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He’s spent years as a hunter, but now he’s the one ensnared in a creature’s trap.

Ketahn did not want a mate. Fate has a different plan for him. When the queen he despises declares her intention to claim him, he retreats into the jungle.

What he finds there changes his world.

Small, delicate, and pale skinned, Ivy Foster is nothing like the females Ketahn has known. She’s not of his kind at all. Yet the moment he sees her, he knows the truth in his soul—she is his heartsthread.

And now that he has her, he won’t let anything take her away. Not the jungle, not the gods, not the queen.

Whether Ivy agrees or not, their webs are entangled. No one will ever sever those threads.
Book 1 of 3 in The Spider's Mate Trilogy.

354 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 26, 2021

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About the author

Tiffany Roberts

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Tiffany Roberts is the pseudonym for Tiffany and Robert Freund, a husband and wife writing duo. Tiffany was born and bred in Idaho, and Robert was a native of New York City before moving across the country to be with her. The two have always shared a passion for reading and writing, and it was their dream to combine their mighty powers to create the sorts of books they want to read. They write character driven sci-fi and fantasy romance, creating happily-ever-afters for the alien and unknown.

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November 25, 2021

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This book was recommended to me as part of my What the Actual Fuck Wednesday project where I seek out weird romance and erotica novels and read and review them on a weekly basis. I was initially pretty skeeved out by ENSNARED because I am a bona fide arachnophobe. I hate spiders and the idea of reading about some plucky heroine fucking one as part of her interstellar sexcapades sounded like nightmare fuel. But I made the sacrifice and prepared for everything to be spiders.

And everything was spiders. But-- surprisingly-- I did not scream or pull my hair out or run away or anything else I thought I might do. In fact... I was slowly drawn into this spider romance the same way I was drawn into Regina Abel's snake, bird, and lizard romances. Because the "spider" in this book is really more of a spider/centaur/man hybrid (at one point, the heroine refers to him as an "arachnotaur") and yes, he has a dick. But it's a retractable dick that comes out of a slit. Whoopee.

Lest you think that this is purely porn, it is not. In fact, it features one of the best developed worlds I've seen in a science fiction alien romance. The hero is a spider man creature who is part of this spider colony. Their species is actually called the "vrix" but you know, spiders. Anyway, the females are bigger and more powerful and the queen is the most powerful of all and she wants to mate with our hero, whose name is Kehtan, and she is willing to beat, bully, and blackmail him into it, whether he wants it or not (not).

The heroine, Ivy, was a colonist who was meant to go to another planet but crash-landed on this one. Her backstory is incredibly sad and actually tugged at my heart. You can tell why she was so desperate to get away and why she was willing to leave behind everything. Kehtan accidentally awakens her from her cryosleep and she (understandably) freaks out, but once she realizes he doesn't intend on eating her, they gradually reach an understanding and even start to communicate and, gasp, like each other.

So some thoughts about the book. I thought it took a LONG time to get moving and sometimes it could be really slow-paced and dense. There's a lot to cut your teeth on in this book and even though I really appreciate all the details and how much thought went into them, it affected the pacing at times. I loved the language, though, and how Ivy and Kehtan gradually start to communicate. It was done so well, and so realistically, and I was really impressed. I also really liked the heroine. I felt like people were really hard on her. I mean, you find out that everyone you know and love is probably dead AND you're face to face with a spider man AND all you have to eat is weird food and grubs that you have no idea will make you sick AND you have no clothes and no supplies AND you have to learn a new language AND you're traumatized by past shit AND also all of your friends and loved ones are dead?? Like, yeah, she whined and cried and complained-- BUT SO WOULD I. So would anyone, honestly. Really, people are so hard on heroines, am I right? If anything warrants emotional breakdown, it is this exact situation.

The romance was also really well done and kind of slow-burn (not super slow but it's not insta-love either). Kehtan kind of goes from thinking of her as a sort of pet to feeling something more for her once he realizes how sentient she is, which-- again-- makes sense. The erotic scenes were also-- decent? I found it interesting that these spider people have rope bondage as part of their mating ritual. Weirdly, it makes sense and weirdly, it was sort of hot. Until I remembered he was a spider and not just a dude who had as many arms as he has six pack muscles and then I may have freaked out a little. YAAAAAH.

