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Mason Family #5


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From USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke comes a workplace romance between a grumpy, alpha architect and his new client—who just so happens to have the blueprint to bring him to his knees.

Romance is not in Wade Mason’s portfolio.
This is tragic. It’s unfair that a man so maddeningly gorgeous—an architect with a deliciously squarish jaw, adorably dimpled chin, and the hottest black glasses that straddle the line between professional and provocative—rebukes all things love.
I knew this well before I walked into his office.
The man is a conundrum—a complicated, steel-wall of a puzzle. On one hand, he brushes against me in the conference room with a broodiness that sets me on fire. He demands in-person meetings nearly every day about the house we’re working on together. I catch him watching me out of the corner of his eye with a look that’s anything but platonic. But any talk of hook-ups, love, or relationships—even in general? Completely off the table.
I’m determined to peel back his layers until I get to the bottom of the mysterious businessman. But my plan is foiled by a surprise that leaves both of us reeling. Neither of us see it coming but it changes everything … forever.

362 pages, Paperback

Published December 10, 2021

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About the author

Adriana Locke

59 books13.3k followers
USA Today Bestselling author, Adriana Locke, writes contemporary romances about the two things she knows best—big families and small towns. Her stories are about ordinary people finding extraordinary love with the perfect combination of heart, heat, and humor.

She loves connecting with readers, fall weather, football, reading alpha heroes, everything pumpkin, and pretending to garden.

Hailing from a tiny town in the Midwest, Adriana spends her free time with her high school sweetheart (who she married over twenty-five years ago) and their four sons (who truly are her best work). Her kitchen may be a perpetual disaster, and if all else fails, there is always pizza.

Learn more at adrianalocke.com.

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Author 12 books529 followers
December 6, 2021
Adriana Locke knocked it out of the park with Resolution. This story was full of drama, angst, shock, tension, swoons, and all the feels. It is a definite must read for all who love their stories packed with all the emotions' punches.

Wade is the ideal quiet, controlling type. He's everything you want and imagine from a well-off, respectful, strong, and driven business owner. And Dara is his opposite, and a perfect match, in every way that matters. She has what it takes to knock his world off its axis, and him off his feet.

Wade and Dara are dynamite. Their chemistry and all the sexual tension ignite the fuse, and their banter and whole relationship explode out of the book and into your heart with an absolute bang.
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118 reviews39 followers
December 7, 2021
This book is the boom of the series. They way Adriana keeps the characters true to themselves is incredible! Wade was everything I wanted. He was broody.. controlling (not in a butt way).. protective.. Then there is Dara. She is hands down on of my favorite heroines of Ms Locke’s. She was bold.. assertive.. gave as good as she got.. and held her own against the broody architect. Their book had the trifecta of things.. steam, swoon and angst. I love when the strong ones crumble. Absolutely she saved the best book for last!
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1,477 reviews106 followers
December 7, 2021
Wade Mason. Bless his heart. He may quite possibly be the most complicated hero ever created. He's a question mark wrapped in an enigma and shrouded in mystery, then covered in barbs and locked up tight in a steel vault. And he's not at all prepared when Dara Alden breezes into his life with the subtlety of a tornado. He's not ready for her feisty personality and the way she calls him on his baloney and refuses to be cowed by his terse broodiness.

This one is bittersweet. I’ve loved every second with the Mason family and hate to see it come to an end, but I think we saved the best for last. I knew Wade was going to be a tricky one and he and Dara did not disappoint.

They’re seemingly complete opposites but absolutely perfect for each other, and their story is full of feels sprinkled with humor, steam, angst and family. Seeing Wade try to let go of the past so he could have a future with Dara is a beautiful thing, and Dara finally finding the family she’s never had, well, that one always makes me verklempt.

If you’ve read any of the previous Mason brothers' stories, I know you’re as eager as I was to read this one. It's so inviting and captivating that the story practically reads itself. If you’re new to these handsome southern brothers, you'll want to run to the 1-Click now. This phenomenal, charming, heartfelt story is one of my very best reads this year and one you definitely won’t want to miss!
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Author 59 books13.3k followers
June 3, 2022
Resolution is live now on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited!

