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Unspeakable Desires

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From the less than noble acts of those of royal blood to the twisted minds of psychopaths on the hunt and hard at work in the lab, you will find all lines get crossed in this horror collection with a gay flavour.

152 pages, Paperback

First published March 17, 2021

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1,056 reviews599 followers
August 4, 2021
3.5 Stars

"Unspeakable Desires" is a collection of dark short stories including:

Incivility by N.Y. Lysk; enjoyed

Faulty Furniture by Adara Wolf; enjoyed

Shattered by Ashlynn Mills; not my type of story really

Puppet Master by Nero Seal; LOVED it

The Victor by RM Knightley; didn’t finish

An Easy Gig by Adara Wolf; it was meh

A Rare Creature by N.Y. Lysk; didn’t read it, regarding the story's warning it wasn’t for me.

So I think 3.5 stars for the whole collection is a fair game. Hope you enjoy it too but proceed with caution!
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620 reviews363 followers
December 12, 2021

Unspeakable Desires:


😈👹Hello everyone! I hope all is well😈👹😈👹😈! I had no idea about this very dark & short anthology until recently in which, I of course had to check it out! I will say for the most part I loved 🍆🩸more stories than not🩸🍆. Only wished the higher rated ones were longer of course🤧. For said stories, I will just say what I liked~didn’t liked since these are short and the images should help to explain as well somewhat. Also, if you have not already deduced from the title, synopsis, or what I just said, this is a very dark~horror themed MM anthology! Each story has it’s own triggers so read them before trying it out! Will not list them since they are already there! Now, here was how I felt for each story below!👹😈

😈👹~7 Stories~👹😈:

1. Incivility:
Author: N.Y. Lysk
Rating: 🍆👨🏻‍🍼🍆👨🏻‍🍼*{4.5 STARS}

😈👹This one was 🍆🥵🍆very hot and wished it were longer🍆🥵🍆! The cruelty of the father and “uncle”, plus the non~con and knotting scene were 😈🥵😈🥵😈! Only issue I had aside from how short it was with how the word cunt was used when the MC obviously is a man. Unless there is feminization going on, please do not mix up a vagina with an asshole! They are NOTHING ALIKE and should not be interchangeable 👏👏👏! Otherwise? Great job on the dark Alpha~omega smut here by Lysk!👹😈

2. Faulty Furniture:
Author: Adara Wolf
Rating: 🪑⛓*{2.5 STARS}

😈👹Although the 👹😢humiliation and cruelty😢👹 in this was done lovely, I had to rate it down since I DID NOT care for a woman being in on the action! If I wanted to read a menage or MF erotica, then that is okay for that. Yet, straight up MM? No ma’am with a capital N and O! She didn’t do anything sexually with the humiliated MC, but her mere existence made me not like this one fully. Again, cock and balls ONLY IF IT IS MM PLEASE! Still, the furniture aspect was hot🪑🥵🍆🥵🪑 so there is that.👹😈

3. Shattered:
Author: Ashlynn Mills
Rating: 🩸🔪🩸{3 STARS}

😈👹I loved how Ashlynn Mills made one of the MCs live a double life of being the perfect husband and then a killer the next🧔🏻‍♂️🩸🧔🏻‍♂️🩸🧔🏻‍♂️! Also liked how it ended and wished this was continued on since this would have made a great series on its own if expounded upon! 3 stars for how short it was, but still liked it!👹😈

4. Puppet Master:
Author: Nero Seal
Rating: 💪🏼🎻🩸🎻💪🏼 {5 STARS AND HIGHER!!!}


5. The Victor:
Author: RM Knightley
Rating: 👑⛓👑* {3.5 STARS}

😈👹This one I enjoyed for the most part since it was set within 👑⚔️medieval times⚔️👑 {which is one of my favorites~historical book selection as of last year? Enough said 😂}. This one was good overall and honestly wished was a full book since there was a good amount to unpack here. The MCs had some serious history and wanted to know more about that since again, Knightley had me intrigued as to their relationship. Some 🧔🏻‍♂️👑dark~revenge from a young~tyrannical King upon his captives👑🧔🏻‍♂️. 😈One in particular😈. So good to me at least overall!😈👹

6. An Easy Gig:
Author: Adara Wolf
Rating: 🍆😵‍💫🍆😵‍💫 {4.5 STARS}

😈👹This one was 🩺🍆🥵hot for sure at a doctor clinic🥵🍆🩺! The hypnosis was a very neat way to get the patient into agreeing to the non~con😂. Also, the phallic thermometer 🍆🤒🍆🤒🍆 was also 🥵🥵🥵! Highly recommend and wished was longer! Great job on this one Mrs~Ms. Wolf!👹😈

7. A Rare Creature:
Author: N.Y. Lysk
Rating: ❌❌❌ {NOPE!!!}

😈👹This one I didn’t even attempt since you have a male human changing into a female horse for the breeding I assume. Was counterproductive since again, this is a MM anthology! Just use A/B/O mechanics as with Incivility! Secondly, would have been even MORE HOT AND DARK if he was a stallion and having sex with other stallions! That is all I have to say since the Kermit meme explains enough. Missed opportunity; just ugh.👹😈

😈👹~7 Stories~👹😈:

😈👹 So in all, most of these short stories I enjoyed! Of course, wished they were longer but hey, at least they are in existence 👏! If you are looking for a longer MM dark~horror anthology, I would recommend checking out: {These Deviant Ties}! As always, hoping you all are having tantalizing reads to love with your dosage of 🩸darkness🩸!👹😈