Overall, this was really good. Much better than I was expecting it to be, and the cover is a really fun homage to the clinch covers of bodice-rippers of yore. I was kind of torn between a three and a four and ultimately I'm rounding down to a three just because it didn't quite hit the mark for me but it is a very high three and I'm totally reading the sequel. My God, I can't believe this author made me like spiders.

3 to 3.5 stars
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June 3, 2022
ꜰɪʀꜱᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ: ᴊᴜɴᴇ ~ ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ.❷➄
ꜱᴇᴄᴏɴᴅ ʀᴇᴀᴅ: ᴅᴇᴄᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ~ ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ.❺

not me, back here six months later, somewhat convinced that spiders are attractive … pray for my soul you guys ✋🙈

❝We are bound by a strong thread, Ivy.❞

[☟ ᴏʀɢ. ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ ☟]

ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ⋆➋➎ - ꜱᴘɪᴅᴇʀꜱ ʙᴇ ꜱᴇxʏ - ꜱᴛᴀʀꜱ 🕷

i mean ... tiffany roberts attempted to make spiders ~attractive~

👏✨😤 what a goal 👏✨😤

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August 12, 2022

I really enjoyed this it was very imaginative with some excellent world-building.
It did take me a short time to get invested mostly due to all of the unusual complicated names included but once I found my flow it was absolute magic and ever so unusual.
So before I go any further just a heads up the Alien hero in this story is a sort of giant spider type with numerous appendages web-spinning capabilities and mandibles which is sort of the reason I picked this one up.

Ketahn our hero lives out in the tangle away from his people. He’s built his nest way out in the forest away from his own kind and only returns to take his offerings and supply his mandated hunters meat portion. He hates their Queen who is obsessed with claiming him as her mate and wants nothing to do with life in his old home. Ever since the war, he’s kept to himself.
Venturing to a place other hunters avoid Ketahn falls into a pit and discovers a strange metal ruin with old unfamiliar bones.
He also finds a bizarre creature that he’s never glimpsed before suspended in a death-like sleep.
Accidentally triggering the cryogenic chamber Ivy awakes to a strange new world one she could never have imagined.

When Ivy signed up to be a colonist on a new world she never imagined the ship would crash now awake it seems like only yesterday she departed Earth for far horizons.
Naturally frightened and with a scary-looking alien spider, the only thing standing between her and death Ivy will have to put herself in this aliens care if she has any hope of surviving her harsh new reality.

There was an initial language barrier they did learn each other’s language relatively swiftly but hey ho this is fiction so that didn’t bother me too much I was able to suspend my disbelief here.
There’s also danger in the form of the dangerous landscape and also Ketahn’s own people pose a risk especially the queen herself and the females of his species are even bigger and scarier looking than the males.
This one was very slow burn but with lots of chemistry and tension and when we finally got there it was intense and super hot. I adored that claiming scene. Both Ivy and Ketahn both have to overcome their natural instincts that tell them that to want each other is wrong even when it feels so right.

This was really well written and this is book one of a trilogy and though there is still more to come and I’m excited to see how this progresses It also didn’t leave you hanging either.
I was satisfied with where we left things and I’m content to wait for the next instalment which I definitely will be reading.
This ones for all you folks that like your aliens to look like aliens and this hero is definitely one of those he’s also a complete sweetheart.

Untitled design

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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March 21, 2023
Reading this again had me cackling bc of how much I thirsted over this spider (sorry vrix) the first time around 💀💀. Who am I kidding I still am 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️.

Anyways this was still as good as I remember. The romance was still weirdly endearing and sweet as before and overall this was just a well-rounded story 💀😭 (and let's not forget abt the smut 👽🤞).

Yeah, you better look the other way 😶.

I honestly had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on in the book- but it was definitely an experience...

In case anyone was wondering what I was visualizing whilst reading- I drew some diagrams:

I have to say, I'm leaning more towards option 3. And I know we have the cover to look at, and got a description of the dude- but I just feel like mine hits different.

Can someone please take my Goodreads account away from me. No one's safe at this point.

All my Brain took away from this was: talking hairy spider x human lover = furry??

No, but I actually have no clue what just happened, but I'm kind of scared ngl 😶. Spiders were punching each other and like chomping? AND PLEASE HOW DID THEY KISS WITH HIS BIG ASS MANTELS, HUH? AND I STILL DON'T GET HOW THEY HAD-

And the cover is just sending me, Tiffany Roberts knew what they were doing, and I just couldn't help myself.

