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Love In Swans Cove

#The Leftover Bride

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For fans of second chance romance novels, holiday romance novels, rom-coms & small town romance novels.

All Sorcha O'Connor wants for Christmas is for her life to turn into a Hallmark movie—but sexier. Ryan Sawyer has a few things on his wishlist, such as staying away from Swans Cove and getting his career back on track. And he wants Sorcha. Always has, always will.

When wedding dress designer Sorcha O'Connor got stranded at the altar and went viral as #TheLeftoverBride, she lost her fiancé, her thriving business, and her dreams. To forget the upcoming first anniversary of that fateful day, Sorcha is ticking items off her "31 Things to Do Before the 31st" list and working day and night to get her life back on track. Not on her list? Falling for her former best friend, Ryan Sawyer. Again.

Ryan Sawyer skated out of Swans Cove right out of high school. Since then, he busted his ass, making sure he always had the perfect excuse to stay away: hockey. But even his own hashtag, #HockeyHottie, couldn't keep his injuries from possibly shattering his career. With the holidays and his mother's birthday coming up, Ryan's back in Swans Cove for a quick visit. Even though he’s supposed to lay low, he can't stop thinking about Sorcha, the redhead who knows him better than even his therapist.

When Sorcha's former #RunawayGroom becomes the Most Coveted Bachelor in America, virtual eyes turn to Sorcha again. This time, Ryan won't bolt—even as Sorcha blurts out on national TV that both she and Ryan are working on their so-called "Happy Lists" over the holidays…together.

Will the spotlight finally work in Sorcha and Ryan's favor? Or will their past—and their hashtags—get in the way of their Happily Ever After?

One-click today to start reading this Hallmark's movie sexier and sassier cousin!

#TheLeftoverBride is a second chance romance set during the holiday season in a small town on Maryland's Eastern Shore: full of laughter and heartwarming moments (and some sexy moments), checklists, family dynamics, a stubborn cat, and a rescue dog.

300 pages, Kindle Edition

Published September 14, 2021

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About the author

Elodie Nowodazkij

71 books406 followers
Elodie Nowodazkij writes sizzling rom-coms with grumpy book boyfriends and the bold, funny women who win their hearts. (Think funny Hallmark movie with the door open ;-)) Sometimes, she even writes stories that scare the crap out of her (a mix of Lifetime movies and Criminal Minds). Raised in a small French village, she almost always had a book in her hands. At nineteen, she moved to the U.S., where she found out her French accent is here to stay. Now in Maryland with her husband, dog, and cat, she whips up heartwarming, hilarious, and hot romances or heart-pounding and haunting romantic suspense novels. All of them hard to put down. Ready to take the plunge? The water’s delightfully warm.

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193 reviews459 followers
July 22, 2022
"This could be a disaster."
"As my therapist would say, it's a moment in time."

Genre: contemporary romance
Tropes: second chance romance, high-school sweetheart, friends to lovers to strangers to lovers, holiday romance, forced proximity, small town Christmas spirit
Cliffhanger: No
Series: Swans Cove series #1 (stand-alone books)
Spice: 2/5 🌶
Rating: 3.5 ⭐

I received an ARC through NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own and left voluntarily. Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this copy.

I loved it. I was actually looking for a romcom, but this Christmassy contemporary romance was perfect. It was sweet and sprinkled with funny scenes, romantic angst and steamy moments, but it also had a unique way of seeming real and relatable.

》》The Plot 《《

One year after she was left at the altar, Sorcha is decided to put her life back on track and recover from her loses, because being a wedding dress designer who trended as the #LeftoverBride is not only painful and humiliating, but also bad for business. And when Nathan, the runaway groom, becomes the Most Coveted Bachelor in America, all eyes are again on her. But what does this has to do with Ryan Sawyer, famous hockey player (also known as Hockey Hottie) being back in town after 10 years? Well, according to Sorcha, this entire business is just a bad remake of The Boyfriends of Christmas Past, because even her feelings seem to betray her. Especially when she ends up needing Ryan... only to discover that he needs her just as badly. In more ways than one.

The story is shared between Sorcha and Ryan and, while this dual point of view has definitely diminished the mystery, it also increased the angst for their romance. Knowing what was going on inside both of their heads did wonders for my view of how much miscommunication there is in today's romance. Even more, it definitely helped me connect with both of them, making it hard to take sides but generally making me want to scream "idiots, just kiss already".

