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Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow returns with a screaming funny romance where two office enemies fake love until they're all out of make-believe.

You know that awkward moment when your lava-hot boss says "marry me?"
Not for love. Not for real. Not without a mammoth payoff.
Of course, this fortune comes with a ginormous snag—Ward Brandt.

Call me bananas.
I must be short of a full bushel rejecting Chicago's finest billionaire.
Who knew he was my boss when he crashed my worst date ever?
Oh, but he found out.
He swore I wasn't fit for Brandt Ideas, chewed me up, and spat me back out.
I vowed I'd prove him wrong—and sabotage a metric ton of his coffee.

Then tragedy strikes, upending his limitless ego.
Guess who needs an image makeover to shore up the family business.
Big fat hell no.
King Snarlypants has a peanut-sized heart and a chip on his shoulder bigger than a redwood.

Find another sucker, Ward-hole.
Even if I agreed, my shields are up.
No magnetic kisses. Zero butterflies. Nix the blushing when everyone gushes over what a “perfect couple” we'd be.
Then again...it's just ninety days and mama needs a windfall.
What's one little white wedding lie with a bossy grump built like a god?

Full-length enemies-to-lovers romance loaded with banter, drama, and so much slow-burn heat you'll want that Happily Ever After shaken over ice. A storm cloud of a man stuffed into a suit strikes a deal with the girl whose smart mouth drives him to the ultimate madness called love.

502 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 30, 2021

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About the author

Nicole Snow

120 books5,729 followers
Nicole Snow is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. She found her love of writing by hashing out love scenes on lunch breaks and plotting her great escape from boardrooms. Her work roared onto the indie romance scene in 2014 with her Grizzlies MC series.

Since then Snow aims for the very best in growly, heart-of-gold alpha heroes, unbelievable suspense, and swoon storms aplenty.

Current fan favorites include her Enguard Protectors series, accidental love novels, plus long beloved MC romance thrillers like the Grizzlies and Deadly Pistols.

Find more about Nicole here:

Website: http://nicolesnowbooks.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicolesnowbo...

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/nicol...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoleSnowBooks

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Nicole-Snow/e/...

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375 reviews382 followers
March 30, 2021
wish he groveled and begged for her to come back!? she went back TO him and it really should have been the other way round
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166 reviews171 followers
February 15, 2022
Honestly, the only reason I cared enough for 3 was because of the EFFORT I PUT IN reading this 500 page book.

🗝️Key things to note:
😒I'll be honest and admit that I skimmed.
🤡 Starting today, 'growl' and 'roar' trigger me.
🤡 *British hiss* The grovel was a pittance!
🤡 And that is courtesy of Page Paige because Wart Ward was more than ready to actually do it.

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112 reviews20 followers
April 16, 2021
My rating: 1 star

I got through one chapter and I just couldn't do anymore. The setup is terrible. Paige is celebrating her new job with a Tinder date, strange concept in itself. Her date wants to spend their time drinking at a bar before going to the museum exhibit they had planned and ends up getting completely drunk. But no worries she's still going to go to the museum with him, even though there are red flags everywhere and she can't even recall his name! Things continue to get creepier with the date, he steals her phone, traps her in a corner and tries to physically overpower her (not actually clear how far that was intended to go and it was just brushed off).

Mysterious talk dark handsome stranger steps in to save the day--obviously her love interest and new boss--just so obvious.

Maybe it gets better but I'm not sticking it out to see.

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Author 120 books5,729 followers
March 30, 2021
Bossy Grump by Nicole Snow

Boss from Hades. Grump-zilla. Painfully gorgeous.
Now for the fun part—he just said “marry me.”

Heyyy, Goodreads fans! Bossy Grump is here in all of its hysterical and sinfully steamy enemies-to-lovers lovers glory. Laugh your sides off. Experience butterflies. Read today.