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3,148 reviews1,900 followers
December 10, 2021
Amazon US * Amazon UK

I love a good grumpy hero with a perky heroine! Dara and Wade were so easy to like and I really enjoyed their interactions. I loved that Dara made Wade step out of his comfort zone and it made him much more relatable when he wasn't just being closed off and grouchy. The sexual tension between them was also off the charts and had me captivated from their first interaction just waiting to see what would happen. They gave me all the feels and their romance was definitely one of my favorites from this series.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest reviews.
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260 reviews93 followers
December 27, 2021
The Masons
Restraint- 4.5 stars
Reputation - 3.75 stars
Reckless - 3.75 stars
Relentless - 3.25 stars
>Resolution - 4 stars
*The Relationship Pact* - 4.25 stars(Larissa is a Mason cousin. Technically tRP is not part of the Masons series, but definitely connected. These are all standalones, yes. HOWEVER, there are definitely moments with previous h & H’s that are now side characters that will mean more or make better sense in order. So in terms of reading order, read after Restraint.)


~[{proof 🧾(scroll to the end)}]~😂

Wade is my favorite Mason 😍.

Now so it’s official, Holt’s been demoted to 2nd. ↖️ We knew it was only a matter of time until Wade’s book was finally being written & I got my hands on him…*cough* my hands on the book I mean 😇 (if only I could get my hands on Wade 😏😈…I’m kidding, mostly).

After a bit of release date delay, Wade Mason has finally met his match — the sunshine ☀️ to his grumpy 🤨 — Dara Alden. *Yes*, technically they met before a while back off page. BUT I think I am going to pretend it didn’t happen. Because the fact is neither of consequence nor does it elevate the story. If anything, it was a minor delay in my investment in Dara & their chemistry. As I felt a little behind in her existing opinion of Wade (he doesn’t remember her, so we get his developing opinion of her.).

I digress.

Wade — AL hit the ground running with Wade. He was consistent to what little I knew from the rest of the series(he’s supposed to be a bit mysterious) & so much of what I hoped for with a closer look(his own book). Yes, he’s broody/grumpy, controlled, practical, stubborn & often keeps to himself, but he’s also smart, creative, has a very dry sense of humor, loves his family deeply - even if their boisterous personalities irritate the hell out of him 99% of the time -, can be counted on, protective, swoony & there’s a sensitive, good man under that grumpy shell he so comfortable protects himself with.

Dara — As I mentioned above, it wasn’t so easy to connect with her at the start because of that slight feeling of being behind on her side of things & her being totally new to me(to the reader). She came across a little pushy initially. Once I had a better sense of her as it went, Dara wasn’t far off from the kind of woman I hoped for Wade. Someone to knock him off his axis, challenge him, remind him there’s more to life than his work & it’s okay to relax, but also very much accepts who he is & loves him as is.

Although it often is mine, I know this isn’t everyone’s cuppa, so FYI their sort of a bickering banter is definitely their thing, their kind of flirting really. It gave way to their common ground revealing the fragile side of themselves to each other, exposing the underbelly of what most everyone else rarely sees. Sure, their whole bickering banter thing will always be part of them, but there’s a solace they’ve found each other along the way. Resolution leans to more of slowburn compared to the rest of the series, but damn, they were hot together when the heat turned on 🔥😏. I had that hunch about Wade 😈😂.

[this little part is a bit spoiler-y, if you’re reading the app & the spoiler tag isn’t there]
Here’s where the hitch comes. The ever-popular romance 11th hour OTT push ‘n pull courtesy of

Two quick(-ish) musings before I wrap this up.
📌 Oh! and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention little Rosie & her uncle, Wade 🥰. So damn cute together! Rosie is Boone’s(Boone is Wade’s baby brother) newly adopted little girl & she has adored Wade essentially from first sight. Mystifying her new daddy & the rest of the Mason brothers — INCLUDING Wade most of all, much to his chagrin initially 😂 —. So that in mind when Wade introduces her to Dara at a family event, let’s just say Rosie is less than enthused to share HER Wade 😂🤣😂🤣.
📌 Dammit, it is SO NOT fair there’s no actual video evidence of the whole “Pony” incident…& ya know that whole sequence being fictional 😏😂.

