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Wolf Hollow Shifters #5

Animal Attraction

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Is love too great a risk in a cruel and dying world?

Rafael has never intended to settle down or take a mate. He knows firsthand how a mate bond can destroy a family. This world is too savage for love. He wants nothing to do with Hailey, the pureblooded female who arrives from Glenn Meadows. So what if she’s fearless, poised, and gorgeous? Not to mention that his wolf is on hers the moment they meet. Just because his brother changed their plans doesn’t mean he’ll stick around Wolf Hollow like a whipped dog. Too bad his furry half won’t let him flee.
Hailey had all but given up on ever finding a pureblooded male to continue her line. Too bad the one who shows up in neighboring Wolf Hollow is a complete and utter wretch. His wolf wants to mount hers while his human half rejects her—repeatedly. Message received. Why does he have to keep chasing her down, awakening dreams and desires long buried?
While their wolves get whatever this is out of their systems, Rafael and Hailey make a pact. The worldly nomad agrees to teach the sheltered she-wolf how to get by in the wild and become her own alpha rather than submit to her pack’s leader.
Once her survival skills are honed, Rafael will be on his way. But the animal in him won’t give in so easily, not until man and beast come together to claim Hailey as his mate.

Kindle Edition

Published June 1, 2021

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About the author

Nikki Jefford

60 books982 followers
Reality is overrated ... which is why I write!

Vampire hunters, wolf shifters, witches, elves and Fae with humor, romance, snark and steam. I love bad boys with hearts of gold and heroines who kick ass.

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325 reviews
May 27, 2021
Another wonderful addition to the A Wolf Hollow Shifters series, “Animal Attraction” book five by Nikki Jefford. This book is by the POVs of wolf shifters who are guests to Wolf Hollow. They are not “new” characters but have made mentioned or visits within previous books. I really enjoyed reading a story about Rafael and Hailey; two pureblood wolf shifters that are on the opposite spectrum of wanting a mate. Nikki did a fabulous job with their story and having it all come together. It was a great read and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.
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Author 60 books982 followers
May 26, 2021
The wait between Wolf Hollow books is over! If you're feeling a bit rusty about hollow happenings, you're in good company. Hailey (from Glenn Meadows) finds herself surrounded by unfamiliar faces when her pack's soothsayer sends her to Wolf Hollow to meet the sexy, pureblooded, Latino brothers Rafael and Diego.

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291 reviews7 followers
May 27, 2021
Jefford es fogoso escritora

I'm sure I conjugated that improperly but it does not take away from the thought. Jefford's passion for writing, her characters, and her worlds knows no bounds. Animal Attraction is steamy, sexy, and hits right in the soul when it comes to overthinkers such as myself. I loved this story for so many reasons. Hailey and Raphael deal with their own inner turmoil while being strong for other people. The bonus story with Autumn and Kohana was excellent! I read them both in a day and miss them already!
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1,149 reviews163 followers
May 27, 2021
I would say the male on the cover of this book is human side of Rafael, the single, traveller wolf who intends to stay single and continue to roam free where ever his wolf takes him. The book picks up where Moon Cursed left off. The two visitors Rafael and Diego are still in Wolf Hollow, Diego having met his true mate and Rafael despondent about his brother wishing to settle down and yet eager to leave and start roaming free again himself even if it means going it alone. Quite a bit of the book is also set in and around the Glenn Meadows pack, where news of the eligible single pureblood mates has come to the attention of former Alpha Jefferson and his mate Geraldine who are on the lookout for a pureblood male for their pureblood daughter Hailey. Aden has been sent from Wolf Hollow to invite Hailey to visit to see if she is compatible with Diego, unfortunately for Hailey Diego has already fallen for, and chosen his mate who lives in Wolf Hollow. By the time Hailey reaches Wolf Hollow the only available pureblood male is Rafael. Another problem that Hailey encounters is that Rafael in human form is not at all interested in a mate or settling down at all. However, when Rafael is being ruled by his four-legged self he can’t seem to resist Hailey and seems very eager to mate with her. Throughout the whole book Rafael is fighting internally between his human & wolf side. It is blatantly obvious to those from the Wolf Hollow Pack and the Glenn Meadows Pack that Rafael & Hailey would be perfect together, but Rafael is determined he will not give in to his animal side and when in human form is quite nasty, rather rude, and extremely off-standish with Hailey. Hailey has a difficult choice ahead of her, she can return to Gelnn Meadows and have the current Alpha Kamari who is quite a lot older than her claim her as his mate, or she can follow her urge to learn what is beyond Wolf Hollow & Glenn Meadows. Hailey eventually strikes a deal with Rafael, he will temporarily lead her new pack, consisting of some of her friends from Glenn Meadows, males Byron – her old fling, and Skeet, along with females Violet and Layla. They are also joined by Hudson from Wolf Hollow who feels he needs a change of pack and pace too. They set off and everything seems to be going well, they gel as a pack, they hunt and for the majority of the time they stay in animal form. Then when Hailey and Rafael change into human form and get closer than Rafael is comfortable with, it becomes apparent that the group need to part from him sooner rather than later. Despite Hailey feeling Rafael is the mate for her she is unwilling to hang around forever trying to change his mind. I think Hailey is thinking of the old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” as that is what ends up happening with Rafael trailing her and her pack. However, when he comes across a pack of dead humans his plans go awry when he discovers two young children are the only survivors of a Vulhena attack. Uncharacteristically for him Rafael becomes quite enchanted by the young humans, and just can’t bring himself to abandon them to their fate in the wild. Once Rafael has determined that Hailey and her pack safely passed the area where he can scent the vulhena he decides to escort 4 year old Coral and her even younger brother Eco back to the village they were travelling from. It turns out that their village has been taken over by werewolves, who are using the villagers as their personal slaves/servants. Rafael plans on leaving the children near the gates of the village and then going back to tracking Hailey. Things do not go to plan for Rafael as he ends up getting caught up in the problems of the village but it turns out help is on its way and just in the nick of time too. Whilst all this is going on Hailey and her pack end up in a few scrapes too, yet end up being rescued by other shifters that then follow Rafael’s trail to the village and they to are soon caught up in the drama unfolding there.

