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Mister #4

Mr. Park Lane

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I haven’t seen him in over a decade, but Joshua Luca can still get to me. And I hate it.

At twenty-nine, I’m a doctor and I’ve travelled the world, but just the thought of him has me sliding my sweaty palms down my jeans and wishing I could steady my racing heartbeat.

Joshua was an almost obsession until, at seventeen, he cost me my future. In one night, I grew up and let go of my silly crush.

My infatuation for Joshua is dead and buried. Forever.

It doesn’t matter that he’s my new flat mate.

Or that he still has that same sexy smile.

I barely notice how that, despite his billions, he’s the kindest man I know.

Or that when he touches me, a thousand tiny fireworks explode all over my body.

I’m completely over Joshua Luca.

296 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 28, 2021

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About the author

Louise Bay

52 books6,388 followers
International, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels - the kind she likes to read.

Ruined by bonk-busters and sexy mini-series of the eighties Louise loves all things sexy and romantic. There's not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn't have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!

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2,084 reviews190 followers
January 20, 2022
This is trite, juvenile and lacks constructive imagination. My least favorite Louise Bay and first DNF. 0 of 10 stars
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712 reviews122 followers
September 29, 2021

4.5 stars

𝗠𝗿. 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝗸 𝗟𝗮𝗻𝗲 is my first book by Louise Bay and the 4th in 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀. This can be read as a complete standalone and had minimal interactions with characters from the other books in the series. I would, however, go back and read the other novels now that I’ve read this one.

Hartford Kent is back in London after being away for a year at a similar version of Doctors Without Borders. Ever since Hartford was young, she’s been solely focused on work. From studying to med school and residency, Hartford ‘s hardly had time to dedicate to her social life. She’s real, genuine, super sweet and I definitely empathized with her insecurities. Unfortunately, her mother has resolved her temporary housing to be set up with none other than her first crush and brother’s best friend from childhood, Joshua Luca. The Joshua that she vowed to never let her guard down for again.

Hartford and Joshua turned out to mesh so well together. From their first meeting, Joshua noticed how Hartford was unlike anyone he’s ever met. Still, this is a slow burn as the couple needs to come to the realizations on their own.

Joshua loves his playboy lifestyle and has never wanted to settle down due to a prior traumatic event. Hartford would never give her heart away to the biggest player she’s ever met. They’re just friends. Close friends. Everyone from Josh’s friends to their meddling mothers see the connection.

I really enjoyed this heartwarming read. I love honest heroines like Hartford who put it all out there and don’t hold anything back. Joshua had some growing up to do. I wasn’t loving him in the beginning. Seeing how he grew in the end will bring a smile to your face.

I am so grateful to have received an ARC and am leaving my review voluntarily.
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1,471 reviews260 followers
September 21, 2021
Sweet n spicy! 4.5 Stars
Louise Bay writes in the billionaire genre, usually set in the UK but sometimes New York. I love the way she crafts her men because even though they are amazing in the board room they’re also amazing in the bedroom. They know how to treat a woman right!

This particular story is in the older brother’s best friend category but we are 10 to 15 years in the future. Both characters played off of each other perfectly. She had a mad crush on him as a teenager and is working hard to keep that to herself although she is pretty straightforward and honest. He has a tough time understanding his own feelings. Neither one of them wanted to admit they wanted to move forward together. You could just smack them both of them at times!

Once they start figuring out things, Bay knows how to burn up the pages. With many obstacles to overcome, they certainly managed to move forward in business and personally. Mr. Park Lane is both Sweet ‘n Spicy, with a delectable balance and blend of friends and lovers.

* copy received for review consideration
* full review - https://amidlifewife.com/mr-park-lane...
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463 reviews104 followers
November 24, 2021
*** 3.5 stars ***

Woah, took me way too long to finish it. After all, my life has become super hectic!
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2,632 reviews3,209 followers
January 4, 2023
4.5 Meant To Be Stars
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
Louise Bay has created a style of books that will take you away to a happy place. Mr. Park Lane is part of the successful Mister Series and it delivers another winner. She takes the younger sister who has had a crush on a brother's best friend, makes it 15 years later, and has her staying with him due to a broken leg.

Hartford has grown into a beautiful woman who has become a doctor who has worked with Médecins Sans Frontières, another Doctors Without Borders type in the world.
She has dedicated her life to helping others and it has made her very happy. Unfortunately, she broke her leg and now is back in London. The good news is she will be working/studying under her medical hero. The bad news is that Hartford's mother has arranged with her best friend for Hartford to stay with the man she had a crush on when she was a teen, Joshua Luca.