Ok, but hear me out, my man Ketahn was just 😩😩... I mean listen, I didn't expect to like the dude, he's a spider- but there was just something about him and his mantles that I couldn't resist 😶- I DONT KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.

Will I be reading the next one? Maybe. Yes, yes I will- don't question it- I'll figure out the plot at some point.
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September 26, 2022
4 ⭐️
3 🌶️

hear me out… this was actually good.

I went in expecting smut but I was very wrong. There are a couple of spicy scenes that start 82ish% in, so it was a slow burn. But, it was definitely more plot driven than anything and it was very interesting.

do I like spiders now? No. I like Ketahn, sure. But I’m still very much scared of spiders.

rtc later because I read all day and now I have to catch up on my school work😭 how do I even explain this, “sorry I forgot about my homework because I was reading spider romance” 💀😭
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980 reviews853 followers
May 4, 2023

If this had been in the adult SFF section of the bookstore—with a less erotic-looking romance cover—I would have picked it up. It has a romance plot, yeah, but it’s also absurdly detailed with a fully fleshed out world and political structure and the plot is gripping as heck. I was invested in the royal politics, ok.

I wasn’t going to put this on my Goodreads because….spider romance…. But y’all will just have to deal because it was actually extremely well done, it deserves its 4 stars, it’s well written, and frankly I debated labeling it a favorite. (Am I going insane??)

I had way too good of a time.

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2,074 reviews10.5k followers
June 10, 2021
3.5 stars! I.... never thought I’d read about a spider alien romance. And it didn’t weird me out! 😂 I genuinely enjoyed the slow burn romance between our human heroine and alien hero but I sadly wasn’t invested in the outside plot regarding alien queen, which took up a good chunk of the book. This is the first in a trilogy that follows the same couple and I’ll probably continue reading, but after the series is complete.
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June 1, 2022
*4.5* If I ever end up on an alien planet, I want Ketahn to be my world guide. He has integrity, compassion, is fiercely protective, tender and loving, and he'd make sure that you survived while also making you beautiful clothing. Not to mention the fact that he has four hands and eight eyes, all the better to hold you and stare deep into your soul with.
There was fire in his eyes. Deep, meaningful, and powerful, it spoke of a passion that transcended appearance, language, and culture, of a connection that people only dreamt of finding on this world or any other.
From the husband and wife writing duo that created one of my favorite cyborg sci-fi romances, Dustwalker these two write love stories with sea creatures, dragons, space aliens, and now, a spider man, *ahem*, I mean a Vrix.

The world building and alien words were richly written and at the beginning I felt slightly bogged down with all the info. However, I was thankful for this world building once the story took off as customs, language, and relationships started to make sense. This story contains some of my favorite tropes. Language barriers, human/alien interactions, forced survival proximity, and that initial grossed out, unattraction between the two main characters.

What makes this story shine in an ocean of cheesy monster and alien romances, is the writing. The beautiful depth of character backstory, and the genuine emotions they both express. This story has so much heart. Ivy is a wonderful h, strong and brave. Her reaction to the planet and its creatures wasn’t overly scream-y, and felt realistic to how someone would react if in that same situation. Highly recommended for fans of light sci-fi romance, and interspecies bonding.

Thanks to Twinkle for buddy reading this one with me. I had so much fun chatting with you, and my stomach still hurts from all that laughing!!

Also, Lolina’s review and original spider artwork is to blame for me picking this series up! :)

Yes, it does end on a cliffhanger, but that just means I get to read two more books about this adorable couple.
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1,263 reviews128 followers
May 31, 2021
3 'Unpopular Opinion' Stars!

This is the first book in The Spider’s Mate trilogy and features Ketahn and Ivy. Ketahn is not human...he is an alien that closely resembles a spider. Ivy is human and has landed on his planet and he saves her. Ketahn never thought to claim a mate but Ivy stirs emotions and feelings in him and he believes her to be his heartsthread. Ivy is terrified (understandably) of Ketahn at first but their bond and relationship grows the longer they are together. But not all is what it seems. The cruel Queen that rules wants Ketahn as her mate, Ketahn never planned on being a pawn in her sick rule and Ivy isn’t sure what her future looks like but wants Ketahn in ways she hasn’t fully come to terms with. Will Ketahn be able to protect Ivy from the unforgiving jungle and the Queen? Will Ivy accept her place by his side? Can Ketahn and Ivy help her fellow passengers that were on the ship that landed on the planet?