》》Characters and Relationships《《

👩🏻‍🦰 Sorcha O'Connor - #TheLeftoverBride

"Neona - my grandma from my Dad's side - would tell me " Sorcha. Sarcasm is dripping from your tone. This is so unbecoming." And then she'd wink at me because she's the Queen of Sarcasm."

I loved her. She was a great female MC and I just felt for her and everything she went through. Dealing with OCD, being left at the altar, losing her business and forgetting how to fight for her dream but never truly giving up on it, on love, on those around her... she had a lot going on. But I could feel the character development, the wish to put all the puzzle pieces back together and the kindness and determination with which she set to accomplish it all.

🧑🏻 Ryan Sawyer - Hockey Hottie

"Everywhere he goes, Ryan Sawyer always looks like he owns the place.
Like he owns a piece of my heart.
And goddamn him, he does."

Well, Sorcha, if it makes you feel any better, now he owns a piece of my heart too.

He's not easy to label. You can't put him in the high-school sweetheart category because he also has a hint of a bad boy in him, but he's not exactly a bad boy either(despite his grumpy grunting and temper) because he ends up being too sweet. Final conclusion? He needs an entire category just for himself. How should I label someone hot and sort of famous, whit a huge heart that rivals in size only with his ego and his stubbornness (and well ... maybe some other things 🤔... )?

In any case, wherever you may box him, I definitely need one in my life. He may not be easy to love, he's still making amends and learning how to handle some relationships, but he had an emotional journey that was really nice to follow.

👩🏻‍🦰🧑🏻 Sorcha and Ryan

"It's my turn to give myself an internal pep talk: one afternoon.  We can spend an afternoon together without ripping each other’s clothes or ripping each other’s throats. "

Their relationship was a roller-coaster. Angst, tension, laughter and fights, all bottled in sweetness and wrapped up with a bow of snarkiness and "that's what she said" jokes. They have a past which both helps and complicates their actual relationship and it's frustrating in the most delicious way to watch them pining after each other.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 The side characters are also cool, starting with Nathan and Sorcha's sisters and ending with Tiramisu the Cat and Fluffy Napoleon. I wanted to hate Nathan for leaving Sorcha at the altar, but let's just say there's more than what meets the eye here and I can't wait for his story (#3 in the series, coming in 2023 !!!). While not giving us a lot about her two sisters and brother, I'm also really looking forward for their stories too, especially after the "Easter egg" from the Epilog, which sort of introduces us to Aisling's story (#2 in the series, coming in 2022).


I definitely think this is worth a try. It's a nice contemporary romance with enough funny scenes to almost view if as a romcom, and it has a bit of everything: sweet moments, plenty of angst, gift unwrapping going wrong, adorable pets and some smut after all that thick tension. Not to mention: Christmas. It's the perfect read for this time, since the winter holidays season is near. So grab a hot cocoa or an eggnog, a fluffy blanket and this book and enjoy the festive vibe.
Profile Image for Katie Thompson.
356 reviews1 follower
September 12, 2021
The Leftover Bride was one of the best books I've read in a while. It is beautifully written. The characters are fantastic with personality to spare. It's emotional in places, and it's absolutely hilarious in just the right spots. It's like a Hallmark movie, only better.
Profile Image for Kristen Longo.
273 reviews2 followers
November 16, 2021
4/4.5 stars. Super cute and great read to get you in the holiday spirit. Thanks NetGalley!
482 reviews4 followers
October 11, 2021
3.5-stars for #TheLeftoverBride

I really wanted to like this book but I had a hard time finishing it. From the comments left at the end if the book by the author, she had cut 20,000 to help with the pace of the book, but personally I felt it was still to long and seemed to drag on. Also, after reading the blurb I thought the book would be a romcom mixed with a sports romance since the blurb talks about Ryan being in the NHL and that he's know as #HockeyHottie well it is not a sports romance or even close so if that's what you are looking for this book probably isn't for you. There are some good parts of the book, Ryan and Sorcha's chemistry. But, I think the ending which was a huge disappointment, it could be considered a HFN but I think it could have been so much better if the ending didn't feel so flat, perhaps a HEA would have been better or some type of closure to the end of the story because too many things were left up in the air. This book may be for you but, I'm sorry to say I feel my time would have better spent reading a different book.
Even though I did receive an advanced review copy of this book, I also purchased the book/read with Kindle Unlimited and am voluntarily leaving my own unsolicited opinion with my voluntary review.
Profile Image for Sherry.
832 reviews11 followers
March 10, 2022
***Thank you to NetGalley and Elodie Nowodazkij. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All opinions are my own.***

The strength of this book was the chemistry between Sorcha and Ryan. It sizzled, even if other parts of this story fell a bit flat for me. Wedding dress designer Sorcha is left at the altar, and a year later, she’s still picking up the pieces of her shattered dreams. Enter Ryan, an old flame she never really got over, who returns to Swan’s cove after several years away, and is looking to rekindle things. Our pair work on reconnecting and mending the parts of themselves that got in the way the first time.

