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During the last days of the Viking Age, the Norse gods prepare for the final battle: Ragnarok.

A war between giants and gods draws close. The time has come.

Even gods must die.

Published October 25, 2022

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Thilde Kold Holdt

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222 reviews33 followers
October 12, 2022
Slaughtered Gods is a good finale to this Norse Mythology inspired series, although I do have to say that I didn't feel the same kind of attachment to this one as I did to the first two books.
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October 29, 2022
I've made it! I've made it through Ragnarok and what a story it has been.

I remember getting the first book as a physical arc from Rebellion (my first ever arc!) and now it is over. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story that Thilde has taken me on in this third installment. It has been a pleasure seeing the characters grow from their humble beginnings to a fully fledged Ragnarok battle. It really feels like it has come full circle and wrapped up everything that was put in front of me.

I'm sorry this review isn't some big one detailing every little element I liked but this is because there really isn't much I can say about this story that I haven't said for the previous two installments other than this has been a brilliant ride across multiple worlds, with fantastic characters, against a very authentic Norse mythology backdrop by an excellent storyteller.

For me, this is the most authentic viking and Norse mythology series out. It has everything you could want and more! Read it!
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Author 5 books31 followers
October 9, 2022
Slaughtered Gods is the satisfying conclusion to the Hanged God trilogy. Full of gods, monsters, Norse mythology, bravery, strong characters, a bloodthirsty battle to end all others and so much heart, this has been one of my favourite series of recent years.
The main characters are all back and we see those that have died finding their places in Valhalla and Helheim, depending on whether they were warriors who proved their bravery during their short lives.
We follow the lives of a small group of people who started out in the town of Ash-Hill, which was burned in a raid in book 1 of the series. They are still our principle characters, especially warrior and half-giant Einer, Norn prophet Hilda, Finn, who is now an elderly thrall, and Ragnar the skald who shares his name with the famous final battle where the gods will die. The gods are secondary characters in this conclusion to the saga as we hurtle towards Ragnarok - but they are still very much present. Loki persuades Einer to fight for him at Ragnarok and Hilda feels duty bound to fight for her god, Odin.

“Loki knew how to terrify. Everything was carefully plotted. Every single action he had taken had been planned so precisely that Einer felt a glimmer of hope that he, too, would be successful in his task. Because Loki had chosen him for it.”

We also have fire demons, Jotun giants and Loki’s monstrous children, Hel, Fenrir and the Midgard Worm taking centre stage as Ragnarok approaches.

“Water splashed onto the deck. The ship rocked and Einer lost his footing, falling backwards onto deck. Summoned out of the waters came the Midgard Worm in all its glory. Teeth glistened in the light of Loki’s fires. Its green skin was sleek, and water dripped down the length of it. The ship rocked. Sailors squealed and yelled and clung on for life. The Midgard Worm screeched.”

Hilda has been a favourite character throughout this series - she just never gives up, despite losing her sight, her destiny and the ability to be recognized by anyone who has ever known her. She is the epitome of a fierce shieldmaiden who longs for recognition from her god and to be given a place at his table in Valhalla. More depth of character is added to her via her Norn blood and new ability to weave fates.
The final battle, when it arrives, is epic to say the least, very exciting, and lasts a good while, almost a quarter the length of the book, but the way the narrative switches between each of the main characters during the battle keeps the excitement levels high and the bloodthirstiness of the battle will be popular with many dark fantasy fans.

There is an almost dreamlike quality to Kold Holdt’s writing as she retells the famous myths with her own fresh interpretation - which I love and which really adds dimension to the folkloric, mythical feel of the overall story she is weaving, I cannot recommend this series more highly.

Thank you NetGalley and Rebellion Publishing for granting me an arc of this book.
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November 1, 2022
The Slaughtered Gods is the final book in the Hanged God trilogy. Thilde Kold Holdt does a fantastic job of weaving Norse mythology into this trilogy, inspired by Snorri Sturluson of the Icelandic sagas. What makes this trilogy work is the ability to set the scene and build strong characters in which you can believe. Characters you just love to hate like in Game of Thrones. Both Hilda (fighting the gods) and Einar (fighting giants) are such great characters who build and drive your emotions. There is a great supporting points of views characters especially Ragnar and Loki to name a few. Kold Holdt does an excellent job of reinterpreting the famous Norse myths giving this saga a fresh reinterpretation, giving this a folkloric and mythical feel to the whole Hanged God trilogy. Overall, a brilliant series and one that plays on your emotions, highs and lows, action, and moments of reflection. Based on this trilogy, I anticipate what comes next from Hilde Kold Holdt.