I’ll be honest, to begin with I did really dislike Rafael, in fact I wasn’t keen on him in Moon Cursed either. To me Rafael seemed an arrogant, ignorant pureblood who thought he could have whatever he wanted from Hailey in his animal form yet when in human form could treat her really badly and deny any feeling for her at all. However, as the book progresses you learn why Rafael is so dead set against having a mate and having a family. He saw what the humans did to his own mother, and he had to act much older than he was and protect himself and his brother Diego when his father abandoned them and walked to his death as he could not bear to be in a world without his mate in it. I ended up doing a full turn around and actually empathising with him and his reasons for not wanting to become emotionally attached to anyone.

I enjoyed meeting the new characters in this book, the villagers, Autumn the Aunt to Coral and Eco and her fellow villagers who are plotting to take back control of her village, despite another attempt failing and resulting in severe punishments for the villagers. I also loved the introduction of the other shape-shifters, I won’t spoil the “surprise” as to what type of shifter/animal they are but will say it proves not all shifter/animals can or should be tarred with the same brush!

My immediate thoughts upon finishing the book were that I truly adore these characters and am totally in love with the amazing world these stories are set in…… already looking forward to more!

Summing up, Animal Attraction is another great addition to the Wolf Hollow Series. This book and the novella Primal Bonds have me wondering what direction the series is going to go. Are we going to see more from the different species of shape-shifters? Or maybe some more from the villagers we met in Animal Attraction and whose story continued in Primal Bonds. I can see this series going in so many different directions and there are still some lose ends to tie up with the Wizards as well as plenty of relationships and mate bonds to catch up on, along with singleton shifters looking for mates. I should also add it doesn’t seem to make any difference how long I go in between reading the books in this series, they are so well written I easily slip in and out of the world expertly created by the author Nikki Jefford. I do normally only read wolf-shifter stories but this author has me opening up to reading about other types of shape-shifters too.

This novella Primal Bonds bk5.5 is a novella and comes as a bonus story when you purchase Animal Attraction bk5 in the Wolf Hollow Shifters Series by Nikki Jefford.

This book is a free bonus story from the author that you can claim free via a link at the end of Animal Attraction at the time of me writing this review. The book picks up right after Animal Attraction finishes with the villagers, and shapeshifters healing and coming to terms with what has happened.
Autumn wakes up hearing her friend Blossom crying which she totally understands as she too is upset about the loss of their friend that made up their widow trio. Both Autumn and Blossom wish that their friend was still there with them but know she would not want to dwell on her loss. They need to think about the future for the village and for themselves. They are worried that the whole scenario with the werewolves could happen again and ideally, they want the bear shifters to stay close by. When Kohana, leader of the bear shifters approaches Autumn and asks her to be his she is at first shocked but when she thinks about the idea the more it seems like a perfect one. She doesn’t jump at the chance she tells Kohana via the bear shifter translator called Chester that she will think on the idea. The arrangement of Kohana and Autumn being together would also suit both the bear shifters as once their leader is mated the remaining single bear shifters can then approach those they wish to take as mates.

