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She’d do anything to find her daughter - even make a bargain with a beast.

Leia wants nothing to do with the aliens who invaded Earth. They’re powerful, dangerous creatures who are a threat to every surviving human, especially women like her.

When alien raiders take her daughter, she’s left with only one chance to see her again. Find one of the aliens and offer him a deal.

She never expected the beast she found would be the new Overseer’s personal bodyguard. And she never imagined what would happen when she agreed to be claimed by an alien warrior named Var...

He came to this planet as a conqueror - only to find a female who brought him to his knees.

Var’s orders were simple. Deal with a rogue warrior and protect the inhabitants of a human village. Then she ran into view...

Leia isn’t like any female he’s ever seen. She defies and confounds him, but there’s no mistaking what she is… his.

This series contains hot, growly aliens on a mission to find their mates - and a group of women determined to free their planet... and themselves.

156 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 27, 2021

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About the author

Mina Carter

260 books2,202 followers
Mina Carter is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of romance in many genres. She lives in the UK with her husband, daughter, a puppy who pays no attention to her whatsoever, and a bossy cat.

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April 27, 2021
Hot Alpha Deliciousness!!

What a great start to this new Omegaverse series by Mina Carter and Susan Hayes. This pushed all my buttons. As I've stated in reviews before, I may have a weakness for a hardened vicious alpha who only has any tenderness for his omega; and let me tell you, Var was a very delicious example of this.

The Tolath came and conquered Earth, setting off a DNA bomb which triggered the humans change into betas and omegas. The first clan that came, the L'crav, they were monsters that just pillaged, raped, and murdered humans. So the surviving omegas went into hiding. For the last 20 years the H'thor, a different clan, are in charge after routing out the bad guys. They think that there are only a few omegas left, and that's why they can't find any. They don't know the omegas are smart independent women that will do whatever it takes to survive. On the other hand, the humans don't know that the H'thor are massively different from the L'crav, and would never harm such precious gifts as omegas.

So in this story, Leia trades herself to Var in exchange for his help to find and save her daughter that was picked up in a raid. Var can't believe when he sees and smells Leia that she is his mate. As her Alpha he will do anything for her, including doing whatever it takes to gain her trust and submission.

Var protects Leia, provides for her, and has the patience to show her he will never hurt her. Leia is so shocked to discover everything she thought about Alphas was wrong. She opens her heart to Var, accepting him as her alpha and mate. Their HEA was hard fought and won, and super steamy along the way.

I really liked this one. Var was a great alpha, rough and sexy, an unequaled beast, though tender when needed. Leia was strong and determined, letting the Tolath know human omegas weren't going to be docile and biddable. They were electric and steamy together, making me wish this book was longer. I can't wait for the next installment and to see how everything unfolds. Great job!!
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February 9, 2022
So I kind of hated this book. I don't even really know where to start with why I hated it.

Let's maybe start with the plot, because well... there wasn't one?
The book starts off with Leia attempting to bargain off her omega-ness (essentially sex) in order to find her daughter. Var accepts her bargain even though he didn't really have to (he was going to force her to go home with him anyway) and took her back to his home where they proceeded to have sex for the rest of the book. Neither of them do anything to find Savannah (the daughter) probably because her book is next, so that part of the plot was useless. There is some plot action with Leia and Var learning about each other's cultures, but that is pretty dang brief and also useless, becuase it is mostly the aliens blundering around going "but why don't the women who we have mutated without their consent want to have sex with us?". Most notably in the plot there is a lot of growling and purring and Var threatening to "punish" Leia if she disobeys. Now I understand that there is different strokes for different folks and some people like a good spanking... but this book didn't make that feel right. Whenever Leia 'submitted' to Var it felt like it was because of her modified biology, not because she liked and respected him. There was no mutual discussion of what was acceptable in the bedroom and where their boundaries were. It was all Var being "I am the alpha and I know what you like best" which is just stupid and gross. Not to mention there was the whole thing about how these aliens modified human DNA to create omegas (which are always female...) like they have done to other planets which makes them submit to alphas (which are always male....) which was a really fucked up way of forcing gender roles. It was just icky. Of course it seems like some human omegas are special snowflakes that aren't totally submissive and this is a total shock to the aliens. But even though Leia was so plucky she still submitted to Var whenever he growled at her, because LUST. Oops... I mean "love".