Hartford is used to jungles, no running water, and all sorts of challenges...she is determined to not let old crushes run amok.

Hahahahahhahahaha, Right.

Joshua is at the airport waiting for Hartford to go through customs and is actually thinking he doesn't have much of a memory of her. What he does remember are braces and gangly legs. What he sees coming out of customs is a woman who is beautiful despite a tired body, working crutches, and wearing scrubs. Hartford grew up and did it well.

Joshua arranged for Hartford to have the apartment next to his in the luxury hotel where he lives. Joshua's business is marketing and promoting luxury of all kinds. It is what he knows and has made a career of it. Money is not an issue and is the opposite of what Hartford has been living.

Upon entering this apartment, she wants to turn it down. It is too much and most importantly, too close to Joshua. The temptation will be so hard to fight.

These two enter a sort of friendship that becomes so much more. There is also another part of this story that adds a challenge. I loved how all of it was done, we learned a lot about each character and in the end was satisfied with how everything came together.
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~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
April 13, 2021
Joshua Luca Is A Very Capable Man...
Smart, Attentive, And Handles His Women...
In A Very Special Way...

His System Has Worked So Well...
In Managing His "Friends"...
His Longtime Pals Tease Him...
About The Way He Does It...

For Joshua Needs A Crutch...
To Keep Every Lady Straight In His Mind...
And The Best Way Is To Use The Days Of The Week...

It Works For Him...
As He Never Plans On Being Serious...
Tied Down To Just One Woman...

All Of This Makes Joshua Perfect...
To Be To Become A Dating Coach...
For The Younger Sister...
Of His High School Crush...

The Question Is Which One
Will Learn The Lessons...
Whose Heart Comes Into Play...

Will It Be...

Mr. Park Lane-September 28, 2021

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Author 9 books188 followers
April 24, 2022
De la saga Míster, no es el que más me ha gustado, pero he disfrutado muchísimo d Joshua y Hanfordt (sobre todo de ella, pero sshh... Qué él no se ponga celoso).

La historia tiene una subtrama sujeta con pinzas que te da qué pensar, aunque se le da más importancia en los últimos capítulos. No obstante, no deja de darme vueltas a la cabeza.

En cuanto a los protagonistas, son encantadores. Ese juego que se traen, esas citas falsas, esos besos de prueba... Son un amor. Y el grupo de amigos de Joshua es excepcional.

En general, he estado encantada con esta historia. Eso sí, con ganas de más.
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993 reviews78 followers
September 29, 2021

Louise Bay books are always my most anticipated reads and she never let me down.
Mr. Park Lane was good, the main characters pure perfection, the flowing storyline made me finish it too soon.

Hartford had to go back to London, after years spent abroad as a doctor with Médecins Sans Frontières, because she broke her leg. Joshua is the successful CEO of his AD company. Their mothers are friends and they ask Joshua to share his apartment with Hartford while she settle in the big city again. They knew one another when they were young but they haven't met for a long time so they start a brand new friendship, that maybe it will become something more.

Hartford and Joshua are opposites but deep down they are more alike than they know. Hartford is not good at socializing, while Joshua is a social animal but they are both scared to suffer for love again so the first puts all of herself into working and the latter goes out with a different woman every night. I adored their easy friendship, they can laugh and talk about anything with one another, non to mention their chemistry that made me blush at times. They are so genuine I rooted for them from start to end.

I recommend it,you'll enjoy it all the way through!

Copy kindly provided by the Publisher/Author.

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267 reviews43 followers
August 1, 2022
3,5. La primera parte bastante sosa, la segunda mucho mejor. Aun así, creo que es de los libros más flojillos de esta saga, no he conseguido conectar del todo con los personajes y me ha parecido todo muy apresurado.
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779 reviews12 followers
September 22, 2021
What an adorable book.

This series is so amazing and I love these guys even more with each book.
First of all, I love the guys' friendship and how loyal they are. The same goes for their ladies and how sweet and embracing they are toward Hartford.

Joshua and Hartford have known each other for years, but haven't interacted in about a decade.
After harboring a huge, unriquited infatuation over Joshua for so long in her teen years (and, on some level, paying for that), Hartford is once again around his orbit trying so hard to not let old feelings resurface.
But truth be told, they're both different now for so many reasons.

I loved how unapologetically herself Hartford was. She's passionate, driven, genuine and so laid back. She acknowledges her weaknesses and vulnerabilities with truth and grace and that made her such a strong heroine. It was impossible not to love her.
She was straightfoward about her feelings and dreams, her desires and needs, and that was so refreshing.

