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Twisted Deception #1

Fostered Identity

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Her teenage sister has run away.

Shyla thought she was doing the right thing in helping her younger sister get a little freedom but she never expected she'd bolt on her. Desperate to keep their mom from discovering she has a missing daughter, Shyla sets out to find her sister.

A fluke encounter gives Shyla a clue. Only she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Not only does she find her sister but she finds herself pulled into doing an impossible heist. And not just any heist but that of stealing her mom's jewels. Jewels that recently arrived, with no explanation.

Damien will do whatever he has to protect his brother but when his brother ends up in the hospital, Damien will stop at nothing to take down their father, the man who destroyed their lives. And continues to try to do so. Damien will break all of his promises and will even steal, if it will take down his father.

Shyla and Damien find themselves thrown together, not trusting each other but not having any choice. They will have to work together, if Damien is going to stop his father for once and for all, and if Shyla is going to protect her mother's jewels.

An impossible crime that will bring them surprises they didn't see coming.

Emerald grew up in a foster family. It wasn't an ordinary foster family. She was the first of eight girls to move in. The jewels that she was given to play with as a teenager, that she was told were baubles, are now resurfacing thirty-five years later. And they are worth millions.

268 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 25, 2021

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About the author

Maggie Thom

17 books478 followers
Want to take an adventure beyond your fingertips?
Mulit-award winning author, Maggie Thom loves the challenge of creating a web of secrets, lies and deceit. She doesn’t want you to figure it out until the end. Author of several suspense/thriller/mysteries. Take the roller coaster ride. It’s worth it. Get your free copy of Blurred Lines (www.maggiethom.com).

Check out her new series - The Twisted Deception Series.

Her motto: Read to escape… Escape to read…

"Maggie Thom… proves her strength as a master of words, plots and finely chiseled characters… she weaves a brilliant cloth of the many colors of deceit.” Dii - TomeTender

"Maggie Thom writes a fast paced thriller laced with romance that keeps the reader interested and on edge!" InDtale Magazine

She can be found at:
Website: www.maggiethom.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/authormaggiethom
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/...
Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/maggiethom2/
BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/maggi...

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Profile Image for Kathi Defranc.
1,183 reviews468 followers
June 20, 2021
A Young Lady Finds Herself In Mystery Trying To Help Her Sister

A very interesting mystery, it takes awhile to understand all that is happening, but once you know the characters you become involved quickly! This is the start of a new series and I am hooked already!! The girl, Shyla, has a mother who's past is unknown to any of her children, and the other daughter, Hannah is adopted, unknown to her. They are thrown into the path of another young man with even bigger problems... And what a path that follows!!!
1,555 reviews28 followers
November 9, 2021
Fostered Identity is book 1 in The Twisted Deception Suspense Thriller Mystery Series. This novel is a stand alone as are the rest of the books in this series, no cliffhangers. But there is a consistent story running in the background. The story that connects all the novels. You are going to want to read every books in this series or you will miss the best part of all. When Maggie Thom puts pen to paper it is as if an artist has put brush to canvas. As he paints the scenes and the storyline he also paints you into the landscape almost as if you are an active participant, but for lass, you are on the sidelines watching the drama. You want to talk to them but you are the audience. The painting is dramatic and you fell honored to be a participant. You must watch carefully as an avid read of Monroe you will find that all of a sudden he paints a character from another series into his scene and now it is up to you to put the pieces together! This is a brilliant read! It pulled me in from beginning to end and held my attention. The world building is detailed and imaginative. This novel has strong, well developed characters and an interesting story line that keeps you turning the pages. I recommend this novel and would read more novels by this author. I gave this honest, voluntary review after being given a free copy of the novel.
152 reviews
March 10, 2021
A great read. The storyline is complex and keeps you on your toes. Obviously a lot more to come in future books in the series.
Profile Image for Alisa Gamblin.
Author 1 book2 followers
March 12, 2021
I love the intrigue, always wondering what will come next. Fostered Identity draws you into the story, the more you read, the more you want to read. Maggie Thom does a great job of giving personality and life to the characters in the story so that you really relate to each one. Loved it... can't wait to read more in the series.
722 reviews2 followers
May 25, 2021
Well, this is a bit of a slow burner while all the pieces slot into place. But then as they do the intrigue gets more and more intense and you just cannot put it down. This author writes some cracking mysteries that’s for sure. Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Scarolet Ellis.
7,444 reviews50 followers
May 25, 2021
Fostered Identity: The Twisted Deception Suspense/Thriller/Mystery Series by Maggie Thom is an awesome story that I have loved reading. This is book number one in this awesome start to a brand new series written by a brand new author for me to read. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about suspense, thriller and mysteries.

I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.
1,316 reviews8 followers
March 24, 2021
A father that faked his death, two sons who were abused. Their father is a thief and wanted his sons to do the same. Jewels worth millions are the current target. The father threatens the sons with death. This is a page turner with many twists and turns. I had trouble putting this one down.
Profile Image for Bev.
2,956 reviews81 followers
May 26, 2021
This book is about some foster girls and some of the things that went on while in the care of Mrs. Stephens's home. There is also a story about a necklace and earring set that has a mysterious past. The story builds up as it goes along. A good story. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Profile Image for Maggie Thom.
Author 17 books478 followers
May 24, 2021
Fostered Identity is finally published. Release day is tomorrow. I am really excited about this new series. Lots of twists and turns.
Profile Image for Jimette Ross.
489 reviews33 followers
September 16, 2021
Great read

At first I had a hard time following all the characters, but soon enough everything flowed and ended up being a wonderfully written mystery. First in a series.
113 reviews1 follower
June 9, 2022
Page turner

I loved the characters and the story. There were twists and turns that made it even better. Have to get book two.
March 11, 2023
Somewhat confusing

Be prepared to buy more books go follow the story. The ending will leave you hanging with lose ends. Slow beginning.
111 reviews
July 18, 2023

An interesting and well conceived story line which Keeps the reader guessing. The characters are well rounded that interact well together.
Profile Image for Nancy (The Avid Reader).
2,411 reviews105 followers
June 7, 2021
Fostered Identity starts out slow building up revealing one secret after another that kept me on the edge of my seat wondering and waiting how everything was going to intertwine in the end. There were more twists and turns than a spiral staircase. I was drawn in from the first page wondering what was going on as each character was introduced giving us a little insight into each as their stories were revealed.

The suspense and mystery alone are enough to keep those pages turning. All of the characters were great and amazing people well, maybe not all but most. There was this one character which I kept waiting for each and every appearance to see where they were going to end up next. A character that I do consider as one of the main characters in Fostered Identity and that is the jewels themselves.

The more I think about Fostered Identity the more I come to like it. I really enjoyed getting to know all the characters especially Shyla, and her sister Hannah, Damien, and his brother Jordan. Shyla and Damien were drawn into each other's lives by their siblings even if it was unintentional on their part.

Although they didn’t know each other and didn’t know if they should trust a stranger they really had no choice in the matter if they were going to save the ones they loved. Damien and Shyla both were going to do whatever it took to keep their siblings safe.

I would recommend Fostered Identity to all fans of mystery, suspense, and thriller stories. One-click your copy of this great suspense thriller, Fostered Identity today for a very mysterious read.
Displaying 1 - 14 of 14 reviews

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