedy scenes were actually not funny. I couldn't take a single quote or conversation to highlight in my review.

Alas, I like the books by the author and I'll be reading more by her in the future.
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2,991 reviews689 followers
March 9, 2022
I am really sad having shelved this book into DNF. When I picked it up, it has all the promise of rom com. I listened to about 4th hour of the audiobook, and I give up.

The Paid Bridesmaid is full of inner dialogue. Especially from Rachel. I do not understand why Camden having suspicious that Rachel is in the party to spy on him. There is no background story on it. I also do not understand why Rachel fears that her secret being spilled out. Maybe Miss Wilson explained it toward the end of the book. I never know.

Miss Wilson is using a writing style that explained too much but little showing/ telling. I got so confuse in the inner dialogue. I bowed out.

2 stars
Profile Image for Aimee (Getting Your Read On).
2,998 reviews251 followers
November 23, 2021
I always feel so lucky when I get to read a book by Sariah Wilson. Especially when I get an early copy! I know that I am going to get a book with fantastic characters and plenty of humor and romance. Her books always hit my sweet spot!

This book has such a great set up. First, tropical location. Yes. I was wishing all the way through that I was there too. Second, Rachel has a top secret job: paid bridesmaid. It sure makes it difficult when the hot best man is flirting with you but also has his spidey senses going off. Because, yeah. Something IS going on but Rachel can't tell him. See? It's a great set up and such a unique job for Rachel. It all felt very fresh.

There was great build up with the characters and great chemistry too. The flirting was fun and it made me smile. Also, the kissing. Oh! And the ending. So good. What a lovely diversion.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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95 reviews100 followers
December 13, 2021
3.5 This was a cute read about a week-long destination wedding, where (you guessed it) the heroine is paid to be a bridesmaid. The romance was SLOW-burn and I liked that even if I was frustrated at times. Some details were glossed over, such as the groom’s reaction to the heroine and the hero’s exact line of work. Was the drama a bit over the top? Definitely. But it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book.
Profile Image for JV Austen.
338 reviews1 follower
December 10, 2021
you're so hot, oh, you're so beautiful... repeat repeat repeat
ugh, perfect people everywhere - it could be a CW show
and the time difference between Hawaii and California is 2 hours...
Profile Image for Zoe.
1,906 reviews200 followers
March 22, 2022
Cute, witty, and delightfully romantic!

The Paid Bridesmaid is an amusing, absorbing tale set on one of the beautiful islands of Hawaii that introduces you to the intelligent, spunky Rachel and the intense, sceptical Camden as they discover firsthand the power of attraction and just how tempting the other people in the wedding party can truly be.

The writing is amusing and sweet. The characters are charismatic, supportive, and endearing. And the plot is an irresistible blend of shameless flirting, friendship, tricky situations, spirited shenanigans, family, light drama, awkward moments, steamy romance, and the hilarious ups and downs of destination weddings.

Overall, The Paid Bridesmaid is a humorous, swoony, engaging read by Wilson that had the perfect storyline for my rom-com loving heart, gave me a new book boyfriend in Camden Lewis, and introduced me to an amazing cast of secondary characters that I can only hope will someday get a book of their own.

Thank you to Thomas Allen & Son and Kaye Publicity for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Kathy.
2,073 reviews606 followers
January 10, 2022
So cute!

I thought this was a really fun read! I loved the Hawaii location, the fun storyline, the characters and the super swoony romance. Rachel and Camden had great chemistry and fun banter. I love Ms. Wilsons books and thought this was a great addition to her collection. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun, lighthearted romance.

Content Rated PG
Romance: Kissing
Language: None
Violence: None
Other: Talk of drinking, getting drunk
Profile Image for Heather.
6 reviews
January 30, 2022
Really wish I could find a romance with a strong female character who doesn’t lose all her brain cells when she’s around an attractive male. Not to mention the ridiculous inner monologue. I feel like I eye rolled through this entire book.
Profile Image for Bookworman.
860 reviews106 followers
January 18, 2022
Meh. DNF. Annoying characters and a one-trick pony plot that just kept being repeated over and over. Only made it about a third of the way through.
Profile Image for Alexa.
10 reviews
February 1, 2022
Nothing much to like about the MC… or anyone else really. Some very childish behavior for people in their mid-late 20s.
Aspects of the plot made little sense (Why are we lying to the grooms oldest friend!?!)
Decently fun banter.