Joshua definitely embraced his single status. But more than loving his playboy kind of life, he was actually wary and putting up walls around his heart, albeit unbeknownst to himself, after being badly burned in the past.
Behind his walls, he was caring, loyal and so willing to give.

They were exctacly what the doctor ordered for each other (pun intended).
Joshua helped bring Hartford out of her shell and be more comfortable around other people. Hartford showed Joshua that it was okay, healthy even, to let people in and be vulnerable.
Together, they both learned that some feelings are better when aknowledged and tended to.

Their friendship was genuine, honest and enticing and their chemistry was so blazing. Being together was the only logical result that could come out of that equation.
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840 reviews34 followers
November 20, 2022

Wenn dein Teenagerschwarm dein neuer Mitbewohner ist

Als Ärztin Hartford Kent aus einem Auslandseinsatz zurück nach London kommt, braucht sie dringend eine Wohnung. Dass ihre Eltern sie im Luxusapartment von Joshua Luca einquartieren, gehörte allerdings so gar nicht zu ihrem Plan. Als Teenager war der beste Freund ihres Bruders der Traum ihrer schlaflosen Nächte. Bis ein schlimmer Unfall sie ihre Zukunft kostete und sie ihr altes Leben – und Joshua – hinter sich lassen musste. Ihre Gefühle für ihn sind Geschichte. Dass der mittlerweile millionenschwere Geschäftsmann ihr neuer Mitbewohner ist, macht keinen Unterschied. Oder dass er immer noch dieses charmante Lächeln besitzt. Hartford ist komplett über ihn hinweg. Oder doch nicht?
Quelle: luebbe.de


Mit neunundzwanzig Jahren hatte ich als Ärztin einige der trostlosesten Orte der Welt bereist und dort gearbeitet, aber allein der Gedanke an Joshua Luca ließ mich meine schwitzigen Handflächen an meiner Jeans abwischen und wünschen, ich bekäme meinen rasenden Herzschlag unter Kontrolle.

Das Cover gefällt mir gut, ich bin ein Fan von Männern in Anzügen ohne Gesicht auf Covern, also war es klar, dass ich mir dieses Buch genauer anschauen würde.

Der Schreibstil der Autorin war wirklich super zu lesen. Man liest das Buch aus Sicht von Joshua und Hartford, wodurch man beide besser kenn lernen kann. Es gab immer wieder witzige Szenen, die nicht zu gewollt geschrieben waren und die mich zum Schmunzeln gebracht haben.

Zu Beginn lernt man Hartford kennen, die zurück nach London kommt und bei Joshua einziehen soll, bis sie etwas Eigenes gefunden hat. Joshua ist ihr Schwarm aus Teenie-Jahren und als sie ihn sieht, muss sie ihr Abwehrschild hochfahren.

Der Einstieg in das Buch ist mir sehr leicht gefallen, was vor allem an den Charakteren und dem Schreibstil liegt. Eigentlich hatte ich erwartet, dass Joshua ein richtig arschiger CEO oder sowas ist, aber dabei ist er ein netter Kerl, der die Arbeit auch mal ruhen lassen kann. Das hat ihn mir sofort sympathisch gemacht und Hartford mit ihrer offenen und freundlichen Art machte es mir ebenso leicht sie sofort zu mögen. Ich war also gespannt, was sich da zwischen den beiden noch entwickeln würde.

Hartford ist Ärztin und war jetzt lange im Ausland. Durch einen Unfall wurde sie nach Hause geschickt und fängt nun in London in einem Krankenhaus an. Ihre Begeisterung für ihren Job fand ich toll, obwohl sie ein typischer Workaholic ist. Ich hätte gerne noch mehr von ihrem Arbeitsalltag gelesen, so bekommt man hauptsächlich Gespräche mit ihrem Chef. Hartford wird als hübsch, aber nicht wie ein Model beschrieben, ich habe sie mir immer wie eine normale, schöne Frau vorgestellt.

Joshua hat mich positiv überrascht. Er ist bei weitem kein Bad Boy und sobald Hartford gegenüber von ihm einzog hat er auch alle Bettgeschichten eingestellt. Zwar merkt man, dass er nicht bereit für eine Beziehung ist und noch Wunden aus der Vergangenheit hat, aber trotzdem ist er lieb zu Hartford und kümmert sich um sie. Obwohl er eine Firma leitet geht er ganz normal mit seinen Angestellten um und bemüht sich, dass sie alle ihre Jobs behalten, außerdem ist er nicht nur auf Profit aus. Sein Charakter hat mir sehr gut gefallen.

