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From the Inside: The Inner Soul of a Young Poet

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This book of poems is about thoughts, feelings, and emotions we all experience, struggle with, and that have been brought to the forefront by this current pandemic. Losing loved ones, our freedom, and everythingtaken for granted in our daily lives; while facing sadness, anger, grief, and loneliness, has taught us the importance of our love for nature, gratitude, happiness, cherished memories, and relationships. No feeling or emotion is too small or negligible. Acknowledging and expressing them is my voice from the inside.

Kindle Edition

Published March 6, 2021

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Thanvi Voruganti

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2,117 reviews80 followers
June 5, 2021
I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

From the inside is a beautiful collection of poems about the inner soul of a young poet at different times and types of emotions in life. Each poem is easily relatable to and written in easy to understand and read wording.
These poems were beautifully written by a ten year old poet with great feeling and attention to life around us and relating to us as adults reading this book.
To accompany the poems there are lovely illustrations too which was an added beautiful touch.
Definitely worth a read!
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1,043 reviews30 followers
May 28, 2021
I recently read a collection of poetry offered for review via NetGalley. I was drawn to the description of From the Inside: The Inner Soul of a Young Poet and decided to take a chance on it. I hadn't realized when I accepted the book for review that the author, Thanvi Voruganti, is ten years old, the same age as my daughter. It would not have made a difference in my saying yes or no to the collection, but it did influence my reading, I imagine.

It is clear Thanvi has a passion for writing poetry--and she is very talented. She has a way with words and a gift for putting to paper her thoughts and feelings. Her words are those of a child but speak to all ages. It is easy to forget she is so young.

I found her poems very relatable. They are mostly centered around the pandemic. They are uplifting and heartfelt. She touches on such emotions as grief and loss as well as hope. She writes about taking pleasure in nature and finding joy in the little things, as well as about the isolation and sadness.
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990 reviews20 followers
March 27, 2021
This is a collection of beautiful poems. Each poem is based on different perspectives of life. The themes include different emotions and several other topics which we as an adult have to deal with. Each poem is beautiful and impactful. The simple words from an young poet are easily relatable to your state of mind. The poems captured variety of emotions. There are pretty illustrations in the book with add beauty to the book. I loved the narration of each poem. Each poem is beautiful in its own way. It's a tiny book, I finished it in one sitting only.
The language used is pretty simple and easy making it a comfortable read.
I love the fact that a ten year old kid has beautifully pen down her thoughts. Best wishes for her upcoming works.
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117 reviews
April 18, 2021
It is incredible to believe that such poetry and the insights embedded in it came from the mind and heart of a ten-year-old. This volume of poetry would be an achievement for an adult to write and is even more remarkable as the product of a child's creativity and imagination.

This collection of poetry reads like a celebration of that creativity and imagination in ourselves and in nature. It pays tribute to the small things and little moments that may get overlooked but ultimately make life so worthwhile, and in fact there is a poem entitled "Little Things" that is devoted to extolling those moments. This poem was a favorite of mine. Other favorites of mine included: "Meant to Be," "A Photograph," Standing on the Edge," "Caught in the Middle," "If Only I Was A Bird," "Looking for a Reflection," and "People Asked Me Why."

As in many poetry collections, there were some poems that hit for me, and some that didn't quite land or connect with me. For those most part, I found the poems that were most effective for me to be the ones that had a wistful and reflective quality to them.

I appreciated the illustrations and the haikus throughout the book. The haikus contained some of the most evocative imagery in this collection such as the comparison of the sunset to "pumpkin."