Thank you NetGalley and Rebellion Publishing for granting me an arc of this book.
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Author 3 books57 followers
December 26, 2022
If we were sat around a campfire being told the story of The Hanged God trilogy, Northern Wrath would be the one that drew us to sit down and listen and got us comfortable in the world and with the characters; Shackled Fates would be the one that had us forgetting we had cramp from sitting too long, sitting there open-mouthed and utterly enchanted. And Slaughtered Gods would be that rising to a crescendo part that has leaning so close that the fire burns brighter and hotter, sleepiness forgotten, everything forgotten… (even holding that that breath we didn’t know we were holding).

Slaughtered Gods gives us that kind of ending.

The kind that takes your breath away, and leaves you so utterly fulfilled and hollowed out (in the best way), because it’s over and the journey has ended, and yet continues, because this is one of those worlds and stories that lives and breathes beyond the closing of a page.

The first two books of The Hanged God trilogy had already established Holdt as a powerhouse author, and Slaughtered Gods cements it – especially with how Ragnarök, the fate towards which all paths no matter how different or meandering have led, is depicted. This legendary doom is one that has been captured in many ways (how many of us have seen Thor: Ragnarök), but it is unsurprising to see Holdt really bring this great battle and doom to life in inimitable style, with Ragnarök taking up at least a half of this book. Again, showing not just the care with the depiction of every aspect of the Norse lore and history being shown here, but the love and just sheer pleasure in crafting this world that permeates every inch of this series. And she does it in such a way that, that love and joy is shared with the reader. I was one hundred and ten percent invested in the world and events happening, forgetting about any other version and being swept along, caught up in the characters from those that we had started with in book one, to those on the periphery to the gods themselves. They all had their role, and their voice to play in this event and that builds on that immersive experience.

Anyone who is loosely familiar with Norse legend will have some expectations about the outcome, and we’ve spent so much time with these characters, seeing them change and learn and grow, and more importantly learn about themselves in the mirror of the world and events around them. Yet, there was a very real sense of stakes, of the potential for loss (helped by previous events of course), but it never felt as though we were on a straight path to a predetermined end, despite the role of fate. Part of that is because we do know these characters so well, we’re invested in their struggles, whether that it is to survive or to leave behind a legacy that will be remembered, or just to find themselves and their purpose, or to gain the favour of the Gods…or freedom from them; and that is purely down to Holdt’s skill with characterisation, but with also knowing how to capture those threads and emotions that are so human and relatable, even in a world filled with Gods, Giants and Loki’s monstrous children.

In Slaughtered Gods we also get to see Holdt’s skill with weaving together a multi-thread, multi-POV story at full force. With characters scattered across the nine worlds, and with different time scales at play, and life and death and everything else in between, it would have been easy to lose some of those threads – especially when you add in the chaos of Ragnarök; and yet it comes together beautifully in this third book. Each thread is followed to its end, from the short, abrupt ends of those who fell in battle or to pointless deaths that again highlight that feeling of stakes, to our main characters achieving their goals or making peace with what they have lost and gained and who they are. There wasn’t a single character or thread that felt unfulfilled, whether it came to end in the raging battle or in the calm after the storm that followed. Going back to that campfire story, this is the moment of complete silence at the end of the story as everything settles into place and everyone just breathes it in, and that was me at the end of the book.

An epic conclusion to a sprawling saga that has spanned worlds, lives and possibilities. If you’ve been looking for a Norse Historical-Fantasy that truly embraces and captures all the myriad elements of that time period, and the magic of the mythology in a unique and memorable way, then this series is the one for you. Holdlt has created a magnificent tribute to Norse culture and the old sagas, and yet make it very much her own, and I truly don’t think anyone else could have woven this story in the way she has, and I am very excited to see what projects she will do in the future!
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September 12, 2022
“Death to all gods” shout the Damned as the march into The Ragnarök.