So yeah ok, AL doesn’t quite hit Resolution out of the park, but I am still more happy with it than not. Overall I would say this wraps up another successful family series from Ms. Locke 😊. A little sad to say bye to the Masons (*hint hint* a novella of the day Wade would be a riot to see him all out of sorts 🤣😂), but my goodness the easter egg reveal in the epilogue to tease Sweet(Nate’s book, Dom(Swink hero)’s brother).

Lastly—Kudos to AL keeping all these interwoven connections straight between all of her family serieses.

(yay, finally got this review finished. I swear I keep getting sidetracked by others or distracted every time I’ve tried to turn my attention to it for days & not just with holiday stuff 🤦🏽‍♀️)
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862 reviews177 followers
December 8, 2021
Release Date: December 10th, 2021

You’ll enjoy:
✓ Grump x sunshine
✓ Sassy, feisty heroine
✓ Alpha, broody hero
✓ The wonderful Mason family
✓ A delicious slow burn
✓ Incredible banter and chemistry
✓ A little bit of angst

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨ | Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Review: Like me, if you’ve been reading and enjoying the Mason Family series, then you’ve also been incredibly curious and drawn to Wade Mason. I’ve had a few hits and misses with this series, so I told myself not to expect too much from Wade because I didn’t want to be disappointed. But oh my god, Adriana knocked it out of the park with this one. Almost like she was waiting for the best brother to deliver the best story. It’s a grump x sunshine, working together, deliciously slow burn romance that will set you and your Kindle on fire. And if you’ve been unsure about your feelings for Wade Mason so far, you’re going to LOVE him in Resolution.

As one of the best known and well-respected architects in Savannah, Wade’s always in demand. But unlike his brothers, Wade doesn’t believe that he needs to take on every job that comes his way. Wade is the definition of grouchy, grumpy and broody. He doesn’t have time for frivolous activities, he doesn’t understand the need for weddings or parties and he definitely doesn’t understand why Rosie, his niece, loves him so much. His brothers tease him about the way he is and Wade doesn’t care. He’s rough and hard to be around sometimes, but his family loves him anyway. And honestly, it’s why most readers of this series would love Wade too. Even though he’s not good at physical affection or being a ray of sunshine all the time, when it comes to his family, Wade will drop everything to be there for them. There are so many special scenes in this book that made me tear up because of how much love there is within the Mason family. They are all so beautiful together.

On the other side, Dara Alden has been handed a rough life. Raised by a single mother and ignored by her estranged father, Dara has made something of herself slowly. She’s now a popular portrait photographer and spends her time cleaning baby puke from her photography gear and craving some kind of companionship after watching all the newlyweds pose for photographs on the other side of her lens. Dara’s also got a whole lot of family drama—which I’m not gonna divulge because it plays a huge part in the story—but her grandfather wants her to hire an architect to build her a house on a plot of land that he’s bought for her. And Dara approaches Wade, because as the most sought after architect, who better to build her dream home than him? Dara’s feisty and sassy, she’s so much fun. I loved her wit and her charm, her eye for detail and the fact that nothing can bring her down. Dara might have been handed a bad set of moments in her life, but she’s overcome them to become the woman you meet in the book and she’s so fantastic.

Dara and Wade’s relationship is amazing. He’s gruff and frustrating, but that only makes Dara work harder to get under his skin. Their banter and confusing flirtation made my life. Everything about Wade draws Dara in—he’s her catnip, simply put—and while Wade keeps his secrets, thoughts and feelings close to his chest, everything about Dara gets to him too. They spar verbally through a good portion of the book, but you can see Wade soften when he’s with Dara. It’s not quick or obvious, it’s so slight and subtle, but it just goes to show that even the gruffest men in the world have a weakness. Wade might be Dara’s catnip, but she is his kryptonite and he doesn’t even realize it. He finds her insufferable and she loves making him squirm and together, they’re a match made in heaven.