Available at the links below. FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

➜ AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/3dkAvoC

➜ AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/3wgbDqP
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658 reviews
April 2, 2021
Did we read the same book? Cuz mine was so boring as hell.
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1,164 reviews356 followers
May 17, 2021
I think there are behaviors in romance novels that we just skip over because the rest of it is cute or we are conditioned to think that acting a certain way is acceptable. I disagree. I am not really one for second chances. If you fuck up once (badly enough, obviously if it's small we might have a different conversation), you've kind of fucked up for life.

If a man tried to get me fired after meeting me before I worked with him in a professional capacity, I would not be okay with it???

If a man who was my boss continuously assigned me extra meaningless work out of spite, I would not be okay with it???

If a man was continuously horrible to me because of whatever reason, I would not be okay with it???

Are these just me things??

The book was exactly what I expected, but I think we need to have this larger conversation. There are so many things that women find attractive or adorable that scream to me major red flags?

Maybe I'm just thinking about all of this differently, but I am not a big fan of most of the behavior I see in romance novels. Am I expecting too much? I have never been in love, but I'm not really the type of person to make exceptions for someone just because I care about them.

Just some food for thought.

And I'm out.
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1,241 reviews183 followers
March 28, 2021
The Wardhole has met his match in this enemies to lovers, fake engagement, office romance that overflows with wit and sexiness! I love a hot office romance and this one definitely claims that title.

Paige was out on a date celebrating a new job. The date went awry and a handsome stranger stepped in to help her out. She never expected that she would see him again until she met one of her new bosses.

Ward had it out for Paige from day one. He felt after the spectacle she made the night they met, she wasn’t the right fit for the family business. He was all about making her life as hard as possible by piling on the work so she’d either fail ir quit. However, Ward underestimated his beautiful assistant.

The two of them were a well matched pair because they were formidable opponents. Paige was hilarious and devious in her attempts to rile her new boss. Ward could guve as good as he got. However, when a dream deal is about to collapse, the only way to save it is to show a solid front with a family man at the helm. Ward is going to need Paige’s help so that he can secure a build that was always his grandparents dream.

I loved this couple. They were so fun to read. Ward is a straight arrow with a penchant for a militant way of running things. Not exactly a people person either. Paige is beautiful and a dreamer. She does her job with excitement and energy. She’s also no one’s doormat. The two of them have baggage from past relationships that ended poorly, so they are both a bit gun shy when it comes to matters of the heart.

I enjoyed both their banter and the chemistry that built slowly as their relationship grew and changed. A great office romance with some family drama to keep things interesting. Wardhole had his moments that delivered on the sweet and the swoon. With Paige he was able to let go of the past and welcome a HEA. Paige finally found a man that wanted her as his one and only...FOREVER.
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96 reviews1 follower
June 3, 2021
I ended up violently disliking this book, and here is why:
1: The book is so sexist, and with a publishing date in 2021 it is remarkably tone deaf. Consent is basically non-existent and at one stage our heroine tells Ward that he can do what he wants to her because "I'm wearing your ring". Ward seemed extremely abusive and not at all lovable, and he had a typical Snow male character meltdown at every single situation - is this supposed to be an adult male who is successful in his business? He is rude to every single person in his life and regards his own brother as a piece of trash, frequently insulting him and never once treating him as an equal.
2: I am not sure if the author considers her readers mentally incompetent - why is information rehashed every few chapters? Don't get me started on the hyperboles. Such excessive description of every single look and situation nearly made me go insane.
3: Who in this world thinks like these characters do? "I roar" "I said with a syrupy sweet smile" - NO HUMAN BEING THINKS LIKE THIS.
4: That ending - why is she the one that sought out to reconcile? She also apologizes and says she over reacted - uhm he yelled he would never love and marry you? Go see a psychiatrist. That's what you need to do.

Such. Violent. Dislike.
Profile Image for Loz.
1,530 reviews21 followers
April 6, 2021
Have come to the conclusion that this author isn't for me.
Once again I didn't like these characters, the heroine did little more for me than cause headaches from all my eyerolling and Wardhole (our supposed grumpy boss) was really just a prick who protects himself in an asshole kind of way because of the way his parents have behaved his whole life.