I struggled with the first 60% of this story. There was a language barrier between Ketahn and Ivy and normally that wouldn’t bother me but I found myself trying to figure out what was actually being said rather than paying attention to their romance and the plot in general. OR maybe I’m just dumb.

When I wasn’t trying to decipher what they were saying, I was skimming paragraphs because the details about things were a little drawn out and excessive. I got bored. After the 60% mark, their language barrier kind of just cleared up which seemed a bit abrupt (I know I know I was just complaining I didn’t like it) and I was stillllll waiting for some more heat between the two of them. We didn’t get any decent steam between them until closer to the 80% mark and while good, I wish there had been more sooner.

The world, while not completely fleshed out in my opinion, is promising and once I got past the 60% mark, I actually got excited about the next book in this series. I don’t like trilogies but I am hooked enough at this point to find out what happens. So overall, I didn’t love this...I didn’t hate it BUT I am intrigued enough to continue.
October 2, 2022
4.5 ⭐🐧❤️

Leave it to an author's writing prowess, raw talent, and imagination to churn out a story that turns ME, one who is terrified of spiders and all insects, one who had NEVER EVER thought a day would come when I would read a LOVE STORY with a MAN-SPIDER as the main love interest I mean what is this life?!?!?! It's awesome 🤷🤸🖖💕

Ketahn is obviously a wonderful, tender MMC with tremendous heart in everything he does for Ivy. I also adore Ivy, the FMC, she's mad amazing for surviving literally everything.
This is more of a fantasy-romance with world building, politics, and good writing than just a tinge of fantasy with a whole lot of smut. There is a lot of interactive slow burn, with some medium burn sprinkled in places for a second here and there due to Ketahn's curiosity. Smut is actually minimal but SCORCHING, probably 2 scenes after the 80% mark if I'm not wrong. But don't let that deter you. 🍆 If you're into fantasy, chances are you'll really enjoy this. If you're only here for the smut, you'll find it difficult to trudge through most of the book.

There were 2 things I didn't like about Ketahn - he could have ASKED Ivy how humans did the nasty, there was some stuff that was unrealistic and frankly pretty painful seeming, I recoiled in a place or two there. My man, just fucking ask. And the second thing is something I cannot say because it will be a spoiler daaammmnn itttt but it has to do with something that Ivy wants and even though I understand Ketahn's reasoning which is very practical and realistic it's still mean. I understand but I also can't help but feel bad. Are you confused? Well.. 🤷

‼️Now for TWs:
Please be aware that there is physical assault that's sort of sexual in nature that Ketahn faces on page in present day. There is also rape that Ivy faces, on page, from her past. There are also instances of emotional abuse, parental neglect, parental abandonment on page and from her past.
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1,737 reviews1 follower
May 27, 2021
She needed him the most, and she would not survive this world without him. He could not abandon her. He would not abandon her.

Yeah that cover reeled me right in- love me a weird monster alien story and this one didn't disappoint.


Might do a longer review later- but I will say the romance and Kethan's feelings for Ivy were...intense to say the least. Thumbs up to him for his creative craftsspidership.
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938 reviews27 followers
May 21, 2021
An unusual and fascinating story!
I was uncertain how a book about a human and a spider-like being could turn into a romance, but Tiffany Roberts has done just that. And done it well! The world-building is thorough, giving us insight into the workings of the vrix society. I enjoy the slow acquaintance and appreciation Ivy develops for Ketahn, and his fascination with this very strange being he’s discovered. The situation is volatile, as the powerful vrix queen has life-changing plans. If you enjoy sci-fi romance with oddly matched couples, this is for you. A captivating story with a HFN ending - more to come soon. I can’t wait for what’s next!
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477 reviews90 followers
September 21, 2022
I did NOT expect to love this as much as I did

Not me thinking the cover showed a big ant. I can't believe I read about a spider-like creature and loved it.