Their romance is such a good slow burn that there was a moment when I felt like maybe I’d have to wait all the way till the end—and it would have been worth it. There’s lots of chemistry, sexual tension and building up of feelings before everything tips over. And even their naked scenes together are so beautifully written. Their chemistry extends to how easily they fit together in and out of bed, how smoothly their dialogue flows and how despite neither of them ever saying anything, the other always knows what’s going on.

Some amount of angst awaits you in this book, but it’s a very emotionally driven story for both Dara and Wade. And while their love story and the two characters themselves are absolutely wonderful, the scenes that broke me were the ones with the Mason family. Every single member—and their other halves, including Rosie—bring so much to the table with their distinct personalities. It was great to see all the brothers again after meeting them in their individual books. And I loved how much we got of Siggy Mason, because she is one of my favourite matriarchal characters in fiction.

With Resolution, Adriana Locke delivered an incredible story about love, about giving yourself a second chance, it’s also about familial love and building relationships. And I hope that everyone enjoys this story as much as I did!

Thanks to Adriana Locke for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

Read more of my reviews on anna reads here
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208 reviews24 followers
December 20, 2021
This one was a treat. Such a super chill and fluff read. The characters were all so endearing. <3

Dara Alden is a feisty heroine (not the annoying type), while Wade Mason is insufferable (grumpy). They’re totally opposite in the personality department but if there is one thing they have in common, it’s self-preservation. He can’t resist her charm, though, almost always finding himself wanting her company. I thought that was really cute of Wade! Hehe. I loved their chemistry; loved the slow burn. They had some conflicts but the angst was teeny-weeny. 🤏 What I absolutely adored about this book was the Mason family. They were so comforting! <3

This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the previous books and was just really curious about its rating and reviews on Amazon. Glad it did not disappoint!
Profile Image for Robin.
839 reviews4 followers
December 7, 2021
Getting to finally get a peek inside the life that is Wade Mason has been a long time coming, but he far exceeds my expectations of who he really is. We all know about the Boone Swoon, but now we have the Wade Invade, and I'm here for it! Dara was quirky, a little chaotic in the best of ways and was not going to just let Wade be Wade and their meet-cute was proof of that! This book has so many feels so be prepared to jump on this amazing roller coaster of a ride! You get more Rosie and Wade, you get all the brother feels you have been missing, and you just get the warm fuzzies all over from reading this book! If I could give it more stars I would give 10!
Profile Image for The Romantic Rush Blog.
1,622 reviews791 followers
December 12, 2021
**3.5 stars**

Adriana Locke takes us back to the lovable Mason world in Resolution, finally giving us the story of grouchy bear Wade Mason in this grumpy-sunshine romance. And, like always, the Mason family charms.

Wade has always been the more stoic, quiet member of the family- never emotional, at times a bit salty. Forced by his brothers to work with heroine Dara. And she’s his polar opposite- joyful, gleeful, cheery and bubbly, and she unsettles his balance. Perhaps she’s the one that can thaw walled up Wade. There’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye -the are secrets buried.

Overall, I enjoyed our heroines, but their romance didn’t always land for me. I felt their chemistry wasn’t quite there- perhaps because it was a slower burn and because it took a while to get answers (and then resolved far too quickly). Oddly enough, the resolution of Resolution is what made me enjoy it a little bit less- we’re hit with a lot of heavy answers, and our characters didn’t quite dig into it in a way that was really satisfying. Nonetheless, the Masons are always a favorite- and Wade and Dara are worth the read.
Profile Image for Dab.
159 reviews75 followers
May 17, 2022
I enjoyed the book, I love moody, broody nerds who fall for sunshines. I would have loved it even more to see how their relationship was developing right after they finally got together. There is a good start and then all of a sudden we skip a few weeks. But I wanted to know what happened during these weeks!

I also did not like Wade's meltdown that happened at the worst possible moment. That ruined the book for me a little. Dara deserved better, Wade and you know it!

Another thing that left me wanting more - this book closes both the Mason and the Gibson series, so I was hoping to see all Gibsons and Masons mingling at the Holt and Blaire wedding, especially since it was such a grand event. The party was exciting for other reasons, but sadly I didn't get to meet Lance Gibson 😫.