Their first interaction left me miffed... She's on a bad date with a dickhead who turns out to not even be the guy she was messaging on Tinder but actually a friend that guy had palmed her off to because he had got a better offer - so here she is with a drunken twit and she still takes the guy to the art museum even though she can't stand him and then she lusts after the hot guy in front of her in line, then douchebag date gets handys, then she trips and hot guy helps get her away from douchebag by pretending to know her, then helps get her (one wine glass) drunken ass home where she's absolutely trying it on the guy and wanting to fuck him, but he gets her water, some headache pills and leaves her to it instead.
Oh, and he's also one of her new bosses.

Yep. That's our first impressions. He wants his grandmother to fire her before she even starts.. of course she's Ah-Mazing at her job and then grandma takes a turn and the contract they've all been working towards is in jeopardy so.... fake engagement.

I skimmed. I eyerolled. I curled my lip in parts. I didn't like her one bit. Ward actually grew on me, he doesn't claim to be anything other than what we see... but that ending. Ah no! What the heck was she doing going to his office all cute like.. "you wanted to see me?". Nope. Ward definitely should have gone sucking back up to her.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,003 reviews51 followers
May 29, 2021
A very light and predictable read. I skip read after 50 % of the book.
A girl bumps into a guy and the guy takes her some. He finds out that she is his new assistant so he wants to fire her, but he has not the power to do that.

The next day, she finds out that the attractive guy, is her new boss, but she acts unprofessional and they both are attracted to each other, but nothing happens.

Because the company is in danger to lose an important deal, he must make the announcement that he is to marry someone, so he asks her to be his fake fiance. Ather that, things escalate quickly and HEA.

For more reviews, pictures, deals, and freebies https://www.instagram.com/bookish.mid...
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Author 191 books5,150 followers
March 29, 2021
Glorious snark, office sizzle, breathtaking steam, and so many maniacal laughs. Ward and Paige are off to a brutally awkward start and all the sparks soar when she finds out he's her boss. It's a fun execution of the pretend relationship and enemies-to-lovers tropes, but it's Nicole Snow's wit, heat, and awesome originality. One-click now and read it free in Kindle Unlimited.

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189 reviews9 followers
Shelved as 'dnfcase'
April 1, 2021
Sorry. It was okayish-good till how much I read it. But for me it lacked a certain excitement, a certain spark. This book would have gotten a lot better if it was shorter.
I would have completed the book in that case but it felt too freaking long to me. And with a waning interest and a not so exciting personality of the MCs , I am sorry to say but I simply couldn't continue anymore.
Profile Image for The Bosnian Bibliophile.
1,166 reviews325 followers
April 25, 2021
I really wanted to love it, picked it up because of the blurb but o couldn't connect with the heroine at all. Bummed, I ended up skipping a page or two because those times I was most annoyed with the heroine or confused in that case. I have read this author before abd so far it seems it's either a hit or miss for me with her books.
1,128 reviews9 followers
March 27, 2021
Passionate fake engagement with a poignant and delicious ending
I adore Ms. Snow’s writing. You may not get the bedroom action in the very beginning, but she has a way of titillating the tease so that you’re on pins-and-needles waiting for that special “moment.” Most often there is humor too, which I always enjoy. Their emails back and forth are hilarious when he realizes she’s his Executive Asst and he can’t do anything about it. Their constant sniping is so close to flirting but neither see it. Ms. Snow always finishes with a flourish and this one had me in happy tears.
Paige Holly is Brina’s 24yo roommate from the book, OFFICE GRUMP. Paige is rescued from her lecherous blind date by the handsome hunk she had noticed earlier, none other than THE Ward Brandt, 32yo and single who would be her dark knight and her future BOSSY GRUMP. Can playing his beautiful fake fiancée turn the grumpy beast more tolerable? Don’t you just love an alpha male who adores his woman beyond all else and good reason? You’ll get lots of that in this story even when Ward doesn’t see it. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book and it gets 5+ steamy scintillating stars. If you like humor with your sizzle, read this book. Looking forward to Nick and Reese’s book. Please, please, please…(As always LOVE the cover!)
Profile Image for Cheryl   Graham-Petit.
4,052 reviews21 followers
March 25, 2021
I genuinely love Nicole Snow's writing. She always writes stories that are well written, have a great storyline, wonderful characters, drama, witty banter, suspense, LOL moments, twists, and hot scenes.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Profile Image for Anna.
1,072 reviews7 followers
June 25, 2021
Getting old same cookie...