And so we come to the Twilight of the Gods in this conclusion to the Hanged God trilogy is a modern rendition of Snorri’s Icelandic Eddas putting in just enough personal spin to make it fresh and interesting for everybody. None of these three (3) books should be read by themselves … so plan on reading the trilogy straight through for the best experience. As might be expected in mythology sourced stories, the more interactions you get with the supernatural … the weirder things get … book three (3) is no exception (so you do get some over the top fantasy here). If you are familiar with the Norse myths here … you probably have a good idea how all of this ends … but we get a few twists that keep you guessing until the end; such as a norm who no longer has a fate and who can theoretically weave a new one for the gods. The primary POV are from Hilda (fighting with the gods) and Einar (fighting with giants) … and these are by far my favorite characters. Supporting POV comes from Ragnar “The StoryTeller” and Tyra … who purpose is somewhat harder to figure out other than helping build out the world. The story actually spins Loki and the giants more sympathetically than I expected … making them something like tragic anti-heroes and the gods as really really cruel to match the hard life of the times. In all, I really enjoyed this twist on a familiar story.

I was given this free advance review copy (ARC) ebook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

#SlaughteredGods #TheHangedGod #NetGalley.
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266 reviews39 followers
December 8, 2022
“Now your journey
shall begin.”

SLAUGHTERED GODS is the conclusion to Thilde Kold Holdt’s THE HANGED GOD trilogy, and oh what an ending it is. Holdt absolutely pulled off a spectacular ending to this series.

I struggle with this review, because this story has been phenomenal from jump.
The intenseness of the story never wavered; the plot never stopped moving; the characters never ceased to be interesting; and the lore did not discount even one time. *End rant*

There are a couple things I want to point out that were unique to book 3. First, the quote above about a journey beginning is REALLY intriguing for the final book of a series, but it is entirely apropos. One great aspect of the series that I have not mentioned is that many of the characters go through a bit of a rebirthing along the way. As their circumstances change, so does their course of action; thus, we do see some new beginnings for characters. We don’t often see that in plot lines, and I applaud the author for taking that risk.

The other big, important piece to talk about is how well Holdt was able to bring things together. Multiple, complex storylines cross each other as consequences of actions and decisions come to fruition resulting in an epic conclusion that ties everything together in a very lovely package.

SLAUGHTERED GODS is on my short list for Book of the Year, and has undoubtedly earned a place in my top 5. I cannot recommend it enough.
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414 reviews142 followers
March 7, 2023
Nous y voilà, la trilogie The hanged god de Thild Kold Holdt touche à sa fin avec Slaughtered Gods. On l’a vu venir dans les tomes précédents, on s’approche doucement du Ragnarök, chaque camps recrute ses armées, géants, humains, dieux et démons se mettent en mouvement. Il est temps, Heimdall va souffler dans Gjallarhorn, les dieux vont mourir.

Les trois années d’hiver qui précèdent le Ragnarök touchent à leur fin, les survivants d’Ash-hill que nous suivons depuis le début ont tous fait du chemin et choisi leur camp. Les années ont passé, Tyra a grandi et manœuvre dans l’ombre dans les traces de Siv pour essayer de sauver les neufs mondes, alliances, mariages et influences sont ses armes, elle navigue entre les rois pour jouer sur la politique du Nord, mais les démons de Muspellheim arrivent. Hilda court toujours après son but ultime : Combattre aux côtés d’Odin lors de la grande bataille, et sa malédiction pourrait être son atout principal car personne ne la verra venir, pas même Fenrir. Einer aussi a choisi son camp, il embrasse la cause des géants et suit Loki dans ses manigances, il est temps de préparer l’assaut sur Asgard.

Les pièces de l’échiquier continuent à se mettre en place en s’approchant de la fin, la fin des dieux, la fin des neuf mondes, la fin de cette trilogie monumentale qui retrace le Ragnarök du point de vue de personnages très humains. L’autrice parvient merveilleusement bien à replacer le mythe à hauteur d’hommes et de femmes (ou de demi-géant, pour certains) à travers les trajectoires de ces nombreux personnages qui convergent tous vers l’affrontement final. Contrairement à ce qu’on pourrait attendre, ces protagonistes non divins ne vont pas passer trois bouquins à se faire promener par une prophétie sans rien accomplir, car chacun se retrouve avec un rôle très important dans la trame des évènements mythologiques. C’est ce qui a rendu pour moi cette histoire passionnante, on se sent investis dans cette fresque monumentale avec nos héros parce que chacun découvre son destin, sa marge de manœuvre, et on y va franchement pour bousculer tout ça.