Then there was the whole H'thor and L'cvar (I can't remember how to spell those so let's go with this) thing, where the L'cvar were rapist monsters and the H'thor were all super appalled and claimed to be different. Which was totally a lie, since three different alphas tried to steal and rape Leia during the book, four if you count Var's stealing and sort of raping her at the beginning. So yea not so different there.

Now I've read alien invasion books that had similar plot lines to this one that managed to make the story feel hopeful and not rape-y, but Mina Carter did not manage that here. We would need significantly more world building and character relationship building before this story could get anywhere decent and even then the whole genetic modification to make women submissive is a total ick factor. I do not recommend this book.
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August 29, 2022
Últimamente he estado abocada a un género en que no había incursionado antes, que mezcla ciencia ficción y romance erótico en planetas que tienen costumbres diferentes a la Tierra y que, por alguna circunstancia (tramas diferentes en cada serie), hace que las mujeres de la Tierra tengan ciertas características que las hace ideales para formar parejas con alienígenas buenorros (ojo, ¡en todo sentido, no sólo físicas!).

Hasta el momento me había quedado en las series de Laurann Dohner, pero investigando un poco más, me di cuenta que es un subgénero ampliamente explotado, pero lamentablemente sin muchas traducciones al español.

Hago toda esta introducción porque así llegué a Mia Carter y Susan Hayes y su serie The Omega Collective. En lo personal es un inglés un poco más complejo que el de Laurann Dohner, pero vale la pena el esfuerzo porque aquí sí que encontré un Worldbuilding muy original (al menos para mí, que recién estoy descubriendo autores/as). Se combina también con algo de distopía, ya que la acción se produce en una Tierra devastada después de una invasión extraterrestre, y los pocos supervivientes humanos llevan décadas escondiéndose y rebelándose frente a estos usurpadores.

Pero todo cambia cuando la Tierra es entregada a otra “Casa” de esta raza alienígena y los nuevos ocupantes deben lidiar con el terror que provocaron los primeros invasores. Hay muchas cosas más en la creación de este mundo distópico y, sobre todo, en los motivos de por qué ésta raza se encuentra conquistando mundos... pero tampoco quiero echar a perder la sorpresa.

La trama particular de esta entrega me gustó, pero al ser la primera, pierde un poco de intensidad ya que las autoras tienen que ocupar varias páginas para ir explicando las reglas de este nuevo mundo. Sin embargo lo hacen muy bien ya que lo intercalan en la historia de tal forma que el lector va descubriendo las cosas poco a poco.

Sin absolutamente ninguna duda voy a continuar con la serie.
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June 7, 2022
I am going a little low on the rating even though I really like the writing.
I usually really dig what Carter has going on, but there were too many things I missed. My top 2 is below:
1. A plot. (It felt more like erotica than smut).
So Leia is looking for her adult daughter. Or she says she is. Then she bargain with Var & make him agree to search for her. Or he says he is going to. Their story was about them mating. Nothing else.
2. The surrender.
She surrenders really fast.
Overall like the idea of how humans became Omegas but Var doesn’t really do nothing of note to make me buy into why she surrendered so fast when she has been frightened for years.

I do like the added elements of Omegaverse.But it was very gentle, so if you are new to the trope it probably won’t overwhelm you.

Read: 26/12/2021
1st rating: 2 stars
Genre/tropes: Alien/sci-fi/smut/Omegaverse
Cover: 3 stars
POV’s: Dual -3rd person (Var & Leia)
Will I recommend: Nope - but I will say I am curious of the Omegaverse trope so I might or might not continue this series just for that 🤷🏻‍♀️
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548 reviews
May 2, 2021
5 stars ⭐️

Var is the start of a new Alpha/Omega series, and I really enjoyed the storyline, and the dynamics between Var and Leia. I think these Toleath Alphas are about to bite off more than they can chew with the human Omegas. Looking forward to the story continuing.
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May 3, 2021
4 - 4.5 stars!