Ketahn was everything I'd want in a manspider (not to be confused with spiderman). He actively tried to accommodate to any of Ivy's needs and was fiercely loyal and protective. Ivy had a heart-of-gold and wished to save everyone. The world-building was scarily good, I was easily transported into their world. Give it time to build. 💪

Their spicy scenes were so dang hawt, I stg you need a fan blowing on you or you might overheat. The ending leads perfectly into the opening of the next book, but it does not end on a cliffy (at least from what I remember, I have yet to start the next one-but soon!). Don't be put off by what you might think of the book, give it a shot. I can promise you won't regret it.
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373 reviews433 followers
March 8, 2022
Every day I stray further from the light
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724 reviews77 followers
May 26, 2021
4.5 Stars!

**Thanks to the authors for giving me and ARC**

Okayyy phewww!!! Anyone who knows me knows I H A T E spiders...I cannot stress enough how much this book equally scared me and excited me. Excited me because of the mysteries behind Ketahn's *ahem* appendage and what that entailed for a spidery man.

This book had it all, a well rounded plot, great characters with a solid foundation and even a great romance. I love how they grew as individuals as well as together, I loved their bond and how innocent it was. They truly were friends and I loved that for them. I loved to read about their relationship and how is progressed--these characters really complimented each other.

The world building was well done but I felt that because of it happening at the beginning at the book, it slowed the pace before it could actually get started. That being said, after you pass the first 5 chapters...you're in for an amazing ride! I loved the plot and I really commend the authors with their way to tell a story.

Their writing really allowed for me to envision what the Vrix (species of Katahn) looked like and how..special appendages looked and worked. I also thought it was amazing how Tiffany and Robert created a whole species with their own culture, rituals, mating habits as well a whole language.

The amount of work that must have went into writing this story is extraordinary and I commend both Tiffany and Robert on this wonderful start to what appears to be an amazing trilogy!
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387 reviews
November 30, 2021
Human men are sooooo 2020 aren't they? Gotta admit that spiders are pushing my limit and I refuse to read a damn book about a cockroach man so don't even try that authors.

Anyway! bury me with my Kindle folks. Not cause I'm gonna be reading shit in the afterlife but because I gotta get rid of this evidence so that I'm not referred to as "horny great great great grandmother Monique who read spicy books about spidermen, minotaurs and other man-animal hybrids" by my family in 100 years time. I mean it just doesn't have the same appeal as "super rad and funny great great great grandmother Monique who owned a lot of cats and drunk a lot of wine" ya know?

Ok now the actual review (sorry lol)...

I completely forgot that Tiffany Roberts wrote one of my favourite books from last year Dustwalker which is about a robot and human female and yep, wow, I really am gonna need my accounts deleted and burned please.

This book was also great! This husband and wife writing duo really know how to world build and I loved the set up and the slow burn of this story.

I'm normally not a fan of trilogies but I think given that this world is so complex and there are a lot of things going on I'm not going to be bored by the other books and I'm really looking forward to seeing how everything turns out. Kicking myself a little bit though as I didn't realise the 3rd one wasn't out yet.

Also the spice... was so worth the wait and I'm looking forward to some more of that in the next ones.

Highly recommend if you've also been enjoying all the other crazy non human books I've been reading lately!
October 29, 2022
**5/5 stars**

First read: July 23rd, 2021 (Kindle)
Second read: October 6th, 2022 (Kindle)

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚

I remember when I was a teenager, I used to read a lot of books. Becoming an adult, not having as much time to read or the passion for it anymore, I sort of strayed from it for a while. Fast forward, during the COVID lockdown, I found my passion rekindled by eroticas (especially weird ones) I just wanted to escape reality and it ended up bringing me this new passion. Fun fact, Ensnared was one of the first books that sparked my interest for reading again, along with Broken Earth (one of my all time favorites to date) and Viper, which I'm planning to reread again to be able to review soon. Anyway! I wasn't sure what to expect from rereading Ensnared. I must say that I was a little bit worried that my first rating might've been inaccurate because at the time, reading this sort of story was a 'new experience' for me. I wasn't disappointed one bit by this second read. There is just so much thinking behind the writing of this story!