I think this poetry collection could connect to readers of all ages, but it might be most impactful with young adult and middle grade readers because it might be very inspiring to them that the author was a ten-year-old and they could likely relate very much to the emotions and experiences the poet draws upon to write this volume.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free promotional copy from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.)
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550 reviews10 followers
March 27, 2021
🌻What is the world to you?
A fairytale castle where you are the queen? Or dancing by the streetlight
While pretending you cannot be seen.
From the Inside: The Inner Soul of a Young Poet is a collection of poems and proses. The book is very neatly organised and I just loved the little doodles in between chapters.
The book is divided into parts-
~The first part is about nature and talks about the sky, stars and how these celestial bodies influence humans life and provide both peace and chaos to their soul.
~The second part is titled LOSS AND PAIN. There is a poem called "One Tear Left" in this section and I just loved it.
~Then there is a section called MEMORIES.
This section is my favourite of the whole book. All the poems from this section are so heart-warming and emotional and well written.
~ There are a few more sections Happiness, comedy, dilemma and bravery. These are also nicely written, words laced with emotions and feelings.
Overall, it is really impressive and the poems are thought-provoking and intriguing. The cover of the book is pretty and catchy.
I didn't know till the very end that the book is written by a very young girl and was surely more impressed with such beautiful writing and command over language and rhythm.
41 reviews
April 1, 2021
✨Book Name - From the Inside: The inner soul of a Young poet
✨Author Name - Thanvi Voruganti
✨Genre - Children's Poetry
✨ Rated - 4 / 5

💠From the inside: the inner soul of a young poet is an assortment of heart contacting lovely sonnets, separated into eight sections In particular, Nature, Nature, Misfortune and Agony, Recollections, Bliss, Satire, Issue, Grit and Story in a Sonnet. Composing sonnets is calming and treatment in itself, it gives us a voice for expressing those things that we were unable to say adored. 💠

💠The sonnets have come even with the pandemic and have appropriately portrayed what we as a whole normally felt the dread, the frenzy, the misery, the indignation, the hopelessness, the deficiency of friends and family, our opportunity being in a real sense removed, the revelations and the heap of different other emotions.💠

💠 Sonnets are written in simple and clear language, composing style is alluring and with well standard jargon which takes the perusing experience to another level.💠

💠 It's a short book however will going to leave the imprint on your soul.💠

💠 Strongly prescribed to everybody of all ages group.💠
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847 reviews36 followers
March 30, 2021
📚 Rating: 2.8/5️⃣

|| BOOK REVIEW || - 🍁 The Book, From The Inside By Thanvi Voruganti, is a Collection Of Poems.
🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂

🍁 The Book is Divided in to Nine Parts. Each Part has some Poems. All the Poems are Lengthy to be Read And are Different From each other.
🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂

🍁 The Book has Drawings almost for every Poem. That is making the Book a Bit More Intriguing and Refreshing to be Read.
🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂

🍁 The Author has written Poems about Nature, Loss and Pain, Memories, Happiness, Comedy, Dilemma, Bravery and such Relatable Emotions in the Book.
🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂

🍁 The Language of the Book is Lucid. The Writing Style of the Book could have been Better. The Cover of the Book is Captivating. The Title of the Book could have been Better.
🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂

|| PERSONAL INSIGHT || - 🌸 Although, I Enjoyed Reading the Book, The Poems could have been Written with a Bit Better Poetic Sense. Poems have the Power to Create a Connection with An Emotion with very Few Words. That Aspect could have been Better. Overall, The Book is a Good Read.
338 reviews6 followers
March 28, 2021
Straight from the heart!

Book Review:

From The Inside:The Inner Soul of a Young Poet is a collection of poems straight from the heart. This young author, Thanvi Voruganti, has poured her heart out in the form of beautiful words. The poems are categorized under the heads of Nature, Loss and Pain, Memories, Happiness, Comedy, Dilemma, Bravery and Story In A Poem and each poem does justice to its genre-of-sorts. The poems have come in the face of the pandemic and have rightly depicted what we all commonly felt- the fear, the panic, the hopelessness, the anger, the despair, the loss of loved ones, our freedoms being literally taken away, the epiphanies and the myriad of various other emotions.

This little girl is a bundle of talent and she's surely to fly real high. Give this book a read. It's short and crisp with emotions that you can connect with. Happy reading!
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18 reviews1 follower
March 29, 2021
First and foremost, thanks to NetGalley for giving me a copy of this collection in return for a review.