This is the first book in The Omega Collective series and features Leia and Var. Aliens have invaded Earth and changed everything. Some women are now omegas and most fear the aliens that have invaded. However, not all the aliens that have invaded are dangerous and a threat to humans. Leia, an omega, is trying to escape and find her daughter who was kidnapped. Just as she makes her escape she is caught and one of the two alphas that fight for her realizes that she belongs to him.

In order to survive, Leia makes a deal with the alpha, Var...stay with him and he will help her find her daughter. Leia is uncertain about her future and scared of Var but she always holds her chin high and doesn't back down. This wasn't your typical submissive Omegaverse novel and I appreciated that a lot. Leia was outspoken and independent and Var was all alpha with a gooey center for Leia.

Var returns to his home with Leia as he is the Overseer's personal bodyguard and it is then that Leia learns there is a lot she doesn't know and understand about the aliens and Var in particular. Can Leia and Var complete their bond and find love? Will Leia's daughter be found? Can the Overseer change what other omegas think about them?

Var is possessive and sexy as hell. He was just the right amount of dominant and I loved that he respected Leia and her inner strength. Their relationship development while fast was sexy and the steamy bits were really hot. I can't say that much actually happened in this story plot wise and I wish it had been longer but if you're looking for a steamy Omegaverse-light short story, I would definitely recommend this little gem. I will definitely be continuing this series.
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2,503 reviews6 followers
April 17, 2021
Purr only for me
Holy wow! This book is phenomenal! I knew when these two authors collaborated together that the book was going to be amazing, but they have far surpassed my expectations. I love the characters! The human omegas are nothing like these aliens have seen before, and they sure give their alphas a run for their money. Var is my ideal of the perfect alpha, tender with his mate, but ready to throat punch anyone who looks at him funny. And Leia has a strength of character that made me cheer her on throughout. I can’t wait to read her daughter’s story, I can’t imagine her being meek and mild and she is sure to make life interesting for her alpha. The story itself was fantastic! I enjoyed the excitement and danger the authors brought into the depth of the romance, it kept the story moving and made the situations seem more realistic. The authors built this entire world full of multiple story opportunities with each new alpha we meet, I can only hope that the series will continue for a long time to come because I am hooked.
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4,913 reviews170 followers
May 6, 2021
Aliens on earth, man. It probably would have worked out better if the FIRST set of aliens weren't awful, terribly, no-good jerk-faces who did a whole lot more harm than good. Now that the newest clan has arrived, they're finding things...well, not the way they expected.

The Omegas are in hiding and they both fear and despise the aliens who've laid claim to the planet. Which is 100% not the way things normally go for the big guys. Usually they're a hot commodity and all the newly conquered want to make time with them.

Human ladies, however, are a different breed entirely. As Var found out when he ensnared and became ensnared by Leia. She fights him and fears him and he's utterly besotted with her, so he's sort of at a loss. Then he finds out why she's afraid of him and the others and things start making a little more sense.

Aliens on earth, man. Things get a little crazy and I'm here for it.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
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May 11, 2021
Aliens have taken over Earth. They have altered the DNA of human women to be compatible with them. They do this on every planet that they conquer. These aliens are similar to shifters and become animalistic when they scent a female. Var has scented the female meant to be his, Leia.
Leia has been captured and made a bargain with Var. She would agree to be "his" if he agreed to help her find her daughter. So a deal was struck.
This story was very short. There was barely any world building. There were lots of sexy times. I only found one mistake. I wish that there was more story. Maybe there will be in the next book.
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May 15, 2021
Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, this First Contact series details the relationships between the invading alien alphas and the human women they've somehow turned into omegas so that the alphas can mate with them (can't tell you exactly how except that it's something to do with chemical warfare). This first entry follows omega Leia and The Incredible Hulk alpha Var. Desperate to find her missing daughter, she agrees to trade herself in exchange for his help; soon, however, their relationship becomes more than transactional...