Ketahn, a Vrix (which is a sort of vaguely humanoid spider alien), was such a great character. I hate spiders, but I somehow loved him! He was the most caring, protective and sweet towards Ivy..yet, possessive and even dominating. I loved how his attraction for Ivy was gradual. If at first, he thought of her more as a companion, a friend who shared the same type of struggle, who understood him, he quickly became territorial of her. He didn't want other Vrix to know about her because she was his. I loved the switch in his behavior when he decided he wanted to conquer Ivy, no matter their differences.

“Is...there another female you're wanting as your mate?”
“There is no vrix I long to take as my nyleea”

Ivy was a sweet but brave young woman who had to go through a lot. Even if she recalled bad memories, she didn't let that rule over her new life. She was willing to learn, to adapt, to be capable on this unknown planet. The first moments she met Ketahn, she was absolutely terrified, which anyone would be! But she quickly understood that he didn't want to hurt her and that he was taking care of her.

He lowered his head so it was beside hers and turned his face into her hair. When he inhaled, a sound rolled in his chest—one part purr, one part growl, one part chirrup.

Their chemistry was really nice! Everything was done smoothly. From curiosity and exploration to friendship, companionship and mating, it just all made sense! The authors didn't rush things between them. It was strange but sweet and I loved that. I feel like the mating scene between the characters might not suit everyone because it did have a frenzy, a spider behavior twist and a slight but definitive dubcon feel to it...I personally loved that. It was different from anything I'd ever read before, it was intense, strange and hot. Not to mention the cute and funny moments they had together. A great dynamic.

There was fire in his eyes. Deep, meaningful, and powerful, it spoke of a passion that transcended appearance, language, and culture, of a connection that people only dreamt of finding on this world or any other.

Another thing that's worth pointing out: I found that some reviews were negative and complaining about the language barrier in this book... To me, it’s one of the many things I appreciated. It’s one of the strong points I vividly recalled from my first read because I thought it was so well done. It saddens me that some people don’t see the ingenuity behind it. How brilliant it is!! Too often, the authors of this kind of books go the ‘easy’ route, giving the characters a translator that solves all the communication issues. But, here? The authors decided to tackle the issue by making the characters learn from each other. Of course, the story wasn’t just about that and the learning might’ve seemed fast at times but I just have so much appreciation for authors who spend time creating a new language and making everything coherent. As a reader, I just find it so immersive.

✔️Part of a trilogy
✔️Dual POV
✔️Age gap
✔️Protective/Possessive H
✔️Strong/Sweet h
✔️No OW/OM
✔️No cheating
✔️Slow burn
🔥 Steam level: 3/5
Content warning
Trigger warning

Definitely looking forward to the next book, as this one ended on a cliffhanger. It's a book I see myself read again and again. The worldbuilding, the characters and the plot were immersive and enjoyable. Don't expect a fast paced story, but definitely expect quality. I just have nothing bad to say about it.

The Spider's Mate Trilogy
1. Ensnared - 2. Enthralled - 3. Bound
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1,874 reviews2,813 followers
May 1, 2023
Loved a reread via audiobook!

Very talented duet narration. I was completely engrossed. Can't wait for the others to release as well.

It is still a very slow build but I love these two enough to be patient.

4 stars.
2.5 on the spice scale
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1,342 reviews94 followers
January 31, 2023
Second Rating: 4.8 / 5

It just occurred to me that I've re-read this more times than I've actually recorded on Goodreads, and furthermore that all my re-reads are in fact super fast on everything.

This can only mean that I love this story, right? And that...er...well, that it deserves a full 5 stars rating, oui?

Yes, yes indeed.

Rating: 4.4 / 5

So...um...what does it say about me that I breezed through this so easily?

I mean, technically I'm reading another book right now as well, but I was in the mood for some romance as well, and I noticed that this was sitting in my Kindle library for a while, so...yeah.

I read it.

Ahem, that being said, I've always loved spiders myself, ever since reading Charlotte's Web as a child, so the "fear factor" was never really present to me. Instead, I was just curious-as-heck for how there are authors that would even think to write a story like this.

With octopi? Sure, the Japanese have that down with tentacles and The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife and whatnot, and I know that for furries and orcs and what have you, there are those out there with those fetishes as well.

Hey, I get it. Us monster lovers as children might translate this to something more "adult" once we become adults. I get it.

But still, even I thought spider-sex was a bit of a stretch. I mean, it's not like sex with Spider Man (which Ivy calls Ketahn a bunch of times, by the way), which is a totally different matter, but literally sex with what is essentially a spider alien.