I was really impressed by this collection of poems, and the fact that it was written by someone so young is even more impressive. With many poetry books, I feel like there is a lot of filler and short thoughts thrown on paper without further exploration. However, with this collection, I felt like all the ideas were well thought out. Many followed a generic rhyme scheme, and for some of the poems, I believe there could have been some alterations to improve effectiveness, but as a whole, I am really impressed.
All in all, I felt like this is a well-developed collection that explores a wide variety of themes.
37 reviews
April 8, 2021



Title: From the inside
Author: Thanvi Voruganti
The format I read: Ebook
Publication: Self Publish


My review:

From the inside is a book weaved of beautiful and soulful poetries. This kind of poetry writing skill for such a young girl is a boon. The flavours of love this book has to offer comes directly from heart. Such beauty is the book. There's a lot I want to write for this book but I don't want to disclose any poem. The language is lucid and easy to understand. The book cover is beautiful with the amazing color scheme. I loved it. These poem coming from such a young mind is a boon.

That's about it.


Plot: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Narration: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title/Cover: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
25 reviews
April 7, 2021
Book: From the Inside: The Inner Soul of a Young Poet
Author - Thanvi Voruganti
Rating- 5/5

A book for everyone! Starting with the cover of the book, it clearly gives the insight of the book. I liked the combination of pictures used and how they reflect the genre of the book.

The book is combination of beautiful poems portraying different thoughts and feelings. A combination of many emotions, struggle, freedom, sadness, anger, love. Each and every emotion we experience in life.

The poems are well written in simple language and with beautiful illustrations making the book more beautiful. In such young age poet has done an amazing job.

Buy your copy now!
Happy Reading.
586 reviews3 followers
March 27, 2021
Poetry is the best way to express your inner feelings.
This book is a collection of beautiful and well crafted poems. Poet is a young girl who has defined human emotions such has losing loved ones, happiness, sadness, fear, anger and many more in awesome way.
Poems are written in easy and lucid language, Writing style is very attractive and with well standard vocabulary which takes the reading experience to the another level.
Its a short book but will definitely gonna leave the mark on your soul.
Highly recommended to everyone of any age group.
Happy Reading!
29 reviews1 follower
April 11, 2021
Book Title- From the inside: The Inner Soul of a young poet
Author- Thanvi Yoruganti
Language- English
Rating - 4.5/5 ⭐

💛From the inside: The Inner Soul of a young poet is a collection of beautiful poetries describing different emotions, phases, feelings associated with a human being.

💛Illustrations are icing on the cake, each and every illustration is giving a charm to the poetry.

💛While reading the poems I could really sense the feeling of nostalgia.

💛Few themes covered in the book are- Nature, Happiness, Dilemma, comedy and etc.

💛The language is lucid and quite captivating.
Profile Image for Sakshi Agrawal.
125 reviews2 followers
April 11, 2021
This book is a beautiful collection of poetries, embedding emotions, feelings and love with a human being. All the poetries are full of emotion which make it lived upto mark.

Poems were giving nostalgic feeling and written in a reader friendly way that a reader can connect with it. Books have also included some beautiful illustration which make the poetry more attractive.

Themes were nature, love, happiness, comedy etc. And all those themes directly form a beautiful cover. Although language is lucid and an interesting read.

Happy reading.
March 25, 2021
🌀Book Review

💫First and foremost, I adore the book's cover. And the title accurately describes the book's material. This book includes a selection of short, lovely poems. It's a breath of fresh air to read them. It was a good read for me as I went through the pages.

💫A young poet has written the novel. And I liked how she used it to communicate her thoughts and feelings. Despite her youth, the poet's words speak louder than her years. Overall, it's an enjoyable read.
61 reviews1 follower
April 4, 2021
The Book, From The Inside By Thanvi Voruganti, is a Collection Of Poems.The Book is Divided in to Nine Parts. Each Part has some Poems. All the Poems are Lengthy to be Read And are Different From each other. The simple words from an young poet are easily relatable to your state of mind. The poems captured variety of emotions. There are pretty illustrations in the book with add beauty to the book. Highly recommended to everyone of any age group.
194 reviews2 followers
April 4, 2021
From the inside by Thanvi Voruganti is a collection of poems about nature,loss and pain,memories,Happiness,comedy,Dilemma and Bravery. The title of the novel aptly suits the poems in this novel. Each and every is a feel of a person. After reading this lines even I felt something running on my mind. Grab the book to know the feelings that you may also be expirenced.