He is an asshole and she is all sweetness..



But didnt like it that much
too long
too much drama
Profile Image for Terri Eaches.
563 reviews2 followers
March 30, 2021
Wardhole and His Take No Crap EA ❤🔥🔥🔥❤

A definite MUST READ from the fabulous Nicole Snow!!! Paige from "Office Grump" gets her own story, and dealing with Magnus "Maggot" is just a prelude if what is to come!!! On her date from hell she is rescued by a Dark Knight and when he gives her a ride home....you guessed it, she hits on him. Ward Brandt can't believe his grandmother hired this dunk but sexy woman to be their executive assistant. Starting off on the wrong foot is an understatement at Brandt Ideas for Ward and Paige. Paige definitely takes no crap from Wardhole and gives as good as he dishes...especially where his coffee is concerned. When Ward's grandmother, Beatrice, has health issues they have to devise a plan to prove themselves to a client and major project. Here comes the tricky part, Paige and Ward fake an engagement without killing each other and have to make it believable. With time affection and attraction grow but the expiration date looms. When Ward denies his feelings to his brother and is adamant Paige is the last woman he'd marry, she overhears the conversation and the past repeats itself for her. Ward becomes a bigger Wardhole than before and has no idea how to fix it to get Paige back. Dealing with his selfish and almost non existent parents, his grandmother's health issues is nothing compared to the loss he feels without Paige. Any ideas of how he can convince her to gives a shot to a real marriage??? Read this laugh out loud, take no crap story and fall hopelessly in love with the real as life characters. Hoping to see Nick and Reece get their story soon. It's always great to catch up with previous characters...and yes you'll get a visit from Brian and Mag in this story!!! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book and purchased a copy for my favorites collection. Kudos to Nicole Snow!!!
Profile Image for Viper Spaulding.
2,890 reviews19 followers
March 26, 2021
I loved this book so much!

Paige Holly is the Executive Assistant extraordinaire! She meets the man of her dreams when he saves her from a too-handsy date, only to find out that he's her new boss. Ward - "Wardhole" to those who know him best - is all business, a man with a singular focus who refuses to entertain any frivolous distractions. So it's only with the business in mind that he tries to get Paige fired before she even starts, blaming her disastrous evening on her drinking ("one glass of wine") instead of her horrible date.

With a setup like that, we know to expect that Ward is going to have a very long redemption arc, and this author doesn't disappoint. Their hate-to-love is hilarious in its execution, right up until near-tragedy strikes and Ward has to do the unthinkable to save the deal that will save the company - he has to pretend to be engaged, and Paige is the only one who can be trusted to keep it under wraps. Their negotiation scene was pure gold! I love how spunky and fearless Paige is. She doesn't hesitate to stand up to him at every turn, and I reveled in every bit of the icy hot tension.

There's a truckload of family baggage on board this runaway train, and the author's witty writing style still manages to deep dive into the emotional abyss as we get to the bottom of what's left of Ward's heart. The author brilliantly combines exactly the right words with amazingly creative phrasing, bringing so much passion to each and every scene. We're also treated to several "easter egg" references to other characters and situations within the Nicole Snow universe.

The years-later HEA was such a joy to read, even if it didn't give me quite enough hints about Nick's relationship with Reese, but with any luck that will be the next book in this fantastic series.

I've never read a Nicole Snow book that I didn't absolutely adore and this one is no exception. If you love angsty office romances with smart and sassy heroines matched with grumpy, snarly bossholes, you don't want to miss this one. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Profile Image for Jenn.
1,246 reviews23 followers
March 30, 2021
Snow is Good Writer...