If I had to describe my feelings for this novella in a nutshell, I'd say that it's a good first draft. Certainly, the bare bones are there in that the conflict between the invading alien alphas and conquered human women is organic, high-stakes, and seemingly unresolvable in all its problematic post-colonial glory. Leia, in particular, is an interesting riff on the standard omega character since she's not a barely post-pubescent virgin, but, rather, an older woman with an adult daughter (her grey hair alone elicits an extra star from me).

Unfortunately, however, this isn't a draft, but a published book: while I realize that the abbreviated length means that parts have to remain underdeveloped, too much of this narrative left with me far too many questions. The worldbuilding, in particular, is very confusing. Apparently, there are "good" alien alphas and "bad" alien alphas, but I don't know why -- particularly since they're the same species (albeit different "clans"). Exactly how does the alien alpha hierarchy work? Why did the "bad" alphas get to invade first? Are they answerable to the "good" alphas? Are both sides beholden to some higher governmental power on their home world? The book used royal titles, so are we talking monarchy? Is the world unified (clans united under a single king) or is everyone in their own little fiefdoms?

In addition, the prose contains some confusing word choices (is "caught with" a euphemism for an unplanned pregnancy I've somehow missed?) and several narrative inconsistencies (the Lord in charge decreed that no omegas were allowed in the citadel, but somehow half a dozen have been smuggled in under his nose? The "good" alphas are supposed to be protective of omegas, yet we hear story after story of how they're not).

Finally, there isn't much substance to the narrative, almost solely comprised as it is of sex and violence (Leia is nearly stolen by "bad" alphas three times). We're told that the next book .

3 stars. I'll read the next book, but, thus far, the character I'm most interested in is the Mother Superior. I really hope the remainder of the books have much more plot and much less "mine."


Dear Amazon,

Exactly what is the difference between Erotic Science Fiction and Science Fiction Erotica? Inquiring minds want to know.


A customer who is always flummoxed by your categorization choices
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929 reviews21 followers
May 2, 2021
An enjoyable omegaverse romance.

I really enjoyed this story, and wish it had been longer. The world building was vivid, with this culture clash of alien invaders who expected the conquered population to be genuinely submissive, and the human omegas who are willing to do almost anything to destroy the aliens who took everything away from them. The sub-plot of the clan who initially invaded having Earth taken away from them because of war crimes and mismanagement was a nice touch, since the aliens there now are not the ones who committed the atrocities, but there is no difference in the eyes of the humans. That neatly sidestepped a common problem with alien invasion romances, where the hero is a colonizing villain and the author has to try to convince the reader that he is worthy of being a romantic hero. My reading experience is that I am usually convinced in that scenario that the heroine ending up with the hero is a tragedy, not a Happy Ever After. This setup cleverly sidestepped most of that deeply problematic issue. The whole story worked like that in multiple instances. I also really liked that the human omegas were so different from omegas from any other conquered worlds in that they were all naturally fighters and were not going to tolerate mistreatment. These authors understand quite well that the best romance novel narrative arc involves a heroine in a vulnerable position overcoming and defeating the patriarchy in her own life. In order for any romance novel to be satisfying for the reader, that needs to be the central moral lesson.
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2,048 reviews13 followers
May 17, 2021
I really enjoyed this story! I liked the characters and the premise. I loved that Leia is a strong woman. Var might be a bad*** but she doesn't scare easily and I love that she doesn't just back down and run from him either. She picks her battles and she is on a mission to get her daughter back. I liked the way that the story developed and we see the relationship between Var and Leia. Leia isn't what Var expected but I like that he wants to earn her surrender and not just conquer. Leia learns that Var is not like the first aliens that came and conquered the planet either. I enjoyed this omegaverse story and loved the way that Mina Carter and Susan Hayes set it up. We get the facts of the new universe in pieces as the story progresses which has it flowing really smoothly and you aren't just bombarded with facts that don't make sense or stick because they came too quickly. I never felt lost in the story so everything unfolded really well. I can't wait to see what comes next and get the next book in the series. This was definitely a hit for me!
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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438 reviews
March 8, 2022
I really liked this book! This first book in a new series is about aliens that unleash something on Earth that changes certain human women into omegas. There are waves of aliens that have come, and the first were NOT good to these omegas.