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Author 37 books642 followers
March 21, 2021
Nero Seal's the Puppet Master was pure manipulation, beautiful in its evilness.
How far would you go to create perfect art?
Is it evil to torture a human puppet created to suffer, or are you simply fulfilling their destiny?
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961 reviews35 followers
March 22, 2021
My review is for Puppet Master by Nero Seal.
The Sealy one does pitch black so well.. This was sublime in its depravity. It being extremely short took absolutely nothing away from the story. A vivid picture was painted with the background of haunting classical music. I definitely need more like this.
Profile Image for Ana.
926 reviews
March 22, 2021
There was not one story of this anthology I didn't like. It was full of darkenss and beauty.  Even though I liked them all, I was particularly in love with Puppet Master. Such a perfect bittersweet story with stunning characters,  they bith were fascinating. 
Invicibility was another favorite, so much angst on it, as well as with A Rare Creature, something I trully love.
Faulty Furniture was unusual. Is the first time I read something like that and the humiliation on it was amazing. I loved it but I would love to read the book before knowing the characters this way, even though it does work as a stand alone.
An Easy Gig was a bit troublesome for me for personal reasons, but it was very good story and I also enjoyed it even if it really isnt my kink.
Shattered was a bit short but so much interesting as well. I would love to know a bit more of the characters.
The Victor was also so nice, but I want so much more of the characters. 
Overall I have a wonderful time reading every single one of this stories, but the common feeling is that I need so much more. So beautiful and dark. So much recomended.
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877 reviews7 followers
April 6, 2021
So good, so disturbing. Some of my favourite authors are in this book and while I didn't enjoy all the stories the same, they all caused a reaction, which I'm sure was the idea.
It's dark and every story I read made me want to read more of them.

I could not get myself to read the last story, zoophilia isn't my thing, even hints of it.
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947 reviews45 followers
April 18, 2021
4,5 ☆


I was here for Nero and Adara's stories, but I couldn't help myself and read the others too.

Adara Wolf has 2 short in this book, and both were amazing. (Tracht&Alex's story wasn't new to me, but I enjoyed it for the second time too ;) ). But the other story with the hypnosis, just WOW. The best! And that ending, phew. I love how she writes.

Nero Seal's story was really, really interesting. Little bit different from his usual style, but with the same amazing and emotional arc. It was twisted and unique, and it left me wanting MORE. The end scene was an additional mindfuck, I just don't know what to think! Anyway, I enjoyed the hell out of this short.

NY Lysk has 2 story too, both were enjoyable and dark enough for my taste. With family taboo and breeding kink. And wow, the horse shifter story was an entirely different one! Total mindfuckery, loved it. And was sad too, but none of these stories has HEA so that's what it is.

Ashlynn Mills' story was a bit strange for me, it doesn't fit in this collection at all. Too short without meaning...

RM Knightley's short... hmm... I couldn't get into it, so I skipped that one.

Enjoyed this collection, they were dark, twisted, without HEA and total mindfuckery. Give me more like these.
Profile Image for Linh.
198 reviews6 followers
March 23, 2021
A collection of short stories with dark themes, written by various authors.

This is worth the money for me just for the 2 shorts from Adara Wolf alone. One is a story of Alex & Tracht from the Under His Heel series (if you haven't read UHH, I'd recommend you read those books first. They are scrumptious). The other one features something I have rarely seen before, hypnosis kink. I wish there are more books with this kink, because it is delicious and quite literally mesmerizing!

The rest of the stories were less memorable for me. Nero Seal's was haunting and disturbing, and I thought it was well written. RM Knightley's story was one of the longest, which features 2 enemies with one taking captive of the other. They never became more than enemies in the end, unfortunately.

There were 2 stories that were so disturbing and made me feel so awful that I wish I could un-read them.. but I think that might be the intended effect. They're not for me but I don't really want to name & shame.

All in all, I'm glad I checked out this anthology since it introduced me to a handful of new authors I didn't know before. Adara Wolf's shorts were the best in my opinion.
Profile Image for L.D..
1,535 reviews1 follower
March 27, 2021
The Unspeakable Desires is a dark erotic collection with stories that range from extreme BDSM to body horror, and more. This collection is full of taboo, triggers, and dark subjects – it is definitely NOT for everyone. The collection contains seven stories by five different authors. The stories are not connected to each other, and can all be read as standalones. I loved each and every one of these stories – they were all different enough that it is hard to compare them to each other. I highly recommend this collection to readers who enjoy the darker side of sex and human nature.
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561 reviews10 followers
August 31, 2021
When you need a break from sweet, romantic, cute, perfect MM romance and just want to push your boundaries and jump into the more angsty and borderline world of darker attraction.
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468 reviews
April 4, 2021
All of the stories here were dark and delicious. Some of them left me on the edge of my seat. Some of them had me wondering about the human psyche. I loved them all.

Special mention to:

Shattered by Ashlynn Mills - Short, dark, and the dangers of thinking you have it all.

Both of Adara Wolf's stories were alluring and everything you want from her. Mind control anyone?

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903 reviews5 followers
March 20, 2021
Read a free arc copy of Ashlynn Mills Shattered.

I knew what was going to happen from the start but it was great. Very dark. It would have been nice to have a little bit more on what becomes of Gil though after that ending.

Looking forward to reading the other stories. Definitely recommend for anyone into darker themes.
April 19, 2021
This is a review only for Puppet Master. I found this story to be very dark and twisted. So, of course I want MORE! To be bred for only torture and control, only that could come from our brilliant Sealy's mind. And is it cruel to make them do what they were bred for?
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1,047 reviews16 followers
July 22, 2021
These were some interesting short stories, but a little outside of my normal.
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