Profile Image for Milena Bookish❤️.
180 reviews39 followers
December 5, 2021
Boring romance, I did not find it particularly interesting, or funny, the story is about a week-long wedding, an influenced bride, and paid bridesmaids, so it looks that the bride has more friends than she really does. I liked the idea of “paid bridesmaids” but was anticipating something else interesting to take place. Instead, the story concentrates on wedding details and the feelings that the main character(the paid bridesmaid) has for one of the wedding guests.
Profile Image for Toni Shiloh.
Author 49 books1,201 followers
November 16, 2021
I've read all of Sariah Wilson's books and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read an ARC of The Paid Bridesmaid.
One thing I absolutely loved about this was the heroine's job. So unique and next-level genius. I'm curious if such a job really exists but am happy to let Ms. Wilson's version exist only. :)
Right out of the gate there's chemistry between Rachel and Camden. Both have good reasons why a relationship isn't the best idea. There were laugh-out-loud moments and a few lines that had me snickering and highlighting.
I absolutely loved the epilogue and was sad to see the tale in. One could only hope that Rachel's bff gets her own story in the future. (Hint, hint, Ms. Wilson)
*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley. My review was not required nor influenced.
Profile Image for Amy | Foxy Blogs.
1,474 reviews975 followers
January 3, 2022

Rachel owns a business where you can hire her to be part of your wedding party. It's all done confidentially. On her current assignment, there is a guy - Camden - who thinks she is a spy trying to out his business.

They both like each other even though ethically Rachel doesn't date people from the wedding and Camden isn't totally sure he can trust her.

This started out strong for me but as the story went on it felt too long.

● Rachel - bridesmaid for hire
● week-long destination wedding
● Camden - high-tech entrepreneur
● standalone

Audiobook source: Audible
Narrator: Sarah Naughton
Length: 10H 06M
Profile Image for Amy.
2,629 reviews417 followers
August 31, 2023
The way this couple matches energy would be funny if it wasn't so cringe.

Rachel: "Hi there, best man. I'm the maid of honor. I met the bride at camp."

Camden: "Where did you attend camp?"



Rachel: "I AM NOT A SPY."


Rachel:: "I AM NOT A SPY."

Camden: "Oh, cool. Let's make out."

For the same plot done much better, read The Secret Bridesmaid.
January 3, 2022
A small dog on its back on a fluffy blanket. A softcover book and a silk flower are beside her.

📚 Hello Book Friends! OMG! THE PAID BRIDESMAID by Sariah Wilson was everything I hoped for in a romcom: sexual tension, little bit of drama, fantastic characters, and a fun plot. This is the second book by this author I read, and this is my new favourite. Did I say how much I love this book? I looooooove it!! I also recommend it. Pick up a copy at your favourite bookstore.

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Profile Image for Bobby's Reading (Bobby Hannafey).
275 reviews24 followers
December 18, 2021
OMG! You guys are going to LOVE Sariah Wilson’s new romantic comedy which comes out January 2022! Thank you to Kaye Publicity and the author herself for advance copy! I absolutely enjoyed it! Rachel Vinson is a hired bridesmaid who is confidante, a wedding planner, and 100% pretend BFF. Her next gig is a Hawaii wedding for an Instagram influencer. A paradise of new contacts, which could be a boon to her booming business. If Rachel can keep a handsome and slightly too interested best man at bay, that it. Camden Lewis, a high-tech entrepreneur must know: who is this gorgeous and mysterious woman? Too good to be real. Convinced she’s a spy out to tank his company, Camden’s not letting her out of his sight. But the surveillance is also opening his eyes to things about Rachel that he likes. As the week’s worth of wedding events march along, Rachel and Camden are learning almost everything there is to know about each and both falling in love while working and in the middle of someone’s else wedding! Great book!
Profile Image for The Gemini’s Bookshelf.
344 reviews23 followers
December 3, 2021
This just wasn’t my cup of tea and honestly I’m surprised because usually I’m all over this type of trope. I received this book from Amazon’s First Reads so if you’re interested it’s on there.

I loved the banter between Rachel and Camden. I fucking love a sassy female lead. However, I need some heat. More than a first kiss type of heat. I need you to make me want to climb Camden like a fucking tree.

Also, they forgive each other and that’s it? Like what? An ending to a book can seriously ruin it for me and this one did.
Profile Image for Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥.
540 reviews332 followers
December 31, 2021
***4.5/5 Stars***

The Paid Bridesmaid was a story filled with humor, romance and charm, and I was obsessed. With a unique story-line and characters that were easy to connect with, I devoured this book in no time at all. It you're a fan of adult romance that has some angst and heart in the pages, then you definitely need this book in your life!
Why did I want something so badly that I knew I couldn’t have?