Die Geschichte hat mir richtig gut gefallen. Die Liebesbeziehung zwischen den beiden entwickelt sich eher langsam, obwohl von Hartford schon vorher Gefühle da waren. Sie drängt sich Joshua nicht auf und möchte wirklich nur eine gute Freundschaft mit ihm. Bei ihm kommen die Gefühle erst langsam und ich fands richtig schön zu lesen, wie er sich immer mehr in Hartford verliebt hat.

Man kann sehr schnell erahnen, was das Drama am Ende sein wird. Hartford kämpft mir ihrem Chef gegen die Zulassung eines Medikaments und Joshua bereitet einen Marketing-Pitch für ein neues Medikament vor. Ist offensichtlich, aber ich finde, dass das alles sehr gut gepasst hat und es wurde auch nicht überdramatisiert. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass sich so eine Szene auch im echten Leben abspielen kann. Das Wichtigste aber ist, dass die beiden miteinander reden, vielleicht nicht immer sofort, aber sie sprechen über ihre Probleme und das passiert ganz ruhig und ohne Geschrei. Ich bin wirklich ein Fan von sowas.

Da dies der vierte Teil einer Reihe ist, wird man eventuell leicht zu den Vorgängern gespoilert, aber ich kannte die anderen Teile nicht und fand es voll ok. Zwar habe ich Joshuas Freunde immer verwechselt, aber das ist nicht so schlimm.

Mich hat das Buch positiv überrascht, denn Joshua und Hartford kleben nicht aneinander, machen auch noch andere Sachen und kommen dann am Abend immer zusammen, da sie Nachbarn sind. Der gesamte Aufbau des Buches war einfach toll und jetzt habe ich richtig Lust auf die anderen Teile der Reihe!


Ich kannte schon andere Bücher die Autorin, die mir oft zu viel waren, aber hier hatte ich wirklich viel Spaß beim Lesen und als ich fertig war, sind die restlichen Teile der Reihe erstmal auf meine Wunschliste gewandert. Joshua und Hartford sind herrlich und ich mochte es echt gerne. Zwar war schnell klar, welches Drama sich am Ende abspielen würde, aber es hat alles so gut gepasst und war gar nicht übertrieben. Ich gebe dem Buch 5 Sterne.
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803 reviews16 followers
May 3, 2022
La historia de Joshua es la cuarta que leo de esta serie (MISTER) de la autora y aunque me ha gustado, es la que menos me ha enganchado de todas.
Se supone que cuando Joshua instala a Hartford en el apartamento de al lado suyo para complacer a su madre, solo va a ser su vecina durante un tiempo, pero claro, con lo que no contaba es con que la atracción que iba a surgir entre ellos lo iba a obligar incluso a plantearse seriamente su decisión de no volver a comprometerse seriamente con nadie, jamás.
Joshua es el amor platónico de Hartford desde niña, pero lleva muchos años sin pensar en él, porque cree que ese amor ha sido una mala influencia en su vida.
Ahora empiezan a convivir y sin darse cuenta inician un coqueteo con ese juego de citas falsas y besos de prueba que los llevaran hacia donde ninguno de los dos quiere acercarse.
Ambos tienen un pasado que superar pero ella me ha encantado como es: íntegra, luchadora, positiva y con una personalidad forjada a base de luchar contra lo sucedido en el pasado
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6,893 reviews818 followers
October 1, 2021
I adored Mr. Park Lane by Louise Bay; it was the perfect balance of sweet and sexy as two people who had known each other as children and teens, form a friendship and more all while getting to know the people they’ve become in the ten years since they’ve seen each other.

We’ve seen Joshua Luca in the previous books in this series and know his stance on committed relationships and marriage, not going to happen after being left at the altar. Joshua is a successful business owner of a luxury brand advertising and marketing firm. He loves his work and he has a lot of people in his employ. He also has been told by his mother that he’ll be hosting his childhood best friend’s younger sister, Dr. Hartford Kent as she returns from working for Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) and begins her new job in London. At first Joshua is a bit guarded but he finds Hartford so refreshing that he’s drawn to her and we really begin to see that Joshua is thoughtful, generous, and really listens to her. While at times he was a bit dense and he was the king of mixed messages, he has a good heart and he showed it over and over.