Var focuses on one human omega who willingly goes with an alpha alien to save her omega daughter. He's from a later wave of aliens who arrived, and quite different from what the heroine has seen before. Each has a lot to discover about the other, and that sense of mutual discovery will clearly be a driver of this series.

I love the heroine's unexpected resilience and the hero's sensitivity. Great couple (and she's an older heroine!), and seeing their growth was so rewarding. A quick read, and it's worth checking out!
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Author 60 books1,417 followers
May 7, 2021

Great introduction to a new series. I read this in one sitting. Can't wait for the next book and see what happens next.
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1,932 reviews63 followers
April 25, 2023
I don’t typically like A/B/O but in this alien setting it really worked for me! If you liked Ice Planet Barbarians, give this a shot.

I thought the setting and world building was really interesting. It’s set on an alien colonised earth where DNA terraforming (bioforming?) was forcibly enacted on humans at the point of invasion, and the human race has changed dramatically. The alien society has some medieval/regressed civilisation vibes which I’m really keen to explore.

There are quite a few mentions of historical sexual abuse here, as the story highlights the awful horrors of colonisation, so take care while reading it.

TW: rape and sexual abuse (not by hero or main characters)
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106 reviews3 followers
April 30, 2021
Couldn’t put Var down. Only one complaint. I’ve to wait till May 25th for Rath’s book... That’s like 25 days away... aaaaaaa
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432 reviews6 followers
April 28, 2021
Omg! What a start to a new series. Mina Carter and Susan Hayes have set the Omegaverse on fire. A must read for all omega lovers.
15 reviews
July 15, 2021
When did romance become abuse?

I had hopes because I saw the name Carter, but I'm disgusted. Don't look at other men, or I'll kill them. Don't touch other men, or I'll punish you.

Those are almost the direct quote from the protagonist. The women are half starved, all scared and totally clueless.

The men are the better option, from ones that mass rape and abuse their "omegas". Super way to make anything else look better.

It's honestly just gross.
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874 reviews
October 5, 2022
2/2.5 Stars

As a lover of all MF Omegaverse I'm always happy to try new authors. This series caught my interest and naturally I decided to dive right in.

I wanted to call this a novella but technically I don't think it falls under that umbrella. My brain always see "under 200 pages" and whispers "novella" so while it might not have been one it WAS on the shorter side.

Which, of course means I read it super fast. 😄

I liked Leia. I liked Var. I loved them together. I also enjoyed the brief amount of history we were told of how the aliens invaded and forcefully changed the dynamics of humans.

In this series apparently if you're their mate (no idea if true mate/fated is a thing here since it wasn't mentioned) and you "Parth" aka purr for them then that's proof you belong to that alpha/omega. Especially omegas because it means they're content. Parthing is the lovecall from the alpha that means and shows their affection. How cute, right?

Overall it was a solid read with decent A/O/B dynamics written throughout although not as heavily as I was expecting. It was cute, fast paced and well written. I enjoyed it and will check out the rest of the series.

But... (Yes, of course there's a but 🤦🏻‍♀️) there were a few things that annoyed me or didn't work for me.

• The missing daughter Savannah. All the worry Leia had for her in the beginning and how desperate she felt to trade herself for help finding her literally falls down a rabbit hole once she meets Var. Oh sure, she obviously bargains with him to find her daughter even though he claims her immediately regardless of said bargin. But then what? Absolutely nothing. Nada. We barely see a mention of Savannah at all while Var takes her home to the citadel and proceeds to sex her up. *head scratch*

And then despite the bargain she made to save her daughter she decides she felt like running from him when the time came for sex due to the fear from stories she had heard of alpha's and their knots... understandable. But even after she realizes how different Var is from the first race of aliens who abused her people she still doesn't mention her daughter. Not even in her thoughts.

This bothered me for a number of reasons. I would expect the woman we're first introduced to at the beginning to be pushy and continue pointing out the need for urgency in finding her kidnapped daughter. My god. I didn't understand it. She wasn't even in a mating heat or something similar that would have made her forget the need to find her damn daughter.