Évidemment, le Ragnarök a un gros côté « prophétie » que les lectrices et lecteurs de fantasy connaissent bien, sûrement un peu trop vu les clichés que ça trimballe. Mais Thilde Kold Holdt s’en sort merveilleusement bien pour garder des enjeux qui nous emportent malgré l’aspect prophétique du mythe. Si vous avez un peu lu sur la mythologie nordique, vous connaissez les grandes lignes, Le fimbulvetr arrive, Sköll va bouffer le soleil, Fenrir se libère, les guerriers du Valhalla se préparent, etc, etc… Mais à travers ces évènements codifiés, il fallait tout lier, il fallait faire évoluer des personnages dans les zones d’ombre du récit, remettre une couche d’intrigues entre les grosses ficelles et lui donner vie. Et c’est un pari réussi. Les intrigues qui se promènent entre les intrigues sont prenantes, et on suit Hilda, Einer, Finn, Tyra, Sigismund et les autres avec plaisir. C’est à la fois très fidèle au mythe mais on lui donne une profondeur surprenante, une complexité dans sa construction, dans les motivations de chacun et chacune à prendre part au grand combat, et quelques twists en plus pour à la fois lier le tout et lui donner une dimension narrative supplémentaire. Dans un tout autre univers ça m’a beaucoup fait penser à la trilogie Troie de David et Stella Gemmell, on reprend un mythe pour en faire une vraie histoire dense avec ses personnages, ses interactions, ses motivations complexes et surtout, son humanité.

La mythologie nordique a un aspect particulièrement épique et spectaculaire, par ses combats, ses créatures, son échelle monumentale, et tout ça se retrouve dans The hanged god. On découvre les neufs mondes, époustouflés par l’évocation des branches d’Yggdrasil, les flammes inimaginables de Muspellheim, la grande halle de banquet du Valhalla avec ses boucliers dorés en guise de plafond. Et bien sûr ces personnages, ces dieux marquants, Thor et ses petites crises, Tyr, Odin, Surt, Fenrir, les nornes, Freya, et tous les autres auxquels l’autrice donne vie, caractère et motivation, et une bonne grosse dose de tarte dans la gueule, parce que la mythologie c’est un peu violent quand même. Les combats à l’échelle surhumaine, les armées innombrables, les scènes époustouflantes, les panoramas grandioses, ça n’arrête pas ! Il y a tant de moments iconiques et magiques qui marquent par avec cette écriture évocatrice qui prend son temps pour installer les ambiances.

Quel voyage épique à travers la mythologie nordique ! Thilde Kold Holdt termine sa trilogie The hanged god avec ce Slaughtered Gods. Le roman tient toutes ses promesses et nous fait découvrir le Ragnarök du point de vue de ses nombreux protagonistes qui se frayent un chemin vers la gloire et la mort. J’ai hâte de découvrir ce que l’autrice nous proposera après ça.

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March 14, 2023
For more reviews and bookish post visit: https://www.ManOfLaBook.com

Slaughtered Gods by Thilde Kold Holdt is the final book in the Hanged God Viking mythology trilogy. Ms. Holdt’s is a fantasy writer, this is her first series.

Hilda, fighting with the gods, finds herself on opposite sides of Einar, which is fighting with the giants. Along the way all the beloved characters return to fight to either prevent Ragnarök, or let it happen.

Once again, Ms. Holdt does a fantastic job retelling Norse mythology to the masses. Northern Wrath set the stage, Shackled Fates set Ragnarök, and in Slaughtered Gods author Thilde Kold Holdt finished up the storyline in a very satisfactory manner.

This book takes place three winters after the second. All our beloved characters are in preparation for war; however, they’re taking different paths, and even different religions in order to advance their agenda. The world has changed but I never got confused which is a credit to the author’s great skill at weaving a narrative.

The final battle was chaotic, as most big battles are. But the reader is already aware of the motivations and why Ragnarök must take place. All three books are immersive and well-written, the different plot points come together naturally without them being forced.