I really liked Ryan and Sorcha. I struggled with how much they were in their heads, with the repetition of how many times they turned the same thoughts over and over as they figured things out. I liked that Sorcha got a chance to talk to her ex-fiancé, and I thought that part of the story was really well written. I loved the chemistry between Ryan and Sorcha. It’s what pulled me through the story which, for me, was otherwise choppy and slow at points. We got bits of Sorcha’s wedding dress designer career, bits of her relationship with her grandmother, bits of her relationship with her sisters, bits of her past. It was the same with Ryan. We got bits of his anger, bits of his career, bits of his relationship with his father and step-father. Maybe if fewer things had been included the story so that the reader was given more depth on the things that were included, the story might have been even more successful.
Profile Image for Eileen.
151 reviews
November 25, 2021
5 *stars*

Thanks to Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op and NetGalley for providing a copy!

Note: The book cover is very Christmassy, ​​but the content is not so much. Events take place close to Christmas. Keep that in mind when picking up this one.

I really like the way this book is written - with a dose of humor.

In the first half of the book, I was very annoyed by Ryan. How come with all the injuries you still think someone will put you on the hockey field? But then I realized why he was like that at the other half of the book. It all made sense. The book is very well written and I really enjoyed the story. Goosebumps rushed over my body every time the main characters were close and knew what the other was thinking without saying a word. The connection between Sorcha and Ryan was unbeatable.


#NetGalley #TheLeftoverBride
Profile Image for Jess || bookishlifeofjess.
289 reviews32 followers
December 3, 2021
This book was the perfect holiday read. It felt like I was reading a Hallmark movie which is exactly what I was hoping for. I loved the 31 things to do before the 31st list and how relatable Sorcha was. There was so much growth in many of the characters that I couldn't help but liking almost all of them! I can't wait for the next book #SweetsForLove to learn more about what happens with Aisling!

Thanks to NetGalley & Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for a copy in exchange for an honest review!
5 reviews
October 3, 2021
This was such a fun read! A swoon-worthy second-chance romance that was equal parts humorous, heartfelt, and steamy! Both Sorcha and Ryan were so relatable and so easy to root for, and it was hard not to be captivated by their torturous past relationship (as well as their spicy renewed one). The hilarious and entertaining diary excerpts, Ryan and Sorcha’s exciting encounters with their lists, the incredible analogies, and just the whole Christmas vibe made this such an amazing read. It was sexy, smart, and sweet and I cannot wait for the next in the series!
690 reviews3 followers
September 25, 2021
Thé 2 mains characters are way to pigheaded and a bit shallow to like them. Also their list is too random the spice a poor storyline

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Katy Upperman.
Author 4 books309 followers
September 15, 2021
This book is so much fun! The perfect combination of romance, angst, and humor, it’s your favorite Hallmark movie’s sassier, sexier cousin. I absolutely adored Sorcha and Ryan; their character development was one of this novel's greatest strengths. Their second-chance romance, combined with the book's charming setting and well developed secondary characters was like opening an early Christmas present. I absolutely loved it, and I can't wait to see what else Elodie does with this series!
Profile Image for Niki Skopelos.
41 reviews
March 12, 2022
I'm a list-maker, so when Sorcha (the lead character in this book) created a "31 things to do before the 31st" list, I immediately thought "what a great idea!" And why did she create such a list in December, which has to be one of the busiest months in the year?

Because it was one of the few things in her life that she could control. Unlike her personal and professional life, which had disintegrated before her eyes when her to-be husband saw her walking down the aisle, and ran out of the church, escaping on the beautiful horse that was supposed to take them to the reception.