I loved Hartford; she was unassuming, relatable, unfiltered, and just so damn real. As a teen she had a huge crush on Joshua one that made her make a mistake that cost her dream of becoming a professional ballerina. She vows not to lose herself in the idea of Joshua again, but he draws her in time and time again. Hartford had no balance in her life; she was all work and her new boss has made it known that she will be expected to report to him every two weeks on what she’s doing outside of work. Soon she’s drawing Joshua into her extracurricular activities and he begins to realize how much he enjoys her company.

I loved how they fell into an easy friendship all while learning more about each other and forming a strong bond. The chemistry between them was undeniable and it was easy to see their connection when they acted on it. There were some twists and turns in their journey to their happily ever after; they were both working on opposite sides of a project that was important to them both and had no idea due to the confidentiality of it. Both were afraid of getting in too deep with one another and while that was for different reasons their fears were still there and they had lived very different lifestyles. However, they also proved to be very good at communicating and compromising.

We see a bit from Joshua’s core group of friends and their significant others in this book which is always a treat. I was a bit surprised given how close Joshua and Hartford’s mothers were, I was surprised we didn’t hear or see anything from them.

Mr. Park Lane was a fantastic, low drama romance which I appreciated greatly. I loved how developed these characters were and how despite their differences they found so much common ground and also helped each other to see the world a bit differently. Well done Louise, I loved this one!

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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Author 47 books2,894 followers
September 29, 2021
Five dazzling stars for the most delicious love story of the year! Mr. Park Lane crackles with toe-curling chemistry, fun banter, and Bay’s razor-sharp insight into the heart. I devoured it in one night and collapsed in a heap of pure pleasure. Loved this one!!!
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351 reviews14 followers
September 14, 2021
There are not enough words for how much I loved Joshua and Hartford! I absolutely loved Hartford in how she was so unapologetically herself, but also showed her softer side. She was a force to be reckoned with, and only someone like Joshua could have taken her on! Joshua was the perfect, swoony man for her! I loved the kind and compassionate person he was with Hartford and how she brought him out of his shell. These two together were so perfect together! Their growth was so natural, and I loved seeing them kick ass separately, but come together too!
This book just brings out so many emotions in me, and I love it! I read it in one sitting, I couldn't put it down! Another knockout by Louise Bay in the Mister series, and I loved getting to see our old favorites! A brilliant book!
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532 reviews119 followers
September 28, 2021
Mr. Park Lane is the fourth book in a series of wealthy, witty, sexy British “mates” who each find love in London. I found it very clever of the author to name each book after the affluent area where the individual hero lives. I live in the U.S. and really enjoy learning about European culture, and this author’s brilliant words always take me away and into their world.

In Mr. Park Lane, Joshua Lucas is a successful business owner of a marketing/advertising firm, Luca Brands, with mostly luxury brands as their cliental. At the request of his mother, he selflessly agrees to host his best friend from high school’s younger sister, Dr. Hartford Kent, as she returns to London after a multi-year stint in the Middle East with Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders).

He only remembers bits and pieces of her as a child, but the very grown-up doctor with a broken leg before him is naturally beautiful and unlike any woman he’s ever met. He had his heart broken long ago, and enjoys his professional life, hanging out with the guys, and no-string hook-ups, but meeting Hartford changes everything.

Hartford is so kind, relatable, and unpretentious. She has been sleeping on a dirt floor and only owns the clothes in her backpack, and is excited to start a new job as a Pediatrician, as working with children and helping others is her passion. Her lifestyle is vastly different from the one lived by Joshua, her childhood crush, and she is grateful for his hospitality until she can find a place of her own.

What I loved about this book is how easily they fell into a friendship and genuinely enjoyed spending time together. They had so much in common like their sense of humor, strong work ethic, family/friend values, and moral code. Hartford no doubt was awkward in her personal life, but he found every little thing about her adorable. I loved how she pulled him out of his routine and comfort zone, and wasn’t shy asking for help or his companionship.

I admired Hartford right from the beginning because even though she put her heart at risk, she shared with him very personal information about her life, and how she felt about him several times, not just now, but over the years. She was very candid, and my heart hurt for her when he didn’t reciprocate :(

Joshua was generous and thoughtful, and planned some of the sweetest dates, but often sent our girl mixed messages. There were several times I wanted to smack him...like when he kept setting her up on dates with other men, didn't share his feelings, and was fixated on taking a bath. Hartford was strong and I admired how she knew her self-worth and wouldn’t settle for less than she deserved.

With the interference and encouragement of his often-comical friends (who were featured in the previous books in this series), he learns a little too late just how very special Hartford is and how much he misses having her in his daily life. But as every true hero should, he has tremendous character growth and will not let you down!