I'm p-r-e-t-t-y sure this is the only book that deals with quite this type of romance, though I'm probably wrong and the internet has lots of room left for it.


Anyway, I liked it.

At its core, this is really a sweet love story, with Ketahn being a strong male vrix (spider alien) who is desired by the queen of the vrixes herself, and yet he personally hates her and therefore isolates himself from the other vrixes so that he'll be left alone. Match this with Ivy, who seems to be the only human who survived a spaceship crash on this jungle world known only as the Tangle. Ketahn finds her and brings her back to his nest...

...and so commences the development of a touching friendship first, which is only followed up by a romance afterwards.

It. Was. So. Sweet. And. Touching.

We get to read about things both from Ivy and Ketahn's point of views, which was interesting especially in how they first had to learn each others' languages in order to communicate. I liked how they first each recognized the other as an intelligent and complex being, and then both endeavoured to learn each other's languages. Like...it wasn't one-sided like just Ketahn learning English or Ivy learning his language--they both put forth an effort, and that really speaks to them as being a team.

The development of friendship and then romance was gradual and felt natural, with those sexual tension moments definitely put in there, but it's not like instant lust or love or anything like that. No, it starts out with curiosity for Ketahn and fear for Ivy, only to morph into understanding, then friendship, and then of course romance.

I just mean to say that, overall, despite an idea that many people might be turned off by, this was a really, really well-executed story, that took its time and that put forth the best effort it could go make us root for the couple.

Ended off on a bit of a cliffhanger, so of course I'll go right to reading the sequel in order to find out what happens next. Stay tuned, and all that!
July 28, 2021
Overall: 4.5 stars. A delightful slow-burn alien romance with a sweet alien hero and interesting alien culture. The spider-centaur alien man romance we never knew we needed!

Pros: First off, I reallllllly do not like spiders. I would never expect to like a hero like Ketahn, a spider centaur-man alien. However, the authors here have written a lovable, protective Tarzan-like spider-dude who was really a big sweetie. I wouldn’t say he was necessarily a “sexy alien,” but I understood the heroine, Ivy’s, physical attraction to him after the book’s slow-burn development of their emotional connection. Basically, out-of-context, spider-men are creepy; in the context of the story, he was a sweet, caring hero. I think it also helped that the book devoted the first several chapters to his POV and in developing his culture: the reader gets insight into his mind and personality as a character before really learning what he looks like from a human perspective.

The vrix (spider people) culture is actually really interesting, and I enjoyed the early scenes where Ketahn and Ivy are learning each other’s language and technologies. The way they slowly grow into friends and then lovers is lovely too. Also, this is just a very well-written book overall.

Cons: The reason this isn’t a 5 star read for me boils down to the heroine, Ivy. She comes off as fairly immature for someone who’s ventured into space as a colonist (she spends a lot of time literally shrieking about how plants and animals on Ketahn’s planet are “yucky,” gross, nasty, etc. Shouldn’t you be expecting to encounter weird alien lifeforms in this scenario??), and she does some “Too Stupid to Live” actions like peeing on herself rather than risk Ketahn see her urinate (1. He’s a spider man without human ideas of shame, and 2. Is peeing on yourself better?), wandering off when angry and almost getting eaten by a tiger monster, refusing to eat “gross” food when she’s literally starving to death, etc. Essentially, she’s really bad at survival when she signed up to be a space colonist, which presumably involves having some survival skills.

In addition, despite getting some flashbacks to character-building moments in her past, Ivy just doesn’t feel as well-developed to me as Ketahn does. Still, their relationship and his character in general are so enjoyable to read that they make up for Ivy being a weaker character.

Note: this is the first part of a trilogy, so it’s technically HFN with a cliffhanger, but I assume that it will wrap up with a HEA by the third book.

Steam Level: There’s only one extended sex scene in the last part of the book, but it’s pretty detailed and spicy.

I would never have dreamed up liking a spider-centaur alien romance, but this book was just a fun, quick, sexy read. If you like alien romances at all: give this one a try!
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December 8, 2022
Final Review (8/21/2021): 3.25 stars out 5

What to say… Tiffany Roberts almost managed to make spiders sexy but I still am not on board with the spider thing. That being said outside the arachnid issues, I loved the slow burn of the romance. It was refreshing for Ketahn and Ivy not to immediately mate. Often in these alien romances the development of a relationship feels so sudden. You meet, bam, your mates. In this one Ketahn actually goes through complex development of his understanding of Ivy and debates entering into a relationship.