To add insult to injury, she became known in the social media world as the #TheLeftoverBride, which led to the demise of her career as a wedding dress designer ( her dresses must be cursed, right? She was wearing her own designs while left standing at the altar!) Bankruptcy meant moving from her fast-paced big city life to a small Maryland town to live with her sister and try to hide from the gossips who had known her since she was a child.

She had never been at such a low point in her life. But more trauma was yet to come, in the form of her childhood best friend -- #HockeyHottie Ryan Sawyer, a professional hockey player who is on his team's injured list, and decides to make a visit home to see his mom and recuperate.. But Sorcha's luck hasn't turned for the best yet, as several coincidences thwart her efforts to avoid Ryan.

And maybe, just maybe, there might be a spark left. A spark that neither of them can ignore. But is it possible that Sorcha can overcome #TheLeftoverBride hashtag and perhaps again build a friendship and relationship with #HockeyHottie?

One thing I loved about this book is the author's unique way of telling the story, using Sorcha's diary entries, and then separately, Ryan's journal entries. Many of the entries are hilarious, especially Sorcha's sometimes dry wit and ability to find comedy in her situation, if only in her journal entries. And Ryan's journal gives the reader a raw peek into a man's mind and the trials he faces professionally and personally.

Although the cover of the book leads one to believe this is a Christmas romance, the holidays really play an insignificant role in the storyline. Therefore, the story is appropriate reading for anytime of the year. In fact, even if you're sitting on the beach in June, you'll be chuckling over Sorcha's diary entries, and encouraging Ryan and Sorcha to follow their heart!

Thank you to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.
Profile Image for Judith Miguel.
Author 2 books15 followers
December 5, 2021
This book was absolutely lovely, sweet and romantic. Now, I need the next one in this series!
When wedding dress designer Sorcha O'Connor got stranded at the altar and went viral as #TheLeftoverBride, she lost her fiancé, her thriving business, and her dreams. Ryan Sawyer skated out of Swans Cove right out of high school to fulfil his dream: hockey. But even his own hashtag, #HockeyHottie, couldn't keep his injuries from possibly shattering his career. With the holidays and his mother's birthday coming up, Ryan's back in Swans Cove for a quick visit. And a long due reunion with his best friend and once upon a time, love, Sorcha. The woman he can´t forget.
When Sorcha's former #RunawayGroom becomes the Most Coveted Bachelor in America, virtual eyes turn to Sorcha again. This time, Ryan won't bolt—even as Sorcha blurts out on national TV that both she and Ryan are working on their so-called "Happy Lists" over the holidays…together. Will the spotlight finally work in Sorcha and Ryan's favor? Or will their past—and their hashtags—get in the way of their Happily Ever After?
I had my doubts at the beginning with the # thing, but it’s cute and just a way to understand all this new trends in life and love. Shorcha is broken. She is real, deep, resilient. Ryan is so scared about his future. Who is him without hockey? Who are they together now? Not as a kids or five year ago when they got carried away in Washington. Just now, in this small town that used to be a prison for him and now is a place to hide.
This book is deeply engaging, romantic and sexy in a sweet kind of way. There are really interesting secondary characters that deserve their HEA, an animal shelter, adorable cats, a lucky dog and a lot of Christmas spirit. I loved it. LOVE IT.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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188 reviews10 followers
December 28, 2021
2.5 stars

This is a contemporary romance, with dual perspective. This story takes place during the holiday season and follows Sorcha and Ryan. They were best friends, and each other's first loves but went their separate ways. Ryan is now back in his hometown of Swan Cove for the holiday season, trying to figure out what to do next with his hockey career when he runs into Sorcha, who is famous in her own way after she gets jilted on her wedding day, and it goes viral. Can they help each other out this holiday season and get their careers back on track and figure out what to do about all this hot chemistry that is still between them?
The premise of the story I was very excited about, it is a second chance romance with a fun holiday look and feel. I was hoping for a more lighthearted and Christmas centered story then what I got. While the writing was good, the diary entries were jumbled, and confusing at times. It definitely had a more serious tone and dealt with some trauma and miscommunications both past and present. While I do enjoy a more hard-hitting romance at times, this one missed its mark for me. There ended up being too many miscommunication moments, which felt very repetitive. I really did not care for Ryan, he came off as angry, juvenile, and manipulative. Throughout the whole story he referred to his biological father and a step father, but it was really confusing because he kept calling one pop and the other father or old man and I kept getting them mixed up for a while. This story was not for me, but I definitely think that others would enjoy picking it up.
Trigger warnings: substance abuse, parental neglect
I received this advanced ebook, via Netgalley. This review is my own honest opinion
Profile Image for Angelica Bailey.
175 reviews
January 18, 2022
This second chance romance is a perfect combination of elements from holiday romance, rom-coms, and small-town romance. It's mentioned to be a sexier and sassier cousin to Hallmark movies and I have to agree. It gives the Hallmark vibe while also giving deeper topics a spotlight as well.