On this point, though I have to mention that it’s better to read the three books in order. In fact, the author numbers her chapters accordingly. This book, for example, starts at chapter 168 which is just a summary of the previous books, but you get my point. Usually, books in a series are meant to be enjoyed separately, and while this is certainly the case, I can’t imagine reading them out of order.

I have enjoyed the Hanged God series very much, even though it’s certainly not the usual genre I read. I’m glad I read the series, I learned a lot about Norse mythology and found a new author.
Author 4 books26 followers
November 25, 2022
I received a review copy of the book from the publishers as part of the blog tour in exchange for an honest review. It has not affected my opinions.

SLAUGHTERED GODS is the epic finale to this trilogy as Ragnarok comes and all men and giants and gods must face destiny.

As you might have guessed from the fact this book follows the end of the world according to Norse mythology, there is a lot of fighting in this book. In fact, Ragnarok takes up a full third of this book (at least!) It really shows off the scope of the battle, how it encompasses all the nine realms, and causes absolute destruction to the way things were.

The story told through the battle (and before!) is of gods and giants and men trying to thwart the end of all things - or trying to ensure all end and that some don't sneakily survive. It gives the battle stakes, because there is that possibility that some might survive and you, the reader, have to decide if you want that or not. It becomes more than just everyone destroying each other because fate said so.

I liked that, among all these heroic deaths of characters striving to fulfil specific goals, there were "pointless" deaths - characters who were just killed. They didn't have goals, were just part of the battle. Their deaths achieved nothing nor were the consequence of attempting something. It helped it feel more realistic, give a face to countless number who were fighting because they were fighting, the ones without a stake in it.

In all, it is an ending that feels suitably and satisfyingly epic and unpredictable, playing with the mythology and creating a tale of destruction and defiance.
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293 reviews15 followers
October 29, 2022
"It's time the nine worlds got their way. Let the shackles fall and let the Darkness consume us, as it was always meant to do."

Thilde Kold Holdt just nailed the dismount. A series with multiple POV's, nine realms, countless gods, giants, creatures and numerous threads to resolve and it's all done just brilliantly and is completely satisfying!! As the story continues, everyone knows that Ragnarok is on the horizon and each of our main POV'S is working to either choose a side or change how Ragnarok is expected to unfold. Hilda, Einer, Tyra, Svend, Thora and Finn are all striving to engineer changes to the fates that have been written either by helping various gods or by plotting against them. As everyone gets pulled toward the plains of Asgard and sure death, we see how each of the characters stories find the ending they sought, just often in an unexpected way.

Honestly, I am in awe of how Thilde brings this all to an end. This story is so large and expansive, with so much going on, yet it never feels overwhelming. There are of course still epic battles and heartbreaking deaths, yet nothing seems rushed to a conclusion. All these characters that I have become so attached to find an ending that, while sometimes sad, are also very fulfilling. I finished the story shedding a few tears feeling immensely satisfied with how things happened "at the end of all things" and so glad I found this trilogy.
Many thanks to Rebellion Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC.
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730 reviews16 followers
November 6, 2022
Slaughtered Gods delivered a cracking end to a gripping series. A book I was so anxious to read but one I was loath to finish. I eked it out as long as I could drip feeding myself the story to savour it longer thus delaying the end. It finished in a style befitting its glorious Norse mythology. I couldn't be happier with the way the fates tied all the threads. The strength of the story remained steadfast and enduring. A monumental achievement, this.

Trilogies are difficult as the final book is often anticlimactic. Not so, here. Ragnarok, that huge carnage inducing battle between gods and giants, was the anchoring point of this novel. All the characters we grew to know and care for over the previous books face the seemingly endless night battle in different ways offering heroic feats and understanding behind the way of things. Mysteries are solved as the story unfolds bringing peace to some and a few reunions as well. It was masterfully written and that dedication to the story translated well on the page. The Hanged Gods Trilogy is sure to become a cult classic and deservedly so.
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January 28, 2023

Thanks to NetGalley, Solaris and the author for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