Rachel Vinson owned her company, which provided bridesmaids for weddings. With signed NDA's and bridesmaids that wouldn't create drama and help the day unfold seamlessly; her business was a huge hit! Her latest client was Sadie, who was an Instagram influencer. Her destination wedding in Hawaii was going to be not only sponsored but live streamed too. And Rachel would be acting as maid of honor and bff. But the best man was highly suspicious of Rachel and I loved watching everything unfold!
Camden gave me a playful smile when we approached. Krista let out a low whistle. “Do you see how he’s looking at you? That boy has impure thoughts about you.”
I shouldn’t want that to be true.

Rachel was driven, focused and thoughtful. She was passionate about her business and all of her energy went into her job. With a no dating guest rule, it had been a long time since she ever did anything for herself. That is until Camden Lewis entered the picture. Not only was he the best man, but he was business partners with the groom. And he had dealt with people trying to steal information from their high tech company multiple times. With Rachel being pegged as a possible spy, it led to wonderful angst and a slow burn romance.
Camden took a step back, his hand still around my wrist. “Do you know what happens whenever I draw a line in the sand? The tide always washes it away.”

I adored Camden from page one. He was kind, thoughtful, charming, smart and yet a tad overly suspicious. But that didn't stop the instant attraction the both of them felt. Or the spark that was between them, anytime they were together. And the more time they spent with each other, the harder it was to ignore. Yet Rachel was nervous. Was Camden only interested in her because he was trying to find out if she was going to steal from their tech company? Or did he truly like her? But regardless, she was lying to him. She could never tell him why she was there. Rachel's heart was torn with what to do.
“Tell me that you feel it, too. That something’s changed.”
“It can’t.” I felt silly saying it. Like a kid sticking their thumb into a dam, trying to hold back the oncoming flood.
“But it did.”

This story was so much fun! I loved all of the wedding festivities! I loved that Rachel and Sadie started to actually form a friendship. I loved Rachel's employee, Krista who was also a bridesmaid, who pushed Rachel to get together with Camden. But most of all I loved the tension between Rachel and Camden! They were a very slow burn romance that never went spicy, but was a ton of fun. And while there was definitely some family drama, and Rachel had some of her own too, all in all this was a very heartfelt story.
“Do you know why I thought there were vibes? Or why I thought that I could guess what you’re feeling?"
My stupid face was an open book? I shook my head.
“I imagine that your heart beats faster when you’re close to me. That your mouth might go dry while you feel like your knees are going to give way. That you can’t wait to see me again. I can guess how you’re feeling because those same things happen to me.”

The Paid Bridesmaid was an adorably unique story that had a lot of heart and was a ton of fun. And somehow my emotions sneaked up on me because I found myself with happy tears in my eyes towards the end of this book. So if you're looking for a sweet and cute romance story, that ends with an epilogue and fabulous happily ever after, this is definitely you're book! This was another huge win by Sarah Wilson and I'm looking forward to her next release!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

For more of my reviews, please visit:
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644 reviews42 followers
January 6, 2022
4.5 ⭐️

This one had smolder and fun all over it! Can I just say one word, Camden. Camden. Wowza! Perfection. Ms. Wilson wrote him perfectly. Authors, take note of how you write a leading man. All other characters were good, but Camden(did I mention him yet?) was the star.
Profile Image for DJ Sakata.
3,064 reviews1,756 followers
February 14, 2022
Favorite Quotes:

… there had never been such helicopter parenting as I had growing up. They thought every fever meant I had meningitis and every bruise must mean internal organ failure. I was pretty sure they were the reason my pediatrician had been able to buy a second home in Aspen.

I’m sure what he lacks in youth and appearance she more than makes up for by not having a personality…

I think I liked it better in the olden days when phones were dumb and people were smart.

It’s good to see you laughing, though. For a bit there you were looking like the before picture for Prozac.

My dating karma hasn’t been great. I figure in a previous life I caused a lot of damage that I’m paying for now. Like I must have been like a CrossFit instructor or Mussolini or something.