Var did make one or two throw away remarks about finding her daughter but they were quickly forgotten once he was in the same room with Leia. There was absolutely not effort out into finding her daughter. I expected to see him set up a search or put out feelings to see if anyone had heard something right from the jump. But nope. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Obviously this was a big irritation for me. I felt it wasn't given the attention it deserved throughout the entire book considering it was a big plot point. That's even knowing the next story IS about said missing daughter. So of course the authors aren't going to give that away but holy hell don't introduce me to a desperate mother willing to do anything to get her daughter back and have her completely forget her while being wooed by her new alpha, ok? Thank you! 🥴

• It felt too simple at times. It was well written and entertaining, all true. But sometimes aspects, descriptions and certain scenes felt too simplistic. For instance the timeline between the MCs. From first meet until the end. Pretty sure it was a couple days at most, but it was too easy.

Leia is scared of alpha's. Var doesn't understand why Leia is scared of him. Leia runs. Var doesn't understand why she runs from him. Var doesn't understand her fear. Leia talks back, speaks her mind and is stubborn. Var REALLY doesn't understand that. Leia explains the kind of abuse the other alien race did to humans before his kind arrived. Var starts to understand. Var proceeds to show Leia how much his kind honor and cherish omegas. Leia is wary but surprised. Thus proceeds her acceptance of him as her alpha.

Like, it was that easy. I didn't understand how it could have been that easy for Leia. I mean Var WAS being charming and sweet to her but given the length of the book there was a distinct lack of depth in scenes where you expected it. I wanted more of that internal struggle, I guess. And maybe if this book was longer it would have allowed for more depth and more scenes depicting that sort of thing. Especially more world building. I wanted more! And I do realize that despite the darker themes surrounding Omegaverse this series seems to be leaning more on the sweeter side which is perfectly fine.

So, more or less it was a ME problem in regards to my disappointment with the pacing/plot focus. I think this had a lot of potential but due to the length of the book it suffered a bit. That's my opinion having read any MF Omegaverse that falls into my lap.
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230 reviews3 followers
July 1, 2021
Story told in 3rd person.
Both hero and heroine are not virgins.
The heroine is older, probably in her 40s, actual age never mentioned. She has a child prior to meeting our hero.
Book was quite short for me, felt like reading a fan fiction.
TRIGGER WARNING mentions of rape

Usually I like my omegaverses without other women/men and definitely no pre-started families, a.k.a. kids.
I was about to drop this book when I read “I was looking for my daughter,” but I gave it a chance since this book had high ratings.

I’m glad I did!

I’m a sucker for alphas who are only sweet and soft with their omegas 💯❤️

Story Recap
Aliens invaded earth and dropped chemical bombs and changes the human’s biology to Beta/omega. First it was the L’cravs; belly crawling snake aliens who raided and raped the human.
The the H’thors came, more honorable aliens with anatomy similar to humans but bigger, tougher and sexier. 😉
Omegas will share their alpha’s lifespan after bonding.

-1 Star 😤
The daughter exists but might as well be non-existent. I can count with 1 hand for the amount of times she was actually mentioned in the book. All we know is that she’s an adult omega who got separated from our heroine.

Why was she even necessary in this book if we don’t get to see her at all? Perhaps to give the heroine and excuse to leave with Var (our hero)?

She was literally mentioned by the heroine in the very beginning and the rest of the story she didn’t even think about her. Until the very very end of the book where she thought, and I quote, “She swallowed hard. Savannah. Var still hadn’t found her.” 🤦‍♀️

Maybe we will see her paired up with someone in the future books? Who knows.

