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Singers of Nevya #1

Sing the Light

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Serving the people on the ice planet of Nevya, where summer comes once every five years, Sira, the newest Cantrix healer, is charged with proving herself to the unconventional House of Bariken and overcoming its dark customs. Original.

1 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published November 1, 1995

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Louise Marley

34 books118 followers
Louise Marley, a former concert and opera singer, has published nineteen novels. As Louise Marley, she writes fantasy and science fiction, including THE TERRORISTS OF IRUSTAN and THE CHILD GODDESS. Writing as Cate Campbell, she published the historical trilogy BENEDICT HALL.

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470 reviews69 followers
December 15, 2011

Excellent. I loved the whole setting of the ice planet where summer comes around once every five years. The Singers are vital to this society because they create the only pockets of light and warmth on the planet. Marley’s descriptions of the quiru (the warmth and light bubbles) were beautiful, and I could easily imagine the Singers as they played their filla (flutes) or filhata (harps), light and warmth radiating from them and sweeping into the farthest corners of the House. Our heroine is Sira, the youngest and most gifted of the Singers at Conservatory. She earns her rank and is assigned to House Bariken to be their junior Cantrix, but is not prepared for the cultural shift between the rest of Nevya and Conservatory. The world-building here was truly great, and I have already started book 2 of the omnibus.


Good. Sira has never been in danger or been actively threatened while inside Conservatory, and the events of the novel really stretch her and change her as a character. As in many novels, she starts out naive, warmhearted, and innocent, and as the plot advances and she experiences the world, that innocence fades or is lost altogether. You get a glimpse at Sira’s thoughts fairly often, but those thoughts aren’t necessarily deep. Theo, who really isn’t present or important until the last third or so of the novel, doesn’t change much at all. He is jovial and kind, and as an itinerant Singer not trained at Conservatory, his worldview is much broader than Sira’s. Marley allows the reader a glimpse into a few more characters’ minds, like Maestra Lu and Isbel, but they are secondary and serve only to provide information about Sira. This isn’t to say they are flat characters, but they serve only as background to Sira and her role in the story. If the novel had been longer, there would have been room for deeper character development, but for the length, I thought Marley did a fine job.


Great! I really enjoyed Marley’s writing style. Everything about her writing reminds the reader that outside the (relative) safety of the quiru, a deadly ice planet lies in wait. The way she describes the music is indicative of her experience as an opera and concert singer, and I like to imagine that she had some excellent songs in her head while she was describing the Singers’ tunes.

3.5 stars for an excellent book!
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50 reviews
April 13, 2021
I adore this series. The music is beautiful. The character development is amazing, and my biggest complaint is that I don’t have anyone to gush to about it. READ IT. The sequels are 5 stars in my book and the whole thing is just BEAUTIFUL.
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2,023 reviews78 followers
October 17, 2009
On the planet of Nevya, summer happens only once every five years and those who can provide light and warmth are called Cantrixes. They work in houses to help. Sira is a new cantrix assigned to the House of Bariken. The customs of the house of Bariken are not what she really expects and she has to try to adapt. Though not everything can be adapted to.

It's interesting but not quite me, the author shows promise and I'd look for more by her.
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629 reviews4 followers
May 16, 2018
Set on a forgotten barely habitable colony world, which only survives due to various people having psi powers to create heat. It has a caste system that includes honor and lack of agency; the main character gains her strength not by surviving rape, but from causing murder/psychic trauma (in self defense); there's a love story where the pair at most touch hands.

I found the mutations of names annoying (ie Mkeal for Michael). The world has one short summer every five years, I'm not sold on how the biome adapted.

Came as a digital trilogy; I've got a hard copy of #1 somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

Overall liked by my book club.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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665 reviews
December 30, 2018
I really loved this book! The characters were amazing and the setting was so unique! Just the type of old fashioned reading I wanted. I eagerly await to read the second book in the series.
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Author 2 books2 followers
April 8, 2015
A very pretty, enjoyable fantasy read (although there are definitely possible hints of scifi as well). The plot was rather meandering and there wasn't really an overall world plot (as I am very interested in this unique setting and world I am hoping that changes in the next two books) but plenty of time was spent with the characters and the book primarily focused on their own personal growth and journeys. This aspect of Sing the Light, along with the setting and interesting magic (or maybe not magic) were my favorite things about it. Very good, but only if one enjoys a nice quiet story now and then amidst the usual sweeping, grandiose scope of fantasy/scifi books.
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358 reviews104 followers
April 21, 2011
Very pleasurable reading for me. Yes, the world-building could be more detailed and has some big holes but I love the concept of music being a source of warmth/light/power (and music being the main love interest), the issues of religious fanaticism brought up, and the challenges of how to manage the human resource of "the gift".
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132 reviews1 follower
December 21, 2020
After all these years and many re-reads, it’s still one of my favorites. It has all my hallmarks of a long cherished read: a unique and rich world that is effortlessly introduced and pleasant to revisit, three-dimensional characters that you see grow and come to care deeply for, and a dynamic plot that ebbs with quiet moments and flows with exciting adventures.
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76 reviews27 followers
December 10, 2017
I wanted a cold book to read for the holiday season and the ice planet Nevya delivered!
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