So yeah, good read but not 5 stars.
Profile Image for Erin Lewis.
4,082 reviews127 followers
December 9, 2021
5 Star Review Resolution (Mason Family Series #5) by Adriana Locke

There is something about Adriana Locke’s writing that draws me in and captivates me. From the first chapter to the last I was riveted to Wade Mason and the woman who captured his heart, Dara.

Resolution is a well written, romantic story filled with love and laughter. Wade is known as the black sheep of the Mason family, perhaps that is why I was drawn to him. He is intense, rather grumpy and is a loner. Until he meets Dara who brings light into his dark life.

I loved Dara, what a wonderful woman she is and she turns Wade’s life upside down from the moment they meet. I liked her her outlook on life and found her easy to relate to. What people don’t realize is that there is so much more to him than meets the eye.

I love small town romances and when you add in characters like Wade and Mason you are certainly in for an entertaining read. This is a little gem, I highly recommend you one click on release.
363 reviews1 follower
December 10, 2021
Well she sure saved the best for last! This book you absolutely do not want to miss. It's absolutely everything, beauty, love, family. I really loved Wade. His protectiveness truly shows in this book and I'm all for it!
Dara is the absolute best heroine for Wade! The grumpy sunshine aspect was written so beyond perfect. I loved this book so much. The fact that we get to see the brothers together so much and we learn so much more about Wade made me so happy. I have so many amazing words for this book but they truly just don't put the book to justice. It's beautiful and perfect.
I received an arc for my opinion
475 reviews
December 7, 2021
Wade and Dara's story is my favorite of the series. Wade Mason is the serious brother who doesn't do relationships. When he meets Dara, she is like a whirlwind. She's sexy, sassy, and doesn't ever back down from Wade. It's something that Wade isn't used to. She's a force he's never reckoned with and a breath of fresh air. Has Wade finally met his match? I loved this story. The push, the pull, the bromances between the brothers, and sweet Dara, the woman who has what it takes to steal Wade's heart.
Profile Image for Talula.
356 reviews
December 10, 2021

Wade and Dara were sweet an interesting couple. Both dealing feelings neither of them really dealt with. I loved the sassiness of Dara, she was exactly what Wade needed. I ABSOLUTLY adored Rosie I knew she wasn't a main character but she was just soo soo cute. Especially when she thought Dara was stealing Wade away from her. I love the family dynamic that Adriana has created with the Mason's. If you like grumpy male lead and a corky yet sassy female character then you need this!!
Profile Image for Elena.
27 reviews7 followers
November 20, 2021
I hope it's a surprise pregnancy book because seeing Wade as a dad would be the top of this series 😍😍
Profile Image for Kate.
804 reviews93 followers
January 1, 2022
Finally done with this series, and now I can be done with the author, it's just not for me, although there were some books that I enjoyed to an extent.

Random thoughts:

▶️ hero was running hot and cold all the time, it was tiring

▶️ miscommunication trope was ridiculous

▶️ I'm kind of tired of this type of angst where character A has a very specific thing that happened to them in the past, like very very specific, and then the same specific thing gets replayed in their relationship with character B

▶️ and on top of that, The Thing is the reason why they've sworn off relationship etc. etc. but then somehow they are able to overcome their trauma from said Thing in the span of one "wake-up" conversation or something....sure, I buy it 🙃🙃🙃

▶️ give me one more heroine who is adamant about not wanting, or even actually liking children for 85% of the story, and then she gets pregnant and instantly, without hesitation, without a shadow of a doubt, switches to "OF COURSE I WILL KEEP THE BABY, I will raise it on my own if need be, it's MY BABYYYY" martyr mode - give me one more heroine like that, I. Dare. You.

▶️ “I love you, Dara Alden,” he whispers. “And I want you to find someone who can take care of you.”