Besides that, everything else me likey 👍🏻
215 reviews
January 4, 2022

I've stayed away from stories like this because I feared it would be a lot of bdsm. That was sooo foolish of me. 😮😮 . Instead, I found a worthwhile fantasy that stoked my imagination and tantalized my mind.
Earth was invaded by aliens. A chemical was released into the atmosphere changing the female population, some became Omega's, a condition necessary to carry the offspring of the aliens. But they were abused and repeatedly raped, those who found them, nursed them to no avail. The remaining Omega's went into hiding helped by other females who were unaffected by the chemicals (known as beta's).
Leia is an Omega. She came out of hiding to request help to find her daughter (also an Omega) who was captured during a raid. But before she can reach the trading post she's accosted by an Alpha who'd been searching for Omega's to replace the one he killed.
Var is the alien high lord's shield. He's worked hard n long to achieve that rank. Today was supposed to be a day of relaxation when he's summoned to stop the Alpha. Her cries of distress n her scent awaken his inner beast as he races to her rescue. (Mine he repeats) as both Alphas fight over her. The other Alpha sensing defeat tried to crawl away but Var prevented him from retreating beating him to death for touching his female.
This was an interesting n remarkable story as certain facts are revealed n revelations come about to change the aliens perspectives of the human Omega's.
Definitely a worthy read, in my opinion. Kudos to the author.
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246 reviews
May 15, 2022
Excelente inicio para la serie The Omega Collective.

Aquí vemos a Var, un alienígena con el cargo de Escudo del ahora Superintendente de la Tierra. Un guerrero mortal. Un Alfa. Pero los alfas no fueron los primeros que invadieron la tierra. Sus antecesores, los L’crav, hicieron estragos y plantaron verdadero terror en los humanos transformados.

Leia sigue siendo humana, pero evolucionó a Omega por unos químicos traídos a la tierra que cambiaron su ADN. Gracias a sus habilidades, ella ha logrado esconderse muy bien de los alienígenas, pero su desesperación la hace salir de su escondite.
La única opción para encontrar a su hija es Var, y hace un intercambio con él. Pero nada sale como Leia lo planeó porque instintivamente, Var sabe que ella es su Omega, su pareja predestinada. Y la reclama. La lleva directo a sus aposentos en una torre en la ciudadela Zabor T’ah. Allí se desatan secretos además de la pasión.

Me gustó mucho la combinación de alfa y omega en esta novela de ciencia ficción erótica, la persecución del apareamiento, y el mismo A’varen (Var), todo un Alfa como su especie indica. Mientras vas leyendo, se revelan más cosas de ambas especies y hay otros personajes muy interesantes. Es una historia corta que se lee rápido y te deja con ganas de saber más de este mundo. Ya quiero leer los siguientes libros.

Género: Ciencia Ficció Erótica
Ritmo: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hilo: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Personajes: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Originalidad : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Desarrollo: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Pluma de la autora: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Final: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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May 17, 2021
*4.5 stars*

Sizzling sci-fi romance…

Leia and Var were from different worlds, different races but, as we know, love conquers all. Well, usually. Given their circumstances, it’s not a surprise that they were at odds before they even met…
Forced to seek help from her enemy, Leia had to put aside her own personal experiences and biases to reach out and Var was nothing like she expected. Did they butt heads? Absolutely. It was the chemistry she didn’t expect, the attraction, that was completely unexpected… She had been fighting for survival for so long, reaching out for help had been so hard, finding the ‘enemy’ to be a lot more then she expected, knocked her back. Finding she was attracted to Var was something else altogether…

Var didn’t know what to make of Leia. She didn’t fit into any slot he could think of. And caring for? Desiring her? Yeah, he was as confused as she was. Though once he made his decision, nothing was going to stop his warrior need to overcome any and all obstacles she had…

I loved this sci-fi romance between mature characters who had a zest for life. And, it turns out, a mate to love… Set in a futuristic world that didn’t seem so unrealistic, their love story was full of heat, suspense and everything inbetween… This is the first in the Omega Collective series and it was a sass-filled, defiant start. I can’t wait to meet Leia’s daughter!

*I happily reviewed this story.
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April 30, 2021
The series starts out with Leia, a woman on a mission to find her daughter. The world has changed drastically since the aliens showed up and changed the human DNA to suit their purposes. Our purposes don't seem to matter and since we are at their mercy, we do what humans do; we hide and plot, subvert their authority, and basically drive the alien nuts.

Var stumbles across Leia and as is his people's way, knows she's his. He violates laws and his Overlord to have her, not to mention fighting others of his kind to keep her. Her only stipulation is his help to find her daughter. And so it begins.