When estranged childhood best friends, Sorcha and Ryan walk back into each others lives the feels they thought they buried for each other come roaring back to life. Although they aren't the same people they once were when they had been friends and romantically involved ten years prior to the present events within the story. Sorcha is a struggling designer after her being stranded at the altar went viral, and Ryan is a hockey player with enough injuries and bad press that he is close to loosing it all.

Ryan's quick visit to Swans Cove soon becomes so much more when he finds himself not wanting to leave behind the person he let walk away once before. Even though he’s supposed to lay low, he can't stop thinking about Sorcha, the redhead who knows him better than even his therapist.

When Sorcha's former runaway groom becomes the Most Coveted Bachelor in America, all virtual eyes turn to Sorcha again. But this time, Ryan doesn't bolt—even when Sorcha blurts out on national TV that both she and Ryan are working on their so-called "Happy Lists" over the holidays…together.

Will the spotlight finally work in Sorcha and Ryan's favor? Or will their past get in the way of their Happily Ever After? I absolutely loved this book, and it made me feel all the wholesome feelings that Hallmark movies always deliver. Ryan and Sorcha are truly a wonderful duo, and seeing their journey back to love together was something special. Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book.
Profile Image for Jessica.
27 reviews19 followers
November 15, 2021
I wanted to like this book, I really did. The premise behind it had me immediately interested and thinking this was going to be my next favorite read, it wasn't. I didn't hate it or dislike it really, but I didn't love it. I feel the very middle ground when it comes to describing my feelings in this book. I was expecting a second chance romcom meets sports romance given the little blurb about Ryan being in the NHL, but it wasn't that.

What I did like about the book was that it didn't brush the past issues between the characters under the rug. I also liked how connected the characters felt, their past memories were woven through the story enough that you got how important they were in one another's lives up until we met them. The characters are stubborn and spend a lot of time recognizing the feeling that they still have while talking themselves out of it because the others couldn't possibly still have those feelings.

I also enjoyed how you saw Ryan and Sorcha previous attempts at it and why it didn't work because of unwillingness to compromise or miscommunication. I like that the author addressed the moment that made Sorcha go viral and didn't just make Ethan a villain, but instead also gave him depth and reason for doing what he did.

All and All it was a cute read, and one that I look forward to seeing how the world in which these two characters progress with the upcoming books in the series. It's light-hearted and a cute one for the holidays, I think I just went in expecting something other than what I got. I'd likely reread it and might like it more.

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my review.
Profile Image for Camiskyguyreads.
47 reviews3 followers
November 16, 2021
This was a very sweet and lovely read, perfect for the holidays!

I loved our heroine, Sorcha. I felt a lot of admiration towards her throughout the story, because what she went through cannot be easy to handle. For me, I would be devastated that if 1) I was left at the altar 2) the video of that moment went viral 3) I became a meme because of it 4) I lost my business and initial dreams, I mean, knowing me I would have fallen in a hole of darkness, but even through sadness and frustration, Sorcha tried her best to stay positive, pushing herself to be better. I truly loved her and made me learn new things.

Now with Ryan, he also was facing a lot of trouble regarding her career and family, and of course the fact that his biggest desire was to reconnect with Sorcha, and I loved how he described his feelings, the longing that even made him feel like a poet (that made me smile a lot)

This a second chance contemporary romance, and the best of it is the memories both characters hold. It seems they couldn’t stop talking about the adventures they went through since they were kids and the way they discovered their own feelings and desires with one another. I really love this trope.

The only downside to me is that some parts felt a little rushed and I didn’t have enough pages to develop an even deeper connection with the characters, but other than that, I loved this book! And big shout out to Tiramisu and Fluffly Napoleon, the cutest pets. Can’t wait for Aisling’s story!