Honestly, I wasn’t that invested in the conflict with the Queen. It felt so distant to the plot but I predict it will come to fore in the next novels. I hope so because it seems like an interesting society. Roberts always manages to have subtle social cues of religion in their romances that are great. Not in your face but indicates a deeper social understanding than woohoo human women falling for alien dudes. If you want to start the series I would probably recommend waiting til the last two are out to keep characters in order in your brain.
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August 9, 2021
"You're not allowed to be grumbly with me, spider man. This is your fault," Ivy muttered.
"Ketahn. No stider man."


someone on tiktok said that if you liked Ice Planet but wanted more PLOT (hello hello yes I do) than this is the one for you . . . but spiders???? as much of a monster-lover I'm realizing myself to be, even I was not sold on that part. But everything else?? The plot? Character development? World-building????? Immaculate.
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March 29, 2023
Hmm i see a lot of similarities with the Ice Planet Barbarian Series but there we a lot of different aspects as well.

I feel like I didn’t like this as much as i could of because of the low expectations i had for it. This ended up being a lot more fantasy based with a lot of world building with the smut being in the last 15%

I didn’t find any of the characters that interesting and they were kind of annoying and had no personalities.

All in all the plot was interesting because of the fantasy kingdom/ royalty but other than that, it was meh

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September 3, 2023
There's no question for me that Tiffany Roberts have a gift when it comes to their world-building and intricate characterizations. I'm still slowly working through this duo's books (their stories take time for me to read since they have depth and tend to be longer) and The Spider's Mate trilogy is probably the most recommended of theirs from what I've seen. It took some time for me to give it a try, not because of the spider element like some people (although this was my first spidery book), but because of what I knew of how the villain acted with the H. There are so many reviews on what goes down in these pages so I'm just going to focus more on my feelings. Written in third person, dual POV. No om drama, ow drama in the sense that the queen of the H's alien race has decided he will be her mate and won't accept no, and neither appeared to be virgins (the h had a trauma related to this back on Earth and unknown history for the H).

Both the H and h were likable to me. I enjoyed how the H was strong but caring towards his friends, family, and people in general. I also liked how he'd built himself a life outside of the main city. The h was so lost at first as she was rescued from a crashed ship and was disoriented and scared. But even though she wasn't able to master certain skills as she acclimated to the planet, I appreciated that she continued to work and grow, she was so resilient. I flew through this story and loved how the h and H interacted (although the H does push boundaries in unsettling ways at times cause they're alien to each other), how they overcame their language barrier, the complexities and dangers of the world, and the slow build of the romance and to the spidery steam.

I was intrigued by the H's friends and his sister, who make excellent side characters. There are some funny scenes, sweet ones, and plenty of tense moments. I did not enjoy the villain's interactions with the H (which you're not meant to of course), they made me deeply uncomfortable and from reviews, it does seem like they not only continue, but worsen to some degree in book 2. I've thought on this for a few days and I think somehow the alienness of the characters involved amplified the queen's actions for me as I was reading. The ending is a cliffhanger in that more danger is swirling around the H and h, but no one's dangling over a cliff lol. I don't know when I'll be able to continue the series, but for now, it's just not a good fit for me unfortunately. However, I completely understand why so many of my friends and other readers ate these books up and are anxious for the side characters to get their stories.
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September 16, 2021
this is a uh slow burn spider romance. so do what you will with that.
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June 10, 2022
You can say with this book I returned to my childhood, because at the age of 13-15 I loved to read alien fiction (without sex scenes). I was then interested in the description of other planets, alien life, adventure. Now I only read novels, but I'm a big fan of Marvel and DC, and in general I love films and TV shows about space, I immediately remember the TV series Firefly🥰.
I took this book out of curiosity, but in the end I could not stop until I had read it to the end. I do not perceive this book as a romance novel, my brain was not romantically excited by what happened in it. But my brain was in suspense, I was interested in what would happen next! The whole love fever flared up only towards the end, so I need a second book and maybe I will have a different opinion with it.
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