There are many layers to this story including a project they unknowingly are working on independently at each of their jobs, which will have a profound effect on the children of the world. I was super impressed at the author’s knowledge of this subject and was engaged the entire time. I especially liked the doctor-mentor, and felt he was a great role model for both of them.

This was no easy going for Joshua and Hartford; there were many twists and turns and obstacles, as these two had to do a lot of self-reflection and communicating before committing to one another. I am so pleased that the story ended exactly as I had hoped, with Joshua making the biggest grand gesture of all, risking his business to do the right thing, and winning the heart of the woman he loved (of course there is a HEA because this is a ROMANCE!)

Each book in this series can be read as a standalone or out of order. Right now, Mr. Mayfair featuring Beck and Stella is FREE! Then be sure to read Dexter and Hollie’s love affair in Mr. Knightsbridge, and how Gabriel and Autumn meet in Mr. Smithfield, so you can get to know all of these wonderful couples.
Profile Image for maggieandteddy.
1,021 reviews121 followers
January 18, 2022
I love Hartford and I love Joshua. I love them together. They did take a while to realize it. Or that the other realized it. Does that make sense. Hartford had a crush on Joshua since she was 17 y/o and he was her older brother's good friend.
Years later, Hartford's all grown up .
Hartford's back with no place to stay. Joshua gallantly rents a place for her next to his
Force proximity?! Yes, please.
This is a slow burn. The building attraction had me glued. Shane East and Saskia Maarleveld narrate this beautifully. I've listened to each audio book in this series.
I wish their mutual attraction could have been discussed a little earlier.
Joshua's friends are the main characters in the previous books. They really help Joshua realize his attraction to get his act together.
I'm looking forward to the next book!
Profile Image for Caroline F.
2,062 reviews29 followers
September 28, 2021
Gah! I love this series so much! Joshua and Hartford’s story was gorgeous, sexy, and humorous.

”If I could handle treating sick kids on folding beds in searing heat, I could handle Joshua Luca. No. Big. Deal.”

Hartford Kent is back in England after spending years abroad with Médecins Sans Frontières. She’s got a new job to go to, although no place to live, until her interfering mother organises for her to stay with an old childhood friend. Well, ‘friend’ is a fairly loose term for the beautiful young man she was obsessed with as a teenager. She’s spent years suppressing her feelings and she’s dreading being back in his orbit. However, she pulls up her big girl’s pants and is determined to keep her ‘forcefield’ in place, but that pesky dimple of his tests her strength.

”I don’t like surprises. But everything about Hartford’s high cheekbones, full pink lips, and very grown-up body had knocked me off my feet.”

Joshua Luca was dreading having someone living in his space until he saw Hartford again. No longer the awkward, scowling girl with braces and a massive bun, but an undeniably beautiful and interesting young woman. Alarm bells ring for him from the moment he set eyes on her and, as the days and weeks pass, he was right to be wary, as she evokes feelings in him that he hasn’t felt in a long time.

”The urge to pull the door from its hinges and wrap my arms around her was close to overwhelming. I just wanted hold her.”

I adored this story with all the chemistry, cake, and perfect-temperature baths! The attraction between Joshua and Hartford was immediate, even though each privately tried to tamp down their feelings. I loved how genuine and unfiltered Hartford was and, in spite of her crush on Joshua, how comfortable she felt with him. After being burnt by a previous relationship, Joshua was commitment-shy and didn’t trust easily. I adored the friendship they built between them – they had fantastic rapport and fun banter. When they took that first tentative step across the line, wowsers! Gotta say that that first kiss – which wasn’t even on the lips – was titillatingly sexy! I adored Joshua’s friendship with his best friends, and I loved how their partners welcomed Hartford into their group. I love that this author’s novels are generally feel-good and pretty hot, with just enough angst to keep things interesting, without making you dread what’s to come! Loved it!

Blog: https://readingwillingable.blogspot.c...

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/review/R3PGPL5...
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December 22, 2021
Up until now I have really enjoyed this series. But this was bloody awful and it was hard for me to find the words but the story was somewhat predictable. The heroine has always had a crush on the Hero and when she was young she did something that changed her life forever and that is a burden she has been carrying around for years. It now is time to let it go.

Hartford is difficult heroine to rate as she was mature in certain things and in others she had no flipping clue. Why didn't she just talk to Joshua? It would have made things a lot easier.

Looking forward to grumpy Andrew next.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 28, 2021
Wow, hold back all the other Mister’s, Joshua has swooped in and stole my heart!