This book was provided by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review! ✨
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251 reviews3 followers
December 8, 2021
A un año de que dejaron plantada en el altar a Sorcha su vida no es lo que imagino que seria, no ha podido diseñar ni un solo vestido de novia, ya que en el internet se cree que sus vestidos dan mala suerte. Cuando empieza a hacer su lista de 31 cosas que hacer antes del 31 de diciembre, cree que las cosas no pueden estar peor cuando se encuentra con Ryan, ex novio del cual nunca dejo de estar enamorada, en el mismo lugar en donde esta teniendo su primer cita a ciegas, donde también se encuentra con su ex prometido, todo empieza a salirse de control,

Un excelente libro que te da toda la sensación de ser una película de Hallmark, divertida, linda, con un poco de drama y mucho amor. Perfecta para esta temporada navideña.

A year after Sorcha was left at the altar, her life is not what she imagine it would be, she hasn't been able to design a single wedding dress, since on the internet it is believed that her dresses are bad luck. When she begins to make her list of 31 things to do before December 31, she believes that things can't be worse when she meets Ryan, an ex-boyfriend with whom she never stopped being in love, in the same place where she is having her first blind date, where she also meets her ex-fiancé, everything starts to spiral out of control,

An excellent book that gives you all the feeling of being a Hallmark movie, fun, cute, with a bit of drama and a lot of love. Perfect for this Holiday season.

This book was provided by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review!
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745 reviews38 followers
December 26, 2021
When wedding dress designer Sorcha O'Connor got stranded at the altar and went viral as #TheLeftoverBride, she lost her fiancé, her thriving business, and her dreams. To forget the upcoming first anniversary of that fateful day, Sorcha is ticking items off her "31 Things to Do Before the 31st" list and working day and night to get her life back on track. Not on her list? Falling for her former best friend, Ryan Sawyer. Again. Ryan Sawyer skated out of Swans Cove right out of high school. Since then, he busted his ass, making sure he always had the perfect excuse to stay away: hockey. But even his own hashtag, #HockeyHottie, couldn't keep his injuries from possibly shattering his career. With the holidays and his mother's birthday coming up, Ryan's back in Swans Cove for a quick visit. Even though he��s supposed to lay low, he can't stop thinking about Sorcha, the redhead who knows him better than even his therapist.

I liked this book. I thought I would love it but I just didn't. I'm a fan of second chance love and dual POV. This book just dragged on for me. I feel like at least a third of it could have been cut out and the flow would have been better. There was a lot of descriptions and lull parts without much going on. The two main characters were supposed to be checking stuff off a bucket type list. They barely talked about it. I loved the part where they are with the animals. The sex scenes were great too. All in all, I liked it.

Thank you Netgalley for the eARC!
Profile Image for Noelle.
405 reviews6 followers
December 6, 2021
Just a heads up that Sorcha deals with OCD and anxiety and Ryan grew up with a crappy deadbeat bio dad and a stepdad that found an opioid addiction.

Childhood BFFs, Sorcha and Ryan, who occasionally were so much more, are perfect for each other. Most times all it takes is a smile/look/movement and the other instantly knows, exactly, what the other is thinking about. They seem to know each and every truth except when it comes to how they feel, emotionally, about each other. When it comes to love they both seem to be blind.

Both Sorcha and Ryan carry similar baggage, they both feel like the world, and their families, see them as a disappointment or failure, and they’re both desperate to prove that thought wrong.

The reason they haven’t really talked in a few years is that each feels that the other wasn’t there to support them when they needed them to. Such a simple misunderstanding caused a hole in each of them.

I really enjoyed this story as we get to know each character in the present as well as learn a lot about their past history together. This really played out as one of those stories where everyone, except the two main characters, knew they were meant for each other.

If you enjoy sweet second chance, small-town Christmas romances between childhood BFFs then this is the book for you! Another book is teased, at the very end, for another potential couple and I am so excited to get my hands on it when it comes out!
324 reviews
November 20, 2022
I was looking for a light easy read, and holiday romance. This book is like a Hallmark movie as an audio book. Just what I was looking for. The humor made a difference and lightened the story. First, I loved the characters. Ryan is a hockey player, or actually a soon to be ex-hockey player. The story does not focus on sports, which I appreciated. I can appreciate painting the visual image of a young, fit, athletic hockey player. #HottieHockey. Sorcha is a wedding dress designer. She was treated poorly by her ex, resulting in damage to her professional reputation and the social media tag #leftover bride. We all know social media can be brutal, and it was to her. Ryan and Sorcha have chemistry, but they keep getting in their own way. Eventually they work it out. I liked the 31 things to do before the 31st list. It reminds me of a bucket list but requires quicker action instead of one day for in the future.
Good characterization. Good story, but some areas do not flow smoothly. Sometimes it is hard to know (in audio version) if it is internal dialogue or something that is being said out loud. Narration is good.
I received a free copy of this audiobook by BookSprout, and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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989 reviews23 followers
December 1, 2021