This novella goes more into detail about Autumn’s previous life in what you can only describe as a domestic abuse situation. Autumn’s first husband, Spruce, who was killed by the werewolves. Before the werewolves even arrived in the village Autumn was leading an unhappy life. To begin with Spruce had been attentive and fairly kind, then once they became married, he changed, he became both controlling and abusive. Autumn was glad to be freed from her marriage to him, though as a religious woman she would have never wished such a death on anybody.

Once Kohana takes his mate, it’s not long at all until the other bear shifters begin to woo the females in the village that have caught their eye. All is going fairly smoothly and well until a group of villagers that had locked themselves into a bunker away from the werewolves come out of their hiding place and begin to cause trouble.

I loved a lot of the characters in this novella but ones that really stick in my mind are of course Autumn, who looks like a tough, no nonsense woman afraid of nothing, but on the inside is still timid due to how she has been treat in the past. Autumn is brave and puts the safety and lives of others before her own. I adored how despite the language barrier Kohana took Autumns two unruly sons, who are quite ungrateful and disrespectful to their mother under his wing. Kohana takes the boys out hunting, teaches them how to make spears and shows them survival skills. I’ll be honest the two boy’s characters, Flint and Lynx both irritated me and they seemed beyond help, but as they learnt life skills and survival skills from Kohana their behaviours changed and I ended up quite liking them. Along the same age group I totally adored the bear shifter Nikiti, first being around the village as a cub and then with coaxing and being included with the village children he shifts into a boy and becomes really integrated with the villagers. Another point I would like to mention is the names of the characters and how they come from nature, such as Autumn, Storm, Rain, and Sterling etc.
I also enjoyed reading about the “vulhena” from different character points of view. The shape shifters view them as dangerous, wild scavengers and all the different shapeshifters seem to refer to them as vulhena. The human villagers call them werecats and at first cannot comprehend or even see a difference in them and any of the shifters, especially the werewolves who were ruling their village. It's difficult to say much more without revealing spoilers etc. so I can't really say anymore.
Summing up, Primal Bonds is a great addition to the Wolf Hollow Shifters series.

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2,658 reviews66 followers
May 25, 2021
Oh wow Nikki did a brilliant job with this one. I was hooked from beginning to end and was completely captivated throughout. Each book in this gripping series expands the Wolf Hollow world enticing you in further.

This one does start off with Hailey and Rafael' story but does go onto introduce us to a new Bear pack and human colony that I can't wait to read more of.

Hailey is a pureblood and at the point in her life where she wants to have a mate, preferably another pureblood as she wants a litter of pups. When she gets word that a pureblood has arrived at Wolf Hollow she travels to meet him and see if he is her mate.

Soon as Rafael and Hailey meet, in their wolf form, the connection between this instant and red hot! its a shame that Rafael is at odds with his human half and fighting the urge to claim Hailey as his mate.

Their journey takes them away from Wolf Hollow in the quest to find a new home. In this Hailey becomes a strong Alpha Female, ready to lead her pack, but she is desperate from Rafael to claim her as his. When he continues to fight this she walks away from him.

Part of me wanted to be cross with Rafael but as we got to know his backstory I could understand where where he was coming from.

Honestly i loved Rafael and Hailey, their connection was honestly hot, hot enough that he struggled to stay away from her, the urge to claim strong. After she left him and went a separate way it didn't take long for him to realise that she was it, that he was wrong and he was determined to track her down and win her back.

I am super excited to see what happens next with Wolf Hollow and the new Bear pack.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review from the Author

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222 reviews2 followers
May 25, 2021
Wild wolves

I was so excited to get back to the hollow and see how the story would unfold between Rafael, the self-proclaimed bachelor, being the MMC and pure blood FMC, Hailey. And what took place was incredible. This novel went deep into backgrounds and animal roots. As well as humanity and villainism. I loved the addition of Hailey's friends from Glenn Meadows and strong and sure Hailey was.
The extra novella, Primal Bonds picks up with seeing love develop between very loyal bear shifters and humans. But be prepared because there always has to be some angst and conflict.
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3,973 reviews75 followers
May 25, 2021
This book was amazing, from the moment that I started reading till the moment that I finished the last page I was hooked on this book and it didnt matter what needed to be done. It moves along at a pace which makes for a relaxing enjoyable read. The characters are awesome and you will fall in love with them and you want to be there for them. The story will grab you and keep you reading till the end and this is a book that needs to be on your TBR list, no doubt about it.
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129 reviews
May 27, 2021
Loved it!