This is a woman who has repeated over and over again that she can take care of herself. Caring for each other in a relationship is one thing, and sentiments like above, repeated by a guy over and over again, paired with how "he FAILED to take care of her", are another. They basically make me think this is how this mans man is seeing the heroine:

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930 reviews19 followers
February 17, 2022
I’ve been waiting on this book. I mean, I feel like we all have. Wade is that really tough but to crack. I know I adored him but I wanted to know him. I wanted to really know him. And man, I fell in love with Wade. Hardcore. I couldn’t put this book down and I’m so very much in love with this incredible story!
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614 reviews12 followers
December 8, 2021
From USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke comes a workplace romance between a grumpy, alpha architect and his new client—who just so happens to have the blueprint to bring him to his knees.

Romance is not in Wade Mason’s portfolio.
This is tragic. It’s unfair that a man so maddeningly gorgeous—an architect with a deliciously squarish jaw, adorably dimpled chin, and the hottest black glasses that straddle the line between professional and provocative—rebukes all things love.
I knew this well before I walked into his office.
The man is a conundrum—a complicated, steel-wall of a puzzle. On one hand, he brushes against me in the conference room with a broodiness that sets me on fire. He demands in-person meetings nearly every day about the house we’re working on together. I catch him watching me out of the corner of his eye with a look that’s anything but platonic. But any talk of hook-ups, love, or relationships—even in general? Completely off the table.
I’m determined to peel back his layers until I get to the bottom of the mysterious businessman. But my plan is foiled by a surprise that leaves both of us reeling. Neither of us see it coming but it changes everything … forever.

I loved Dara & Wade's story. I don't have the words to describe how amazing this book is. This book will take you on an emotional journey like no other. This is my favorite book in this series. I'm not going to give anything away, so you're going to have to read it! I promise it will be worth it!!
Profile Image for Michele McMullen .
2,175 reviews60 followers
December 12, 2021
I have been impatiently waiting for Wade Mason's story and it was so much more than I could have imagined. He is a conundrum, he is distant, grumpy, standoffish and you can't help but wonder what he is thinking. He loves his family, but he is quite the loner. He doesn't date, bring women home and is a man of few words. Let's get ready to fall into the world of Wade and Dara!
Dara Alden is a walking ray of sunshine, and she is about to blind side our man Wade.
When a famous businessman reaches out to the Mason family for a favor, they have to all but bribe Wade to be involved. This man wants one of Wades famous home designs for his granddaughter. The connection would bring the family so much recognition and lay the foundation to work on so many larger projects, but Wade wants no part!
Dara and Wade have met once before in college and as they both remember she wasn't afraid to let him know what she thought then, and she certainly tells him like it is now.
He has never met a more infuriating woman that not only tests his boundaries, pushes his buttons and intrigues him all at the same time.
This couple has a wonderfully addicting slow burn that is funny, sweet, smoldering, emotional and it will rip down the walls that each one has built! I loved their fabulously fun, smart witty banter! Prepare to fall in love with Wade, Dara and watch the whole Mason crew involve themselves in their world!
~~Michele McMullen ~~
Profile Image for Shelby.
1,083 reviews663 followers
December 31, 2021
Wade is nothing like the rest of his brothers. He’s career-focused and has zero desire to settle down, let alone date. But when his new architecture client turns out to be a gorgeous, leggy brunette, he can’t help but get a little sidetracked. Dara is the exact opposite of Wade. She’s passionate, says what’s on her mind and has a heart of gold. After her mother dies and her father denounced her in his will, she’s left without family. Until her paternal grandfather offers to build Dara her dream home, which leads her to Wade.

At first Wade’s nerves are tested with Dara, but before long, his ice cold heart warms up to the woman he didn’t see coming.

Resolution by Adriana Locke is book 5 in the Mason Family series. I think this was my favorite romance in this series! Maybe tied with book 1. I love grumpy/sunshine or opposites attract romances and this definitely fit the bill for those tropes. Dara & Wade’s connection was palpable and I loved seeing Wade transform from start to finish. Great end to the series! 4/5 stars.
Profile Image for SCBookAddict.
620 reviews44 followers
December 8, 2021
This may be my favorite of Adriana Locke's to date!

First - DON'T READ THE SPOILERS! It will ruin the magic.