This was a perfect book for the holiday season with the feeling of a Hallmark movie, with a little bit of spice. I love second chance romances and Sorcha and Ryan were a wonderful second chance romance. Sometimes a second chance romance seems to have the problems that broke the couple up as something that miraculously solves itself, but in this story the couple tackle and talk about what broke them up, and even more, they admit their own mistakes in the break up.

The characters and the small town were beautifully written and I really felt for Sorcha and what her family went through when she was left at the alter. The chemistry between Ryan and Sorcha was top notch and you could easily see how much they wanted and cared for each other. All the characters had great personality, including the side characters like Aisling and Ava.

If you like holiday romances, small town romances or second chance romances this would be a great book for you to try out! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.
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December 7, 2021
This book is the easy read, cute romance that I needed this festive season, and you need it too! This book had me in absolute stitches whilst also feeling all warm and fuzzy. It was just the rom-com that I needed right now. I adored the plot, characters and setting!

I loved every minute of it, particularly the fact that as a romance novel, it didn't fall into that age-old trope of one character doing something awful to the other, and then the time apart makes them realise what they missed. I am always so happy when a romance doesn't have that dreaded 'slip-up and split-up' moment.

I loved Sorcha and Ryan and found them both to be likeable characters. I was rooting for them throughout. I felt that Sorcha and Ryan were developed well, but the rest of the characters were kind of there, and were left under-developed (but the continuation of their stories in a series explains that a bit more).

The writing style was enjoyable, with the story being told from both Ryan and Sorcha's perspectives, which I adore in a romance! I also liked the Bridget Jones-esque internal monologue and diary aspects of Sorcha's POV.
This book is the cutesy romantic comedy that everyone needs in their life (it's also a little steamy here and there😏). I would highly recommend it to anyone that fancies a cute romance. I have never been happier to get to the end and find out that it is a series and I CANNOT WAIT to get stuck in.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for this eARC of The Leftover Bride, in exchange for an honest review!
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December 3, 2021
A different Second Chance, told in a different way and with a bucket list that unites the two characters and forces them to reconnect
On one hand the story flows lightly and both Ryan and Sorcha remember their past as if their bodies were living it for the first time, so light and empty of Angst that all reading is a lift to the heart
Sorcha is trying to recover from her wedding fiasco that became a viral video that marked everyone around her, her business and her family. Her ex-fiancé was declared the new bachelor and she was declared the artist whose designs are cursed
After a year when a bad situation is about to go viral, Ryan risks his delicate public image to save Sorcha from a new scandal, because when it comes to Sorcha he can't keep the rules that protect him standing
The leftover bride is the perfect book to warm hearts this time of year while also bringing awarness about ocd and anxiety issues. A sport romance that brings alot of books and romcoms up
Thanks to Elodie Nowodazkij and Victory Editing for let me this beautiful book in exchange for my honest opinion
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December 5, 2021
This was a great starter book to my December reads! If you’re a fan of second chance romcoms, you may really enjoy this one.

Sorcha and Ryan are childhood best friends separated by life’s hurdles. The moment they have a happenstance meeting in their hometown, after Ryan’s near decade absence from Swan’s Cove, they quickly fall back into their normal patterns as if time never passed.

I thoroughly enjoyed their back and forth banter; and the steaminess between them felt right for the type of relationship they had and the chemistry that you’d had to be crazy to miss. There were some secondary characters I feel could have been nixed because they felt too forced - their addition didn’t make sense to the story.

However, I wish a bit more time was spent on Sorcha’s re-entry into the design world. It felt a little brushed over how she went from “cursed fashion” to “America’s darling in fashion” with hundreds of orders on her new online store.

Overall though- it’s a cute, quick read!

I was given an ARC of this story to read; but thoughts and opinions are all my own. Thank you to @netgalley and Victory Editing for the chance to read this title.
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October 1, 2021
I adore second chance romances AND Christmas settings AND small towns, so putting them all together is gold. This book was fun and sexy, with a lot of humor sprinkled in. Plus, the adorable cover and chapter headings. So many cute, creative touches.