Snow definitely has a talent for creating a scene and bringing her own spin to classic romance tropes, but her lead characters always rub me the wrong way. For one every time I pick up one of her books the leading lady is yet another blonde which is a pet peeve of mine, the way the media industry behaves as if, for women, blonde is the only shade of beautiful. But the heros are really the characters that get to me, setting aside the fact that I don't buy the idea of a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth enlisting in the military for a term, he's got a similar personality to every other hero I've read by this author. They're all jerks who barely read as redeemable to me and yet somehow its always the leading lady who apologizes or makes the first move for redemption when they've done nothing to really make amends for. I feel like if the man is the jerk he should be the one to grovel and it just rub me the wrong way everytime I read it. I'm not saying Snow isn't a talented writer, I'm just saying she's not the writer for me and I've got to stop picking up her books because I basically have the exact same complaints about every story she writes.
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967 reviews21 followers
March 29, 2021
Enemies to Lovers at its finest...

Paige Holly never expected her Knight in Shining Armor to be Ward Brandt, billionaire and Senior Partner at Brandt Ideas Inc. When Ward saved her from a date from hell, she did not know who he was. Also she was pretty tipsy and hit on him when he made sure she got home safe. He was of course a gentleman, much to her disappointment. The man looked like a God from head to toe. She got a huge shock when she started her new job as EA for Brandt Ideas Inc. Lo and behold her boss was none other than Ward Brandt, her savior from her disastrous night of embarrassment. Talk about awkward.

Off to a rocky start is an understatement. The push and pull of this couple had me snickering constantly. The sexual tension between them was off the charts. Ward has to suck it up and ask Holly to pretend they are engaged to save the company. Ward makes an offer she cannot refuse, so she takes him up on it. I wanted to kick Ward in the butt for suppressing his true feelings to Paige. Their story was sexy and fun and the HEA is to die for.
1,111 reviews2 followers
March 26, 2021
This is Bossy Grump written by Nicole Snow. This book had me laughing so hard that I snorted. The back and forth jabs just seemed to fly between Paige and Ward and she almost always got the upper hand! Well what happens when the boss that you love to hate, but secretly are suppressing a butt ton of sexual tension for, asks a huge favor of you? The kind that follows a pay out with a BUNCH of zeros? Well you jump in feet first and pray that you don’t fall! But Paige is quite clumsy and trips over flat surfaces just like me, sooooo
It’s a great book that I know I will re-read several times and I can not wait for Nick to come down next!
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139 reviews26 followers
June 29, 2022
If you are looking for a workplace romance/fake relationship between a grumpy man and his sunny EA with lots of spice and banter, then… this book is for you.

This is book 4 in an interconnected series, but (although they are great, and you should read them) you don’t have to read the previous books to read this one. A very fun read in an entertaining series. I absolutely loved the characters and the banter between them. 4.5-stars for me