This story will make you believe in love again. It's raw, it's emotional, it's sexy, and it's perfect!

Fair warning - This one will sucker punch you with emotions when you're least expecting it.

The event held at Bartholomew Gardens was pure perfection. The scenes Adriana Locke painted were absolutely beautiful and magical with everything that happened.

I will say there was one part of the story that was going to make or break it for me and that part... was Rosie's reaction to Wade's lady. If you've been following this series, then you know how Rosie feels about Wade. (Adriana met my expectations by the way!)

Adriana saved the best for last and you can tell she poured her heart out in this one.
December 10, 2021
Well I’ll be darn, Wade just took top spot of the Mason men like it was nothing! This quiet, broody, I do my own thing man just stole my heart!

I absolutely LOVED Wade and Dara! This story was the perfect ending to another amazing family! I love how beautifully Adriana writes and how she creates these big, larger than life families that you can’t help but connect with! I also love how she links former characters/families to new stories! Just makes you feel like you’re part of one huge family!!

Wade and Dara though are out of this world amazing! This story was so hilarious and by the end of the book you will need tissues because omg some very beautiful moments!

Get ready for the read of the year with this one!
784 reviews12 followers
December 11, 2021
Wade has been my favorite Mason from book one. Like Dara says, he’s my catnip. I love a grumpy hero. I love that he has a dry sense of humor. It’s my favorite. I just wanted to give Dara a hug, and I’m not a hugger. The whole family dynamics in these books are great. You feel like you’re part of the family. Spicy time heats up about 60% in.
Now let me get to the important part of this review. Wade and Rosie are everything that is good in this world. Rosie’s jealousy of Dara is fantastic. I don’t see Dara ever winning Rosie over. Wade’s book being last was definitely worth the wait.
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2,046 reviews298 followers
December 10, 2021
If you worship grumpy hero and sunshine heroine trope, Resolution by Adriana Locke is like heaven for you! Wade and Dara definitely had an eventful and heartaching journey. Mason family magic is here in full force.
Wade Mason, the level headed genius architect of Mason family has always been the silent brooding one. He is uncomfortable with showing his love and happiness. And he is certainly not happy when his brothers make him take a project with Dara Alden, granddaughter of another business tycoon they have been trying to get into business with. But Dara is nothing like he expected. Cheerful. Feisty. Spontaneous. Sweet. Will she break his wall? Or will Wade's past break them?
Wade is perfect if you love brooding, witty, adoringly sarcastic alpha heroes. The perfect balance of brain and muscles. But he has been broken forever and even his loving loud amazing family couldn't break through his barriers. Dara was unexpected and she caught him off guard. She didn't have a big caring family like him and she is starving for love. Her grandfather has welcomed into his family just recently but she feels it is forced. And Wade makes her forget all complex situations. He fascinated her and intrigued her and make her push him. She is a photographer and she feels connected to him. Their interaction was initially stiff and odd but slowly Wade opened up. The chemistry was definitely there and it was an amazing slow burn. The last 30% made me an emotional wreck and the ending teared me up. That one less star is because of the pace. It started strong and then slowed down a lot and I wanted to skip pages but then it picked up speed and went a little bit too fast for me. I would have liked to see a little bit more time exploring the issues when the secrets came out. It just resolved so easily in the end. But I loved it overall and you should definitely take a chance on Wade and Dara.

I reviewed an early copy voluntarily
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December 10, 2021
This is a story that is certainly worthy of a five star plus review and it’s one of my top reads of the year. This is Wade Mason and Dara the woman who managed to penetrate his steel hearts journey.
Wade is the black sheep of the Mason family, he is not interested in a relationship or settling down, he is grumpy, broody and a bit stand offish but his worlds about to be turned upside down by a woman who is supposed to be a client.
Dara is bright and light to his darkness and from the moment they meet she gets him feeling things, she gets him wanting her and she draws him out of the shell he has built around himself. So what happens when the man who has always been a loner starts to crave company …….
Resolution touched me on so many levels, I love the Mason family and Dara is another woman who steals the heart of one of the brothers when they least expect it. This family have become friends and I love catching up with them but this story was a very special read and it’s going to stay with me long after reading the final words. I laughed, I swooned, I sighed and at times I held my breath as I joined Wade and Dara on their journey. I fell hard and fast for the grumpy Wade, I adored Dara and I would love her as a friend. Ms Locke has given us one of the best reads of the year with Resolution, you will be captivated and you will find it hard to put this book down so I guess all that’s left to say is please one click this gem you won’t be disappointed.
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December 9, 2021
(ARC Review) This is the final book in the Mason Family series and it’s the one I’ve been most looking forward to!