This trilogy was epic in scale and achievement. Although I wasn’t as gripped by the second two instalments as the first, I still found Slaughtered Gods utterly magical (it may have been a mindset issue as I have had a lot going on personally since I read Northern Wrath..) I adore the characters, especially Einer, and the atmosphere of raiding and adventuring combined with magic and mythology was captivating. I have learnt a lot about the Norse myths in the past few years, and this was a beautiful and unique take that was so complex, logical and well fleshed out. We see the expected names: the famous Aesir and Vanir, Loki’s children, certain Jotuns etc. But we also get glimpses of less well-known figures such as Skadi, Hod and Surt. We even meet Skoll and Hati, and get chapters directly narrated by Huginn & Muninn and a Muspelheim demon who goes by Muspeldottir. The Hanged God trilogy is a wonderfully immerse, complex and high-stakes story, with intricate characters, gorgeous Northern settings (in Midgard and other worlds), and a compelling narrative. If you love Vikings you HAVE to read this, and I think any fan of epic/grimdark fantasy will also have a great time with this trilogy (although I will say that it definitely helps you get the most out of this story if you have some background knowledge of Norse mythology).
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1,431 reviews94 followers
December 9, 2022
I always love Norse Mythology and it is long time I read book in this theme.I am genuinely grateful started read this story without any expectations and open mind to enjoyed all the flows. Actually this is a finale book from trilogy and delivered epic closure for all readers. I am kinda struggled at beginning to found my step because I missed the previous books. The author is new name and this is my first read but this book really really amazes me.

The worldbuilding is amazing and have superb details but still easy to follow. Nine realms are well described and the characters are mesmerizing. They draws me to engaging into their stories. And all battle scenes... oh my are top of the chart. It is gritty, high stakes and all scenes make me sit on edge nervously.
I would love to check another installment from the author and enjoy another good read.

Thank you Netgalley and Sollaris Rebellion for provided me with this copy. My thoughts are my own.
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2 reviews3 followers
January 5, 2023
Wow, what a conclusion to a fantastic series!

I feel like I’ve been part of the journey of all of these characters over the past three books. I received my copy of the first book as an ARC from Rebellion and I’m so glad I decided to reach out!

The final instalment has it all, courage, bravery, battles, deception, loss, friendships, all dripping in norse mythology as we follow our cast of characters into the final battle - Ragnarok.

As with the other two books in this trilogy, many different characters stories are woven together and the author shifts between different viewpoints so smoothly that I found it really enjoyable to read, not jarring like other multiple pov books have been. No character is forgotten about and all the stories are tied up nicely at the end of the book.

My first read of 2023 and its a 5 star, highly recommend!
20 reviews
January 6, 2023
Everyone must perish...

You know you're enjoying a series when it follows you around. Well this entire series has stalked me from beginning to end and now I've finished I feel entirely satisfied. I know very little about the myths and legends which gave birth to this series aside from those dictated by Hollywood etc, but the conclusion to this story was excellent and gives you that satisfied little sigh at the end. It works.

The action picks up as Ragnarök begins, the pieces are in place & plans have been laid but destiny has other ideas. Einer & Hilda take center stage as they move towards the endgame, the machinations of Loki and Odin are laid bare and fate accepts his destiny.

A solid ending to a solid series, especially considering this is a debut trilogy. I'll definitely be looking out for future novels by this author.
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58 reviews
August 18, 2022
For anyone who enjoyed the first and second book of the Epic Viking Fantasy, Slaughtered Gods is a great conclusion to a terrific trilogy.

The book takes place with a great war, Ragnarok, beginning; as someone who is already interested in Mythology, the retelling felt accurate and not cheapening of the original stories. Holdt has a great way of writing these kinds of mythological worlds that many authors cannot. The characters and world building was very interesting and wrapped up the trilogy very well. Fans of the trilogy will be very satisfied with how everything wraps up!!

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC.
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1,131 reviews43 followers
October 14, 2022
So, here we are at the end of "The Hanged God Trilogy" and I don't know if I should concentrate my review on how sad that makes me or just rave about all 3 books! "Slaughtered Gods" was everything I hoped for, tied up with a bow. Thilde Kold Holdt is an amazing tale-teller, setting scenes to live in, building characters to love and hate, and taking the reader on a truly incedible journey. I hope there are many more books on the horizon.

My thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley. This review was written voluntarily and is entirely my own, unbiased, opinion.
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42 reviews7 followers
November 27, 2022
An epic ending to an epic.

Yet another sucker punch the whole way through. I did not anticipate that ending! There were twists and turns I didn’t expect.