I love Nicole Snow books and this one did not disappoint me.
1,356 reviews20 followers
April 15, 2021
DNF Apologies to Nicole Snow, an author I’ve often read and enjoyed.
Is there some written or unwritten rule among contemporary romance writers that they can only build their stories around some finite set of tropes? If so in light of the “Me Too” movement they should definitely retire the “falling for and banging the boss” trope from that set. Beyond that issue after reading only the first chapter I just had to put this book down because of the female protagonist Paige. Paige was the BFF in another banging the grumpy boss story by Snow, The Office Grump. What I remember about that story is that Magnus, the male protagonist was an ass and Brina the female protagonist and her BFF Paige both made a habit of meeting guys on Tinder to hook-up with. I think Paige is also the cousin of another female lead in a Snow book.
As this story opens Paige is sitting in a bar watching her date, a guy she believes she met on a dating app. and had been texting for a week, pound shots while admitting to her that he needs to get a little hammered in order to attend a museum event that Paige has been excited about attending for weeks. Does Paige do the logical, smart thing and tell the guy it’s not going to work and leave him at the bar? Nope. Does she dump him as he stumbles along the sidewalk like a drunken sailor who can’t walk in a straight line on their short walk to the museum? No again. No, she allows him to accompany her into the museum where he continues to stumble around almost knocking over priceless art exhibits and speaking in a voice inappropriately loud for the environment. Does she insist they leave? Nope. She leads him downstairs to her favorite exhibit which is less crowded and there are fewer fragile things for him to accidentally destroy. When he becomes sexually aggressive a tall, well dressed and grumpy museum patron (obviously but unknown to Paige her future boss) who had been giving her and her date the evil side-eye upstairs steps in to protect her and runs off her drunken date. Even though she’s only known the guy for two minutes and doesn’t know literally anything about him beyond his good looks and expensive suit, even though he’s shown no interest in Paige beyond being a decent enough guy not to allow her drunken date to sexually molest her, even though he continues to imply she too is drunk even after she informs him she’s only had one glass of wine, she invites the guy back to her apartment making it clear she’s up for some between the sheets action with him. I’m a guy. If I can’t get into the female lead, I can’t get into a story. And Paige comes across as too lacking in common sense and too slutty for me to care about. I accept that casual sex is a staple of the contemporary romance genre but inviting a guy you literally just met back to your apartment to get naked with, just seems both wrong and stupidly dangerous to me.
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225 reviews52 followers
April 3, 2021
I wouldn't say I hate this book but i definitely don't ike

DNF 36%

I ended up stopping after the whole "pretend to date me even though we hate each other" situation. Normally this troupe is a funny one. But I prefer for the couple to like each other first. While we can tell that they lust for each other, they ultimately see each other as the worst person imaginable. I can not take either of them seriously and am not sure how others can either. They do not work at all.
I ended up stopping after he offers her one million to fake date him. Now, I am no expert in being rich, but I highly doubt even a businessman such as he can take out that kind of cash no problem. It is going to be tied up in other things. He offers her this so that he can help her pay for an art studio....an art studio. Do you know how much it costs to rent and or buy an art studio? To rent space, it can be from as little as $150 a week to $400 (possibly more) depending on location? To build one, it would cost around 10,000+.
Because an art studio is basically the equivalent of an apartment, but they price match that stuff like she is trying to own a whole building and then some. I would get it if she were trying to open a business where she would have to hire others, but she isn't.

Both of these characters are terrible. I didn't read the first book because reviews shared said she was the worst part of that book. So I wanted to read hers because I wanted to see how she was through her voice and actions. She is still the worst. I can't even recall her name; she was just so bad.

The writing is ok. Nothing mind-blowing but good enough on its own that I kept reading past where I wanted to give up. The side characters are where it's at, but even they aren't worth reading as the author comes up with excuses on why these two should work.
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4,980 reviews525 followers
May 12, 2021
Paige Holly has dealt with her share of toads but she never expects one of her toads to put her in the path of her new boss or embarrass her doing the thing she loves. Ward Brandt wants to fire Paige, but gets talked out of it and finds himself dealing with her more then he expected. As they keep getting thrown together Ward decides she should "Marry him" not for love or anything else but financial gain. Paige has had enough of her snarling bosses attitude and can't see that a faux marriage would change anything, but Ward has a way of enticing Paige in unexpected ways.

This was a lot of fun. \I could easily see this as a movie on Hallmark or Passionflix. I thought Paige was a hoot and Ward s closed off but at the same time you are intrigued by his character. Wonderful story.
Profile Image for Sunny.
262 reviews6 followers
October 10, 2021
Not rating this one, I mostly read it as a joke because I get the terrible kindle lock screen ads and this was one of them and I just had to read it because I needed to say I read one of them. It just looked so bad, and it was, but it was also funny and entertaining and exactly what you would expect. So if this is the kind of book you think you would like you’re probably right; if this looks terrible and like it might be pornographic you are also correct.
163 reviews
March 13, 2022
1.5 at best last 15% was a real skim it was so awfully boring
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