"Forgive and forget?
I can forgive but never forget
A memory forced to live with
A life that can’t be reset"
Profile Image for Jyotsana.
153 reviews
April 14, 2021
From the inside
Written by the author thanvi voruganti
Is a poetry book where there many beautiful poems depicting various emotions.
The poems are well written and illustrations too.
My favourite poem from the book is:
Shadowed tears,
Where there is a stanza that I liked most:
Forgive and forget?
I can forgive but never forget
A memory forced to live with
A life that can't be reset.
This is a beautiful read.😊
Profile Image for Asma.
459 reviews2 followers
April 21, 2021
A cute poetry collection written by a 10 years old writer.

The poems covers the inner feelings of the author. How she feels being a ten year old and how she used to listen to everyone. Home is what we all crave for. Here in a poem the author describes the importance of our house and how we feel terrible if we need to stay away from our beloved home. Every poem composes a sweet fragrance. The poems are simple and short in nature.
Profile Image for Brynne.
51 reviews2 followers
April 2, 2021
I loved that this book was easy to follow and I could easily visualize every thing that was happening. The way that the author has written the poems in a way that everyone can imagine, or can relate to just made me feel like I was really there. I felt the emotions that the author felt as they went through the book.
Excited to see what comes next.
Profile Image for The Caged Butterfly .
326 reviews1 follower
April 14, 2021
This is a compilation of poetry you would love to read. A perfect combination of different feelings that bring out the best in you. Be it humor, fear, love, jealousy, wonder, or excitement, the way it is expressed in this book will surely win your heart. Had a great time reading this book and would surely recommend it to others who love poetry filled with strong and sweet emotions.
262 reviews7 followers
April 25, 2021
Let me tell u one thing, this work must be appreciated more and more. I fell for this work. So much sweet.
This contains the soulful writings of the author herself. And it has something that gives light to my life. She put forward the idea that no human feelings are negligible. So she captured hers and gave it to us.
Profile Image for Kirstyn (readwithkirstyn).
552 reviews20 followers
May 18, 2021
From the Inside is a gorgeous collection of new poems from a young and very talented poet. Everything fit well together and you could tell the thoughts were genuine and well thought out. I was genuinely touched and impressed with this collection.

Thank you to netgalley and Thanvi Voruganti for the opportunity to read and review this collection.
Profile Image for Sonika Kargutkar.
315 reviews2 followers
March 31, 2021
'From the inside' is a collection of poems.This book is written by very young author.

The title completely defines the content of the book.I loved the way in which author had depicted her soulful feelings.

The poems and words were giving comfort to me while reading them.

Great work!!
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816 reviews28 followers
April 29, 2021
Prepare to be completely swept away and equally blown away by the talent this young woman has. Well written, full of so much thought-provoking themes, and just way beyond the years you would expect from someone her age.
Profile Image for R.K. Emery.
928 reviews32 followers
April 30, 2021
The future this young woman has is front of her is limitless.
I was highly impressed by this collection. Thanvi Voruganti opens herself up and brings us poems with meaning. It's a great collection that is beauitfully done.
May 6, 2021
This poetry really hits the heartstrings and is great for anxiety relief. Very beautifully written and very calming.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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4,297 reviews2,293 followers
January 6, 2022
I wasn't expecting much from this poetry collection but I am quite impressed with the writing and the presentation.

The various themes presented need more praise. Upcoming and vibrant with beautiful illustrations in between the pages, a good read for beginners and poetry lovers.
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546 reviews18 followers
May 4, 2021
I found myself reading this out loud and slowly, it echoed in my head long after I finished reading it. It’s a wonderfully put together collection and quite impressive for this young girls age.
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308 reviews12 followers
May 22, 2021

A collection of poetry amazingly written by a 10 year old. Thought provoking book with beautiful illustrations. An emotional rollercoaster.
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