Holdt tells a phenomenal story wrapped in chaos and hope, and left me eager to scrub up on Norse mythology.
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225 reviews10 followers
December 17, 2022
This has proved to be a very satisfying conclusion to an incredibly solid trilogy, and one that manages to combine the fatalism of Norse mythology with a collection of genuinely sympathetic characters.

I can't wait to see what Thilde Kold Holdt does next.
January 7, 2023
I wish I had read the preceding books closer - I wasn’t fresh on the details and missed some things because of it.

I love this s***. Norse myths are wild. There are toenail boats and wolf children and beauty. Jeg elsker.
4 reviews
February 23, 2023
LOVE lOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this series so much. It's 10 times better than I thought it would be when I first started it. Very satisfying ending.
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Author 2 books22 followers
December 23, 2022
What an epic finale! Just like Shackled Fates, Slaughtered Gods picks up right after the previous installment, though we're first given a summary of all that's happened so far — which is very helpful given the multitude of characters and plots we've encountered and have been following.

It's a brilliant finish, with twists to delight even those already familiar with the myths. Thilde continues to seamlessly weave a complex, detailed world and story, and there's almost a movie-like quality to it in that I could very easily visualize what was going on as if I was watching a film. It might get unwieldy for those who are used to single or few POVs, but if you were able to get through A Song of Ice and Fire (or the Game of Thrones TV series), with all their simultaneous plotlines and heaps of POVs, you'll be just fine. Better still, Slaughtered Gods closes out the trilogy really well!

I've been disappointed many times before by the last book of a series. Part of it is when things you want to happen don't happen, or, worse, the author fails to reconcile the various storylines and come up with a satisfying conclusion. Thilde, bless her, does not fail in the second. I really think she's a skald or norn now 😉 And while there were things that didn't go the way I wanted, that's a matter of reader preference, not bad writing. (I did feel less attached to the characters by this point, for some inexplicable reason, but I guess that also goes back to the whole deal about my favorites not getting the ends I hoped for them. Alas, I was attached to a lot of the minor characters, and less to Hilda LOL!)

This trilogy is definitely among my top reads for the year, and I'm already looking forward to what Thilde's writing next!

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: "Ragnarok" by Danheim
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November 22, 2022
Just didn’t really click. I love ten world building but I’ve seen it in the previous books and it’s the characters that need to shine in the finale to give some emotional catharticism and it just wasn’t there which was a real shame.
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December 5, 2022
Book Review - Slaughtered Gods

So we’re here - Ragnarok is within touching distance. Time to choose a side!!

I want to start this review by thanking Netgally and Rebellion Publishing for making me very happy by approving my arc request for this highly anticipated book.

After reading books 1 & 2 back to back, I’m not sure I could’ve waited for the release date to read book 3.

In Slaughtered Gods we return to our favourite characters after a time jump of 3 winters. As foretold on the eve of Ragnarok a 3 year harsh winter will arrive.

During those 3 winters we find Einer with his giant grandparents in Jotunheim, Helda with the Nornir in Asgard and Tyra still in Migard but now preparing for a new marriage.

Something to note here is the fact that time in Midgard moves much faster. Therefore it has been significantly longer than 3 years, Tyra is now a grown women.

From the outset this book was action filled. We had so many battles to experience and enjoy. This is largely due to so many of our key characters being spread across the 9 worlds, each fighting for their Honour, glory or survival.

Slaughtered Gods was fast paced with so much happening at once, which made this story a real page turner. When I finished a chapter I just wanted to continue on until I went back to that character and found out what happened next.

If you love fast paced, action packed stories you will love this.

The final 30% of this book is an all out battle, Ragnarok in it bloody finest.

One question that was constant throughout reading this series was how will Thilde brings this story to a close with so many intricate storylines and possibilities.

It safe to say Thilde absolutely nailed it.
Deep in the heart of Ragnarok we watch as all the fated storylines are span together to a bloody conclusion.

Slaughtered Gods is an exquisite ending to such a brilliant trilogy. I’m hoping everyone picks up this series, you will not regret it.

Rating 10/10 ⭐️
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 9, 2023
An epic conclusion to this incredible series. It’s pace was incessant in the best possible way, the characters engaging and the plot compelling. My intrigue and desire to continue page after page never wavered especially so in this last book. I cannot recommend this book, and the whole series for that matter, enough!
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