Hartford is needing somewhere to stay in London after leaving her medical post in Yemen until she finds something more permanent and her mum sets up a place for her. It comes at a cost though, she will be staying with her old crush, who she hasn’t seen in ten years. She thought she could suppress her old feelings but seeing and living near him only intensifies them, disabling her force field.

Joshua can’t have anyone stay with him so he sets up a place for Hartford to stay next door to him. He hasn’t seen her in over ten years and barely remembers her from their childhood. When he spots her, he immediately feels a pull to her but can’t understand why and pushes it down.

Hartford’s only focus is her work at the hospital and her boss is encouraging her to adopt a better working life balance outside of work. She wants to impress him and sets about doing this, enlisting Joshua’s help.

Everyone that reads his book is going to fall head over heels for Joshua and Hartford. Not many heroines have stood out for me recently but Hartford is such a quirky character, saying what she wants - she’s hilarious, representing real women and having the biggest heart, my girl crush on her is real.

Then we have Joshua. All the stops have been pulled out creating this magnificent being. I wanted to stroke his dimple every time it appeared and you could just imagine Hartford staring at him, he was an Adonis. He has the biggest heart and talk about moves! He has them all, I swooned so bad. I also loved how he would have cake at the ready or on speed dial, ready to debrief their day.

I loved their relationship with each other, how friendly they were, how they were there for each other and how Joshua knew exactly what she was needing. There are so many great moments, the baking, the re-baking, the picnic, the baths, the cameos of previous characters, I could go on but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

This was a slow burn with a good amount of angst that kept me flicking through the pages so fast, falling for them harder each page I turned. I love this series and can’t wait to see if Louise can top Joshua ☺️.

ARC received for an honest opinion
Overall Ratings;⁣
POV - First, dual
Hero - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Heroine - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Story - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Steam - ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Chemistry - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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September 17, 2021
Joshua Luca and Hartford Kent called to my romantic soul. A long and painful journey for these two. Twists and turns, collisions that altered their course, but in the end, the ride was worth the final destination.

Joshua and Hartford had been forged together through friendship long ago.  Her recollection of the situation far clearer than his due to her teenage crush.  But then again, both were younger, still growing into the people they now were.  Joshua was still handsome and charming.  He was a success at everything in life.  Hartford was a successful doctor that had made work her only focus in life.  Time had marched on for them both.  But when fate found them sharing space and time, his interest sparked and her torch was once again reignited.

Joshua enjoyed his life the way he chose to live it. But something about Hartford called to him.  Gone was the carefree lifestyle, edging it’s way in was the promise of a full and happy tomorrow. She was changing him…
          {She scuttled inside as if she’d catch fire   if she stayed out a moment longer. When her door shut, I pulled in a deep breath. One date wasn’t going to be enough to have her see me as potential boyfriend material. But it was  enough to tell me she was the only woman I wanted.}

While Joshua was still learning the intricacies of Hartford, all of her weaknesses for Joshua were resurfacing.  His charm, appeal, and genuine desire to make others, women in particular, succumb to him were even more evident.

“This is your secret?  This is how you seduce your women? You bathe them”. 

(I love how this side of Joshua came through.)

Hartford knew anything Joshua did would be an amazing experience.  Her defenses were weakening. And that dang dimple of his was like kryptonite. It had simply strengthened over time and would be her downfall.

“Goddamn that dimple,” she said. “I should definitely excuse myself or I’m going to . . .” She narrowed her eyes as if she were trying to make sense of our ridiculous situation. Instead of finishing her sentence, she pressed her palms to either side of my face and drew me toward her lips. I closed my eyes, expecting to feel her mouth on mine, but instead she pressed a soft kiss just to the side of my mouth, where I realized that goddamn dimple must have appeared. I couldn’t help my smile, or the sharp intake of breath that rushed into my lungs when Hartford’s soft kiss turned into a gentle bite. Before I could react, she’d kissed the spot again. “I’ve been thinking about doing that for fifteen years,” she whispered, her voice gone husky. “Good night, Joshua.”

Time passed and feelings intensified, for both. Everything was better, together.  But just like the past, one moment in time changed everything.  And when that moment happened, both gave up the fight.  Question is, will both stay down for the count, or come back fighting?

This couple simply seeped into my heart. Both were unapologetically who they were. Confident and strong but still vulnerable and worthy of love if only given the chance. 
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September 28, 2021
Louise Bay shares an unrequited schoolgirl crush that unexpectedly blossoms into romance years later for a wonderful read in Mr. Park Lane.