I enjoyed the story and while nothing too new, it is one of my favorite tropes. Us pesky humans are causing a ruckus as usual, but we will whip these aliens into shape in no time with the power of love. The men are literally alpha, and shift into a more aggressive version of themselves when angry or provoked too far. This group of aliens that Leia has fallen in with is different than those that initially invaded Earth. There is a learning curve for both Leia and Var that I found enjoyable.

There are some political undertones going on, as well as other characters that have piqued my interest. The story of Var and Leia was steamy and hot, of course, but a lot of world building went on so I look forward to more in this universe.
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April 24, 2021
Fab new series!

Earth's been invaded by some fearsome alien warriors. They pumped some nasty stuff into the air and it has enhanced a few select females into Omega's - mate material for the invaders. But the first wave of invaders was just about the scum of the universe and the 2nd wave, which included Var and his commander, are now going to face an uphill battle because the Omega's, and the general population, can't tell the difference between the different factions of invaders.

Leia has done her best to shield herself and her daughter from the invaders but her daughter has been swept up and she is willing to make a deal with the devil to get her back! Var is not what she expects but she can't help waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Leia is feisty, fearless, and determined to save her daughter. Var is Alpha to the core and determined to tame the damn Earthling female, whilst trying to keep from killing every male in the camp who looks are her funny.

Gret new world to float off into. Plenty of twists and turns and smexy times. Poor Var's consternation at this frail and fragile human constantly idsobeying him!
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May 1, 2021
I've so loved Mina and so loved Susan and them together was just mind-boggling talent. Sci-Fi one of my fav genres and them sexy aliens OMG.
Var is single-minded in his mission all up until he isn't because of her. *grins* Leia has her mind made up about the ruthless Aliens that took over her world. Her mind was set until it wasn't because of him. *grins*

The Tolath invaded and conquered and did what they do best. But with every species, there are good and bad. Where the L'crav brutal and harsh the H'thor were the total opposite. Leia only saw the bad in the invasion of her world and when her daughter got taken, she knew she'd committed the Ultimate sacrifice to find her daughter.

Var was all about saving the village and now accepting Leia he must not only save the village but also protect Leia and the hardest part of it all? Change the beautiful human's opinion of Aliens, himself more importantly.

We always feel we know what we want until fate stirs our life pot and throws in stuff we aren't used to. I really enjoyed this new world Ms. Carter and Ms. Hayes created for us and so excited about the next book(s) in the series. Enjoy.
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April 20, 2021
Along the line of the Lathar series but Var's kind, the L'crav, arrived kinda late to the party. The Tolath had already landed on Earth and proceeded to lay waste to the plant, spoiling the atmosphere and contaminating the remaining females' DNA by converting each one of these females into prized omegas. This is the story of survival of one such feisty omega Leia who in her search for her omega daughter Savannah is rescued (or not) by A'varen aka/Var. Leia makes an exchange deal with Var to find her daughter. Little does Leia know that once Var captures her omega scent she is "His Omega" to claim and breed. Thus begins a new series of omega survival and L'crav mating. One drawback to this first story is that little if not anything is told of Savannah or of Var's attempt to rescue or even search for her; like he never intended to keep his part of the Exchange made with Leia. Only reading what comes next in this series will hopefully reveal Savannah's fate.
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April 27, 2021
Sci-fi, fated mates, and a new “world” to experience

Drawn in from the very first sentence, I saw myself and all of the strong women I know in Leia. When these aliens think earth women will be subservient and obedient they have another thing coming. Var is one scary MF but he proves to Leia that not all of the Tolath are like the original aliens that invaded Earth, who sent omegas into hiding afraid for their lives.

This new “world” is set up in glimpses. First the village where Leia is found by Var. Var and his air bike. The Citadel where The Lord Overseer Tane and Var live. And because we’re not force fed the facts of the changes that have taken place the story flows well. I call it the “movie effect”, I can see the action in my mind. Oh, and there are just enough sexy times to spice up the tale. I won’t call it romance exactly because it is more like instinct taking over.

This is a great start to a new series, sexy sci-fi at it’s best. Can’t wait for Rath!
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