The premise was unique and made Sorcha instantly relatable. Thankfully, most of us will never know the pain of being #TheLeftoverBride, but we’ve all suffered setbacks and fallen into ruts.

Ryan was a bit prickly, but it’s hard not to swoon over a man who helps out with an animal shelter event.

Side note: I love, love, love pets in books.

I enjoyed seeing glimpses of the past, how Sorcha and Ryan’s previous attempts hadn’t worked because of misunderstandings or one of them being unwilling to compromise. Both of them grow a lot over the course of the book as they deal with the past to move forward together. It made me root for them to have their happily ever after.

I’m looking forward to reading the next Swans Cove book about Sorcha’s sister when it’s released in 2022.
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November 16, 2021
Thank you @netgalley for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.


I wanted to like this book. The premise behind it seemed so promising. I usually love holiday rom-coms. Even the cheesy ones. But this one left me feeling underwhelmed.

Things I liked: I liked the way the history between Ryan and Sorcha was written. There was a realistic reason for their relationship not having worked previously. I also liked that they actually had to work through their past issues. And that we got good insight into their memories and past traditions, even all the way back to childhood.

Things I didn’t like: How slow moving the story was. I also felt that the final two chapters were a bit unnecessary. I’m a fan of heat in romances, but the final intimate scene seemed totally useless. It didn’t further the story at all. There also wasn’t any real conflict at the end. No Moment where you truly think their future is being derailed again.

I think this is a cute, lighthearted read. But I may have just had greater/different expectations.
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November 8, 2021
This book was not exactly what I was expecting but was super cute. I feel like sometimes second chance romance books don’t actually deal with the original issues that broke up a couple and it really bothers me. This one didn’t just brush the conflict between the characters under the rug and I liked that.

If I were teaching a lesson about using details in your writing I would probably use an excerpt from this book. There were A LOT of details throughout. If this is something that you don’t like, you might find it distracting.

The author does a great job of showing just how connected the two main characters are by weaving in details from their memories throughout. You can really tell that they’ve been a huge part of each other’s lives and their history is deep-rooted.

The story, overall, is a good depiction of two people who have made a lot of mistakes and who have the chance to finally get it right.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
November 20, 2021
#TheLeftoverBride by Elodie Nowodazkij was such a fun holiday read in the small town in Maryland. I enjoyed Sorcha O’Connor and Ryan Sawyers story and their second chance at romance. Sorcha and Ryan have known each other since childhood and their first shot at love didn’t work out. Ryan went on with his career in hockey playing in the NHL becoming #HockeyHottie. While Sorcha was left at the altar by Nathan last year. Injuries bring Ryan home for the holidays and in the meantime Sorcha and Ryan have “lists” that need tending to. Can they find love through lists?

I enjoyed the layers of the story and building of the characters. The family members in the story all played a role and were involved in a nice telling way. Sorcha’s talent with sewing and ideas with the vintage pieces were clever and I liked that part as well. The cover of this book is perfect!

Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for giving me an ARC. While I did receive an ARC the thoughts in this review are my own.
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December 27, 2021
When I started reading this book I felt like I was watching a Hallmark movie, and I really, really love those. And second chances romance set at Christmas are one of my weakness. However, it took me way too much to finish this book because I found myself thinking it was a little repetitive. I don't know if it was the pace or the length of the book, but there was a point in the story when I felt like we were going in circles, there's a back and forth between the characters that I did not like because at first shows the angst and the emotions but then turns into a vicious cycle. They want to be with each other and then they not, because of the past, but I didn't like the way their feelings where portrayed. I did not connect with them.

Also, I am a fan of memories and switching between past and present to tell a story, but in this one I felt like it was a little too much sometimes. Like they were living in the past and in love with a past version of themselves.
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September 28, 2021
Sorcha and Ryan's Story . . .

I think one of the best things about this book is the assortment of characters we meet and how well-developed each character is. They really make the story line come alive with their great personalities and humor. Sorcha O'Connor wants her life to play out like a Hallmark movie and more. Ryan Sawyer has career aspirations and his desire for Sorcha. The secondary characters are equally important to the successful presentation of the story line. With the right amount of love, humor, and angst, will Sorcha and Ryan get the second chance they deserve? Grab your copy and see how it all plays out for them.

The story was enjoyable and kept my attention from beginning to end. Humor really makes a difference for me and the author sprinkled it liberally throughout. Well done!
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