Successful businessman and notorious playboy Joshua Lucas has avoided commitments unless they involve his work since being jilted at the altar years earlier. Hartford Kent lost her crush and dreams of a career in dance in a harsh reality check as a teenager, flash forward twelve years later and Hartford is a successful pediatrician starting a new job and crashing next door to her previous crush. With charming exchanges and an unanticipated sizzling chemistry things take off for this couple in a big and meaningful way.

Hartford was fantastically awkward and it was a joy to see her capture Joshua's heart without even realizing it. Joshua's wit and swoony interactions were the kind to leap off the pages and cause palpitations and envious sighs. Before long it became apparent to everyone but this couple that their insistence on remaining in the friend zone was doomed. Hartford and Joshua's attempts at denying the inevitable kept this story spicy and fast paced. Ms. Bay’s combination of a mental and physical attraction in this work was done very well allowing for her audience to easily get on board with this relationship.

As to be expected with this author, depth and humor fill the pages. Reluctant love is a specialty of Ms. Bay's and she brings it about in captivatingly unique ways. This author's characters are always memorable and far from ordinary or generic, offering richly devised portrayals for readers to get behind. Louise Bay brings her wonderful storytelling to the forefront in Mr. Park Lane for an exceptional read that makes an already great series that much better!

*I was given an advanced copy. All opinions expressed are my own.*
*While part of a series this book can be read as a stand alone*

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September 28, 2021
The absolute hottest of this series! I’m not sure what it was-maybe the innocence and kindness of the main female lead-but this book was just exploding with chemistry from the very beginning when Hartford arrived in London seeing Joshua for the first time after a long, long time. From there there’s so much comfort between them-it seemed so genuine that this is how amazing this author is to just make you feel you’re right there with the characters.
This was definitely a sweet read, but it went super fast for me because I couldn’t put it down. This authors writing style is just fantastic-and this book was definitely one of my favorites from her
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September 29, 2021
Another amazing book by Louise Bay. I simply adored Hartford & Joshua’s story. This one was a slow burn but once they got going, there was no stopping them! It’s the perfect brother’s best friend & friends to lovers story. I highly recommend you give it a read!
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September 28, 2021
Everyone dreads meddling moms but maybe Hartford & Joshua’s moms were on to something;)

I love a good friends to lovers story & Mr Park Lane is perfect. I takes a really good friend to be your dating coach (even if he did it for his own reasons), make drastic business moves because you have influenced him, learn how to bake and cancel his Miss Tuesday 😳.

I love that Hartford & Joshua are just as happy hanging out with each other or having a perfect picnic. They truly enjoy one another…but are timid about taking the relationship plunge.

Fave quotes:
‘Nothing passed this woman by. Thank God I was lucky enough to be the man who got to try to keep up with her. I liked the idea that when I got to the end of my life, I would have known my wife since the beginning. That we’d have lived so long in each other’s lives. No one would ever know me better.’—-I absolutely love that sentiment 💕
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September 15, 2021
I think this is my favorite book from Louise Bay yet! Hartford and Joshua were fantastic and I absolutely loved their story!

Hartford and Joshua complement each other in such a beautiful way. They are both ambitious and hardworking, and watching Joshua teach Hartford how to live a full life outside of just work was so much fun. They both brought out a lighter side of the other in this way that totally captured me from the very beginning. The chemistry between these two was palpable.

Honestly, just everything about this story was amazing. I absolutely love the friendship that Joshua and his friends have, and the integral part they play in each other’s stories is fantastic. This book deserves all the stars!!
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October 13, 2021
I haven’t seen him in over a decade, but Joshua Luca can still get to me. And I hate it.
At twenty-nine, I’m a doctor and I’ve travelled the world, but just the thought of him has me sliding my sweaty palms down my jeans and wishing I could steady my racing heartbeat. This was a very sweet slow burning romance between two very lovable characters, a teenage crush that turns into reality in adulthood. The story line was sweet, the sex was hot and the growing chemistry between the main characters was wonderful. The only problem I had with it was how she instantly thought that he did her wrong without even letting him explain after everything they had shared, I just found it a complete opposite of her personality, other than that this was a very sweet British themed romance.
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June 15, 2022
Un 4.25

Este libro me atrajo un montón por su sinopsis, pues los libros en el que dos personajes tienen que compartir piso o son vecinos me flipa.
Y este libro tiene una historia de amor tan bonita. Se va desarrollando de una manera paulatina.
He disfrutado mucho de las escenas de ambos personajes y les he cogido tanto cariño que quiero saber qué será de ellos ahora mismo
Decir que me duró un suspiro.
Sin duda muy recomendado
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