Wade Mason is the quiet, broody brother but also the one the whole Mason family can turn to if they need help. He’s an extremely busy architect, so he doesn’t appreciate it when his brothers guilt him into taking on a new client, one with connections that could help the Mason family business.

Dara is his opposite in every way, where he is grumpy she is sunshine. Where he is quiet and reserved, she is chatty and expressive. The two grow closer, to Wade’s chagrin, as they work on designing a house for her.

He was extremely guarded and I loved how Dara pushed him to open up, even if it was just to annoy him. There was excellent tension that built between them as the story progressed, and it was super hot when they gave into it.

There was also a fair bit of emotion, I think this was the angstiest of the series and I loved it. I love the Mason family, I love the relationship between the brothers, I love their mother, I just love it all and am sad the series is ending but look forward to the next series hinted at in this one!
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December 8, 2021
The saying “Good things come to those who wait” could never be more true! I have wanted Wade’s story since Restraint, I mean what is better than a smart, sexy, brooding man?

Wade is set in his ways, is he happy, not really but he’s come to terms with how his life is until Dara walks in the room. She challenges everything that he knows and is comfortable with, watching him realize what he thought was a decent life is now somewhat lacking and watching the changes in him because of her is what romance is all about.

Adriana Locke has done what she does so well, and I honestly don’t know how she keeps doing it, but what we have here is a story about two people who need nothing more in life but each other and watching them come to terms with that, accept it and watch their relationship flourish will do nothing except make you just be in the best mood ever.

This is the last book in the Mason family series, and honestly it is a must read, each brother will grab at your heart and not let go!

1) Restraint (Holt & Blaire)
2) Reputation (Coy & Bellamy)
3) Reckless (Boone & Jaxi)
4) Relentless (Oliver & Shaye)
5) Resolution (Wade & Dara)

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December 8, 2021
Holy. Book. Hangover.

When Adriana Locke started the Mason series, there was immediately this need to know Wade’s story. The buildup was intense and not just for Wade, but for so many other pieces that needed to fall into place at the conclusion of this book. There was more pressure to know his secrets, pressure for him to find happiness and pressure to have the perfect resolution.

Simply, Adriana delivered and then some.

‘It’s wildly reckless yet dizzyingly controlled at the same time.’

Wade and Dara are this constant ebb and flow of power, intimacy and wit. They have this beautiful kind of checks and balances that’s imbedded into their dynamic. It allows them to push each other while still maintaining respect and a unique sense of compassion.

‘I’m not going to be able to feel the way I felt before I knew what it was like being inside you.’

This book is absolutely everything. It’s steamy and full of heart. It’s redemption and love and mind blowing satisfaction. Congratulations Adriana, you’ve delivered perfection in Wade and Dara.

I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.
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December 8, 2021
“I don’t think I can go back to not knowing what you feel like against me.”

Resolution is my absolute favorite book in the Mason brothers series. It is SO GOOD!!!! Wade and Dara are everything.

Both Wade and Dara have painful pasts that have caused them to guard their hearts although they express it in different ways. Wade is no-nonsense and standoffish while Dara is open and friendly, but underneath they are both scared to give up control to another. Watching them work through their issues will tear at your heart.

“I think she’s burrowed into my soul and will never let go.”

I loved these two together so much. Their banter was on fire and the chemistry between them was smoking. Add in the heartfelt emotions and painful, messy angst and you have PERFECTION!!

I devoured this story and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Resolution was worth the wait! While I’m sad to read about the last of the Mason brothers, I’m so excited about what comes next!!
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