Wow! I absolutely loved this book. The characters are amazing. The chemistry between Hailey and Rafael is hot, hot, hot! This story is an all out adventure trekking through new territory and meeting new people and as well as other shifters. It captured my attention from the start. Loved it!
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122 reviews7 followers
May 30, 2021
Nikki Jefford's ability to describe the post- apocalyptic world of Wolf Hollow is incredible. I can picture the barren lands to the lush woods clearly. She takes you on a journey through her well written words, and into a world I want to be a part of.
Hailey and Rafeal are like magnets that have been flipped. They're attracted to each other, but there is something that keeps them apart. With danger lurking everywhere away from the safety of Wolf Hollow and Glen Meadows claiming one another could be just as dangerous. The suspense had me wanting to yell at them to "just bite her/him already" many times.
I'm happy Jefford has gone back to Wolf Hollow series. It is one of my favorites.
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820 reviews6 followers
September 13, 2021
Wild! Fierce! and Amazing!

Wow! Way to go Hailey and Rafael!! I must say, theres a saying that got me thinking of this couple, especially hailey-“ throw me to the wolves and i’ll return leading a pack “ 🐺 😱AMAZING!!! this was so hailey and rafaeI!I loved how Hailey and Rafael stayed true to their animal forms! it gave this story a unique feel and rawness to it! I loved the adventure, the growth, love and bickering! So much heart and pure wilderness freeness!!! I almost felt like i was there with them! Howling and watching the stars! I also Loved the new characters! Be sure to check out Primal Bonds after you read Animal Attraction because its a MUST READ!! Bears 🐻 are included 😅and let me tell you is hot, hot, and hot! WolvesShifters#RunFree#ChesterIsmyNewCrush#BearShifters
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361 reviews9 followers
June 4, 2021
Whoa, what a read! I love this series and each book seems to strengthen just how much I feel about it. The characters had to fight for their love (and get out of their own way lol) and I was glued to the pages cheering them on. I felt like this book was more primal and embodied the wolfish spirit more than previous books, but I appreciated seeing another side of the shifter duality. It felt like the author really stretched their writing abilities to go outside the usual "human" mentality and I found I enjoyed tapping into the wild and free mindset. The Wolf Hollow world also expanded as Hailey and Rafael explored new territory and even introduced new characters which I seriously can't get enough of! I LOVE my wolves but Jefford provided strong contenders in the charismatic, hilarious, intense and sexy bears. Seriously, the bonus Primal Bonds was *chef's kiss*! If you love wolf shifters and adventure, get your wolf on with this series!
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485 reviews5 followers
May 26, 2021
I wanna roam wild and free!!

I absolutely freaking LOVED Animal Attraction!!!!!!!!! It’s gone straight into my top 10 reads of 2021. It’s also become my favourite WH book so far! The story is wonderful and that last 30% had my heart pounding!
You definitely need to download the free novella at the end of the book it’s called Primal Bonds...it’s amazing and I’m so glad the author took the extra time to expand this side story.
Reading these combined stories it’s easy to see they have been a labour of love, I can just feel the author’s love of nature pouring from the pages!! Makes me wanna roam wild and free 🌳🐺💚xxxx
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440 reviews2 followers
June 30, 2021
Favorite Quote:
He thought he caught a smile on the boy’s lips before he ducked his face behind the girl as she put her hands on her hips. “Are you a good wolf, or a bad wolf?”
“Depends on who you ask. The deer and rabbits don’t think too highly of me.”
There was a muffled giggle behind the girl. She rolled her eyes and huffed out a breath.

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2,379 reviews
November 28, 2021
Animal Attraction was another good read in The Wolf Hollow Shifters series. I liked how the world was expanded and we learned more about the different types of wolves. I also appreciated the descriptions of the wilderness. I do wish that Hailey and Rafael hadn't spent so much time apart (though the separation made sense), but their reunion was great. I also enjoyed the epilogue.
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60 reviews
May 26, 2021
Wow I flew through this book! I loved it. The two halves of the book seemed like two stories in one and I loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed the ending and the lead up into the next book. Excited to dive more into the bears realm.
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