My Review:

This was my first exposure to Sariah Wilson’s clever wordcraft and I feasted on her enticing characters, amusing and evocative descriptions, and immersive writing style. I marveled at her clever humor and crisp wit while she simultaneously dropped perceptive insights and cunning observations. Her snark was well-honed, whip-smart, and top-shelf, as were her characters’ snappy banter and pithy wordplay. The writing brought sharp and colorful visuals to mind that kept me smirking and pleasurably entertained. The rest of her published listing is now calling my name and has gleefully added to my TBR.
January 25, 2022
BOOK REVIEW: The Paid Bridesmaid by Sariah Wilson
Publication Date: January 1


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When your plans go "south", don't panic... Tackle each challenge one at a time... And ask for help!... ✨😎✨

T.I.M.E. Book Review: Snappy dialogue perfect for fans of Christina Lauren books... With tons of sizzle without the steamy romance details... ✨😎✨
Pages: 304
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sub-Genre: Weddings Romance
Time Period: Present Day
Location: Hawaii

Book: The Dating Dare by Jayci Lee
Movie: Crazy Rich Asians


All my reviews can be seen at This Is My Everybody | Simple Living | Denise Wilbanks at www.thisismyeverybody.com

♡ Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC. I voluntarily chose to review it and the opinions contained within are my own.
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1,518 reviews104 followers
December 1, 2021
(4.5 stars) - It turns out it's a real thing! I couldn't help but wonder, so ...

... I investigated, & it actually is! 😳

That changed my skeptical attitude going in to this. And the way the story explains it for something like a big, complicated wedding even makes sense of doing it to help things go more smoothly & minimize any drama. Especially, when the company is already handling the planning.

So it's an intriguing premise, along with the author's gift for flirty & fun dialogue, which is as amusing as ever.

The story is from Rachel's point of view & keeps us guessing what's going on in Camden's head; we get to understand & sympathize with him as Rachel does, so nothing is given away. (It hadn't occurred to me, but it makes sense that Rachel is limited in what she can say by an NDA which naturally complicates the situation)

The characters are sympathetic, reasonably credible & well developed - even the secondary characters (I worked in retail for decades, trust me). We learn that Rachel founded her company not only to help women on one of the most special days in their lives, but also to provide jobs for women who are trying to recover from difficult situations & need a hand up. A particularly nice touch.

That and the wedding setting provide the backdrop for the situational comedy that develops, & there are several moments that had me laughing out loud as the ensuing complications grow increasingly more complicated.

As is typical of romcoms, there are a few things that feel a bit over the top, & admittedly, the development of the protagonists' relationship occasionally felt like it was on a track & secondary to the comedic efforts at a few points, but the resolution is extremely satisfying - and it's so much easier to be forgiving when you're entertained.

The epilogue - yes, all romances should have an epilogue - was delightfully fun. So I can enthusiastically recommend this as an enjoyable romcom with generous dollops of swooniness & steamy clean moments

* Romance level: passionate kisses, nothing graphic, lots of physical attraction & innuendo, but nothing raunchy & no language issues
Profile Image for Treena.
1,343 reviews78 followers
November 27, 2021
I was fortunate enough to be given an ARC of this book. And I saved it so that I’d have something new to read this weekend. Well, guess what? I stayed up way past my bedtime and I finished it. Reading nonstop from 11pm until 3am. And after I finish writing this review, I’m going to re-read it again!

The chemistry and banter between the MC’s is the kind I live for! So many swoony moments and witty lines. Ohmigosh! My romance loving heart is so happy!! !

Thank you to Sariah and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an ARC. And even though I was given an ARC, I have already pre-ordered this book. I love it that much!
713 reviews11 followers
January 8, 2022
Deeply boring

It’s been a long time since a book bored me as much as this one did. It was page after page of the same scene. She: “he’s gorgeous, I really like him, he’s pretty perfect, BUT…I can’t allow myself to get involved.” He: increasingly accommodating, attentive, and demonstrative of overt interest gets repeatedly shut down. This monotonous interplay, sprinkled with unsophisticated dialogue became the literary equivalent of an annoying musical ear worm.

While I am not a writer, I am a prodigious reader. The premise of this novel was good, but there are dozens of ways the execution could have been better. So, so disappointing.
Profile Image for Dianne.
1,600 reviews120 followers
December 24, 2021
I'm glad that this book showed up as a freebie for me. If I was aware that this would be a book that confused automatic romance/sex with Rachel having a job to do as a paid bridesmaid/maid of honor/troubleshooter then I may have passed this one by.

The story behind the romance was a good one. The longing and inner dialoguing were not.

I may finish this after the holidays but I doubt it.
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